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It’s time for another column from our Head Reviewer, Peter Philipson. Enjoy and, as always, if you have any comments for myself or Peter you can leave a comment on the reviews section of the website or email bettingrant@agoarpub.co.uk.

Matt Houghton

Unprofessional, even more unprofessional and downright pathetic. Good news later!

Matt must have known something when he asked me to start writing these articles!

I have a background in an industry where customer service has always been paramount and to find the bookmakers moving even further away from that ethos is a worrying trend.

Betfair hits new lows

I suppose we expect a business merger to throw up some potential for cost cutting and the Paddy Power takeover of Betfair seems to be no exception.

Quite apart from the reduction in customer choice the amalgamation has seen a marked reduction in the quantity and quality of information available and yet Paddy spends more and more on their distasteful advertising which borders on the immoral at times.

Not so long ago you could check the BSP of any of the day’s runners at almost any time directly from the Betfair site and if you needed historic info then Timeform had a perfectly good service linked via the Betfair site.

But now this is not possible…

The minute the race is settled all the prices apart from the winner disappear and if you move away from the race you will not be able to even get back there and find the winner’s price.

No doubt Betfair will say that the information appears on Timeform but this generally takes at least an hour – no good reason for this – and often the whole day’s prices do not appear until late evening or perhaps the next day.

The in-running prices which many traders want to see are frequently appearing incorrectly (reversed) and clearly there is no direct responsibility at Betfair to make sure their information is published correctly.

This happened again yesterday (10th April) and although the win prices are showing this morning they have not bothered to include the place data.

When I asked Timeform about this they blamed Betfair and Betfair had no interest in responding to the question at all.

If only Smarkets could see what an opportunity is available to them here but they seem equally inept, as their website has been crying out for an update for years and yet nothing happens.

Sky are just as Bad

I have heard so many complaints about Skybet that I wonder if they really are a serious bookmaker.

They gubbed me a year or so back for daring to make a profit on their weekly free bet offer and many tell me that they struggle to get bets placed for stakes of more than pennies, have BOG withdrawn quickly and they are the first to apply Rule 4.

It also seems as though their customer services team cannot even apply the terms and conditions that are offered on their website…

A member wrote to me recently to say that he had opened a Sky account with the Bonus Bagging service using the link advised there which gave new clients two options – a £10 free bet with no need to place a bet or a £20 free bet if you staked £10 with them.

Naturally he went for the £20 free bet only to find a couple of days later that nothing had been credited.

He used the customer contact option from within his account log in to ask what was happening, heard nothing for 48 hours and was then asked to provide his account verification details so that his request could be dealt with (he had given up on the chat option after 45 minutes waiting online).

He then had to repeat his request and after another 24 hours was asked for details of the offer he signed up for.

Having kept screenshots (apparently he had had previous experience of Murdoch company misdeeds) of the offer he sent these back to Sky.

Another 24 hours and he was then told that there was currently no offer for new clients (by now it was Cheltenham week) but as a gesture of good will they would credit him with a £10 free bet although they could not be responsible for his finding out of date web pages that were still live – er hello, don’t Sky control their own website?!

At this point he checked with Mike Cruikshank of Bonus Bagging who confirmed the link was valid when he sent it and that he should complain to IBAS.

Our man tried once again with Sky to show that he signed up to a valid offer and was refused compliance with it and as he was bored by this time he took it no further.

Now anyone with a brain can see that it will have cost Sky a lot more than a tenner to not only deal with the whole matter but in the adverse publicity they are now getting…

Good job they don’t run an airline!!

Marketing Mafia hit new low.

I am indebted to David Clapp of Easy Race Trading for alerting me to this wonderful attempt by the marketing mafia to pull the wool over your eyes…

A service going under the slightly bizarre name of Antisocial Punter offers us a story about Kieran Murphy, a tipster who is both a wonderful patriot and has the ability to find a master software developer out of nowhere so that his betting prowess, developed after he got the sack, could be passed on to all of us lucky people.

But Kieran is really Adam Lawson or possibly Guy Ralston depending on which of the two images purporting to be him you check.

The stupidity of using two different people to apparently be you is quite breathtaking but when you use an image that has appeared all over the national press and is thus even more easily traced than most, you almost feel sorry for “Kieran”. I did say almost…

Let’s hope that nobody is taken in by this trash.

Review Update

As well as publishing our review of the excellent Datakings service, we have reported on 80% lays which did not fulfil the promise it claimed and appears to have gone completely off the radar.

We updated reports on Laymans Profits which performed well and also on Racing Trader which is best left alone.

The latest update on First Favourite was also published, the service going forward and has made around 300% capital profit in less than two years.

The author has written a free report on how he came to be a service provider which can be downloaded here.

There are some further updates due shortly including Great Bets and the All Weather Specialist who continues to underwhelm and has been difficult to pin down. Plus what looks like a little gem from Chris Williams on the footy trading front.

Another service that has refused us direct permission to review them is about to be looked at – even more carefully as I am always suspicious when we are turned down.

That’s about it for now. Until the next time take care.


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