A Quick Lesson In Trading

| September 25, 2010 | 1 Reply

With a number of our ante-post bets reaching a climax over the next few weeks, I thought it was a good time to give you all a brief insight into the world of trading.

I realise that many of you will already know the ins and outs of this particular gambling technique but for those that don’t, listen up.

This could just save you a fortune!

Trading can be utilised to guarantee a profit on an ‘open’ bet before the climax of an event.

It can also be used to cut your losses where necessary.

Just picture the scenario…

You’ve backed 40/1 shot Ivory Coast to lift the World Cup…

Drogba has dived, cheated and rolled his way into the record books and his goals have propelled Les Elephants into the final where they face the un-fancied Mexicans.

You settle down to watch the match and look forward to a big money payout…

Only it never materialises.

It turns out that Fifa have taken the unprecedented step of employing a team of officials that can not only keep time but also possess 20/20 vision.

This is a disaster for the Ivory Coast and Drogba is sent off five minutes in after performing a triple somersault with pike in the penalty box…

In the crowd Mike Riley was seen furiously blowing his whistle for a penalty but unfortunately for the African side, the on pitch referee spotted that Drogba was at least 10 yards from the nearest defender.

Ivory Coast go on to lose 2-0 and your big payout, stake and all is down the drain.

You curse and swear at Drogba, you write an angry letter to Fifa but it’s no use, you’ve lost the lot and it was all because you didn’t ‘lay off’ your bet pre-match.

The money maths

Quite simply, to guarantee money from any ‘open’ bet you simply have to lay your selection at shorter odds than you backed it.

So if you back a team at 40/1, you can guarantee a profit by laying them at 30/1.

Going back to my World Cup example, the Ivory Coast would have been available to lay at somewhere in the region of 2.0 going into the final.

If you had initially backed the Ivory Coast with £10, you would have a potential profit of £400 to play with…

This means that you can lay Ivory Coast to the tune of £200 and your liability at 2.0 would be just £200.

Should the Ivory Coast win, you make a profit of £200…

Should the Ivory Coast lose, you make a profit of £200.

Similarly, you could balance the trade towards one selection, so if you expected the Ivory Coast to win, you could lay Mexico with just £100…

If the Ivory Coast win, you make a profit of £300…

If they lose, you make a profit of £100.

As Andrey Arshavin would no doubt say… simples.

In-play trades

With the emergence of Betfair, trading really couldn’t be any easier.

Such is its popularity that virtually every major market will have more than enough liquidity should you need to make a trade.

In addition, there are also an abundance of in-play markets to take advantage of.

For example, if you took Wednesday’s tip on Lewis Hamilton to win the Singapore Grand Prix (each-way), you may find yourself in a position to trade mid-race.

Simply work out how much profit you stand to make should Hamilton win and ensure that there’s money in your account.

Should the Brit be leading mid-race you should find some very favourable lay odds and it may suit you to lock-in a profit.

Of course, with trading every bet should be taken on its own merits…

Sometimes it is well worth sticking with your selection right till the bitter end…

You may have only risked a small stake or the value call may be to sit tight.

However, it is always worth checking the lay odds regularly for your ante-post bets as you never know when the opportune trading moment may come along.

I will always tell you if I think that you should trade one of my tips and I actually have a date in mind for gridiron tip Green Bay…

They were tipped at 11/2 to win the NFC and are now as short as 5/2 in places.

But at the end of the day, the final decision is yours and yours only.

You may find that playing it safe is your bag…

But then again…

He who dares…


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  1. Billy says:

    I’ve been in on the Green Bay bet since the start. Looking OK so far. They have won 2 and lost one, and their odds have fallen a fair bit since i backed them. Worth keeping an eye on.

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