15 Point Plan (Final Update)

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Product Name:

15 Point Plan

Company Name & Contact Details:

Betfan Limited,
Suite 1, Scotts Place
24 Scotts Road


£47 plus VAT (£56.40) every 28-days (note – not monthly).

A quarterly option is available at £94 plus VAT (£112.80) every 90-days.

There is also a six-month membership priced at £154 plus VAT (£184.80). This equates to around half the price of monthly memberships for the same six-month period.

Money Back Guarantee?

No. Betfan’s terms and conditions state that subscriptions are generally non-refundable but that every request for a refund will be reviewed and if they feel a refund is warranted it will be granted.

What Do You Get?

Five win bets per day (including Sundays) to be staked at 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 points respectively, hence the name 15 Point Plan.

Where to Buy:


Brief Summary:

15 points per day are staked on five win selections using 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 point stakes based on the strength of each tip. Tips are sent each day by e-mail, usually arriving between 10 and 11 in the morning.

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

A starting bank of 350 points is recommended.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The web site records 719.87 points profit since launch in June 2017. This equates to an average of just over 50-points profit per month.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

There are five selections to be placed each day when the advice is received. The bookmaker with the best odds available when the e-mail is sent are listed, so this helps achieve the advised price without too much searching. If you have access to multiple bookmaker accounts then the process shouldn’t take more than five minutes, even if you have to search for the best odds on some selections.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

A laptop, PC, tablet or smart phone with internet access and access to online bookmaker accounts. Of course, you could walk into a betting shop and place them, although you would be restricting your access to the best odds available.

Value for Money?

I’ll comment on this at the end of the review period. With three months of substantial losses, wiping out almost 75% of the betting bank, I cannot reach any other conclusion than this service does not represent value for money based on our review.

Quality of Customer Service?

Not tested. Contact is via the members’ area of the website.


Ian Winfield is the man behind the 15 Point Plan service, which is hosted on the Betfan platform. Launched in June 2017 the system is based on five selections per day, with a staking plan of five-points on the day’s strongest selection, four-points on the next best, down to one-point on the lesser of the day’s fancies. This total of 15 points staked is the source of the service’s name.

Ian bases his selections on a thorough analysis of the day’s racing and seeks to find the value that the bookmakers have overlooked.

The web site records 719.87 points profit since launch in June 2017. This equates to an average of just over 50-points profit per month at an ROI (Return on Investment) of 12.32% and with a strike rate of 21.44%.

There is a full breakdown of results since launch which can be downloaded in its entirety, or can be viewed on a month-by-month basis.

The selections are delivered by e-mail each day, usually between 10 and 11 in the morning. The e-mail is in the standard Betfan format and so is easy to follow and the information is clear and concise. As a back up to the e-mail the selections are available on the members area of the web site and are also available via the Betfan App. The App has an alert feature which means it’s unlikely you will miss a selection or miss the best available prices if you use this option.

Results – Month 1 (25th June to 24th July 2018)

A very painful month for the service with a loss of 90.59 points recorded. The strike rate was well down from the historic average of 21.44%, at just 15.79%. This equated to 21 winners from 133 selections. The average price of selections in the period was 5.53 (c. 9/2), and for the winning selections those average odds were 5.12 (just over 4/1).

As I always say, one month neither makes nor breaks a tipster, and the 350-point starting bank reflects the possibility of month’s like this occurring. We will wait and see if Month 2 shows a step in the right direction.

Results – Month 2 (25th July to 24th August 2018)

Month 2 was a virtual carbon copy of Month 1 in terms of results, with a further 89.61 points lost in the month. Added to the 90.59 point loss from last month makes the overall loss to date in the trial 180.2 points. However, the 350-point starting bank allows for this type of run, as much as Ian will obviously try to avoid them.

The strike rate this month dropped to 14.29%, as we had the same number of winners (21) as last month, but from slightly more runners (less non-runners and more days in the month).

The average odds of the selections this month was half a point higher than last, and this was reflected in the average odds of winning selections also being half a point higher. The average stake on winning selections was very similar in both months (3.1 and 3.3).

There were twelve days which had no winners and three which had two winners this period; there were no days with more than two winners in the month.

Results – Month 3 (25th August to 24th September 2018)

Ditto Months 1 and 2! The strike rate was down below 16% for the third consecutive month at just 13.89%, meaning an overall strike rate for the review period of 14.62%. Whilst the loss this month was lower than the previous two that is not saying much, as it still hit 76.35 points. Over the course of the three months of the review we have now accumulated losses of 256.55 points.

With average odds, average odds of winners and average stake of winners all very similar to the previous two months there is little else to add. The only crumb of comfort I can offer is that a couple of the winning selections this month drifted quite a bit and so anyone with access to BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed) would have reduced their loss. All of our results are to advised prices only.

Summary at end of Month 1

The three-month review period was set with this very scenario in mind – an historically profitable tipster hitting a poor month in the review period. The key now is whether or not Ian can deliver in the next two months to turn the review results around.

Summary at end of Month 2

The optimism that results in line with the historic claims would turn the poor performance in Month 1 around proved to be misplaced. It will take a monumental effort to recover the review period now, and the best we can hope is that Month 3 gives a flavour of how the historic results have been achieved.

Summary at end of Month 3

This month proved to be a virtual carbon copy of the previous two and left us with a significant loss across the review period. Based on the performance in the last three months I have no alternative but to award this service our lowest rating of one star.

The full list of results for the review can be found here.


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