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| April 6, 2017 | 108 Replies


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Category : DataKings

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  1. Stephen Saunders says:

    When I try to download the Bet plans,I get a message from Adobe Acrobat Reader saying it could not open the files because it is either not a supported file type,or the files have been damaged. HELP
    s saunders

  2. Lee Jones says:

    Sorry am I missing something? I don’t see any results on this page

  3. Lee Jones says:

    Apart from the audited results

  4. Iain Docherty says:

    It might be better if the weekly results are posted so they don’t have to be downloaded, e.g. in google sheets as a read-only public spreadsheet. That way everyone can just follow the link and see it immediately, including a nice graph, without people having to have Excel, Libra or other…

    Kind Regards

  5. Raymond Monk says:


    Peter has explained that he prefers to the assess the system in batches of 100 races. You will notice that the spreadsheet showing the audited races do not show “no bets” and this makes it easy to see how profitable the system is per 100 races. Unfortunately your spreadsheet downloads DO include “no bets” which means that you can’t realistically assess in the same way. As it stands you have completed 15 races but the spreadsheet shows 35 races because “no bets” have been included. Are you able to change this to tally with Peter’s spreadsheet layout which only shows qualified races ?



  6. Neville Taylor says:


    Don’t wish to be a contrarian but in the first few weeks it would useful to see the no bets as well as it gives confidence that we have loaded the right plan to the right race and that the bot is working as it should for all subscribers

  7. Neville Taylor says:

    To follow up. You can use filters on excel to hide the no bets if you wish to do analysis on the results

  8. Eoin Casey says:

    For some reason i’m only seeing results up to 18/04/17 when that Excel file opens up. what am I doing wrong (sorry, bit of a technophobe here) 🙂

  9. Steven Midgley says:

    Hi Matt/Peter am having problems with the software it keeps on freezing, i am unable to do anything with it and have to shut the computer down to get out of it,unfortunately i am working 18/20 hrs per day at the moment as we have just started lambing and where the sheep are is remote from the house and no internet

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      Are you at or near the first 7 days trial period ?
      You most probably need the 14 day extention procedure ,
      contact Betex via email or phone if you dont have the
      extension code. Hope this helps.

  10. Steven Midgley says:

    Thanks for that Alex have not got to that point yet Norton originally blocked the loading of the Betex software but i overode that and downloaded everything then when i started to go thru the loading of the betplans it came to a stop was unable to get any response and the only way i could get out of it was by shutting down the computer. since loading Datakings i am unable to log in to the sndicate or football investor.

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      I have tried installing it on 2 different laptops.
      One laptop rejected it at first and then accepted it with
      some difficulty. I dont use that laptop because the display of the software is not nice there.
      My other laptop , with I use to run the software had no problem downloading and using the bot , but I had freezes,
      near the end of the first 7 days of trial. The extention to the next 14 days had no problems , and I’ve been using it okay , even 2 bots simultaneously is no problem. My freeze was not as bad as your freeze , I was able to just close the bot and restart it.
      Contact Betex here
      and see what they have to say. Maybe they send you another
      version. Success with the try ,
      Cheers , Alex

      • Alex Milianowsky says:

        Oh Steven , I did not see you also have login problems.
        I also have login problems , still not resolved for a couple of days.
        I logged-in okay the first 7 days or so , then since last Monday it started to say : “you’re not subscribed to this service”
        I cannot log-in to see the daily selections part , but
        I can , obviously , see this comment part and post.
        I think this part is not password protected. Just have to wait untill Agora finds solution , Peter H is sending
        me the daily selections by email.
        Cheers , and all the best with the lambs 🙂

  11. Raymond Monk says:

    Favourite won on the first race (13.50pm) but wasn’t matched for me (seemed to fit bet plan criteria). Did others get that bet matched ?

  12. Dave Thompson says:

    Hi Peter/Matt,
    I have noticed with both of your spreadsheets you have a column showing Total P&L (col K)between Real P&l (col J) and Sim P&L (col L). I do not get this when I export the results. Is this a column that you have added yourselves or am I missing a setting in the software.

  13. Sterobertsbtts says:

    Hi Peter/Matt,

    Sorry for posting here I’ve been trying to contact you regarding my system to see if you’d like to review it.

    My first month review has just been published on goal profits with both reviewers making a profit and one being up 38.49 points over the course of a month.

    Anyway I’ve also sent an email to feedback@bettingrant. if you could check it and get back to me that would be great.



  14. Adrian Williams says:

    These results don’t take into account Betfair commission. With a 5% commission, the current loss of £76.47 becomes £87.08.

  15. Peter Higson says:


    No commission is taken on losing bets

    • Adrian Williams says:

      I wasn’t applying commission to losing bets. Just the winning ones.

      • Adrian Williams says:

        I put the numbers through Excel and the size of the subsequent bets (2% of total balance) only tally if 5% is taken off the winnings.

        e.g. Starting balance £500.
        £30 profit on first bet
        Next bet £10.57. (This is 2% of 528.50 not 530)

  16. Simon Owens says:

    I don’t appear to have the means of opening a betting plan for attachment. No ‘Open’ button is present and on right clicking I am asked which App I want to use. Searching the App store offers only ‘Blueprint Boss’ for graphics and plan layouts. Presumably I need to download an appropriate App, but isn’t one included in the software?

    If betting plans are loaded in the evening, can the PC be turned off overnight?

    • Iain Docherty says:

      you have to keep your computer turned on from the point where you load the plans. If you turn it off, or close the betextrader app then you have to reload them.

  17. Simon Owens says:

    OK. Got it sorted out with some fiddling about. I’ll find the answer to second part soon enough.

  18. Ronald Blackburn says:

    I appear to have subscribed to Data Kings twice today in error.
    Would you please cancel the earliest one?

  19. Terry Jones says:

    Below the bets for today it says “The times of races shown above will always be UK – GMT.”

    However, we are in BST now and the race times given are in BST- which is GMT + 1 hour

  20. Peter Higson says:


  21. Iain Docherty says:

    I have mirrored Peters results at a perma-link as follows, together with a nice graph, for anyone who does not want to download the latest or does not have a way of viewing Excel files.

    I will do my best to update this every week after Peter posts the results.

  22. Ian Jess says:

    I know its been a tough start, but recent results, (03/05/17) going the right way looks encouraging nonetheless 🙂 hope it continues 🙂

  23. Alex Caithness says:

    It’s interesting viewing the excel results you publish.

    I see you have only 2 No Matches (no bet) – the vast majority of my trades are No bets.

    Typical days’ results for 10 bets placed:
    – 1 win – 3 losses – 6 No bets.

    I am still losing more than I’m winning and so far from 12th April until now 3rd May I have had only 2 winning days.

    • Peter Higson says:

      By way of clarification…
      You did not have 10 bets placed. On your figures you had 4 bets placed.
      It is also incorrect to say that the vast majority of your trades are ‘no bets’. A ‘no bet’ is not a trade.
      This is clearly explained in detail on the betplan page under the heading – what betplans do – perhaps you have not read this?
      The figures you quote seem to indicate either a disproportionately high number of no matches, or incorrect plans attached, or missed days?
      At the top of this page i posted a brief summary of first three weeks activity..
      If you do need help.,,,

    • Hi Alex,

      As Peter has mentioned it’s important to note the difference between a ‘no bet’ and a ‘bet not matched’. Everybody will have exactly the same no bets because they are bets that don’t fit the selection criteria. I’ve deleted these from the track record as they are irrelevant for our purposes.


      • Alex Caithness says:

        Thanks for that Matt.

        What are you classing as a ‘No match bet’?

        Peter is incorrect in his comments to me.
        I have placed every betplan on every day and done it correctly.
        The vast majority of my betplans are not actioned = ‘No bet’, hence the comment 10 betplans placed, 1 win,3 losses and 6 ‘no bets’.

        Of the bets actioned, well over 50% are losers, as stated in my original comment.

        I expected some ‘No bets’, but not as many as I am getting.

        I have had only 2 winning days in the trial period, as stated, and I am currently still in the red with this system.

        Today is looking a little better and if there are no losers with the last 2 bets it could be my 3rd profitable day, hopefully.


        • A ‘no match’ is when the qualifying criteria are fulfilled but the bet is not matched by Betfair.

          A no bet (such as the 6 that you make reference to) are completely irrelevant so you can ignore them. They are not and never were bets as key criteria was not met, that’s why they are not in the track record. You should not expect all the POSSIBLE selections each day to be final bets – many of them won’t be. You are not missing out on anything with these no bets so it’s irrelevant how many there are.

          A ‘no match’ bet is much rarer – as you can see, there have just been a couple for me in three weeks of following the system.

          In terms of strike rate yes, it will be below 50% most of the time. We don’t need it to be 50% or above to profit. The proofed results and all results in the marketing are based on a strike rate of around 42%.

          Also in terms of strike rate the no bets are again irrelevant so the strike rate for the day you mention was 25% (1 from 4) rather than 10% (one from 10). Obviously 25 is below the 42 but that’s a tiny sample size. On other days it will be 100%.


  24. Ian Jess says:


    Just wondering is there any spreadsheet info available from the 2012 period up til 16th August 2016? I can understand there may not be, due to you wanting us to follow the info from 17th August onwards which is understandable. But I do believe you have had good results in that time period aswell, was their any significant changes from then to the current method?

    Cheers 🙂

  25. Ian Jess says:

    1 win 3 losses today. Anyone same or different results?

    • Andrew Coombs says:

      2 wins 4 losses so far with one to run today, yesterday i had 1 win 3 losses same as you but win was biggish price so only small loss.

  26. William Flynn says:

    How do I get a refund?

  27. Anthony Millard says:

    Hi I am paper trading £200 bank at 1%.
    Can anyone give me results for May 6th, 8th,
    & 9th as I was away


  28. Alex Caithness says:

    Hello Matt,

    Just following on from previous comment I made.

    I have now had only 5 winning days since the launch (which ties up with your results in the spreadsheet) so overall still losing money.

    So it is interesting to note in Peter’s assessment at the top of the page that he has IN PROFIT (Peter’s capitals) against his stats.

    Neither you nor I are IN PROFIT since launch.

    We have got some losses back – but the bank has reduced and the bet size is smaller – so it will take a good number of winning days to get to IN PROFIT.

    Hopefully that happens soon.


  29. Peter Higson says:

    Three video tutorials are now available on the user guide page of the site

  30. Peter Higson says:

    There will shortly be a new set of plans available for download.- will let you know exactly when…
    These have an additional filter aimed at ‘killing’ unmatched bets after x period. This should reduce slightly, the number of losing bets picked up when the bet is matched late in races.
    it is intended mainly for sprint races.
    The whole bank plans will be discontinued at the same time.
    Now that the virtual bank option is available, there is no need to keep the whole bank plans.
    For anyone who does use whole betfair bank as staking calculation, please now use the virtual bank plans but set the virtual starting balance figure to equal your real betfair balance and tick the ‘retain closing balance’ tab.

    • Andy Small says:

      I’ve changed over to the virtual plans, did I do something wrong or were there no bets yesterday (first time this has happend since I started the service)

    • Andrew Coombs says:

      A welcome change Peter and shows once again how you actively adapt to changing situations, refreshing for a piad for tipster. Only other person i know who does that is one of the very very best i’ve had the pleasure to work with, and i’m hoping over time this will be right up there with him. This may mean less bets but i firmly believe it will reduce the number of losers and increase profitability. I’ve covered the Betex software with profits thus far onwards and upwards.

  31. Alex Caithness says:


    Another losing day.

    Still only 5 winning days since 12/04.

    Today was a bit different though:

    9 trades set up – 6 losing bets (more than usual) – 1 winning bet (low odds, so small return) and the 2 no bets the favourite won (would have saved the day).

    Not a good run since launch and the betting bank is taking a beating so the bets are getting smaller as the percentage bet has remained the same.

    Need to have some good results soon.


  32. Adrian Williams says:

    My comment about Matt’s track record posts not taking into account Betfair commission still stands.

    Bet 1 on Major Valentine was £10 matched @ 4 which won. The gross profit of that bet would have been £30 but the net profit only £28.50 (=£30*95%).

    The P&L column marks this bet as +£30 not +£28.50 as would actually have been received. This discrepancy is the same for all winning bets in the spreadsheet.

    • Andrew Coombs says:

      Adrian, I noticed this as well its a Betex export issue, they only include the Gross P&L rather than the Net. I believe Peter has requested this to be amended in the next update, in the interim i have added a simple spreadsheet formula to record Net P&L.

  33. Peter Higson says:

    There are some improvements to the Betex software on the drawing board bespoke to Datakings. As a pre-amble to this we need some information from everyone please. This will be used to help evaluate the potential benefits of the project. – there are likely to be a couple of beta groups set up to play with alternatives…

    At this stage can i ask EVERYONE please who has purchased the Betex software AND is a paying subscriber to DATAKINGS to drop me an email

    In the subject line please just confirm the last two digits of the Betex version you are using e.g. 12 and YES if the email address you are replying from is the same as your registered email address with Betex. If a different email address, please enter Betex version and then NO with the alternative address in the email body.,,

    This exercise will only be progressed with active datakings subscribers…

    Thank you for your help…

  34. Alex Caithness says:

    Hello Matt,

    Are you going to post the latest week’s results soon?

    You seem to be getting similar results to me and predominantly losing – not showing a profit as Peter claims.

    I am still in a long losing run – only 7 winning days in 6 weeks and the winning days have not been big enough to cancel out the losses.

    My bank is rapidly diminishing, the bets are now much smaller (same percentage of a smaller bank) than when I started and the returns are poor.

    This system really needs to pick up a winning run and soon.

    Look forward to seeing your results and hoping for some rapid upturn in fortune.


    • Sorry about the delay prior to the previous one. It was purely down to my being out of the country (that and the fact it was never originally the plan to post weekly – it was initially monthly – and I only switched to weekly due to requests).

      I am now in England until July so should be able to revert back to the weekly postings.

  35. Andrew Coombs says:

    Hi Matt do you have a results update i thought it was weekly?

    • Michael Hutchison says:

      The silence is deafening Matt!!!

      • Sorry about the delay prior to the previous one. It was purely down to my being out of the country (that and the fact it was never originally the plan to post weekly – it was initially monthly – and I only switchedto weekly due to requests).

        I am now in England until July so should be able to revert back to the weekly postings.

  36. Tony Palmer says:

    Are the stats meant to be coming out weekly as Andrew says?

  37. Leon Dawson says:

    I’ve only just found time to peruse this track record. In many cases, more recently, they echo my own thoughts. I e-mail’d Agora twice but no one has responded.
    I was looking for Matts ‘weekly’ results but they aren’t evident. As MH commented ‘the silence is deafening’.
    The results are very disappointing. It gets very difficult to retain any faith when so many bets fail to meet the criteria to be actual bets and of those that do 80% lose. Even the winners are poor returns. I don’t see this turning around any time soon. Lower stakes mean less profit and a much longer period of digging to get out. Someone mentioned 100% winning days. There’s only one answer to that ………………………CUCKOO!
    I’m a bit concerned tonight. The bet plans for Thursday are a re-issue of todays.

  38. Keval Shah says:

    Where are Matt’s weekly results..not seen anything posted for a while

  39. Alex Caithness says:

    Hello Matt,

    Where is your weekly results update?

    Have you stopped using system?

    Is that why there has been no update since the 11th May?

  40. Paul Rudd says:

    Oh dear! Having subscribed to the Datakings free trial, doing nothing with it and then passively automated for the first £50 DD collection – I was today considering purchasing the Betex software to see how this thing works.

    However, after reading this forum I’m having serious second thoughts about going any further.

  41. Paul Rudd says:

    Forgetting the results though hearing nothing from Matt on here since 11 May is hard to excuse, even if he’s been away on a fortnights holiday!!

  42. Paul Rudd says:

    Ah, I talked that one up…Peter has confirmed that Matt has indeed been away and that he (Peter) will be posting a results update in the next couple of days,
    thankfully. So I will reserve my judgement until seeing them, and hopefully will be trying it out for myself soon.

  43. Peter Higson says:

    updated – independently proofed – results for first 200 system bets are now on track record page of site.

  44. Alex Caithness says:

    I have looked at the results Peter published.

    I am definitely not getting the same results he is.

    Picking just the 26 May as an example – Peter has 8 winners.

    I did not get 8 bets placed – I did record a profit on that day, but only a small one.

    I am certainly not getting the results Peter is showing.

    It will be interesting to see Matt’s results when published – as he seems to be getting results similar to mine – which are poor and certainly not in profit.

  45. Michael Hutchison says:

    Am I just being daft here? The strike rate means absolutely nothing if the winners are coming in at such a poor price that they don’t make up for the losses!! Am I reading the results wrong or does it not say anywhere the actual financial results? I know people will be using different starting. banks but if they could be shown to 2% of a £1000 bank or £500 bank then we would at least see whether we should be up or down?! At the moment I’m still slightly down.

  46. James Sanders says:

    The last results posted here are 11th May, we are now 30th May. It would really be helpful to have a regular weekly update. Personally I am still doing this on a simulated basis with an initial £2000 bank 2%.
    This is not looking very promising at the moment …..

  47. Alex Caithness says:

    Thanks for publishing your results Matt.

    It is good to see that you are getting very similar results to myself.

    Generally losing – very few winning days and these are for very small profits – so the bank is getting smaller and the bets getting smaller.

    I’m not sure how Peter keeps coming up with stats that show he is in profit when most of the comments on here are about losing.

    I am averaging about 1 winning day a week and the bank is way down.

    I’ll give it another month – 12 weeks, roughly 300 bets is a more than fair trial.

    Definitely need more wins and bigger wins to turn this around.

    • Hi Alex,

      I think the discrepancy between the two sets of results should decrease now that the ‘kill’ option is attached to the betplans. It means that there will be just as many losers eliminated as winners whereas before the ‘no matches’ were almost exclusively winners.

      The difference in results is down to Peter’s being based on all qualifying bets being matched.


  48. Alex Caithness says:

    Yet another losing day.

    3 ‘No matches’ all of which won and would have given a rare winning day.

  49. Alex Caithness says:

    Another terrible day.

    8 losers and just 1 winner.

    I’ve never had such a prolonged losing run on any system I’ve tried.
    This just appears to be random bets with no means of recouping losses except for hoping to get a lot of winners.

    One of the last bets today was a 5 horse race with a 1.81 favourite which lost – if it had won the returns would have been pathetic.

    I may not make it to 300 races at this rate.

  50. UPDATE

    We’ll have a Betex update out in the next couple of days that includes the 5% commission on results.

  51. Peter Higson says:

    new plans available – please see top of betplans page for instructions

  52. Alex Caithness says:

    A much better day.

    9 winners, 6 losers and a profit.

    Maybe this F series is what was needed.
    Hopefully we can keep this going.

    Well done for today Peter.

  53. Alex Caithness says:

    After a few days of small profits I’ve had a couple of losing days plus a big losing day yesterday – so I am pretty much where I was about 10 days back.

    I do not seem to be able to get ahead with this system.

    After weeks of hammering my current bank is 50% of my starting bank – so my bets of 1% of bank are half what I started out with – and I am not getting enough wins to get back even let alone into profit.

    I need something really outstanding to turn this around – not sure this is going to do it.

  54. Andrew Coombs says:

    Hi Matt do you have an updated results link? Not been done for a while

  55. Eoin Casey says:

    Matt, what is going on with customer services? I emailed them 10 days ago wishing to cancel my subscription and now I’ve been charged today for another month!

    • Hi Eoin,

      I don’t know is the simple answer but if you email me I’ll forward it to them myself (

      You will of course be refunded this month’s payment if you originally contacted them before it went out.


  56. Michael Hutchison says:

    About as much use as a chocolate teapot as per usual!

  57. Joshua Haigh says:

    I thought the bet plans for today would be out already?

  58. Spencer Westcott says:

    I cant see any bet plans for this week?
    Is this correct?

  59. Alex Caithness says:


    There is a problem on the betplan page.

    After your comments about my comments – you have somehow removed this comment box from the bottom of that page.

    Please fix this.

    • Hi Alex,

      I haven’t removed comments on that page, I think it must have just reached capacity (there are a LOT of comments on there). Nothing I can do about that – you’re more than welcome to use threads on other pages on the website.


    • Iain Docherty says:

      Alternatively join the slack group for Data Kings which is much more active, and easier to keep track of messages than on here.

      To join send an email to me at and I will send you an invite link.

      Kind Regards

  60. Peter Higson says:

    600 system bets have now been provided since launch
    A full breakdown is at the top of this page
    the last 100 selections have also been added to the interactive spreadsheet calculator – link at top of this page also
    this detail every selection.
    All recorded bets have been proofed independently

  61. Gerry Richardson says:

    Hi Matt
    I have just viewed you listing of recent bet results.
    I see that after 4 months you are £70 down (probably over £100 down after today’s results)
    How do you think that we are all feeling?
    On top of these losses we have had to pay almost £100 for the Betex software, and £200 (so far) for the privilege of getting the bets!!
    A total out-of-pocket of some £400
    Can you please tell me if you have any plans to soften the blow by reducing the on-going cost, at least until the results improve so that it can pay it’s own way?
    I, and I suspect others, are at the point where we cannot afford to continue much longer!

  62. Dave Thompson says:

    Hi Matt,
    I also echo Gerry Richardsons thoughts above.
    I have been living in hope that this system might turn around for the better but how much longer can I wait?

    At present it is not covering the monthly cost and in fact has a way to go before it breaks even.

    I look forward to your reply.

    P.S. Has Peter gone to ground or is he busy working on a fix?



  63. Hi Dave/Gerry,

    I can completely understand your frustrations. We obviously got off to a very poor start and it’s been a bit of a slog since then.

    The percentage staking doesn’t help in that respect as although we’ve been on a general upward trend since the poor start (bar the odd blip here and there) we are obviously staking less now than we were during the start. Though admittedly the progress even taking that into account has been fairly slow.

    I retain faith in the strategy (we have after all been using it for a lot less time than it was tested for) but I appreciate that paying for it in addition to the slow progress makes it more difficult to stick with it.

    In terms of the ongoing cost the decision on that is ultimately Peter’s rather than my own. No doubt he’ll see your comments so I’ll leave it to him to respond to them or failing that you may want to email him.


  64. Dave Thompson says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your swift response.
    Like yourself I also have faith in the strategy and it’s simplicity.

    If Peter is reading this, might I suggest a reduced monthly payment untill such time as the sytem starts to pay for itself.



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