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| March 31, 2011 | 2 Replies

Product Name: USA King Of Sports

Author:  Mitch Thomas

Company Name & Contact Details:
BetFan Limited,
Suite 2423
6 Slington House,
Rankine Road,
RG24 8PH,


Now you too can gain access to laser focused profit pulling sports predictions.

Price: 7 day free trial then £39 per month

Money Back Guarantee: None stated.

What Do You Get?

– Email tipping service.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

USA King Of Sports by Mitch Thomas is an email win bet tipping service for the 4 main US sports – basketball, baseball, ice hockey and American football. Bonus soccer tips are also provided.

What’s It All About? 

This service launched after profits were made every month for 2 years. The service provides email advice and review of tips. They explain types of bets used in USA and where to gain maximum benefit when placed. Bet strength will be advised individually on sliding scale.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 

50 point betting bank recommended.

How Much Money Can I Make? 

Claims to never have a losing calendar month – loss in trial period of 4 points over 5 weeks..

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

5 minutes when tips received – these can be late into the day.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 

PC and Internet connection.

Value For Money?  

Jury still out on this – will update May 2011.

Quality Of Customer Service?  

Betfan always good on this aspect if required.


Regular readers will no doubt be looking at this service in direct comparison with Sports Betting Dynamics and it is good to report that so far the fate that has befallen SBD has not happened here.

As you would expect with a Betfan service the technical aspects are pretty good although there have been a couple of days when bets were received too late for action – Betfan have shouldered the blame for this rather than the tipster although the results have been included in the proofing.

The writer did also make a suggestion as to how the tips are presented and received an immediate response and action which is very creditable.

The majority of bets to date have been basketball related and have featured Money Line, Handicaps and combinations.

There is no analysis of tips prior to betting and although a daily review of results is published this basically says we won or we were unlucky. The service has stated that it aims to ensure that every calendar month shows a profit and is on target to do that in March 2011.

To date in the trial there have been 42 tips of which 22 have won – the average odds are around 1.9 and so the margins will always be tight and rely on the staking plan.

The maximum bet has been for 10 points (it won) but the majority are in the 1 or 2 point range. A slight change in strike rate will make a significant difference either way to the profit here. Also pleasing is the general availability of the odds that are advised in the emails.

I have to mention the bonus soccer bets as these are part of the package on offer – they are terrible with 5 losers out of 6 and the winner was only received 1 hour after the match started and so the odds were nowhere near the original advised.

Perhaps stick to what you know should be the advice here because Mitch does seem to well in touch with the USA side of things and the service has the potential to develop into a profitable and worthwhile operation.

Review Update – April 2011

All the technical aspects of the service have remained good for the remainder of the trial and I am pleased to report that the problems of that other well threaded American Sports tipster have not reached this service.

That said I had already highlighted the fine balance that the results are subject to and the results I shall discuss are really based around 3 bets of 20 point strength.

The claim of winning calendar months was upheld in March thanks to a 20 point bet at 1.4 stakes which won.

That aside the month would have been a loser and the overall profit of around 4 points is hardly the stuff of dreams (see headline).

My results are slightly worse than this because I have discounted the advice received too late to place the bets but these have been included in the disclosed results which is not unreasonable – I am just advising what I would have been able to achieve using the service.

As usual a spreadsheet of results is attached below but in summary there have been 71 tips in the 5 weeks trial and 38 of these have won – a strike rate of 53.5%.

The average odds have been 1.84 and the reliance on the staking plan is obvious. Matters have not been helped by a 20 point win bet losing recently.

A 1 point bet has decreased in value by 10% over the period of the trial and this does not allow for the cost of the service.

The soccer bets are not worth even reading and have cost those that may have followed them more money.

I believe the service can prosper with careful management of the risk but for now would recommend continuing a watching brief.

The basketball season is all but over so we have to assess the quality of the Baseball tips from scratch now. I will update the results in May and June so we can see a full 3 month record.

To see a full breakdown of my results so far please click here.

Update – June 2011:

A promising start to the Baseball season was cut rather short in the first week of June with some poor results.

At the end of May the service had reached a profit on the original bank but this has been turned around quickly losing 26 points and with the strike rate since 27 February at just 50% the knife edge that the service operates on is clear to see.

The bank is currently almost 50% down from its starting point and I do sometimes wonder if Mitch is operating on the same planet as us.

One day there were 5 bets risking 20 points (including a 10 pointer which lost) resulting in a 5 point loss for the day but the next day review chirps cheerfully about 3 of the 5 bets winning.

The original £4 per point stake I used for the records has now declined to £2 and a turnover of stakes at that level of £2,433.50 would have seen a return of -3.9%.

Up to date spreadsheet attached as usual. A further update will follow in early July but I remain unconvinced by this service and despite Betfan having it their top 10 for May I have yet to risk any actual cash on the tips.

To see a full breakdown of my results please click here.

Update 01/7/2011:

The wheels have well and truly come of this service in June with a significant loss being posted. As demonstrated by the spreadsheet the original bank I chose of £200 with a point being £4 has been reduced to £72.43 and a point is just £1.44 now.

What irritates more is the glib reviews of bets that are received implying that the world is wonderful and salvation is at hand. For example after a 5 point staking from 4 bets which turned into a loss of 2 points on the night this was the review the next day:

“We won 2 out of 4 with the Brewers and Phillies pulling through . The Redsox and Yanks failed by a couple of runs each and we’ll play them again today as slightly stronger bets . Had quite a good run over the last week and I expect our steady climb to continue as we pick off these MLB bets most days”

The steady climb related to a 3 day winning run before which 75% of the original bank had been lost in the month. From a starting point of even stevens with the original bank on June 1st it now stands at 36%.

Any confidence that might have been building at the outset of this service has been well and truly blown for me and I see little point in updating the results further as they can be seen on the Betfan website the next day.

Sorry Mitch but that’s how I see it and I would not be prepared to put any cash into these tips.

USA King Of Sports Results Spreadsheet


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  1. MMR Reviewer says:

    Mitch is emailing about this service again claiming to never have had a losing month in the last 2 years. Our review showed that losses were made in April and June 2011 so take care if you are tempted.

  2. lyndonc says:

    King of Sports?? Yeah, right… I’ve taken up Betfan’s ‘free week’ offer. Today is day 6. Over the last 5 days 4 out of 5 of the bets have lost with the winner being at 1.35 odds. So at level stakes it’s a loss of 3.65 points. With the ‘points staking plan’ the results so far are Day 1, loss 2 pts: Day 2, loss 1 pt:Day 3, Loss 1 pt: Day 4, 5 pt bet @ odds 1.35, win 1.75 pts: Day 5, loss 1 pt: Total loss over 5 day period, 3.25 pts….

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