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Selections And Results

| April 12, 2016 | 216 Replies

Before you get started, please take a few minutes to read through the Introduction and User Guide page.

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The selections will be posted here at 7.15 pm nightly through until the end of October. All bets are 1 point to win. The numbers in brackets refer to the number of the system as listed on The Systems page.

October Figures

Staked: 60
Returns using Early Prices: 56.50
using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 46.41
Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -3.50
Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -13.59
9 winners (15%)
Placed with Betfair 25 (41.67%)
Placed with Bookies 25 (41.67%)

Week 26

Staked 12
Returns using Early Prices: 6.375
using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 5.67
Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -5.625
Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -6.33

Running Totals

Staked: 564
Returns using Early Prices: 532.091
using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 465.749
Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -31.909
Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -98.251
95 winners (16.84%)
Placed with Betfair 243 (43.09%)
Placed with Bookies 230 (40.78%)

Selections for Monday 31st October

This will be the final selection of 2016.

(7) 2.20 Kempton. Simply Me. 4 various. 2nd

Selections for Saturday 29th October

There’s nothing for Sunday.

(13) 1.20 Newmarket. Cashla Bay. 2.625 BetVictor/SkyBet, 2.5 various. 1st of 13. SP 1.72, BSP 1.86. +2.625, +0.82
Staked 1, Returned Early 2.625, BSP 1.82. P/L +1.625, +0.82
Selections for Friday 28th October
(10) 1.50 Newmarket. Top Mission. 4 various. 2nd
(4a) 2.25 Newmarket. Wadigor. 3.25 Betfair Sportsbook/Coral/RaceBets, 3.125 BetVictor, 3 various. 1st of 9. SP 3.75, BSP 4. +2.75, +2.85

Staked 2, Returned Early 3.75, BSP 3.85. P/L +1.75, +1.85

Thursday 27th October

(12) 1.40 Lingfield The Bear Can Fly. 13 PaddyPower/BetBright/BetVictor, 11 various. Non Runner
(11a) 2.10 Lingfield. Peking Flying. 19 BetBright, 17 various. 8th
(11a) 2.40 Lingfield. Know Your Limit. 17 Bet365/BetBright/BetVictor, 15 various. 5th
(11a) 7.10 Chelmsford. Hidden Gem. 9 Bet365, 8.5 BetVictor, 8 various. 4th
(15) 8.10 Chelmsford. Soaring Spirits. 6.5 Bet365, 6 various. 6th

Staked 4, Returned 0, P/L -4, -4

Wednesday 26th October

(9) 2.50 Nottingham. Zealous. 21 Bet365/Coral, 19 BetVictor, 17 various. 12th
(15) 4.00 Chelmsford. Golden Amber. 11 Bet365/Betfair Sportsbook, 10 WillHill, 9 various. 6th

Staked 2, Returned 0, P/L -2, -2

Tuesday 25th October

(9) 4.00 Catterick. Deep Resolve. 21 Bet365, 19 BetVictor, 17 various. 12th
(7) 7.30 Newcastle. Fire Diamond. 7.5 PaddyPower/BetVictor, 7 various. 3rd

Staked 2, Returned 0, P/L -2, -2

Monday 24th October

No Selections.

Nothing qualifies again, but it looks like there will be a couple running on Tuesday.

Week 25

Staked 6
Returns using Early Prices: 13.325
using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 9.21
Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +7.325
Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: +3.21

Running Totals

Staked: 552
Returns using Early Prices: 525.716
using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 460.079
Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -26.284
Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -91.921

Saturday 22nd October

There isn’t anything on the flat on Sunday, so the next post will be Sunday night.

(4a) 1.35 Doncaster. American Artist. 11 PaddyPower/Ladbrokes/10Bet/NetBet/Boyles/Coral. 3rd
(4a) 3.15 Doncaster. Uae Prince. 3 various. 6th

Staked 2, Returned 0, P/L -2, -2

Friday 21st October

(13) 1.20 Newbury. Uptown Funk. 6.5 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor, 6 various. 13th
(7) 7.50 Wolverhampton. Simply Me. 4.5 Coral, 4.33 SkyBet/10Bet/NetBet, 4 various. 1st of 10. Deduction of 5p in the pound bringing price down to 4.325. SP 3.5, BSP 3.89. +3.325, +2.75
(15) 8.50 Wolverhampton. Spinning Rose. 6.5 various. 2nd

Staked 3, Returned Early 4.325, BSP 3.75, P/L +1.325, +0.75

Thursday 20th October

No selections for Thursday but there will be two or three running on Friday.

Wednesday 19th October

(13) 4.15 Newmarket. Cracksman. 9 various. 1st of 10. SP 5.5, BSP 5.7. +8, +4. 46

Staked 1, Returned Early 9, BSP 5.46, P/L +8, +4.46

Tuesday 18th October

No qualifiers again. This is likely to be a quiet last fortnight but it’s just the way it’s fallen that there have been three days without selections.

Monday 17th October

There are no qualifiers again on Monday, but do look out for an email which should be sent out tomorrow.

Week 24

Staked 16

Returns using Early Prices: 14.3

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 11.92

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -1.7

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -4.08

Running Totals

Staked: 546

Returns using Early Prices: 512.391

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 450.869

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -33.609

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -95.131

Saturday 15th October

There are no qualifiers running on Sunday, so the next post will be Sunday night.

(15) 2.00 Ascot. Librisa Breeze. 10 WillHill/Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor/Boyles. 6th

(9) 4.05 Catterick. Busy Street. 15 Ladbrokes/PaddyPower/Boyles/BetVictor. 11th

(7) 6.15 Wolverhampton. Colourfilly. 10 various. 5th

(12) 7.15 Wolverhampton. Great Glen. 8.5 WillHill, 8 BetVictor/Boyles/Ladbrokes/Coral. 2nd

Staked 4, Returned 0, P/L -4, -4

Friday 14th October

(2) 2.15 Redcar. Springforth. 7.5 Coral/BetBright/BetVictor/Coral. 3rd

Staked 1, Returned 0, P/L -1, -1

Thursday 13th October

(14) 1.30 Brighton. Sonata. 13 BetVictor/BetBright/PaddyPower, 12 Bet365/WillHill. 4th

(14) 2.00 Brighton. Akkadian Empire. 2.875 Bet365, 2.75 BetVictor, 2.625 various. 2nd

(15) 4.15 Brighton. Soaring Spirits. 8 Willhill/BetVictor, 7.5 BetBright, 7 various. Non Runner

(15) 7.50 Chelmsford. Firmdecisions. 15 Bet365/WillHill, 13 Ladbrokes/SkyBet/BetVictor. 1st of 13. Deduction of 5p in the pound bringing price down to 14.3. SP 13, BSP 12.5. +13.3, +10.92

(11a) 9.20 Chelmsford. Captain Courageous. 26 Bet365/Ladbrokes/BetVictor, 21 WillHill/BetBright/BetVictor. 6th

Staked 4, Returned Early 14.3, BSP 11.92. P/L +10.3, +7.92

Wednesday 12th October

(12) 3.05 Bath. Lily Trotter. 8 Betfair Sportsbook, 7.5 WillHill/BetVictor, 7 various. 5th

Staked 1, Returned 0, P/L -1, -1

Tuesday 11th October

(10) 2.10 Leicester. King’s Shadow. 9 WillHill/BetBright, 8.5 SkyBet/BetVictor. 8th 

(15) 6.45 Wolverhampton. Spinning Rose. 9 Betfair Sportsbook, 8.5 BetVictor, 8 various. 3rd

Staked 2, Returned 0, P/L -2, -2

Monday 10th October

(7) 4.20 Salisbury. Calder Prince. 21 WillHill/Coral (plus StanJames, not BOG), 19 BetVictor, 17 various. 6th

(15) 4.40 Yarmouth. Blaze Of Hearts. 21 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook/Coral, 19 various. 3rd

(12) 4.50  Salisbury. Match My Fire. 13 PaddyPower/WillHill/Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor, 12 various. 3rd

(15) 5.10 Yarmouth. R Bar Open. 11 Bet365/Ladbrokes/BetBright/BetVictor. 9th

Staked 4, Returned 0, P/L -4, -4

Week 23

Staked 18

Returns using Early Prices: 9

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 7.11

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -9

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -10.89

Running Totals

Staked: 530

Returns using Early Prices: 498.091

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 438.949

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -31.909

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -91.051

Sunday 9th October

(15) 3.45 Goodwood. Rosies Premiere. 21 various. 8th

(13) 4.20 Goodwood. Pealer. 11 BetBright/Betfair Sportsbook, 10 various. 2nd

Staked 2, Returned 0, P/L -2, -2

Saturday 8th October

It looks like there will be one or two running on Sunday, so there will be a post on Saturday evening.
(4a) 1.45 Newmarket. Imtiyaaz. 26 Betfair Sportsbook, 23 PaddyPower/SkyBet/BetVictor. 6th
(11a) 3.45 York. Captain Colby. 6.5 Betfair Sportsbook, 6 various. 20th
(13) 4.45 Newmarket. Cunco. 12 PaddyPower/BetVictor/Coral, 11 various. 2nd
Staked 3, returned 0, P/L -3, -3

Friday 7th October

(4a) 2.40 Newmarket. Certificate. 11 PaddyPower, 10 Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor, 9 various. 4th

(4a) 4.50 Newmarket. Dawn Of Hope. 9 BetBright, 8.5 various. 5th

Staked 2, Returned 0, P/L -2, -2

Thursday 6th October

No Selections.

Wednesday 5th October

(14) 2.00 Nottingham. Sonata. 9 Ladrokes/BetVictor/BetBright, 8 various. 5th

(7) 6.50 Kempton. Captain Revelation. 21 Bet365/Ladbrokes/Coral, 19 Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor. 13th

Staked 2, Returned 0, P/L -2, -2

Tuesday 4th October

(13) 2.50 Leicester. Moondust. 6 BetBright/BetVictor/Bet365. 3rd

(11a) 3.10 Brighton. Romanor. 8.5 BetBright, 8 WillHill/Bet365/BetVictor. 4th

(4a) 3.50 Leicester. Monotype. 3.25 various. Pulled Up

(15) 4.10 Brighton. Spinning Rose. 9 various. Non Runner

(5) 4.40 Brighton. Mr Rock. 4 various. 5th

(4a) 5.20 Leicester. Zabeel Prince. 3.75 SkyBet/Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor, 3.5 various. Non Runner

Staked 4, Returned 0, P/L -4, -4

Monday 3rd October

(11a) 2.20 Windsor. Glorious Forever. 5 Bet365/BetVictor, 4.5 various. 1st of 11. SP 2.625, BSP 2.73. +4, +1.64

(2) 2.30 Pontefract. Yarmouk. 6 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor, 5.5 various. 4th

(4a) 3.50 Windsor. Point Of View. 12 Bet365/BetVictor/Ladbrokes, 11 various. 11th

(15) 4.50 Windsor. Harlequin Striker. 10 various. 7th

(4a) 4.50 Windsor. Tiercel. 3 Betfair Sportsbook/Bet365/BetVictor, 2.875 various. 1st of 13. SP 4, BSP 4.60. +3, +3.47

Staked 5, Returned Early 9, BSP 7.11. P/L +4, +2.11

Week 22

Staked 21

Returns using Early Prices: 22.65

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 20.97

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: 1.65

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -0.03

Running Totals

Staked: 512

Returns using Early Prices: 489.091

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 431.839

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -22.909

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -80.161

Saturday 1st October

There isn’t anything on the flat on Sunday, so the next post will be Sunday night.

(13) 2.00 Ascot. Dazzling Rose. 12 WillHill/BetVictor, 11 various. 7th

(10) 2.10 Redcar. Archer’s Arrow. 5 PaddyPower/BetBright/SkyBet, 4.5 various. 2nd

(4a) 2.15 Newmarket. Owaseyf. 11 Coral/BetVictor/WillHill, 10 various. Non Runner

(14) 2.15 Newmarket. Sixties Sue. 21 WillHill, 19 SkyBet/RaceBets/Coral/BetVictor. 8th

(4a) 2.50 Newmarket. Fourth Way. 12 PaddyPower/Ladbrokes/WillHill/BetVictor. 12th

(4a) 3.25 Newmarket. Sharja Queen. 7 various. 1st of 10. SP 7, BSP 6.84. +6, +5.55

(15) 3.40 Ascot. Librisa Breeze. 6.5 Bet365/SkyBet/Betfair Sportsbook, 6 various. 1st of 18. SP 6.5, BSP 6.21. +5.5, +4.95

(7) 6.40 Wolverhampton. Flowers On Venus. 12 Ladbrokes/Bet365, 11 various. 5th

(14) 9.10 Wolverhampton. The Greedy Boy. 3.5 various. 5th

Staked 8, Returned Early 13.5, BSP 12.5, P/L +5.5, +4.5

Running Totals

Staked: 504

Returns using Early Prices: 475.591

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 419.339

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -28.409

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -84.661

86 winners (17.06%)

Placed with Betfair 218 (43.25%)

Placed with Bookies 205 (40.67%)

September Figures

Staked: 108

Returns using Early Prices: 64.54

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 62.20

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -43.46

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -45.8

13 winners (12.04%)

Placed with Betfair 46 (42.59%)

Placed with Bookies 44 (40.74%)

Friday 30th September

(15) 3.10 Ascot. Kadrizzi. 12 Bet365/BetBright/BetVictor, 11 various. 5th

(15) 4.20 Ascot. Fighting Temeraire. 6.5 Bet365, 6 various. 6th

(8) 6.20 Newcastle. All The Rage. 6 Bet365/WillHill, 5.5 various. 2nd

(10) 7.50 Newcastle. Remal Dubai. 3 various. 11th

Staked 4, Returned 0, P/L -4, -4

Thursday 29th September

(14) 1.50 Brighton. Harlequin Rose. 5 various. 1st of 8. Deduction of 15p in the pound bringing price down to 4.4. SP 3.75, BSP 3.92. +3.4, +2.77

(14) 2.20 Brighton. Akkadian Empire. 5 Bet365, 4.5 various. 2nd

(11a) 2.20 Brighton. Hernandes. 8 BetBright, 7 various. Non Runner

(8) 3.50 Newcastle. Cartwright. 1.53 Betfair Sportsbook, 1.5 various. 1st of 5. SP 1.44, BSP 1.54. +0.5, +0.51

Staked 3, Returned Early 5.9, BSP 5.28, P/L +2.9, +2.28

Wednesday 28th September

(11a) 2.20 Salisbury. Hernandes. 15 various. 5th

(10) 2.30 Nottingham. Dowayla. 3.25 Bet365/SkyBet, 3 various. 1st of 9. SP 3, BSP 3.25. +2.25, +2.19

(13) 2.30 Nottingham. Whispering Bell. 3.25 PaddyPower, 3 various. 3rd

(11a) 3.20 Salisbury. Hope Cove. 9 various. 4th

(12) 6.10 Kempton. Considered Opinion. 1.8 various. Non Runner

Staked 4, Returned Early 3.25, BSP 3.19. P/L -0.75, -0.81

Tuesday 27th September

(8) 8.40 Wolverhampton. Cape Crystal. 3 WillHill, 2.875 BetVictor, 2.75 various. Non Runner

Monday 26th September

(4a) 3.10 Bath. Daily News. 5 various. 5th

(14) 5.40 Bath. Shinelikeadiamond. 17 PaddyPower/|BetBright/SkyBet, 15 various. 10th

Staked 2, Returned 0, P/L -2, -2

Week 21

Staked 25

Returns using Early Prices: 17.82

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 13.92

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -7.18

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -11.08

Running Totals

Staked: 491

Returns using Early Prices: 466.441

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 410.869

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -24.559

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -80.131

Sunday 25th September

(12) 3.15 Epsom. Niceofyoutotellme. 15 various. Non Runner

(12) 4.55 Epsom. Cape Banjo. 3 Bet365/SkyBet, 2.875 various. 4th

Staked 1, Returned 0, P/L -1, -1

Saturday 24th September

Just one for Saturday and it looks like there’ll be a couple running on Sunday.

(13) 3.20 Haydock. Crowned Eagle. 6 BetBright/Betfair Sportsbook, 5.5 various. 3rd

Staked 1, Returned 0, P/L -1, -1

Friday 23rd September

(13) 1.55 Newmarket. Laugh Aloud. 13 PaddyPower/Ladbrokes/Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor. 1st of 15. SP 10, BSP 10. +12, +8.55

(4a) 5.25 Newmarket. Barsanti. 3.75 Betfair Sportsbook, 3.5 various. 2nd

(4a) 5.55 Newmarket. Absolute Zero. 13 various. 15th

(8) 7.45 Newcastle. Mockinbird. 9 Betfair Sportsbook, 8 various. 5th

Staked 4, Returned Early 13, BSP 9.55. P/L +9, +5.55

Thursday 22nd September

(13) 2.00 Newmarket. Vantage Point. 29 WillHill/BetBright/SkyBet, 26 various. 2nd

(11a) 3.40 Newmarket. Ultimate Avenue. 13 Ladbrokes/BetVictor, 12 PaddyPower/BetBright. 6th

(4a) 4.50 Newmarket. Appeared. 6.5 Bet365/SkyBet, 6 various. 3rd

(8) 6.45 Chelmsford. Motivate. 5 Bet365, 4.5 PaddyPower/BetBright/BetVictor. 8th

(8) 8.15 Chelmsford. Cape Crystal. 3.25 Betfair Sportsbook/PaddyPower/Coral, 3 various. 1st of 12. SP 2.75, BSP 2.95. +2.25, +1.85

(8) 8.45 Chelmsford. All The Rage. 5 various. 5th

Staked 6, Returned Early 3.25, BSP 2.85, P/L -2.75, -3.15


Wednesday 21st September

(13) 2.00 Goodwood. Monarchs Glen. 3.5 Bet365 (plus BetFred/Totesport but not BOG until morning), 3.25 various. 2nd

(8) 3.10 Goodwood. Ocean Ready. 4.5 various. 6th

(12) 3.10 Goodwood. Match My Fire. 9 various. 7th

(4a) 3.45 Goodwood. Mount Logan. 2.25 various. 3rd

(12) 6.10 Kempton. Noble Ballad. 11 Betfair Sportsbook, 9 various. 6th

(12) 6.40 Kempton. Fox King. 13 Betfair Sportsbook, 12 BetBright, 11 various. 8th

(12) 7.10 Kempton. Dandy Roll. 13 WillHill/BetBright/Bet365, 12 various. 5th

(8) 8.10 Kempton. Flymetothestars. 4.5 Boyles/BetVictor/WillHill, 4.33 various. 6th

Staked 8, Returned 0, P/L -8, -8

Tuesday 20th September

Two for Tuesday and I’ll send an email out in the daytime discussing results and comments.

(4a) 3.10 Beverley. Double Up. 3.25 WillHill, 3 various. 3rd
(8) 4.05 Lingfield. Tyrannical. 5 Betfair Sportsbook, 4.5 various. 4th
Staked 2, Returned 0, P/L -2, -2

Monday 19th September

(10) 3.40 Kempton. Hersigh. 10 BetBright/SkyBet/BetVictor/WillHill/Bet365. 2nd

(4a) 4.00 Leicester. Uae Prince. 1.53 BetBright, 1.5 various. 1st of 9. SP 1.57, BSP 1.55. +0.57, +0.52

(5) 4.40 Kempton. Muir Lodge. 15 various. 12th

Staked 3, Returned Early 1.57, BSP 1.52, P/L -1.43, -1.48

Week 20

Staked 27

Returns using Early Prices: 3.5

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 3.6

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -23.5

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -23.4

Running Totals

Staked: 466

Returns using Early Prices: 448.621

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 396.949

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -17.379

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -69.051

Saturday 17th September

All 5 today were non-runners and there’s only jumps on Sunday, so we have these for Saturday and then the next selections will be posted on Sunday night.

(10) 1.35 Newmarket. Beautiful Escape. 9 SkyBet/BetVictor/BetBright/Bet365. 4th

(8) 4.10 Catterick. O’Connor’s Girl. 6 Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor, 5.5 various. 7th

(8) 8.10 Wolverhampton. Tenzing Norgay. 3.5 Bet365, 3.25 BetBright/Ladbrokes/BetVictor. Non Runner

(8) 9.10 Wolverhampton. Alsacienne. 3.5 Bet365, 3.25 PaddyPower/BetVictor. 1st of 9. SP 3.25, BSP 3.74. +2.5, +2.60

Staked 3, Returned Early 3.5, BSP 3.6, P/L +0.5, +0.6

Friday 16th September

(10) 2.10 Newbury. Remal Dubai. 6 various. Non Runner

(4a) 2.45 Newbury. Appeared. 5 various. Non Runner

(11a) 3.55 Newbury. Ultimate Avenue. 4 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook, 3.75 various. Non Runner

(4a) 4.25 Newbury. Certificate. 3.75 BetVictor/Bet365, 3.5 various. Non Runner

(11b) 5.30 Newbury. Wapping. 6.5 PaddyPower/WillHill, 6 various. Non Runner

Thursday 15th September

(9) 2.00 Ayr. Another Go. 11 WillHill, 10 Boyles/BetVictor/Coral. 13th

(10) 2.45 Yarmouth. Winning Return. 10 various. 8th

(11b) 4.50 Ayr. Almodovar. 2.5 various. Pulled Up

(8) 5.00 Yarmouth. Palisade. 3.25 PaddyPower/|SkyBet/Betfair Sportsbook, 3.125 various. 4th

(15) 8.50 Chelmsford. Spinning Rose. 7 Bet365/BetVictor, 6.5 various. 3rd

Staked 5, Returned 0, P/L -5, -5


Wednesday 14th September

(4a) 2.50 Yarmouth. Princess Momoka. 3.5 WillHill/BetVictor, 3.25 various. 5th

(4a) 3.25 Yarmouth. Nezwaah. 10 Bet365/WillHill/BetBright/Ladbrokes/BetVictor. 2nd

(4a) 4.00 Yarmouth. Absolute Zero. 3.25 Coral, 3.125 BetVictor, 3 various. 3rd

(11b) 5.00 Sandown. Acrux. 5 Ladbrokes, 4.5 various. 8th

Staked 4, Returned 0, P/L -4, -4

Tuesday 13th September

(11a) 2.10 Chepstow. Hernandes. 10 BetBright/SkyBet/BetVictor, 9 various. 4th

(15) 2.40 Chepstow. Bobby Vee. 6 various. 9th

(11a) 3.10 Chepstow. Captain Courageous. 8.5 BetBright, 8 Bet365/BetVictor, 7.5 various. 9th

(4a) 3.30 Thirsk. Imtiyaaz. 7 BetBright/Bet365/BetVictor/Boyles. 3rd

(15) 3.40 Chepstow. Harlequin Striker. 5 Bet365/BetVictor, 4.5 various. 3rd

(9) 4.15 Carlisle. In Focus. 26 various. 10th

(4a) 5.00 Thirsk. Sun Lover. 2.1 Bet365, 2 NetBet/10Bet/BetVictor. 2nd

(12) 5.10 Chepstow. Justice Grace. 8 WillHill/BetBright/Ladbrokes/Boyles/BetVictor. 4th

(7) 5.30 Thirsk. Big Amigo. 21 Betfair Sportsbook, 19 BetVictor/SkyBet, 17 various. 8th

(9) 7.15 Carlisle. Ralphy Lad. 26 various. 9th

Staked 10, Returned 0, P/L -10, -10


Monday 12th September

(10) 3.10 Kempton. Dubai Dunes. 3.75 PaddyPower/BetVictor, 3.5 various. 2nd

(15) 4.00 Brighton. Secret Bird. 15 various. 12th

(11b) 4.15 Kempton. Dostoyevsky. 4.5 Bet365/Ladbrokes/BetVictor, 4 various. 4th

(15) 5.30 Brighton. Soaring Spirits. 5.5 BetVictor/Bet365, 5 various. 3rd

(7) 8.25 Wolverhampton. Colourfilly. 11 Bet365, 10 various. 4th

Staked 5, Returned 0, P/L -5, -5

Week 19

Staked 28

Returns using Early Prices: 30.07

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 31.89

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: 2.07

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: 3.89

Running Totals

Staked: 439

Returns using Early Prices: 445.121

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 393.349

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +6.121

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -45.651

Sunday 11th September

(14) 2.05 Bath. Shine Likeadiamond. 10 PaddyPower/BetVictor, 9 various. 8th

(7) 3.25 Chelmsford. Mickey. 5.5 various. 7th

(12) 3.35 Ffos Las. The Begum. 3.75 various. 3rd

(12) 4.10 Ffos Las. Master Of Irony. 6 Boyles/Ladbrokes/Bet365, 5.5 various. 4th

Saturday 10th September

There are three meetings this Sunday, so there will be a few qualifiers, posted Saturday night. (Prices added a little early, will adjust if any drop in the next half-hour.)

(4a) 2.35 Doncaster. Double Up. 13 various. 4th
(13) 2.50 Chester. Foundation. 3.5 various. 3rd
(14) 4.50 Doncaster. Czabo. 15 Bet365, 13 BetVictor/RaceBets/NetBet/Betfair Sportsbook/Ladbrokes. Non Runner
(12) 5.00 Chester. Hereawi. 3.5 Betfair Sportsbook, 3 various. 3rd
(4a) 6.00 Doncaster. Ajman Bridge. 11 Coral/BetVictor, 10 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook. 6th
Friday 9th September

(4a) 1.55 Doncaster. Spangled. 15 SkyBet/Bet365, 13 various. 1st of 7. SP 15, BSP 18.50. +14, +16.63

(13) 2.55 Sandown. Good Craic. 5.5 BetBright, 5 various. 2nd

(4a) 4.50 Doncaster. Winterval. 7 various. 8th

(12) 5.15 Sandown. Cape Banjo. 11 various. 2nd


Thursday 8th September

(8) 2.40 Epsom. Mockinbird. 12 SkyBet, 11 various. 3rd

(4a) 4.15 Doncaster. Central Square. 8 Coral/BetBright/SkyBet/Bet365/BetVictor. 1st of 10. Deduction of 10p in the pound bringing price down to 7.3. SP 7, BSP 7.78. +6.3, +6.49

(12) 4.15 Doncaster. Niceofyoutotellme. 23WillHill/BetVictor, 21 various. 9th

(8) 6.40 Chelmsford. Mystique Heights. 1.57 Bet365, 1.53 BetBright/BetVictor, 1.5 various. 2nd

(15) 8.10 Chelmsford. Jack The Laird. 5 SkyBet/BetVictor/Bet365, 4.5 various. 5th


Wednesday 7th September

(1) 4.00 Carlisle. Edgar Balthazar. 17 various. 8th

(4a) 4.45 Doncaster. Mount Logan. 2.75 WillHill/BetVictor/SkyBet, 2.625 Ladbrokes/Bet365. 1st of 5. SP 2.625, BSP 2.70. +1.75, +1.7

(11a) 8.25 Kempton. Bryght Boy. 5 various. 4th

(8) 8.25 Kempton. All The Rage. 2.5 various. 6th

Tuesday 6th September

(8) 4.50 Redcar. Monjeni. 6 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook, 5.5 BetVictor/Racebets, 5 various. 6th

Monday 5th September

Apologies again for omitting Gold Amber last night and thanks again to those who pointed it out. Also good to hear a couple of encouraging emails from members who have recognised the number of close calls we’ve had. I’ve tried to hold back from making such a comment for a while as I know some will take this as excuse making, but I do think it needs pointing out.

Just looking at the last 15 days only, we’ve had 10 win by at least a length, only two under a length- one by a head and one by three-quarters of a length. In contrast, we’ve had 3 lose by short heads, another by a head, another by a neck and 5 others by under a length. We’ve had runners matched in the run at 1.01 (twice), 1.10, 1.12, 1.14, 1.20, 1.25, 1.45 and a few others under evens and then not go on to win, Glengarry and Gold Faith be very well supported, encounter trouble in-running and then run on too late. Again, that’s just in the last 15 days and the total of points potentially returned by those finishing 2nd is now well over 500 for the season.

(15) 3.00 Brighton. Soaring Spirits. 4 WillHill/BetVictor, 3.5 various. 3rd

(14) 3.30 Brighton. Masterson. 3.25 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor, 3 various. 2nd

(13) 3.50 Windsor. Vermulen. 2.5 various. 2nd

(4a) 3.50 Windsor. West Drive. 3.25 various. 1st of 6. SP 2.25, BSP 2.66. +2.25, +1.63

(8) 4.00 Brighton. Ocean Ready. 2.1 various. 1st of 4. Deduction of 30p in the pound bringing price down to 1.77. SP 1.4, BSP 1.46. +0.77, +0.44

(14) 4.30 Brighton. The Greedy Boy. 6 Bet365/WillHill/BetVictor, 5.5 various. 4th


Week 18

Staked 24

Returns using Early Prices: 12.20

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 12.93

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -11.80

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -11.07

Running Totals

Staked: 411

Returns using Early Prices: 415.051

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 361.459

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +4.051

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -49.541

Sunday 4th September

(14) 3.10 York. Scrutineer. 13 Bet365/WillHill/BetVictor, 12 RaceBets 3rd

(15) 3.10 York. Golden Amber. 21 various 6th

Saturday 3rd September

(15) 2.45 Kempton. Eljaddaaf. 6.5 various 4th

(11b) 3.00 Haydock. Mitchum Swagger. 5 Ladbrokes/SkyBet/RaceBets, 4.5 various (+ Channel4 offers) 2nd

(12) 3.30 Haydock. Magic Circle. 6.5 Bet365/WillHill, 6 various (+ Channel4 offers) 4th

(15) 5.20 Ascot. Stake Acclaim. 9 BetVictor/SkyBet/Ladbrokes/Bet365 9th

Friday 2nd September

(7) 3.20 Haydock. Gambit. 12 WillHill, 11 BetVictor/PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook 8th

(8) 3.30 Newcastle. Tyrannical. 5 SkyBet/RaceBets/Bet365/WillHill/BetVictor 3rd

(10) 6.30 Kempton. Dubai One. 1.91 PaddyPower/SkyBet/BetVictor, 1.83 various 2nd

(1) 6.50 Musselburgh. Invoke. 3.75 various. 1st of 5. SP 4, BSP 4.49. +3, +3.32

(12) 7.00 Kempton. Warm Words. 4.5 BetVictor/Bet365, 4.33 various 5th

(12) 7.30 Kempton. Syndicate. 2.875 various 2nd


Thursday 1st September

(12) 4.40 Salisbury. Gold Faith. 4.5 Bet365/Ladbrokes/Boyles, 4 various 3rd

(11b) 7.40 Chelmsford. Athlon. 2.75 WillHill/Betfair Sportsbook, 2.625 Bet365/Boyles 2nd

(8) 8.40 Chelmsford. Tenzing Norgay. 4 WillHill/PaddyPower/SkyBet/BetVictor 3rd

Running Totals

Staked: 396

Returns using Early Prices: 411.051

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 357.139

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +15.051

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -38.861

73 winners (18.43%)

Placed with Betfair 172 (43.43%)

Placed with Bookies 161 (40.66%)

August Figures

Staked: 127

Returns using Early Prices: 125.056

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 104.83

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -1.944

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -22.017

26 winners (20.47%)

Placed with Betfair 58 (45.67%)

Placed with Bookies 55 (43.31%)


Wednesday 31st August

(14) 2.40 Lingfield. Pc Dixon. 5.5 various. 3rd of 5. SP 7, BSP 9. -1, -1

(11b) 3.10 Lingfield. Wapping. 4 Ladbrokes/Boyles/Coral, 3.75 various. 2nd of 5. SP 2.875, BSP 3.18. -1, -1

(1) 6.50 Carlisle. Glengarry. 3.75 Betfair Sportsbook/Bet365, 3.5 various. 3rd of 10. SP 3, BSP 3.45. -1, -1

(3) 6.50 Carlisle. Favourite Treat. 26 Boyles/BetVictor/Bet365, 21 SkyBet/Ladbrokes/Betfair Sportsbook. 5th of 10. SP 17, BSP 21. -1, -1

Staked 4, Returned 0. P/L -4, -4

Tuesday 30th August

(13) 3.00 Goodwood. Seven Heavens. 1.2 Bet365/SkyBet, 1.17 various. 1st of 2. SP 1.10, BSP 1.11. +0.20, +0.10

(1) 4.00 Hamilton. Livella Fella.7.5 Betfair Sportsbook, 7 Ladbrokes/Bet365, 6.5 various. 4th of 8. SP 6.5, BSP 7.20. -1, -1

(4a) 6.45 Ripon. Imtiyaaz. 7 Boyles/Ladbrokes, 6.5 various. 7th of 13. SP 8, BSP 9.98. -1, -1

Staked 3, Returned Early 1.2, BSP 1.1. P/L -1.8, -1.9

Monday 29th August

A couple of quieter days coming up.

(11a) 2.05 Epsom. Romanor. 13 various. 5th of 9. SP 26, BSP 40.40. -1, -1

(2) 2.10 Ripon. Forster Square. 6 BetVictor/ Bet365, 5 various. 1st of 9. SP 7, BSP 7.85. +6, +6.51

Staked 2, Returned Early 7, BSP 7.51. P/L +5, +5.51

Week 17

Staked 36

Returns using Early Prices: 46.656

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 34.67

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +10.656

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -1.33

Running Totals

Staked: 387

Returns using Early Prices: 402.851

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 348.529

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +15.851

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -38.471

Sunday 28th August

(9) 3.30 Beverley. Skiddaw Valleys. 11 Bet365/BetBright/WillHill, 10 various. 6th of 6. SP 9, BSP 9.83. -1, -1

(9) 4.05 Beverley. Steccando. 15 Bet365, 13 BetVictor/WillHill, 11 various. 6th of 6. SP 17, BSP 23.71. -1, -1

Staked 2, Returns 0, P/L -2, -2

Saturday 27th August

(4a) 3.20 Goodwood. Certificate. 6 WillHill/Bet365/Ladbrokes/Betfair Sportsbook/Boyles. 1st of 17. SP 4.5, BSP 5.30. +5, +4.09

(12) 3.35 Newmarket. Great Glen. 9 various. 7th of 9. SP 5, BSP 5.5. -1, -1

(7) 4.45 Newmarket. Mickey. 6 Ladbrokes/Bet365, 5.5 various. 2nd of 7. SP 4.5, BSP 5.41. -1, -1

(13) 6.00 Windsor. Foundation. 6 WillHill/Boyles, 5.5 various. 3rd of 6. SP 7.5, BSP 7.69. -1, -1

Staked 4, Returned Early 6, BSP 5.09, P/L +2, +1.09

Friday 26th August 

Selections for the next four days will only be on the website.

(14) 2.20 Thirsk. Iconic Belle. 4.5 Bet365, 4 various. Non Runner
(11b) 4.30 Ffos Las. Intercepted. 2.75 SkyBet/BetVictor/Bet365, 2.625 various. 8th of 10. SP 2.75, BSP 3.29. -1, -1
(3) 4.40 Thirsk. Meshardal. 9 various. 7th of 10. SP 9, BSP 9.22. -1, -1
(8) 5.25 Newcastle. Cape Crystal. 3 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook, 2.75 various. 3rd of 13. SP 1.8, BSP 1.77. -1, -1
(13) 5.35 Goodwood. Khalidi. 2.375 SkyBet/Bet365, 2.25 various. 1st of 4. Deduction of 5p in the pound bringing price down to 2.306. SP 2.2, BSP 2.17. +1.306, +1.11
(3) 7.35 Newcastle. Vallarta. 11 various. 3rd of 13. SP 15, BSP 18.38. -1, -1
Staked 5, Returned Early 2.306, BSP 2.11, P/L -2.694, -2.89

Thursday 25th August

A series of busy days and Friday will be the same. Things are particularly hectic for me at the moment and will be for the next few days so please bear with me and I’ll bring the results back up-to-date either Wednesday or Thursday next week.

(5) 2.40 Leicester. Aqua Ardens. 7 Ladbrokes, 6.5 various. 4th of 8. SP 5.5, BSP 6.54. -1, -1
(3) 3.00 Musselburgh. Intensified. 5 various. 3rd of 7. SP 9, BSP 11.50. -1, -1
(14) 3.10 Leicester. Texas Katie. 34 Bet365, 29 BetVictor, 26 Coral/10Bet. 5th of 10. SP 13, BSP 15.95. -1, -1
(1) 4.30 Musselburgh. New Abbey Angel. 4 various. 4th of 10. SP 3.5, BSP 3.80. -1, -1
(11b) 4.45 Leicester. Thrilled. 4 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook, 3.75 10Bet, 3.5 various. 15th of 15. SP 5.5, BSP 5.48. -1, -1
(15) 7.15 Wolverahmpton. Jack The Laird. 4 various. 2nd of 10. SP 3, BSP 3.18. -1, -1
(15) 8.45 Wolverhampton. Eljaddaaf. 4 various. 5th of 10. SP 2.75, BSP 3.45. -1, -1
(11b) 9.15 Wolverhampton. Acrux. 13 various. 1st of 8. Deduction of 10p in the pound bringing price down to 11.8. SP 2.5, BSP 2.74. +10.8, +1.65
Staked 8, Returned Early 11.8, BSP 2.65, P/L +3.8, -5.35



Wednesday 24th August

(1) 2.30 Musselburgh. Beautiful Stranger. 11 Bet365/Ladbrokes, 10 Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor. 5th of 6. SP 7.5, BSP 8.44. -1, -1

(1) 4.00 Musselburgh. Glengarry. 5 various. 1st of 7. SP 6.5, BSP 7.70. +5.5, +6.37
(14) 5.10 Lingfield. Masterson. 7 BetVictor/Bet365, 6.5 BetBright/10Bet/SkyBet. 1st of 11. Deduction of 5p in the pound bringing price down to 6.7. SP 3.75, BSP 3.97. +5.7, +2.82
(8) 5.40 Kempton. O’Connor’s Girl. 5 various. 5th of 6. SP 6, BSP 9.33. -1, -1
(12) 6.10 Kempton. Mount Moriah. 5 Betfair Sportsbook, 4.5 various. 1st of 10. SP 5.5, BSP 6.19. +4.5, +4.93
(15) 6.40 Kempton. Blaze Of Hearts. 9 various. 9th of 12. SP 13, BSP 15.18. -1, -1
(11b) 7.40 Kempton. Trevisani. 3 various. 1st of 4. Deduction of 25p in the pound bringing price down to 2.5. SP 2.1, BSP 2.27. +1.5, +1.21
(11b) 8.10 Kempton. Dune Dancer. 4.5 SkyBet/Betfair Sportsbook/Bet365/BetVictor. 3rd of 4. SP 1.83, BSP 1.80. -1, -1
Staked 8, Returned Early 21.20, BSP 19.33. P/L +13.20, +11.33

Tuesday 23rd August

(2) 2.00 Yarmouth. Tomorrowcomes. 2.5 PaddyPower/WillHill/BetVictor/Betfair Sportsbook. 2nd of 8. SP 3, BSP 3.25. -1, -1

(2) 2.30 Yarmouth. Hyland Heather. 1.5 Bet365/WillHill/Ladbrokes/SkyBet/BetVictor. 2nd of 5. SP 1.29, BSP 1.32. -1, -1

(8) 3.00 Yarmouth. Alsacienne. 2.75 Bet365, 2.625 WillHill/10Bet, 2.5 various. 3rd of 7. SP 1.8, BSP 1.87. -1, -1

Staked 3, Returned 0, P/L -3, -3

Monday 22nd August

Apologies for not getting the second part of the summaries out yet but that should be sent tomorrow. It should make sense why I delayed it and will explain why the Prescott/Morris has been reintroduced.

(15) 3.00 Brighton. Bobby Vee. 5 BetBright/SkyBet/Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor/WillHill. 3rd of 7. SP 3.5, BSP 3.86. -1, -1

(3) 3.45 Carlisle. Intensified. 10 various. Non Runner

(3) 4.45 Carlisle. Tanawar. 21 Bet365, 19 BetVictor, 17 various. 5th of 10. SP 7.5, BSP 8.79. -1, -1

(8) 5.15 Carlisle. Cartwright. 2.1 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook, 2 various. 1st of 8. SP 1.83, BSP 1.95. +1.1, +0.90

(7) 6.50 Kempton. Simply Me. 7 various. 2nd of 12. SP 3.25, BSP 3.50. -1, -1

(11b) 8.20 Kempton. Athlon. 3 Boyles/Coral/BetVictor/Ladbrokes/Bet365. 1st of 12. SP 3.25, BSP 3.67. +2.25, +2.59

(16) 8.20 Kempton. Rehearse. 7.5 SkyBet/WillHill/Bet365, 7 various. 6th of 12. SP 4.5, BSP 4.82. -1, -1

Staked 6, Returned Early 5.35, BSP 5.49. P/L -0.65, -0.51

Week 16

Staked 24

Returns using Early Prices: 16.375

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 14.37

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -7.625

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -9.63

Running Totals

Staked: 351

Returns using Early Prices: 356.195

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 313.859

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +5.195

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -37.141

Sunday 21st August

(15) 4.30. Brighton. Soaring Spirits. 2.5 various. 2nd of 4. SP 2.75, BSP 3.06. -1, -1

Staked 1, Returned 0, P/L -1, -1

Saturday 20th August

As has been the way in recent weeks, there will be a selection or two on Sunday, weather permitting, posted on Saturday evening.

(13) 2.30 Sandown. Persuasive. 3.25 WillHill/Coral/10Bet/Bet365. 1st of 12. SP 2.5, BSP 2.60. +2.25, +1.52

(15) 4.15 Sandown. Stake Acclaim. 7.5 PaddyPower/Bet365, 7 various. Non Runner

(11b) 8.05 Bath. Tenerezza. 4 Bet365, 3.75 SkyBet/BetVictor, 3.5 various. Non Runner

(15) 8.20 Chelmsford. Spinning Rose. 9 BetBright/Bet365/WillHill, others still to price. 4th of 8. SP 6, BSP 7.54. -1, -1

Staked 2, Returned Early 3.25, BSP 2.52, P/L +1.25, +0.52


Friday 19th August

(4a) 1.55 York. Barsanti. 6.5 Betfair Sportsbook, 6 various & Channel 4 offers in various places. 1st of 15. SP 6, BSP 6.30. +5.5, +5.04

(15) 3.05 York. Libisa Breeze. 6 Betfair Sportsbook/WillHill/BetVictor, 5.5 various & Channel 4 offers in various places. 4th of 10. SP 5.5, BSP 5.47. -1, -1

(13) 7.05 Salisbury. Cunco. 5.5 WillHill/Ladbrokes/Coral/BetVictor. 4th of 10. SP 4, BSP 4.44. -1, -1

(11b) 9.20 Wolverhampton. Gold Return. 7.5 WillHill/BetVictor, 7 Bet365/Ladbrokes. Non Runner

Staked 3, Returned Early 6.5, BSP 6.04. P/L +3.5, +3.04


Thursday 18th August

(14) 3.40 York. Harlequeen. 34 various. 11th of 12. SP 21, BSP 30.13. -1, -1

(11b) 4.20 York. Anzhelika. 9 various. 6th of 8. SP 10, BSP 10.39. -1, -1

(16) 5.05 Chepstow. Rose Above. 10 SkyBet/Coral/Bet365, 9 various. 2nd of 8. SP 9, BSP 12.39. -1, -1

Staked 3, Returned 0, P/L -3, -3

Wednesday 17th August

(1) 3.20 Carlisle. Crazy Tornado. 8.5 BetBright, 8 various. 5th of 11. SP 6, BSP 6.73. -1, -1

(4a) 3.40 York. Postponed. 2.75 SkyBet/Betfair Sportsbook, 2.625 various. 1st of 12. SP 2.875, BSP 2.92. +1.875, +1.82

(1) 3.55 Carlisle. Gold Flash. 6 PaddyPower/BetVictor/Bet365, 5.5 various. Non Runner

(3) 3.55 Carlisle. Slemy. 15 PaddyPower, 13 Betfair Sportsbook, 10 various. 4th of 6. SP 7, BSP 8.82. -1, -1

(1) 4.30 Carlisle. She’s Electric. 9 Betfair Sportsbook/PaddyPower, 8.5 BetVictor, 8 various. 5th of 7. SP 11, BSP 13.28. -1, -1

(7) 7.40 Kempton. Golden Glimmer. 11 various. Non Runner

Staked 4, Returned Early 2.875, BSP 2.82. P/L -1.125, -1.18


Tuesday 16th August

(1) 2.30 Ripon. Assisted. 3 BetVictor/Bet365, 2.875 PaddyPower/10Bet/Betfair Sportsbook. 4th of 8. SP 4.33, BSP 4.70. -1, -1

(1) 4.00 Ripon. Cape Of Glory. 10 Willhill/Ladbrokes/BetBright/BetVictor. 2nd of 6. SP 7, BSP 7.20. -1, -1

(7) 4.15 Kempton. Gambit. 11 Coral/BetVictor, 10 SkyBet/Betfair Sportsbook. 2nd of 9. SP 6, BSP 6.45. -1, -1

(3) 7.40 Leicester. Abushamah. 5.5 various. 4th of 9. SP 5, BSP 5.52. -1, -1

(15) 8.10 Leicester. R Bar Open. 15 various. 13th of 14. SP 9, BSP 9.40. -1, -1

Staked 5, Returned 0, P/L -5, -5

Monday 15th August

(15) 2.30 Chelmsford. Jack The Laird. 3 Betfair Sportsbook/SkyBet/Ladbrokes/PaddyPower/BetVictor. 2nd of 7. SP 2.5, BSP 2.62. -1, -1

(11b) 3.00 Chelmsford. Intercepted. 3.75 various. 1st of 8. SP 2.875, BSP 3.09. +2.75, +1.99

(11b) 3.30 Chelmsford. Mitchum Swagger. 2.75 BetVictor/PaddyPower, 2.625 various. 2nd of 5. SP 2.625, BSP 2.64. -1, -1

(15) 3.30 Chelmsford. Golden Amber. 15 PaddyPower, 13 WillHill/10Bet/BetVictor. 4th of 5. SP 17, BSP 24.38. -1, -1

(3) 5.15 Thirsk. Favourite Treat. 21 various. 11th of 17. SP 26, BSP 39.32. -1, -1

(15) 7.30 Windsor. Rosie’s Premiere. 7 SkyBet/Ladbrokes/Bet365/BetVictor. 6th of 14. SP 7.5, BSP 8.80. -1, -1

Staked 6, Returned Early 3.75, BSP 2.99. P/L -2.25, -3.01

Week 15

Staked 26

Returns using Early Prices: 28.475

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 26.06

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +2.475

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: +0.06

Running Totals

Staked: 327

Returns using Early Prices: 339.82

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 299.489

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +12.82

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -27.511

Sunday 14th August

(14) 4.50 Pontefract. Organza. 5 Bet365/BetBright/Coral/BetVictor/SkyBet. 3rd of 9. SP 3.5, BSP 3.70. -1, -1

(2) 5.20 Pontefract. Gin In The Inn. 11 various. 1st of 10. Deduction of 35p in the pound bringing price down to 7.5. SP 6.5, BSP 7.40, +6.5, +6.08

Staked 2, Returns Early 7.5, BSP 7.08, P/L +5.5, +5.08

Saturday 13th August

(4a) 3.05 Newbury. Battersea. 8 Bet365/Ladbrokes/BetVictor/Coral/RaceBets. 5th of 5. SP 7, BSP 7.20. -1, -1

(15) 3.40 Newbury. Firm Decisions. 21 various. 11th of 16. SP 17, BSP 39.05. -1, -1

Staked 2, Returns 0, P/L -2, -2

Friday 12th August

(11a) 2.20 Newbury. Ultimate Avenue. 3.75 Bet365/SkyBet, 3.5 various. 1st of 13. SP 2.75, BSP 2.90. +2.75, +1.81 

(16) 3.20 Newbury. The Graduate. 6.5 Willhill/BetVictor, 6 various. 1st of 8. Deduction of 10p in the pound bringing price down to 5.95. SP 4, BSP 4.46. +4.95, +3.29

(3) 6.00 Newmarket. Cosmic Chatter. 7 WillHill/Ladbrokes/BetVictor/Coral. 2nd of 7. SP 6.5, BSP 7.37. -1, -1

(13) 6.35 Newmarket. Glencadam Glory. 4.5 Bet365, 4.33 various. 2nd of 5. SP 3, BSP 2.58. -1, -1

(3) 7.10 Newmarket. Ellaal. 4.5 SkyBet/BetVictor, 4.33 various. 1st of 8. SP 6, BSP 7.39. +5, +6.07
Staked 5, Returns Early 15.6, BSP 14.17, P/L +10.6, +9.17
Thursday 11th August

(14) 2.10 Salisbury. King Of Spades. 3.25 various. 6th of 8. SP 3.75, BSP 3.77. -1, -1

(14) 3.10 Salisbury. Malaika. 11 BetVictor/Coral/SkyBet/Bet365. Non Runner

(14) 4.40 Salisbury. Shahaama. 6 various. 11th of 11. SP 7.5, BSP 9.59. -1, -1

(16) 5.35 Yarmouth. Brorocco. 2.375 WillHill/Bet365, 2.25 various. 1st of 6. SP 2.25, BSP 2.30. +1.375, +1.24

(16) 7.05 Yarmouth. Iberica Road. 3.5 various. 4th of 5. SP 4.5, BSP 4.80. -1, -1

Staked 4, Returns Early 2.375, BSP 2.24. -1.625, -1.76

Wednesday 10th August

Tomorrowcomes half a length away at 33/1, Harbour Champion had to be switched at least three times and given a clearer run would have been very close and Iconic Belle blew the start but did well thereafter to get involved. Things still not going our way but sooner or later a couple of these at big prices are going to go in.

(1) 3.00 Beverley. Beautiful Stranger. 9 various. 4th of 6. SP 6.5, BSP 7.24. -1, -1

(4a) 3.50 Salisbury. Sharja Queen. 2.75 various. 5th of 8. SP 2.5, BSP 2.52. -1, -1

(15) 7.40 Kempton. Pearly Queen. 11 BetVictor/Bet365, 10 various. 6th of 10. SP 13, BSP 26.53. -1, -1

(14) 8.20 Bath. Rockliffe. 9 various. 4th of 5. SP 3.75, BSP 4.30. -1, -1

Staked 4, Returns 0, P/L -4, -4

Tuesday 9th August

(2) 6.00 Nottingham. Champion Harbour. 13 various. 3rd of 9. SP 6, BSP 7.05. -1, -1

(2) 6.30 Nottingham. Tomorrowcomes. 34 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook, 29 BetBright, 26 various. 3rd of 8. SP 26, BSP 6.24. -1, -1

(14) 6.30 Nottingham. Iconic Belle. 4.5 BetBright, 4.33 various. 5th of 8. SP 5.5, BSP 37.04. -1, -1

Staked 3, Returns 0, P/L -3, -3

Monday 8th August

If Ayr misses the expected rain then there’ll be two more but that looks unlikely from the forecast. Either way, there’ll be an email late morning with confirmation. If seeing this before odds are added, checking is recommended.

(3) 3.00 Ayr. Tanawar. 13 BetBright/Betfair Sportsbook, 12 various. 6th of 10. SP 17, BSP 20.09. -1, -1

(3) 3.30 Ayr. Vallarta. 5.5 BetVictor/Bet365, 5 various. 5th of 10. SP 5.5, BSP 6.00. -1, -1

(7) 4.45 Wolverhampton. Colorfilly. 7 WillHill/BetVictor/Bet365, 6.5 various. 5th of 7. SP 6.5, BSP 6.20. -1, -1

(3) 5.00 Ayr. Intensified. 15 BetVictor/Bet365, 13 various. 11th of 11. SP 11, BSP 12.73. -1, -1

(16) 6.30 Ffos Las. Swashbuckle. 3 various. 1st of 6. SP 2.75, BSP 2.65. +2, +1.57

(4a) 7.50 Windsor. Absolute Zero. 2.375 various. 5th of 5. SP 2.1, BSP 2.20. -1, -1

Staked 6, Returned Early 3, BSP 2.57. P/L -3, -3.43

Week 14

Staked 32

Returns using Early Prices: 25.35

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 21.12

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -6.65

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -10.88

Running Totals

Staked: 301

Returns using Early Prices: 311.345

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 273.429

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +10.345

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -27.571

Sunday 7th August

It’s a very cruel game sometimes. With yards to go it looked certain Lat Hawill was going to give us a 25/1 winner to start the day only to get pipped in the last stride or two. With Mickey, Twin Sails and Gershwin all either leading or looking the likely winner well inside the final furlong it’s been a tough day to follow. Of course there are positives to take from near misses but it still feels a real sickener right now when what wasn’t far from being the best day so far turned out to be worst.

Just the one for Sunday, but Monday gives us a chance to bounce straight back with a busy start to the week.

(15) 4.30 Leicester. Jack The Laird. 3.25 various. 6th of 6. SP 2.375, BSP 2.33. -1, -1

Staked 1, Returns 0, P/L -1, -1

Saturday 6th August

There WILL be a selection or two running on Sunday and will be posted on the site Saturday evening as usual. Apologies that I haven’t quite finished the emails I was planning on sending this week so you can expect more info on Monday.

(1) 2.00 Haydock. Lat Hawill. 26 Boyles/SkyBet/BetVictor/WillHill/Bet365. 2nd of 13. SP 26, BSP 35.08. -1, -1
(13) 3.10 Haydock. Laugh Aloud. 13 WillHill/BetVictor/Ladbrokes/SkyBet. Non Runner
(3) 3.25 Redcar. Favourite Treat. 21 WillHill, 17 various. 6th of 11. SP 17, BSP 23.00. -1, -1
(13) 3.45 Haydock. Foundation. 3.75 various. 5th of 6. SP 5, BSP 5.34. -1, -1
(3) 4.00 Redcar. Abushamah. 11 various. 11th of 12. SP 9.5, BSP 11.18. -1, -1
(11b) 4.15 Haydock. Gershwin. 2.75 various. 2nd of 5. SP 2, BSP 2.01. -1, -1
(7) 4.45 Haydock. Mickey. 8 Betfair Sportsbook, 7.5 various. 2nd of 8. SP 6.5, BSP 7.80. -1, -1
(15) 5.00 Newmarket. Twin Sails. 10 Coral/BetVictor, 9 various. 3rd of 7. SP 6.5, BSP 7.15. -1, -1
(3) 5.05 Redcar. Meshardal. 7 various. 7th of 10. SP 5, BSP 5.57. -1, -1
(3) 5.35 Redcar. Frosty The Snowman. 11 Betfair Sportsbook, 10 various. 7th of 11. SP 9, BSP 13.00. -1, -1
Staked 9, Returned 0, P/L -9, -9


Friday 5th August

Note the 6.05 is at Newmarket rather than Sandown as stated in the email.

(3) 3.00 Musselburgh. Almuhalab. 7.5 BetBright, 7 various. 1st of 8. SP 5.5, BSP 5.51. +6.5, +4.28

(16) 4.10 Brighton. Summer Chorus. 8 Bet365, 7.5 WillHill, 7 various. 2nd of 8. SP 6, BSP 7.20. -1, -1

(11b) 4.20 Wolverhampton. Tenerezza. 3.25 various. 3rd of 8. SP 3, BSP 3.38. -1, -1

(15) 6.05 Newmarket. Dewan. 3 Dewan, 2.875 BetVictor, 2.75 various. Non Runner

Staked 3, Returned Early 7.5, BSP 5.28. P/L +4.5, +2.28

Thursday 4th August

(7) 2.50 Haydock. Big Amigo. 13 Ladbrokes/BetVictor, 12 WillHill/Betfair Sportsbook/Coral. 2nd of 8. SP 10, BSP 8.80. -1, -1

(11b) 3.50 Haydock. Trevisani. 4.5 various. 1st of 6. Deduction of 30p in the pound bringing price down to 3.45. SP 2.75, BSP 2.92. +2.45, +1.82

(14) 4.00 Brighton. Visage Blanc. 6 various. 4th of 5. SP 4.5, BSP 5.40. -1, -1

(15) 6.10 Sandown. Cappananty Con. 6 Betfair Sportsbook, 5.5 various. 6th of 6. SP 4, BSP 4.30. -1, -1

(11a) 8.15 Wolverhampton. Hernandes. 7 WillHill/Betfair Sportsbook, 6.5 various. 4th of 7. SP 5, BSP 5.57. -1, -1

Staked 5, Returns Early 3.45, BSP 2.82, P/L -1.55, -2.18

Wednesday 3rd August

It’s a day when the new additions provide the qualifiers and a first runner for the latest (and last) system to be included, (16) which is Andrew Balding and David Probert. Details will follow later this week on the site and via email. It’s also worth noting the amount of travelling Silvestre De Sousa is doing at the moment, with Cork today and the unusual double-up of Brighton and Yarmouthtomorrow.

(14) 1.50 Brighton. Lightoller. 4.5 various. 2nd of 3. SP 3.25, BSP 3.63. -1, -1

(16) 3.00 Bath. Atalante. 3.75 BetVictor/Bet365, 3.5 various. 4th of 6. SP 4, BSP 4.05. -1, -1

(15) 5.00 Bath. R Bar Open. 9 various. 5th of 10. SP 7.5, BSP 9.47. -1, -1

(14) 5.50 Yarmouth. Iconic Belle. 3.25 various. 5th of 7. SP 3.5, BSP 3.88. -1, -1

Staked 4, Returned 0, P/L -4, -4

Tuesday 2nd August

(3) 3.45 Catterick. Be Perfect. 10 BetVictor/SkyBet/Ladbrokes/Bet365. 5th of 6. SP 7.5, BSP 7.86. -1, -1

(3) 4.15 Catterick. Danish Duke. 7 various. 1st of 8. Deduction of 15p in the pound bringing price down to 6.1. SP 5, BSP 5.7. +5.1, +4.47

(13) 6.35 Nottingham. Vermeulen. 6.5 Betfair Sportsbook, 6 various. Non Runner

(14) 8.25 Cork. Halequeen. 3.25 Betfair Sportsbook, 3 PaddyPower/Boyles, 2.9 10Bet. 3rd of 8. SP 2.1, BSP 2.24. -1, -1

(15) 8.35 Nottingham. Dors Law. 5.5 Bet365, 5 10Bet/Ladbrokes/BetVictor. 2nd of 11. SP 3.75, BSP 3.81. -1, -1

Staked 4, Returned Early 6.1, BSP 5.47, P/L +2.1, +1.47


Monday 1st August

(7) 3.45 Ripon. Snap Shots. 7 various. 1st of 8 Deduction of 25p in the pound bring price down to 5.5. SP 4.5, BSP 4.96. +4.5, +3.76

(11b) 4.00 Kempton. Anzhelika. 2.625 Coral, 2.5 Ladbrokes/Betfair Sportsbook, 2.375 various. 1st of 8. SP 2.8, BSP 2.88. +1.8, +1.79 

(4a) 7.00 Windson. Philadelphia. 5 various. 4th of 6. SP 5.5, BSP 5.63. -1, -1

(15) 7.00 Windsor. Harlequin Striker. 8 Boyles/Betfair Sportsbook/Bet365/BetVictor. 2nd of 6. SP 7, BSP 8.69. -1, -1

(15) 7.30 Windsor. Stake Acclaim. 11 BetVictor/Bet365, 10 various. 3rd of 11. SP 6.5, BSP 6.99. -1, -1

(15) 8.00 Windsor. Blaze Of Hearts. 5 various. 3rd of 7. SP 3.75, BSP 4.04. -1, -1

Staked 6, Returned Early 8.3, BSP 7.55, P/L +2.3, +1.55

Week 13

Staked 21

Returns using Early Prices: 36.25

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 32.81

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: 15.25

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: 11.81

Running Totals

Staked: 269

Returns using Early Prices: 285.995

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 252.309

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +16.995

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -16.691

47 winners (17.47%)

Placed with Betfair 114 (42.38%)

Placed with Bookies 106 (39.41%)

July Figures

Staked: 80

Returns using Early Prices: 76.96

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 67.86

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -3.04

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -12.14

16 winners (20%)

Placed with Betfair 31 (38.75%)

Placed with Bookies 43 (36.25%)


Sunday 31st July

(14) 3.15 Chester. Scrutineer. 26 PaddyPower/BetVictor/Coral, 23 BetBright, 21 various. 4th of 7. SP 21, BSP 26.68. -1, -1

(15) 4.15 Chepstow. Rosie’s Premiere. 5 Bet365/Ladbrokes/BetVictor/Coral. 2nd of 8. SP 6, BSP 7.20. -1, -1

Staked 2, Returned 0, P/L -2, -2

Saturday 30th July

This week there WILL be a couple of selections running on Sunday which will be posted on the site Saturday evening.


(11b) 2.55 Doncaster. Acrux. 7.5 Bet365/BetBright/BetVictor, 7 Betfair Sportsbook/Coral. 7th of 7. SP 17, BSP 30.00. -1, -1

(13) 3.25 Newmarket. Blending. 2.625 Bet356, 2.5 various. 1st of 9. SP 2.75, BSP 2.98. +1.75, +1.88

(15) 4.00 Newmarket. Fighting Temaraire. 6.5 Bet365/WillHill/Betfair Sportsbook, 6 various. 1st of 7. SP 3, BSP 3.41. +5.5, +2.29

(11a) 4.40 Doncaster. Aeolus. Non Runner

(1) 6.15 Hamilton. Glengarry. 2.875 Betfair Sportsbook/SkyBet/BetVictor, 2.75 various. 4th of 7. SP 3, BSP 3.65. -1, -1

(1) 7.15 Hamilton. Magical Lasso. 11 WillHill/Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor, 10 various. 10th of 11. SP 17, BSP 23.08. -1, -1

(3) 7.45 Hamilton. Meshardal. 11 various. 5th of 12. SP 7.5, BSP 8.02. -1, -1

(1) 7.45 Hamilton. Forever A Lady. 9 Ladbrokes, 8.5 Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor, 8 various. Non Runner

(15) 8.30 Lingfield. Spinning Rose. 5.5 Bet365/BetVictor, 5 various. 7th of 8. SP 5, BSP 6.26. -1, -1

Staked 7, Returned Early 9.25, BSP 6.17. P/L +2.25, -0.83


Friday 29th July

Two non-runners mean today’s hopes rest with Intercepted who has been extremely well supported today but the odds of 26 were still available in various places this morning, over 13 hours after they were posted. Two for Friday and it looks like a busy Saturday, particularly if it dries out at Hamilton.

(4a) 2.00 Goodwood. Mount Logan. 4.5 BetVictor/WillHill, 4.33 Bet365/BetBright/Boyles. 6th of 7. SP 4.5, BSP 5.36. -1, -1
(3) 8.25 Musselburgh. Ellaal. 6 Betfair Sportsbook, 5.5 various. 1st of 5. Deduction of 50p in the pound bringing price down to 3.5. SP 3, BSP 3.16. +2.5, +2.05
Staked 2, Returned Early 3.5, BSP 3.05. P/L +2.5, +2.05


Thursday 28th July

(13) 2.35 Goodwood. Ardad. 15 various. Non Runner

(11b) 6.45 Ffos Las. Intercepted. 26 Betfair Sportsbook, 23 BetBright, 21 various. 9th of 11. SP 9, BSP 12.80. -1, -1

(11b) 7.45 Ffos Las. Dream Free. 5.5 BetVictor/Bet365, 5 various. Non Runner

Staked 1, Returned 0, P/L -1, -1

Wednesday 27th July

(14) 2.35 Goodwood. Harrison. 10 various. 9th of 9. SP 8.5, BSP 12.00. -1, -1

(1) 3.30 Redcar. Livella Fella. 3.25 BetVictor/10Bet/Bet365, 3 various. 2nd of 9. SP 4, BSP 4.70. -1, -1

(14) 4.20 Goodwood. Texas Katie. 17 various. 5th of 18. SP 21, BSP 34.83. -1, -1
(15) 6.15 Leicester. Bobby Vee. 13 various. 1st of 11. Deduction of 25p in the pound bringing price down to 10. SP 8.5, BSP 10.50. +9, +9.03
(13) 7.00 Sandown. Monarch’s Glen. Non Runner
(15) 8.20 Leicester. Soaring Spirits. 4 Betfred/Totesport (not BOG until morning but will be recorded without BOG for records), 3.75 various. 1st of 7. SP 3.5, BSP 3.75. +3, +2.61
Staked 5, Returned Early 14, BSP 13.64. P/L +9, +8.64


Tuesday 26th July

(3) 5.05 Beverley. Faintly. 7.5 WillHill/BetVictor, 7 BetBright/SkyBet. 4th of 10. SP 4, BSP 4.70. -1, -1

Staked 1, Returned 0, P/L -1, -1

Monday 25th July

There’ll be an email or two sent this week with an update and comments. (I don’t think Matt’s back until Tuesday and if that’s right the first will be then.) Meanwhile, hopefully we can end the current downturn with one of these three…

(3) 2.30 Ayr. Vallarta. 6 various. 1st of 7. SP 9.5, BSP 11.47. +8.5, +9.95

(3) 3.05 Ayr. Tanawar. 8 WillHill/BetVictor/BetBright/Ladbrokes. 4th of 9. SP 9, BSP 8.19. -1, -1

(9) 4.10 Ayr. Stanarley Pic. 13 various. 6th of 6. SP 11, BSP 12.50. -1, -1

Staked 3, Returned Early 9.5, BSP 9.95. P/L +6.5, +6.95

Week 12

Staked 14

Returns using Early Prices: 0

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 0

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -14

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -14

Running Totals

Staked: 248

Returns using Early Prices: 249.745

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 219.499

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +1.745

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -28.501

Saturday 23rd July

There are no qualifiers running on Sunday, so the next post will be Sunday evening for Monday.

(2) 1.55 York. Rubiesnpearls. 12 Betfair Sportsbook, 10 BetBright, 9 various. 8th of 11. SP 13, BSP 13.32. -1, -1

(14) 6.50 Salisbury. Texas Katie. 5.5 various. 2nd of 10. SP 3, BSP 3.04. -1, -1

Staked 2, Returned 0, P/L -2, -2

Friday 22nd July

(14) 6.40 Newmarket. Dewan. 10 BetBright, 9 various. Non Runner

Thursday 21st July

(14) 2.30 Sandown. October Storm. 4.5 Betfair Sportsbook, 4.33 Bet365/Ladbrokes/Boyles. 5th of 5. SP 7, BSP 8.20. -1, -1
(3) 4.55 Yarmouth. Cosmic Chatter. 6 Ladbrokes/BetVictor, 5.5 various. 4th of 6. SP 12, BSP 16.49. -1, -1
(14) 6.35 Newbury. Sayesse. 8.5 BetBright, 8 various. 8th of 9. SP 8, BSP 9.86. -1, -1
Staked 3, Returned 0, P/L -3, -3

Wednesday 20th July

(14) 2.10 Bath. Masterson. 4 WillHill/BetVictor/Bet365, 3.75 various. 4th of 8. SP 3, BSP 3.48. -1, -1

(14) 2.40 Bath. Visage Blanc. 6.5 WillHill/BetVictor, 6 various. Non Runner

(14) 4.40 Bath. The Greedy Boy. 3.5 various. 7th of 8. SP 2.375, BSP 2.54. -1, -1
(2) 8.50 Leicester. Lady Turpin. 6 Ladbrokes/BetVictor/Bet365, 5.5 various. 4th of 7. SP 7, BSP 7.20. -1, -1
Staked 3, Returns 0, P/L -3, -3

Tuesday 19th July

(14) 6.20 Chelmsford. Father Mckenzie. 13 Betfair Sportsbook, 10 BetBright, 9 various. 2nd of 9. SP 13, BSP 18.00. -1, -1

(3) 8.40 Nottingham. Frosty The Snowman. 9 BetVictor/Ladbrokes/Bet365, 8.5 various. 6th of 8. SP 6, BSP 6.75. -1, -1
Staked 2, Returned 0, P/L -2, -2

Monday 18th July

(13) 6.15 Windsor. Vermeulen. 8 various. 6th of 12. SP 5.5, BSP 8.05. -1, -1

(3) 7.05 Beverley. Favourite Treat. 11 Coral/BetVictor/Bet365, 10 various. 7th of 7. SP 15, BSP 19.50. -1, -1

(3) 7.40 Beverley. Faintly. 21 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor, 19 10Bet/SkyBet. 2nd of 13. SP 21, BSP 26.06. -1, -1

(3) 8.40 Beverley. Intensified. 13 BetVictor/Bet365, 12 10Bet, 11 various. 7th of 15. SP 9.5, BSP 11.51. -1, -1

Staked 4, Returned 0, P/L -4, -4

Week 11

Staked 19

Returns using Early Prices: 16.625

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 15.83

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -2.375

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -3.17

Running Totals

Staked: 234

Returns using Early Prices: 249.745

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 219.499

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +15.745

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -14.501

Saturday 16th July

Just the one for Saturday and there aren’t any qualifiers for Sunday, so the next post will be Sunday night for Monday’s selections.

(13) 2.00 Newbury. Via Egnatia.5 various. 5th of 8. SP 8, BSP 8.19. -1, -1

Staked 1, Returned 0, P/L -1, -1

Friday 15th July

(11b) 2.10 Haydock. Athlon. Non Runner

(13) 4.05 Nottingham. To Eternity. 3.5 Bet365/BetVictor, 3.25 various. 2nd of 14. SP 2.625, BSP 2.79. -1, -1
(3) 4.35 Nottingham. Abushamah. 5.5 Coral, 5 Ladbrokes/WillHill/BetVictor. 4th of 5. SP 5, BSP 5.66. -1, -1
(11b) 5.40 Newmarket. Danilovna. 3 Bet365/Ladbrokes/BetVictor, 2.875 SkyBet/Coral. 4th of 7. SP 2.75, BSP 2.76. -1, -1
(1) 7.10 Hamilton. Magical Lasso. 7 Betfair Sportsbook, 6 various. 4th of 4. SP 7, BSP 7.80. -1, -1
(3) 9.05 Pontefract. Vallarta. 6.5 various. 3rd of 7. SP 6.5, BSP 7.00. -1, -1
 Staked 5, Returned 0, P/L -5, -5

Thursday 14th July

It’s a busy day (if all run it’ll equal the most runners in a day) and it looks like there will be 4, 5 or 6 on Friday depending on the weather.

(2) 1.50 Leicester. Galahad. 6.5 various. 3rd of 8. SP 4.33, BSP 4.76. -1, -1
(5) 2.20 Leicester. Boutan. 7.5 Bet365, 7 BetVictor/10Bet, 6.5 various. 1st 0f 9. SP 6, BSP 6.60. +6.5, +5.32
(2) 3.25 Leicester. Prying Pandora. 4 WillHill, 3.75 various. 5th of 7. SP 3, BSP 3.65. -1, -1
(3) 3.35 Hamilton. Be Perfect. 5 WillHill/BetVictor/Coral, 4.5 various. 7th of 7. SP 7, BSP 8.43. -1, -1
(13) 3.55 Leicester. Stratum. 3.25 Betfair Sportsbook, 3 various. 2nd of 10. SP 2.75, BSP 3.08. -1, -1
(1) 4.05 Hamilton. Robinneilly. 3.5 various. 1st of 6. Deduction of 15p in the pound bringing price down to 3.125. SP 2.875, BSP 2.9. +2.125, +1.81
(2) 6.35 Doncaster. Clef. 5.5 PaddyPower/BetVictor, 5 various. 1st of 6. SP 6, BSP 7. +5, +5.70
(13) 7.35 Doncaster. Naifah. 5 Betfair Sportsbook, 4.5 various. 2nd of 14. SP 3, BSP . -1, -1
(1) 8.40 Doncaster. Biff Johnson. 12 Bet365/BetVictor, 11 various. Non Runner

Staked 8, Returned Early 16.625, BSP 15.83, +8.625, +7.83

Wednesday 13th July

(3) 5.00 Catterick. Meshardal. 5.5 PaddyPower, 5 various. 8th of 10. SP 4.5, BSP 4.79. -1, -1

Staked 1, Returned 0, P/L -1, -1

Tuesday 12th July

(3) 4.30 Beverley. Tanawar. 5.5 Bet365/PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor. 7th of 9. SP 6.5, BSP 7.57. -1, -1

(7) 8.40 Thirsk. Colourfilly. 4.5 various. 5th of 12. SP 5, BSP 5.39. -1, -1
Staked 2, Returned 0, P/L -2, -2

Monday 11th July

(4a) 8.30 Windsor. Mytimehascome. 2.5 various. 3rd of 4. SP 2.375, BSP 2.65. -1, -1

(7) 9.10 Wolverhampton. Big Amigo. 17 various. 6th of 9. SP 9, BSP 9.16. -1, -1

Staked 2, Returned 0, P/L -2, -2

Week 10

Staked 22

Returns using Early Prices: 24.085

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 19.22

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +2.085

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -2.78

Running Totals

Staked: 215

Returns using Early Prices: 233.12

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 203.669

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +18.12

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -11.331

Saturday 9th July

There isn’t any flat racing on this Sunday, so there won’t be a Saturday night post and the next one will be Sunday night for Monday.

(13) 2.15 Newmarket. Mary Anne Evans. 11 various. 10th of 10. SP 11, BSP 13.80. -1, -1
(13) 4.00 Newmarket. Cunco. 5.5 various. 4th of 9. SP 4.5, BSP 4.60. -1, -1
(11b) 4.25 Ascot. Gershwin. 3 various. 2nd of 10. SP 2.2, BSP 2.23. -1, -1
(11a) 6.05 Ascot. Experto Crede. 5.5 Bet365/BetVictor/SkyBet, 5 various. 1st of 8. Deduction of 10p in the pound bringing price down to 5.05. SP 3.5, BSP 3.74. +4.05, +2.60
(3) 8.15 Hamilton. Intensified. 7 Betfair Sportsbook, 6.5 Bet365, 6 various. 4th of 8. SP 11, BSP 14.00. -1, -1
(4a) 9.00 Salisbury. Sharja Queen. 4.33 various. 1st of 7. SP 4.33, BSP 3.66. +3.33, +2.53
Staked 6, Returned Early 9.38, BSP 7.13, P/L +3.38, +1.13

Friday 8th July

(13) 2.30 Ascot. Seven Heavens. 2.875 WillHill/BetBright, 2.75 various. 1st of 12. SP 2.25, BSP 2.28. +1.875, +1.22

(4a) 3.10 Newmarket. Aljuljalah. 15 WillHill/Boylesports, 13 various. 8th of 12. SP 9, BSP 11.00. -1, -1

(1) 3.25 Musselburgh. Livella Fella. 4 PaddyPower/BetVictor/Betfair Sportsbook, 3.75 various. 1st of 5. SP 3.75, BSP 3.90. +3, +2.76
(4a) 5.20 Newmarket. Certificate. 9 various. Non Runner
(7) 8.50 Chester. Captain Revelation. 15 Coral, 13 various. 8th of 10. SP 26, BSP 52.41. -1, -1
Staked 4, Returned Early 6.875, BSP 5.98. P/L +2.875, +1.98
Thursday 7th July

(13) 2.40 Newmarket. Ardad. 3.75 PaddyPower/BetVictor, 3.5 various. 9th of 9. SP 4.5, BSP . -1, -1

(4a) 8.05 Newbury. Daily News. 17 BetBright/Ladbrokes/BetVictor, 15 various. 6th of 12. SP 26, BSP 52.79. -1, -1

(6) 9.10 Newbury. Live Dangerously. 17 various. 9th of 11. SP 26, BSP 41.60. -1, -1
Staked 3, Returned 0, P/L -3, -3

Wednesday 6th July

(3) 4.50 Catterick. Tanawar. 7 BetBright, 6.5 PaddyPower/BetVictor, 6 various. 2nd of 14. SP 6, BSP 6.93. -1, -1

(11b) 8.15 Kempton. Trevisani. 5 Coral, 4.5 BetVictor, 4.33 10Bet/NetBet. 4th of 9. SP 4, BSP 4.10. -1, -1
Staked 2, Returns 0, P/L -2, -2

Tuesday 5th July

(11b) 2.55 Wolverhampton. Claymore. 4.5 Bet365, 4.33 BetVictor/10Bet/NetBet. 4th of 9. SP 3.5, BSP 3.85. -1, -1

Staked 1, Returns 0, P/L -1, -1

Monday 4th July

(3) 2.15 Ayr. Danish Duke. 3 SkyBet/Bet365, 2.9 10Bet/NetBet, 2.875 various. 1st of 8. Deduction of 15p in the pound bringing price down to 2.7. SP 2.2, BSP 2.15. +1,7, +1.09

(3) 3.50 Ayr. Almulhalab. 6.5 BetVictor/Bet365, 6 various. 8th of 9. SP 5.5, BSP 6.57. -1, -1

(3) 4.55 Ayr. Favourite Treat. 8 various. 4th of 10. SP 13, BSP 15.68. -1, -1

(4a) 7.05 Windsor. Fool To Cry. 1.62 SkyBet, 1.61 Bet365, 1.57 various. 1st of 6. SP 1.62, BSP 1.63. +0.62, +0.60

(4a) 8.05 Windsor. Philidelphia. 8 Boylesports/Ladbrokes/BetVictor/WillHill. 3rd of 7. SP 6, BSP 7.28. -1, -1

(11b) 9.05 Windsor. Athlon. 3.5 various. 1st of 6. SP 2.375, BSP 2.49. +2.5, +1.42

Staked 6, Returned Early 7.83, BSP 6.11. P/L +1.83, +0.11

Week 9

Staked 19

Returns using Early Prices: 15.225

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 13.03

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -3.775

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -5.97

Running Totals

Staked: 193

Returns using Early Prices: 209.035

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 184.449

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +16.035

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -8.551

Sunday 3rd July

(3) 4.00 Ayr. Ellaal. 6th of 10. SP 17, BSP . -1, -1

(3) 5.10 Ayr. Vallarta. 2nd of 10. SP 4.5, BSP . -1, -1

Staked 2, Returned 0, P/L -2, -2

Saturday 2nd July

(3) 6.45 Nottingham. Frosty The Snowman. 5 various. 4th of 7. SP 5.5, BSP 21.76. -1, -1

(1) 8.05 Carlisle. Archie’s Advice. 8 Bet365, 7.5 BetVictor/Coral, 7 various. 2nd of 8. SP 3.75, BSP 5.71. -1, -1

Staked 2, Returned 0, P?L -2, -2

Friday 1st July

The soft ground across the country has ruled out a couple and others haven’t met the criteria, so the result is…

No Selections

June Figures

Staked: 98

Returns using Early Prices: 116.785

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 103.210

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +18.785

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: +5.210

17 winners (17.35%)

Placed with Betfair 47 (47.96%)

Placed with Bookies 43 (43.88%)

Overall Figures

Staked: 189

Returns using Early Prices: 209.035

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 184.449

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +20.035

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -4.551

31 winners (16.40%)

Placed with Betfair 83 (43.92%)

Placed with Bookies 77 (40.74%)

Results By System

System, May Wins/Runs, Early Profit/Loss       July  Wins/Runs, Early Profit/Loss      Overall Wins/Runs, Early Profit/Loss

1) 2/14, +9.5          2/12, +19.5          4/26, +29

2) 1/4, +6                0/4, -4                  1/8, +2

3) 0/13, -13             3/21, +9.5            3/34, -3.5

4a) 3/11, +7.5         4/14, +6.46         7/25, +13.96

5) 0                           0/1, -1                   0/1, -1

6) 0/2, -2                0/2, -2                     0/4, -4

7) 3/8, +11.9          0/1, -1                     3/9, +10.9

9) 0/4, -4                 0                               0/4, -4

10) 2/5, +2.875      2/3, +5.225             4/8, +8.125

11a) 0/1, -1              0/1, -1                     0/2, -2

11b) 1/6, -0.5          1/5, +2.3                2/11, +1.8

12) 1/6, -3                2/6, +2.1                 3/12, -0.9

13) n/a                      2/11, -2.4                2/11, -2.4

Total 13/74, +14.275    16/81, +33.685,    29/155, +47.96

Removed Elements

4b) 1/11, -7.025      1/6, -3.9                  2/17, -10.925  (Removed on 9/6)

4c) 0/4, -4              0/2, -2                      0/6, -6 (Removed on 22/6)

8) 0/2, -2                0/9, -9                      0/11, -11 (Removed on 22/6)

Total 1/17, -13.025     1/17, -14.9          2/34, -27.925

Overall Totals 14/91, +1.25,   17/98, +18.785,       31/189, +20.035

Thursday 30th June

(6) 8.20 Epsom. Live Dangerously. 13 various. 9th of 9. SP 5.5, BSP 5.45. -1, -1

Staked 1, Returned 0, P/L -1, -1

Wednesday 29th June

(3) 4.00 Catterick. Danish Duke. 4.5 WillHill/BetVictor/Bet365, 4.33 various. 1st of 10. Deduction bringing price down to  SP. SP 4, BSP 4.19. +3, +3.03

(3) 4.30 Catterick. Exotic Guest. 3.5 PaddyPower/WillHill/BetVictor, 3.25 various. 5th of 9. SP 2.75, BSP 2.90. -1, -1 

Staked 2, Returned Early 4, BSP 4.03, P/L +2, +2.03

Tuesday 28th June

(3) 2.30 Hamilton. Intensified. 19 BetBright, 17 various. 2nd of 11. SP 21, BSP . -1, -1
(4a) 3.15 Brighton. Ex Lover. 6 SkyBet, 5.5 BetVictor/Betfair Sportsbook/PaddyPower. 9th of 12. SP 7, BSP 7.85. -1, -1
(13) 3.15 Brighton. Henry Croft. 12 SkyBet, 10 Betfair Sportsbook plus BetFred/Totesport, not BOG until morning. 2nd of 12. SP 5.5, BSP 5.58. -1, -1
(11b) 3.15 Brighton. Intercepted. 15 Bet365, 13 BetVictor, 12 NetBet/10Bet. 5th of 12. SP 17, BSP 19.87. -1, -1
(3) 4.00 Hamilton. Cosmic Chatter. 6.5 SkyBet/BetVictor/Coral, 6 various. 3rd of 9. SP 6.5, BSP 6.54. -1, -9
(1) 4.00 Hamilton. Dark Defender. 11 PaddyPower/Coral, 10 various. 4th of 9. SP 6, BSP 7.20. -1, -1
(4a) 4.15 Brighton. Cliff Edge. 5 Betfair Sportsbook, 4.5 various. 6th of 6. SP 6.5, BSP 7.63. -1, -1
(4a) 4.45 Brighton. Sylvette. 11 SkyBet/BetBright/Betfair Sportsbook, 10 various. 7th of 10. SP 11, BSP 14.34. -1, -1
(11b) 5.15 Brighton. Claymore. 6 PaddyPower, 5.5 BetVictor/10Bet/NetBet. 4th of 11. SP 5, BSP 5.64. -1, -1
(5) 9.10 Chepstow. Flutterbee. 8 Betfair Sportsbook, 7.5 WillHill/BetVictor, 7 various. Non Runner

Staked 9, Returned 0, P/L -9, -9

Monday 27th June

Three for Monday and, just to give prior warning, Tuesday will be busy, very much so if it dries out at Brighton.

(2) 5.10 Pontefract. Energia Flavio. 9 Ladbrokes/BetVictor/Bet365, 8.5 WillHill/SkyBet/BetBright. 5th of 10. SP 6.5, BSP . -1, -1

(3) 8.10 Musselburgh. Slemy. 11 various. 1st of 9. Deduction of 15p in the pound bringing price down to 9.5. SP 7.5, BSP 7.55. +8.5, +6.22

(10) 8.25 Windsor. Most Celebrated. 1.725 PaddyPower/BetVictor, 1.66 Ladbrokes/Betfair Sportsbook, 1.625 10Bet/NetBet/SkyBet. 1st of 8. SP 1.66, BSP 1.82. +0.725, +0.78

Staked 3, Returned Early 11.225, BSP 9, P/L +8.225, +6

Week 8

Staked 14

Returns using Early Prices: 34.10

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 33.72

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +20.10

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: +19.72

Running Totals

Staked: 174

Returns using Early Prices: 193.81

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 171.419

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +19.81

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -2.581

(Selections for) Sunday 26th June

No Selections. (Apologies if today’s email has said selections are ready- they have to be set up to be sent in office hours, thus Friday afternoon, when Sunday’s going could only be guessed at.) We’re probably looking at three for Monday to be posted Sunday evening.

Saturday 25th June

There will be a post tomorrow night though whether there are any selections for Sunday will be determined by the weather.

(13) 7.25 Doncaster. Khor Al Udaid. 6 various. 6th of 11. SP 4.5, BSP 5.14. -1, -1

(4a) 7.55 Doncaster. Spanish City. 3 Bet365, 2.625 various. 4th of 5. SP 1.83, BSP 1.92. -1, -1
(4a) 8.25 Doncaster. Raising Sand. 6 Ladbrokes/BetVictor/Boylesports, 5.5 various. 5th of 16. SP 6.5, BSP 7.00. -1, -1
(3) 8.55 Doncaster. Meshardal. 15 various. 10th of 16. SP 8, BSP 9.31, -1, -1
Staked 4, Returned 0, P/L -4, -4

Friday 24th June

There was an email sent yesterday and another a couple of weeks ago just covering a couple of minor changes. If you missed them, or for future reference, I’ve now added copies of them to the bottom of the user guide.

(12) 7.35 Chester. Sightline. 3.5 various. 1st of 8. SP 2.625, BSP 2.79. +2.5, +1.70
(3) 8.40 Chester. Favourite Treat. 7 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook, 6.5 various. 4th of 10. SP 7, BSP 7.44. -1, -1
(12) 9.10 Chester. Justice Grace. 10 Bet365/BetBright/BetVictor, 9.5 10Bet/NetBet. 1st of 4, Deduction of 60p in the pound bringing price down to 4.6. SP 3.25, BSP 3.65. +3.6, +2.52

Staked 3, Returned Early 8.1, BSP 6.22, P/L + 5.1, +3.22

Thursday 23rd June

That was nice.

It’s taken a long while, but there’s finally one for trainer George Baker’s use of apparatus and there’s also jockey George Baker’s second ride for us for Ed Walker.

(11a) 3.05 Newmarket. Hope Cove. 7 WillHill/Ladbrokes/BetVictor/Coral. 6th of 10. SP 4.5, BSP 5.30. -1, -1
(5) 7.15 Newbury. Alcatraz. 9 various. 4th of 11. SP 10, BSP 12.00. -1, -1
(3) 9.10 Hamilton. Cosmic Chatter. 5 various. 2nd of 10. SP 6, BSP 6.60. -1, -1
Staked 3, Returned 0, P/L -3, -3

Wednesday 22nd June

(1) 3.00 Carlisle. Gold Flash. 15 various. 3rd of 16. SP 11, BSP 11.81. -1, -1

(1) 3.35 Carlisle. Edward Balthazar. 21 Coral/BetVictor/WillHill, 19 various. 1st of 16. SP 26, BSP 28.89. +25, +26.50
(13) 4.10 Carlisle. Eternally. 3.5 various. 3rd of 8. SP 3.75, BSP 3.93. -1, -1
Staked 3, Returned Early 26, BSP 27.50. P/L +23, 24.50

Tuesday 21st June

(8) 6.10 Leicester. Monjeni. 3.5 BetVictor/Bet365, 3.25 various. 11th of 12. SP 4.5, BSP . -1, -1

Staked 1, Returned 0, P/L -1, -1

Monday 20th June

No selections. (Apologies if today’s email has said selections are ready- they have to be set up to be sent in office hours, thus Friday afternoon before the final declarations for Monday are known.)

Week 7

Staked 15

Returns using Early Prices: 17.80

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 11.96

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +2.80

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -3.04

Running Totals

Staked: 160

Returns using Early Prices: 159.71

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 137.699

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -0.29

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -22.301

Sunday 19th June

(4a) 3.40 Pontefract. Barsanti. 2.1 various. 3rd of 9. SP 2, BSP 2.12. -1, -1

Staked 1, Returned 0, P/L -1, -1

Saturday 18th June

(2) 5.20 Newmarket. Jordan Sport. 5 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook, 4.5 various. 9th of 13. SP 4.5, BSP 5.20. -1, -1
(3) 5.25 Ayr. Vallarta. 6.5 BetVictor/Betfair Sportsbook/PaddyPower/Bet365. 2nd of 9. SP 4.5, BSP 4.90. -1, -1
(2) 5.55 Newmarket. Penwortham. 10 various. Non Runner
Staked 2, Returned 0, P/L -2, -2

Friday 17th June

(3) 4.45 Redcar. Almuhalab. 8 Bet365, 7.5 BetBright, 7 various. 4th of 13. SP 6.5, BSP 6.04. -1, -1
(8) 6.20 Newmarket. Status Quo. 5 various. 9th of 9. SP 6, BSP 6.36. -1, -1
(1) 7.05 Ayr. Eez Eh. 12 Bet365/SkyBet/BetBright, 11 various. 5th of 8. SP 26, BSP 36.66. -1, -1
(1) 7.40 Ayr. Gold Flash. 10 WillHill, 9 various. 2nd of 9. SP 5, BSP 6.10. -1, -1
(10) 8.35 Newmarket. Natural Scenery. 6.5 BetBright/SkyBet, 6 various. 1st of 11. SP 3, BSP 3.01. +5.5, +1.91
(1) 9.15 Ayr. Biff Johnson. 9 WillHill/Bet365, 8 various. 3rd of 7. SP 15, BSP 14.54. -1, -1
Staked 6, Returned Early 6.5, BSP 2.91. P/L +0.5, -3.09

Thursday 16th June

No selections. A rare day without anything but Friday should have some, though the weather will dictate how many.

Wednesday 15th June

(11b) 5.00 Ascot. Mitchum Swagger. 21 SkyBet/Boylesports (+ a few non-BOG bookies), 19 Racebets, 17 various. 3rd of 28. SP 15, BSP 18.00. -1, -1

Staked 1, Returned 0, P/L -1, -1

Tuesday 14th June

Just one for tomorrow and it may well be a much quieter week overall, with Royal Ascot running for five days and rain around.
(3) 2.45 Thirsk. Tanawar. 13 BetVictor/Bet365, 12 10Bet/NetBet, 11 various. 4th of 12. SP 13, BSP 14.78. -1, -1

Staked 1, Returned 0, P/L -1, -1

Monday 13th June

A darn awful Saturday marred what was otherwise a positive week despite only a small profit to show for it. Quite a number finished in the runners-up spot at decent prices which doesn’t make an immediate change to the returns, but bodes well and if and when a few more of those are converted into wins then progress will be made.

(8) 5.30 Carlisle. Palisade. 3.75 various. 2nd of 8. SP 4.5, BSP 4.93. -1, -1

(13) 8.20 Windsor. Rex Bell. 5 BetVictor/Bet365, 4.5 various. 1st of 14. Deduction of 25p in the pound bringing price down to 4. SP 3.75, BSP 4.19. +3, +3.03

(12) 8.20 Windsor. September Stars. 4.5 Bet365, 4.33 various. Non Runner

(11b) 8.50 Windsor. Athlon. 8 Bet365/Ladbrokes/BetVictor, 7.5 SkyBet/BetBright/10Bet/NetBet (Bet365 featured race- if wins, risk free bet on their next featured race). 1st of 11. Deduction of 10p in the pound bringing price down to 7.3. SP 4, BSP 5.18. +6.3, +4.02

(12) 8.50 Windsor. Cosmic Storm. 7 various. Non Runner

(Replacing Cosmic Storm) (12) 8.50 Windsor. The King’s Steed. 6th of 11. SP 5, BSP .5.38 -1, -1

Staked 4, Returned Early 11.3, BSP 9.05. P/L +7.3, +5.05

Week 6

Staked 34

Returns using Early Prices: 40.26

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 34.50

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +6.26

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: +0.50

Running Totals

Staked: 145

Returns using Early Prices: 141.91

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 125.739

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -3.09

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -19.261

Sunday 12th June

(4a) 3.15 Salisbury. Tanga. 15 Bet365/BetVictor, 13 various. 7th of 12. SP 8, BSP . -1, -1

Staked 1, Returned 0, P/L -1, -1

Saturday 11th June

(4a) 1.40 Sandown. Majdool. 10 various. 8th of 9. SP 11, BSP 13.00. -1, -1

(2) 4.10 York. Normandy Knight. 8 various. 16th of 18. SP 9, BSP 12.48. -1, -1

(4a) 4.30 Sandown. Askari. 34 BetVictor, 26 various. 11th of 14. SP 34, BSP 29.00. -1, -1

(12) 4.30 Sandown. Madame Chow. 13 BetBright, 12 BetVictor, 11 various. 13th of 14. SP 17, BSP 70.00. -1, -1

(12) 5.05 Sandown. Desdichado. 7 various. 3rd of 5. SP 5, BSP 5.85. -1, -1

(2) 5.20 York. Canyari. 11 various. 19th of 19. SP 9, BSP 10.94. -1, -1

(3) 5.20 York. Faintly. 17 various. 17th of 19. SP 17, BSP 27.51. -1, -1

(8) 5.50 Lingfield. Cape Crystal. 6 PaddyPower, 5 various. 10th of 10. SP 5, BSP 6.4. -1, -1

Staked 8, Returned 0, P/L -8, -8

Friday 10th June

Just a quick head’s up- Saturday will be yet another busy day for the reasons mentioned in today’s other email.

(4a) 4.20 York. Queen’s Pearl. 11 Various. Pulled Up. SP 9.5, BSP 11.15. -1, -1

(7) 4.40 Sandown. Big Amigo.12 SkyBet, 11 various. 10th of 10. SP 9, BSP 9.69. -1, -1

(13) 6.20 Chepstow. Eyeshine. 4.5 Betfair Sportsbook, 4 various. 2nd of 10. SP 2.625, BSP 2.88. -1, -1

Staked 3, Returned 0, P/L -3, -3

Thursday 9th June

The busy spell continues (and I’ll explain why in tomorrow’s daytime email), though Friday looks like having three bets.
(13) 2.20 Nottingham. Perigee. 2.25 BetVictor/Ladbrokes/Bet365, 2.2 various. 2nd of 10. SP 2, BSP 2.07. -1, -1

(4a) 2.30 Newbury. Aghaany. 11 Ladbrokes/BetVictor/Bet365, 10 Coral/SkyBet/WillHill. 1st of 13. SP 7, BSP 7.23. +10, +5.92

(3) 2.50 Nottingham. Frosty The Snowman. 7 various. 4th of 14. SP 6, BSP 6.54. -1, -1

(3) 4.00 Nottingham. Exotic Guest. 9 BetVictor/Bet35, 8.5 NetBet/10Bet, 8 various. 2nd of 15. SP 6, BSP 7.60. -1, -1

(3) 4.30 Nottingham. Danish Duke. 11 Generally. 3rd of 13. SP 9, BSP 11.50. -1, -1

(8) 5.05 Nottingham. All The Rage. 6 Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor/PaddyPower, 5.5 various. 5th of 5. SP 3.75, BSP 3.87. -1, -1

(3) 8.45 Haydock. Lexington Place. 4.35 NetBet/10Bet, 4 various. 2nd of 8. SP 3.75, BSP 4.29. -1, -1

Staked 7, Returned Early 11, BSP 6.92, P/L +4, -0.08

Wednesday 8th June

(10) 2.10 Haydock. Most Celebrated. 5 SkyBet/BetBright/PaddyPower/WillHill. 2nd of 6. SP 6, BSP 5.83. -1, -1

(13) 2.20 Yarmouth. Ardad. 5 WillHill, 4.5 various. 1st of 7. Deduction of 10p in the pound bringing price down to 4.6. SP 4, BSP 4.30. +3.6, +3.14

(4a) 4.10 Haydock. King Bolete. 1.91 PaddyPower, 1.9 Betfair Sportsbook, 1.83 various. 1st of 4. SP 1.57, BSP 1.61. +0.91, +0.58

(1) 4.30 Beverley. So It’s War. 4.5 SkyBet/Bet365/Ladbrokes, 4.33 various. 2nd of 12. SP 5, BSP 5.90. -1, -1

(4c) 4.50 Yarmouth. Malhama. 5 WillHill/BetVictor, 4.5 various. 5th of 9. SP 7.5, BSP 8.40. -1, -1

(3) 8.45 Hamilton. Cosmic Chatter. 15 Coral/BetVictor/Bet365/WillHill. 2nd of 8. SP 12, BSP 14.44. -1, -1

Staked 6, Returned Early 6.51, BSP 5.72, P/L +0.51, -0.28

Tuesday 7th June

Yesterday I said an email of two would be sent which is still the case but I hadn’t realised Matt’s away for a couple of days, so those emails will now be later in the week.

(13) 3.15 Salisbury. Khor Al Udaid. 15 Generally. 3rd of 14. SP 12, BSP 12.56. -1, -1

Staked 1, Returned 0, P/L -1, -1

Monday 6th June

A busy Monday (which will be followed by a very quiet Tuesday). There’ll be an email (or two) sent in the next couple of days answering a few questions that have been asked and one observation I want to share.

(1) 2.30 Ayr. Glengarry. 2.5 various. 2nd of 6. SP 1.625, BSP 1.65. -1, -1

(3) 3.00 Ayr. Intensified. 13 various. 6th of 8. SP 21, BSP 27.43. -1, -1

(1) 3.30 Ayr. Beautiful Stranger. 11 Bet365 (plus BetFred/Totesport not BOG until morning), 10 BetVictor. 6th of 7. SP 8, BSP 8.04. -1, -1

(1) 4.00 Ayr. Gold Flash. 6 Ladbrokes/Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor, 5.5 various. 4th of 10. SP 5, BSP 5.07. -1, -1

(3) 4.00 Ayr. Favourite Treat. 13 various. 1st of 10. SP 17, BSP 18.13. +16, +16.32

(8) 4.15 Brighton. Tyrannical. 1.9 Bet365, 1.83 10Bet/NetBet, 1.8 various. 5th of 10. SP 2.1, BSP 2.17. -1, -1

(3) 4.30 Ayr. Vallarta. 7 Betfair Sportsbook/Coral/WillHill, 6.5 various. 5th of 7. SP 4, BSP 4.20. -1, -1

(4a) 8.00 Windsor. Raising Sand. 6 various. 1st of 10. Deduction of 5p in the pound (in some places) bringing price down to 5.75. SP 4.33, BSP 4.73. +4.75, +3.54

Staked 8, Returned Early 22.75, BSP 21.86. P/L +14.75, +13.86

Week 5

Staked 30

Returns using Early Prices: 24.4

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 23.42

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -5.6

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -6.58

Running Totals

Staked: 111

Returns using Early Prices: 101.65

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 91.239

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -9.35

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -19.761

Sunday 5th June

(13) 1.50 Goodwood. Stratum. 4 Generally. 2nd of 12. SP 5.5, BSP 5.88. -1, -1

(12) 1.50 Goodwood. Desert Way. 4 PaddyPower, 3.75 various. 4th of 12. SP 5.5, BSP 5.53. -1, -1

Staked 2, Returned 0, P/L -2, -2

Saturday 4th June

There will be selections on Saturday and Sunday night for the following day, but will only be available on the website, posted at 7.15pm each evening.

This evening has the first runner for system13, Gosden/Havlin, and I’ve added info on that to The Systems page

The numbers in brackets below refers to which system the selection stems from and if there are any letters it’s which sub-section, as detailed on The Systems page.

(1) 1.40 Musselburgh. She’s Electric. 8 PaddyPower/SkyBet/Betfair Sportsbook. 12th of 12. SP 9, BSP 12.51. -1, -1

(13) 1.55 Doncaster. Naifah. 7 Bet365/BetBright/SkyBet. 2nd of 9. SP 13, BSP 15.15. -1, -1

(4b) 2.30 Doncaster. Princess Momoka. 9 Bet365/BetBright (others still to price). 3rd of 10. SP 5, BSP 6.20. -1, -1

(8) 3.25 Musselburgh. St Michel. 7.5 Bet365/BetVictor, 7 various. 2nd of 12. SP 6, BSP 7.26. -1, -1

(4b) 4.15 Doncaster. Shabeeb. 2.1 BetVictor, 2 various. 1st of 5. SP 2.1, BSP 2.19. +1.1, +1.13

(4b) 5.40 Doncaster. Absolute Zero. 21 various. 9th of 14. SP 15, BSP 18.12. -1, -1

Staked 6, Returned Early 2.1, BSP 2.13. P/L -3.9, -3.87

Friday 3rd June

May’s breakdown is underneath between 1st June and 31st May’s selections.

(4b) 3.35 Catterick. Owaseyf. 2.25 Coral, 2.2 BetVictor, 2.1 10Bet, 2 various. 4th of 6. SP 3, BSP 3.36. -1, -1

(13) 7.10 Doncaster. Ravens Corner. 3.5 various. 9th of 13. SP 5.5, BSP 6.40. -1, -1

(4b) 7.10 Doncaster. Azizaan. 8 BetBright, 7.5 BetVictor/SkyBet/Bet365. 6th of 13. SP 9, BSP 9.80. -1, -1

(11b) 8.40 Doncaster. Claymore. 8 Various. 14th of 17. SP 3.75, BSP 3.76. -1, -1

Staked 4, Returned 0, P/L -4, -4

Thursday 2nd June

(1) 2.50 Ripon. Mr Grumpy. 5.5 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook, 5 various. 1st of 6. SP 5.5, BSP 6.40. +4.5, +5.13

(3) 4.00 Hamilton. Ellaal. 13 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook, 12 BetVictor, 11 various. 6th of 8. SP 10, BSP 12.65. -1, -1

(4a) 4.10 Lingfield. Talent To Amuse. 1.53 various. 1st of 5. SP 1.8, BSP 1.78. +0.8, +0.74

(1) 4.20 Ripon. Lady Wootton. 7.5 BetBright, 7 various. Non-Runner

(6) 4.40 Lingfield. Live Dangerously. 21 various. 2nd of 8. SP 17, BSP 20.00. -1, -1

(4c) 4.50 Ripon. Catskill Mountain. 12 BetBright, 11 various. 6th of 13. SP 17, BSP 24.00. -1, -1

(4b) 4.50 Ripon. Cliff Edge. 10 BetBright, 9 various. 5th of 13. SP 7, BSP 10.71. -1, -1

(8) 5.10 Lingfield. Dusty Raven. 3.5 Ladbrokes/BetVictor, 3.25 various. 7th of 9. SP 4, BSP 4.51. -1, -1

Staked 7, Returned Early 7.3, BSP 7.87, P/L Early +0.3, BSP +0.87

Wednesday 1st June

Just two for Wednesday and they’re in the same race. There’ll be a breakdown of May’s figures following within the next day or two. Leicester was abandoned after two races today meaning we had three runners today rather than five.

(12) 4.30 Nottingham. Matidia. 7.5 SkyBet, 7 various. Non-Runner

(8) 4.30 Nottingham. Palisade. 9 BetVictor/Coral, 8 various. 4th of 5. SP 3.75, BSP 3.99. -1, -1

Staked 1, Returned 0, P/L -1, -1

May Figures

Staked: 91

Returns using Early Prices: 92.25

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 81.239

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +1.25

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -9.761

14 winners (15.38%)

Placed with Betfair 36 (39.56%)

Placed with Bookies 34 (37.36%)

Results by System

I recommend using the figures below for interest only and not changing course based on a very small number of runners, in either direction. It doesn’t necessarily follow that those that have made a good start will end up having the best season, nor the slow starters having the worst.

The one system that jumps out as having had a leaner than lean month is obviously number 3, Carr/Sullivan. However, I would urge sticking with it. June has been Carr’s best month of the year in both 2014 and 15. It is the system with the longest losing run previously but also the one that tends to have wins in clusters at decent prices. Carr/Sullivan have had three close shaves go against them (and us) in the last week or so and personally I’ll be continuing to back their runners at the same level as those that have made a profit so far.

System, Wins/Runs, Early Profit/Loss

1) 2/14, +9.5

2) 1/4, +6

3) 0/13, -13

4) 4/26, -3.525

5) 0

6) 0/2, -2

7) 3/8, +11.9

8) 0/2, -2

9) 0/4, -4

10) 2/5, +2.875

11) 1/7, -1.5

12) 1/6, -3

13) n/a

Tuesday 31st May

A few tight finishes including the one that went for us today. Any sort of profit on the final day of May will see the month end with a positive figure to its name.

(10) 2.00 Leicester. Thunder Snow. 2.625 BetBright/SkyBet, 2.5 various. 1st of 12. SP 5, BSP 6.22. +4, +4.96

(2) 3.00 Leicester. Early Bird. 7 various. Abandoned

(3) 3.20 Redcar. Almuhalab. 13 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor, 12 various. 5th of 17. SP 9, BSP 9.93. -1, -1

(3) 4.20 Redcar. Lexington Place. 11 Bet365/WillHill/Coral, 10 various. 2nd of 8. SP 6, BSP 6.13. -1, -1

(4a) 5.30 Leicester. Hayward Field. 3.75 various. Abandoned

Staked 3, Returned Early 5, BSP 5.96, P/L Early 2, BSP 2.96

Monday 30th May

Quite a busy Bank Holiday Monday. I’ll add the odds as of 7.15pm later in the evening. If beating me to it, as always, checking oddschecker is recommended. (For members in both services, Syndicate selections for Monday have also been posted.)

(2) 2.10 Leicester. Rosebride. 6.5 Bet365/WillHill/BetVictor, 5.5 various. 2nd of 8. SP 11, BSP 10.86. -1, -1

(4b) 2.15 Redcar. First Rate. 8 Bet365/BetVictor, 7.5 Betway (not BOG until morning), 7 BetBright. 14th of 16. SP 10, BSP 14.50. -1, -1

(2) 2.45 Leicester. Jersey Roy. 5 various. 7th of 7. SP 4.5, BSP 5.66. -1, -1

(2) 3.20 Leicester. Normandy Knight. 10 various. 1st of 11. SP 7, BSP 7.80. +9, +6.46

(4b) 3.25 Redcar. Central Square. 4.33 PaddyPower/WillHill/10Bet/NetBet. 2nd of 12. SP 3.25, BSP 3.18. -1, -1

(4a) 3.55 Leicester. Ajman Princess. 2.625 Bet365/PaddyPower/BetBright/Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor. 2nd of 10. SP 3, BSP 3.40. -1, -1

(3) 4.30 Redcar. Frosty The Snowman. 9 PaddyPower/WillHill/BetBright/SkyBet/BetVictor/Coral. 3rd of 10. SP 4.33, BSP 5.10. -1, -1

Staked 7, Returned Early 10, BSP 7.46. P/L Early +3, BSP +0.46

Week 4

Staked 16

Returns using Early Prices: 21.9

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 17.43

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +5.9

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: +1.43

Running Totals

Staked: 81

Returns using Early Prices: 77.25

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 67.819

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -3.75

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -13.181

Saturday 28th May

Selections for Saturday are below. There isn’t anything on the flat on Sunday so there won’t be an email or post on Saturday night. Selections made on Sunday and Monday evenings for the following day will only be available on the website due to the Bank Holiday.
(1) 4.45 Beverley. So It’s War. 11 various. 4th of 12. SP 9, BSP 9.89. -1, -1

(7) 5.30 Haydock. Golden Glimmer. 13 WillHill/BetVictor, 12 various. 11th of 13. SP 9, BSP 11. -1, -1

(12) 7.20 Salisbury. Air Squadron. 10 various. 9th of 11. SP 8, BSP 8.55. -1, -1

Staked 3, Returns 0, P/L -3, -3

Friday 27th May

Odds as of 7.15 will be added later this evening. If on Snap Shots today with Bet365 then you’ll have a risk free bet to the same stake for the 8.45 at Sandown. A 20p in pound deduction brought last night’s price down to 9.8.
(4b) 3.10 Haydock. Alizoom. 21 BetVictor/Coral/Boylesports, plus BetFred/Totesport but not BOG until morning. 4th of 14. SP 17, BSP 20.84. -1, -1
(7) 3.10 Haydock. Dutch Gallery. 17 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor/Coral. 13th of 14. SP 7.5, BSP 8.67. -1, -1
(1bb) 4.00 Bath. Tetradrachm. 4.5 Bet365/WillHill/10Bet/NetBet. 7th of 7. SP 4, BSP 4.24. -1, -1
(4b) 4.40 Haydock. Idealist. 7 BetBright/SkyBet, 6.5 various. 5th of 10. SP 4.5, BSP 5.15. -1, -1
(7) 5.45 Haydock. Colourfilly. 8 Bet365/10Bet/NetBet/BetVictor. 1st of 10. Deduction of 20p in the pound bringing price down to 6.6. SP 5.5, BSP 5.48. +5.6, 4.26
(1) 7.10 Musselburgh. Glengarry. 10 various. 4th of 7. SP 5, BSP . -1, -1

Staked 6, Returns Early 6.6, BSP 5.26, P/L +0.6, -0.74

Thursday 26th May

After the non-runners it’s been just one for the last two days and it’s the same again for Thursday with a much busier Friday and Saturday.

(7) 3.00 Haydock. Snap Shots. 12 Betfair Sportsbook/PaddyPower/Bet365, 11 various (if using Bet365 and it wins, then you’ll have a free bet for Sandown 8.45- place a bet to same stake on the Sandown race and if it loses it’ll be refunded). 1st of 12. Deduction of 20p in the pound bringing price down to 9.8. SP 7, BSP 8. +8.8, +6.65

Staked 1, Returned Early 9.8, BSP 7.65, P/L +8.8, +6.65

Wednesday 25th May

(3) 2.30 Hamilton. Danish Duke. 11 various. 6th of 11. SP 8.5, BSP 8.58. -1, -1

(1) 4.15 Hamilton. Maulesden May. 6 various. Non Runner

(1) 5.15 Hamilton. Mr Grumpy. 11 WillHill plus BetFred/Totesport not BOG until morning, 10 various. Non Runner

Staked 1, Returned 0, P/L -1, -1

Tuesday 24th May

(4b) 7.50 Wetherby. Winterval. 4 WillHill, 3.75 otherwise. Non Runner

(3) 8.50 Wetherby. Frosty The Snowman. 8 Generally. 12th of 15. SP 7, BSP 7.6. -1, -1

Staked 1, Returns 0, P/L -1, -1

Monday 23rd May

A few comments about last week are underneath.

(3) 3.05 Ayr. Vallarta. 7.5 various. 4th of 10. SP 6, BSP 7.88. -1, -1

(2) 3.20 Leicester. Johnny B Goode. 3.75 various 2nd of 10. SP 3.5, BSP 3.89. -1, -1

(11b) 3.55 Leicester. Gershwin. 5.5 various. 1st of 8. SP 4.33, BSP 4.70. +4.5, +3.52

(1) 8.35 Carlisle. She’s Electric. 3.5 various. 9th of 9. SP 3.25, BSP 3.70. -1, -1

Staked 4, Returned Early Prices 5.5, BSP 4.52, P/L +1.5, +0.52

Obviously the results for the past week are what they are and there’ll be little arguing with what a horrible week it has been. It’s not been nice, but we are in a similar position to a fortnight ago when the negative position was overturned by one winner. I want to highlight some of those that went close from the the last seven days to show how exceptional a week it has been and the prices they were matched at in the run on the exchanges. In the order they ran:

Falcon’s Fire, didn’t get out of a pocket in time, 3rd and was matched in the run at 1.64.

Silent Attack, 2nd by half a length, matched at 1.40.

Green Light, 2nd by a neck, matched at 1.16.

Azizaan, 2nd, matched at 1.20.

Compas Scoobie, 3rd by 2 necks, matched at 2.

Penny Lane Forever, looked to have it but folded late, matched at 1.27.

She’s Electric, 2nd by a head, matched at 1.03.

Haalick, 2nd by half a length, matched at 1.54.

There’s over 50 points in that lot, plus a couple of others- Gold Flash and Parnell’s Dream come to mind- who didn’t get much luck in the run plus Snap Shots and Mujassam running big races at big prices without having anything to show for it.

Looking at the individual systems, we’re yet to have a runner for systems 2, 5 and 13. We’ve had runners but not a winner from 3 (7 runs), 6 (2), 8 (2), 9 (4), and 11 (5). There’s been 1 winner from systems 7 (4 runs), 10 (4) and 12 (5 runs). System 1 has had 2 from 11 and system 4 has had 4 winners from 21.

Week 3

Staked 27

Returns using Early Prices: 5.875

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 5.36

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -21.125

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -21.64

Running Totals

Staked: 65

Returns using Early Prices: 55.35

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 50.389

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -9.65

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -14.611

Sunday 22nd May

(12) 5.05 Nottingham Golden Stunner. 3 Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor/PaddyPower/WillHill. 1st of 14. SP 2.625, BSP 2.74. +2, +1.62

Staked 1, Returned Early 3, BSP 2.62, P/L +2, +1.62

Saturday 21st May

(4c) 2.55 Newmarket. Mujassam. 17 various. 3rd of 9. SP 11, BSP 17.03. -1, -1

(4a) 3.25 Goodwood. Haalick. 8 Boylesports/WillHill, 7.5 Bet365/BetVictor/Racebets. 2nd of 14. SP 6, BSP 6. -1, -1

(4b) 3.40 Haydock. Imtiyazz. 11 various. 6th of 7. SP 5.5, BSP 5.85. -1, -1

(4b) 4.10 Haydock. Steps. 29 Bet365/WillHill/BetVictor, 26 various. 11th of 11. SP 34, BSP 48.07. -1, -1

(10) 4.40 Newmarket. Clear Water. 2.5 Betfair Sportsbook, 2.375 various. 1st of 12. SP 2.875, BSP 2.78. +1.875, +1.74.

(4c) 4.40 Newmarket. Zabeel Princess. 9 various. 5th of 12. SP 13, BSP 15.99. -1, -1

(7) 4.45 Haydock. Snap Shots. 26 various. 4th of 13. SP 15, BSP 17.85. -1, -1

(12) 4.55 York. Secret Sense. 4.5 Betfair Sportsbook, 4.33 various. 4th of 6. SP 5, BSP 5.3. -1, -1

Staked 8, Returned Early 2.875, BSP 2.74, P/L -5.125, -5.26

Friday 20th May

(6) 2.20 Goodwood. Live Dangerously. 21 Bet365/WillHill/Ladbrokes/BetVictor. 7th of 8. SP 17, BSP 18.54. -1, -1

(4c) 3.40 Carlisle. Penny Lane Forever. 4 PaddyPower/BetBright, 3.75 Ladbrokes/10Bet/BetVictor. 5th of 9. SP 3.5, BSP 3.76. -1, -1

(12) 4.00 Goodwood. Parnell’s Dream. 5.5 various. 5th of 9. SP 7, BSP 8.05. -1, -1

(1) 4.45 Carlisle. Gold Flash. 11 PaddyPower, 10 BetVictor/Coral, 9.5 10Bet. 5th of 6. SP 4, BSP 4.11. -1, -1

(1) 5.15. Carlisle. She’s Electric. 11 Betfair Sportsbook, 10 WillHill/BetVictor. 2nd of 8. SP 6, BSP 6.00. -1, -1

Staked 5, Returns 0, P/L -5, -5

Thursday 19th May

At risk of stating the obvious, so far we’ve had a poor first week, a very good second week and a blank in the first half of the third week. The races run most recently can be uppermost in our minds whereas further down the line they’re seen as just one of many, and part of the ups and downs along the way. So, we find ourselves back to around break evens which, while it isn’t where we would like it to be, is hardly disasterous and once again only a couple of good results away from a decent start.

Not exactly odds to get excited about, but that’s the way they’ve fallen on this occasion with these being the only two qualifiers.
(4b) 2.30 Lingfield. Sherdat. 1.33 Bet365/BetBright/BetVictor. 5th of 9. SP 1.44, BSP 1.51. -1, -1

(11b) 8.30 Sandown. Danilovna. 2.25 PaddyPower/SkyBet/Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor. 5th of 8. SP 1.91, BSP 2.12. -1, -1

Staked 2, Returns 0, P/L -2, -2

Wednesday 18th May

Three for tomorrow to hopefully end this mini-bout of seconditis.
(8) 1.50 Bath. Palisade. 6 PaddyPower/BetVictor plus BetFred and Totepsort but not BOG until morning, 5.5 various. 8th of 13. SP 6.5, 6.61. -1, -1

(3) 3.10 Ayr. Favourite Treat. 13 Generally. 5th of 6. SP 15, BSP 18.24. -1, -1

(1) 3.45 Ayr. Beautiful Stranger. 7.5 BetBright/BetVictor/Bet365, 7 various. 7th of 9. SP 6.5, 7.6. -1, -1

Staked 3, Returns 0, P/L -3, -3

Tuesday 17th May

Thank-you to those who have replied to the email today. Much appreciated. Over the next couple of days we’ll digest the feedback and either Matt or I (or if you’re really unlucky, both of us) will get back to you.

(4b) 4.50 Nottingham. Azizaan. 8 WillHill/Betfair Sportsbook/BetVictor, 7.5 various. 2nd of 9. SP 7, BSP 7.27. -1, -1

(3) 7.10 Wetherby. Cosmic Chatter. 9 PaddyPower/WillHill/Betfair Sportsbook, 8.5 Boylesports/BetVictor. 8th of 9. SP 10, BSP 10.48. -1, -1

(4a) 8.40 Wetherby Compas Scoobie. 3 various. 3rd of 8. SP 2.875, BSP 3.21. -1, -1

Staked 3, Returns 0, P/L -3, -3

Monday 16th May

I’ve been away for the weekend with limited access, so the only race I’ve managed to watch was Abushamah’s narrow defeat. Further comments will have to wait a day or two, but it’s been a good week and the service is in profit two weeks in. Obviously, we all hope that will be built upon and as the racing schedules settle down and there’s more of a range of selections from across the various systems, I have every confidence that will be the case.

(7) 2.50 Redcar. Cancan Katy.  3.75 Bet365/PaddyPower/10Bet/BetVictor. 6th of 9. SP 4.5, BSP 5. -1, -1

(4b) 3.45 Brighton. Fool To Cry. 10 BetBright/Ladbrokes/Bet365/BetVictor/Boylesports. 4th of 8. SP 7.5, BSP 7.57. -1, -1

(1) 5.35 Redcar. Falcons Fire. 10 Bet365/WillHill/BetVictor, 9 various. 3rd of 15. SP 5.5, BSP 6.8. -1, -1

(10) 7.40 Leicester. Silent Attack. 2.2 PaddyPower, 2 various. 2nd of 8. SP 2.625, BSP 2.86. -1, -1

(12) 8.00 Windsor. Green Light. 7 Bet365, 6 SkyBet/BetVictor (plus BetFred/Totesport/StanJames not BOG until the morning). 2nd of 7. SP 3, BSP 3.35. -1, -1

Staked 5, Returned 0, P/L -5, -5

Week 2

Staked 20

Returns using Early Prices: 42

using Betfair Starting Price (after 5% commission): 37.88

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +22

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: +17.88

Running Totals

Staked: 38

Returns using Early Prices: 49.475

using Betfair Starting Prices after 5% commission: 45.029

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: +11.475

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: +7.029

Sunday 15th May

(4c) 3.35 Ripon. Stocking. 11 various. 8th of 9. SP 13, BSP 18.16. -1, -1.

(1) 4.45. Ripon. Robinnielly. 8 Betfair Sportsbook plus BetFred and Totesport, neither BOG until the morning, 7.5 various. 2nd of 7. SP 3, BSP 3.33. -1, -1

Staked 2, Returns 0, P/L -2, -2

Saturday 14th May

There will be selections for this service as normal over the weekend, but only posted here and not sent by email.

(1) 2.15. Thirsk. Lady Wootton. 15 PaddyPower/BetVictor, 13 various. 7th of 13. SP 10, BSP 12.02. -1, -1

(3) 2.50 Thirsk. Abushamah. 7 BetVictor/Coral, 6.5 various. 2nd of 11. SP 6 BSP 6.84. -1, -1

(4a) 3.55 Newbury. Belardo. 9 Betfair Sportsbook/Boylesports, 8.5 PaddyPower/BetVictor. 1st of 12. SP 9, BSP 9.73. +8, +8.29

(1) 6.15 Doncaster. Glengarry. 21 PaddyPower, 19 10Bet, 17 various. Non Runner

(1) 8.15. Doncaster. Gold Flash. 8 various. 9th of 15. SP 8, BSP 9.4. -1, -1

Staked 4, Returns Early 9, BSP 9.29, P/L +5, +5.29

Friday 13th May

No joy from the two so far today with one still to run. The busiest day so far tomorrow and looking like either 4 or 6 for Saturday, depending on the going.

(12) 3.45 Newbury. Emerald Loch. 6 WillHill/BetVictor/Betfair Sportsbook, 5.5 various. 9th of 15. SP 8.5, BSP 8.81. -1, -1

(11b) 3.45 Newbury. Dream Free. 17 Bet365, 15 various. 12th of 15. SP 17, BSP 19.62. -1, -1

(11b) 4.15 Newbury. Dostoyevsky. 34 WillHill/BetVictor, 26 BetBright/PaddyPower. 7th of 11. SP 15, BSP 22.55. -1, -1

(4a)4.40 York. Barsanti. 3.5 Betfair Sportsbook, 3.25 various. 1st of 10. SP 2.875, BSP 3.1. +2.5, +2

(1) 6.15 Hamilton. Sindarban. 8 Betfair Sportsbook, 7.5 BetBright/PaddyPower, 7 various. 1st of 5. Deduction of 10p in the pound bringing early prices down to 7.3. SP 5.5, BSP 6.8. +6.3, +5.51

(1) 6.50 Hamilton. So It’s War. 11 PaddyPower/SkyBet, 10 WillHill/BetBright/BetVictor. 9th of 13. SP 10, BSP 11.57. -1, -1

(1) 7.55 Hamilton. Farkle Minkus. 17 Bet365, 15 various. 8th of 10. SP 10, BSP 9.89. -1, -1

(3) 9.00 Hamilton. Danish Duke. 8.5 Bet365, 8 various. 4th of 6. SP 8.5, BSP 11. -1, -1

Staked 8, Returns Early 10.8, BSP 9.9, P/L +2.8, +1.51

Thursday 12th May.

Appeared managed to get home despite wobbling around and the two for Bath were both non-runners. The 6.5 with Ladbrokes only lasted minutes after posting and as it was the only one offering that price, 6 will be recorded for the early prices. Not as many as first thought for Thursday so we’re just in the hands of Varian and Atzeni, though that didn’t do us any harm today. A quick heads up- there will most probably be 8 selections in tomorrow night’s post for Friday’s racing.

(4a) 3.15 York. Choreographer. 21 BetVictor/Bet365 (plus Betfred and Totesport, neither BOG until the morning). 7th of 12. SP 17, BSP 24. -1, -1

(4a) 6.15 Newmarket. Point Of View. 2.75 Betfair Sportsbook/BetBright/Bet365 (plus Betfred and Totesport, neither BOG until the morning). 5th of 13. SP 2.25, BSP 2.37. -1, -1

(4a) 8.25 Newmarket. Philadelphia. 8 BetVictor/Betfair Sportsbook/SkyBet/Bet365. 9th of 12. SP 6.5. 7.5. -1, -1

Staked 3, Returns 0, P/L -3, -3

Wednesday 11th May

A typically excellent ride from Phillip Makin, in getting Livella Fella up on shoulder of the pace from the outside stall with the minimum of fuss, gave us a nicely priced winner and into profit. But, just as one bad week doesn’t mean too much in the long-term, neither does one big winner mean the reverse. However, if this service is given enough patience, and the advice in the user guide is heeded, then I’m sure it will prove itself.

Three for Wednesday and it looks like it could be a busy Thursday.

(4a) 5.20 York. Appeared. 6.5 Ladbrokes, 6 various. 1st of 20. (6 recorded due to price-dropping.) SP 6, BSP 6.4. +5, +5.13

(11b) 6.30 Bath. Danilovna. 2.5 Betfair Sportsbook/PaddyPower, 2.375 various. Non Runner

(8) 6.30 Bath. Palisade. 5 various. Non Runner.

Staked 1, Returns Early 6, BSP 6.13, P/L +5, +5.13

Tuesday 10th May

Both of today’s selections were non runners so we’re as we were.

(1) 4.30 Beverley. Livella Fella. 17 various. 1st of 10. Deduction of 5p in the pound bringing price down to 16.2. SP 13, BSP 13.17. +15.2, +11.561

(8) 5.55 Chepstow. Tenzing Norgay. 7 Betfair Sportsbook, 6.5 elsewhere. 8th of 11. SP 6, BSP 6.28. -1, -1

Staked 2, Returns Early 16.2, BSP 12.561. P/L +14.2, +10.561

Monday 9th May

So, a disappointing first week but nothing a couple of better results won’t turn around. A couple of defeats by a neck didn’t help things, but again nothing to moan about and there’ll be plenty of tight finishes- both going for us and against us- over the season. Austerity was an eye-catcher after blowing the start and having plenty of ground to make up but was finishing as well as anything.

(1) 5.10 Musselburgh. Doeadeer. 4.5 Generally. Non Runner

(4a) 6.20 Windsor. Fool To Cry. 11 Generally. Non Runner

Week 1 Results

Staked: 18

Returns using Early Prices: 7.475

using Betfair Starting Prices (after 5% commission): 7.149

Profit/Loss using Early Prices: -10.525

Profit/Loss using BSP after commission: -10.851

(Selections for) Saturday 7th May

There isn’t anything on the flat on Sunday, so there won’t be a post Saturday night and the next will be Sunday night for Monday. In the meantime I’ll have the week’s results updated. Golden Glimmer drifted and won and Point Of View was a non-runner today. Moueenn is yet to run…

(11b) 4.55 Nottingham. Claymore. 7 most bookies. 7th of 11. SP 3.75, BSP 3.86. -1, -1

(9) 6.05 Thirsk. Austerity. 21 Ladbrokes/Betfair Sportsbook, 19 BetVictor, 17 elsewhere. 6th of 15. SP 21, BSP 38.15. -1, -1

(9) 7.35 Thirsk. Ralphy Lad. 21 WillHill, 19 BetVictor, 17 most others. 10th of 11. SP 8, BSP 9.6. -1, -1

Staked 3, Returns 0

Friday 6th May

(7) 4.50 Chester. Golden Glimmer. 2.875 Bet365, 2.75 BetVictor/SkyBet, 2.625 various. 1st of 8. SP 3.5, BSP 3.66. +2.5, +2.527

(10) 5.40 Nottingham. Great Return. 8 Bet365/BetBright/PaddyPower/BetVictor. 9th of 14. SP 5, BSP 5.7. -1, -1

(4b) 5.40 Nottingham. Point Of View. 5 SkyBet plus BetFred/Totesport but not BOG until the morning, 4.5 various. Non-Runner

(4a) 6.30 Ascot. Ajamn Princess. 2.75 Ladbrokes, 2.625 BetVictor/SkyBet/Betfair Sportsbook. 2nd of 12. SP 2.25, BSP 2.4. -1, -1

(4b) 7.50 Nottingham. Moueenn. 11 BetBright/BetVictor/Ladbrokes/Betfair Sportsbook. 3rd of 9. SP 10. BSP 13.19. -1, -1

Staked 4, Returns Early 3.5, BSP 3.527, P/L -0.5, -0.473

Thursday 5th May

The 2.10 is on Channel 4, so will have the normal associated offers- Bet365 free bet on next race if wins, Betfair Sportsbook free bet if wins, SkyBet free bet if fave wins, Lads/Hills (mobile)/RaceBets free bet if 2nd, PP free bet if 2nd to fave on both races. Could be 3 or 5 for Friday depending on how well the ground dries out.

(4(a)) 2.10 Chester. American Artist. 6.5 Coral/Betway (the latter not BOG until morning), 6 all others apart from PaddyPower. 5th of 11. SP 8, BSP 9.43. -1, -1

(7) 4.55 Chester. Reflektor. 6.5 with most bookies. 2nd of 11. SP 5, BSP 5.36. -1, -1

Staked 2, Returns 0, P/L -2, -2

Wednesday 4th May

Such are the ways of the BHA schedulers that following the end of the NH season and days after the beginning of the Flat Championships, the next two days only have Chester providing racing on the flat on turf and sharing a billing with 7 jumps meetings. Very strange. There should be runners for us on Thursday, but the only qualifier for Wednesday is an early non-runner.

No selections.

Tuesday 3rd May

Good to get off the mark, even if today only had a tiny profit. It’ll probably be a quiet three days until a bit more action on Friday and Saturday.

(6) 3.20 Brighton. Live Dangerously. 26 Betfair Sportsbook, 21 Bet365/WillHill, 19 BetBright/10Bet/SkyBet/RaceBets. 6th of 7. SP 17, BSP 24.62. -1, -1

(3) 7.25 Catterick. Favourite Treat. 7.5 Coral, 7 PaddyPower/SkyBet, 6.5 BetVictor/Ladbrokes. 9th of 9. SP 8.5, BSP 9.6. -1, -1

Staked 2, Returns 0, P/L -2, -2

Monday 2nd May

Not the flying start I’m sure we would have all liked, but only 4 down and 400-odd to go…

(4(b)) 2.50 Windsor. Morando. 4.5 Bet365/WillHill/Ladbrokes/BetVictor/RaceBets. 1st of 13. SP 4.5, BSP 3.76. Deduction of 15p in the pound to both early bets and SP bringing both down to 3.975. +2.975, +2.622

(10) 3.25 Windsor. Silent Attack. 2.75 PaddyPower/Betfair Sportsbook, 2.625 BetBright/Bet365/10Bet. Non-Runner

(9) 3.30 Beverley. Skiddaw Valleys. 13 Betfair Sportsbook/SkyBet, 11 most others. 8th of 10. SP 12, BSP 14.25. -1, -1

(3) 4.05. Beverley. Ahushamah. 8 Bet365, 7 WillHill/BetVictor plus BetFred and Totesport but neither offer BOG until the morning. 9th of 12. SP 5, BSP 5.4. -1, -1

Staked 3, Returns: Early 3.975, BSP 3.622, P/L +0.975, +0.622

Sunday 1st May

Details for the these four systems have now been added to The Systems page.

(3) 2.10 Hamilton. Vallarta. 13 with most bookies. 4th of 8. SP 9, BSP 9.33. -1, -1

(11(a)) 2.35 Salisbury. Dream Farr. 12 SkyBet, 11 BetBright, 10 most others. 6th of 9. SP 15, BSP 19.72. -1, -1

(10) 4.15 Newmarket. Top Score. 6 BetBright, 5.5 WillHill/Ladbrokes/BetVictor. 3rd of 9. SP 7.5, BSP 10.12. -1, -1

(9) 4.30 Hamilton. Steccando. 4.5 Bet365/SkyBet, 4.33 WillHill/BetVictor/BetBright/Racebets. 3rd of 6. SP 3.5. BSP 4. -1, -1

Staked 4, Returns 0, P/L -4, -4


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  1. Tony Butler says:

    Where do I find the selection for today, 30 April, please?

  2. Antho Mochrie says:

    The service begins at 7.15pm on Saturday 30th April.

  3. Miles Tredwell says:

    Yep, right page just a few hours early. Replied to your email before I saw this.

  4. Ian Leonard says:

    How many members do you currently have Miles using the Racing Code ?

  5. Miles Tredwell says:

    I don’t know is the honest, if surprising, answer. Agora deal with that side of things and Matt will have a better idea, so I guess I’ll find out soon enough when the bank holiday is over but from emails and comments my feeling is that it’s been popular.

  6. David James says:

    Hi Miles.

    With the bets, do you ever recommend multiples, doubles, trixies, patents etc?

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Hi David,
      For The Racing Code they’re all going to be 1 point wins advised, but if you choose to vary that then it’s very much your choice.
      With multiples for The Syndicate, I tend to go on those I have strong confidence in and/or when the likelihood of success roughly keeps in with the 1 in 4 to 1 in 5 strike-rate. So, if there are a couple that come up (and are still perceived as having value) around evens to 2/1 then they could be a double. A bit bigger and they might be an each-way double or in a Trixie so there’s still a good chance of a return. Stakes for singles are then normally reduced so that there isn’t too much on any runner. With larger odds they’re normally just in singles otherwise it can be a while waiting for a big hit.

      With that approach, there’ll probably be times when I’ll privately place multies with The Racing Code but haven’t done yet.

      Hope that helps,

      • David James says:

        Okay thanks for that Miles. I do like to do multiples as it can really boost any profits. The tricky bit is obviously picking the days/races when they have the best chance of coming in. If you could possibly let me know when you are doing any multiples that would be very much appreciate.


        • Miles Tredwell says:

          FAO David James,
          Regarding the above…
          Although singles are advised for tomorrow, as they always area, and will be recorded as such, personally, I’ll be staking 0.8 points on the first five of tomorrow’s 6 selections as singles and having a point (total) on them in a win only super yankee.
          (Forgot to say above that it’s not part of the official recommendations because the emails are sent before the prices come out so not really practical plus it made sense to keep it simple.)

  7. Christiania1 says:

    Don’t know if this is the right place to ask this, but I joined The Racing Code last week but have not had an email confirmation or details of the Members’ area. I contacted Agora, who told me to contact Matt. I did this but have had no reply. What is the situation, please?

    • Sorry about that. I don’t know why they’ve told you to contact me as I have no access to the admin side whatsoever.

      If somebody doesn’t get an order confirmation email it’s usually because their subscription hasn’t been processed properly so they then have to sign up again. However, I’ve asked customer service to look into this and advise you accordingly.


      • Christiania1 says:

        Thanks, Matt. The girl I spoke to said if it was ordered through you I had to contact you. She appeared to have no record of it, but obviously I’m concerned as I gave all my details and got an online confirmation of payment which said I might want to copy for my records. I foolishly didn’t do that, as I thought there would be an email confirmation but there wasn’t. I don’t really want to be billed twice.

        • I spoke to customer services yesterday and it says that your subscription didn’t go through so you shouldn’t be charged for it.

          I’m not sure what the issue was but I think you should be safe to sign up again and not be billed twice.

          • Simon Devay says:

            Beware Agora: I cancelled in good-time and they still took the full fee from me 5 days later! Disgusted, until I see the money back they’re no better than tieves… Copy of my e-mail below

  8. Alan Dawson says:

    Matt do you normally put up the previous days results on here as I noticed you have not done it for Tuesdays and Thursdays selections

  9. Simon Devay says:

    Data to 6th May (using betfair prices as most qualify for BOG and its simply to track history):

    Selections: 12 — Winners: 3 — Strike Rate (SR) 25% (we like)
    However 🙁 Average price of the selections 10.06 (we like)
    Average price of the 3 that won 2.5 (we don’t like).

    Thus with a (bang-on-as) predicted SR the system is still -2.5 points (plus of course the cost of the system) Thus, at £10 a point, currently your ROI is -21% and you’re down £25 and another (approx 10 pts) £100 for the tips themselves.

    It’s only week one though. Another system I’m in for 8 weeks to-date, has a strike rate of 20% (lower) but the prices are better so it’s a very impressive 42.75 pts up which is an ROI of +65%

    So, at the price of this system I’ll review after 3 weeks and see how they compare… everything crossed

    • Simon Devay says:

      Oops, skewed by an EW I had on Mouenn and a win from another system, so sorry.

      So, SR out of the total 17 named = 12% (under half the lower-end of the expected 25-30%). Av price 7.1 Av win 3.
      -6 pts so to £10 stakes, -£60 (plus the system cost) so at those stakes we need 16 pts to break even.
      ROI down to -35%

      It is only Week 1 and the (very) profitable system I’m in has had a maximum of 12 consecutive losing selections within the 8 weeks; so, that’s the point at which I’ll worry. as even if you don’t select and pay for the system, your staked money stays lost…

  10. Vic Rodriguez says:

    Not impressed so far – let’s hope week 2 shows some improvement.

    • Simon Devay says:

      Some improvement! It’s actually worse than blind luck now. I’ve not only crunched the results of the tips; but for the races and real-life wins too:

      We have had 20 selections across 19 races. 2 winners = just shy of 10% strike rate; a third of what has been suggested… Now, those 19 races had 204 runners. If you picked 20 names out of 204 guess what your strike rate would be… That’s right 10%! Even allowing for ups-and-downs anything that claims to be a system, expert advice, calculated, analysed, inside knowledge &/or is professional and charges; must at the very least be better than drawing names from a hat! REMEMBER I’m only doing the stats for the tips vs results we’re not including the losses from paying for the “advice”.

      But it gets worse; the only winners we had were at 7/2 & 5/2 averaging 3/1. Now, the average price of the winners of the 19 races advised (and some were very low-priced favourites) is 4.73 158% of our results!

      Throwing darts at the racing post would have lost you less money than this. Week 2 has a lot to prove.

      At £10 stakes plus the service cost, I’m down £190 after only a week. Picking “names I like” (which is free) would have seen me down only £85.39 which is still a lot of money to lose in 1 week to £10 stakes, without paying someone else to tip the losses:

      Our trial period, means that weeks 2 & 3 have to work super-hard to persuade me not to cancel the order before it’s too late and another £100 is added to already significant losses…

      • Miles Tredwell says:


        Please see my reply to Ian below. The research is based on thousands of results over a number of years and in the coming weeks you’ll have more results to build conclusions on rather than the 18 runners so far (two selections were non-runners so you would have had your stakes returned for those, so the total is 18 rather than 20).

        Some weeks will perform better than others- it won’t be a constant throughout the 26 weeks. Of course it is disappointing that the first week has made a loss but it is only the first week of 26.


  11. Ian Leonard says:

    I agree with the very detailed responses from Simon
    and others who signed up to this product.
    It has made a disappointing start but my losses have not been as heavy as others on this forum.
    I switched to placing the selections as e.w. bets using £5 stakes.
    I am currently just over £8 down and will be comparing this product with profit maximiser which I am also a member of. Will decide to continue or not at end of trial period. Would appreciate more comment on results so far from Miles

    • David Kettles says:

      Hi Ian,

      I’ve already done Profit Maximiser made a healthy profit from it but also had a lot of bookie accounts banned as a result.

      You can’t compare this tipping service to Profit Maximiser.

      PM is an arbing service and technically you shouldn’t lose money unless you cock up the back and lay bet. This form of betting involves lots of small profits.

      The racing code and other services sold by Agora are back only (not laying) betting tipping services only and therefore you have to expect to lose some of the bets unless Miles has a 100% strike rate!!

      All we have to hope for is that the free trial or money paid for the service does what Matt Houghton said it would.

      Otherwise yes this will be another waste of money.

  12. Miles Tredwell says:


    Of course we all would have wanted to get off to a good start but it’s only one week and losing weeks are not unusual as I tried to make clear in the user guide:

    ‘ there will be ups and downs along the way. Some people will join on really good days and others on days that make a loss. The winners and losers won’t fall in order, so please consider this before you get started.

    If you are going to panic if there are losses for a few days or open the bubbly and let off fireworks after a series of winners then chances are you are staking too much and need to slow down. Consider this as a long-term project and each bet just one out of 400, or a mere 0.25% of the season long service and that should help put any mini highs or lows into perspective.

    I’m recommending a bank of 75 points…’

    It’s very early days, around half the systems haven’t had a single qualifier yet, there have been more qualifiers at higher odds this week than will normally be the case and you’ll be better able to judge the merits of the service further down the line.


  13. Kevin Jenks says:

    Its no use complaining, you have the trial free, so paper trade. We are talking about a business, that has no rainbow.!!!!

    • Simon Devay says:

      The trial is deferred rather than free and of an already trialled system. I just want to see the suggested (and I quote directly) “I’m predicting a strike-rate between 25% and 30%. This should see us make a very nice profit but it also means that 70% to 75% of the bets will lose. If this prediction proves accurate then this will serve us well” the SR is improving now at 16% – I’m leaving NRs in (they don’t effect ROI anyway) but the system you’ll be paying for, still suggested horses in races that went ahead and had winners; and you have to compare any system to picking a winner from those same races at random – rather than the 10% Blind Luck returns. If the SR grows at 6% per week during the trial, then we’re cool before we’re liable for the fee. Please don’t misunderstand me… I really, really want this to work like everyone here. It just has to be significantly better than drawing names from a hat and right now it’s heading North… 😀

      • Miles Tredwell says:

        In the morning two days before the race, connections confirm entry of their horse into that race. If in the time between then and the actual race, the horse becomes injured or unwell or if there is a going change then they can remove that entry for the horse from the race. It then ceases to be entered for the race and becomes a non-runner. As it is no longer part of the race, no record is kept for that race for the horse, trainer, jockey or owner, because it doesn’t take part in it.

        For example, Doeadeer was found on Monday morning to have injured a joint. It was then removed from the race for later that day and at that point became a non-runner and it was no more a part of that race. At the time of the race it wasn’t even in the same country.

        It is impossible for a non-runner to win a race. When it is withdrawn it ceases to be a part of that race. It doesn’t run. You will not find any service or database or publication including non-runners in their records.

        As I told you last week, non runners should not be included in results.

        • Including non-runners as losers be it for strike rate or any other statistical purpose is simply daft and only serves to give you an unrealistic view of a service.

          • Simon Devay says:

            Statistically untrue. Yes the data has no value for your system so of course trainer & jockey data etc. becomes redundant; but to be statistically accurate you have to have a base-line. The fairest comparison: is to drawing name out of a hat which would as likely produce a horse that did run rather than an N/R (more likely, as obviously there are more runners than N/Rs) and broadly gives you the 10% chance of a winner across the races advised.

          • Whether or not it is statistically untrue doesn’t change the fact that it is entirely misleading and completely counter productive.

  14. Basil Zienko says:

    I have just joined on Thursday and experienced a winner which was great. what concerns me is that the 3 selections for Saturday came in 7th, 6th and 10th place. if it is a system with lots of research behind it, shouldn’t the horses picked be in closer contention. Or is horse racing still just luck?

  15. Miles Tredwell says:

    Hi Basil,

    Two thoughts on this really. The key to making a profit long-term is not to pick as many winners as possible, but to consistently make selections that stand a better chance of winning than their odds suggest.

    If you have 100 selections at evens and 49 win then you’ll have made a small loss. If you back 100 horses at 20/1 and just 5 win then you’ll have made a small profit. So when you see a couple of selections at 20/1 your expectations should be directed by those odds.

    These systems have been put together finding areas where each of these trainers have consistently made a profit by sending out more winners than the odds suggest. Most selections for this service will be at lower odds than those and therefore will be expected to have a greater chance.

    Looking at those runs on Saturday, Austerity blew the start and had a lot of ground to make up. He did well in the end to finish 6th of 15 and it may have been different if he’s broken on level terms. There was a lot of promise in that run. Claymore got to the front but raced very keenly early on and that wasted energy lost him any chance. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he’s handled differently next time and given plenty of cover (tucked in behind other horses to stop him racing too keenly) and I wouldn’t write him off. Ralphy Lad ran very poorly and was soundly beaten.

    • Basil Zienko says:

      Thank you Miles for your reply. As a beginner you make sense and after today you have had 2 winners. so this hopefully shows what you say will happen.

  16. And that’s why you don’t jump to conclusions after a handful of bets.

  17. Patrick Mccormack says:

    I don’t understand people judging a service after a short time(whether good or bad). You need to give it time to settle into some kind of pattern which takes time. Personally I trust Miles as I have had some experience of him in the past. If you worry about losing a couple of bets you really should paper trade while the trial is free to get a feel for the system. Personally I’ve bet to small stakes(£10) on each selection and am prepared to see how things pan out. After a patchy start I see we’ve just had a 16/1 winner to take the service into profit. That of course shouldn’t affect your view of the service as it’s still far too early to judge it.

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Hi Patrick,
      Yeah, I agree with all of that. I’m not a huge fan of paper trading though I’d rather that than going in too heavy too soon. Hopefully the few losing days overcome with just one bet and then another smaller result the day after, will be an early highlight of how normal the ups and downs are and how they need to be expected and handled.

  18. David James says:

    Just had a 16/1 winner so that might silence any doubters for a while at least! I’ve only just read all the comments above and I’m not saying what I’m about to say just because we’ve had a good winner. What I will say is though, what is the point in complaining after the first week of a service??? If it was a couple of months in I can understand, but its a week! You should have a bank in place to take much more than one bad week and if people can’t take a loosing run, at what ever point it is, then you shouldn’t bet on horses…

  19. Terry Haywood says:

    Hi, Just joined the service,First days racing i get a 16/1 winner and a loser.That was lucky for me and boosted my betting bank to cover the losing runs that will be expected.

  20. Kevin Haselden says:

    @David James – totally agree with you and some of the analysis posted above that is based on just a few results is crude at best.
    I presume now we are in profit, we can update them and show a healthy profit.

  21. Simon Devay says:

    The Selections for Saturday don’t show which systems produced them. It’s nice to know, as over the longer-term this may become statistically significant. i.e. at the moment it’s worth backing selections from systems 1 & 4(a). Those gave 4 of the 6 winners from 12 selections; at strong prices too. That’s the 30% SR you’re aiming for already with a phenomenal ROI. Just saying it’d be nice to still be given the system ID too please…

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Yep, you will be, plus tables for each of them when we’re a bit further in and there are more results in the book. I was on the move last night with a poor connection so was just making sure I got the vitals up before the connection went again.

  22. Douglas Hewitt says:

    Just joined and am amazed that there are already questions one week in about the SR and ROI. You would not buy a share on the stock exchange at £1 and sell it after a week for 75p because you had made a loss. This has 13 different systems, a portfolio approach. If you get cold feet after a few losses, you should not be betting on horses!

    • Peter Lawes says:

      Hi Miles,Anybody moaning about results after a week at your prices should give up betting now.Betting on bigger price horses you should be in for the long term as you can sometimes go 2months with no profit then the 3rd month you can win 100pts. So Miles dont let the moaners get you down and keep up the good work.

      • Simon Devay says:

        That’s fine only if month 3 wins enough to cover the service fee and 3 months of betting… A: this may not happen and B: we haven’t got a 3 month trial. After 4 weeks the money’s due so you have no choice but to analyse the data in the 1st 3 and a bit weeks…

    • Simon Devay says:

      You can’t compare speculation on a race with share’s traded a week apart (unless it’s an IPO) which you know people would review monthly, quarterly and yearly. The point of a race is that your results, good or bad, are determined in minutes, it can’t be a long term thing. Better to compare to FOREX where you can be up or down dozens of point in mere minutes and, yes those systems are judged as quickly. A few trades a day for a few weeks will tell you all you need about systems.

      • Hi Simon,

        I would completely disagree with that, both in the case of forex (not that I know a huge amount about that subject) and racing systems.

        Just because the results of INDIVIDUAL selections are known immediately that doesn’t mean it can’t be a long term thing.

        That’s effectively like saying you can judge a football team on a period of a few weeks because the results of their individual matches are known immediately. Of course that’s complete nonsense as virtually every single season the eventual champions will have a bad patch where they go a few games without a win and the relegated teams will have good runs of results (unless you happen to be Aston Villa of course).

        Your point about the length of the trial is perfectly valid but to say that it can’t be a long term thing full stop doesn’t really make any logical sense.


  23. Miles Tredwell says:

    Thanks Peter and Doug. The irony is that I’d included a prediction on strike-rate to try to emphasise that the majority will lose and that’s to be expected. Pleasingly most emails have been positive and there’s only been one emailer who I’d describe as rude, so nothing too bad overall. (Touch wood, as I haven’t seen any feedback sent tonight yet, following today’s email.)

    I think the challenge is often to slow people down and not make knee-jerk conclusions on the service or try to change the approach. That would have been easier if the first two weeks had happened the other way round, but that’s the way it goes. Then you have a narrow victory on Friday giving two wins in a row and today a blank when three could easily have won. That’s racing. Hopefully those newer to it will have realised from the first fortnight that a few bad days in terms of losses is not unusual and can very quickly be overturned. We’ll see… 🙂

  24. Vic Rodriguez says:

    Couple of points I’d like to make – the concensus is that we shouldn’t be judging the service at this early stage, either positively or negatively. BUT I received an email yesterday from Betting Rant and today from Agora stating how well the service is doing. This is irritating because as a user I can see for myself, so these emails should be filtered so that existing members or those trialling don’t receive them – they’re just spam. The second, and I believe more important point is that they are using out of date information and are therefore misleading. It’s true that a decent profit was returned last week and the emails do state this (despite the fact we shouldn’t be judging at this stage), but we are now on a run of 13 consecutive losers which has wiped out last week’s profit. The emails are still saying how well the service is going, which is currently not true. This is not meant as a criticism of the service but more a personal opinion on what I perceive to be dodgy marketing.

    • Vic Rodriguez says:

      … Favourite Treat and Beautiful Stranger have just extended the losing streak to 15 🙁

      • Miles Tredwell says:

        It’s certainly been an up and down first two and a half weeks- down 10 and a bit points from the first 18 runners, up 25 from the next 17, down 14 from the next 14. It’ll settle down.

        • Hi Vic,

          All figures on the emails were correct at the time of writing but apologies if there was a delay between some of them going out. Obviously the current track record is constantly changing.

          Existing members shouldn’t receive them and there is a filter in please but for one reason or another one or two can slip through.


  25. Douglas Hewitt says:

    Hi Miles
    Just watched Favourite Treat struggle at Ayr, I was just wondering why Hab Reeh was not a qualifier in the 2.10 today under the same combination and an 8 year old that had run twice recently at Thirsk (won at 9/1) Hoping the losing streak comes to an end very soon.

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Hi Doug,
      Me too and I looked to the heavens when Hab Reeh came in. These trainers though will have probably over a thousand non-qualifiers run for them this season and there will be many winners within them. I’ve tried to find when they’re most likely to come and many will be missed by being outside the criteria for one reason or another.

      For example, we’ve had four winners from Roger Varian from around 12 selections within the criteria we’re using. From his other runners he’s had 4 from 34 this month.

      Ruth Carr has picked up a few winners of late while we’ve had a few run badly and one near defeat, that I can think of. Where she’s caught the eye in the past is by doing ‘ok’ with older horses (which is a relative success because older horses normally struggle to win) but it’s those not quite as old where she has done really well and has been profitable once they get a couple of runs or more into the season. The logic is that she’s adept at achieving improvement as seen in those 8 or older doing reasonably and picking up some wins, but it’s those a touch younger (5-7)where she has consistently blossomed.

  26. Simon Devay says:

    What systems generated Thursday’s tips please?

  27. Miles Tredwell says:

    4b and 11b, in that order. Sorry, thought I’d added them.

  28. David James says:

    The odds on today’s horses are dire, I don’t know what everyone got last night but I think I’ll be giving today a miss!

  29. Paul Bicknell says:

    Firstly I’m no betting expert and I rarely gamble on horses which is why I liked the look of this system i.e. someone else does all of the ‘expert stuff’ and I simply place the bets – suits me fine.
    I only joined in time to bet on the final selection on Sat 14th but as everyone is aware, there hasn’t been a winner since (typical of my luck which is why I tend not to gamble much) but the point I want to make is that whilst I fully expect there to be more losers than winners, in order to be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system the trial period should be longer than one month.
    Quite simply for me, and many others I suspect, if the current trend continues for the next 3 weeks then I will be cancelling my direct debit. No amount of “well it could pick up in the next few weeks” will convince me otherwise.
    The original blurb stated that you can “double your betting bank in 90 days” so why not have the trial period for 90 days? I’m not suggesting that the system doesn’t work just that 30 days is maybe too short a time to be able to make an informed decision.

  30. sambo78 says:

    Let me put you all straight on betting on Horse Racing..there never was or never will be an infallible winning system for betting on it. Its easy to make profitable back fitted systems, but when they are put to the test over period of time using real money they ALL come unstuck.
    Having 13 (really) systems working as one is just a way of kidding people into thinking that systems can be used to make betting pay. A couple will no doubt show a profit for a while but they too will eventually hit those long losing runs that inevitably happens to ALL systems.

    The only way to make profits on Horse Racing is to work hard studying the form, VT’s and the betting markets and waiting for the right selections to come along to place bets on. There are no short cuts to making betting pay and it always amuses me when people expect to win at betting by putting only fraction of the effort into it as they do their normal 9-5 day jobs.

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      It’s interesting that the first person ever to use expressions such as ‘short cuts’ and ‘fraction of the effort’ in relation to my work is either not a member or has joined a service he didn’t think would work.

      • sambo78 says:

        What “work” have you actually undertaken, Miles? Apart from creating back fitted systems? Where are the PROOFED results of each of the “micro” systems? Is there an independent website I can check for previous results of these? I’m going to bet there isn’t.

        • Miles Tredwell says:

          Four years worth. Incidentally, the introduction is about the dangers of simply back fitting systems. Over the years many observations have been made and written about on these pages. Members of The Syndicate will be able to find system 3 largely described on 19th June 2015, for example, and elsewhere mentions of 1, 2, 8 and 11. Members of my previous service would have received the origins of 7 and 9 written about in 2013. These are far from simply back fitted and lifted off the top of league tables.

          Selections are proofed to Racing Index.

          In your previous comment you boldly assert there is only one way to make money in horse racing. You are factually incorrect because there are services out there using other methods such as race profiling, trainer stats and bloodlines that have been successful and around for a long time and good luck to them.

          I don’t particularly mind you making incorrect assertions and assumptions, but your manner (beginning with ‘Let me put you all straight on betting on Horse Racing’) leaves much to be desired. If you have great knowledge to share that’s fantastic, you’ll be very welcome as long as you couple that with an ounce of humility.

  31. Paul Bicknell says:

    I assume that the whole point here is that Miles is the one using his knowledge and expertise and putting in the effort which provides the service that we, the customers, pay for so we don’t have to treat it like a 9-5 day job.

  32. David James says:

    ‘sambo78’, why are you on here then? No one is asking you to follow the selections, its you own personal choice…

  33. Ian Pretty says:

    Any system can only be judged over the course of a season so although The Racing Code has had an indifferent start the time for a judgement will be at the end of the flat racing season. I am sure other subscribers like me are constantly bombarded with ‘ foolproof systems ‘ almost on a daily basis and in building a betting portfolio you have to have a gut feeling that a system has merit and the tipster is genuine. I feel Miles falls into this category and I personally will be sticking with both The Syndicate and The Racing Code. It will be interesting to revisit some of these early emails later in the year when we have the full flat season to reflect on.

    • Paul Bicknell says:

      I completely agree with what you’re saying Ian and I certainly have no problem with Miles or the system at this point but I still do feel that the trial period should be extended.
      One of the reasons for having a trial period is to see if the system works or at least shows that it has the potential to work. I still maintain that if at the end of the month my 75 points are way down or wiped out then I, and probably many others will be cancelling the direct debit. It would be a huge leap of faith to continue on the basis that it may come good.
      I think we all accept that this is gambling and of course, you can lose, but we’d also like to think that systems like this can tip the odds in our favour. Unfortunately, as you rightly say, the only way we’ll know for sure is to see the results at the end of the season.
      I genuinely hope that this does work and that we all see an upturn in results but perhaps a trial extension would give the system more time to prove itself? It does after all state that “you could double your betting bank in 90 days” which is a bold statement, especially if the first 30 days return a big loss.
      Time will tell, I guess!

  34. John Lawrence says:

    I am not a maths expert by any means but is that not 21 losers in a row… this is my first week and I am now going for a drink… promise I will have more constructive comments to make next time!

  35. P d Jones says:

    Very disappointing results so far

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      A run like this is never nice, particularly so soon into a new service. Sorry that new members who joined this week have had this as their first experience.

  36. Phillip Young says:

    I have to say that agree about the extended trial period. The trial should be extended as it has been a very indifferent start.
    As I understand it the fee will be deducted in a weeks time or so. Who knows, by that time we may be grinning from ear to ear and whistling zippedy doo dah after a string of positive results and ecstatic about the idea of parting with our cash but I think Agora need to keep their options open. If results continue like this for the next week then you can’t possibly claim with any confidence that you are on to a winner and go on to take people’s money.
    Two wins at decent odds and things will look a lot better (I note the last selection lost by a head; those are the margins I’m afraid).
    If things continue to go as they are, though, I will be very reluctant to part with £100 in addition to a tenner for every losing selection. You can’t carry a losing system forever.
    I’m all for giving things a good go but I think we need to be met halfway on this.
    Have a good weekend everybody. Onwards and upwards, my spidey sense are telling me that Saturday is going to be the day. I’m not exactly the seventh son of a seventh son, though, so I reserve the right to change my opinion if it all goes pear shaped.

  37. Vic Rodriguez says:

    After what can only be described as a very poor week with a run of 21 losers, 8 selections tomorrow with a couple of vey high prices, means for me it’s make or break time. Really don’t want to be a naysayer but without an upturn in fortunes over the next week, it will be very difficult to justify continuing past the trial period. Granted, there have been a few second places, but a lot of the selections have been so far off the mark that confidence is getting very low.

    Here’s hoping for a good Saturday . . .

    • Michelle Beaumont says:

      I agree with you Vic

      It’s nearly the end of the trial period & with the district lack of winners, I will also be basing my decision to continue on the results today, fingers crossed for a good day.

  38. Terry Armitage says:

    I have read all the comments and it really comes down to this.
    it has been a dreadful run of losses and this understandaby shakes peoples confidence.I am very disappointed but haven’t given up on it yet.
    The two thursday odds on selections i actually layed, as i could not see either can be seen
    what i am now doing is starting to analyse the selections my self and am discounting any that i judge to be definate losers, but this really defeats the object of using the system.We do really need to see an improvement.
    i wasn’t expecting to clear my subs in the trial period and would be happy if i had a good contribution. It really needs to be pulling in more winners per week to offset some of these losses. Also there are a lot of the horses that are not even getting placed. Even with a good staking plan i am starting to see my bank suffer which is a concern.

  39. Basil Zienko says:

    Saturday 4.20 another 4 losses, my betting bank for this trial is near an end.

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      We exchanges messages(above) two weeks ago. You said you joined on Thursday 5th May. Since then it may have had two extreme weeks- and this one has been painful, no denying that- but you really cannot be more than a few points down. I feel very sorry for anyone who joined at the beginning of this week, but if you joined the week before then you’ll have tiny losses or a small profit.

  40. Jamie Jamieson-black says:


  41. Vernon Gurtner says:

    Well I made that 27 staked in week 3 with just 2 short-priced winners, a losing run of 21, and a surprising number home around 5th. Mike what were longest losing runs historically ?

  42. Terry Armitage says:

    thinking about it; it is still quite early in the season, a lot of betters dont bother until mid june.

  43. John Bean says:

    We now have the ridiculous situation of having Miles tip one horse (via The Racing Code)to win a race whilst he is also tipping another horse, each-way, in the same race under The Syndicate banner. This applies to both the 7.50 and the 8.50 at Wetherby tonight.

  44. Miles Tredwell says:

    The two services find selections in different ways. With the two races you mention, both have 16 runners so it’s certainly possible that two (or more) can offer value in the same race.

  45. Vic Rodriguez says:

    Just received yet another mail shot describing this service as “One of the hottest racing services out there right now”, followed by “If you want to turn a £10 stake into £6,482 this flat horse racing season…”. These statements are completely unjustified given the very poor start to the trial, currently around -10 points, and I don’t want these emails as an existing member.

    I posted about this before and my comments were ignored – can you please stop spamming with these emails.

  46. P d Jones says:

    26/5/16 15.10 Well done, Miles. Start of the turn around.

  47. George Cowan says:

    hi could you tell me what is longest losing run only 10 points down for trial turn around on the horizon hopefully yours g cowan

  48. Miles Tredwell says:

    Hi George,
    I’m almost certain that we’ve already had a losing run longer than anything last year. I’ve records of each service individually rather than as one whole previously largely because it makes sense to look at each one individually (along with others that didn’t make the cut and are still under observation for future use or rejection).

    Also, quite a few are ground dependent so one year may be busy in a period they’re quiet the next- Varian would be a good example because he’s had the most selections so far, as it’s been a relatively dry month in the south, whereas last year May was very wet resulting in him hardly having any qualifiers.

    So far we’ve had quite a few from Carr and 5 or 6 from Swinbank who are the two with the lowest strike-rates but tend to win in clusters the most. On the other end Prescott and Surroor are not the most profitable historically, but have the highest strike-rates. If there’s a month when those two have a lot of qualifiers then it won’t necessarily be a cracking month but I would expect more winners and a higher strike-rate, albeit at lower odds.

    Having plotted when the winners came last year, there wasn’t a 6 day period (like we’ve had) until October but that wasn’t much of a losing run as there wasn’t much racing and a few stop operating before then, but there was a 5 day spell in August and a few 4 days scattered around, along with days with multiple winners as you’d expect.

    In summary, there will be losing spells again, of course, but I’d be surprised if there’s another spell like that one.

  49. Aamir Khan says:

    Where are Sunday 29th selections?

  50. Ian Leonard says:

    Vic certainly has a point with his comments above as I’m sure all who entered into this trial and followed the forecasts given will now be out of pocket to various levels. Personally I am down over £30 (betting to £5 stakes e.w.)
    The £6482 claim with £10 stakes this season is outrageous.
    The wisest comment came from the person who suggested paper trading this system
    I did calculate you could loose that amount in 5 years on current form.
    I promised myself I would stay if system showed a profit after a month,so will probably cancel d/d next week.
    I also requested membership numbers but nothing produced.I would have to think many have left already
    going by lack of members comments.

    • Ian,

      I would suggest lack of member comments is more to do with it being a winning week.

      Happily the majority of members have a little bit of patience. Anybody following the instructions from the start would be somewhere in the region of two points down (ew bets are not advised). Hardly cause for mass panic.

      There are around 30 places left and we’re planning on closing the doors to new members in the next few days.


  51. Simon Coates says:

    Just joined, It’s a bit dismaying reading some of the negative comments, but I will give it a fair crack of the whip. I’ve purchased other systems too and these also have long dry spells; nature of the beast, literally! Looking forward to the tips Miles.

    • David James says:

      Hi Simon, I am also a member of one of those other services you speak of! Haha

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Hi Simon,
      Welcome to the service. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that I don’t enjoy reading those comments either! In fairness, we did have a horrible week that prompted most of those, even though it was only as bad/down as the previous week was good/up.

      The long and short of it is that we enter the last day of the month around break even, if following the advice of using the early prices to win only which is pretty clear. The odds are easily obtainable- the emails normally go out before odds are recorded and I know many have beaten the recorded prices so are in profit.

      Whilst it hasn’t been a month to shout about from the rooftops, neither has it been anything like the month some of the comments suggest and all results are on the selections page.

      Hope you have an enjoyable time following the service,

  52. Basil Zienko says:

    Hi Miles,
    Please could you confirm the extension of my trial date.
    I joined on the 5/5/16. It is due to expire on Friday. Is the extra 15 days still available? Many thanks.

  53. Ian Jordan says:

    Just joined I will ignore the comments that I have just read and see for myself. One question Miles, in the blurb I received (Josh Wright link) it said you are proofing tips to Racing Index. As a long term punter that is a great proofing site that is probably the best and most independent out there, and I have found a few very good tipsters on there. Could you confirm if and when you will be proofing to them as their stats will leave any doubters with a clear and concise audit trail that is totally independent. I wish you the very best of luck and hopefully I am a lucky omen – just placed bets on 4.30 at Nottingham

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Hi Ian,
      Pleased you’ve found us that way because I’ve read a few things Josh has written and like what he does. Yep, can confirm have been proofing to Racing Index since going live with The Racing Code.

  54. Mark Streeten says:

    I have to say the strategy of backing so many horses per day goes against the grain in my experience but I presume that this is what Miles has been doing since 2013?.


  55. Miles Tredwell says:

    Hi Peter,
    I’m not sure I have the correct link so rather than send you the wrong thing, it would probably be easiest if you could either email Matt or give customer services a call in office hours on 020 7633 3630 and they should be able to set you up.

  56. Kenneth Walker says:

    Miles, 31 days of the service up to 5th June looks like its 1 step forward 2 steps back. Although there is a fair way to go and there have been a lot of frustrating placed horses its hard to see this achieving 600 points profit by end of October. At this time I am minus £36.25 to £10 bets. Having said all this I will stick with this as I think it is a good concept. Best wishes ken

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Cheers Ken. 1 step forward, 2 steps back, 3 forward, 2 back, 1 forward and so on- horse racing betting is a complicated dance. Good to hear you’re sticking with it and today should have put you ahead?

  57. Terry Armitage says:

    What confuses me about these tips, is they don’t appear to take into account the horses they are competing with. there are a number examples where i have studied the races and could not see how the selection could possibly beat some of the other competitors. The most recent is Stratum and Desert Way both 9/2. Why would you expect them to beat the Gosden Horse High Shields? At best they were E/W. I use this example as it is the most recent, but there have been many more.I accept that Stratum ran well but still got well beaten.
    Sorry if this appears negative but with the results being disappointing so far, i am concerned. If we were talking 15/1 or 20/1 chances then maybe easier to accept but 9/2, i don’t think so.

  58. Miles Tredwell says:

    Hi again Terry,

    I like this sort of considered comment/question because it gives a chance to respond and very happy to do so.

    I don’t agree with your analysis of that race, or at least with how categorically you put it. To avoid further confusion, we were on the Gosden horse Stratum and High Shields was one of Roger Charlton’s.

    It was Stratum’s 3rd start and his first on fast ground, having shown ability on unsuitably heavy ground when losing by a head in a race in which the 3rd, 4th and 5th followed up by winning. The switch to faster ground was likely to bring about improvement- both Gosden and sire Dansili have gained far more success on faster ground.

    Desert Way ran more than respectably on first career outing when a length behind Skittle who won a Listed race on next run and has been given an opening mark of 103. Desert Way was likely to come on for that experience and was receiving 5lbs from High Shields, rated 85. Okay, High Sheilds had been a similar distance behind Shabeeb who also won since- smartly off 89- but had also been beaten twice at similar odds to Sunday.

    I appreciate that it was a general point, though, so I’ll come back to you on that later today.

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      part two, Terry.
      That you wouldn’t make these selections with normal form reading is really the point of the service. If you didn’t know about runners making an improvement after a couple of unimpressive runs for that stable then you wouldn’t have got today’s winner. Last Tuesday’s winner was having his first ever run and without knowing how that trainer does with runners on their first run then it wouldn’t be there for consideration.

      The point is having an advantage over the odds whichever way you can get it. (My intentions are not about finding the most likely winner, but about finding selections that are more likely to win than their odds imply.) One way is by knowing something almost everybody else won’t.

      Yes there’ll be times when they’re up against a strong favourite and the form doesn’t make much sense as a selection but even so if a 16/1 shot should really be 12/1 or a 5/1 price should be 7/2 because of something which hasn’t been factored into the odds then over time it’ll come good.

      There have been a couple when I’ve looked at them and would have struggled to make much of a case for them and been surprised by how they’ve run even without winning- Sanp Shots first run and Live Dangerously’s 2nd last week spring to mind.

      Another factor is that part of a trainer’s skill is not just getting a horse in good condition but finding suitable races for them. Looking at the early declarations will often show a few of these trainers will have loads of provisional entries, the majority of which won’t be formally entered at the 2 day stage. It’s part of their ability to pick and choose suitable races for their horses (and who they’re up against is part of that) that have made them successful.

      Hope that helps it make a bit more sense.

  59. Simon Coates says:

    Hi Miles
    Just wanted to say well done on today’s selection. A nice profit with a 16/1 and a 6/1 coming in. Cheers 🙂

  60. Terry Armitage says:

    Hi Mike

    Thanks for your explanation it was most useful

  61. David James says:

    We are getting an insane amount of 2nd places…

  62. Jane Drake says:

    How come Growl was not a selection today?

  63. David East says:

    Hi Miles – I’m receiving the selections emails but not any others from you … can you help?

    • John Lawrence says:

      Please Miles tell us all what is really going on here.. just when I (and maybe others ?) thought we were at last in profit in then its turned into a crock of ***** again…please. one race today we had 2 selections and they occupied two of the last three places.. sorry not good enough…will cancel d/d v soon.

      will leave it until eom… v disappointing least I know how to bet online !!

      • Miles Tredwell says:

        When you see selections (from any service) that have massive odds then you can’t be surprised if they lose. Think about the deal you are having with the bookmaker with a selection at 20/1- you give him say £10 and if the horse loses he keeps it, if it wins he gives you £210. How often do you expect to win and how often do you expect to lose in that situation?

        To make a profit it is not about finding the most likely winner but finding selections that have a better chance of winning than their odds imply. At higher odds you will have many losers- and bad runs- and you should expect that. If you have 5 winners in 100 at 20/1 then you’ll have a small profit. If you have 49 winners in 100 at evens you’ll have a small loss.

        This week has had a 16/1 winner and made a profit despite also having a collection of others finish 2nd and outrunning their odds. This month, a third of the way through, has already had 12 finish 2nd including 16/1, 14/1, 12/1 and so on. As hugely frustrating that is, it bodes well- over 40% have been 1st or 2nd this month which is very high considering many of the odds. You can and will have days when all run well and go close but if a couple of days later there’s a poor collection that is simply the way it goes- they don’t win/run well in order.

        It’s now around break even since the start. I’m disappointed with that, hoped and expected better, but neither is that ‘a crock of *****.’

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Hi David,
      Am I right in thinking I recognise a friendly name from a long while ago? If so, hello again and hope you’re well! I think there have been two other emails sent over the last month- the extension to the money back guarantee a couple of weeks back and there should have been one on Thursday about number of bets, Harry Bentley and customer services. I’ll check with Matt tomorrow that the Thursday one has gone out and see if it can be sent again.

      • David East says:

        Hi Miles … yes it’s me again ! I was attracted to RC because of its seeking out of ‘value’ selections premise.
        I’m pretty sure ( I’ve checked spam folders etc.) that I did not receive Thursday’s email. It’s not a major thing but I’d be pleased if you could check it out with Matt next time you’re on to him.
        Best wishes to you to.

  64. William Carr says:

    Hello Miles,
    I am extremely concerned with this service going on the the results that were put out in the launch hype i should be up by at least £1000 i am not interested in horse racing but went with this as an investment going on results in the marketing email so is this a proven system or another dud i would like to see actual results 7 bets today 7 losers this is a consistent pattern i will give it until tommorow

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Have a look at the introduction and user guide for advice on expectations. It’s generally a good idea to give any service as long as possible to get a feel for it.

  65. Ian Pretty says:

    The person who is disappointed with the Racing Code the most is no doubt Miles himself – results this year simply have not matched the test runs last year on which Miles has based his theories. I take a lot of advertising literature as being exactly that and look at any system to generate an acceptable profit after subcription costs. I am like most people on here a ‘ £10 per point punter ‘ and ignoring the wild claims I was looking at around 75 points profit for the season as being perfectly acceptable. I am currently 4 points down since the start which is hardly a disaster and there is still plenty of racing to come. I made the point sometime ago that any system has to run for its full season to be judged properly.

    The Syndicate has also been disappointing since the beginning of May and after a decent first month those profits have been given back this month. Miles generated over 100 points last year with this system and again I was looking at 75 points as being acceptable, with hopefully a modest contribution from Matt with his much more limited selections.

    For those new to this game do not expect instant results and be aware profits are not guaranteed. I trust this posting will not come back and make me look foolish come October but I for one will be sticking with both systems. I think Miles and Matt are genuine people who are working their hardest to provide a professional service unlike a lot of sharks out there.

  66. Miles Tredwell says:

    Hi Simon,
    I replied to you swiftly and a copy is below. There was also the email sent on the 10th of June (to everyone) where I pointed out that I don’t have access to account details and for any account related issue anyone needs to go to customer services. Did you contact customers services?
    Regards Miles

    Hi Simon,
    Thanks for your email and for giving the service a chance. Sorry it hasn’t delivered the profits either of us would have liked and I understand your decision not to continue.
    I accept there are imperfections, but I do have a lot of faith that it will come good and I hope you will keep an eye on it and may be open to the possibility of returning at some point further down the line.
    All the best for the future. To cancel/refund the DD you’ll need to contact customer services on 020 7633 3630 or at

    Best Regards,

    • Simon Devay says:

      HI Miles, as I have now been refunded, I wanted to remove my posts relating to the issue. I seem to (mis)remember being able to delete one’s own comments; is this no longer the case?

  67. Simon Coates says:

    Hi Miles
    I noticed that Ruth Carr and James Sullivan had a couple of winners that weren’t tipped: Lexington Place 4/1 4.50 at Ayr on Saturday 18 June, and Abushamah 7/1 3.30 at Redcar on Friday 17 June. Why were these horses not selected? I didn’t back them, by the way.
    Also, you’ve said there are no selections for Monday 20 June. I’ve just had a quick scan through the cards for tomorrow and noted that Harry Bentley is riding the Roger Varian trained Philidelphia in the 6.50 at Windsor. What’s wrong with this selection? Tempted to have a tenner on it anyway! Thanks in advance of your reply.

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Hi Simon,
      Yeah Carr & Sullivan had three in three days but two of them were in too high a class and the other too old. It broke a bit of a drought as she’d only had 1 winner in 41 prior to that (Favourite Treat who we had) but has had a series of near misses- 9 seconds in that spell.
      Phili wouldn’t have been a selection due to the going but I’ve also put a hold onto Bentley’s rides- reasoning in email sent a couple of thursday’s ago. If you didn’t get that I’ll add it to the bottom of the user guide.

  68. Simon Coates says:

    Thanks Miles.

  69. Antony Cook says:

    Hi Miles, I joined on the 31st May and like a lot of other, I have been rather underwhelmed by the performance. I only paper trade during a trial period and make my decisions on that trial.

    If I understand it right, your systems are based on trends over the previous 4 seasons. Based on that, could it be that trainers tend to do better in certain types of ground conditions that would be prevalent at that time of year. This year has given us some strange weather conditions, like Chepstow being abandoned yesterday (20th June) due to waterlogging. Are the conditions that trainers achieve results taken into account? Could that be why Ruth Carr is not doing anywhere near as well as last year, because her horses prefer firm ground?

  70. Miles Tredwell says:

    Hi Antony, yes ground conditions have been considered for all systems- most are ground dependent. Ruth Carr’s horses are largely running well it’s just that she’s had many go close rather than win.

  71. David James says:

    Finally nailed a big winner, nice one Miles!

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Indeed! Glad you were on and not a 2nd place in sight

      • David James says:

        Yes, I’ve stuck with it Miles while I’m assuming others have jumped ship. I’ve had worst runs while betting on horse racing and no doubt will again. Its just with all the 2nd places we’ve had, its clearly very frustrating, especially some of the bigger priced one’s. Anyway, hopefully now this is the start of turning those 2nd places into more winners! I’m sure it will…

        • Miles Tredwell says:

          Good good. (Just in case of any doubt, the last comment was written with a smile.) Yeah I’m sure some will have popped off, but from (most of*) the emails I’ve had there’s also a decent quota who’ve recognised the near misses, especially those who have been with The Syndicate for a while.

          * I say ‘most of’ because there’s also been a couple who clearly need a lot of help and I don’t mean with their betting.

  72. Simon Marriott says:

    Boom! Nice 25/1 winner there Miles! Hopfully that’s the start of those profit figures heading north on a regular basis. I assume that’s the service in profit on both tipped and BSP metrics now?

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Yeah hopefully so. I think the consistency of performances has been steadily improving overall and with the tweaks emailed about earlier it’s looking in decent shape. Yep, up 21pts for the earlies and BSP after comm is now ahead by a tiny freckle on the end of a nose.

  73. Tania Houston says:

    That’s an excellent one Miles…I’ve been doing bigger stakes than average, meaning I’ve had to hold my nerve as I’ve seen the minus increase…but great result with today’s winner.

  74. Miles Tredwell says:

    Cheers. Hope that’s eased the nerves!

  75. Christopher Jones says:

    One of the biggest lessons in betting is you must learn how to lose and do not become to emotional about short term results it is about long term profit.

  76. David James says:

    Carr/Sullivan combination continue their run of 2nd places, this time done by a nose!

  77. Antho Mochrie says:

    I have just read through the above comments for the first time and am frankly amazed how many people have the wrong mindset for betting.

    True, it has not been the best of starts but hardly a disaster. If you are only prepared to stay with a system for a month or two and leave because you are not winning then I doubt you’ll ever find one to satisfy you.
    We went for a while with a long losing run, but if a single system has a strike rate of 30% it theoretically can have a maximum losing run of 23. We are using multiple systems, each capable of their own maximum losing run depending on their expected strike rate.

    The number of placed horses is really not an issue, yes it’s disappointing that it happens, but I take the viewpoint that the horses are outrunning their odds, so the system is on the right track! More than be said for the majority of tipster services out there.

    The method used here is a proven method, but not guaranteed. I have always found micro methods and race profiling superior to form betting.

    I don’t have a bank of pounds, they are points, I consider the money already lost but, I am hoping to win some more points. This may happen, I may not win as many as I hoped or, I may lose the lot.
    You ether accept this or you need to get out of the game.


    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Cheers for the post, Tony. We’re beyond the end of the money back period for those who came in at the start and coming towards the end of the trial period for late joiners so I imagine most knee-jerkers will have gone and this comment section should be, um, shall we say, a little less turbulent from here on in.
      I think it was Ian who suggested revisiting these comments at the end of the season and I think that will be a very interesting exercise!

  78. David James says:

    Bloody hell, today was a total disaster…

  79. Miles Tredwell says:

    John, your only previous comment was to moan about a bad run.

  80. David James says:

    Its not exactly been amazing lately, the lack of comments I would say is more down to the fact this comments section has not benn working!

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      A couple of weeks lacking in drama so not much to get excited or upset about I suppose, plus I don’t think it was open to new members in those weeks so no new queries.

  81. Christopher Newton says:

    Hi Miles.
    I have recently joined (Thursday 14th July) and I am impressed with the Research (I am a System/Stats freak,although I prefer the term Cognoscenti) Back to the point.
    Your Betting Bank recommendation of 75 Points is based on sound judgement.Your Strike Rate of 20% means that I can expect a Losing run of 32.Hence the importance of Betting Banks.

    In my Opinion the cost of £50 til October is more than reasonable.

    Good Luck and Happy Punting to al.


    • Miles Tredwell says:

      You deserve an extra Yorkshire Pudding with your Sunday lunch for that Chris, thanks very much. Meanwhile the rest of us should now attempt to use the word ‘cognoscenti’ in conversation during the week. Welcome along.

      • Christopher Newton says:

        Thank you for your suggestion of an extra Yorkshire Pudding and thank you for the Heads Up on Dyllan I know it is not a system qualifier,but,I have been watching Ruth Carr runners for a while now.
        Miles you can use Cognoscenti in conversation it is the plural of Cognoscente which is a Synonym of Connoisseur.

        Heres to a good start to the week Good Luck All and Happy Punting.


  82. Stephen Holden says:

    What is longest losing run?
    Only joined last Friday must be about 15 loses on the trot
    Not good

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Hi Stephen,
      The longest has been 25. These losing runs are never nice for anyone and sorry that you’ve joined at the start of this one, but we’ve bounced back before and it only takes one or two for that to be reversed.

  83. sambo78 says:

    “system working well, send more money now”

  84. Stephen Holden says:

    Yeh I’ve not had one winner since I joined in fact I was actually made up Friday’s pick was a non runner!if you don’t laugh you’ll cry

    • John Lawrence says:

      With you 100 pc on this but be careful with the sarcasm !!.. I too was grateful for the NR as best result since 20th (another NR by the way..need winners Miles we are not all rich !

      • 17.5 points up this week so far. Those are the swings. Comfortably in profit since it launched in May despite two long losing runs.

        I’m not saying anybody here doesn’t have the patience but it is worth pointing out that Miles has been extremely transparent as regards the fact that there will be downturns. They’re obviously horrible but the good runs continue to more than make up for them.

  85. David James says:

    Yeah we desperately need some winners now…

  86. David Rossiter says:

    Why no results since 14 July?

  87. Miles Tredwell says:

    Yeah sorry they haven’t been. It does take longer than might be imagined but they’ll be updated as soon as I can along with records for each system at the weekend and a summary email next week.

  88. David James says:

    Results today 10 selections 0 winners, bad…

  89. Michael Gray says:

    Miles’ email of 30th August 2016 entitled ‘Two Tracks (go to War)’. Allow me to complete – ‘None is all that you can score’

  90. Miles Tredwell says:

    Yeah, Matt adds the headlines/subject and I was presuming it was two tribes too. Turned into two horses at war if you saw the 6.50

  91. John Lawrence says:

    2nd Selection 3.10 @ York… Golden Amber ???….Blimey as if things are not bad enough… we have to work the selections out ourselves now ??

  92. Robert Torr says:

    Does anyone know what the second bet is yet? Has it been confirmed? Come on guys, odds will be shortening…

  93. Miles Tredwell says:

    Apologies, it’s Golden Amber.

  94. Scott Young says:

    Cracking couple of days Miles – could this be a turning point!?!? Had Cape Banjo gone in it would have been even better but sadly not to be !

    I missed the start of this so would have been in profit but thats what you get when you join a system mid way through – still time to turn it around.

    Thanks Miles !

  95. Peter Knight says:

    A good day very nearly became an amazing day, that finishing line just didn’t appear quick enough!

  96. John Lawrence says:

    None out of ten…. and that’s 26 losers in a row. Terrific stuff…. anyone else out there haemorrhaging vast amounts of cash????

  97. Michael Gray says:

    Miles’ email of Monday 12/09 – ‘Its a busy one – Dont miss these’. Wished I had! Would’ve saved me 10 points. I reckon our strike rate has been 18% since 1st June. Perhaps Miles can correct me on this if I’m wrong – you were estimating a 25% strike rate were you not?

    • John Lawrence says:

      I make 65 winners out of 463 runners since Jun 1 ( I have only been involved for 2 weeks more)…. 14% … It just doesn’t get any better and I believe the current losing run is the worst we have all endured. These are facts and cannot be argued with. And yes I believe that Miles estimated both 25% and 20% scenarios.. some chance of that!

      • Miles Tredwell says:

        John, There have been 65 winners since 1st June, correct, but from 363, not 463, and July and August did just top 20%.

        The context of saying 25% was to emphasise that the majority would lose and there would be losing runs. It was to encourage caution rather than to boast and it was to emphasise the need for a bank (suggested 75 points).

  98. Ian Pretty says:

    I have been in since day 1 and I believe I have backed every tip. I cannot recall missing anything. I make it 79 winners out of 454 runners ( taking out the non-runners ) which is 17.4%. Unfortunately below Miles estimate. This is up to yesterday. Currently showing a loss of 12.5 points so a lot of work for no return at present. Not long left to turn it round but will hang in there. Would be interested to know if each way bets would have produced a positive return. On a happier note I am showing a 32 point profit on The Syndicate since May. Subscription costs then have to be factored in. Anyone else with accurate records please comment.

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Hi Ian,
      Yes, same here. Figures above were after Michael and John said since 1st June. At end of season I’ll send various stats for win, each-way, place only and within various odds ranges, with x number of runners etc. Are you on Crowley for jock champ?

  99. David James says:

    Hi everyone. I joined at day 1 also and have not been placing the bets for the last few weeks as I have completely lost faith with this. I always look back at the marketing which encourages you to join and looking back at this it’s all a bit embarrassing to be honest. I would say to Miles and Matt, read over this and then look at the actual results and just be honest with yourselves and everyone who has been following you, it’s been a failure, that is an fact.

    • John Lawrence says:

      Quite simply… hear hear! I have 73 winners out of 425 runners (yeah…. wrong calc b4!) cannot even be bothered to work out averages/all that.. all I know is that inc the ‘fee’ I am currently near £400 out of pocket. Must make you all so proud… 30 losers and counting … what was that figure again in the promotion… something like £6482 wasn’t it.. in truth most of us… sorry ALL of us would have settled for a half of that, even £100 a week would be nice. Yeah agree with everything David says… now take a long hard look at yourselves…. please! And one last thing… did you not say you were ‘tweaking’ some things to make the system better for next year…. please don’t bother ! Oh and I have lost 3 bookies as well in the process just to really pee me off! Last post I promise. Cannot be bothered anymore.

  100. Ian Pretty says:

    Hi Miles

    Yes I’m on Jim Crowley – 1 point at 33/1 with Betfair.

  101. Michael Hayes says:

    Hi all
    Joined racing code on 14 July 2016 and after 2 months I am 47 points down at £10 stakes not complaining but can this system realistically recover from such bad results plus I am member of the network as well and it’s performance seems more steady.
    Racing code seems to me like a computer generated system without any human touch
    Cheers RANT OVER

  102. Appreciate that people have joined at different times but since launch the service is down approx 12.5 points (as noted by Ian P). Obviously not what anyone wanted but my god, the melodrama contained within some of these comments.

    You will have either followed Miles’ very clear betting bank advice (75 points advised) in which case you’ll have every right to be disappointed but should also know that the bank is there for bad runs and that no disaster has occurred, or you have ignored that advice and bet with money you weren’t comfortable losing in which case that’s absolutely no fault of Miles.

    For those who haven’t been in since the start and joined at the start of a poor run which puts their banks in a worse position, you still won’t have hit advised 75 point bank, as unfortunate as that situation is.

    As for the marketing, that was based on the results from the systems over previous years. What else should it have been? Should we have invested in a crystal ball, looked forward to the end of the season (which, by the way, hasn’t happened yet) and based it on 2016’s results?

    Obviously nobody is happy with the results but, quite simply, if a losing run affects you as badly as it appears via certain comments then you really shouldn’t be betting.

    I’ll repeat it again… the service is approx 12.5 points down since the start. The service advises a bank of 75 points. The season still has another six weeks to run.

  103. John Lawrence says:

    After today … like most of you (and I don’t blame you by the way)… SPEEECHLESSS… still I am sure Matt has some more words of comfort and wisdom… cannot wait only… another 200 quid to go and then he may be happy….. just for info Matt I ( like everyone else) read all the gumph and hype before signing up yeah 75 points.. we all read it… just did not realise it was a TARGET and b4 you say anything … I had that 5 times over …… DOES NOT MEAN I WANT TO LOSE IT THOUGH !…

  104. John Lawrence says:

    Sorry … Last Post Deffo … Just for Info and in reference to YOUR last offering… Crystal Balls are @ £13 on eBay or a pin/ copy of (your choice) the daily paper MAY bring better results…. I’ve had enough…. bi… You have no argument… how many of these animals finish LAST for gods sake, let alone WIN ?

  105. Tony Stroud says:

    I’m done too….it’s just not happening with this system. Shame, but there are no guarantees….

  106. Glenn Osborn says:

    Miles we all go through bad runs in life when things just keep going wrong. Your on one of these at the moment. Maybe it would be sensible to just give it a rest this year. Start afresh next year having had time to analyse what went wrong. I have no problem with money (luckily) but don’t like losing. If I’m on a casino night which I enjoy it’s usually apparent quite early if it’s going to be my night if not I take it easy just making a few fun plays, then leave it for another night.

  107. Peter Knight says:

    Not sure I can face placing tomorrows bets. Overall I am down 32 points but September is down 40 points. So I haven’t used up my bank yet but I am not sure I want to incur any more losses.
    I really liked the system and the idea behind it, it is such a shame this year was the year it didn’t follow the pattern.

  108. John Lawrence says:

    Am cancelling all subs from Agora Lifestyles tomorrow…. cannot believe how bad this as been … yes 3 weeks to go but shows no signs of …. really getting any better.. you are are out of your depth Miles .. a backtested system that promotes a possible profit of £ 6482 (in your/our dreams) … cannot even produce a profit (at all)…everyone has lost money… haven’t they? never wanted to be the troublemaker.. never my style.. but no-one else speaks up even though we have been taken for a complete ride.. last comment…Sat 8 Oct 3.45 York Captain Colby…:LAAASSSt out of 20 runners and 3/1 Fav.. The last insult and anyone staying with.. and I repeat.. this CROCK of S***e of a system seriously needs some help… BTW down £470 plus fee so (unless you have not already noticed) also betting after e-mail and getting BOG so do not believe your figs (nor should anyone else… not best pleased.. will not be around to get another smart-mouthed answer from you or that idiot Matt.. best of luck everyone… you will need it!… Good Bye

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Attempting to tell other members not to believe the figures is interesting. I have every faith they’ll be able to use their own eyes and records to make up their own minds on that one. There are plenty of sticks you could have used to beat this season with, but that really isn’t one of them.

  109. David James says:

    Yes John I think its fair to say none of us will be signing up to this next season! I did make a comment on here about 3 weeks but was on holiday then and didn’t get around to responding, so here goes…I totally agree with John’s comment regarding some of the smart arse answers we get when pointing out how poor its been, a good example of which is Matt’s last post on here. I can only speak for myself but I don’t think its being melodramatic to point out what a failure this has been, I’m assuming you have had a lot worse emails sent to you about it than what is on here, but there just seems to be no recognition, from Matt especially, on what a failure it has been, all we usually get is sarcastic and unhelpful comments, which probably only anger people further. I’ve been betting on horses seriously for well over a year now and I would like to say that it does work both ways. We make the decisions on which services to sign up to and we all know there and no guarantees on profits in this game. On the other hand though, its the tipsters decision to put themselves out there and charge for the service and they are supposed to be the one’s who know what they are talking about, so anyone signing up is fully entitled to expect a profit. They say to give a service at least 3 months, well this has had over 6 months now and is still showing a loss. Its not just the money either, its the time taken to place the bets and keep track etc as well, so I don’t think its unfair to say, barring a complete miracle end to the season, this has been a complete waste of time and money. Its had over 6 months to prove itself, which is extremely generous from anyone who has placed all the tips from the beginning, but it has failed, its as simple as that really and some of the comments from the people behind it don’t exactly help matters. Obviously it wouldn’t help the losses and time wasted doing it, but just a bit of recognition of what a failure it has been would at least be something…

    • Not entirely sure what’s smart about pointing out an advised betting bank? Or that you shouldn’t bet with any amount that would make you angry/distressed/upset if you lost it? Or that figures in the promo were based on past performance because there is literally no way of using any other figures, as future performance is in the future?

      And not entirely sure why somebody who questions the honesty of posted results (which are very easy to verify) and has been pretty rude and insulting for a number of months (including when the service was showing an overall profit) deserves any bland platitudes. The results are the results. It’s very disappointing how the season has gone. Nothing anybody says will make any difference to that.

      John questions why nobody else speaks up… It may well be because the majority of members are also members of the Syndicate who know full well Miles’ capabilities and know full well that he is set to post a 100+ point profit this season despite a poor first half of it which showed an overall loss, not too dissimilar to the current loss shown by this service.

  110. Christopher Jones says:

    Majority are members of the syndicate incredible statement,that’s like me saying because im a member of XXX that by the way piss all over anything that your involved in that we are happy to throw away points on this useless system.My god the arrogance of you people astound me,the bottom line Matt i

    • It’s a factual statement Christopher.

      And your analogy doesn’t really work because those two services are from completely different people. The point I was making is that everybody has bad runs and everybody makes losses now and again. The same person who provides the selections for this made a loss in the first couple of months of his other service but the profits since have vastly dwarfed both those losses and these losses.

      OBVIOUSLY that doesn’t help people who only signed up to this service. That very clearly wasn’t the point I was making.

      It is utterly pointless getting so worked up and insulting people. Miles will be emailing all members later this week regarding performance. The issue quite clearly hasn’t been ignored.

  111. Christopher Jones says:

    Matt you trying to defend this system is embarrassing I suggest you take yourself into a dark numpty and admit that you’ve had an absolute stinker.May I suggest that you look up XXX and learn how the professionals do it you are a joke my friend

    • John Lawrence says:

      Mr Jones …and Mr James… You are my heroes… thought numpty was being polite though!..Matt… you do have a nasty habit of upsetting people… I do also disagree that you are a joke because they are supposed to be funny and anyone reading your many offerings will see that you are not… well done lads giving this oaf what for and all the very best to those of you staying on….. Now wheres that dark room ? bi

      • Miles Tredwell says:

        Can you not separate your opinion of the service with your opinion of the people behind it? For example, in the last couple of months I’ve made well over 100 points for The Syndicate at an exceptional rate and over 250 since it started. That doesn’t make Matt and I saints, in the same way the failings of this service don’t make us ‘oafs’ or any of your other insults.

  112. Peter Knight says:

    I think some of the comments are a bit harsh, at least the guy is fronting up and replying, could so easily have gone to ground.

    I absolutely agree that the system has performed terribly and I’ve lost money but it is gambling, you win some, you loose some (in this case you loose quite a bit!).
    Overall I’ve made a profit from my betting over the course of the summer because I included the Racing Code as part of a portfolio of tipsters I follow.

    I read the blurb put out about the system, I was intrigued as it was something I hadn’t seen before and the past results looked good. I took a chance.

    Would I sign up for next year, probably not (maybe I am already signed up, must double check if it is auto-renewing) but then again could the results be as bad as this year ?

    Maybe free access to the system for next year ?

  113. David James says:

    Hello. Matt, your comments regarding the fact everybody has bad runs and makes losses now and again, under normal circumstances would be a fair one and is something I agree with and appreciate when joining any tipster service. However, I would like to point out that it is slightly different with this service as, barring a few decent winners here and there, it has been a 6 month bad run. We have been waiting for the last 6 months for it to take off and it never has, so you can surly understand why people are extremely frustrated and upset, although I do not agree with people using insults/offensive language. The other, more important point is that even if a service has a bad run, we should expect, over the long term that it will be in profit. Unfortunately with this system, that opportunity does not exist as it runs for the 6 months and then that’s the end of it, the losses and the losses, there is no opportunity to get them back as the service is finished. It will be interesting to read the contents of the email that is going to be sent out anyway…

  114. Peter Lawes says:

    cant even get the bets right told no bets tomorrow go to work and then find there was a bet which won 9.0 thanks

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Yes, sorry that happened. Not that it makes much difference now, but I had sent the correct bet through but with Matt away, the wrong email was sent out. In fairness, Matt sent the correct email as soon as he could in the morning, but the email/posting process is something we’ll look at for next season.

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