Vladimir Tips Review

| September 2, 2013 | 13 Replies

Product Name: Vladimir Tips

Author:  Vladimir Nikolai

Company Name & Contact Details:
Henok Mikiele (Circle Media)
201 Wigman Road,


123 Loughborough Road
email: finessebetssupport@circlemedialtd.com or support@vladimirtips.com or jackbarronuk@gmail.com


From Rags to Riches – Find out my story and how I did it! In this past 6 months I have earned above £20,000 through this approach.

Price: £17 (Plus VAT in EU) for 12 months membership.

Money Back Guarantee: 60 days (Clickbank)

What Do You Get?

– Email based soccer tipping service.

Where To Buy:  www.vladimirtips.com

Brief Summary:  

Vladimir Tips Service, run by Vladimir Nikolai, is an email tipping service for Eastern European football leagues claiming a 66% strike rate. 1 tip is sent daily via email. 

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 

Advised that you can start with £2 but suggests up to £1,000 is better.

How Much Money Can I Make?  

No specific claims made. Profit of £255 seen in trial to date with an ROI of 20%.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Few minutes when tips received.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 

Internet connection.

Value For Money?  

Good start.

Quality Of Customer Service?  

No response to email question.


This is another standard offering from the Nottingham end of the Circle media crowd – the apparent difference this time being the poor Russian chap who saw the light in England and more than the usual quota of pictures to try and lure you in. And just by chance he has found that the Russian Premier League offers the best returns for his system and then a few other Eastern European leagues came good too.

At least there is no up-sell attempt here but the format is depressingly familiar and when the jackbarron email appears you know that the track record from that source is poor both results wise and on the customer service front.

And so it proved with no welcome email or explanation of what staking is proposed. All that happens is you receive an email with the days tip (which may have more than one bet placed) and the stake is advised in straight pounds sterling. For the purposes of the review we have shown the exact stake recommended by the service and assumed the £1000 bank the marketing advises. . We noted that the format of the bets was very similar to those seen previously in American Soccer Picks, a poor service from this source which we reviewed earlier this year. All in all a rather unprofessional output.

And things began in much the same vein as the similar services with losses and a match tipped that was not actually on the fixtures for that day (or week). Normally a match is tipped and a correct score for that game with reduced staking. Stakes for the win bets have ranged from £40 to £150 and are either £5 or £10 for the score tips. Some 27 bets have been recommended of which 11 have won – a strike rate of 40%. The result tips are successful (78% strike rate with 31% ROI) and the score suggestions not worth considering showing a loss of £100 for every £100 staked.

We were a little confused by a recent email claiming an 11 bet winning streak which members will see from the spreadsheet has not occurred. We have queried this with the service but at the time of writing received no response.

So the overall performance showing a profit of £255 with a 30.78% ROI is very creditable and certainly means the service is worth considering at the minimal fee charged. (Quite why a successful service would be so cheap is perhaps the real question. How long will the service continue once there is no cash coming in?)

We will keep monitoring and update members in October but there appears no risk in checking this out with the guarantee standing behind the service. Perhaps a cautious recommend is appropriate at this stage bearing in mind the small sample size.

You can see a full breakdown of my results so far here:

Vladimir Tips Results

Final Update 6/11/2013:

Despite a change of policy to recommending almost exclusively win bets and ignoring the fanciful correct sores the service has moved from profit into deficit in month 2 of the trial. Of the 51 selections during the trial 19 have been successful (37%) – a significant downturn on month 1 and we now see a 3 point loss to the bank.

The staking has become more aggressive and with odds on selections a few failures make life very difficult indeed.  Presentation remains rather poor and no indication is given if there are no tips for the day. All rather typical of the Nottingham end of the Circle Media operation.

We suggest that the inconsistency we have seen in what is a relatively narrow field where the author claimed specialist knowledge leads to the conclusion that the service cannot be recommended.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Vladimir Tips Results


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Comments (13)

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  1. scorpioeyes says:

    circle media? A bad track record i think?

  2. scorpioeyes says:

    are you sure you have entered the correct link?

  3. catweazle says:

    Lol the correct link should be vladimirtips.com
    But it’s another joke from circle media. Nice screenshots on the sales page and i bet that bet365 is happy to allow him to win over 20k on east european football leagues.
    Lets wait some days for the ultimative £9 lifetime service offer;)

  4. Diegolucasz says:

    There have not been 27 tips recommended thats a lie

  5. Jack Whiteman says:

    @Diegolucasz – our reviewer recorded 27 bets in his trial.

    Can you clarify why you think we would lie about that?

  6. Northeast says:

    All i got was spam! No tips!

  7. mikhail101 says:

    What is strange service name Vladimir Nikolay…;)))

  8. Harry4 says:

    Just a little “awaiting moderation” test, don’t worry admin!….. we won’t tell anyone?….. of course your reading this…… even if no one else is…. 🙂

  9. Harry4 says:

    Tell you what, we’ll all come back as someone else, that should keep you busy, it could go on forever, what you say? Oh, I forgot, you only pass secret personal views to those who rip people off!

    Talk about being childish, “assistant editor” couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery!

  10. Harry4 says:

    Thank you, now we’re seeing sense,well done!

  11. gerry747 says:

    Michelle, I know this is the wrong thread, but wanted to avoid Beek’s thread. How the hell did we arrive at this situation? you’d think we were the guys trying to keep members money and not repay!.

    Constant “awaiting moderation’s” we only wanted to get Beek onto MMR, can we now put an end to this? Is it a case of you worrying what we might post before it is released to the members?

    Su got annoyed with you, for god’s sake it’s over, we really are on the same side, just wanted justice for them members. There are times when your a good assistant editor, there are times when your bloody frustrating! 🙂

  12. Pete Williams says:

    This crew are just preparing their next tipster campaign from Japanese football expert Fuku Nakasamer. Their aim is to cover world football…I’m sure other members here can identify others in preparation…

  13. Eden says:

    Vladimir Tips is back – rec’d e- mail promotion today. Now £15 + VAT presumably for 12 months. Any takers?

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