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| April 6, 2017 | 25 Replies


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Category : DataKings

Comments (25)

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  1. Stephen Saunders says:

    When I try to download the Bet plans,I get a message from Adobe Acrobat Reader saying it could not open the files because it is either not a supported file type,or the files have been damaged. HELP
    s saunders

  2. Lee Jones says:

    Sorry am I missing something? I don’t see any results on this page

  3. Lee Jones says:

    Apart from the audited results

  4. Iain Docherty says:

    It might be better if the weekly results are posted so they don’t have to be downloaded, e.g. in google sheets as a read-only public spreadsheet. That way everyone can just follow the link and see it immediately, including a nice graph, without people having to have Excel, Libra or other…

    Kind Regards

  5. Raymond Monk says:


    Peter has explained that he prefers to the assess the system in batches of 100 races. You will notice that the spreadsheet showing the audited races do not show “no bets” and this makes it easy to see how profitable the system is per 100 races. Unfortunately your spreadsheet downloads DO include “no bets” which means that you can’t realistically assess in the same way. As it stands you have completed 15 races but the spreadsheet shows 35 races because “no bets” have been included. Are you able to change this to tally with Peter’s spreadsheet layout which only shows qualified races ?



  6. Neville Taylor says:


    Don’t wish to be a contrarian but in the first few weeks it would useful to see the no bets as well as it gives confidence that we have loaded the right plan to the right race and that the bot is working as it should for all subscribers

  7. Neville Taylor says:

    To follow up. You can use filters on excel to hide the no bets if you wish to do analysis on the results

  8. Eoin Casey says:

    For some reason i’m only seeing results up to 18/04/17 when that Excel file opens up. what am I doing wrong (sorry, bit of a technophobe here) 🙂

  9. Steven Midgley says:

    Hi Matt/Peter am having problems with the software it keeps on freezing, i am unable to do anything with it and have to shut the computer down to get out of it,unfortunately i am working 18/20 hrs per day at the moment as we have just started lambing and where the sheep are is remote from the house and no internet

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      Are you at or near the first 7 days trial period ?
      You most probably need the 14 day extention procedure ,
      contact Betex via email or phone if you dont have the
      extension code. Hope this helps.

  10. Steven Midgley says:

    Thanks for that Alex have not got to that point yet Norton originally blocked the loading of the Betex software but i overode that and downloaded everything then when i started to go thru the loading of the betplans it came to a stop was unable to get any response and the only way i could get out of it was by shutting down the computer. since loading Datakings i am unable to log in to the sndicate or football investor.

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      I have tried installing it on 2 different laptops.
      One laptop rejected it at first and then accepted it with
      some difficulty. I dont use that laptop because the display of the software is not nice there.
      My other laptop , with I use to run the software had no problem downloading and using the bot , but I had freezes,
      near the end of the first 7 days of trial. The extention to the next 14 days had no problems , and I’ve been using it okay , even 2 bots simultaneously is no problem. My freeze was not as bad as your freeze , I was able to just close the bot and restart it.
      Contact Betex here
      and see what they have to say. Maybe they send you another
      version. Success with the try ,
      Cheers , Alex

      • Alex Milianowsky says:

        Oh Steven , I did not see you also have login problems.
        I also have login problems , still not resolved for a couple of days.
        I logged-in okay the first 7 days or so , then since last Monday it started to say : “you’re not subscribed to this service”
        I cannot log-in to see the daily selections part , but
        I can , obviously , see this comment part and post.
        I think this part is not password protected. Just have to wait untill Agora finds solution , Peter H is sending
        me the daily selections by email.
        Cheers , and all the best with the lambs 🙂

  11. Raymond Monk says:

    Favourite won on the first race (13.50pm) but wasn’t matched for me (seemed to fit bet plan criteria). Did others get that bet matched ?

  12. Dave Thompson says:

    Hi Peter/Matt,
    I have noticed with both of your spreadsheets you have a column showing Total P&L (col K)between Real P&l (col J) and Sim P&L (col L). I do not get this when I export the results. Is this a column that you have added yourselves or am I missing a setting in the software.

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