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Selections: 2016/17 (Part Two)

| September 15, 2016 | 41 Replies


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Category : SYD Summer Selections

Comments (41)

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  1. Shane Walker says:

    Hi Miles, I can’t gain access to your selections part 2, as the reply is that I am not subscribed to this site!!! please unblock. yours Shane

    • Michael Allen says:

      Mine is the same. Agora won’t reply…

      • Hi both,

        I’m afraid I have no access to the admin side so you will need to contact customer services (Miles can email you selections in the meantime).

        You can ring them if it’s easier than waiting for an email. The number is: 0207 633 3630


        • Robert Torr says:

          Hi Miles/Matt,
          I had the same problem. Agora emailed me back but they did not solve my problem. I then replied to that email to say it was still not working but they haven’t responded. Can you also help me out please?
          Thank you.

          • Miles Tredwell says:

            Hi Rob,
            I have your email address from previously, so I’ll email you now.

          • Richard Riley says:

            Hi Miles. I’m also experiencing login issues and have on several occasions before. Could you a E Mail me selections also until Agor sort it? Thanks

          • Richard Riley says:

            Hi Miles. I’m also experiencing login issues and have on several occasions before. Could you a E Mail me selections also until Agora sort it? Thanks

        • learyd says:

          hi Matt – I enjoy the tips etc but must say the technical aspect of trying to gain access to the football investor site and the syndicate site is pitiful really is. I am a newcomer but have to say this is where the site really falls down. To may e-mail addresses are automated plus it really riles e-mails to head office are not picked up quicker.
          Why is always so difficult to log on. Passwords are never recognised and I amrepeatedly told I am not subscribed to the investor and syndicate when I am!

  2. Miles Tredwell says:

    Shane and Michael,
    If you can send me an email at I’ll send you the text from last night (and if the problems still exists then the weekend selections as well) but I’ve left a message and hopefully all will be normal again shortly.

  3. Peter May says:

    Hi Matt,
    as you can see by this I am “logged in”. However, I can’t access Miles selections when I try to log in. I’m getting the “wrong username and/or password displayed.

    I’ve contacted Agora and the chap confirmed them as MAY42884 and EX31 2PG

    Still can’t access Miles’ selections. Can you help please ?
    Many thanks.

  4. David Leary says:

    Just recently joined the syndicate and football investor, however not received any football tips. Also been on the website and can not see ant National hunt tip for today. Can you advise please.

  5. David Leary says:

    sorry-last post e-mail should be

  6. Derek Shears says:

    Hi Miles, What a lovely return from Ayr this afternoon.

    Well done.


  7. Miles Tredwell says:

    Thanks Derek (and for your fair and balanced comments, questions and emails throughout the season). A very pleasing day and week:)

  8. Andy Conniff says:

    Just a heads up about Jim Crowley – this won’t be for everyone, as the profit is only 2.5 to 3.5%

    But if you’re quick/have the bank available/understand backing and laying a bet/don’t mind small profits….

    Bet365 currently have Jim at 1.05 to win the Flat Jockey Championship

    Betfair currently have Jim at 1.01 LAY to winning the Flat Jockey Championship

    Using a bonus calculator, you can back and lay Jim to get a profit whether he wins or loses (£100 back AND lay will get a profit of around £3.75 after the Betfair 5% commission)

    Hope this of use to some of you.



  9. Skylablu says:

    Hi Miles,

    I’m having problems with logging onto the syndicate members site for the daily selections.

    Can you please advise.

  10. Miles Tredwell says:

    Hello again. Sure- if you send me an email at I’ll send them over. If you send your login details I can try them but really the best way to get that side of things fixed is to give customer services a call on 0207 6333 630

  11. Robert Torr says:

    @Matt & Miles: YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Thanks to your recommendation, Jim Crowley just made me £1k better off (backed @ 51.0 with £20 on Betfair SB).
    I’ll be re-investing in future bets (might enjoy a little of it though).

  12. David Leary says:

    Hi Matt/Miles, can not gain access to the site, can you e-mail over todays selections please- ta

  13. Miles Tredwell says:

    email sent

  14. Robert Torr says:

    Hi Miles,
    Don’t know if you got my email yesterday but the link on your latest email for the Racing Code is taking me to the page but there were no selections for today on it?

  15. Derek Shears says:

    Hi Miles, when are you coming back to look after us.

    Best Regards,


  16. Mark Smith says:

    Hi Miles,

    I can’t complain with a £600 pound return for the summer!



  17. Peter Knight says:

    Thanks Miles.

    Just over a 100 point return for me.

  18. Charles Gabula says:

    What’s going on with this system is’t worth the subscription fee
    Since I started I have seen my betting bank washed away

  19. Charles Gabula says:

    I started to place the bets in November so that is why I’m wondering I have seen my £400 bank despair very very fast.

  20. Miles Tredwell says:

    A 75 point bank is recommended. November only had 13 points staked and lost 5 points. Divide your £400 by 75 and that should be your stake for 1 point. To follow any service, mine or anybody elses, you must use a sensible bank of points and stake accordingly (and if you are making these comments about losing a handful of points then you are certainly not). Please follow the advice otherwise you are very likely to lose your bank at some point and be unable to continue and that will apply to any service you ever follow.

  21. Andy Conniff says:

    Will you two pack it in ;o)

    First I’ve got Matt trying to tell me today’s Friday 1st and now you’re trying to tell me tomorrow is Friday the 3rd. My life is complicated enough without you two confusing me :o)

    Here’s to a good winter season



    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Cheers Andy, amended. Funnily enough you came to mind earlier because I remember you spotted the mistake in last year’s results (a missing double iirc?). Doing some stats updates today, one slipped through the net this year… the unseated rider stake on the 26th July. Aaargh, rectify one mistake and then make another. At least we’re both getting the month right!

  22. Ian Pretty says:

    Friday 16 December – no text or email received so missed the tips. Fortunately from my point of view three losers but would have not been happy if they had come up. Did others have the same problem.

  23. Miles Tredwell says:

    Hi Ian. I send the texts as well to myself to make sure they’ve been sent. I sent the following message at 2.27pm on Thurs:
    ‘One more for today. 6.25 Chelms. Captain Lars. 0.375pts each-way. 12 WillHill/Lads/Victor/Boyles. Post at 6.30 tonight with tomorrow’s. Miles’
    Wonder if you missed the last bit?

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