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| April 6, 2017 | 103 Replies


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  1. Winkworthw says:

    Hi. Datakings is not letting me log in nor can I reset my password please help as I have emailed and tried all links but nothing works or replies

    • Peter Higson says:

      log in to where ? if it is the betex software, use your betair username & password
      if it is the betting rant site – i’m sorry i cant help with this, – please contact either matt or the agora support desk

  2. John Brown says:

    Just an observation – probably aimed at Matt to investigate – I joined the service yesterday and when I logged in today it asked for my password. YOU ARE NOT ASKED FIOR A PASSWORD DURING REGISTRATION. When I followed the request forgotten password link the one sent worked fine – but I did not set this at registration time – maybe a small administrative update is required? Hope this helps

  3. Anthony Snowball says:

    Hi. I am having an issue attaching the betting plans. When i click ‘load from file’ in ‘new bet plan’ nothing happens. I am also having problems opening the file. I have a quite new computer, is there some software i need to do this or can anyone help with why this could be happening? Thanks.

    • Peter Higson says:

      copied from bet plan thread Anthony – this should fix -let me know if not…
      Peter Higson says:
      April 12, 2017 at 1:20 pm (Edit)
      Hi Jacqui,
      The betplans are in a zip file (compressed file) extract them and then save to your desired place – desktop perhaps?
      Most pc’s have file extraction software – if not just use winzip – that will work for you
      Once extracted, they can only be opened from within the betex software. Other programs will not recognise the format…
      The procedure for this is in the datakings user guide that you should have downloaded?
      Hope this helps

      • Anthony Snowball says:

        Yes, that has worked. Thanks. Now when i click attach to highlighted market it says There is a problem with this Betting Plan:
        Based on the current Betfair account balance the Bet 1 stake will be less than the minimum 2.00

        • Alex Milianowsky says:

          Maximum betting from the plans is 2%
          So virtual account start balance must be
          at least 100

          My problem is that clicking on “New Bet Plan” does nothing.

          • Alex Milianowsky says:

            My issue is resolved , Im ready to start trading

          • Alex Milianowsky says:

            Question for Peter Philipson :

            Peter , have you tested this software only on horses , or on other sports as well ?

  4. Jan Provost says:

    Just purchased and downloaded the bot, easy enough but what now?
    Never known a user guide to be as complicated… Can’t see me to succeed following it !

    • Hi Jan,

      There are step by step instructions and screenshots. I’m not sure what more we can do.

      If you just take it one step at a time you’ll find it’s quite simple. Only takes a few minutes but Peter or I can help if you have questions about any specific aspects.


    • Peter Higson says:

      i did reply directly to you by email yesterday. a large part of the user guide is helping you set up the software and configure its settings. this is a one-off exercise. the rest of the guide walks you through – with step by step screenshots – how to load the betplans and start trading.
      take it page by page- in sequence- and i think you will see it is fairly easy to follow. if not, as matt says – get in touch.

    • Peter Higson says:

      I have again replied to you by email
      if you tell me where are you are up to, i can get you up and running.. but i need more information first please

  5. Peter Philipson says:

    Hi Alex
    Good to hear from you – how is the golf going?
    I did brief tests on in play soccer and tennis with simple back and lay at set thresholds with stop loss built in. Worked perfectly well. Drop me an email if you want to discuss in more detail.

    @Jan Provost – are you intending to use generally or for Datakings? If the latter there are clear simple instructions provided by the service. If the former then you will need to invest some time to achieve what you want but in general the setting up of a bet plan is quite intuitive. Make sure you have the correct markets inserted before trying to set up a plan – this can be more difficult but work through the display from the top left and it should follow logically. Do you have a specific target plan in mind?

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      Hi Peter Philipson, yes , its been a long time. Lots of changes here. Would love to hear more about your experiences with the bot , ( and of course of how you are doing ! )
      But I dont have your email address anymore , I now have new
      email addresses too. Can you see my new email address in my profile ? Then please email me first to establish contact.
      Cheers , Alex

      P.S. Heard you on radio the other day. HEAVY !

    • Jan Provost says:

      I was going to use a betting bank with a staking of one percent. The amount of problems I have read for people to set up this bot so far or enormous and these people probably no how to work with a computer!. Also people paying half of what I paid is off putting.
      The manual is confusing and unclear, the video’s are quick, not detailed and slowing them down is impossible.
      It looks like one has to be a computer wizard to comprehend it all. Gonna have another quick read through and will probably give up on this one. Far too complicated for people with average pc knowledge!!

      • Peter Higson says:

        i have replied to you by email
        if you want some help that WILL get you up and running, you need to reply and tell me where you are up to and what is stopping you complete the set up. specifics please

      • Jan,

        The ‘enormous’ amount of problems?

        If you read all the comments you’ll see that…

        1) There are just as many people who are up and running fine as have had problems with the setup and that’s just in comments. The vast majority of people who are up and running fine have no need to post a comment.

        2) At least half of the problems arising are clearly explained in the user guide and people have sorted the issue when this has been pointed out.

        3) Peter has solved the problems for the few remaining people not covered by point 2.

        I have below average PC knowledge, have never used a BOT or VPS before and have had no issues whatsoever.

        Lastly, nobody is paying half the price of others. Not one single soul.

  6. Peter Philipson says:

    Hi Alex
    If you make a comment on either the Datakings or Betex thread then I should be able to see your new address.
    Cheers, Peter

  7. Andrew Carey says:

    ON PAGE 8 of the user guide it says
    From the’ today’s race list’ of plans we can see that the plan 30 needs to be attached to 5 Kempton races

    Where can we see this? I’m lost here.

    • Peter Higson says:

      replied to you directly by email

      • Andrew Carey says:

        ON PAGE 8 of the user guide it says
        From the’ today’s race list’ of plans we can see that the plan 30 needs to be attached to 5 Kempton races

        Where can we see this? I’m lost here.

        I can’t see any reference to plan 30 on page 4

        • Peter Higson says:

          i have now replied to you directly by email enclosing a snapshot of the relevant section in the user guide.
          i.e page 4- reference to 30 betplan & kempton races.

          • Peter Higson says:

            Are you ok with this now?

          • Martin Davies says:

            Hi8 Peter
            I have the same issue as Andrew, what am i missing please?

          • Chris Sutton says:

            Hi Peter

            Whilst the step by step guide is really useful I am having the same issue as some others in that I don’t understand how you identify which plan needs to be attached to which races? I know the example in the instructions refer to Plan 30 needing to be attached to the 5 Kempton races but I can’t see this anywhere?


          • Hi Chris,

            On the Betplans page each day a list of races is posted and the relevant plan that needs to be assigned to each race.


  8. Keval Shah says:


    I wanted to check please. If i load the betplan bets the night before into the betex software bot but do not wish to leave my laptop on during the night is that ok? Would i need to just turn my laptop on next morning before work and then if i turn the bot on will all the bet plans still be in place ready for the day so i would not need to do anymore before i leave for work? Thanks

    • Peter Higson says:

      Hi Keval
      Unfortunately not
      When you reboot laptop you will have to reload the markets and -enter the betplans.
      A VPS is the only way around this. Read the reviews on the website – all very positive.
      Once you have loaded the plans on the vps, started trading etc.. you can just disconnect ..
      I use bettingdev myself – they will also load the betex software on to the server for you

  9. Keval Shah says:

    Oh i see. Not sure why agora team member advised me that i would not need to leave the pc running before i purchased the system. They also advised that the £97 for the software we would have to pay after the first yr.

    I have used a service called pure vpn before. Is that different please? With the one you recommend could we get a special monthly rate please or is there like a trial period? If i decide to go for the vps where do i sign up to that and how do i get set up on that correctly? Do i need to set that up before betex software? I just want to keep my monthly upfront expenses to a minimal until i can see how much i can potentially make with datakings. Also, if i have to load the betplans every morning approx how much time would i need please? Thanks

    • Hi Keval,

      I don’t know why you were advised those two things as they are incorrect and certainly not anything I’ve told customer services. Sorry about that. It is made clear in all mentions of Betex on this site and in the order confirmation email that you pay after three weeks.

      I loaded today’s Betplans in about 3 minutes and that’s only the third time I’ve done it (having not even used betting software before this week).

      A VPS is different from a VPN and I believe you need a VPS if you want to avoid leaving your computer on. If you use this link (password: discountbettingrant) you’ll get 10% off.


    • Peter Higson says:

      Have replied to you by email.
      Hope all is now clear?

  10. Iain Docherty says:

    It seems that Matt Houghton is the only person who has managed to set up his Gravatar.

    I have used Gravatar at many other web sites but for some reason this one is not working.

    Any hints?

  11. Dave Thompson says:

    As I understand it, I only need to download the betplans once to use with the daily selections.
    Then download afresh as and when we are informed that they have been updated.
    Yes/No ?

  12. Richard Owen says:

    If I subscribe to Betex for 1 computer and Betdev do I have to place my Betex subscription on Betdev at the offset?

  13. Peter Higson says:

    When trying to help colleagues resolve some issues, i ask for screenshots. There have been a large number of times when i have been told that they do not know how to do that.
    For most windows users, the software is already on your device. It is called a snipping tool. Here is a microsoft link,telling you how to find it and use it.

    If you do not have the program, google it. You will find several free snipping programs for download.
    I have mine pinned to the task bar at bottom of screen as i am always using it
    It is an excellent tool, so easy to use- try it!

  14. Neville Taylor says:

    Hi Peter,

    Pleased to say I am getting on fine with the software and went live for first time today.
    The small issue I have is that if I have other betfair bets on a race with a betting plan they get included in my Betex results and are therefore distorting my virtual bank. Is there a simple fix to this? Does changing Betfair Options in settings to “Internal Bets only” remove any bets I place outside of Betex from my P&L display?

    • Peter Higson says:

      Hi Neville
      That’s right
      Settings- change button to internal bets only Betex will then only see what it has acted upon Well spotted!

  15. Paul Stonehouse says:

    I am trying to understand the subscription arrangements for the Datakings system. I am sorry if this has been covered elsewhere but I have looked at everything posted and the various emails and am not able to find the answer.

    So far I seem to have paid the £40 monthly subscription for a 3 week ! “free no commitment trial” and also have a free 3 week trial of the Betex software for which as yet I have paid nothing. I understand that at the end of the 3 weeks? month? I can request a refund, without question. I do not know from where I would request this refund though if I choose so to do. Also what happens at the end of the 3 week trial if I have not requested a refund. Will I automatically be charged another monthly fee using the payment details previously supplied unless I cancel? As I have paid the monthly fee for a 3 week trial what happens to the missing week? If in future I wish to cancel how would I do that?

    I am enjoying using the system/software although the trial is not going particularly well (I understand it is very early days). However in the interests of transparency I hope that Peter or Matt can clarify the above matters.

    Many thanks.

    • Jerry Ball says:

      You would claim your refund from Agora Lifestyles Paul. Their details will be on your confirmation email.

      • Paul,

        The three week trial is a three week money back guarantee (for DataKings). You have paid for a month but can cancel and get a refund at any point within the first three weeks.

        If you stay on after three weeks, you get another week (which you’ve paid for) and then you pay for your next month. That payment will recur monthly until cancelled.

        If you wish to get a refund within the first three weeks you just contact Agora customer services.

        Betex has no money back guarantee (once you’ve paid you’ve paid) but you obviously get the first three weeks completely free of charge.


  16. Eoin Casey says:

    When loading in the data on Betextrader for the next day’s racing, am confused as to which racecourses I should be selecting under “Venue Filter”. Do I just move them all into the “Include” box?

    • Iain Docherty says:

      I notice your gravatar is set up, I have many gravatars set up elsewhere but for some reason the one on this site is not working, do you have any suggestions?

      Kind Regards

  17. Jerry Ball says:

    Just choose the races that are in the chosen days Betplan and move them across to the “Include” box.

  18. Mark Doyle says:

    I have a question, which I have not seen on previous posts, If I download the software on one device for the trial, can I download to a different device if I decide to keep the subscriptions going. I know about vps/vpn but aside from those, can I change device. Thanks

    • Peter Higson says:

      i believe you disconnect from one, log into another
      the software – assuming you purchased one license – is set up to only run on one device at a time.
      please double check with betex for further details

  19. Peter Higson says:

    if you even think that you MAY have not used the 21 day trial link to get your initial download, use this link
    it will get you back into the loop

  20. Mark Doyle says:

    Thanks Peter

  21. Peter Higson says:

    we are just about a week in, and many will be needing to fish out their extension codes for the next 14 days of the free betex trial.- any problems with that click on the link in the comment above – its a quick fix to get you rolling.
    this message is aimed at anyone who is STILL struggling to download plans, load plans, attach plans to races. If you have hit a brick wall, send me an email & i will get you going. just tell me, within the email, exactly how far you have got with the software, downloads, attachments, using VPS.. and i will fix your problem either via email, telephone or team viewer session.
    i have not lost a client yet – if you are still struggling – shout!

    • John Dixon says:

      Hi Peter.

      Yes, I am struggling to download plans.
      When I attach a Betplan No to the Betex software
      I get an error message,

      “There is a problem with this Betting Plan:
      Bet 1 stake must be at least 2.00”

      I know you have told other clients to look down the thread for the answer. I have done this several times and can find nothing!I have over £500 in my Betfair account especially for this software, but cannot use it.

      Can you help me please?

      John Dixon

  22. John Gregory says:

    I’m interested in signing up for the Datakings software but looking through some of the comments it doesn’t sound straight forward setting it up. Have the ‘teething’ problems been sorted?
    Also, I don’t just use one computer to put my bets on each day it can be a laptop one day, the next it can be the PC at work, will the software still work on the different computers? and will it have to be downloaded on my works PC?
    Am I correct in thinking that to run this software I will need a VPS, say at £30 per month plus the Datakings subscription at £50 per month?

    • Geoffrey Roland says:

      If you read the instruction manual on the Betex site it explains how to use it on different computers. You have to de-activate it on the first one and use your activation code [if you’ve got one; they didn’t send me one] to start using it on another one. I assume the reason is so you can’t buy one subscription and then let all your friends use it free!
      It is more straightforward to set up than it appears by reading these posts, but it took me a lot longer than the one hour that the marketing blurb says somewhere. However I did spend a long time reading Betex’s manual which wasn’t really necessary for a beginner

      • Hi John,

        Once the setup is complete it’s very straightforward as numerous people have pointed out. How long the setup takes rather depends on the individual but Peter, I and others can help as and when required.


  23. Geoffrey Roland says:

    Dear Peter,

    I purchased your system this morning. It’s taken me a lot of the day but I’ve amazed myself (an old geezer who’s not that computer-literate) that I seem to have got it installed and working. I’ve three questions though:

    1)After installing Betex, the site said I’d receive an email with an activation code to be able to use it, and a window popped up to enter it into. No email/code arrived but the software works ok. Is this correct? I have got the other activation code to extend the trial after the 7 days.

    2) Is it necessary to keep the Betex website open after loading the next days races, or only that the computer has to be left on?

    3) Is there a simple way to quickly check in the ‘Markets’, ‘Selecton’ or the ‘New Bet Plan’ pane on the Betex site that you’ve entered the correct bet plan number for a particular race?


  24. Justin Woodcock says:


    Quick question about datakings – will the act of 100 bots placing bets at the same time impact the price of the bet for some.

    With a 2.9 average win 43 per cent of the time, there is some room for manoeuvre i suppose, but will all 100 people profit if price drops ?

    • Hi Justin,

      Personally I don’t believe it’s an issue due to the strong Betfair liquidity on favourites.

      All of my bets have been a higher price than the industry SP which suggests if there has been any dip in odds it’s a very small one.


  25. Michael Brooks says:

    I signed up yesterday, downloaded the BTX software, followed the instructions to set the system up, didn’t have any problems at all. Thought I would post to provide some balance to some of the negative comments above.

  26. Alan Gordon says:

    I have sent the comments below to the BTX team.

    I have had a few days of demo trading and at first I was very unimpressed with the results, but on doing some investigation I have discovered that there has been a distinct shortage of favourites winning and about 50% of those that did win had very skinny prices. I would much rather have a no bet than a lost bet and i am not a lover of skinny prices so the software has actually done a good job of protecting my bank (virtual only so far). The paucity of favourites is clearly down to the fact that the flat season has only just begun and there is insufficient up to date form for anyone to go on seriously so actually I think that BTX has done quite a good job and I have decided to give it an extended trial for at least a year. I shall apply for a year’s subscription within the next twenty four hours.
    Thank you for your assistance so far.

    As far as setting up the software is concerned I think that some of the comments are unfair. All the instructions are actually there but as Eric Morcambe famously said “I am playing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order”. The Guide could actually be improved by simply changing the order of certain parts and adding a few additional appropriate explanations of what to do.
    Once the flat season gets really going I expect to see positive results.

  27. Paul Sargeant says:

    Its been one of the easiest systems to follow so far.

    Downloaded everything easily and followed instructions. took a couple of goes to get comfortable with the system but as stated now everything takes 5-10 minutes then leave it alone.

    I have to admit I’m not that impressed with the results so far BUT like Alan I did wonder if the start of the flat season may be the reason for erratic results

    I’m running on simulated mode and as long as I show a little profit at the end of my 3 week trial, i’ll keep going

  28. Peter Finch says:

    My computer is a Mac and I understand Betextrader will not work on this so I will need to subscribe to a VPS Bettingdev. My question is do I subscribe to the VPS first and they download Betextrader or should I subscribe to Betextrader first?
    Regards Peter.

  29. Peter Higson says:

    IF you are setting up a VPS through BETTINGdev, you MUST give them the 21 day trial code to use. if not you will only get a 7 day trial of the software.

  30. Susan Ramsay says:

    I’ve tried downloading the DataKings virtual plan betplan zip files but I just get a list of .bp files. There’s no mention of race courses or races.
    What am I doing wrong?

    • Andrew Nisbet says:

      Your mistake is that you have not read the instructions!;)

      Racecourses and races are extracted from the Betfair website by the Betextrader program.

      Make sure you have extracted the files from the zip file You only need to do this once unless told there are new ones) then go into Betextrader and follow the instructions in the user guide.

  31. Garry Parkes says:

    I already have my own VPS. But when I run the software I get the following message:

    “Our software detects that you may be accessing the Betfair website from a country that Betfair does not accept bets from”

    My VPS is based in the US – How do I get around this problem?

    • Iain Docherty says:

      Did you set up your VPS specifically for Betex Trader?

      If so, you should change it to use a VPS based in the UK, otherwise Betfair will give you the above problem.

      One that has been recommended previously, and for which you can get a 21 day extended trial, is

  32. Andrew Nisbet says:

    The VPS service closed Betex overnight losing Mondays plans :(.
    Re-loading them in a hurry I missed two races. More :(. The last race had still got some time before the off but system would not let me load that plan. What is the cut off for loading plans please. (I have seen the answer somewhere but cannot find it now that I want it.)


  33. Andrew Nisbet says:

    What are the small numbers under the Back and Lay SPs? eg 23, 423. they go up and down a lot.

  34. Peter Higson says:


  35. Simon Howard says:

    Hi Peter & Matt,

    I am on day 3 of my trial. I found the setup instructions very easy to follow. Went for the VPS route as don’t want to have to leave my laptop on all day. Takes less than 5 minutes each day to load up the next day’s plans.

    A couple of questions and sorry if already been asked…

    I am using the virtual balance option with retain balance option checked. Is there anywhere I can see the virtual balance? I want to check that the bets are 2% of what I think the balance is.

    Also if I exit the software say because I have to restart the VPS will the virtual balance revert back to the initial £1000 I set it to? Would I then need to manually set it to what I think it should be in the virtual balance column in settings?

    Thanks and so far in profit and long may it continue!

  36. William Flynn says:


    I have been trying this out for over a week now, and I just can’t see how it will work ..I have had harldly any bets matched, and those that have is two winners and two losers. There is simply not enough out there to match up the strict requirements of the bets, so good luck to you..I will monitor it I think, but I would like my money back plaeas…how do I get this?

    • Peter Higson says:

      In the past week there have been 32 bets placed of which 16 won and good profits have been made
      Even allowing for the odd unmatched bet, Your figures suggest you are doing something wrong?
      Perhaps you might consider reviewing your process or getting some assistance -rather than stopping for what looks to be the wrong reasons?
      If you do decide to cancel then you will need to contact customer services..

  37. Peter Higson says:

    Please note there will only skeleton support cover from betex- thursday through to sunday inclusive.

  38. Peter Higson says:

    Three video tutorials are now available on the user guide page of the site

  39. Peter Higson says:

    There will shortly be a new set of plans available for download.- will let you know exactly when…
    These have an additional filter aimed at ‘killing’ unmatched bets after x period. This should reduce slightly, the number of losing bets picked up when the bet is matched late in races.
    it is intended mainly for sprint races.
    The whole bank plans will be discontinued at the same time.
    Now that the virtual bank option is available, there is no need to keep the whole bank plans.
    For anyone who does use whole betfair bank as staking calculation, please now use the virtual bank plans but set the virtual starting balance figure to equal your real betfair balance and tick the ‘retain closing balance’ tab.

  40. Garry Parkes says:

    I would like to cancel my trial subscription before the direct debit is taken from my Bank. Support has not responded. How do I get it sorted?

  41. Peter Higson says:

    There are some improvements to the Betex software on the drawing board bespoke to Datakings. As a pre-amble to this we need some information from everyone please. This will be used to help evaluate the potential benefits of the project. – there are likely to be a couple of beta groups set up to play with alternatives…

    At this stage can i ask EVERYONE please who has purchased the Betex software AND is a paying subscriber to DATAKINGS to drop me an email

    In the subject line please just confirm the last two digits of the Betex version you are using e.g. 12 and YES if the email address you are replying from is the same as your registered email address with Betex. If a different email address, please enter Betex version and then NO with the alternative address in the email body.,,

    This exercise will only be progressed with active datakings subscribers…

    Thank you for your help…

  42. Peter Higson says:

    new plans available – please see top of betplans page for instructions/ more info…

  43. Andrew Gredziak says:

    How do i cancel my subscription. I saw laid off work over a month ago and cannot afford the subscription any more.

  44. Ian Liddell says:

    I am having problems everywhere trying to get up and running. I am completely new to online betting and to horse racing.
    Firstly, I needed to ring Agora to get the password to the members website. Now I’m searching the website for helpful information about the jargon used in the messages I receive and how I should respond when placing bets. I clicked on ‘User Guide and FAQs’, expecting some help. Instead I get a heading ‘ Data Kings’ (what’s that?) and a request for my log in details again. I gave those details but there is still a message ‘ You are not subscribed to this publication ‘
    So far I’ve found a lot of self-congratulation on the site and a lot of jargon.
    Where do I find some practical, jargon-free, information, please?

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