Making Money From Financial Spread Betting

| January 14, 2010 | 36 Replies

Product Name: Making Money From Financial Spread Betting

Author: Vince Stanzione

Company Name & Contact Details:
Despatch Centre
Unit 12, Tilbury Close
Tel: 0118 946 2606


“Discover the secrets of making an extra £1000, £2,000 to £5000+ per month, tax-free, trading world financial markets on the side and how to profit from up, down and even sideways markets”

Price:  £197

Money Back Guarantee: There is a full 12 month guarantee if you can prove that you failed to make at least £1,000 profit. This has to be proved by documentary evidence but can be from a “paper traded” account.

What Do You Get?

– A Workbook manual – 160 pages of instruction.
– 2 DVD’s explaining “how to”.
– Access to Vince’s private members financial trading website.
– Daily updates and his “Trendspotter” system.
– “Making A Fortune From Fixed Odds Betting” book – download ink.
– A free £20 trade.
– “The Millionaire Dropout” book.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Making Money From Financial Spread Betting by Vince Stanzione is a trading system to use on the Financial Spread Betting markets that takes no longer than 30 minutes per day and is “Set and Forget” – place your trades and walk away to do something else. It claims that it could be taught to a 12 year old to follow.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

Not necessarily. They claim that it is suitable for those with no experience or people with a trading background.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

They claim that this can be started with little money (“on a shoestring”) and build up from profits.

You will need at least £250 stake money that you can afford to lose. You will also need to set up a trading account which is free but if you want to use up to date charts and data you will have to pay for it, often you can get a free months trial so you can see if it’s really for you.

How Much Money Can I Make?

They say that the sky is the limit with this. Figures are quoted of people making between £100 and over £2,000 per month.

How much you make will depend on how much you can afford and want to risk. Most of the top traders look for a 100% return on their money, these are experts, and really you should look to make 15-25% in your first six months. So if you have £1000 to risk, you might make £250 profit whilst getting started.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

The workbook itself is 200 pages so this will take you a fair while to go through but it is jargon free so easy to follow.  Also there are 2 DVD’s which are 2 and half hours long.

Trading the markets can be quick and easy, but it’s the preparation and decision making which takes the time to learn and master.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

You will need a PC and a betting account which are free to set up. Additional extras are the data/software which you can pay numerous companies a monthly fee (typically around £20 a month).

Quality of Customer Service?

The 12 months money back period seems very generous. But you must keep statements of all trades you make on the back of advice given by this system as  if you are unhappy and want a refund you’ll have to prove that you followed the system correctly and that it was the system’s fault you lost money. If you don’t have proof then getting a refund could be difficult.

2016 Review

I am currently working my way through the 160 pages to get to grips with the strategy in order to put it into practice. This will then be traded and an update will appear here after the first three months of use – probably around end of June 2016.


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Comments (36)

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  1. Michael says:

    I tried Vince´s program 5 years ago… basicly its a moving average system… lost some cash before I stopped using the system.


  2. Bikes says:

    I bought the system, read the thick manual, watched the DVDs. Basically it is a bit of an intro into trading various products, e.g. indicies, shares, commodities… Then 2 or 3 simple moving average systems.

    I tried them for a couple of months, and lost 75% of my bank before deciding to stop.

    It’ll slowly burn your cashpile…

  3. Jay D says:

    In my opinion anyone who has prior knowledge of vince knows that the majority of his stuff doesn’t work

  4. Russell says:

    The Fulfilment company is Bookingline Plc (the unit 12 address).

    Bookingline Plc distributes/ fulfils Andrew Reynolds’ stuff incl ‘Cash on Demand’.

    He may well own the company.

    Do any of these trading systems ever work? Most seem like a licence to burn money.

  5. Graham says:

    I bought Vince’s course back in 2000. Then it was a book and a VHS video. After studying the course I felt confident I knew what I was doing. Vince recommends Bet on Markets. So I opened an account with them and started trading. I quickly found that I didn’t know what I was doing.

    I found trends within trends and didn’t know which one I was trading. Needless to say I lost lots of money. I realized that BoM offer really lousy odds and that spread betting was really the only way to go. But I didn’t have the confidence to accept the greater risks, and was afraid of getting whipsawed out of the markets.

    In short I felt that Vice had not given me sufficient knowledge and information to really get started trading. That is not surprising because he wanted to sell me another more expensive course.

    A word about Bet on Markets. They appear to price their bets according to Black Shawles option pricing model (hope I spelled that correctly). 🙂 Which means your bet suffers from time decay the extent of which is governed by market volatility. Only unlike an option you don’t have unlimited upside potential.

    If you placed a bullish bet say, and the market stayed in the same place, the resale price of the bet would deteriate by time. So you really have to have all your ducks in a row if you are going to profit from this type of betting.

    Although your bet cannot fall to zero. So that you are never stopped out. The market would have to move quicker and further in the right direction to break even or recover a reasonable portion of your money. So if it drops to that level your bet will almost certainly expire worthless.

  6. unspeedy says:

    Thank you so much for the info & various coimments all of which i found very useful. I w’nt be buying. Regards to you all. L.L.

  7. organgrinder says:

    I’ll say ditto to UNSPEEDY, having bought one of VS’s systems some time back, followed it to the letter and BOM’s gained substantially, so if you’re watching Mr Stanzione, I’ll not be investing in you!

  8. john U says:


    I’m very ‘Victor Meldrew’ with this!
    is there anyone who has made a consistent OVERALL PROFIT FROM STANZIONE’S STUFF over say 3 to 6 months????

  9. john U says:


    Feeling just mildly provocative – maybe its because its Bank Holiday!


  10. Tony says:

    Just to echo all the other comments, I too have lost money following Mr Stanzione’s recommendations.

  11. john U says:

    Well said Tony,

    Notice how NO-ONE, not 1 PERSON!!! has risen to my challenges above that were posted almost a week ago!

  12. Tony says:

    I’m too embarrassed to tell the truth, son.

  13. chrisredd says:

    Hi, first time I’ve ever communicated via any forum. Is there ANYTHING that works? I’m 64, been trying for scores of years and am poor and pig sick!

  14. Tony says:

    Amazon is probably the best, followed by Ebay. I prefer Amazon as it doesn’t cost anything to list and you can have your stuff up as long as you want without all the pain of relisting, photos etc.
    Ebay is cumbersome and labour intensive, but sometimes you get better prices for your systems or materials.
    However, if they don’t sell, you have to pay listing fees 🙁

  15. JR627 says:

    So glad I read this. I was going to buy his latest called ‘Making Money From Financial Spread Trading’ which he said is with Agora – but I cannot find it on their website.

    After reading all the comments I’M NOT GOING TO BOTHER and will keep my hard earned cash.

  16. neonlite18 says:

    As I was in the process of becoming one of the 197 punters who could get the system for £197 I am so glad I am a member of MMR. As a result of the comments I am just off on a weeks half board in Benidorm for the same price. No chance of ,osing on that deal………..

  17. djdave0 says:

    guy’s I want to thank you and his site for saving me a lot of time and money.
    Cheers Guy’s

  18. Joncar says:

    I also tried this system some time ago, and like most
    here, I lost. I just received a new offer from Agora, but I think their guarantee is dubious! it seems to be one of those where you have to “prove” you have not made the suggested profit from it to get a refund, and who on earth is going to record all trades over a year?
    Best avoided I think.

  19. davidcanton says:

    Very interesting comments. Thank you everyone. I will not buy this system.

  20. mstreet says:

    Is there a Forex system that actually works??!!!. I rather think that we know the answer to that!!.


  21. Tommy says:


    Yes there is!!

    Try this one. Works just fine. Put the work in to learn it and you’ll be fine.

    Good Luck 🙂

  22. ritch0001 says:!!! – Read the comments here don’t buy this system Emails from MMR (see below) recommending it!!!

    Yesterday, I mentioned that I’d been checking out Vince Stanzione’s home trading course…

    And if you didn’t have a chance to take a look for yourself, then you can find out more about it here.

    Forex is a special interest of mine – so I’ve been spending some time looking through Vince’s course…

    And if you’ve been looking for a way to start profiting from forex, but you’re not sure how to begin – then I reckon this is a great way to do it.

    Vince’s approach doesn’t assume any special knowledge on your part, and leads you through everything step-by-step…

    And if it doesn’t make you money within the next year, you won’t have to pay a penny for it.

    In short, I like it. Why not take a look and see what you reckon?

    Best Wishes,

    Frank Hemsley
    Editor-in-chief of MMR

  23. gerry747 says:

    I like the “Editor-in-chief of MMR” bit!

    How many stripes do you get for that? 🙂

  24. frankhemsley says:


    If you’re looking to learn how to trade financial markets, Vince’s course is a good place to start. It’s a good all-round intro and good value for money at that price.

    best wishes,

    Frank Hemsley

  25. jsegura says:

    Hi all , is there anyone out there who has an up to date review of violence nice stanziones course for 197£ , has it started to work since last reviews in 2011 , anyone used and made profit vince says if u follow as he says, thanks .

  26. jsegura says:

    Sorry guys I meant vince stanziones course about financial spread trading,

  27. jsegura says:

    Any one recommend or made money using vince stanziones course on spread trading?

  28. Tommy says:

    @jsegura60 – Never tried his system myself as the price put me off years ago when I first saw it.

    There’s a review of him here :

  29. jsegura says:

    Tommy thanks for your reply was beginning to thnk. Was n my own here.

  30. jsegura says:

    How come no one responds with up to date comments on if vince stanzione s course makes a profit , come on Mmr get back to me or what’s the point….

  31. tintin3d says:

    think you’re getting on the wrong threads. There is a Stanzione one on MMR.
    For what it’s worth I bought the Stanzione method. All it is. Moving averages. You can learn that for free elsewhere. Save your money. Try price action trading equation/Julie Hatch. It’s much more in depth and it’s free.

  32. MMR admin says:

    @jsegura I have moved all of your comments and replies from other members to this page as it is relevant to your questions.

    Please only post your questions about Vince on this page or email them to me on

    I have also amended your username as it appears on comments. Your login details have not been affected.
    This is because we do not allow users to have email addresses as usernames for security reasons.

    As you can see above our review was done in 2010. As far as I am aware it’s not actively being sold so we’ve had no requests for us to re-review it.

    I can contact Vince to see if he has an official independently proofed track record for us and I can post that on here.

    Or perhaps if there are other members here who have tried the system and are still using it can share their experience…



  33. tracker123 says:

    Anybody any feedback on Stanzione’s “Making Money from Financial Spread Trading”?

    All of the reviews on Amazon are either “BRILLIANT” but are left by people who invariably have not left any other reviews for anything, which looks very dodgy, or “VIRTUALLY USELESS”!

    The price varies depending on where you see it promoted (from £200 – £447.77 with the £250 balance payment due when you’ve made a clear £1,000! How on earth does that work?

    Then there’s the 12 month guarantee – you get your money back if you can prove you haven’t made £1,000! Again how does that work?

    I’m not holding my breath, but has anybody anything good to say about Stanzione’s course?

  34. legaleagle says:

    I dont post often but I do look in from time to time and I wondered if anyone had any assessment of this and whether they are doing well lately

  35. PeterFenton says:

    Doing the rounds again , published by hilite this time.

    Luckily there was a review on here to look at.

    Vince Stanzione the latest in a long line of snake skin oil salesmen 🙂

  36. Pancho77 says:

    I am receiving Vince’s leaflets with invitation to by this system since 2012 and is still available for the first 197 people who first apply! I still receive his letters every month and these 197 places are still vacant. This has kipping me out so far to buy the system.

    And also how can you prove that you didn’t make £1,000 to have your money back? Otherwise you you have to pay £250 – payment due when you’ve made a clear £1,000.

    Glad that I didn’t decide to try it!

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