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The Weekly Updates 2015/16 Part Two

| January 4, 2016 | 17 Replies


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Category : Selection Archive

Comments (17)

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  1. Gary Hayes says:

    Hi Matt
    I have not received a text for Jim’s Scottish best since 19th December. Is this right?

  2. Gary Hayes says:

    Ok thanks

  3. Leslie gerald Wilkinson says:

    Hi Matt,Saturday again and guess what i can’t log in again,Bad enough 2 days with no winners now i have no chance of getting my losses back.What kind of a Mickey Mouse outfit is this,get fed up!!!!!. Leslie

    • Hi Leslie,

      You’ve commented on the Network website but I’m guessing you’re referring to the Syndicate.

      If you’re also trying to log in on the Network site however that will be why you’re having problems.


  4. Scott Quinn says:

    Hi Matt,

    I seem to have stopped receiving your emails the last one I had was 19th Jan, I’ve checked my spam folder and they aren’t there either.


  5. Gary Hayes says:

    is Jim not providing his Scottish tips for us anymore?

    • Hi Gary,

      The weather has taken its toll on the fixture list and the wind up there has been pretty bad – he’s has sent a few bets to me since Christmas but they’ve all been called off.

      Things should pick up again over the next few weeks.


  6. Gary Hayes says:

    Thanks Matt

  7. Mark Smith says:

    The link doesn’t work for the February edition of the Network

  8. Philip Murphy says:

    Not working for me either.

  9. William Payne says:

    Hi Matt,

    I started a new spreadsheet towards the end of November and the profit is showing -.5%, not the best.

    Jake’s ‘High risers’ are a waste of effort.

    Its a bit cheeky adding bookies offers into the scheme as they are received as e-mails from the bookie!

    Lets hope things improve.

    • The offers are included as cash William, so you can quite happily ignore them. The overall points profit is still perfectly acceptable.

      As for your personal results that isn’t a really relevant as a judgement of the service. The timing of your starting is unfortunate of course but the results for the season are those published, not -0.5%.

      Stick with it long term, play the ante-post bets and you’ll make money. It’s not a case of the service needing to improve.

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