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Selections 2017/18

| May 12, 2017 | 35 Replies


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Category : SYD Summer Selections

Comments (35)

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  1. David James says:

    Hi Miles. I didn’t know about Evening Attire’s blood vessel until I read your post, I had a Lucky 15 with your selections so that’s cheered me right up! Its the latest in a succession of unlucky multiples for me but what can you do. Anyway its been a good start and if you are taking things conservatively I can’t wait for things to kick in properly!

  2. David James says:

    Just to confirm as well Miles, 1.5 total stake on Muntadab…?

  3. David James says:

    Thanks for that. Only checking as you don’t normally stake that!

  4. Laurence Pocock says:

    Hi Miles,

    When you say 0.625 points each way do you mean 1.25 points in total?

  5. Miles Tredwell says:

    yes, that’s correct, 1.25 in total

  6. Derek Shears says:

    Hi Miles,

    Yesterday I was told that my Syndicate access would be restored in 24-48 hours.

    Nothing has happened as of yet so I still cannot access the selections.

    Maybe I will be lucky on Wednesday.

    Best Regards,


  7. Derek Shears says:

    Hi Miles,

    Many thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

    My access to the Syndicate is now resumed.


  8. Miles Tredwell says:

    Great, pleased to hear it. Thanks for letting me know.

  9. Ian Waddilove says:

    Been grafting away all day, and having just logged onto my bookies account found a lovely surprise. Or rather not a surprise, as your expertise picked the right ones today, mostly, lol. Plus I got a 1.5 point price boost too. Happy days.

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Cheers Ian. We’ve been a bit light of winners in the last week, despite a fair bit of knocking on the door, so good to get a couple in today.

  10. David James says:

    Good stuff, well done Miles, I had my usual multiple on as well so nice return on that also…

  11. Miles Tredwell says:

    There’s a problem with the text messenger this morning. Selections will be posted at 11.15am.

  12. David James says:

    Very nice 16/1 winner today, well done Miles!

  13. Frank Mclaughlin says:

    How did i miss this 16/1 winner?

  14. Frank Mclaughlin says:

    Am I missing something ? The winner i backed was 8/1 ?

  15. Philip Cuthbert says:

    Any one else getting emails like this…

    We’re writing to you with regards to your Betfair Sportsbook account.

    Having reviewed your account, we are notifying you that your account will not be eligible for Betfair Sportsbook promotions, including Best Odds Guaranteed, in future.

    We can assure you that this decision has only be taken after careful consideration and that it does not affect your ability to play on the Betfair Exchange and Betfair Gaming channels.

    Kind Regards,
    Betfair Customer Services

    Had the same from PaddyPower a few days ago, also from another bookie a while back.
    Find it strange that they can advertise BOG, then deny it on some accounts, but then as we know, they are a law unto themselves.

  16. David James says:

    Had this message from Bet’fair’ years ago and they limited my account to literally 5p bets, pathetic. PaddyPower never accept my full stake and had taken best odds off me recently so I hardly ever use them now. pretty much the only bookies that haven’t taken best odds off me and limited my bets are Bet365 and William Hill, if they do I am pretty much screwed! I absolutely hate them…

  17. Robert Bille says:

    I had a similar problem with Sporting Bet. I think they limited my bet to £1.00 each way… I sent them an email telling them not to insult me and to close my account with immediate effect!!

  18. Robert Bille says:

    Morning Miles, a bit of a mix bag again yesterday. I hope you don’t mind me saying but we seem to be going 3 steps forward and 1 or 2 steps back. Thankfully we are still in the black!! I’m just holding fire on upping my stakes until the season settles down (as you say, confidence will increase once we have had a few runs under our belt). I couldn’t ignore Believe It yesterday after it did so well for us earlier… Odds were no where near as good but the winnings covered yesterday’s losers!!



    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Hi Rob,
      Yeah, I wouldn’t disagree. There have been hints that we’re about to enter a strong spell, each time followed by a disappointing day or two. Typical early season stuff really, though it’s around the time when I’d hope to kick on a gear particularly if the weather can be a bit more settled.
      Well done on Believe It. Almost a carbon copy of last week- I had a sinking feeling when he got the lead without trouble. Reminded me of deserting Menelik in the winter when he won again too.

  19. Andy Conniff says:

    Just a quick reminder to everyone – several selections have extra places on offer with various bookmakers – and not all at rubbish prices – check on Oddschecker.

  20. Robert Bille says:

    Afternoon Miles, Given how hot it’s been this week and that we’re in the middle of summer it’ll probably sound strange that I’ve been looking forward to Winter all week!! Is she as good as the odds suggest?


    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Hi Rob. Certainly on the short side! Then again, which of the other 6 is going to beat her? Presieuse might have a squeak if quick ground is a positive but if not (which may well be the case) then should only go one way. One to enjoy rather than be with involved with, i reckon.

  21. Frank Mclaughlin says:

    Hi Mills,
    I think I’ve lost the plot, I can’t see how you’re making a profit, cause im we’ll down, thinking of throwing in the towel,
    I think you’re giving to many tips
    Regards Frank

    • Hi Frank,

      I would suggest that you look back through the results pages and pay particular attention to this time last year. Anybody packing up and going home back then lost out on a hell of a lot of profit.


      • Miles Tredwell says:

        I’d add that you literally can see where any profit (or indeed loss) has come from because the results page details every single selection, the price recorded, any deductions and any returns made. (I really have no idea what more I can do in that respect?)

        Maybe it would help to check those results against your own returns? Have you been sticking to the advised bets and stakes? (I ask because in a previous comment you talked about a very ambitious multiple you’d placed that wasn’t advised.) Making the bets as close to time of posting will help, as will checking oddschecker to make sure you’re getting the best prices if making bets later.

        This season (from start of May) is only showing a small profit now, following a loss the last two weeks, to advised prices, but as Matt pointed out and I also highlighted in today’s post, that may be underpar but not out of keeping with previous years.

        • Frank Mclaughlin says:

          Hi mills
          Its my own fault broke the rules should have stayed away from Ascot,even with your bad run you did better than the racing Post. Noticed you only give one tip for Ascot,?
          Kind regards

  22. Michael Hutchison says:

    Hi Miles, no need to apologise. I’ve been part of this for over a year now and last year around this time the service was going through a bad spell and I decided to ignore one of your tips on the champion jockey…….50/1 winner as it turned out. Even without that, it turned into a cracking year somewhat let down by Matts jumps tips. So I’ve no doubt that you’ll turn the corner into profitable tips very soon and I look forward to the next few months!

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Thanks Michael- appreciated. Overall I think we’ve deserved a bit more to show for the season so far, but even though not that much was staked on Saturday I felt the need to hold my hands up on an unusually poor collection. A Sunday of sulking has passed and now back fighting and hope we can now crack on…

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