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| November 27, 2014 | 45 Replies


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Category: Goal-Den Formula

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  1. Christopher Jones says:

    Just signed up as a member of The Netwrok, tried to access my “bonus” of Goal-den formula and the download wants a password from me (which Network haven’t supplied).

    Very unprofessional

  2. Christopher Jones says:

    I’ll have to eat humble pie now that I’ve spotted the password.

  3. John Gowers says:

    How can you have 2.5 goals in a football match?????????????

    • Obviously you can’t have half a goal in a football match. The reason it is over or under 2.5 is simple – it prevents the need for an ‘exactly 2 goals option’.

      Under 2.5 is 0, 1 or 2 goals. Over 2.5 is 3 or more goals.

  4. John Gowers says:

    The Goal-den formula may as well be in Chinese for all the sense that it makes to me.

  5. Rosaleen Lavelle says:

    IM new to this and havent a clue how do I go about placing bets thanks

  6. Doug Holdsworth says:

    Just joined would you please email me a guide that covers the basics

  7. Shane Langman says:

    Hi Matt. I have just joined and have just logged in for the first time. Do the tips get emailed to me?

  8. Declan Mc eleavey says:

    Hi Matt,
    What is the password for Goal-den Formula pdf, as I have forgotten. Thanks.

  9. Ian Pretty says:

    New member although I have been sports betting for a while. Liked the idea of not just concentrating on Premiership but was hoping for more from Jim. Minor leagues ( although Jim would probably disagree that Scotland is a minor league ) are an excellent market as the bookmakers simply do not have the knowledge that someone like Jim would have and there should be obvious opportunities every week. One or two bets on each set of games would be good.

    • Hi Ian,

      Thanks for your feedback – I’ll pass it on to Jim.

      He has said that it’s been a bit trappy recently but he expects to have more bets over the coming weeks so we’ll see what he comes up with.


  10. Ed Rowlands says:

    Hi Matt just opened golden formula and its asking for a password? Can you help please



  11. William Mcbey says:

    Hi Matt,

    Any plans to do a short video video for the Goal-den goal please Matt

    Get all the emails, but not done anything yet


    • Hi Willie,

      I will eventually get around to this but it’s hard to fit it in at the moment.

      What specifically are you having trouble with? If you let me know what bookmaker you use I’ll let you know where you can find Friday’s bets.


  12. David Clydesdale says:

    Hi Matt, I joined the network earlier this week and as yet i am still unable to access the member site. When i put in my username and password it tells me it is wrong. I know it is correct as i have had it confirmed by word press. Any help please?

  13. Kire Krstevski says:

    Hi new member here.Just had a look through the Goal-den Formula is it best to stick to the top 4 leagues or is it ok to go to MLS as well in The USA?

  14. David Bruce says:

    Hi Matt,

    I joined the Network last week but I haven’t had any Network emails or texts about scottish football

    Can you advise



  15. David Ralph says:

    Hi Matt, I haven’t had any emails either. You told me to get in touch with Agora so I did and they said that they would get in touch with you, but still nothing I have also joined the GOLF tipster and so far not even had a welcome aboard email let alone tips. About 30 minutes ago I could not remember the password to get into the members site so I clicked on the “Forgot Password And guess what? I never received an email.

    Dave Ralph

    • Hi David,

      Not sure why they’ve said that as there is literally nothing I can do at my end.

      There will either be an issue with your subscription or an issue with your email address. I’m guessing it’s the latter as you’re also not receiving emails from the Golf Insider and nobody else is reporting these problems.

      My advice would be to set up a new email account (you can get a free one in about 2 minutes from and provide customer services with that email address.


  16. Jennifer Ferguson says:

    Hi Matt,
    Another newbie here but I have done matched betting. However I have no idea what the points are that I see referred to?
    Hope you can enlighten me. Thanks. Jennifer

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Good to have you on board.

      A point is simply your standard stake, so whatever you’re comfortable putting on a single bet is 1 point. That may be £10 for example, in which case a 2 point bet would be £20.

      A point can be whatever you want it to be but it should remain consistent – once you’ve selected a value don’t fiddle around with it.


  17. David Kettles says:

    Hi Matt,

    Just paid for the network and reading your goal-den system; quick question regarding the betting bank and staking:

    Lets say 1 point = £10

    On a single bet you suggest 1 point i.e. £10

    Multiples consisting of 2 – 4 is also 1 point and to do this you select a multiplier bet on the slip. When you say 1 point is that 1 point for each game or do you split the 1 point between the games for example:

    In the situation of a 4 multiple is that a total stake of £40 or a total stake of £10 and each game you bet £2.50?

    Best Regards


    • Hi David,

      A multiple bet is just one bet so should have just one stake. If there are four selections in a multiple as per your example, you would simply select the accumulator option on the bet slip (or four-fold if there is no accumulator) and enter a £10 stake. This would be a total stake of just £10 and the bet will only win if all four teams win.


  18. Aaron Kalinski says:

    I’ve just signed up and can’t see where I can actually read the system for this?

  19. Nigel Worsley says:

    Hi Matt,

    Has the password MattFormula2012 been changed. I have tried copying and pasting as well as entering the password manually, but all I keep getting is “Invalid password. Please try again”

  20. Antony Trodd says:

    Adobe reader error 118??? for opening GDR16

  21. Rene Sarmiento says:

    Hi Matt
    I just join the football investor I never bet on any football so please can sent me some information best way to do it
    Many thanks Rene

  22. burky says:

    Just signed up for your tips programme, tried to sign in but it says i am not registered for this site

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