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Selections: 2016/17

| May 4, 2016 | 169 Replies


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Category : SYD National Hunt Syndicate

Comments (169)

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  1. Mark Kirkham says:

    Hi Matt. You need to update the link given in the emails for your section as it takes us to Miles’ part 2 page and not this one.

  2. learyd says:

    Hi Matt- can not access this again for the National Hunt Tip-can you e-mail over asap

  3. David Leary says:

    hi Matt-any NH tip for today?

  4. Ian Hetherington says:

    Any way you can stop me getting the “I told you so” e-mails selling the Syndicate, as it”s getting a bit tedious now considering I’ve been in since the beginning !

  5. Simon Coates says:

    Just joined. Hoping for better returns than we had this summer on The Racing Code, albeit that Agora has offered a free year’s membership next year due to Piss-poor Performance. Question though: are the tips offered by Miles on the Syndicate different to those offered on The Racing Code? I have no confidence in that method of selection so it will be interesting to see how this service compares. Going in with open mind!

  6. Derek Shears says:

    My racing bank has fallen by 20% since the start of November. I started with a 1 point win stake at £8,then went to £5, and today lowered it to £4.

    When Miles was tipping I went from £200 to £920 in the Flat season.

    I am considering not placing any more bets until you provide some decent tips.


  7. Simon dc Wilson says:

    YES Derek,i agree,since the 1st of nov,21 BETS,20-LOSSES,1 WINNER@ 9/4,AND IF I AM CORRECT,YOU WERE SCRATCH LAST YEARS RESULTS MATT,you have lots of work ahead mr houghton.

  8. Derek/Simon,

    I’m sure you’re both aware that Miles’s selections showed an overall loss for the first three months of the flat season. Let’s show a little bit of patience yes.


  9. Derek Shears says:

    Hi Matt,

    I was surprised regarding the key point in your recent e-mail concerning my reducing my bet size as the number of losing bets was increasing.
    I have a staking plan which regards a 1 point win as 1% of my betting bank at the time of making the bet. This means that as the number of losers increases then I will place smaller bets in order to protect my bank. I see nothing wrong in this practice at all.

    I am not about to change my ways and risk bashing my bank.

    Best regards, DEREK SHEARS

    • Hi Derek,

      That’s fair enough. I misunderstood in that I thought you were just lowering it randomly rather than sticking to your own staking plan. That’s a perfectly valid way of doing things.

      I do though stand by my point regarding not betting at all and the likelihood of that meaning you’ll miss good winners and then start betting again having missed the boat.

      As I said in the email, it wasn’t having a go at you, just illustrating my point.


  10. Ian Hetherington says:

    Can’t see anything on the site for the Kempton bet that was notified by text

  11. Ian Hetherington says:

    Thanks Miles, I should have read all of the text!

  12. Stuart Hodgins says:

    Hi thank you to and Matt for today.I have not been with you for very long.But not a bad day from both of you.Many thanks and keep up the good work Stuart

  13. Peter Knight says:

    I know it is really early days and I don’t want to question your wisdom but I am going to anyway.
    Is just going for the major meeting the best policy ? Don’t these tend to the most competitive and isn’t there more of likelihood of a horse being specifically prepared for these races as apposed to a Tuesday afternoon at Plumpton.
    I will also just point out that a lot of the other services I look at are also having a particular bad November.

  14. Andy Conniff says:

    Alternative to the 1220 at Cheltenham – SkyBet are doing money back as a free bet if 2nd. No lengths criteria required, but also no winning lengths bonus. Still 9-4. Your choice!


  15. Alan Potter says:

    What an absolute waste of time as usual 6 tips 1 win (odds on) 1 place and the rest absolute dross

  16. Mark Smith says:

    Seriously, do you ever think we’ll ever see any winners. I’ve been following (foolishly) this service for a few years now and it pains me to look at my overall significantly red figure! I’ve tried to keep the faith in the hope that we see some decent wins but I think that I’ll cut my losses and transfer the NHS system into my discontinued services section of my spreadsheet!

  17. Mark Smith says:

    If you include Tredwells Summer Selections then I agree he’s been very profitable but the NHS system in isolation has not been very clever and delivered consistent losses. I varied my stakes in the early days to reflect a percentage of my depleting betting bank but over the last two years I have stuck to level stakes. Overall over the three year period I am £600 in the red at low (£2 to £5) stakes. It will take a serious turn of fortune to recover those losses. You always report free bets and such like in your reports. Do you include these as well as BOG when you say we’ve made a profit? If so then that is very inaccurate since I’m restricted with almost all bookies and can benefit from neither of these benefits. Would be interested in your reply?

    • Thanks for the considered reply Mark. More useful than ‘absolute dross’ after a nose denied us a 15 point overall profit.

      I’ll post a proper reply to you tomorrow as I’m out now.

      • Mark Smith says:

        Yes we were denied a profit by a nose and its happened quite a few times. However they all might as well have finished last since a loss is a loss. Thanks for your thoughts on my reply and I’ll look forward to your reply tomorrow. Have a nice evening, I sense it might be a boozy one!

        • I’ll get back to you on Monday Mark. Sorry about the delay.

          • Mark Smith says:

            No worries

          • Mark Smith says:

            Hi Matt,

            Did you forget about me?

          • Sorry Mark, it’s been a manic couple of weeks (the festive period always is).

            Answer for you…

            Since the start of the Syndicate (Feb 2015) we’ve had one part jumps season and one full season. In the part season an overall profit of 15.514 points was secured (not including free bets). I think that’s a perfectly reasonable return from 2.5 months of service.

            2015/16 produced a 17.34 point loss (not including free bets) which was obviously disappointing and puts the service overall very slightly into loss since we launched. Obviously that’s not great from the National Hunt point of view but, in terms of the service as a whole, it doesn’t change the fact that the Syndicate is extremely profitable since launch.

            Obviously you don’t dispute the overall profitability of the service, so going back to focus specifically on the jumps selections I would argue that before this season losses (where there have been losses) have been pretty minimal and, for those people who are eligible for the free bets, would actually not have prevented a decent overall profit from the jumps selections in isolation, given that we’ve secured around 70 points worth of free bets in that time.

            While certain people are unable to benefit from those free bets and from BOG (which is what the results are based on) I do not believe that paints an inaccurate picture. It just means that the service may not be suitable for certain people.

            To use an example, you wouldn’t say that something like Bonus Bagging has no merit or doesn’t live up to the risk free profit claims because not everybody can take advantage of matched betting. You’d simply say if you can’t take advantage of it then it isn’t for you.

            And a reminder here that all 70 points worth of free bets are from existing customer offers at major bookies.

            To finish I would say three things…

            1) It’s very difficult to make good profits from racing without using BOG bookies and while Miles has done, even his large profits are dented quite a lot if you remove BOG. If you can’t use BOG then I wouldn’t necessarily recommend following the National Hunt part of the service.

            2) If you can use BOG then I’m confident that, despite the bad start to the season, we can and will make a profit to BOG. I’m constantly evolving the service and I’m happy with the methodology and the decision to stick to major meetings only going forwards. It means bad runs may feel worse because we are betting less often but our historical performance at the major meetings suggests we’ll get our rewards sooner or later.

            If you can also take advantage of the free bets then you will have shown a profit on the jumps every year and should continue to do so.

            3) It’s perfectly reasonable to just follow the flat part of the service which has made a superb and very consistent profit since launch and should continue to do so. Whatever you think of the jumps part, I would hope that it doesn’t have any bearing on how you feel towards what Miles contributes.

          • That may all be a wee bit rambling but i have tried to put my thoughts/reasoning down and hopefully they’re of some use!

          • Mark Smith says:

            Hi Matt,

            Thanks for taking the time to type me a detailed response!

            I take everything you said on board and can see your reasoning.

            Fortunately there are still a number of bookies that i can use that provide BOGs so I use them even if it means placing a bet a point or so lower than your recommendations. Unfortunately Bet365 isn’t one of them so I can’t place with them but somehow I’ve found that my restrictions with one particular bookie has been lifted which came as a nice surprise. Even when I was limit free with Bet365 I used a profit maximiser system to utilise there free bet on the next race promotions before I got round to placing your tips.I have a portfolio of tipsters (including Miles and yourself) and use various techniques to generated each month a significant second income which is probably why so many bookies seem keen to restrict me.

            I’ll monitor the jumps part of the syndicate and like you said it may be because of my circumstances I may be better of sticking to the flat part of the syndicate.

            Thanks again for you honesty and lets hope for some nice jump returns going forward!



          • Thanks for the reasoned responses Mark.

            While I can snap sometimes (I’m betting on the selections too, so generally I’m not in the best of moods when we’ve been denied a big winner by the smallest of margins!!) I never have a problem with considered criticism/comments.


  18. David Budding says:

    I have only been in the service since the beginning of November but i must admit i have been going each way on some bets above 8.00 and i have accumalated some returns that otherwise would have been lost on a win no matter how unlucky we have been.
    Betting at £5 a point i am down by £160 to date

  19. Wilson Allan says:

    Hi Guys.
    Is the Saturday selections usually this late. Nothing yet.

  20. Sorry about the lack of selections today. If I’m in a position where I can’t do research of sufficient quality I obviously won’t post any up.

  21. Colin Birbeck says:

    Do you list results for your NH selections anywhere? Miles updates his selections with full details of P&L, including Rule 4 deuctions but there does not seem to be corresponding details of your NH selections.

  22. Colin Birbeck says:

    Thanks Matt. I’ll do that.


  23. Derek Shears says:

    Well done today Matt.


  24. Philip Cuthbert says:

    Hi Matt,

    A nice return to form on Saturday, after what has been a few difficult weeks. Let’s hope it continues.


  25. Andy Conniff says:

    Wow – Happy New Year!
    What price a treble on those?
    Thanks Matt. A sign of things to come hopefully.

    Seasons Best


  26. Janet Mcdonald says:

    Hi Matt

    Thanks for the tips today, as well as the individual bets I put them in a treble and had a really good win. When putting on my bets I usually put them together in an acca, I do this most days with smallish stakes to try and stop my accounts being closed or limited, but it is a great bonus if they come up.
    Thanks again and happy New Year.


  27. Mark Smith says:

    Credit where credits due Matt. Great tipping today!

  28. Kevan Prescott says:

    I have decided to throw the towel in after today’s racing.
    I will pick my own 4/5 shots and show a lot better % return than this service. Very disapointing

    • You’ve decided to throw the towel in because of one loser? We’re well in front in the last month, including a 22/1 winner among others.

      It takes all of 10 seconds to scroll down this page and see that the average odds are 5/1, 6/1+ so while I welcome constructive criticism acting like it’s an odds on service is a bit daft.

  29. David James says:

    I can finally post messages on here! Its been a good start to the year so don’t get the above criticism. I didn’t bet on todays selection as I generally don’t like betting odds on or evens but if your not comfortable betting on odds on shots then don’t bet on them, its quite simple. Its not very often that Matt gives short odds anyway. Hopefully have some decent wins tomorrow, amazing days racing!

  30. David James says:

    Hi Matt

    Why don’t you give selections in the week as well? Your part of this service is essentially just a Saturday service isn’t it. Its not a criticism as such, I was just wondering why you don’t give selections in the week as well…

    • Hi David,

      Up until this season I had done but I found that the best results always came in the best quality racing. Much like Miles specialises in the lower grades I specialise in the higher grades.

      As a result it’s not just Saturdays (I’m also covering major meetings and festivals on other days) and I’m pretty happy with that approach.

      The only downside is that during a bad spell you have to wait longer in terms of days for a turnaround but I do think it’s the right way to go. Year after year we do really well at the likes of Cheltenham and the Christmas/New Year meetings so if anything I’d be inclined to go even more specialist rather than less so.


  31. David James says:

    Okay fair enough Matt. Thanks for your response

  32. Ian Hetherington says:

    Problems logging into both pages last night and today. E-mailed Agora, but as yet nothing. Perhaps text message selections today in case it is a website problem

  33. Peter May says:

    Hi Matt, same problem as Ian. At login for both you and Miles, the message is that I’m not subscribed.

  34. Ian Pretty says:

    I have been a member of The Syndicate since Oct 15 and have had numerous problems with Agora’s administration, the latest being last month when my direct debit simply wasn’t taken and their solution was to cancel my subscription and start a new one. I would imagine Ian and Peter above are two of many who have experienced problems. To their credit their telephone support is excellent when you ring with a problem but if they sorted their admin. out there would be no need for the call in the first place.

  35. James Lalor says:

    Thanks Matt & Miles for a great couple of days – managed to get odds of 12 for Speredek on Betfair Exchange. Ave it!

  36. Peter Lawes says:

    cant login for tonights bets says not subscribed

  37. Laurence Pocock says:

    Hi Matt/Miles,

    Yesterdays winner Hold Firm was very welcome, but results so far have been patchy, but I have no reason to believe other tipsters are not finding the same situation. Now that Cheltenham is getting nearer however everyone is doing their best to lure me away from your good selves with gold plated promises for the festival. My only thought on that is that this is your better prospect as well.Will there be any anti-post tips soon? It would be good to see some as so many book makers are making NO runner NO Bet offers.

    • Hi Laurence,

      Good question!

      First up, I did advise some ante-post bets a few weeks ago which you can find here:

      There are also three Cheltenham previews from Sean Trivass which include some of his fancies that can be found here:

      In addition this is what I’ll be providing before and during Cheltenham week:

      • A full daily preview with detailed analysis of every race and, of course, tips.

      • My live text service which provides live analysis and comments throughout the day.

      • My legendary Cheltenham tricast – 2 winners from 4 selections (winners at 36.69/1 and 35.89/1)

      • Daily competitions – win horseracing tickets, free bets and other assorted goodies.

      • A behind the scenes report from the handicapping weights lunch looking at those big priced horses that look ‘well in’.

      • Instructions on how to make RISK-FREE cash from the various bookie offers throughout the festival.
      • My ‘life changer’. The Cheltenham bet that could turn a pound into thousands.

      That ‘life changer’ ante-post bet will be sent out tomorrow.

      Generally speaking Cheltenham week has been one of the best of the year for us. I’ve been covering it since 2013 and despite a bad year in 2014 anybody putting £10 bets on all advices in those four years would have made a profit of £713.64 in total.

      In short, I think it’s well worth staying put for the next few weeks!


  38. David James says:

    Hi Matt, how’s things? I just wanted to ask, when will you be posting each days Cheltenham selections, will it be on the day or the night before? For me personally it would be great if you could do it the night before, especially the first 2 days as I am going and its going to be a tough task for me to get the bets on if they are posted on the day! If you can’t I understand, just thought I would ask…

    • Hi David,

      All good thanks, hope you’re well.

      Over Cheltenham week I always prep the selections the night before and write a draft of the email, then send out a final version in the morning around 10am.

      If you like I can email over the draft each night (will be quite late – around midnight usually). The majority of selections will remain the same but just be aware that one or two may change.


  39. David James says:

    Yeah that would be great if you could do that Matt, midnight is fine. I will check in the morning then as. Its only for the first 2 days really, so Monday night for Tuesday and Tuesday night for Wednesday. My email address is
    Thanks for your help…

  40. Peter Lawes says:

    where are the bets from matt today

  41. Peter Lawes says:

    sorry found them

  42. John Pickersgill says:

    Hi Matt,

    Have you sent the Cheltenham email for today out yet? Usually get it around 10am but nothing so far today

  43. David Alderton says:

    Hi Matt

    I haven’t received my email re Cheltenham either. Is there a problem?

  44. Will post the password at the top of this page.

  45. David Alderton says:

    Where is the password Matt

  46. David Alderton says:

    Is this the one from Monday or yesterday

    • Hi David,

      The link and password to the selections are the same as they’ve been all week. I’ve posted them at the top of this page which you can see if you’re a logged in Syndicate member. I was guessing you were that as you commented on a Syndicate page.


  47. Chris Sutton says:

    Did anyone get a Cheltenham email today?

  48. Paul Mcevoy says:


  49. Robert Bille says:

    Hi Matt, had a nice touch thanks to you with Tea for Two… I genuinely had a quiet fancy for it anyway and once you’d tipped it, I was on it… I also collected on the Placepot!! I contemplated adding Wonderful Charm to your Placepot on Cheltenham Gold Cup day and didn’t… Unfortunately it cost me around £700.00!! I quite fancied Dineur in the Foxhunters today so added it to your selections. Obviously more lines, more cost but at least collected!



  50. Robert Bille says:

    Hi Matt, had a nice touch thanks to you with Tea for Two… I genuinely had a quiet fancy for it anyway and once you’d tipped it, I was on it… I also collected on the Placepot!! I contemplated adding Wonderful Charm to your Placepot on Cheltenham Gold Cup day and didn’t… Unfortunately it cost me around £700.00!! I quite fancied Dineur in the Foxhunters today so added it to your selections. Obviously more lines, more cost but at least I collected!



    • Cheers Rob.

      I really fancied him today (hence the longer than usual write up), so great to see Tea For Two land. That’ll hopefully set us up for a good few days.

      Good shout on the placepot. I think everybody needs to start doing that as I seem to have a 5/6 curse!!


      • Robert Bille says:

        Matt, just over £800 profit over the 3 days (bulk of that at Aintree) so well happy… Followed your selections and a few of my own. Keep up the good work. I gave you a reminder regarding the Scottish National meeting… Does next week’s Cheltenham meeting not interest you?


        • Cheers Rob.

          Is that Cheltenham meeting the Hunter Chase one? If so then no, not especially.

          I’ll certainly take a look at it on the day or the night before and send out anything of interest but generally speaking it’s a bit of a damp squib as all the interesting horses have engagements elsewhere in April.

          • Robert Bille says:

            No it’s the 2 day meeting with some valuable races (apparently)… I only ask because as a Cheltenham member, I’ll be there. Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th are the dates. I can see why you don’t bother with the Hunter Chase day (5th May) as that is point to point cup final day for the Amateurs and is normally a bit of a lottery!!


          • Ah ok fair enough, well I’ll certainly take a look the night before.

  51. David James says:

    Fair to say its been a good day across both services so well done guys!

  52. David James says:

    Yes hopefully and the Placepot too, think we are due one!

  53. Andrew Clark says:


  54. Duncan Campbell says:

    Well done Saint Are, a good finish to the event for us.

  55. David James says:

    Well done on Aintree Matt, good profits over the 3 days…

  56. Derek Shears says:

    Hi Matt,

    Re: DataKings

    I have just read your e-mail re the above.

    Does it compliment the Syndicate or replace it.

    In other words does it add value.

    Best Regards,


  57. Sunil Arora says:

    Hi Matt,

    What terms on the placepot?


  58. Sunil Arora says:

    also a little query on the 2.45 Race…E/W on both the shorter priced horses but not on the outsider?

  59. Duncan Campbell says:

    Can you also confirm it’s 1 point to win on Peace and Co in the 14.45, not an each way?

  60. Sorry about that. 1.2 point total for the placepot.

    Peace And Co is straight win yes. He’s been off the track for over a year but looks well weighted so I expect an all or nothing performance from him.

  61. David James says:

    Disaster of a day!

  62. Quentin Cross says:

    Hello. Is there racing at Ayr today? Bet365 deny that there are any events.

  63. Philip Robinson says:

    WOW! Your just amazing Matt. Don’t know how you do it. Keep up the good work and I’ll soon be bankrupt. Well worth the £27 a month subscription. absolutely phenomenal.

  64. Pretty grim week last week, no denying that (no issues with Timothy/David comments).

    We are however in profit for April. Worth noting before overloading on sarcasm.

    • Robert Bille says:

      Matt, Just about kept my head above water last week thanks to Iora Glass at Cheltenham (I received an email from Ian Robinson of Our Friends In The North… Better known as the owner of Imperial Commander that they were expecting a good run from him and at 16-1 was well worth the punt!)plus your e/w punt on Foxtail Hill. As for Ayr, I had a nice touch on Two Taffs, Cogry (e/w at 40-1 and if it weren’t for Vicente, nearly had me dancing around the lounge) and Pym. I do believe that if you’re following the racing regularly and there is a fancy of your own, to go with it. This paid off financially at Aintree (my profit added to yours!) In response to the negative comments, it’s far more prudent to look at the bigger picture long term. Now let’s hit Punchestown!

      • Cheers Robert, lots of sensible points there and I certainly wouldn’t put anybody off backing their own if they have a good basis for backing them.

        I probably should have been a bit tighter on the number of bets on Saturday which would have saved a couple of points but we still wouldn’t have had any winners and it was just one of those downturn days. The run of Double W’s pretty much summed it up – you just can’t account for that sort of performance.

  65. David James says:

    Hi Matt
    With there being 11 selections on Saturday, you would expect 1 or 2 winners or places at least and for almost all of them to run so poorly in one day is not something you expect. Its done now though, I’m over it and like you say, abuse isn’t going to help anyone and things have been going well recently apart from Saturday so lets end the season on a high with Punchestown, I always look forward to this meeting!

  66. Tony Stroud says:

    Hi Matt,
    Are there selections today. All of a sudden I am getting a message that I am “not subscribed to this publication”…I very much am!!


    Tony Stroud

    • Hi Tony,

      There will be and they will be going out about midday (earliest race is 3:40).

      If you don’t get the email there may be an issue with your sub so contact me and I’ll email you separately.


  67. Derek Shears says:

    Good day yesterday at Punch.

    A win bet on Fox Norton and a win Trixie incl Disko,Fox Norton.

    Gambled £15 and made a profit of £31.


  68. Derek Shears says:

    Some good results at Punch today Matt.

  69. Robert Bille says:

    Morning Matt, another successful day yesterday!! Going back to a recent post we had where we discussed placepots, I halved your recommended stake yesterday and added an extra placepot adding Don’t Touch It to race 2 and adding a couple of extra “just in case, safety selections” my 48 line 40p stake (£19.20) paid out £333.12. I have to thank you for Pinkie Brown in the 1st as that wouldn’t have entered my calculations. £480.00 up on the week so far 1 point = £10 with the exception of Sizing John (5 point bet and Great Field (2.5 point bet). ‘Harry cost me big at the Festival, couldn’t see him gaining revenge on Nichols!!! Jumps Racing for you.

    • Robert Bille says:

      Matt, I just wanted to add that my post wasn’t to gloat but merely a positive response to previous negative feedback.

      • Don’t worry, I certainly didn’t take it as gloating – it’s really good to hear!

        I do think maybe I should start going for more lines and a smaller stake with the placepots as this 5/6 thing is getting silly now!!

        Not a bad couple of days all round, just a shame one of those big priced each-way bets didn’t win rather than place. Still, couple of good days to go.

        • Robert Bille says:

          I just think if we share our successes and how we did it, with fellow Syndicate members it may help the success rate. After all, I was still using your selections plus some insurances but spreading the outlay around, so to speak. Obviously we all have different size pots to play with but the placepot is definitely something you can play around with (a 48 line 10p stake costing £4.80 would have paid out £83.00 yesterday!)Just something to think about. Afterall, we all have one aim… Bash The Bookies!

  70. Laurence Pocock says:

    I am having great difficulty getting logged in through my mobile, and as Im often out and about this can be a problem, though I appreciate they appear some time on email. This is certainly the case today (I have managed to find a few minutes to send this message). Generally please with the service though some bad days of course, the only critique or suggestion would apply to both services and that would be to have a Daily NAP and NB which perhaps members could place as double bets if they so wish.

  71. Robert Torr says:

    Hi Matt,
    I think you mean 17:35 for the last two selections today? You put 15:35. (Just in case anyone was struggling to find it)! One’s a N/R anyway though…

  72. Philip Robinson says:

    Another 60 quid down the drain. Haemorrhaging cash very heavily now.

    • A 75 point bank is advised with the service. Today we lost around 5 points (having made an overall profit from the previous three days). Haemorrhaging?

      • Philip Robinson says:

        Fail to see where you get the overall profit from as 27 bets from the 17th April only 1 bet came home -Balnaslow at Punchestown on the 28th- That’s 3.7% strike rate in my books. Not very impressive is it.

        • The placepot won, Rennetti was placed (profitable bet), Great Field won, Balnaslow won, Pinkie Brown was placed (profitable bet), Footpad was placed (profitable bet), No Comment was placed (profitable bet).

          Where are you getting your figures from? Or are you just ignoring each way bets and placepots?

  73. Michael Hutchison says:

    Yeah really poor week from last Saturday. Rubbish end to the season Matt. Roll on Miles tips starting again. Think I’ll look elsewhere for national hunt tips from now on!!

  74. Laurence Pocock says:

    Any thoughts yet Matt about my suggestion that you and Miles have a NAP of the day.

    • Hi Laurence,

      Sorry about the late reply. It’s a good idea I think and I’m certainly happy to do it with my selections (the advised stakes will still be the same but if you want to add doubles etc you’re more than welcome).

      Completely up to Miles if he follows suit but it seems to me like a nice little addition.


  75. Steven Midgley says:

    Hi Matt i still have no access to Football Investor this problem has been ongoing for about a fortnight now, please could you resovle i now have access to The Syndicate but missed the whole of Punchestown Festival. I lost both investor and Syndicate when i subscribed to Datakings under same password, if that helps any

  76. John Pickersgill says:

    Hi Matt,

    Can you tell me what the placepot paid on the 28th please. I was on holiday so didn’t get to place the bet (typical when it actually comes in!) Just want to update the records to see what overall figures are if placed all bets



  77. Derek Shears says:

    Hi Matt,

    I have been denied access to the Syndicate today.

    Perhaps it will be OK for tomorrow so that I can trade any selections from Miles.

    Best Regards,


  78. Miles Tredwell says:

    Hi Derek, The next selections will be in the morning and I’ll email them over to you. If the problem persists, then it’s a customer services job I’m afraid (neither of us have access to that info, so can’t help). Best to call them on 0207 633 3630.

  79. Derek Shears says:

    Hi Matt,

    Re my comments on the 21st MAY regarding the message “you are not registered for this service” in respect of the Syndicate.

    Something funny is going on because when I checked my bank statement today I noticed that £27 has been taken out of my account on 17 MAY and on 19 MAY.

    I would welcome a reason for what has happened and my access being restored immediately.

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Derek,

      Sorry about the issues.

      As per Miles’s message you will need to contact customer services as we have no access to the admin side of things. I’m also out of the country this week with limited signal so they should definitely be your first port of call.


  80. Peter May says:

    Hi Matt. Sorry to bother you but I’m getting really fed up with your publisher Agora. Long story short, been a member with you for many years( with a short break ). I resubscribed to betting Rant Premium early last week. I can log in without any problem to the Syndicate and Racing code. When I try to log into Premium, the message tells me I’m not subscribed. Steven at Agora help desk checked and I am. Sent me my Password, (which works for the other two), no joy.
    He escalated it to the tech guys ? whatever. Tells me it might take 48 hours ? Whatever.This was last Friday and this Monday. Tomorrow is Thursday, still no contact, no access. Your beloved Liverpool will have the league wrapped up by the time I get access to your season bets and first week bets ! Just kidding, they wont get top four IMHO as a Blue.
    Not sure if you can help but it’s so F R U S T R A T I N G.

  81. Peter May says:

    Hi Matt,

    First of all, customer services eventually sorted out the log in problem after ringing them yet again. I know this isn’t to do with you but they provde a very poor service. Apparently the wrong promotion code was applied. A week to find out that nugget ? I can smell the BS from here !

    Anyway, to be clear, having joined the new Premium service ( which is excellent value already), does this supersede the Football investor ?



    • Hi Peter,

      Trust me, it’s a constant bug bear of mine and we do now have somebody in place to shout at customer services. Hopefully it will have an effect at some point!!

      Premium does supersede Football Investor yes. Basically I’ve kept the best bits from FI and replaced the rest with other perks such as the discount. There will be new stuff constantly added over the coming months and years too.


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