Walkaway Winner Review

| July 31, 2012 | 51 Replies

Product Name: Walkaway Winner

Author:  Warren Blair

Company Name & Contact Details:
Liam Brown Circle Media
10 Meadowcroft,
tel 07518377826
email: liam@circlemedialtd.com or support@walkawaywinner.com


Successful Punter finally breaks his silence on how he’s able to walk away from the bookmakers with £26,503.04 in Tax Free Cash

Price: £37 plus VAT in UK

Money Back Guarantee: 60 day (Clickbank)

What Do You Get?

– 8 page PDF manual download

Where To Buy: http://www.walkawaywinner.com

Brief Summary: 

The marketing for Warren Blair’s Walkaway Winner states that it is a win bet system for UK and Irish horse racing but actually only UK racing when manual was checked.

What’s It All About?  

The system is said to provide between 2 and 10 “Value” back selections daily. It applies to handicap racing only and is a 4 step self selection system.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 

You can start with any amount. The author recommends staking 10% of bank per selection.

How Much Money Can I Make?  

See headlines. Profit of 2.2 points in trial period.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Few minutes daily.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 

PC and internet access – uses Sporting Life website for data.

Value For Money?  

Probably not but jury out.

Quality Of Customer Service? 

Not tested.


This has the standard marketing story (improbable and the video says no more than the sparse marketing detail) and images of someone’s cars/villas etc. A novel twist is the apparent live log in to the author’s betting accounts which only prove that someone was able to place funds into an account and show the balance – not how the balance was achieved.

Being a Circle Media product there is the inevitable attempt to upsell (daily tips in this case) and the completely unnecessary insistence on confirming your email address even though all you are getting is a PDF download. This practice is becoming increasingly prevalent and is a clear abuse of the general system.

But what about the system itself? If ever there was a good example of why you should not take decisions based on the short term application of systems this is it. The comments on the thread have ranged from wonderful to giving up now and I think that the emotions that have been evoked are possibly the most dangerous aspect of the whole situation.

The process itself is quite straightforward and takes about 3 minutes per meeting at most. The only imponderable is that the selections will vary depending on the time of day that you make the selection as it is dependent on the number of runners and so can change. This probably accounts for the discrepancies seen on the thread comments.

For the purposes of this review I have taken the information at around 10am daily and unless the number of runners has ruled a selection out not re-visited the races.

As can be seen from the spreadsheet the number of selections is averaging just over 4 daily and after a torrid start when the bank was reduced to less than 30% of its starting value we have since seen some good profits made with a peak of 283% seen although we are back down to a mere 22% profit at the time I write this.

And therein lies the real danger as the fact that such a large profit has been seen could lure users into continuing long past when they should. I have added a chart on the spreadsheet showing the daily movements in the balance on the bank and it would not be out of place as a ride at Alton Towers.

The strike rate is a not unreasonable 25% given the relatively high average odds being seen. The more so when the basis of the selection method is the result of just one race of the given horse.

It is perhaps the staking plan that is the worry with 10% of your bank risked on each selection which takes a very strong nerve. And so I have also calculated the potential situation with a 1% point instead of 10% which can be seen on the “smallerstake” tab on the spreadsheet. Readers will note that the profit generated here is greater than the recommended staking plan and I imagine that it would not only be a great deal easier on the nerves but you will not be risking account closure at the bookmakers.

The jury must still be out on the system at this point but will update the results in a further month’s time.

You can see a full breakdown of my results so far here:

Walkaway Winner Results

Update 03/10/12:

The second half of the trial has seen the strike rate decline to 21% with 53 winners to 195 losers. Using the recommended staking plan your bank is now down to just 1% of where it started but the more conservative 1 point progressive approach sees a loss of just 8 points. It does make you wonder if a little more experimenting with the system rues could produce something worthwhile. Over to Scarbough!!

I have updated the spreadsheet and graphic illustration of the bank balance which makes interesting viewing. Series 1 is the recommended staking plan and Series 2 the 1 point option.

We will not be updating results further but the wild extremes of comment we have seen here do perhaps demonstrate the need to fully consider all aspects of the service/system before passing final judgement.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Walkaway Winner Results



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Comments (51)

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  1. mukhtar says:

    Early indications are its not doing well at all for me.

  2. tweezyb says:

    Awful system that does not work – avoid at all costs. The marketing literature is a joke compared to the reality.

  3. mabeleva says:

    Thanks tweezby. Was looking to buy dont think I will bother. Why do they keep writing the bulls!!!

  4. apostle says:

    Definitely a non-starter. Author probably had an idea that would show some winners, waited until it had had a ‘good’ few days and advertised the hell out of it. It’s not as stupid as some ideas but won’t wok long term. I’ll be going for a refund tomorrow.

    Just one other point, there are some ambiguities inq the rules (I can’t detail these as it might give the system away), which means that the system hasn’t been thought out fully.

  5. englandronald says:

    I started the system on 31/7/12 so far I have had 16 bets. 5 winners prices so far 1/1 9/4 4/1 3/1 8/1 profit 42.00 started with bank 100.00 using 10 percent of bank going up and down as recommended by the rules I am pleased with it so far I hope the profit keeps going

  6. englandronald says:

    Walk away winner system it does work I am glad I brought it already 50.00in front only been using it for 5 days

  7. bowler says:

    I really have no firm opinion one way or the other on the merits or otherwise of this system, but I would draw the attention of interested parties to the quirky lack of consistency contained in the advertised post code. Although claiming to be in Bolton (where so many other systems promoted via Clickbank originate) the post code B15 2NX in fact relates to an address in St James’s Road, Edgbaston in Birmingham. Quite a leafy area in fact as evidenced by Google Earth Street View. The true Bolton post code invariably begins BL1.

  8. englandronald says:

    I can’t understand people who say systems don’t work when they don’t give them a fair try walk away winner system I have had it for two weeks and I am in front I have had worse system than this and don’t work and don’t offer a refund tweezyb is taking a load of rubbish and is not willing to give it a try he looks at the rules and says it is a load of rubbish if he has the system at all wich I don’t think he has

  9. Vetteran says:

    It is BL5, not B15.

    Lots of stuff comes from there or thereabouts.

    Two weeks is not long enough to tell.

    I always have to wonder why anyone would want sell
    a successful betting system.

    10% of bank is bold!
    (“There old gamblers and bold gamblers but there are no old bold gamblers.)

    Use any system “Flat” first as if it does not
    make a profit using level stakes then it will
    not using %age.

  10. Vetteran says:

    Oops, missed out an ‘are’.

  11. bowler says:

    Thanks, Vetteran, but yesterday it was showing B15 not BL5. I cut and pasted the post code onto both Google Earth and Google Search and both times it come up with the Edgbaston, Birmingham address. Dare I suggest it was corrected after my post?!!!

    As you say, ton upon ton of racing systems come out from this Bolton address under the banner Liam Brown Circle Media. They all have the same over hyped content, all exactly the full colour format – nowadays with a voice commentry telling us to ‘stop what we’re doing NOW, pour out a drink and listen up’.

    Have no opinion whatsoever on merits of Walkaway Winner but it is just one of dozens originating from this address. Just how can anyone possibly take them seriously when so many are identical in their presentation?

  12. scarbough says:

    hi guys,
    there are many ageing pro betters that never use level stakes and make a lot of money doing exactly that.Ive seen so many lay staking plans that are used to enhance systems and make them more profitable, and some backing systems would not be profitable without them. Its not always easy to get the best odds and or the value as we call it.Yes if you can get the value its the safest way but also if you just hang fire and look around for a system or two of your own that does not show either a profit nor a loss and often during a month dips by 4/5 points per month,there is a real potential to turn a profit if you are patient,and it does not involve upping stakes.

  13. englandronald says:

    I am not saying this system works or not but I will carry. On using it so far two weeks still in front as long as it makes me money I will continue I have had worse system that have not made me money

  14. Vetteran says:

    The significant word is “Bold”. It’s Maths/Statistics. If your plan does not make a profit using level stakes then you will fail by using a percentage of bank. You may be lucky for while and do ok but eventually you will be stuffed. True, you will make more profit by using percentage stakes but ONLY if the basic works. The underlying problem being that a Bookmaker will not knowingly give you odds enabling you to win in the long run.

  15. dunnikier says:

    I signed up for win in 60 secs with money back guarantee
    Lo and behold b15 post code
    Will keep record for next month
    However I smell a rat

  16. englandronald says:

    WON again to day still in front walk away winner is great. System I have made my money back so I am playing with profit

  17. JohnU says:

    @ englandronald

    It sounds as though the rewards from this one could be be good – if it works long term. How many bets are you typically getting? Any today? (just a number, i don’t mean actual selections!) Thanks.

  18. englandronald says:

    9 bets 4 won it veries from day to day i have had for 3 weeks and won every week

  19. soccanut says:

    DELETED BY MODERATOR – Do not post rules to systems on the site.

    Selling something that keeps the mugs thinking they’re on to something with the very realistic hope that enough people will not claim the refund in time ……..?


  20. englandronald says:

    Soccanut you don’t know what you are taking about there are 5 rules to the system so you don’t have the system or you would know yesterday there was 6 bets 3 won I have had the system for 3 weeks and won every week well in front you should stop running the system down and putting. People off buying it I have brought many system and by far this is the best

  21. scarbough says:

    There is a saying that for every punter who wins with a system there will be multiple who will not….using the same system.
    But it would be better if the complaints came from actual purchasers and that way its a better reflection and more of a cross section that are using this.Realistically stating something is not worth a go ….but not having purchased it to begin with is not an opinion that can be taken seriously.
    keep us all posted englandronald,if the results look good then thats what matters.

  22. soccanut says:

    Are you guys referring to the “system” by WB – you know, the one whereby you’ll learn something that’s going to “make you a profit virtually every single time you use it” ??

    If it’s as good as you say then it’ll work forever and even after you’ve been barred by the bookies, (like I am) you’ll still have the exchanges!

    My guess is that it won’t stand the test of time because decent horse racing systems usually have something to do with horse racing and are supported by historical data. I’m waiting for the Greyhound system based on ?3rd LTO !

    These systems can be thought up in a couple of minutes and pumped out in their hundreds – as they are.

    So here’s a couple of freebies that have stood the test of time.

    1. Back Tom Dascombe horses at Haydock – esp 2yr olds
    2. Back Brian Smart Horses at Redcar

    These should return £15-20 per £10 over time.

  23. englandronald says:

    Walk away winner system 3 bets 1 won on Saturday 11/8/12.

  24. scarbough says:

    Again, its a better reflection of any system via purchasing it and logging the results , rather than a general rant based on simply not liking the concept.
    some systems are ridiculously simple and do work, so its not always form study for 10hours a day to find regular winning bets.Favs or second favs is actually statistical data without studying, so sometimes its actually there infront of you.

  25. soccanut says:

    Thought it was obvious by the quote I used that I had bought the “system”. And guess what? It’s winning!

    Trouble is, these are “Fruit machine” systems in that you either lose and kick the machine or you win and put it all back! I agree that some simple to operate systems are good, but they’re good both historically and in terms of continuing trend.

    As for hours of form study? Never have – never will! As for the examples I gave, look up Haydock/Redcar on Racing Post website – you’ll see that Dascombe/Smart have excellent records at these courses over the last 5 seasons. Now look at 2011 and 2012 so far and you’ll see a very positive ongoing trend.

    Takes a couple of minutes and you grind out steady profits. There will be downs but the ups will win overall and occasionally you’ll be treated to winners such as ‘AYASHA’ 1 Aug 2012 – Redcar 2.15 – 66-1 or 225.44 on betfair ! (‘Roninski’ and ‘Barracuda Boy’ yesterday bear out the ongoing trend)

    I’m here not to have a go at any particular originator – just to warn against the ten a penny stuff that poses as a “system”. Pay peanuts you get monkeys!

    A year or so from now (when no more bookies will have me), maybe I’ll sell some of my stuff. The reason I haven’t is that I make a good living from actually betting – unlike the drossmongers who can’t!!

  26. scarbough says:

    You sound very self assured and confident ,and arrogant soccarnut,there are good and bad drossmongers out there,its a matter of finding the good ones .

    Just a small point, one such ten a penny system has netted me steadily over 5 years and cost very little.And ive spent over £2k on a system ten years ago that made zero, so my views are very mixed on the pay peanuts and get monkeys theory.

    Its all good to mix theories though.

  27. soccanut says:

    Agreed – you have to find the good ones, but most of the stuff hiding behind Clickbank is going to be rubbish and if nothing else, you’ll waste a lot of time.

    I notice you haven’t commented on the trainer/course combos – these exist at most courses – totally free and taking minutes to source.

    Half of my income comes from free sources (oh I’ll include the winning machine that is ‘PRICEWISE’ even though you have to buy the Racing Post). You’ll make more money by checking out info. from At The Races, Racing UK etc because they make a living from being in the know.

    Bit like building a house. Do you chose your builders from half a dozen tradesmen who have a sound reputation in the building industry,or any number of DIYers who reckon they can do it quicker and cheaper?

  28. englandronald says:

    Walk away winner Sunday 12/8/12 4 bets 1 winner nice profit on the week

  29. englandronald says:

    13/8/12 5 bets one winner broken even on the day

  30. englandronald says:

    14 /8/12 7 bets 2 winners

  31. englandronald says:

    15/8 12 no bets to day. Still wall in front

  32. englandronald says:

    16/8/12 one bet lost

  33. jordy23 says:

    I have been using the system for 6 days ,I found two bets today,both lost .
    I’m 1 point down in this 6 day period.
    Around about 25 to 30 bets in that Period (haven’t kept count),Only been counting number of points up or down.

  34. englandronald says:

    Are you using the walk away winner system if so. They was only one bet if you are using the system and you have the rules you can’t be using it probably

  35. jordy23 says:

    Yes I am using walk away winner winner system,today I found 3 selections ,is that how many you found?

  36. englandronald says:

    No only 2 bets to day

  37. englandronald says:

    17/8/12 stared with 4 bets but only came up with 2 bets its sad the first 3 in the betting forecast only

  38. jordy23 says:

    Ok thanks,will see how it goes today

  39. englandronald says:

    17/8/12 two bets to day lost

  40. englandronald says:

    Walk away winner I have just found a website that has monitored the system over the last five years and lost every year I have decided to call it a day and take my profit I know I said the system is great but when I checked the website I have decided to call it a day I suggest anyone using this system to be cautious and get a. Money back refund good luck

  41. tom42 says:

    I didn’t realise there were so many informative vids on YouTube to do that!


  42. soccanut says:

    Glad someone’s realized WAW for what it really is – a complete waste of time. As I said, decent systems are supported historically.

    Think how many “systems” you could come up with combining any 4 or 5 criteria (age, LTO, distance, race type, trainer, course, owner, price, days since run, fav, a/w, flat, jumps, hurdles – etc etc). Any 4 from 12 = 495 “systems” – any 5 from 14 = 2002 “systems”

    The thing is, if you back-fit, most of these cheap “systems” will occasionally be in profit and – importantly for the originator – rarely seriously in the red. Expect to see plenty more !!

  43. quirkp says:

    this is doing the rounds again. I signed up for £7 yesterday (29 July 2013) and today got an e-mail from warren blair updating the system. his earlier e-mail with today’s (30/07/2013) tips had 2 selections – the first of which would not qualify under his new rules. the 2nd race had 2 qualifiers under his rules and he went with the one with the shorter odds forecast!
    nothing in his system blurb as to what to do if mogot mre than 1 qualifier.

    possibly peddling so many “systems” he has got mixed up poor fella.

  44. quirkp says:

    incidentally one of the e-mails I got post sign-up was from jonathan woodward of winners every day infamy.

    yes – I have already requested my refund, I can do a lot with 7 (seven) nicker!

  45. quirkp says:

    the amusing thing is both today’s e-mailed selections won at betfair SPs of 2.26 and 5.72

  46. quirkp says:

    got an e-mail this morning at 02.08 with another tweak to the system

  47. dave5371 says:

    I haven’t bought the system so I can’t comment on that, but it got me thinking if I could make £28k a month from the system (as claimed)would I bother selling it for £17? no, so I have decided to walk away

  48. nutmeg says:

    from what little l have seen and the emails l have received l am getting the feeling that,

    walkaway winners
    winners everyday
    back the horses

    are all in cahoots with each other, and l for one wont be subscribing to any of them.

  49. phlatbrowk says:

    I learnt a long time ago that nearly every system out there is simply designed to part you and your money from each other. I am so sick of these “Last week a was penniless bum then I met a geezer in a pub who told me all of his secrets and this week i am a MILLIONAIRE” sort of thing THEN THEY WANT YOU TO HAVE it FOR £17!! that there are still those who fall for this utter garbage!!!!unbelievable

  50. superbookie777 says:

    Mean while…

    Walk Away Winners has been on great form and
    the weekend racing is no different.

    Today they have picked up 3 winning bets:

    14:25 Doncaster – Green Monkey 4/1
    14:40 Goodwood – Pethers Moon 4/1
    14:45 Newton Aboot – De Faoithesdream 9/4

    I rec this email today and as I replyed to them on my system it says if two or more in race fin 2nd last time out then no bet so pethers moon is not a selection thses claims are so much crap they miss horse that lose and claim wins you would not bet yet another con

  51. BackTheHorses says:

    Nutmeg, I see you seem to think we’re related to the other two services you mentioned. I’d just like to mention that we are NOT related to them.

    I’d like to ask you to take a look at the review page for Back The Horses here on MMR. You’ll soon see that there’s a lot of happy customers and unlike other vendors, I aim to respond to any queries/problems with our service.

    I try to remain active on here, helping any customers.

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