Tyler Jordan Tipster Service Review

| June 29, 2011

Product Name: Tyler Jordan Tipster

Author:  Tyler Jordan

Company Name And Contact Details:
JT Services,
1st Floor,
Barclays House,
Gatehouse Way,
HP19 8DB
email: tylerjordan84@hotmail.co.uk


Congratulations – your life as a punter is over. Your life as a winner has just begun.

Price: From 14/07/2011 £50 for 2 months, then £100 for 2 months then £200.

Money Back Guarantee: None

What Do You Get?

– 6 days a week email tipping service for UK horse racing.

Where To Buy:  http://www.tylerjordantipster.com/

Brief Summary:

Tyler Jordan Tipster service is a email based tipping service for UK Horse Racing. Tips are based on form study and some inside contacts in the industry. Tips are normally received between 12 and 1 daily with possible evening updates given too. There are no tips on Saturdays.

What’s It All About?  

The author is a professional gambler who is happy to share his tips with 50 others when he has placed his bets. Tyler expects to make £200-300 daily from his personal betting which he places at £100 per point.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 

100 point betting bank recommended

How Much Money Can I Make? 

Stated aim is to double bank every 2 months. Profit of 51 points in 4 week trial to date.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

5 – 10 minutes daily.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 

PC and Internet connection or mobile email capability.

Value For Money?  

If profits continue then YES.

Quality Of Customer Service?  

Good – emails responded to in hours.

Interim Review 08/07/2011 

I suspect that readers are among the few to get notice of this service which seems to be hiding its light under the proverbial bushel.

That is probably because the author is primarily interested in the quality of the tips from which he makes his living and the sleek presentation and other factors are secondary. Certainly that is no bad thing because the tips are what really matter.

The service works well technically with a few minor hiccoughs but nothing to be concerned about.

The tips are received in good time to make the bets and as mentioned on the thread there can be up to 3 emails a day.

So people who cannot access emails easily may not find this service appealing but I suggest that a mobile subscription to a suitable network may well be worth the outlay.

Tyler does not comment much on the tips when sent but does review the days results after the last race has run. He is clearly involved through the whole process and motivated by his desire to win personally which has to be good for his clients.

In the first 2 weeks of the trial we have seen 127 tips of which 31 have been successful.

A strike rate of 24.4% which with an average price of 7.71 gives every chance of profits.

My records show a 70 point profit using a 1 point progressive stake – the original £5 stake is now £8.59 and the service is well on its way to achieving its aim of doubling the bank inside 2 months.

Tyler suggests using a level stake of 1 point until the bank doubles then increasing – on this basis the profit is still a very acceptable 43 points.

Bets are placed both to win and each way and we even have some reverse forecasts included in the mix. The only “problem” I have encountered is that the advised odds are sometimes way off the achievable but this is a minor irritation while the results continue in this vein.

So the initial impression is very positive and a further update will follow later in July when I hope to report continued success.

Final Review 18/07/2011 

I sometimes wonder what it is that a few of the readers actually want.

Here is a service that sets out precisely what it offers and has produced a profit for all but the very recent joiners and yet we get comments on the thread to the extent that the author does not wish to contribute further.

At the end of the day it is your choice to sign up for the service and if you do and then decide a week later it is not for you then I have to question your whole strategy. The reason that we test products for at least a month is to give them a fair crack of the whip and with this service I am delighted to say that Tyler has agreed to let us continue testing for a further 2 months so a more informed picture can be available to all.

So lets get back to the service itself. Over the period of the trial so far it has produced excellent results with the theoretical bank more than doubled.

Three of the 4 weeks have shown a profit and there have been 57 winning bets from 221 tips – a strike rate of 25.79% at average odds of 7.69.

The odds I have quoted are those available at the time the bets are received which is the only relevant measure. It is obvious from the service website and subsequent advices on the thread that the tips are sent with the intention of being placed immediately because the prices offered are good value. Again if the reader cannot operate on that basis do not subscribe and don’t criticise what clearly works for others.

Full details are given on the spreadsheet and I have experimented with some colour coding to try and highlight certain features – it would be appreciated if thoughts on the format could be offered.

I hope it is self explanatory but the keys are shown at the top of the page above the split so you can see easily the daily and weekly results trends.

You will see that a £5 point at the outset has become £10.22 at the end of the trial. If the service were to break even for the next month then the stated aim of doubling the bank every 2 months would still have been achieved.

I hope that readers will implore Tyler to continue his contributions to the thread – his willingness to do so and his ready responses to questions I have posed privately is refreshing and underlines the genuine nature of the service.

To put the results further in perspective, I am currently looking at Beaumnonts Bets where in less than 3 weeks I have received 884 tips (yes 884) of which just 134 have won and the bank is well down.

Tyler offers bets that he believes in and not just a tip for its own sake and has demonstrated his willingness to go the extra mile for subscribers.

As things go I remain positive about the service and suggest that readers keep an eye on things in case there are further opportunities to join in the future and they will be the best informed.

I know that results are the ultimate criterion on which judgement will be made and perhaps we could remember that Tyler has put £100 per point on all the tips he sends out so he needs them to perform as well as us.

Next update will be in August 2011 but for now you can see my latest results here:

Tyler Jordan Tipster Service Results.

Update 31/8/2011:

This marks the 2 months anniversary of monitoring commencing but before commenting on the service specifics it might be helpful to outline what a reviewer does in general terms.

Clearly the review will vary with the type of service but underlying everything I see my role as testing a product service in the way in which it is presented and thus how it works in practice.

If there is a manual to use, then can that be translated into practical daily application of the system? Or if an email service do the tips arrive in timely fashion?

I try to view from a relatively inexperienced person’s angle to see how it would work for them and also to find out if the service is genuine or just run for the benefit of subscription collection. The actual results experienced are naturally a very important part of the review process.

The published review can only ever take account of the results seen during testing and there can never be any guarantee that these will continue for either a manual based system or a tipping service.

Any one who believes different should examine their own strategies carefully. Unless I have missed it, nobody has yet come across the silver bullet and it takes a carefully managed approach to pick out what will work for you. Factors that we cannot control come into this such as the time you have available or the betting bank you use.

I have re-visited my original review comments and stand by them. They were made in every good faith at the time and presented an accurate summary of the situation as it then was.

So how does the Tyler Jordan Service stand up to the elements as we look at it now?

a) Is the service genuine?
I believe it is. Tyler has taken heed of the comments about access and advised his business address for contact purposes. He therefore complies with the regulations that are necessary. His emails generally have shown that he plans to continue with the service and not run away. His inexperience as a businessman is hardly surprising given his age.

b) Emails received in good time?
Although some are tight they have always been received by me in time to place the bets recommended.

c) Are the quoted odds available for clients to place their bets?
Again they have generally been so and after the initial hiccoughs it is rare for a price to vary by more than 1 point from that advised. If you cannot be available to place your bets when the emails are received then you should not be subscribing to the service. It is clearly set out in the sales material that it works that way and cannot be a ground for dissatisfaction if ignored.

d) Is the service value for money?
With the results of the last month – clearly not. We have been advised that the price will be £50 per month for the future for new subscribers. It appears from the thread comments that the high potential price was a major factor in the opinion of the service quality. The reality is that it is a value judgement that each reader must make for himself. There is no compulsion to buy.

e) Recent results:
These have been poor since the full review and those joining at that time will be nursing a very depleted bank. Since I started monitoring the service it remains in profit but at a much reduced level.

Of the 9 weeks monitored there have been 4 winning weeks and 5 losing ones. The overall strike rate for winning bets is 23.06% which is about 3% down on position at the end of month 1.

Tyler has hardly hidden his displeasure at the poor situation and is trying to rectify it. He has offered free access to his lay service for subscribers and also has recently set out a redefinition of the guides that he will work to for making tips.

It is too early to tell if these will have the desired effect. Clearly it would not be a good time to subscribe now (unless you adhere to the start at the bottom theory). Full details are given in the spreadsheet where it will be seen the bank is standing at 130% of its starting point and the original £5 stake is now £5.90.

Just to clarify I do not increase stated winnings if the SP is greater than the price obtainable at the time the bet was placed so the results may be less than could have been achieved. I have also not included any Saturday bets as these were stated to be outside the service parameters at the outset.

At the end of the day it comes down to a question of competence and there is nothing illegal should you merely be incompetent. It is a pity that the service results have deteriorated so badly in the second period of review.

It will be a major task for Tyler to regain the confidence of followers and it will be interesting to see how he tackles this problem. The original aim of doubling the bank every 2 months has not been met and perhaps this would be a good starting point.

At this moment in time and in regards to recent developments we suggest that you AVOID this service.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Tyler Jordan Tipster Service Results



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  1. Chris Haines says:

    I have been following this ervice for 5 weeks and recorded over 100pts profit. The tipster records it as 130 but i have 118 because now and again the prices he gives are gone by the time i get on but i have doubled my £1000 bank in less than a month and im now betting £20 a point and my bank is £2360. It quite simply is the most complete tipping service i have come across and i would recommend it to anyone. I don’t know how this bloke does it, but he does it well!!

  2. john U says:

    Hi Chris,

    This certainly sound a great service and its good that you are sharing the info!. Can i ask how you came accross it please?

    I just popped over to the Website and its clearly very basic, and he doesn’t at present have any Testimonials or any way you can contact him by email.

    Do you find that the Selections arrive in good time to get Bets on?

    Anyone else using this New Service?

  3. Chris Haines says:

    To be honest i found a business card in the bookies and was sucked in by the whole thing, though it seemed to good to be true, i thought i would give it a shot. The bets arrive by email by 1 at the lastest, sometimes as early as 12. and i just check my emails at quarter to 1 and 1 and they’re in. He does have some bad days, today i lost 11 points but this week has been amazing with 43 points profit despite that so i can’t complain. The evening selections come between half 5 and 7, 5 days a week (mon-fri) though if they come at 7 the first bet won’t be for a good half hour. I just can’t fault it, except that sometimes he says back at 8’s for example andyou get on at 6’s, but like i say his running profit as he sees it is 130 and mine is 118 so minor inconvenience. I think i was his first member, unless maybe he got 12 points before i joined, i know he has only been going 5 or 6 weeks. Hope this helps, i’m telling anyone who will listen about it, and getting very excited about where i’ll be in a years time! He says you will double bank every 2 months but i’ve doubled mine in a month so think he is just being cautious of making claims he can’t keep.

  4. Lucas says:

    Seems a bit of a leap of faith, with no independant results posted…

  5. chris haines says:

    yeah i was a bit desperate in all fairness! I’m looking forward to the review coming out as i was the one who emailed and requsted it as i was making some substantial money from it and wanted to let more people know about it because it seems to good to be true but keeps turning profits week in week out. Naturally it makes more sense to wait for the full review but its certainly one to keep an eye on mate

  6. Lucas says:

    I wouldnt reject it out of hand Chris, its just that I have been scammed plenty of times, and am naturally cautious.

  7. chris haines says:

    oh yeah of course, i did one called henry rix and it was shocking. Really would recommend this one though but its your call at then end of the day. May be prudent to wait for the review i guess

  8. chris haines says:

    just checked results so far for the day,one loser and two winners at 5/1 and 7/1

  9. MMR Reviewer says:

    The Interim review is in the office and will be posted Friday. Looking good so far. (3 winners this afternoon in the end.)

  10. lewis smith says:

    I started this betting service with tyler 4 weeks ago with a steady bank roll of £1000 which i have now currently more than doubled. im now betting £20 a point and today i am £340 up for the day with two races to go, so even if they lose im up £340 which is great. Cant rate this service high enough, the proof is in the pudding, Cheers tlyer

  11. sparky says:

    must admit i am tempted by this but i am also a member of the longshot king service

    think i will hang on for the review before i take a punt

  12. chris haines says:

    Is that a good service then? What sort of profits are you getting and in what sort of time? 2 more winners tonight, both at 7/1,

  13. sparky says:

    only joined halfway thru june but for this month so far up about 40+ points.

    there is a review on here tho if you search and i believe a £500 bank has turned into over £5000 since april

  14. sparky says:

    just out of interest for the guys that are betting bigger on here- do you still use betfair and take the 5% hit or other online bookmakers or go into a shop?

    if i go with both i would prefer to keep the 2 systems seperate so betfair for one and say PP for the other unless there is another betting exchange as good as betfair for prices????

  15. MIB says:

    It sounds good, Sparky. Do you have an email address for Tyler? I’d like to email him a couple of questions. His web site doesn’t give any contact details. Many thanks.

  16. MIB says:

    Sorry Sparky, I meant to ask Chris Haines if he had Tyler’s email address. Can you post it here Chris? Many thanks.

  17. chris haines says:

    that sounds good sparky. I read the review and it sounds good, just concerned about the long losing runs? Do you ever finish down for the week/month? I use mainly bet365 as recommeneded by tyler, but i keep a few hundred quid in betfair in case the prices are vastly different. I withdrew 1500 quid yesterday morning to get my grand original stake back and a bit extra. Still had a grand in so bet 10 a point and won 260 quid yesterday, all on bet365. His email address is tylerjordan84@hotmail.co.uk mib

  18. Shire says:

    I started this service on monday and upto now its been impressive, this is the first time i have used a tipster and was abit unsure to begin with but it has really proved me wrong.
    Tyler has explained he is only taking on 50 people so if i was you i would take advantage of this before the opportunity goes away.

    So far today has been another good day, a 7/1 winner which was backed eachway and a 4/1 backed eachway also and one loss. so already in profit and still waiting on another race.

    By this rate i will double my bank within 3 weeks!!

  19. sparky says:

    just joined via paypal and after the tranasction it directed me to a page not found- and no email forthcoming as yet 20 mins later from tyler as is usual welcoming me and directions etc- so i assume its not an automatic set up but a guy on his own doing this????

    might use bet365 for this service as i have a welcome bonus to play with to double my starting bank

  20. sparky says:

    correction 5 mins after my previous post my first tips come thru

  21. MIB says:

    Any winners last night, Sparky?

  22. chris haines says:

    seventy points in two weeks on mmr review. Awesome.lost a point today but 700 quid/35 points up for the week, over 3 grand now, gonna start 30 quid a point next week. 1 grand to 3 grand in 6 weeks, thinking of putting my notice in at work!

  23. sparky says:

    hope i havnt missed the boat

    no winners in the 2 tips last night and a level day today as i missed the first of the evening tips made up by a big winner with my other system i have.

    now need to seperate the two systems and run them on different bookies to truly assess how successful each is.

    but its early early days with this system

    hope i can duplicate Chris’s success with this one

  24. Matt says:

    Don’t worry Sparky. Just like Chris I’ve also been with the service for a few weeks and I’m about 125 points up to date. Stick with it and I’m sure you’ll start to see a healthy return.

  25. chris haines says:

    4 winners and 18 points profit today, £540 for a day!!!! (£30 a point)

  26. matt says:

    Great results today. 4 winners from 7 races tonight. All at odds of at least 5/1 or better. Brilliant, keep it up!

  27. sparky says:

    well i am still at the £2 a point level but hopefully soon will get to a higher level at this rate

  28. Alex M says:

    Nowhere is it mentioned here that the subscription cost is “progressive”
    Start at 2mx50 , then 2mx100 , then 200 p/m
    You’ll need a big betting bank to compensate for that.

  29. MIB says:

    Good morning Alex M, that’s what put me off. Apart from the fact that the results seem to be unbelievable.

    Even if the long odds winners keep coming the fact that the subscription keeps doubling means that you will need to be staking considerable sums of money on each selection. It would be impossible to place the bets.

    I’m waiting to see an independent review of results over a longer period of time. On July 6th MMR Reviewer said he was going to post results so I’ll wait to see his report.

  30. MMR Reviewer says:

    The interim report is detailed above and the service has carried on winning since then. Bank currently 2.75 times its starting point in 20 days tips – the subscription details are also clearly stated. 51 winning bets from 182 tips to date.
    It remains early days but the signs are good so far.
    The question of placing bets is fair and I have planned to discuss this with Tyler before the full review is published later this month.

  31. Alex M says:

    I surely can live with “unbelieveable” results,
    but a montly sub of 200 is my problem.
    Couple that with an advised betting bank of 100 points, and I dont think Ladbrokes&Co will welcome me for very long.

  32. Alex M says:

    MMR Reviewer

    Im sorry , but the only thing I can find on rising subscriptions cost is :

    Price: £50 per month at present. Set to double every 6 months as service successful.

    But that does not reflect the reality.

  33. Hi Alex,

    Just a quick point regarding a difficulty in placing bets – that may well be the case with Ladbrokes, William Hill et al but you can win as much as you like with Betfair and they won’t ban you.

    I also don’t think that the cost of this service is particularly excessive if, and it’s a big if admittedly, the results hold up.

    Very interesting thread…


  34. MIB says:

    Matt, have you read the terms of subscription to this service. It doubles every 6 months. Are you honestly saying that paying £1,000 or £2,000 a month is not excessive.

    Apart from that the issue of placing bets is a big one if you achieve any level of success. To place large sums of money at early odds is not always practical with Betfair. You need to have other people willing to match your bets and the volume is not always there several hours before a race. Then there is also their commission.

    Ladbrokes and William Hill etc. very quickly limit the size of bets that they will take and others, like Bet365 and Stan James just stop taking your bets or offer you £2.50 when you are trying to place a bet of £200.

    If the level of success that this service is producing does continue then placing bets will become a big problem. It’s a problem I have to try and deal with every week and it usually means driving around betting shops to get on cash but again, once you are known they always ring head office who then don’t always offer what you want.

    I’m surprised that Matt and Tyler aren’t aware of these issues.

  35. MIB says:

    Alex M, when I say unbelievable results I mean that no one in the history of betting on horses has ever produced the sort of results that Tyler is showing. So whether that success will continue is yet to be seen. I’m not being negative just giving my opinion as someone who’s been betting on horses for many years.

  36. MMR Reviewer says:

    I have emailed Tyler who has promised to get back to me on these points by tomorrow as he is away from desk much of today. MIB – the max sub is now £200 which is a change from original which was uncapped. Lets see what the answers are.

  37. Paul says:

    Well im in for the ride now as well.

    If this goes down in flames, there will be no more

    subscriptions for me.

    Lets hope Tyler lives up to the hype.

  38. MIB says:

    MMR Reviewer, if the subs are pegged at £200 a month then that’s much better and certainly great value for money if the results keep coming.

  39. Hi MIB,

    The £200 cap is what my comment was based on. Obviously, no service is going to be worth £1000+ a month, if nothing else it’d be incredibly bad for your heart!

    As I said, if the results can be sustained at anywhere near the present level it’s very viable.


  40. MIB says:

    Matt, I notice you didn’t want to tackle the issue of getting bets placed if your bets are attaining any level of success. It really is a headache and although there’s no easy answer to it it’s a nice problem to have.

    I don’t consider Betfair a solution for a few reasons but just take this service for example. If the maximum number of members (50?) all look to place their bets on Betfair then that’s an awfully large amount of money looking to be matched. Of course if you’re not bothered about getting a good price then it’s not a problem. But otherwise it is.

  41. Paul says:

    Its a nice problem to have.

  42. MIB says:

    That’s right, Paul. But when you get to betting at a level of, say, £200 a point and you can only get a price a point or two less than the bet warrants you start to get pretty miffed when it wins and you could have made another few hundred. Those points quickly add up and represent a considerable sum at the end of the year.

    But, yes, it’s better to be in that position rather than running up large gambling debts lol.

  43. I guess all you can really do is vary up your bookies as much as possible and use betting shops as opposed to the internet where you can (less chance of getting noticed).

    Also, I personally don’t place more than £100 on a bet unless I’m guaranteed a profit i.e. when trading. At that level it would take a while before you encounter any serious problems and if the results hold (and again, it’s a big if) you’ll have made that much money that I’m sure you’ll be able to stomach missing out on a few best prices here and there.

    By the way, I’d just like to point out that I have no personal experience of this product as I only bet using my own methods. Everything I’ve said is based on the results of the review to date and my instinct, which tells me that this guy might just be onto something.

    I particularly like the first Q and A on his web page:

    “If you are making so much money from gambling, why are you selling your tips?”

    If I had a pound for everybody that has ever asked me that question……

  44. MIB says:

    I see why you might not have had the same frustration as I have, Matt. My average bet is £400. So you can understand the problems that I encounter.

    Anyway, it’s good to see your contributions and I agree that Tyler appears to be achieving ground breaking success.

  45. Tony says:

    Hi Matt,

    If you are making so much money from gambling, why are you selling systems?

    As soon as you reply, I will post you a £1 postal order.

    Many thanks


  46. I’m starting to quite like you Tony!

    Please see Tyler’s answer and edit to fit.

  47. john U says:


    If your average Bet is £400 then i think you are off the other end of the Stratosphere to 99% of the folk on here. Not being facetious (if i can spell it!) but at that level a couple of points a week level stake profit would do most people nicely i feel.

    Anyway well done to get to that level,(It must be in that Bob Rothman territory, according to all his Newspaper cuttings!) I guess if we are all honest we would like to have your ‘problem’ which i presume is the difficulty of getting your bets on, and or, matched?

  48. MIB says:

    That’s right John U. You have to appreciate that I have built up to that level of stakes over the last 12 years. As I posted the other day I’m lucky to have found a service that produces results over time and you build up confidence. When I started I was staking £5 a point.

    But getting the bets placed is the problem. I don’t use Betfair because I can’t get the odds I’m looking for. The reason I mentioned it is because if Tyler continues to produce the points profit the way he is then his subscribers will be increasing their stakes.

    And it’s not only the size of the bet that the bookies take in to account. If you are consistently taking more out than you are putting in (even if it’s only £20-£50 stakes) they don’t like it and will soon take notice. They only want accounts where the punter loses more than he wins. And there are plenty of those lol.

  49. Danny C says:

    Here we go, queue for the people asking MIB what service he is using 🙂

  50. MIB says:

    Sorry Danny, I did say in a post the other day that the service went private three years ago and so the gang plank been pulled up. No more passengers allowed on board I’m afraid.

  51. sparky says:

    there is a service thats represented on here that is at or near this £50 or £100 a bet/point level based on the MMR review itself.

    the longshot king has produced consistant profits as seen in the review ( and also excellent service )and i know a few ppl have been following it also.

    back to Tyler tho- he states that he bets £100 a point so that might keep him under the radar ( i am not an expert ).

    i guess with more than 40+ bookies and thousands of betting shops it may take a while to exhaust them all- and has been said would be a very nice position to be in!

  52. MIB says:

    Sparky, as an exercise, find how many bookie’s shops there are within a reasonable travelling distance from where you live. There won’t be thousands. Online I would stick with the main firms listed in oddschecker.com plus a couple of others like Ladbrokes who aren’t listed for some reason. It’s a lot less than 40.

    Anyway, it will only become an issue if Tyler keeps producing the winners. But if he does it will definitely be a problem getting your bets on sooner than you might think.

  53. Chris Haines says:

    I’m doing ok, on £35 a point now, no problem from bookies. £3500 in bank from £1000 start about 6 weeks ago. Not such a good day today thoug after 18 points profit yesterday

  54. MIB says:

    Hi Chris, they usually review the accounts every 3 to 6 months. That’s when they can see whether you are taking more from them than they are taking from you. Just spread your bets around as many firms as much as you can. Great to see your banks grown so quickly.

  55. Chris Haines says:

    Oh ok, i will. To be honest i think i’m in to the bookies for quite a bit over the years so i think they’ll let it run for a while until i catch up!!

  56. sparky says:

    point taken MIB – in manchester where i am originally from there are literally bookies on nearly every main street and i bet within a 20 mile radius well over a hundred maybe more.

    one point that i have thought about was a lot of these services seem to start very well then go off the boil- i am thinking particularly of automated which was amazing early on then faded badly

    is there a reason thats anyones aware of why a good start fades so much.or is it cos if its a bad start it never gets off the ground?

  57. MIB says:

    There all different, Sparky. Tyler’s service seems to be genuine and the results over the last 6 weeks have been excellent from what Chris says. Only time will tell. Just stick to betting 100th of your bank as a point for betting and then you should be okay. It’s essential to do that because there will always be times when the winners don’t come and then you won’t panic.

    The odds of the horses he selects are good so any losing run should be be reclaimed from only a couple of winners. Try and stick to using one service and don’t get distracted. Good luck.

  58. Tyler Jordan says:

    Firstly, MIB, i particularly like your quote ‘no-one in the history of betting horses has ever produced results like this’. Very flattering, thankyou.

    To address the issues i can see on the thread; The payment has recently changed, so please don’t blame MMR for the inaccurate information regarding the payment.

    It is now £50/month for 2 months, £100/month for 2 months and then £200 a month until further notice. This may increase 6 or 12 months down the line.

    The important thing to note here is that, if after 2 months you aren’t happy, you simply unsubscribe before it gets to £100. Simple.

    Also, you don’t need a big betting bank. I claim on my website i will double your bank every 2 months. So starting with £200, £2 a point, your bank after 8 months is £3200. This will have cost you £1100.

    £2000 profit in 8 months isn’t life changing, but it isn’t bad. and when you consider the bank is actually doubling every 3 weeks you can se why i have so many happy customers. I say 2 months on my website because i want to have realistic targets i know i can meet.

    I would also like to point out the reason for this price change was to slow the influx of new members. If it seems unreasonable that is your call, i have very few spaces left and i make plenty of money betting as it is. The extra money from the service is great but in all honesty i’m more concerned about helping people who are ten grand in debt like i was 7 years ago become wealthy, like i am today.

    I know what it’s like to have a gambling addiction that is detrimental to your bank balance and i genuinely want to help people.

    Now to the big one, placing the bets.

    When you get up to the big numbers like myself it is prudent to have many accounts. I have around 30 online accounts which i can go to if needs be and place small bets on each if needs be. I have betfair. I have all the bookies in the town centre. I have a handful of people to whom i give money to place bets in return for the tips themselves. There are many ways round it and remember, i cap my betting balance at ten grand. Thats not to say i have ten grand in one account, i have ten grand combined in all my accounts, my bank account, and my wallet. I bet £100 a point for 4 weeks, then i take any profit out every 4 weeks. That is my ‘payday’. My last payday was £9000.

    You may have trouble placing bets of £400, i wouldn’t recommend it to anyone because of that reason, what if you manage to get £400 on one and it loses and only manage to get £100 on another selection and thats your winner for the day, you’ve quartered your profit.

    I think the majority of my members are thinking that they will cross the bridge of getting there £100 bet plaved when they get there. And when they do get there they’ll have £10,000 in their account. For me it doesn’t present any problems.

    Hope this helps, Tyler.

  59. MIB says:

    Really helpful post, Tyler. As you know my points weren’t made as criticism but to make people aware so that they could plan accordingly. To read about how you manage the issues of getting bets placed is re-assuring. It shows to me that you walk the walk as well as talking the talk, so to speak. It’s refreshing to see.

  60. Tyler Jordan says:

    Yes i can see your concerns but it doesn’t create that much of a problem for me, and i don’t envisage more then a few minor problems when my members get to that level.
    Horses i back aren’t consdered likely winners either which is another reason bookies take my bets.
    Glad i could help, there are only 14 spaces left and once i reach 40 i am upping the flat rate to 200, once i reach 45 i am upping it to £500. I have to keep the spaces down, as you all know,in order to maintain the prices members get.
    Thos who are gettin in now at the progressive price are very lucky.

  61. john U says:

    Tyler, interesting to here from you. Can i just clarify the above figures please does it mean at 45 and at 50 subscribers yocharge will be £200 and then £500 PER MONTH respectively?
    Thanks, john

  62. Tyler Jordan says:

    Subscriber 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45 will pay £200 per month every month instead of the sliding scale. Subscriber 46, 47, 48, 49 & 50 wil pay £500/month.
    As you can imagine, it is pointless me having 50 members at 50 a month and 200 stood by waiting, also i certainly don’t want 250 members because the service will become a nonsense.Therefore i will make the last few spaces expensive. The service is worth £500 month, but you would need a few thousand in your bank to make it worth while.

  63. jason50 says:

    Sounds very good!
    Just a few queries, how has it been doing the last few days and is there a results database anywhere for the last few months and Tyler well done for coming on and answering questions it is very good of you.

  64. Tyler Jordan says:

    Hello Jason. No problem. The last few days read Monday plus 18 points, tuesday minus 5 points and wednesday minus 4 points.

    I don’t publish results on the website as i feel people will doubt the integrity of them.

    The MMr reviewer has a full spreadsheet he is going to publish and he has increased his bank 160% in 3-4 weeks.

    As of 8pm tonight the membership fee will increase to £200 flat rate.


  65. Patrick2e says:

    Hi Tyler
    Did not see where details other than email could be entered on your site. Have sent email.

  66. Tyler Jordan says:

    i have replied patrcick my friend. Tyler

  67. Patrick2e says:

    Got it. Thanks Tyler

  68. gwyn j says:

    hi guys started this service on wed 13th sent 6 bets all losers .i thought yea the 13th bets came for thursday, 6 bets -5 lost 1 winner fanrouge which i missed as i was home too late.just my luck ,however i was just wondering does every subscriber get the same bets. any comments would be appreciated

  69. PS says:

    gwyn j

    yes we all recieve the same bets, Tyler says these are the bets he bets on himself.

    the last few days havent been so good after monday which was very good +19 points, i wouldnt worry too much tho stick with it and you will win back any loss very soon.

  70. Alex M says:

    Gwyn J.

    For your peace of mind , here are the Thursrday’s selections , so you can compare:
    2.20 Heart of Dubai
    5.50 Fanrouge
    6.40 Tigers Tale
    8.05 Palavicini
    8.20 Glenridding
    8.40 Count Bertoni.

  71. MMR Reviewer says:

    Just to confirm that the same tips are received by all – would be a logistical nightmare any other way! Tyler advised us he has reached 40 members now so monthly cost will be £200 for anyone else.

  72. Lucas says:

    @gwyn j – exactly the samething happened to me ! Lets hope for a better Friday.

  73. gwyn j says:

    p.s @alex m thanks very much for info. feel more confident now

  74. Paul says:

    Tyler a text message service would be good, as most people dont have access to a computer all day.

  75. PaulC says:

    Paul, maybe a little difficult listing up to 10 selections in a text message being that only 160 characters are permitted in an SMS?

    As a suggestion, get a webmail based address and access them from your mobile type device?

    Hope that helps. 🙂

  76. Lucas says:

    Could put them in multiple consectuive texts. Or how about an RSS feed ? Many mobile devices can read them automatically.

  77. gwyn j says:

    I am so disappointed after reading all the positive comments throughout this thread ,that i am obliged to have a good old moan, from wed 13th to fri 15th i received 28 selections with only 2 winners, i would have done better with the proverbial pin.i am sure that mr.haines and
    mib must be shellshocked ,at £35 @£400 per point they took a real hammering. iam glad i only started with £5 apoint but still feel let down.I HOPE THIS HAS BEEN TYLERS worst losing sequence and hope things improve next week for everyones sake.sorry about the moan but thats how i feel right now.

  78. Lucas says:

    Yeah @gwyn j it hurts at the moment. I joined same time as you, doing same stakes. Very nearly didnt get bets on this eve. Obviously I wish I hadnt – but thats speculation for you : you cant predict when a string of losers is going to hit you or when a string of wins is going to lift you. Just stay disciplined. Got to take the rough with the smooth though, and we cant judge a service on one weeks results.

  79. Paul says:

    Hi Gwyn, Lucas, and other new subscribers.

    I am also in the hole, we are all big boys here, end of the day we are gambling.

    Start to be optomistic, not pesimistic.

    At the prices of the selections it wont take many winners to turn this around and just put it down to a bad day at the office, we all have them.

  80. Lucas says:

    Thats right Paul, we have to stick to our stakes and keep going.

    However as I’m a whopping 20 points down since joining – missed winner fanrouge on Jul 14 like gwyn – it might take a while to climb back into the black.

    Good to be able to talk to others in the same situation though.

  81. chris haines says:

    wow, i really feel for you if you joined Wednesday, this must be hard. This week hasn’t been great and i am about 180 quid down, 5pts. Howeve, i’ve been with tyler 6 or 7 weeks and i know this isnt going to continue so i have put another 1600 in my account to make it 5000. I just figure this has to turn around soon and i liked his email last night. So im 50 a point now, i really beleive in this guy as some days its like he has a crystal ball. Try not to despair any of u, also try and get a text alert when you get an email, you can’t afford to be missing the odd bet

  82. Alex M says:

    Hi All.
    Like all of you subsribers to TJ’s , Im saddened by yesterdays results. But I have been betting for long enough to know that there always will be UPS and DOWNS. So lets have a quiet Saturday today and hope for a better start tomorow.
    But I like to point out a strange phenomenon on yesterdays selections though.
    1. I had a hard time getting the bets on at the advised odds , even on Betfair. That means that almost all selections were STEAMERS.
    2. Altough they were steamers , they all lost !!
    3. I think that says something about the reality of the winning chances of STEAMERS and DRIFTERS , contrary to our perception.

    Im not complaining here , just to give you some food for thought.
    Cheers , Alex

  83. MIB says:

    Hi Alex, the odds changing quickly doesn’t necessarily mean the selections are steamers. All new services that start to show they are profitable have a problem with subscribers getting the odds quoted because of some members giving the information out to their friends etc.

    That’s why all services that are profitable over time have to give members PIN numbers to access the information by phone. Tyler’s produced extraordinary results over the first weeks of his service and, unfortunately, his selections will be passed on by some members. Email makes it especially easy to quickly forward on Tyler’s picks to others.

    Instead of 40 members trying to place bets it can very quickly become hundreds.

  84. Alex M says:

    Hi MIB.

    You have a point there. Hard to swallow to have to share our selections with freeloaders.
    But horses whose odds get shorter near the off ,
    are by my definition STEAMERS , whatever the couse.

  85. John says:

    Also joined weds 20 pts down @ £5 per point plus the subs for the month has made a dent gut wrenching that it was doing so well prior to black weds but thats gambling you must take the ups with the downs i am sure it will turn around keep the faith and stick with tylers approach it has worked for him so why should it suddenly change heres hoping for a good sunday keep the faith

  86. Lucas says:

    I’m considering increasing my stake from £5 per point to £5.5 to make each future winner worth more than each of the recent losers.

  87. OFC says:

    On July 12th, a couple of posters mentioned paying a grand a month for the advice.

    Does anyone remember a professional who was charging in the region of £15,000 a year? I don’t know how factual this is, as I wasn’t party to it, but I believe that, eventually, having proved the worth of his service, he whittled his customers down to 5 or thereabouts, that he could trust, who knew all too well about the ups and downs of betting on horses, who knew it was all about profitability in the long term, and who wouldn’t whinge when things weren’t going too well. They also had big enough betting banks to make this all worthwhile.This also made it easier to stop hundreds of people getting on to the tips and murdering the prices.

    I wonder if this is the business model that Tyler has in mind?


  88. MIB says:

    I have just had an email from Tyler with 3 selections for today. I wasn’t expecting any so I thought I’d post a message here in case any of you need to check your emails.

  89. Lucas says:

    Hmmm… thats a surprise. Thanks for the heads up MIB.

    I got in just in time to deepen the losses by another point.

  90. chris haines says:

    ofc i think you are spot on, im only 5pts down for the week and around 160 up for the last 7 weeks so im certainly not moaning. I hope to be one of the 5 if this is indeed his business model. Its amazing how quickly people start to moan! However, i completely understand that if i’d joined wednesday id be panicking. Regarding these saturday tips, i believe they are ‘bonus tips’ on a saturday, we got some last saturday which secured around 3pts profit that Tyler didn’t add to the running total. He called them a ‘gift’. I was very grateful.

  91. gedd says:


    I wouldnt increase your stake at all at the moment, even by such a small amount.

    Its a classic gamblers mentality where you try to chase your losses. You could blow your bank by increasing your stake before the service has had a chance to turn around again. If anything, I would reduce it until its back on track.

    It happened to me a few years ago. I was about £1k up from a tipping service(cant remember who it was now) which took me months to build but then the inevitable losing run came. I increased the stakes to try and recover back the money I won and blew the lot in the space of two weeks!

    I was gutted but not half as much as I would have been had it been my actual betting bank. At least I was able to fight on another day with my original bank intact. If the service is genuine, like this one seems to be, you will get your losses back no matter how long it takes. The only pressure seems to be the high monthly fee


  92. MIB says:

    I’m surprised Tyler doesn’t include Saturday’s in the normal service. It’s easier to get the bets taken on Saturday due to the higher volume.

    Anyway this Saturday’s “bonus tips” that Tyler gives as a gift managed to add another 3 points to the deficit. Many thanks.

  93. MIB says:

    Sorry, my mistake, today’s tips showed a 4 point loss not 3.

  94. Lucas says:

    Yup, extra 4 points down.

    gedd, I hear what you’re saying, but I cant imagine reducing the stake is a good idea. No one can say when the service will “turn around”. It could be tomorrow, or – god forbid – in a fortnights time. Reducing the stake guarantees getting lower returns on the wins than losses that have been sustained. If you wait for a string of wins, then crank up the stake, you could easily just hit the next batch of losses.

    At 24 points down, it will take me long enough to recover as it is.

  95. Paul says:

    Just got in to see there were selections today . I didn’t manage to get on as Tyler said no selections . If he sent a text to everyone saying selections being sent check your email in 10 mins we wouldn’t miss them . I was out with the family but as it happened it saved me 4 points .
    Well tomorrow brings another day, would be good to see some of spread sheet from his last 3 months selections .

  96. tyler jordan says:

    If you are unhappy with the service there is an unsubscribe button on my webite. You may do well to wait more than a few days to pass judgement. I have never met anyone that finishes every single day in profit but if you are that man then clearly you needn’t subscribe to a tipping servise.

    Thankyou to my longer customers for your support, and for everyone
    who joined wednesday i understand your frustration, as i stated in the email to you all.

    The mmr review is out any day and will show a huge profit over the last few weeks which should ease your mind. Please stick to the staking plan, as i always say after an exceptionally good day, for example a couple of weeks back we had a 43pt profit day, and its just as important then as it is now.

    I have lost 9pts this week as well, which is 900 pounds but i am not panicking.

    I don’t include saturday in the tips because it’s an absolute minefield and also i think everyone should have a day away from gambling once a week.

    Unfortunately this week i buckled as i wanted to bring the customers back in to the black and thought i had found some value and i was wrong.

    I will remain stronger on saturdays in future.

  97. tyler jordan says:

    this message was for mib.

  98. PaulC says:

    LOL at the people getting frustrated after a couple of days of poor results. I joined midweek too and went straight into £10 per point stakes.

    It`s almost as if you people have never gambled before.

    Give Tyler and the service some time.

  99. MIB says:

    Many thanks Tyler. That’s right, as I wrote in a post above it’s crucial to stick to the staking plan. It only takes a couple of winners to turn around a position like this and self discipline is very important when betting on horses.

    Any results need to be looked at over a longer period than just a few days.

  100. Lucas says:

    Tyler, good to read your comments.

  101. tyler jordan says:

    its good to contribute i feel. I’ve been a successful gamber for around 3 years now but only a tipster for a couple of months. For me it crazy that everyone is reacting this way to minus 9pts for the week when i have been delivering an average of over 30pts profit since week 2 (week 1 was only 11pts profit.)

    but i do understand the feelings of midweek joiners, friday night in particular was freakishly bad.

    I will speak to everyone tomorrow lunchtime

  102. gwyn j says:

    hi everyone who posted after my thoughts of friday night. i know i set the cat amongst the pigeons , but i am 72 and have lost thousands on all sorts of gambling since the late 50s. so i can assure u i know all about the ups and downs. also it was not a criticism of tyler as i know he will do his utmost to turn things around,i am a very unlucky gambler and ,like shorty a few posts back i thought i had put my jinx on the whole caboosh.anyway thanks to everyone for their positive reaction but i only speak whats on my mind ,so appologies if i upset anyone ,yours gwyn j.

  103. OFC says:

    @gwyn, have you tried this –


    virtually risk free money.

  104. MIB says:

    Gwyn J, your reaction to Friday night was completely natural. We’re only human beings and not saints. Tyler got touchy because he is only human as well. I’m sure he wants to see you making profits as much as you do and he’s new to providing tips to customers. Established tipsters know that one of their biggest headaches is “feedback” from subscribers when things aren’t going according to plan.

    The link that OFC posted above is a good one to make yourself some risk free money. Meanwhile just relax and be positive. You are not a jinx lol

  105. Lucas says:

    Well said MIB. Tyler has been far more open & responsive than most services are. Having your betting bank reduced rapidly hurts – always has, always will – but its the longer term that counts. Good to remember as well that just because a bet loses does not necessarily mean it was a bad bet to take.

    I’ve been watching bonus bagging for a while. Definitely something I want to try in the future.

  106. Alex M says:

    A question for Tyler Jordan about value.

    Hi Tyler.
    you always emphasize that you foremost seek for value , and I know that in betting that is crucial. So here is my question :
    If we cannot place the bets at your advised odds ( as is often the case ) how many points
    below it do you still consider to be value ? As an example , you often give selections at 5/1
    But if the odds have gone down to 4/1 by the time we place the bet , that can no longer be considered value , does it. ? So in such a case , are we be better off not betting ?
    Hoping to hear your thoughts on this subject ,
    Cheers , Alex M

  107. Lucas says:

    Thats a question I’ve thought about too, Alex M. Maybe we should bet less than the normal stake if the odds are worse.

  108. David Greet says:

    Remember Tyler is getting his bets on before you, probably a lot earlier. So he might get the 5/1, you won’t.
    I went into Friday evening only half a point in front, not three as Tyler mentioned in his email.

  109. Alex M says:

    Thats my point. So lets hear what Tyler has to say about it. Maybe if the odds have moved to far , and the value is gone , we should not bet on that race at all.

  110. MIB says:

    I would seem that getting the same prices is going to be an issue. This is not a complaint, Tyler I’m just pointing it out for discussion.

    Today was an example. With at least 4 of the bets it was impossible to get anywhere near the odds that Tyler was after. And I was on to it seconds after receiving the email. I’m happy just as long as some of them win but I can understand people being concerned at whether the value is still there.

  111. Lucas says:

    Sometimes prices drift out later. Would it be worth leaving unmatched stake at longer odds, in the hope that prices move up at some point before the start, matching your stake ?

    The risk is, of course, that you either dont get matched at all, or put up with whatever SP odds are available.

    I’m using Betfair exclusively.

  112. Danny C says:

    Tylers tips have just turned up on the Relayman site! Hope they last as paying £7.99 a month for them is very nice 🙂

  113. Alex M says:

    Confirm what MIB says.
    Only the first selection at the Curragh was available at the sugested odds. All other odds are way down.

  114. MIB says:

    If Danny C is right and all Tyler’s information is being “relayed” to goodness knows how many people who haven’t paid, then limiting the membership to 50 to protect the odds clearly isn’t going to work.

  115. john says:

    May be time for a pin protected web site to protect the selections being leaked

  116. PaulC says:

    john, unfortunately it wouldn`t make any difference using a secure area or pin entry.

  117. john says:

    Hi Paul
    that is unfortunate

  118. Darren says:

    Can’t find the tips anywhere on Relayman so looks like they’re safe.
    Wish I could afford the £200

  119. MIB says:

    Darren, are you a member of Relayman? Danny C says he saw the selections there. Or maybe he’s having a laugh.

  120. Danny C says:

    they’ve gone from relayman now, knew it wouldn’t last long!

  121. steven hirst says:

    hi every one i would not bother we his tips all of them have lost so far today hes not good at all. SAVE YOU MONEY !!!!

  122. John says:

    Steven, a bit harsh on Tyler.

    Yes he has to start showing some signs of improvement.

    Im on the fence, i to joined mid week and have been on the end of a loss for the week.

    But its not 1 week im interested in or 1 day.

    Lets wait for a full month and see where we are.

    I do agree with others on price, i cannot attain anywhere near the prices quoted on the email i recieve so i think profit should be around sp not prices quoted on email.

    Anyway good luck Tyler for next week.

    Some peform better under pressure and some crumble.
    I hope you are the former.

  123. MIB says:

    Hi John, we picked a good week to join. Since I parted with my dosh and joined I’m now minus 26.435 points.

    I agree with all of your post above; next week will be interesting.

  124. John says:

    I agree MIB.

    Lets hope this is the real deal. I wont judge or have a negatives until the end of next week.

    If we are 50 points down , that wouldnt be great as ive been sold on never had less than 11 points win a week.

  125. CB says:

    amazing how the performance goes out of the window just as more and more people start subscribing!!! Pointless him quoting results to advised prices also should be SP.

  126. steve says:

    see what happens next week hopefully will be in profit. He had a good evening monday but after that it went down hill. i dont think its worth £200 quid a month though lol.

  127. gwyn j says:

    o.fc@m.i.bthanks guys for you kind remarks, and yes i have been using mikes system since june 29th.Not making a fortune but in front by about £200.however,today i experimented with b.b., i reduced my stake with tylers bets to£2 each way on first three.i did not fancy laughing lashes in the irish oaks,my own fancy was blue bunting. i had a £20 first bet with ladbrokes so i had a £20 free bet pending. i backed blue bunting @ 5 and used my b/fair a/c to lay blue bunting@5.4 i only staked £10 with a liability of £44, .return on ladbrokes is £100 ,but i lost £44 from my b/fair a/c,i am £36 up with afree bet onladbrokes. hope this is of interest GWYN J

  128. gwyn j says:


  129. Tony says:


  130. MIB says:

    Oh dear Anthony. Can’t you ever get your facts right. Another post from you that’s completely irrelevant and factually incorrect.

  131. Mike says:

    Fair comment Tony. Lets hope he is genuine. Only time and money will tell.
    We pin our hopes on false promises sometimes.

    Lets be honest about it , we dont know this Tyler from Adam and he has managed to sell us a good story and pocketed along the way around 5k.

    But on the flip side he might be good, only next week will tell us.

  132. MIB says:

    How do you get 5K Mike? One contributor who never gets the facts right is bad enough. We don’t need another one. How much did you pay Mike? Let’s be honest about it, we don’t know whether you and Tony just go around posting nonsense just to annoy people.

  133. OFC says:



    thats assuming all places have gone.

    Ponder this, if 20 jump ship, will the new spare places be charged @ 500?

  134. tyler jordan says:

    wow, 7 weeks and 170 pts profit and 1 bad week and all of a sudden i amplugging my own debts with your money. I have been gambling successfully for years and wanted to help others.

    Thanks for the comment mib.

    I will no longer be commenting on this site as i can’t quite get my head round the reaction to a few bad days after 50 odd good ones.

    I will answer with my results for my subscribers and not visit this website again.

    If someone is recycling the results they are mugging themselves off in a huge way and i suggest they stop it.


  135. MIB says:

    I can fully understand why Tyler will only communicate with his subscribers now. There had been perfectly rational comments up until the serial offender, Tony and then a fellow s***t stirrer started casting aspersions about Tyler’s integrity.

    It was a prime example of Tony’s posts that range between mentally suspect and just plain abusive. This web site can really do without that sort of contributor. His objective is always to annoy and he has certainly succeeded. It’s just sad that he hasn’t got a life to otherwise occupy him.

  136. Alex M says:

    What I cannot fully understand, is that Tyler only choses to read the bad comments , and why he does not answer the “perfectly rational” comments that have been made.
    People who use abusive language and irrelevant comments are there on every forum , but they should not be seen as a standard for that forum.

  137. Alex M says:

    MMR reviewer.

    Now that Tyler choses not to communicate on this Forum again , would you please relay my
    questions about value to him.
    We would be all greatly benefit if we can learn his thoughts about that.
    Thanks beforehand ,

  138. bluefingers says:

    Good Morning All
    I have just read through the comments from the last few days, and I have to say, some of you are obviously in the wrong game. Personally, I don’t like the Tyler system because of the number of bets each day, but the system is obviously very succesful, and the guy has talent. I choose to have one or two bets at most per day, and some days no bet at all. Thats how I gamble, slow and steady.
    I have to laugh at the comments about losing a few points in a week. Do you guys actually believe that anyone can make a profit every week? Really? It has never ever been done, and it never ever will be done.
    Give Tyler a break and remember this, the guy had the balls to come on the site and respond to sensible queries and comments.
    If you react like this to losing a few points, then that is exactly what you always will be, losers. Go and get a job at Asda or something because you do not have the wherewithall to be a gambler.
    Go Tyler, lets see you have a great week and shut these losers up.

  139. MIB says:

    Alex M, what on earth are you on about. You are a subscriber. If you have questions you can ask Tyler by emailing him. Why do you need someone else on a forum to ask questions for you?

    bluefingers is quite right and I agree with every point he makes.

  140. CB says:

    I don’t care if the tips are good, bad or indifferent but if you are proofing these tips to any site then the results need to be displayed at SP otherwise its simply not fair. For example if you followed Pricewise in the Racing Post to advised prices then you would make money year on year but if he puts a horse up at 20/1 in the morning it usually goes off at an SP of 10/1 so thats where people do not get the price and therefore make a loss instead of a profit.

    Also this service is quite open in saying that it has a strike rate of 24.4% so people must underdstand that this means that for every 4 bets they place then 3 will lose and thats a matter of fact!!!!

    Still not really sure why the guy needs to sell his tips in this day and age. You can get plenty matched on Betfair and Betdaq and to be honest making another say £5k a month BEFORE tax so £2.5K afterwards for providing tips doesn’t really add up. All he would have to do is increase his stake from £100 a point to £125 a point and have the extra TAX FREE income and no aggro with sending emails, moaners, answering questions etc etc.. – so the story doesn’t add up, but if we are to believe everything said on here so far then the tipster has either gone through a ‘purple patch’ or really does know his stuff. But the excuse that you can’t get more than £100 on a selection simply doesn’t wash with me so brings the whole service under close scrunity. Time will tell but I have my suspicions.

  141. Tony says:

    It’s very hard to resist the lure of the monthly subscription fees. These will come in for the tipster, whether or not his tips win or lose. Why pay money to tipsters to lose money both ways??

  142. bluefingers says:

    Save your energy. Nobody on here is listening to you. You shouldn’t comment on here because you don’t know what you are talking about.

  143. MIB says:

    Actually Tony I think that you are providing a good service. I didn’t realise that people like CB and Mike, who have actually paid to join, need someone to point out things for them.

    All of a sudden they start saying things like “I have my suspicions”. Well if you had your suspicions CB why did you join the service. Sorry, Tony, some people are stupid enough to need you to point out the obvious. They do not have a mind of their own and are very vulnerable without someone like you to think for them.

    Keep up the good work.

  144. bluefingers says:

    You just made my day.

  145. MIB says:

    bluefingers, that “Tony” person prowls around all the threads. He either posts stuff to wind people up (and they think he’s being serious) or posts messages for the female contributors that clearly puts him in the “creepy old man” category.

    Surprisingly there are people who seem to swallow all his rubbish and clearly are unable to think for themselves.

  146. bluefingers says:

    Must have too much time on his hands.

  147. I have no idea whether Tyler is any good or not but if he is (and the results would suggest that he is), I have a great deal of sympathy for him.

    Firstly, even if all of the tips he has provided in this review period were recorded to SP, I’m pretty sure I’m right in saying that they will still have made over 100 points profit. Anybody that thinks that is a poor return from betting shouldn’t be betting and anyone that can’t take a losing run shouldn’t be betting, it’s as simple as that.

    Secondly, that age old question, if he’s doing so well, why sell his tips? Well, to be honest I’m amazed that anybody has an issue with this…

    1) If you can make some extra cash by sending out a couple of emails a day AFTER putting on your bets (so they don’t affect your prices) why wouldn’t you?

    2) Genuine tipsters don’t usually claim to be obscenely rich and neither, as far as I can tell, does Tyler. Therefore the extra money generated by sending out a couple of emails a day comes in handy.

    3) Betting full time is stressful and no matter how good you are, income is never guaranteed. Every bettor has bad runs (even the pro’s) and so some guaranteed income is important.

    Now if anybody (other than Tony) wants to engage in a sensible debate on the subject I’d be happy to expand on these points. If not that’s fine, I just thought I’d share my thoughts as Tyler has, quite understandably, given up.

  148. MMR Reviewer says:

    Full review is in the office waiting publication shortly.
    Today’s tips could all have been placed at the odds advised by Tyler in his email.

  149. craig says:

    Will be interesting to see how this pans out. I for one am not comfortable authorising increasing payments to a guy who seems to have just set up an anonymous webpage and has no presence other than here, No phone number, no address, a hotmail email and no real idea who he is. If he disappears with your cash, where are you going to go? Doesn’t that bother anyone?

  150. Alex M says:

    Dear MIB.

    Im asking those questions in this Forum , because I feel that I will not be the only one that can benefit from an answer from Tyler. Sure Im a subscriber , sure I can email him privately. But Im asking these questions not only for my selfish self. And the reaction of other people,in case you missed it , proves that they were strugling with the same questions.
    So dont go on bettering other people like you have a patent on wisdom. It is true that much
    of what you’re saying , about the s—t throwers and all that is correct , but also you behave as if you are the only one who knows it all. You wont believe it , but maybe , just maybe , there are other people in this world , even on this forum , that have as much experience as you do. And another thing that maybe you will find hard to believe , but you are contributing as much to the aggravation on this thread as do the s—t trowers.
    Thats my humble opinion.
    Cheers , Alex

  151. sparky says:

    craig the worst you can lose is one months subscription whatever that may be
    if your not happy with the service then just canx it and no more payments.

    it really is that simple.

  152. CB says:

    I am not a subscriber nor will I be thinking about it yet. I make my own selections and would never dream of selling them to anyone. Why sell the goose that lays the golden eggs!! Give it another couple of months to make your judgement, 7 weeks is nothing in gambling!!! I make a ROI of 6%, this has been sustained over 5 years so far. Due to the new Betfair premium charge which comes in today this figure will be even lower unless I adapt and improve my operations.

    If you could make 100pts in 2 months in the LONG TERM then you wouldn’t be setting up a website and selling your tips!!! I know many professional gamblers from the good old days of being entertained by Betfair at various sporting events and none of them had a tipping service!!

    I wish the service operator and the subscribers every success but really think some of you are walking in to this with your eyes closed.

    Keep updating the results TO SP!!! and lets see how it goes from now on. In fact someone can update the results on here on a daily basis for all to see.

  153. Argggghhhhhh…… CB….. Not…. Listening… To.. Me.

    1) How are you selling the goose that lays the golden eggs if you place the bets before you give out the tips?

    2) It’s not a case of ‘if you could’, the MMR reviewer has confirmed it and I’m sure you’re not saying that he’s making it up.

    The likely answer here is that 100 points is unsustainable and that the average income from these tips is still good but at a more ‘normal’ level. At this level the extra income from selling tips is useful.

    3) And finally the fact that you know professional gamblers that don’t have a tipping service is completely irrelevant. I know journalists that have never hacked anybody’s telephone. I also know footballers that have never had an affair.

  154. craig says:

    Sparky – Point taken, however it just doesn’t seem right to me that you send money to someone who is completely anonymous and uncontactable in any real sense. Looking from the outside, the supporting messages on here could be just made up by Tyler and his friends. Not saying they are, but you get my point. Thedre’s nothing independent at all.

    I’ve googled him and this is the only place he exists. How has anyone heard of him, apart from on here?

  155. CB says:

    OK Matt, theres no point in having an argument about all this, just put the selections on here after the last one has run for the day and let people make up their own mind.

  156. My thoughts exactly and that, I suppose, is my point – people should be judged on results and not assumptions regarding their reasons for providing a service.

    It annoys me when people say that if tipsters were that good could they wouldn’t sell their tips in much the same way that it annoys me when non-gamblers say you can’t make money from gambling. 99.9% of the time they are not talking from experience and far too many assumptions are made.

    But anyway, enough of all that. Fact is, as in sport, results are pretty much the be all and end all. So far they have been very good for this service but bad runs can be tricky to turn around and it’ll be interesting to see how this does going forward.

  157. sparky says:

    craig- i am only guesssing here but perhaps its not his real name but a “stage” name to protect his identity which maybe why you cant find any info on him

    doesnt mean that his tip service doesnt work tho- and only time will tell that.

    also i take your point about his mates posting all good posts about the service and that is something i have thought about in general myself unti i signed up for another tipster service on here and found 1 it was genuine and 2 people who post on here were also members there and the reviews were genuine also.

    agreed it could be manipulated tho in some cases

  158. Maynard says:

    Ye Gods, I’m staggered by some of the negative comments on this thread. A week of bad results and people are squealing like stuck pigs.

    With a low strike-rate/high-odds strategy it’s OBVIOUS that there will be long losing runs. It cannot possibly be any other way.

    However, this guy has proved that he can produce the profits. What therefore is the problem? Geez …

  159. MIB says:

    Hi Maynard, that’s right. It’s enough to try the patience of a saint. Some people just don’t understand the dynamics of betting on horse racing at all. And some won’t listen even if you try and explain.

  160. MIB says:

    A very impressive day. Only one winner but most of the selections gave a good run for the money. Plenty of evidence that Tyler knows what he’s doing.

  161. Patrick2e says:

    Well done Tyler…..but I did cheat on one which boosted the day overall

  162. CB says:

    What were today’s selections and results then folks?

  163. MIB says:

    Pay your money and join the club. Then you’ll have all the facts to make an informed opinion rather than just criticising without any knowledge of what is actually happening.

    It was a very impressive display by Tyler and I certainly no longer have any doubts whatsoever about his ability to deliver. The nett profit/loss can be divulged by MMR Reviewer but listing all his selections wouldn’t be advisable.

  164. Maynard says:

    Hi MIB

    I’ve not been on the MMR site long, so I’ve only just discovered Tyler’s tips. I may well join his service soon. I’m very pleased to read your posts (and certainly the MMR write-up) as it would seem that Tyler is one of the good guys. Given that I’ve found, over many years of searching, that there are VERY few profitable tipsters or systems, it’s refreshing to find another potential recruit to a profitable portfolio.

    All tipsters and systems, no matter how good, have flat months and unprofitable periods. It’s simply the nature of the betting beast. The trick is to build a good portfolio so that, when one or two are not performing, the rest are. Eggs and baskets spring to mind.

  165. John says:


    Had a look at your results regarding the staking of 1% of the bank i noticed you adjusted the bank after each bet my question is the price you quoted for each selection the price you took prior to each timed race running or done as soon as the selections are received as you did say you have to take the early price available could you please advise

  166. MMR Reviewer says:

    Hi John
    The prices I use in the spreadsheet are those I could have obtained at the time the bets are received. As you say the stake calculation is based on the result of the previous race which is purely for my ease of recording. I did keep level stakes stats up to 13 July which showed the bank at 192% of starting point.
    Did you think the spreadsheet presentation style helped or was irrelevant?

  167. John says:

    Thanks spreadsheet lay out is fine helps regarding the various days selections

  168. MMR Reviewer says:

    Thanks John – thought I might have gone overboard.

  169. Craig says:

    I realise I’m probably going to be shot down in flames, but something just doesn’t feel right about this. This guy has no presence outside of this site, and his very basic webpage even focus’s in on the coverage on this site. There’s no address, no phone number, no searchable email or website owner and he’s clearly operating under a pseudonym. Despite all this, he’s getting big support from both MMR reviewers and apparently independent members who are normally scathing about pretty much everything.

    I for one won’t be sending any money to someone I can’t contact or identify in the real world, and I can’t work out why the normally cautious MMR team are so bullish about this person who could disappear today and nobody would know where to get their money back. Perhaps Jack could clarify what further information they have about Tyler that makes them so confident in him. Also can he confirm that MMR and Agora have no vested interest here? That would certainly put my mind at rest a bit.

  170. Jack Whiteman says:

    Craig – I can assure you that neither MMR or Agora are affiliated with Tyler Jordan.

    Operating under a pseudonym is not an uncommon thing – many tipsters do that.

    The fact that Tyler (and I can confirm it is him posting) has come on here to answer our subscribers comments and defend his system is refreshing. Not many tipster/system authors have done this.

    This is why he is getting support from us and from the subscribers to his service – because he is a genuine person and is running a genuine service.

    Our testing has been done independently and is showing that the service is profitable and does what it claims to do. Yes, it has hit a bad run in the past week but this is something that is unavoidable in betting.

    At the end of the day no one here is forcing you to join his service. If you don’t feel comfortable with it then don’t join. That’s your decision.


  171. MIB says:

    I wouldn’t worry yourself, Craig. No one is twisting your arm to send any one any money. If you were seriously considering subscribing I could understand it. Tyler’s getting support because he’s good at what he does. Simple.

    You seem disappointed that you’ve missed the boat. I can understand that. If your not subscribing why do you need your mind putting at rest?

    If MMR or Agora had any interest it would be listed in the vendors details at the top of the thread.

    If members who are normally scathing are supporting Tyler then he must be good.

  172. Craig says:

    Jack, thanks for your reply and confirmation that you have no connection with Tyler. I appreciate it. I agree that losing runs happen, and take no issue there at all. I also agree that writers, tipsters and indeed website owners use pseudonyms. However, one reason that a tipster might do this is if he’s blotted his copybook in the past. A pseudonym gives him a fresh start.

    Where I think I have to question you though, is that you are effectively encouraging subscribers to send money to someone with whom they would have absolutely no legal recourse should something go wrong. For all I (and you) know, Tyler could have taken £50k in the past few days and now be on a first class trip to Mauritius! If he has subscriber money, how would they contact him if he doesn’t deliver – through his hotmail address? Surely the first rule of business is that you enter into an agreement with an identifiable and contactable business or person.

  173. Jack Whiteman says:

    As I said earlier – it is down to the individual if they want to subscribe to somehting or not.

    I think you have misunderstood what More Money Review is about. We are here to independently test products and find the ones that work for our subscribers. This is what we have done here – we have found something that works and we are telling our subscribers that it works. .

    Believe me, if it suddenly stopped working and profits took a nosedive – we would publish those results and tell people it’s no longer working. That’s what we do.

    I understand that Tyler hasn’t published much in the way of contact information but that is his choice and it is the subscribers choice to sign up to his service. You don’t have to if you don’t want to.

  174. steve says:

    Craig i agree with the coments you have made.

  175. MIB says:

    Don’t send Tyler any money then, Steve. No need to get yourselves all worked up over nothing.

  176. Craig says:

    I’m a bit disappointed with that response to be honest Jack. I don’t really think it’s good enough to say that you just publish reults and it’s up to me whether I sign up or not.

    You say I have missunderstood the purpose of the site, but it says at the top of the page that ‘exposing scams’ is one of them. Now I’m not saying this is a scam, however what I am pretty sure of is that ‘Tyler’ is operating illegally under distance selling regulations by not giving correct contact details on his webpage. I know that through your affiliation with Agora, you’d be well aware of that, and am therfore disappointed that you would wish to give ‘air time’ to someone operating in this way.

  177. sparky says:

    i agree with MIB- dont like it or think its dodgy dont sign up-

    MMR as has stated just provides information- what you do with it is up to you

    personally i found this site a number of months ago and have since signed up for 3 of the services

    all of which have overall made money for me- Tylers being the latest and i am happy with all the services so far- if there comes a time when i aint then i will unsubscribe from them but you have to give any service time to prove itself not just be a 5 min wonder

  178. bluefingers says:

    I wonder if these comments would have appeared on the thread if Tyler hadn’t had a bad week last week?

  179. MIB says:

    For goodness sake, Craig. Haven’t you got anything better to do. This web site has been responsible for saving people a lot of wasted time and money since Jack started it and it does a fantastic job.

    You seem to be an advocate of the “nanny state”. People can make up their own minds whether to subscribe to a service or not. If you’re not thinking of subscribing to Tyler’s service then calm down and get on with something else. Tyler’s doing nothing illegally and I find it funny that you appear to be obsessed with him.

  180. PaulC says:

    It`s hardly surprising Tyler has no further interest here what with the negative comments.

    It seems to be human nature that people get some sort of satisfaction from ripping into people and wishing for their downfall. So much hate…very sad.

    As the guy said before, if people are so unsure about this or other services, don`t join. It`s that simple.

  181. Craig says:

    MIB For some reason, you seem to have an issue with people expressing an opinion which doesn’t concur with yours. Why you feel it necessary to involve yourself in the questions I was asking Jack, I have no idea.

    I agree with you – people can and should make up their own minds about a product or service, but if that’s really the case, what’s the point of this site then? The point is to arm them with all the information with which to reach their own decision. One piece of information which some people may feel relevant is that the service is being promoted illegally with regard to distance selling regulations, and subscribers have no real means of contacting the promoter if things go wrong or he takes their money and runs.

    You may not feel that to be relevant for you, in which case you can simply ignore it- can’t you? No need to get upset I don’t think.

  182. MIB says:

    You haven’t expressed an opinion, Craig. You’d better get back to inspecting the recycling bins to make sure no one’s put a wrong item in there.

  183. MMR Reviewer says:

    I have just checked today’s selections against forecast price some 90 minutes after they have been received. 40% can be placed at the same price 20% at just 0.5 lower and the rest at 1.0 lower. This may well indicate that there is little need to worry about achieving similar returns to Tyler.
    Just also to clarify the distance selling regulations: a consumer purchasing gaming betting and lottery services has NO right to cancel unless the seller has agreed in advance that they may. Whilst I agree that an address should be provided under the terms of the regulations it would not really benefit anyone in this case as there is nothing that can be claimed after the event unless he does not actually provide the tips and all the evidence points to him actually doing so.

  184. Craig says:

    MIB – You appear to believe that trading law is some kind of optional extra, which it clearly is not. Attempting to belittle me doesn’t change that.

    MMR Reviewer – I’m glad you agree that this service is being promoted illegally because the promoter has not provided his full contact details on his sales page. You say “there is nothing that can be claimed after the event unless he does not actually provide the tips.” Well those circumstances may arise in the future for all we know. I’m sure you’d accept that it’s not good enough to take the stance that a particular event is unlikely to happen, and therefore we can conveniently forget about the laws put in place to protect consumers. Does jack have anything to say about this?

  185. MMR Reviewer says:

    What I am saying Craig is be practical. I estimate that half of the systems/services I have looked at do not fully comply with every aspect of the law but if the delivery matches what is offered then it is a trade off that many will accept. What I try to do as a reviewer is judge how the service/product will be seen by an individual and advise accordingly so that members can then take a decision for themselves.

  186. Jack Whiteman says:

    Hi Craig

    You do make a valid point about someone being open and providing company details etc.

    Tyler doesn’t do this, although like this site he is required to provide details of his business and contact details.

    Is it up to us to police that – NO.

    But he isn’t alone in the gambling industry for not doing this. In fact, there are many online operators who fail to provide those legal requirements.

    So you could say that buying from people like this does hold more risk than an established company like Canonbury, Agora, Streetwise, Oxfordshire press etc.

    Does it mean people have enough protection when taking a service like Tylers?

    Really it then comes down to your payment method and how you pay for a service and guarantees those providers give.

    Debit and Credit cards have different rules.

    And Paypal for example under their T&Cs don’t cover downloadable products or services. So you have no protection there, unless the service is materially different from what is advertised.

    MMR Reviewer Peter G actually did a report on this for MMR members and it was emailed on 26/03/11. If anyone would like a copy drop me an email.

    Also MMR provides all new members with a protection guide when they join. One of which is about guarantees and payment methods. Again I won’t repeat that same advice here.

    Tyler obviously had quite a following before he appeared on here. But the reviewer gave our research into the service he provided. That research is ongoing.

    Each member has to take the buying decision on their own judgement after considering all points. We don’t endorse Tylers service, we are just reporting the results as we found them.

    To date we haven’t seen an issue with money back, payments or him giving support to members. If this ever becomes an issue then I’m sure those members will report here to warn other people.

  187. Jack Whiteman says:

    please can people stop the personal insults. It distracts from the discussion points.

  188. Craig says:

    Jack/MMR Reviewer – Consumer law (or any law) isn’t an issue where there is latitude to employ pragmatism. It is, by definition, the law – a black or white issue. I agree that it isn’t your job to police the law, but I’d have thought it would be sensible to take compliance into account, and at least inform people about it.

    It’s pretty clear from what you say that:

    1. Tyler’s marketing does not comply with consumer law.

    2. Anyone signing up has zero protection.

    In line with the aims of this site, I think it reasonable that people know that (as well as his record) so that they can make their own decision.

    I just had a look at the advice for avoiding horse racing scams that appear on this very site. Include in the advice given there is (and I quote):

    – Phone them up (If there’s no phone number be doubly suspicious) and ask some questions.

    – You should be able to get a trial period of at least 30 days. No trial=No payment.

    Clearly none of this is available or possible with this service. One perhaps has to ask, why the secrecy? I can think of no reason why someone like Tyler would choose to flout the law and not give proper contact details. The only clue I can get comes again from your own advice for avoiding scams:

    “Still another wheeze is to run a large number of different horse tipping services…If you operate enough, one is almost certain to show a profit. Guess, then which service gets all the publicity”

    As you quite rightly say, people will make their own minds up, and hopefully they will now be doing it armed with a bit more information.

  189. Jack Whiteman says:

    To be fair Craig that is a very good post. We’ve given that advice so many times that we often presume that everyone knows it.

    On every single review on this site we show the publishing company, author and contact details if they are given.

    But going forward if a person/company fail to provide that detail then we should state that as a reminder to members.

  190. MIB says:

    If Craig had read the guidance then all he had to do was just not join the service. That’s why the guidance is there. Jack’s not here to hold your hand, Craig. If you need that then you’re not old enough or mature enough to gamble and definitely shouldn’t join a tipster service or bet on horses.

  191. David Greet says:

    Did anybody else experience this last night?
    At 5.36 I received an email from Tyler entitled tonights selections.
    But there were’nt any. I emailed Tyler and told him this but did not receive a reply.
    At about 10.20 I received an update from Tyler showing a nine point profit including a 12/1 winner.
    Was it just me who did not receive any tips?

  192. MIB says:

    Hi David, yes, I got that email and then a bit later he sent the email with the selections.

  193. CB says:

    Still no selections and results posted up, why not? why the secrecy?

  194. CB says:

    David Greet – that sounds very dodgy to me!!!

  195. Toffeekins says:

    Hi David

    Do you have a yahoo email? The same thing happened to me but I clicked on reply (from the blank email) and there they were!! Seems to be a problem with yahoo. If it keeps happening I’ll ask Tyler to change email address.

  196. MIB says:

    First selection tonight has just won!

  197. CB says:

    What – On The Cusp?

  198. MIB says:

    Get in! Spot on!

  199. CB says:

    I really think for the sake of 100% transparency you need to go through that spreadsheet above and put the SP prices in and quote results to those prices.

    Does no one understand the importance of price? Do you just think a winners a winner and thats what matters?

  200. CB says:

    MIB what were this afternoons selections?

  201. CB, obviously prics are important – everybody knows that – but the MMR reviewer has confirmed that the prices sent out by Tyler are available at the time, so I don’t see the issue.

    Tipping services send prices out early for a reason – they are often better than SP and that’s a big part of where your margin comes from, it’s what I do with my Hot Horses service.

    If the prices are available at the time they are sent out and people are informed of roughly when the selections will be sent, SP is irrelevant. As the reviewer says, if readers can’t operate on that basis (placing bets when they are received) they shouldn’t sign up to the service.

  202. CB says:

    Matt what happens when you have 50 people phoning up Ladbrokes to get £100 on a horse @ 8/1 at 10am (or whenever the selections are sent out) if this is how the service is going to be run and the ‘fantastic results’ continue then he is going to have to change how these tips are given out otherwise no one will get on at the price!!! Will have to change to a text message just before the off and people backing them on the exchanges!!!

    But come on quoting results to advised prices in the the oldest trick in the book!!! And the first thing you should pick up on when looking at any system. I mean if I could lay horses on Betfair @ the industry SP then anyone could make a fortune but you can’t so you have to offer bigger prices. The same analogy but the other way round!!!

  203. MIB says:

    With all due respect CB your talking nonsense. I would never use Betfair under any circumstances. By the way, Ladbrokes isn’t the only bookmaker.

    Tyler’s limited the membership to 50 people for a good reason. I’ve had no problem getting prices within a point of Tyler’s. The more of his selections I see run the more impressed I am.

    Sorry CB but your wasting your time trying to rubbish Tyler’s service.

  204. CB says:

    I’m not trying to rubbish the service, all I’m trying to do is make you present the service results in a fair and transparent way!!! I thought that this was what this site was all about?

    I also don’t understand why you can publish the selections for 2 days ago but not for yesterday or today???

  205. Darren says:

    Tylerjordantipster.com address was registered on 28th May 2011 @ 14:40GMT

    Info obtained from a whois search

  206. MIB says:

    I would think that Tyler’s list is just about full by now. He can just let his subscribers do the talking as time goes on. That is by far the best and most transparent way to assess a service.

    There was a bloke called Craig getting his knickers in a twist earlier today as well. MMr Reviewer has given his assessment so why don’t you just accept that and the comments by Tyler’s customers as the weeks progress.

  207. CB says:

    I would love to have a bet with any of you guys that in 28 days time this thread is either:

    a) deleted
    b) has no posters
    c) full of people saying they haven’t made any profit.

    Further points to note although you will deem them irrelevent are that a 100 point betting bank is not big enough to cope with a strike rate of 24%, thats a mathematical fact. The above spreadsheet prices are hopelessly inaccurate, fractions to decimals being converted incorrectly, each way terms not implicated properly, non runners being classed as losers etc etc….

    As for not using betting exchanges at all then that is simply madness. All of the selections at an average price of 8.5 would be bigger on an exchange by at least 1/2 a point after commission sometimes a full point or more!!!

    I wish everyone success or at least not to lose any money but this service just about ticks every box when it comes to identifying a dodgy racing service, that is judged by your very own guidelines on this site!!!

    I am not saying don’t subscribe, I am not saying its a scam what I am saying is that all the signs are here and if it turns out to be then don’t say that no one told you so…..

    I will watch this tread with interest but have no more to add.

  208. I see your point CB but you can also turn it on its head and say how is it fair on the tipster that he is judged by prices that he didn’t take?

    Ok, so you may have to allow for a little leeway but when a service is recording over 100 points profit in two months or whatever it is, I really don’t see it being an issue.

    Also, MIB’s point RE Ladbrokes and the number of members is valid – 50 people is nowhere near enough to destroy the prices across the board. Providing you get on reasonably quickly you should be able to get the actual price or one very close to it.

    I think the reason that people such as MIB are reacting so irritably is because at times it does seem like some people on this site are desperate for tipping services to fail and completely ignore results. The fact that this has made god knows how much profit and is still attracting negative comments does make me wonder about the motives of some of the people on here.

  209. MIB says:

    Thanks Darren, that is exactly as Tyler has said.

  210. Deary deary me. I wrote that before I read your last comment CB, had I seen it I wouldn’t have bothered.

    There’s clearly no point whatsoever reasoning with you.

  211. David Greet says:

    Hi Toffeekins.
    Nice macho name by the way! lol. Good point, you are obviously more computer literate then I am.
    Glad there was nothing underhand, but I am surprised noone mentioned the good price winner on here.

  212. MIB says:

    Hi David, it was a fantastic winner. Got his nose in front on the line and confounded the commentators who were speechless. I hope you got the selections okay tonight.

  213. Toffeekins says:

    Hi David

    ladies are known to gamble as well!!!

  214. Alex M says:

    This post is NOT intended for people who ALREADY KNOW IT ALL , but for those who still have room up there to learn something !!

    A while ago I posted some questions on this
    thread for Tyler Jordan , before he choose not
    to come to MMR anymore. Since then , he invited his subscribers to contact him directly by email , when they have questions about his service. So that’s what I did, and I had my questions answered fairly quickly.

    Since this thread has become fairly long , I take the liberty to copy my previous post here , so there will be no confusion what it is all about.

    A question for Tyler Jordan about value.

    Hi Tyler.
    you always emphasize that you foremost seek for value , and I know that in betting that is crucial. So here is my question :
    If we cannot place the bets at your advised odds ( as is often the case ) how many points
    below it do you still consider to be value ? As an example , you often give selections at 5/1
    But if the odds have gone down to 4/1 by the time we place the bet , that can no longer be considered value , does it. ? So in such a case , are we be better off not betting at all ?
    Hoping to hear your thoughts on this subject ,
    Cheers , Alex M

    And here is Tyler’s answer :

    Morning Alex,

    A very good question as i do make my bets placed largely on value, however i am looking for extreme value, so a horse at 7’s when i beleive it should be 2’s or 3’s so in most cases it is best to get the bets on at the best price available.

    I apologise for the discrepancys on the prices, i am working to iron them out, usually it is only a half point or so but i understand the other day i sent out morning prices by mistake and this caused some confusion.

    To confirm my thoughts on this, the mmr review has a ‘price advised’ column and an ‘actual price’ column and you can see there are slight differences, in both directions, but the mmr reviewer still placed bets at best odds he could and made substantial profit.

    I wouldn’t back at sp because the sp is usually very short compared to the lunchtime price.

    Thanks, Tyler.

    I hope this will help people on this thread who
    have the same questions as I do.
    Cheers, Alex

  215. Patrick2e says:

    Wow… it’s 12:30pm and I’m glad I stayed up to read this stuff (even the negative) it’s a learning experience for a few of us. You can’t have the rainbow without the rain 🙂 The law is black and white, but sometimes that is the problem with the law,it just doesn’t seem to effect some of the people ie. Media, Politicians, Police,Corporations etc. who understand it. This site is for the little people ( I count myself as one) of the world who are trying to make a little extra moneybut don’t have the lawyers,accountants,politicians or police on their side.Yes, I would be
    disappointed if Tyler let us down but I am more disappointed by the people above who claim to be doing things in our best interests…so give Tyler a break, at the moment he seems to be doing things in our best interest, time will tell. Life is a risk everyday. DYOR

  216. MIB says:

    Well said, Patrick2e. You’re right it’s a shame when you get people who just want to try to look for problems. This site is the best on the internet for people to post their experience of different money making products and services. It helps to steer people away from things or companies that are best left well alone and points out services that can make money.

    This thread has become very strange and has attract a few people who have just tried to criticise Tyler. In my experience it’s the companies that look slick and above board that are the “dodgy” tipsters that make off with your money.

    And yet there was a guy called Craig earlier nit picking about the legality of Tyler’s business. Then there are some who are so touchy it’s doubtful they have the temperament to be successful gambling on the horses.

    Anyway, good luck with your money making.

  217. Craig says:

    MIB. It’s interesting that you seem to regard contravention of consumer trading laws as ‘nit picking’. Fortunately Jack doesn’t appear to agree with you, hence his earlier posting. It’s also interesting that you are getting so upset that people are questioning poor old Tyler. I don’t recall you being particularly squeemish about crtiticising products and services on other threads, often having your posts deleted because they were libelous.

    Neither you, nor anyone else has come up with a valid reason why any trader, tipster or merchant would trade anonymously and without proper contact details. I have already aluded to one possibility – that over the long haul his tips have proved unsuccessful in the past and he’s therefore ‘damaged goods’. This gives him a fresh start. Let me give you another (completely speculative) scenario:

    A member on here has access to a racing tipster offering his tips on a supposedly limited basis. This tipster does okay, but doesn’t make a fortune. Member here has a great idea – why not create a new persona for this tipster and launch him as a completely new character on this site? To do that all he’d need is a basic anonymous webpage, linked to a review on here. Assuming a bit of short term success, all he’d then need to do is talk up the tipster on here and pocket the money.

    All pure speculation of course and just for fun, but it does demonstrate what is perfectly possible when you have absolutely no idea who the real person is behind a product or service.

  218. Jack Whiteman says:

    In response to CB’s comment last night we here would like to point out some facts about the spreadsheet above:

    a) The 3 non runners are all recorded correctly

    b) There is no fractional conversion anywhere on the spreadsheet – the prices recorded are those available at the time the emails were received and are what the system is intended to be used at.

    c) Each way results are correctly recorded as they reflect actual bets placed in almost every instance – where not, they are calculated at the standard 1/5 place odds except where there were special bookmaker offers that improved on these.

    We have had a further look at the sheet and cannot see anything obviously wrong. Obviously if you want us to go in to it further and examine each individual result we can. But we stand by our testing methods and our results on all reviews.

  219. Tony says:

    Well said Craig!! 🙂

  220. Craig, the vast majority of people couldn’t care less about trading laws, pseudonyms or anything else if a service is doing what it says on the tin and is making them money.

    Until that ceases to be the case with this service your points will fall on (largely) deaf ears.

    If it does all turn out to be an elaborate scam or just a very average tipster then congratulations, you were right all along and there’s no doubt whatsoever that you told everybody so.

    But for the time being would it not make sense for the service to be judged on results?

  221. MIB says:

    Well said, Matt!!

  222. Craig says:

    Matt – A bit disappointed to read your comments to be honest. You are promoting services via Agora, a highly reputable publisher. I doubt it is their view or policy that it’s okay to break the law just as long as you’re winning at the moment, and I wouldn’t have expected you to support that. As you know very well, the win/lose situation can change very quickly and it’s just logically inconsistant to take the view that we’ll turn a blind eye to illegality while it’s winning. When/if he starts losing, we still won’t know who he is. More importantly should he fail to provide any service at all and still takes the subscriptions we still don’t know who he is.

    Let me give you another reason why this matters. If this DOES turn sour, what’s to stop this guy setting up the week after under yet another false name, hiding behind a hotmail address and taking the same peoples money all over again? At least if we know who he is, we can take a long term view on him, and take appropriate action in the future.

    Bottom line is there is NO legitimate reason for anonymity. People need to think about that before parting with money.

    This is not a subject that is open for debate. It is the law. I am sure agora would not endorse anyone not trading within the law.

  223. OFC says:

    Craig, never fear –

    I’m sure HMRC have a special team on the look out for people not declaring vat and income from tipstering.

    See this post here –


    not about tipstering, but it shows you what they can get up to.


  224. I’m not saying it’s ok to break the law and if you have any experince of my services you’ll know that everything is ship shape, including a no questions asked money back guarantee.

    What I said is that most people won’t care while it’s making money and while I won’t be promoting this service due to the points raised (and the fact there is no guarantee) I can understand why people have signed up and why they are annoyed with the negative feedback.

    If something is making you money, you want to protect it and I think that the stance most members are taking is that while Tyler has taken some shortcuts, he is delivering the goods at present. If this ceases to be the case, they will take it on the chin and move on.

    Believe me, I’d love to knock the service as to all intents and purposes he’s a rival but the results that he has achieved suggest that he’s a good tipster and good tipsters are hard to come by. 100+ steady profit (this isn’t the result of a fluke 100/1 shot) is not achieved by luck alone.

  225. And as a footnote, if this service was closed down as a result of lack of contact details while it’s still making this amount of money, you’ll have a lot of very angry people on your hands!!

  226. Craig says:

    Matt – I take your point, but if you think about it, there’s a dangerous parallel here. Illegal pyramid schemes and Ponzi scams make money for people in the short term and you get a lot of angry people when they’re closed down because they are making money. That doesn’t mean they should be allowed to continue to run illegally though.

    If he’s a good tipster, fine. Let’s see who he is and look at what he’s done before. My guess remains that he’s messed up in the past and wants to distance himself from those failures.

  227. bluefingers says:

    I am starting a new tipping service. The results over the last 6 months have been remarkable and I would like to share them with you. The monthly charge will go to cover the administration charges of the site, and as I don’t want to be answering emails all day, the numbers will be limited to 30 members. If you are interested let me know.

  228. MIB says:

    You really have a nasty imagination don’t you, Craig. Are you really happy to put someone out of business. Someone who is young, successful and not a burden on the state.

    I would be willing to bet you any money you like that Tyler isn’t some one who is trying to con anyone. A It’s nothing like “Ponzi” schemes or Pyramid schemes for goodness sake.

  229. bluefingers says:

    Less ‘handbags at dawn’, and more constructive comments please.

  230. Jack Whiteman says:

    Last warning about personal attacks.

    If I see further posts then those responsible will have their comments marked for moderation.

    Stick to the subject matter rather than putting down others.

  231. Catherine says:

    Hi Guys, ok, I know this isn’t the right thread but am unsure where to post this one. My friend had a letter in the post from a Bernard Davies about a seminar on 30th July at East Midlands airport run by John Howard, apparently it’s a business you learn to set up at the seminar and you offer companies a service they really need, this sounds very like the Asset Reactivation System to me, would appreciate any feedback on this one as the seminar is around £500 for the day!

  232. onyx77 says:

    Hi Bluefingers

    im interested in your new tipping service,can you give me some details?how to contact you?

  233. Maynard says:

    Craig, how do you know that Tyler is breaking any consumer laws? His site asks you to email to join. For all you know, his return email may contain a whole raft of contact details.

  234. Jack Whiteman says:

    Maynard – if his reply email does contain the contact details then it should be made known. And be upfront in his sales material. I make Craig right on that point.

    Operating out of a hotmail account of whatever is far from ideal.

    Christ if he can set up a website then surely he can set up a business email along with full contact details. It takes seconds to do.

    No phone number too.

    I mean its not hard to set up a busines phone number or one with 0800 which redirects to your personal line.

    It’s about installing confidence to your potential clients and he hasn’t gone far enough in my honest opinion.

  235. MIB says:

    Well said, Jack. Craig cannot go on making libellous comments about Tyler. I’m sure that you will monitor his future posts and not let someone like him lower the tone of this site. As Maynard points out, Craig is making these accusations without full knowledge of Tyler’s service.

    I’ve made a lot of contributions to this site that has helped a lot of people and saved them money. But I think that the attitude of some on this thread is not the usual helpful contributions that people expect. I’m going to log off now and may return in the future to give help as I have in the past. Meanwhile I hope that Craig takes on board Jack’s warning and tries to be helpful rather than unhelpful and that he refrains from libellous comments that have no place on MMR.

    Cheers for now everyone and good luck with your money making efforts.

  236. Craig says:

    MIB – I don’t think I said anything to warrant that sort of abuse, but others can make up their own minds.

    Unfortunately while spitting blood, you totally miss the point. We have no idea if Tyler is “young, successful and not a burden on the state.” because we don’t know who he is. He may or may not be any of those things. I didn’t liken his service to a Ponzi scheme; I simply used it as an example of the fact that illegal activity can’t be ignored simply because some people are making money.

    Maynard – The direct selling regulations require that the information is furnished before money changes hands.

  237. MIB says:

    One last point to put Jack straight. When you subscribe through Paypal you are given a contact phone number for Tyler. Yet again he’s being misrepresented.

    Anyway, the site is rapidly going downhill so, as they say, I’m outa here. Good luck.

  238. bluefingers says:

    I have to agree with MIB. Any new visitors to the site will not be impressed with some of the recent ‘exchanges’. Its a bit boring and unprofessional. Lets all stick to positive constructive comments. This site is too good to spoil.

  239. bluefingers says:

    How did Tyler do yesterday?

  240. Maynard says:

    Craig, yes I know that direct selling regulations require that the information is furnished before money changes hands. How do you know that doesn’t happen?

  241. Jack Whiteman says:

    MIB my warning wasn’t aimed at Craig.

    I think everyone should ask for further contact information before making a buying decision.

    Craigs examples about rogue tipsters is actually a fair warning and no where has he said that Tyler is such a person.

    It’s common knowledge that some tipsters start up and stop suddenly and making off with cash. In fact, I’ve raised this point via email several times and given examples. Plus I included such warnings in the free betting guide I gave away.

    It’s about protection of your money and ensuring you take enough steps to safeguard any investment you make.

    I personally wouldn’t send money to someone who failed to provide me with their contact number and business address in advance.

    Especially without a moneyback guarantee. Remember Paypal DO NOT protect you against services…

    anyway we’ve laboured this point enough…

    Let’s keep looking at results and I’m sure some members will want to see more results before they join.

  242. Jack Whiteman says:

    @maynard. Sorry but look at the website and you’ll see there is no mention of operating premises, full contact details or company registration.

    Fine if a sole trader he won’t have a companies house number but there is NO EXCUSE for failing to providing the remainder.

  243. MIB says:

    Well as my last post before I sail off in to the sunset and sanity, I’m astonished after reading your post above, Jack. What on earth were you doing publishing Tyler’s details and starting a thread without taking all those precautions that you now list. You’re not impressed with Tyler’s lack of information yet you carried on with a thread regardless. That doesn’t show you as being very caring about your readers does it?

    You can’t have it both ways. Dear oh dear.

  244. bluefingers says:

    Even after paying for a system or the services of a tipster, it is advisable to paper trade before you start to place bets. This way you get familiar with the workings and patterns before you risk your cash. Even the best of the best tipsters have good runs and bad spells. Nobody gets it right all the time. Any strategy should be considered over a long period, starting with betting small affordable amounts and trying to build up the bank.
    I think it would be extremely risky to sign up with any tipster and start betting straight away. If you paper trade for a few weeks the most you are risking is the cost of your subscription. This should be considered as your investment, which you will hope to recover once you start betting.
    As always, betting requires discipline and self-control.
    Good luck.

  245. bluefingers says:

    Nobody has any grounds to criticise Jack.

  246. Jack Whiteman says:

    Yes you are right MIB I’m ashamed that this site has spent tens of thousands of pounds each year conducting over 800 reviews.

    With the sole aim off giving it’s members better information on the products within the marketplace.

    how will I live with myself!

    This site is about facts and the fact is there are certainly LEGAL requirements that have been ignored in this instance.

    PS: In this thread you’ve thanked this site several times for the research it conducts. You can’t have it both way :o)

  247. Maynard says:

    Jack, I agree that there are no contact details on Tyler’s site. I merely said to Craig that he didn’t know if contact details were supplied before money changed hands.

    I agree it would be better if Tyler’s site provided contact details, but I say this from a purely MARKETING viewpoint.

    What people love is to see a photo of someone, a full address, a landline phone number, and a subscription email address. Of course, the photo may be false, the address may be a maildrop, the phone number may be an answering service, and the email subscription may be cancelled at any time, but hey, it looks good.

    Tyler probably isn’t a marketing man, though, he’s probably just a solid tipster. Doubtless he thought that if he delivered a profitable service, that would speak for itself.

  248. MIB says:

    Jack, why did you start a thread without protecting your reader’s by insisting that Tyler provide all the details you now say are vital? What has that question got to do with listing the number of reviews that have been published?

    If Tyler didn’t provide everything that is required by law then why did you let MMR Reviewer have anything to do with him and also allow a thread that has provided him with probably all his subscribers?

    If he does turn out to be dishonest then you will have let down your readers. It’s no good being all self righteous and indignant after you’ve given him the platform for any skulduggery. I’m sure that as far as I and everyone else is concerned if the MMR Reviewer was giving the service the thumbs up and you had a thread then everything was fine.

    Well if I and others lose money due to anything untoward I shall lay responsibility at your doorstep, Jack. I’m sure you will be the first to apologise in that eventuality but it wouldn’t get everyone’s money back.

  249. bluefingers says:

    This needs to calm down a bit.

  250. Maynard says:

    And Jack, how do you know that any legal requirements have been ignored, when you DON’T know if details are divulged before money changes hands?

  251. OFC says:


    Bernard Davies runs Prime Source Products.



    and other stuff over the years………

  252. Jack Whiteman says:

    @ Maynard. Try placing an order. Do you get the necessary information? If not then he fails to meet the necessary requirements. You acknowledge that fact already. Its FACT. It isn’t a marketing view point its the law.

    @ MIB – you’ve seen that I’ve already said it isn’t MMR position to police other companies business practices but to report the facts. That we have done. Results and all.

    Like we do with every review.

    You’ll also know as an experienced hand that many tipsters fail to provide this information. Am I to chase them all? Come on show some common sense.

    You’ve also acknowledged on this thread that people are responsible for their own actions after reading the facts. You argued this very point with Craig quite vocally.

    Scroll up and read your own comments again…

  253. Maynard says:

    Jack, you’re the one concerned about legalities, so it’s not up to me to place an order, it’s up to you. So I’ll ask you to do what you asked me: Try placing an order. Do you get the necessary information?

  254. MIB says:

    I’m well aware of my comments what bugs me is your criticising Tyler by jumping on Craig’s band wagon when Tyler has, to all intents and purposes, provided an excellent service which is providing winners again today.

    Never mind, Jack. I joined Tyler’s service because I made an informed decision based on my exchange of emails with him and MMR Reviewer’s report. I stand by my comment that everyone can make up their own mind whether to join. I was just fed up with you having a go at Tyler and what he has or hasn’t provided in details.

    Craig just strikes me as one of life’s wingers who doesn’t actually do anything positive, he justs likes to pull people down. This country needs more entrepreneurs like Tyler who should be encouraged. Unfortunately it’s all the red tape and regulations that people like Craig love that holds people back. Which is sad. And extremely frustrating.


  255. Jack Whiteman says:

    @ Maynard = quite simply NO.

  256. Tony says:

    Hunter, lay off Jack. It is inappropiate to say:

    “Well if I and others lose money due to anything untoward I shall lay responsibility at your doorstep, Jack. I’m sure you will be the first to apologise in that eventuality but it wouldn’t get everyone’s money back.”

    He is a gentleman and a scholar and has provided an excellent service to the British peoples.

    MIB, are you Tyler Jordan?

  257. Jack Whiteman says:

    Excellent MIB.

    This site is about the facts and now everyone knows them.

    One small thing. Providing full contacts details isn’t red tape. It’s common sense and a legality.

    But I’m sure we’ve all bored the pants of every reader thus far.

    So with everyone aware of the position lets see the results on an ongoing basis.

    We can go disagree about something else now 😮

  258. Peter2 says:

    ……………………..,-~*`¯lllllll`*~,……………………………………… …..
    ………………,-*llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.… …………………………….
    ………………./…/…./…./..,-,..*~,.`*~*………………*……………………….. …
    ……………….|…/…/…./.*`……………………………..)….)¯`~,……….. ………
    With apologies to Tony who sent this originally. Agree with Jack’s last post.

  259. MIB says:

    Good picture. That’s what I feel like when I read your posts Peter2

  260. Craig says:

    MIB – You blow with the wind like an empty crisp packet. Elsewhere you claim you’re trying to stop people wasting their money with dodgy companies, and yet when someone totally anonymously uses this site to get people to pay £200 a month with no trial or guarantee, you not only leap to his defence, but are rude and insulting (your worst excesses have been removed by Jack) to someone who sinply points out a few facts including the fact that he is marketing his service illegally.

    Despite being this chaps biggest defender, you have failed to answer a simple question which would put this whole issue to rest; Give a single valid reason why, if he is legitimate and who he says he is, he doesn’t provide proper contact details?

    If you’re able to do that, I’d appreciate it very much if you could do it without referring to what you perceive to be my unhappy childhood, the lack of love in my life, my , my nasty inagination, my unpleasent personality or any of the other insults hurled in my direction.

  261. I tell you what, I’m glad I’m not Jack. Tipping’s a doddle compared to running this website and this is a site that does nothing but help people!!

    Craig, I can think of a few valid reasons why a genuinely good tipster doesn’t provide contact details such as lazyness and business naivety but it is what it is and there’s no point dragging the point out any further.

    As Jack said, lets just watch the results with interest and if you want to join then join (but know that there are no guarantees) and if you don’t, don’t.

  262. johnU says:

    I would bet on one thing – that Tyler probably wishes he sometimes had never released it – even if it does make an extra few grand a month. He would have had much less hassle just betting his own selections!

  263. johnU says:

    Having had IT probs for several days i’m amazed how this one has taken off and how much comment’s been generated!

    I would urge everyone to reflect in particular on two of Jack’s comments today. One at 09.57 and the other at 1.55. They both spell out what this site is all about – the first answering an unfair criticism of the hard work undertaken by reviewers, the second underlines JUST HOW LUCKY WE ALL ARE TO HAVE THIS EXCELLENT SITE AND WHAT IT DOES FOR US OVERALL!

    As Matt Houghton just above says its not an easy Job at all running a Site like this – so lets all be grateful.

    As for Tyler – he says on his Site that he’s only 26 and the criticisms on here are, in my view, often quite tough! I decided i could n’t afford to get involved in this one BUT, its the old addage – (irrespective of whether he’s got all his procedures etc. right) ‘you pays your money and takes your chance’. Had i had sufficient funds to carry his charges and make profits for a few months i probably would have given him the benefit of the doubt.

    @ Catherine – I have met Bernard Davies personally and my opinion is he’s a great guy and very honest. Having said that i know nothing of the Seminar Product you refer to.

  264. Alex M says:

    Hi John U ,

    have not seen you post for a while , I thought you were on holiday. IT problems , huh ?
    So the Carol Vorderman touch the other day did’nt help ?

  265. MIB says:

    Absolutely right, John U. As I posted above this is probably bar far the best site of it’s type on the net and I think people can sometimes take it for granted. But that’s always going to happen.

  266. johnU says:

    @ alex. No – i think its time i stopped referring to her otherwise i will be on the ‘final countdown’ to ‘my number being up’!

    MIB, thanks – yes i think we can all take it for granted at times!

  267. Catherine says:

    Thanks for getting back to me JohnU, appreciate that 🙂

  268. Lucas says:

    Some great posts amongst the vitriol !

  269. Lucas says:

    @Catherine, @OFC I got an email with the same Bernard Davies sponsored invite to a seminar in East Midlands. Cant make out what home based business they have in mind, but it does seem too good to be true.

    Admit to being tempted. There is a money back guarantee, so maybe we could all walk out together…

  270. Lucas says:

    This thread certainly hasnt been dull ! has to be one of the fastest growing on here…

  271. Lucas says:

    @bluefingers I’d like to hear more about your tipping service. Will you be launching a website ? Are you ready for a torrid explosion of heated views on the inevitable MMR thread it will spawn ?! When will it achieve its first text-graphic “Tony” ?!

  272. OFC says:

    @MMR Reviewer – re the spreadsheet

    Like the colour coding for different days – makes it easy to see what’s what – coupled with the highlighting of daily/weekly totals.

    In the top window what do the numbers mean? e.g. SUN 2-3 ?

    One small gripe – the figures are slightly out when you have more than one bet in a race – the second bet, for example, is calculated on the size of the bank after the result of the first bet is known!

    Second small gripe – if you are taking prices as soon as the bets are received – you cannot be adjusting your stakes throughout the day – an end of day adjustment would be more logical and practical.

    Third small gripe – you are literally taking 1% of the bank, so it is virtually impossible to lose the lot. Even if your £500 went down to £50, you would end up staking 50p. Was it not the intention that the stake would be increased when the bank doubled or even daily if that is your want – but never reduced.?

    Thats all for now – I’ve run out of gripe juice!!


  273. Alex M says:

    @John U

    I don’t think that you have to be afraid of that , John U.
    Compared to the acid that some others can spew on this website unpunished , your comments are very benign , me thinks.
    Jack is very tolerant , maybe too tolerant , in that respect.
    But yet , that also may be a part of your fine British tradition , that I don’t understand.

  274. Tony says:

    If Jack is part of the great British tradition, then there is hope for Middle Englanders after all. He is a credit to your nation and a legend in his own lunchtime 🙂

  275. johnU says:

    @ bluefingers

    Could i please have details of your ‘tipping service’ too. Feel free to ask Jack for my email address! Thanks

  276. MMR Reviewer says:

    Hi OFC, thank you for your constructive comments. The figures after the days are the winning/losing numbers for that day. So in your comment there were 2 winning and 3 losing Sundays.
    Your gripes are fair comment and reflect my attempt to have a template that can be used in pretty much every circumstance. I found that if I tried to change each spreadsheet I am running I could forget what I had to do on each one and the chance was gross inaccuracy especially at the end of the day when results are being entered late in the evening! What I settled on means that the figures if anything are slightly understated for profit which I think is best.
    The 1% progressive staking is also designed to protect banks as you point out and in circumstances like this where profits have been seen the stake change is a great indicator of the performance of the service. I agree that Tyler suggests withdrawal or stake adjustment but again I try to show an overall result for the period being tested – if I withdrew the profit at the end of the month it might be more difficult for readers to see the correlation between the starting bank and the profit/loss potential.
    What also seems clear to me is that everyone has a slightly different way of staking anyway so I cannot hope to cover them all and the over riding aim is that you are able to draw a meaningful conclusion from the figures.
    Hope that covers everything but please do come back again if not or anything else to discuss.

  277. Craig says:

    I’d just like to echo what JohnU said earlier about how lucky we are to have a site like this, but I wonder for how long. It seems to me at the moment that it’s being jeopardised by the odd member who wants to use it as his own personal soapbox, and becomes aggressive and abusive when a view or opinion is expressed politely which doesn’t concur with his own. If this place can’t be a genuine forum for the open exchange of information and views, what purpose can it serve?

    It’s disconcerting and a little shocking to be venomously attacked and have your family, background and love life targetted (if you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s because the worst excesses have been removed by Jack)simply for explaining that something is illegal. I’d imagine a lot of people are being put off contributing for fear of being abused and ridiculed, and that’s a shame. I suspect much important information and insight is being lost to the forum, because of the hostility being displayed.

  278. graham says:

    Hi Bluefingers I am always checking out new things and would like details of your service use MMR for my Email.

  279. Patrick2e says:

    @ bluefingers

    I would also be interested. Please ask MMR for my email.

  280. Jack Whiteman says:

    Enough of the requests.

    I presumed Bluefingers was being flippant in offering to run a service.

    If not contact me and I’ll set you up a different page etc

    Back to the results for Tyler Jordan…

  281. johnU says:

    @ bluefingers and @jack

    bluefingers can you please state whether you were being serious or not about a service? thanks

  282. Tony says:

    Hi Craig,
    Yes, certain people have upset me on this thread by referring to my personal nature, and this has left me fearful of contributing further in case of incurring venom and hatred from Hunter.
    However, you have encouraged me to return and take a stand once again.
    Thank you.

  283. bluefingers says:

    You totally missed the point of my post. I was merely showing how keen peole are to jump onto any new, unproved system or service, and you did. Just as some jumped onto Tyler’s service without any proven data regarding past results.
    I wonder why this is?

  284. Craig says:

    Bluefingers – Again, it shows how easy this is. You ask why people are prepared to jump onto a tipping service like this so thoughlessly? I think there are two possible reasons, one charitable and one perhaps more accurate. The charitable reason is that they are desperate, and will therfore cling to any bit of driftwood, no matter how flimsy. The perhaps more accurate reason is that they are lazy. There’s no easier way of making money (in principle) than having someone email you a tip and placing a bet. No tedious work to do or calculations even. I’m sorry to say it but tipping services appeal directly to the lower human instinct to want to get something for nothing. This is such a strong desire that people often suspend reason when there’s even the vaguest sniff of an effort free profit to be had.

  285. johnU says:


    I don’t really think you should ‘lump everyone together’ like that. From my perspective it was a genuine interest in what i took at face value as a genuine offer. The DIFFERENCE with me is is that i would have needed to have a lot more information, and ask a lot of searching questions BEFORE even thinking of making a buying decision!


    Take your point overall, BUT for the many seasoned campaigners on here they will approach things as i suggest above.


    Anyone else had an out of the blue mail shot from a Michael Fitzpatrick offering to ‘Make you a guaranteed £39, 000 over rest of summer from information costing just £99 for the whole season (Reduced from the ‘normal’ £350) OH REALLY COMMON , GET REAL!! He claims 78% Winners (26 from 34) and the average price is a shade over 3/1)





  286. Alex M says:

    Apart from the above , where the hell do those unsolicited emails , that flood our mailboxes come from ? Every ruddy website you subscribe to , promises NOT to divulge your email to others. Promises, promises. But I think I know the ( partial ) answer.
    Its the worthless websites you UNSUBSCRIBE to that have a hand in this. When you unsubscribe , then they don’t feel obliged to keep “the Secret” and try to come back into
    your back door via their “affiliates”

  287. Peter2 says:

    Hi Alex
    This problem is unlikely to go away but I am aware from a former life that if you report emails received as spam to your ISP and this happens often enough the reputable email service providers will decline to take business from these people. The senders will always find another way but at least you are making them work a bit harder. You will probably have noted that the majority of emails at the moment come from 1 particular email house and I have drawn a conclusion that they must be less demanding in their requirements than others.

  288. bluefingers says:

    Slightly off track, but there is a horse running today that has a very good chance of winning (that doesn’t mean rush out and back it), it is called Sajjhaa and it is running in the 7.30 at York.
    Everything points to it being a strong contender, and it has Dettori in the saddle too.
    In the DM, it is picked by both tipsters, it is highest rated by Formcast, who is a private handicapper, the odds compiler has it as favourite and there are only 7 runners in the race. Lets see what happens.

  289. bluefingers says:

    On topic, how has Tyler done this week?

  290. Alex M says:

    Hi Peter2

    Thanks for that , but I was not talking about
    something that could be linked to MMR.
    Just a general rant , but indeed mostly there about making “millions in three minutes” or something in that vein, just like John U was saying. I bet that that sort will be the death of internet as we know it today.

  291. johnU says:

    Alex M, and everyone


    There’s an even more serious threat to the net than that! I can’t say who they are on here but there is a very prominent UK politician and another from the US who are tasked with ‘policing and controlling’ the net – which me is all about ‘freedom of speech’.By whom are they tasked ?

    I wouldn’t normally get ‘political’ but this affects ALL OF US! Some people won’t believe it but you need to bear in mind the following;
    1. 96 % of the World’s Media is owned by about 8 families. (Any recent Media issues anyone can think of that have got a bit sparky just lately?)
    2. The people you think run the Governments of the world don’t. If in doubt Google search the word ‘Bilderberger’ and you will see who really does. (Bilderberg was the Luxurious Hotel they held their first secret meeting in Holland – 1954) They just held there annual meeting in Switzerland (it geys moved around the world each year)and they have done so since 1954. No minutes are ever recorded and its all top secret. Top people attending will deny they have and you will find they include the most influential people from all over the world – Bankers, Politicians,Industrialists, Royalty, Heads of Mega Companies, The Media. Start delving and you will be ‘Gob – smacked’.
    3.THEY don’t want the ordinary ‘guys and gals’ to have all this ‘freedom’ of the Internet and it’s their intention to severely control it.

    There’s much more to it than this. It affects every facet of our lives and if you think in simple terms – if you can control Money (Banks), the Media (what you WANT people to see and hear) Wars – yes EVERY single one is deliberately orchestrated to make money from the gigantic Weapons manufacture! Health – Multi £££Billion Pharmaceutical industry – that’s why ‘Natural Health’ products are being ‘outlawed’.And – Oil! Ever wondered which country would have been declared war against if Zimbabwe had been ‘oil rich’ instead of Iraq!

    There are far more learned people than i who are writing about this and yes it is conspiritorial’ BUT if in a year or two you find the ‘Net severely curtailed and controlled, don’t say you were not warned. And for those of us who, like me Trade the Currencies, ALLEGEDLY the Dollar is on its way out and when the North American Union (comprising USA, Canada and Mexico) – yes just like the European Union, is formed the currency will be the ‘Amero’.

  292. MIB says:

    Another winning day. I don’t know how Tyler does it but I get more and more impressed by the day.

  293. Patrick2e says:

    two very good winners this evening 🙂

  294. Catherine says:

    Hi MIB, can you tell me more about this, have read some of the reviews and they seem pretty good. I’m doing Bonus Bagging at the mo but want something else I can do alongside it. Funds are tight though and I wondered how much I’d need to get started if I could do it on a really low budget? And, can I really join because Tyler only takes 50 people at a time? Any tips you have would be much appreciated as am looking for another income stream that works and is reliable, thanks v much 🙂

  295. Poker Pro says:

    Love that 12/1 winner . Woohooo . I’m lovin it .

  296. Catherine says:

    This service sounds super, can’t wait to hear more 🙂

  297. OFC says:

    Catherine, according to his website, he only has 6 places left at £200 a month and you have to email him for details. Cheers.


  298. Dick Turpin says:

    Anyone who sends Tyler money before seeing a longer track record and more contact details need their head seeing to.

    Seriously, even those nice chaps in Nigeria provide more contact details.

  299. Alex M says:

    @Dick Turpin.

    I had my head examined yesterday, Dick Turpin.
    They said all was okay.


  300. Catherine says:

    Thanks OFC, appreciate that, I’ll send him an email 🙂

  301. Catherine says:

    Hi OFC, do you have to pay him £200 every month 🙁

  302. Catherine says:

    I’ve emailed him just now anyway so I’ll see what he says 🙂

  303. paulH says:

    ive looked at joining as well, going by tyler saying that you can start off small, £100 bank as it will doubled every two months, however if after 2 months my bank is £200 and i join now at subscription fee of £200 per month, then after 2 months i would be £200 down, is that correct?

  304. MIB says:

    paulH, originally the cost of subscription was £50 a month for two months, then £100 a month for two months, and finally an ongoing cost of £200 a month. This gave subscribers time to build their bank before the increase in the monthly fee.

    After quickly enlisting 40 members (with a maximum of 50) he changed the subscription to £200 a month for the remaining 10 subscribers. So starting with a bank of £200 would have been possible with the original cost of subscription but not now.

    All this depends on profits continuing to accrue at 50 points a month.

    I don’t know how many members he has now but I read above that Catherine has emailed Tyler to find out what the situation is.

  305. Catherine says:

    Hi Everyone, just wanted to give you an update…I’ve had a reply from Tyler and he’s got 4 places left and it will cost £200 a month now. Unfortunately I cannot afford this at the mo 🙁 but hopefully in the near future if he has any places left, I will be in there! 😀

  306. paulH says:

    @ mib,

    just emailed tyler and got my reply, working on above calculations would have left me down, however tyler does suggest a starting bank of at least £300 or £500 to cover the new increases, as he mentioned,
    Also, consider in the next two months you would win £600 at the cost of £400 (again, very worst case scenario), the following two months £1200 at the cost of £400, then £2400 at the cost of £400 etc.
    so looks better in the later months, obviously sustaining the same points.

  307. paulH says:

    may i email you?

  308. OFC says:

    Don’t know if this is of interest to anyone.

    It has been mentioned that the only true test is to claim results to Starting Price.

    Well using MMR Reviewers spreadsheet as a base, backing 1 point to win only and no forecasts or doubles, I make it that you would have done 216 bets and got a return of 250.75 points. So a profit on investment of over 16%. A bank of £1,000 would earn you at £10 a bet, £347 or therabouts, for the month 19 June to 17 July.

    Still a profit but not anywhere near as much as taking best price as soon as you get the selections.


  309. MIB says:

    There are very few tipping services that record results to SP. Whoever suggested that clearly has very little experience with the world of horse racing. The fact that Tyler’s selections still show a profit when recorded at SP just emphasises how well he analyses the markets.

    I assume you are pointing out that Tyler enables subscribers to make an excellent return on capital invested. Unless you know of a bank or building society that pays interest at more than 16% a month?

  310. elizabeth cuinnea says:

    cathrine im thinking of starting this how do i set up the bookies im knew to all this i tried to set up a ig account and got refused

  311. paulH says:

    well said MIB, i cant get that return and if the bank is still doubling then thats an added bonus.

  312. Peter2 says:

    Elizabeth – start with Bonus Bagging as that will increase your bank with the free offers.
    MIB – I know you find my comments boring but well said above.

  313. elizabeth cuinnea says:

    thanks peter2 is bonus bagging easy to do

  314. Alex M says:

    Is Bonus Bagging easy to do ?
    Depends who you are.
    But when you find it NOT easy to do , Mike will guide you , and his instructions are clear.

  315. Catherine says:

    HI Elizabeth, you’ll be fine, seriously, just join Mike and he’ll give you all the guidance you need 🙂

  316. Alex M says:

    No Sundays ?
    I can already hear a distant rumbling coming on!!

  317. David Greet says:

    Yes, I agree. Unfortunately I chose to bet on yesterdays selections after paper trading for a week due to lack of confidence.
    And once again I did not get the email for the 12/1 winner on Friday. Thats twice now. Did everybody else get that selection?

  318. Alex M says:

    @David Greet

    There was no 12/1 winner Friday.
    3.15. Sofilia 6/1 was the only Friday winner.

  319. Paul says:

    8.55 Chepstow.
    Blazing Buck won at 12/1

    Led from the front, the rest is history Alex.

    It was on the Friday evening selections.

  320. Alex M says:

    I really must be slowly turning blind.
    You’re so right Paul , Blazing Buck it was.

    @David Greet , please accept my appology ,
    I was wrong.
    Blazing Buck was there , among the other selections , no separate email.

  321. MIB says:

    I’ve no problem with Tyler leaving the Sunday selections. If he decided that only two days a week were the most productive I would be more than happy with that as well.

    The Sunday results have been dire and so why should there be any problem with giving it a miss? The profit at the end of the week is all that matters.

  322. Paul says:

    Liked the 2 point winner today at 3/1 happy days.

  323. gedd says:

    Is anyone staking in the region of say £50 on Tylers bets and if so, have you had any problems with bookies? I know larger stakes will make them sit up and take notice and they hate ‘value’ betting. Surely someone will have there account(s) closed or restricted at some point? Is there a way round this?

  324. MIB says:

    gedd, it’s certainly something to consider, and I raised that point early in the thread on July 12th. If you scroll back up you can see the replies etc.

  325. Paul says:

    Its not a problem unless you walk into the same bookmaker everyday.
    Betfred were still taking my mates football bets at 5-10k a time.
    If any of you listen to talk sport, Betfred came on the radio and said they had just paid out £228000 on a football bet in Southampton.

    He cant get bets on in Ladbrokes anymore, but has runners puttingbets on for him, also they write the slips out as well, as they notice when my friend had written them out as well.

  326. sparky says:

    i got an email off tyler late last week re the monthly subs

    now can someone correct me here but i remember the original deal was £50 for the first 6 months which then doubled to £100 for the next 6 months and so on

    am i right or am i imagining it as its now doubling every 2 months (up to £200 )

  327. Paul says:

    No first 2 months £50 then next 2 £100 then it goes to £200.

  328. gedd says:

    Thanks MIB. I see it now.


    Wow! £5-£10k a time? Is there something about football bets that bookies prefer over horse racing? Kudos to your mate.

  329. OFC says:

    @gedd – Barry Dennis [ of Channel 4 Bismark fame ] seems to have retired from on course bookmaking and has a website where he would appear to be inviting punters large and small to open a telephone account with him.


    gedd says:
    July 25, 2011 at 4:11 pm
    Is anyone staking in the region of say £50 on Tylers bets and if so, have you had any problems with bookies?

    Cheers 🙂

  330. Maynard says:

    Hi Gedd

    If you use Betfair you’ll never get your account closed for winning too much.

  331. gedd says:


    Thanks for that info. I heard that Centrebet and Canbet are supposed to like high rollers as well,and they payout all bets slightly over SP, though that would not suit this type of service though. Regards.

  332. gedd says:


    Thats true. But you may not always get the ‘value’ price on Betfair as they have a more efficient market.

  333. lorraine says:

    Hi Sparky, you are correct that was the original
    deal and you are not imagining it.

  334. sparky says:

    Thanks lorraine i thought so- i signed up before he changed it and before he started commenting on here

  335. MIB says:

    Hi lorraine, where did it say the payment didn’t change for 6 months. I never read that anywhere. The point of the increase was that Tyler’s aim is to double your bank every two months, hence the double cost per month.

  336. sparky says:

    MIB- on here when it was first getting reviewed and on his site

  337. MIB says:

    Sparky, I remember checking out the cost of subscription back at the beginning of July when you were posting on this thread and it was definitely 50 for two months etc at that time. You must have got it mixed up with another tipping service. There’s so many around at the moment.

  338. Monkbar says:

    I spoke to Tyler over the weekend and the cost is £200 per month and he also said that current users would have their costs increased too to that level to keep demand down to 50. Shame because I wanted to try it out but that’s too steep a cost if you are starting with a small betting account

  339. Lorraine says:

    It was 50 a month for 6 months then 100 for 6 months so forth.
    I signed up with tyler on the 8th of july on the basis of that, then he changed it the day
    after, i emailed him about it,its correct, i suspect he changed it because of the interest he got, greed springs to mind, but thats my personal opinion.

  340. Catherine says:

    Tyler offered to let me have the service for the first month for £100 and then £200 a month afterwards, I thought that was very good but I emailed him back later saying my funds are tight and I would have to leave it for the moment to which he responded with an email with details of how I could pay!!! If it’s a full service and he can only take so many people, how come he was offering it to me for £100! It sounds a bit desperate to me and to be honest, it simply put me off the whole thing particularly when he sent me an email giving me details of how I could pay after I’d told him I was unable to do it at the mo, I wasn’t impressed and neither was a friend of mine when I told him 🙁 (Catherine, shortly to be known as Frogsrock66 on here due to the site changing)

  341. Craig says:

    Catherine – Did Tyler give you any clue at any stage who he is or where he is? I don’t think any talk of limited numbers is of any credibility anyway while he’s anonymous. For all you know he could be sending the same tips out as Fred Bloggs Tipping or John Smith Racing or whatever. I think you’re probably wise to hold on to your money.

  342. MIB says:

    Monkbar, the existing subscribers will eventually pay £200 a month but not yet. They will pay the agreed £50 a month for two months, then £100 a month for 2 months etc.

    It’s only the new subscribers that he is looking to charge £200 a month from the start not existing subscribers.

    To be honest Catherine it would probably be best if you didn’t subscribe because you need a reasonable amount in your betting bank to start with. I wouldn’t take too much notice of Craig though. He doesn’t seem to have any experience with betting on horses and so is posting nonsense.

    I’ve emailed Tyler for clarification on the situation but if your struggling to pay the monthly fee then you probably won’t have any money for a betting bank.

  343. Catherine says:

    Hi Craig, no, he didn’t reveal who he was or where he is in any way, shape or form :(. He did email me today though to say he sent me the previous email by mistake (this was the one asking me for money after I’d said I couldn’t afford it), I agree with you, I don’t feel warm & snuggly about this one at all and will be leaving it well alone. You don’t want a person to be anonymous, it’s good to see the person behind the system, at least it helps to instill some faith but I don’t like the fact that it’s so expensive either 🙁

  344. Catherine says:

    Hi MIB, just saw your message now, yep I’m going to leave the system alone for now, I think you need a betting bank of at least £1000, R U doing well from it? It would be good to know more about Tyler also though 🙂

  345. I BET says:

    Catherine no one tells you about the results!! Has been asked numerous times on this thread before. They tell you about the odd winner but with such a high volume of bets you need those to compensate the losers!! And when they do tell you about a winner they claim it to early morning prices, think the last one was claimed to be a 12/1 winner but returned at 17/2 SP so a smaller price by 3.5pts or nearly 30% shorter at SP than ‘advised’ prices, probably the difference between winning and losing in the long run.

    I would imagine that this Tyler Jordan character has emailed the subscribers and told them not to post results on here, probably with a threat to kick them off the service if they do. Thats all very well when people are winning or holding their own but I am sure we will see a barrage of discontent if people do start losing over the space of another month or so or the promised of better results does not materialise. We shall see, like you I remain very doubtful about the long term profitability of this service but view it with an open mind and a closed wallet!!! 😉

  346. MIB says:

    Hi I BET, you have a wonderful imagination. Why would Tyler email his subscribers to tell them not to post results? You sound like someone who thinks he might be missing out on a good thing. You sound a bit bitter and twisted old boy.

    Catherine is well aware of my contributions to this site and knows that I only post messages to help those looking at money making opportunities. I warn people if something is to be avoided if I find out it’s no good or it’s a con.

    You are just posting without any experience of the service and with all due respect what you have written is a load of tosh. If you want to help people then write when you have experience of a service, because what you have written above is just a fantasy. You won’t gain any respect posting nonsense like that.

  347. Jules says:

    I agree with you IBet. Why are MIB and others only mentioning the odd high priced winner?? Very good question indeed. Clearly they are in cahoots with Jordan which makes the whole thing VERY SUSPECT. Now come on MIB, insult me as well to protect your master.

  348. MIB says:

    I haven’t insulted any one Jules. If your a masochist looking for a cheap thrill then I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place.

    You both appear to be conspiracy theorists. It’s quite the fashionable thing these days. It’s because you watch too many movies and television. You need to get out more and see the real world.

    I find it amusing that you can both get so upset because results aren’t published. You need to calm down and move on. You both seem VERY SUSPECT.

    Now MMR has asked contributors to choose a user name I wouldn’t be surprised if “I BET” was CB. The post is very like his style. I wonder if you are another regular “Jules”. Is that short for Julie?

    Good luck with finding a job chaps. Cheerio.

  349. I BET says:

    MIB please post up all the selections and results from the 18th July onwards then? Why don’t you? Why have you ignored repeated requests to? What have you got to hide? You are always ‘fighting the corner’ for this service but all you do is come on here and slag anyone off who asks questions which people want answering,(which is the whole point of this site is it not!!!)

    SO COME ON POST UP ALL THE SELECTIONS AND RESULTS FROM THE 18TH JULY ONWARDS and update the selections and results after racing every day going forward, this will provide openess and clarity and will give people an idea if this service is for them or not.


  350. Jules says:

    Very good MIB. You are the one getting so upset. In fact I have never seen a subscriber of a service get so angry and defensive if someone questions or criticises it. You are obviously a Yes-Man sonny and I like the way you went from supporting Jack at the beginning of the thread to criticising him towards the end. Did Mr Jordan give you a pat on the back for that?
    P.S. Tell us all about the latest 20-1 winner, pleeeze MIB.

  351. MIB says:

    There is a review of the service at the top of this thread by MMR Reviewer along with a spreadsheet of results. MMR Reviewer is continuing to record results for another two months.

    Doesn’t sound like Tyler is trying to hide anything. Unless you are accusing MMR Reviewer of being another conspirator.

    I’ve got to go and spend some of my winnings now so I’ll leave you two to carry on getting your knickers in a twist. It’s funny how losers in life always want to find someone to blame when all they need to do is look in the mirror.


  352. Jules says:

    I will too leave it at that and your failure to publish the latest results lead me to believe that this service is now running at a loss. I look forward to seeing the updates from the MMR reviewer.

  353. paulH says:

    well i can post freely as i am no mans yes man, signed up yesterday evening and was giving the evening selections, had 2 winners but overall i ended up about 2 points down, as for today it hasnt worked out well either so far 10 selections so far with only 3 winners at time of writing, with 3 still to go.

  354. Jules says:

    Thank you PaulH for the update. It would be helpful to all if you could update interested readers periodically.
    Cheers for that.

  355. MIB says:

    paulH, who do you regard as a “yes man” ?. I think that MMR Reviewer is completely impartial and deserves thanks for his unpaid work.

    It’s good to see another subscriber who believes in Tyler enough to pay the monthly fee. You must be paying £200 a month if you have just joined so you don’t appear to regard the service as a fraud as some others do.

    I don’t understand why the other two want updates when they have no intention of joining. Very strange.

  356. rassman says:

    mib, i wasnt meaning you, i was stating that i had freedom of speech and responding to the accusations that we as subscribers were told to hold our tongue, not paying full amount at moment but you must agree that today has been a poor day, last horse wasnt even in the frame?

  357. Jules says:

    MIB, how do you know that I have no intention of joining? I thought you were off to spend your winnings or have you just realised you haven’t any.

  358. Jules says:

    Thanks Rassman for your honest assessment. Not a great day at the office and not paying the full subscription yet. Good luck for tomorrow.

  359. MIB says:

    It’s not been one of Tyler’s better days, but because of the odds of the selections you only need a couple to do the business and it turns around very quickly. I see your new user name is rassman instead of paulH. Good luck with the 8.25.

  360. MIB says:

    Hello again, Jules. I make my living betting on the horses, this service is just an add on to my other investments old boy.

    Of course you have no intention of joining. You’re all mouth and no trousers. Toodle pip.

  361. Jules says:

    Judging by this service you need other investments so well done for that. I may still join if the price keeps dropping.

  362. MIB says:

    Oh I see we have a clown posting using my name. of course, that’s why Jack has had to make the forum more secure to try and get rid of those sad losers who have a school playground mentality.

    Dear oh dear. It’s past your bed time.

  363. rassman says:

    i bet, why do you need the exact results, i have gave my assessment of today, dont understand why you need every exact result posted?

  364. rassman says:

    good finish to the evening with a 1st and 2nd

  365. MIB says:

    I’ll be glad when Jack’s new measures take effect and then we will know who’s posting. Tonight has been very confusing with someone using names that aren’t theirs.

  366. I BET says:

    Obviously some clown is posting as myself as they have for MIB and rassman I guess.

    Pleased that paulH has broken the wall of silence and hope he continues to post results.

    If people are going to try and impersonate others then this whole website becomes a joke. Sort it out Jack otherwise this site ain’t going anywhere.

  367. OFC says:

    rassman says:
    July 26, 2011 at 7:30 pm
    good finish to the evening with a 1st and 2nd

    Did he tip the forecast?

  368. MIB says:

    I BET, have you received an email from Jack this week? He’s making the site more secure by everyone having to register a user name unique to them and then in future it will be impossible for someone to post in different names.

    I think he only wrote to regular contributors first and then he’s going to take it forward from tomorrow.

  369. rassman says:

    i am paulH, i decided to login using my new proper screen name that will begin from aug1, THAT way everybody will begin to know who i am.

    @ OFC, no i posted after the race, i think someone mentioned before that the time setting for this site are -1 gmt, might be wrong but i can see where the confusion rose.

  370. MIB says:

    This site is turning in to a complete joke with people posting messages in other users names. If Jack cannot get a grip then this site will be completely pointless and untrustworthy. You will not be able to believe anything that you read. It’s a great shame that some idiots ruin it for the genuine users of the site.

    It’s already annoying enough with idiots posting stupid questions and comments.

  371. pipsqueak says:

    Give it a chance MIB. It’ll settle down. My new screen name is pipsqueak, but I’ll still sign off my comments with my proper name, so you can take my comments as they come – (if you want). Hopefully everyone else will do the same so we can still see old friends here. At least the new system will stop the multiple name crowd and maybe deter the libellers and insulters. Never seen the need for that sort of thing, myself, but it seems to make some people feel better.

    Best regards everyone.


  372. Catherine says:

    Just wanted to say again I’m now Frogsrock66 but will also put my name at the of my messages so you know it’s me 🙂

  373. Catherine says:

    MIB, it’s me that posted the message about, what is the problem you are suddenly having with me on here, I thought you were one of the more helpful folk on this site but you seem to be having a good old snipe at me today so please stop and let us all try to get on, that is all I want. My username is no concern of yours or anyone else’s for that matter, what I choose to use is my business and if Jack has any concerns and asks me to change it, then that is a different matter. I do not spend my time worrying about what other people think of me, that”s not my business and I lead far too busy a life to be bothered. I come on here to chat and find out about new opportunities, that is all I want and I had found you very helpful up to now! 🙁

  374. Jack Whiteman says:

    Catherine – there was a fake MIB on here for about 5 minutes and managed to post the comment about your username. However that post has now been deleted and that poster has now been removed from the site.

    I will also remove your comment saying “i’m not worried…” so that the situation doesn’t get confusing.

    Please can I remind EVERYONE that you must only post under your own username. Anyone found impersonating anyone else will be banned from site immediatley.


  375. Jules says:

    Well said Jack, now let’s get back to the results. That is what interests most on this thread. How has today been Paul?

  376. MIB says:

    All the selections have not run Jules.

  377. Catherine says:

    Hi Jack, thanks very much for that, it’s a relief. This is a really silly question but I can’t log out of the MMR site to log in under my new username (Frogsrock66) because every time I come on here, I seem to be automatically logged in under Catherine, how do I start using my new name? I should have known that wasn’t MIB, he has never behaved like that before – am delighted that has been sorted. It’s good to know we can come on here for a chat and connect with decent, like minded people, this site has been a blessing for me along with the folk I’ve come to know on here so thank you 🙂

  378. MIB says:

    Good evening, Catherine. Hopefully we can get back to our normal friendly exchanges now. I think that from Monday it will be impossible for anyone to play silly games with the posts and use other names.

    Sorry that it caused you some upset and, of course you’re right, I wouldn’t post messages to upset you. Far from it. Anyway, onwards and upwards as they say.

  379. Patrick2e says:

    Nice 5pts profit for the day 🙂

  380. MIB says:

    Hi Patrick2e, I’ve emailed Tyler because he has stated a profit of 2.75 points for the place of Valencha. But at odds of 15/2 that gives a profit of +.875 of a point.

    Also he records a profit of 6.8 points for the reverse forecast which I think should be 6.3 points.

    This makes the profit for the day about 2.625points rather than 5 points.

    What are your calculations Patrick?

  381. MIB says:

    Hi Patrick, I pointed out Tyler’s errorin my email to him and now he’s sent everyone another email and still got it wrong. He makes it a 1.75 point profit for Valencha. He’s forgetting to take of the stake when calculating the profit. He must have had a couple of drinks lol

  382. MIB says:

    MMR Reviewer, did you find many instances of Tyler getting his calculations wrong when you were compiling the spreadsheet? It’s a bit disconcerting that he’s wrongly calculating the profit for today’s bets. I was wondering if you double checked everything when you’re recording the results. He’s obviously not thinking straight tonight lol I have days like that.

  383. rassman says:

    absolute disaster for me today, was using mobile phone for my betting during the day, and must have mis-read the email when it came trhough, i bet outright and tyler said go E/w also missed the reverse forcast that came in at 14.6, so everybody went profit i went loss, i am down personally 17 points this week so far and only started on momnday evening, my own fault on 2 bets and a lack of knowledge on another 1.

  384. MIB says:

    Hi rassman, sounds like your having a nightmare of a week. The reverse forecast paid out £73 for a £5 reverse forecast bet. So equivalent to a profit of 6.3 points profit betting £10 a point.

    I’m still waiting for Tyler to confirm he got the profit for the day wrong due to the place profit on Valencha but had no reply yet.

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

  385. john says:

    Hi Patrick
    Re check the return on the 5.30 race they are wrong should be between 3 to 4pts max depending on your odds returned
    All the best

  386. MIB says:

    Good morning, John. That’s right as regards the returns but you need to take off your stake to get the amount of points profit. I couldn’t get the 15/2 Tyler quoted, I only got 7/1. For a place you get a quarter of the odds so 1.75. For £10 a point the returns would be £27.50. You then need to take away your stake of £20 which leaves you with a profit on the race of .75 of a point. Not 1.75.

    I don’t understand why there is such confusion. But obviously important that any profit is calculated properly as I’m sure you would agree.


  387. MIB says:

    By the way, John, my profit was only 2.175 points for the day. It’s not always easy to get the same odds as Tyler quotes.

  388. Craig says:

    Been following this with interest following my earlier comments, and seen nothing to change my mind -only raise further suspicion. Typical of these sort of services really. No unequivocal long term results, just odd snippets posted by Tyler’s champions. Let’s face it, the amount of bets he’s putting out, you’d find it hard to avoid hitting a few winners. Time will tell, but I’m confident this will go the same way as all the rest – pull in a pile of subscriptions on the back of the hype, ride it out and then disappear and re-emerge as the next new wonder-kid. Not difficult when nobody knows who you are in the first place. Glad to see people like Catherine have seen through this. Only a few places left (if you believe that) so not too many more lambs to the slaughter. Hopefully none from here.

  389. maxreturns says:

    Enjoyed the reverse forecast yesterday. I didn’t know what a reverse forecast was so emailed Tyler, he helped me out very quickly and then it came in with a healthy profit! Nice!

  390. Thing is Craigy boy, you have no real grounds to comment any further on the service unless you actually sign up to it.

    You’ve made your points, some of them valid, and that’s that. Describing those that have signed up as Tyler’s champions rather sounds to me like you’re clutching at straws, upset by the fact that actual members aren’t criticising him.

  391. MIB says:

    Hi Maxreturns, the reverse forecasts give a great profit when they come in. Looking forward to today’s selections, there’s been a lot of near misses recently and if only a couple of those get first instead of just places it will make a big difference. It’s a shame I joined just at the start of an unlucky run and I’m still in a minus situation at present. But when I see how well the selections run it’s only a matter of time before a good day turns things around.

  392. MIB says:

    Good morning, Matt. It’s a shame that Craig can’t just leave it and wait for the results to come in over the coming weeks and months. All he’s doing now is being provocative and insulting and I’m not going to get drawn in to an argument with him.

    By the way I enjoy your news letter “Betting Rant” Matt.

  393. Craig says:

    Matt – Sorry but you’re wrong. I don’t have to sign up to something which I know is operating illegally before I can comment on it. The ones clutching at straws are the members who are desperately clinging on and hoping that things will turn around and show a long term profit. Great if they do, but they should be very clear about this – if this service proves (as I believe it will) to be a long term failure, they will have no idea who had it away with their money, or who to avoid when the next ‘great white hope’ of a tipster is launched with a fanfare.

    I just don’t understand people who’ve signed up to this getting upset with me for pointing out a few home truths. I know nobody wants to think they’ve been had for a mug, but they shouldn’t worry. My opinion expressed here will have no effect on whether they make money or not. It might influence someone who’s considering joining, but if current memmbers have no vested interest in ‘Tyler’ that won’t affect them at all.

  394. maxreturns says:

    Hi MIB, we must have joined about the same time, 13th July for me. Never placed a horse bet in my life but very encouraged by what I have seen. As you say, even when they don’t come in they are often only a place or two out.

  395. My point is Craig that they are not desperately clinging on and hoping that things turn around (the results are good, just take a look at the spreadsheet) but rather, I believe that you are desperately clinging on and hoping that things turn around to a negative situation so that you can wave your arms and tell everybody that you told them so.

  396. Kevin FA says:

    Hi All,

    I have been following this thread with interest. I say interest, because what I am interested in is how this service performs, good or bad.

    Also of smaller interest are opinions of legality etc etc. Unfortunately interest begins to wain when the same point is banged on about like a broken record.

    Craig you have a valid point and you have expressed it. The fact that others disagree with it as is their right doesn’t mean you should keep repeating it ad infinitum hoping that will give your opinion more credibility.

    To the others who continually knock Craig down. His opinion is his and is therefore neither right nor wrong. Continually arguing against it will not cahnge it. If you don’t like what he is saying, just ignore it.

    Hopefully this thread will continue to deliver useful information so that anyone interested in Tyler’s service can make an informed decision as to whether it is for them, legal niceties or not.

    And I genuinely hope that people do not take any offence at what I have written as none is implied at all. This is just my opinion whether you agree with it or not.

  397. Craig says:

    Matt – No interest in saying I told you so. Just interested in stopping people waste their money by explaining what they’re signing up to. Glad you mentioned the spreadsheet. This service started to get hyped up on here around 6th July. I’d imagine that’s when most on here joined. The spreadsheet only runs until 17th July, so we don’t know what happened after that (although the vibes aren’t good.) Between 6th July and 17th July the service lost money – not much, but it lost money.

    Kevin FA – Apologies for reminding people about the illegality and anonymity issues surrounding this. However, this is a long thread and I don’t want the point to be lost to people coming to this new and hearing what a great chap Tyler is – chiefly, I have to say, from people hoping to justify their own decision to join him.

    As I said before, it doesn’t matter a jot to anyone who doesn’t have a vested interest in Tyler making money from the service what I think or say about it. It only affects people considering joining – and because there are only 4 places left (!) that’s just 4 people – isn’t it?

  398. I BET says:

    Matt Houghton says:
    July 28, 2011 at 10:48 am

    My point is Craig that they are not desperately clinging on and hoping that things turn around (the results are good, just take a look at the spreadsheet) but rather, I believe that you are desperately clinging on and hoping that things turn around to a negative situation so that you can wave your arms and tell everybody that you told them so.

    Matt are you sure you can 100% stand by the results in that spreadsheet above? I suggest you do a bit of research in to it before you start telling people to ‘take a look at it’!!!! I have already mentioned this in an email to you but received no reply.

  399. Jack Whiteman says:

    I Bet – we stand by our results spreadsheet on the review above and,as you can see from our post on 20th July at 9:57 we answered your queries.

    We check every single price from Tyler and record them as we could have placed them at the time the bets are received. This is what the service is about and there is no point in recording stats that are irrelevant.

    If you are unhappy about our results you are more than welcome to post your results on here, either on a day to day basis as comments or you can send me a spreadsheet which I can uplaod as a link for everyone to click on.


  400. I BET says:

    OK Jack well lets start with the first winner and maybe you can explain why the actual, or starting price is incorrect?

    For example the 1st winner on the spreadsheet is a horse called Another Kate and on the spread sheet it has an advised price of 15 and an actual price of 15. Now are these supposed to be decimal prices therefore 15 = 14/1 or are they actual prices so 15 = 15/1? Either way the starting price of that horse was 5/1!!! And it is showing an actual price of either 14/1 or 15/1 on the spreadsheet depending on whether you are displaying the prices in decimal format or not.

  401. I BET says:

    Lets go on to the 2nd winning bet on the spreadsheet a horse called Tot Of The Knar on the 21st June – Spreadsheet showing advised price 6 and actual price 5 – again not sure if that is 6/1 and 5/1 or if they are displayed as decimal so its 5/1 and 4/1 but either way the actual price of that horse was 7/2…..

  402. I BET says:

    Kielty’s Folly on the 22nd June – spreadsheet prices advised price 8 – actual price 8 but the actual returned price of the horse was 4/1!!! and so on and so forth – are you really 100% confident in this spreadsheet when just a quick look shows up these incorrect prices and therefore incoreect data and therefore not worth being posted up on here let alone to tell people to look at the spreadsheet to see how well this service has done!!!

    Am I the only one who sees these inconsistencies?

  403. I BET says:

    Must You Go on the 24th June – spreadsheet prices – advised 8, actual 7.5 but really the SP and therefore actual price was 4/1!!!!

  404. I BET says:

    Bradbury on the 27th June – apreadsheet prices – advised 7, actual 6.5 but low and behold the SP was 7/2!!!

  405. I BET says:

    Cuckney Bear on the 28th June – spreadsheet prices – advised 15, actual 6.5 but the SP was 4/1

  406. I BET says:

    Now I know that people are advised to take the prices and I accept that but the reviever has intentionally put in another column to show the actual price or SP price of the selection and these are the prices which are completely incorrect. That column either needs adjusting or deleting!!

  407. Jules says:

    Hi IBET, perhaps the reviewer is referring to the advised price and the price HE managed to get, not the SP. Just a thought.

  408. MMR Reviewer says:

    IBET – you are wasting everybody’s time. This is an extract from the review above
    “The odds I have quoted are those available at the time the bets are received which is the only relevant measure. It is obvious from the service website and subsequent advices on the thread that the tips are sent with the intention of being placed immediately because the prices offered are good value. Again if the reader cannot operate on that basis do not subscribe and don’t criticise what clearly works for others.”
    As Jules has readily appreciated also.

  409. Kevin FA says:

    Perhaps I Bet likes to place his bets after the race has run, guaranteeing 100% return on SP. Good system!

  410. rassman says:

    hi MIB,

    yeh looks like my night mare of a week continues, poor day so far, although if the last one had farted lust at the post it would have been a nice wee boost.

    If i can just answer some of the other posters, i am an adult and i feel i know what i am getting into, if i lose MY money so what, i would rather use my excess funds and try and improve my life than just piss it against the wall. If tyler goes he goes, i have asked Jack to try and do some more DD before a programme is listed, however DD is our own responsibility. I played the HYIPS and autosurf games when they were all the rage. Some I won and some I lost

    As for the prices, i currently only use one bookmaker via my internet phone, as soon as tylers email comes in i am onto them, but i dont get the same odds as tyler all the time, maybe a point less in some cases, but on others i get the same price, Tyler now also mentions in his email who is giving the best odds, but for ease once i am online i stick with same bookie, at evening i have the chance to look at best odds.

    current status for me is i am in the negative, if you have any serious questions i will answer them.

  411. MIB says:

    Hi rassman, yes, that last runner just about summed up things at the moment. Never mind on to the evening.

  412. I BET says:

    Jules says:
    July 28, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    Hi IBET, perhaps the reviewer is referring to the advised price and the price HE managed to get, not the SP. Just a thought.

    But look at some of the other results, the actual price taken by the MMR Reviewer is actually lower than the SP??!!! I would imagine that the Reviewer would take ‘best odds guaranteed’ and would therefore end up with a better price if the horse drifted to a bigger price from when he placed the bet to the returned price of the horse. But in some scenarios in the results you are seeing for example – advised price 10 – actual price 6 and the sp was 8 so was bigger??

  413. I BET says:

    rassman: how many bets, winners to losers and points have you won or lost so far?

  414. I BET says:

    and are you getting near the prices advised for the selections?

  415. rassman says:

    IBET as mentioned i my last post

    “As for the prices, i currently only use one bookmaker via my internet phone, as soon as tylers email comes in i am onto them, but i dont get the same odds as tyler all the time, maybe a point less in some cases, but on others i get the same price, Tyler now also mentions in his email who is giving the best odds, but for ease once i am online i stick with same bookie, at evening i have the chance to look at best odds.”

    i am down roughly 15 points at £2 per point but as i also mentioned yesterday i made a mistake on two bets, i went for WIN only and not E/W as tyler suggested and didnts do the reverse forecast due to my lack of knowledge. So my points loss would be less than i just stated.

  416. Amiliano says:

    People , please drop all the SP crap.
    Read what Tyler says about that.

    I quote :
    To confirm my thoughts on this, the mmr review has a ‘price advised’ column and an ‘actual price’ column and you can see there are slight differences, in both directions, but the mmr reviewer still placed bets at best odds he could and made substantial profit.

    I wouldn’t back at sp because the sp is usually very short compared to the lunchtime price.

    Thanks, Tyler.

    So , in light of the above , what is the use of further discussions about SP price ??
    Cheers , Alex

  417. Patrick2e says:

    @MIB @john
    Just catching up. Thanks for the heads up…what a game!! went back and checked results and got 5.43pts for the day.Messed up on first RF(didn’t do it) so put a bit more on second RF,had to go to skybet because I couldn’t find it on bet365 and betfair.Will pay more attention as it’s very tight at the moment so all these 0.25pts make a difference :-)that’s the trouble with using so many a/c’s

  418. Patrick2e says:

    Overall getting the prices Tyler is quoting.

  419. john says:

    Hi Patrick agree these small profits will make the differance at the moment started the 13th july and at present around 24pts down still quite hopeful this will turn around as the selections are running well and have just been touched off in the last few strides Thurs last race prime example our luck is just not in at present but it is the long term that counts
    Onward and upward
    all the best (highlander)

  420. Patrick2e says:

    @john agree I am 23.32pts down to be precise :-))

  421. Patrick2e says:

    @John @MIB
    Good idea to cross check our tallys just in case Tyler hits the bottle again 🙂 we seemed to have joined at the same time.

  422. maxreturns says:

    A lot of us joined around the 13th July it seems, I’m another!

  423. MIB says:

    Hi John, Patrick, Maxreturns, I joined about 10th and am just over 28 points down. Yesterday was a shocker. Haven’t had today’s email yet.

  424. Patrick2e says:

    Anybody get selections yet? time @ 13:38

  425. Craig says:

    So to summarise then:

    1. The service is being marketeted illegally.

    2. The person, or people, behind it are totally anonymous. Could be Colin Davey for all we know.

    3. Since it got hyped on here, it’s steadily lost money.

    Anyone smelling the same rat as me yet?

    To be honest – and I haven’t touched on this yet – I find it totally astounding that supposedly experienced gamblers on here have been taken in for a second by a service sending out 10+ bets a day. I don’t think ANYONE has EVER made money over the long haul with that number of bets.

    Just in case you’re in any doubt, I think you’d be crazy to send a penny to this person/people.

    Notice one or two vociferous members have gone a bit quieton this now . Maybe it’s the new login procedure!

  426. nige cole says:


    Sir, everything you have said is sensible and MOST likely true.
    People, please please I beg you all, listen to what Craig is saying.
    We all have a choice in life, granted,but this website is here to offer help and advice also.
    Tipsters, in the long term, DO NOT WORK, or CARE, period!

  427. MIB says:

    Hi Patrick, info came through at 1.39. Just after your message.

  428. zagger says:

    Hi All,
    If this service is being run by Colin Davey,in disguise, you’re all DOOMED!!

  429. Amiliano says:

    WOW zagger , what can I say ?
    I can only bow to your great wisdom !!


  430. MIB says:

    Hi Zagger, good to hear from you again. There’s no chance it’s Colin Davey. He is completely and utterly useless at picking horses lol

    I’ve been very impressed with Tyler. Very impressed indeed.

  431. Craig says:

    MIB – You’re impressed! Imagine how you’d feel if he was acually winning. Your fellow subscribers might even start getting some of the the monthly fee back. Still, I don’t reckon that’s an issue for you is it sir?

  432. whatreallyworks says:

    Hello, Just thought I’d throw my 2 pence worth in.

    I started on the 14th July with a test £200 pot. As it stands right now my pot is £119.79 (although I did miss a winning evening session of 9 points) so theoretically I should have £137.79

    Still 2 horses left to run for the afternoon session but it’s not looking good.

    Although the results have been getting worse Tyler is very helpful and seems like he does place the bets too.

    I’ve got 2 weeks left of my subscription so hopefully I will some improvement or it’ll be time to make a decision to stick 1 more month or quit. But a bit reluctant to throw good money after bad.

  433. I BET says:

    what happened to…. “the worst week we have ever had is a GAIN of 11pts”?????

    Guys betting 10+ horses a day is what people who live in the bookies chasing their money do, they maybe have a bet on the dogs or the virtual racing in order to pass the time also!!! There is nothing professional about that, finding 10+ over priced horses a day every day!! Absolute load of rubbish, I imagine the number of selections has increased as ‘Tyler’ has got more and more desperate to find winners!!

  434. MIB says:

    Patrick2e and John, did you see the one lose by a nostril again today, just after another got caught right on the line. When things are going right those go the other way. But that’s horse racing.

  435. patrick says:

    can anyone tell me who this geoffrey spicer is or whoe is epsom bloodstock agency?

  436. MIB says:

    Yes, I first came across him some 15 years ago. He’ll ask you to ring him on a Friday night or Saturday morning because he sometimes has “good information” due to his dealing in buying and selling horses.

    He used to advertise in the Mail on Sunday but I think he was banned due to not delivering his promise to make people £400 a week as he claimed.

    I didn’t make any money so haven’t used him since. Though, funnily enough he must have got my details in a mailing list because I got a couple of letters from him recently asking me to call him. Needless to say I didn’t. I hope that helps.

  437. highlander says:

    Hi All
    Bad day at the office around 15pt loss on the day and 22pts for the week and brings my loss to around 40pts also noticed one of the selections for the night races was withdrawn quite early on in the afternoon now off for a good stiff drink …

  438. Paul says:

    Agreed Highlander. I watched alot of the races the last few days, the killer was the last race of the day yesterday 12/1 lost by a nostril , i honestly thought we had that one.
    They seem to be out and out triers or lame ducks.

  439. morse says:

    i am a member of this service and not at all impressed it’s been making a loss for the last 2 weeks. There are a few things I don’t like firstly the bets he places he states you can get it at this price you can’t at any book maker he doesnt count his results at SP which most decent tipsters do. He said he makes on average 35 points a week then he said he makes 2 points a day which is it??. He is now trying reverse forecasting to get a winner today down 13 points stay clear another fraud.

  440. billkennedy1 says:

    I was considering putting up £200 as one of the last 3 places. Now it’s one of the last 10 places ?

  441. richie says:

    As others have said you can’t make money backing 10 horses a day. Not sure what’s gone on here, but reading this thread it doesn’t smell right. Looks like people have been led up the garden path. Not clear who by, but there are some obvious contenders.

  442. MIB says:

    richie, I don’t feel like I’ve been led up the garden path. The only “contenders” would be MMR Review and Jack Whiteman and I trust them to be straight with everyone. Why wouldn’t they be?

  443. richie says:

    No MIB, I don’t think you have been led up the garden path. That much is pretty clear.

  444. highlander says:

    Have only watched a couple of the races due to work but have noticed that the race commentator has mentioned that some off the selections were well backed in the morning but now on the drift and these selections were well beaten off course this does not help anyone as we are backing them as soon as the email arrives for the price but have a strange feeling some selections are being backed then layed off in the exchanges prior to the off i am referencing the drifters only the ones that hold there price seem to do well this is only my opinion over a short period only keep an eye on 5.15 Newm FULL SPEED

  445. MIB says:

    I appreciate your flattery richie. But I think that the others who post on here are just as familiar with the risks in backing horses as me and we have all gone into it with our eyes open. I have to say that because I trust the MMR Reviewer and Jack that helped me decide to give it a go. But it’s early days and so I’ll see how things pan out.

    But your concern is what makes this site so helpful. Let’s hope things improve and thanks for your comments.

  446. highlander says:


  447. MIB says:

    Well spotted Highlander. Did you back it?

  448. highlander says:

    Hi mib
    Yep also found a couple more made a nice profit which makes a change

  449. highlander says:

    we had a winner and loser today fortunate winner

  450. MIB says:

    I didn’t see the race Highlander, what was the fortune our winner had?

  451. highlander says:

    the fav would have won the race but broke down and
    left our selection out by himself he would have been placed at least winner is a winner we have had some unlucky results perhaps our luck is changing

  452. MIB says:

    We’ve had a lot of bad luck the last week or so. Hopefully the tides turned again.

  453. Juno and the Paycock says:

    I think this would be a good time to pull out of the service. It looks like it is heading for the sink 🙁

  454. Patrick2e says:

    Can you explain KER-CHING please 🙂

  455. Bluefingers says:


  456. Bluefingers says:

    Thats the sound of the cash register.

  457. highlander says:

    Hi Patrick
    Bluefinger is correct check out 4.0 N/abb KING OLAV

  458. MIB says:

    Highlander, you’ve done it again. Many thanks!

  459. highlander says:

    Hi MIB
    No problem thats me for the day

  460. rassman says:

    highlander what you doing? you laying against the selections now?

  461. Juno and the Paycock says:

    It would make sense to lay Tyler’s selections. The winning run has petered out unfortunately.

  462. highlander says:

    Hi All
    The selections mentioned are back bets same approach as tyler but selections filtered to reduce the amount of selections per day

  463. Patrick2e says:

    @bluefingers- mine is making a different sound 🙁 just wanted to know how it was relevant to highlander

    @highlander-your getting these selections earlier than Tyler ???? I missed your post in the morning, so what am I looking for?

  464. morse says:

    What morning post Patrick2e

  465. morse says:

    OK I have stopped betting on Tylers selections it is come quite clear you will blow your bank listening to a 26yr old who keeps going on about how this has never happened before blah blah. The thing is he is using our subscription money to fund his bets so he is quids in I wonder if he is paying tax on our subscriptions??. Anyway his machine gun approach of hitting everything on the hope 1 would win is not paying off. I wonder if you placed a bet on the 3rd horse in every race how many hits would you have per day ??

  466. Juno and the Paycock says:

    You can be sure that once this service collapses, another will take its place, and yet more punters will sign up. Profitable gamblers don’t need the hassle of selling their tips, because all they need to do to make more money is to compound their banks and all their profits are tax free.

  467. Craig says:

    Hopefully MIB has learned a valuable lesson from this. I think his bullish endorsement of this, without checking it out properly, has probably cost members a lot of money. He needs to understand that when you put your self forward as a ‘big hitter’ (I seem to remember £400+ bets being mentioned) people pay attention. This place is supposed to help people, and you don’t help them by talking up garbage like this, so they lose money they can’t afford.

  468. highlander says:

    Hi Patrick
    You are looking for market movers there is one


  469. morse says:

    Well said craig !! It is true to be perfectly why would anyone give their tips away if the are making the sums of money he states he does he states he doubles his bank every 2 weeks or so which is nearly £10000 for him REALLY!!!! so why have a tipping service because he wants to share the love 🙂 please everyone think before you part reviews are reviews and this review should be updated …………….

  470. MIB says:

    Thanks, Highlander.

  471. Patrick2e says:

    Thanks, Highlander.

  472. Les Moore says:

    It is very sad indeed when people are persuaded to subscribe to tipping services that turn out to be useless.

    Perhaps we should all use the phrase “cui bono?” (who benefits?),as they did many centuries ago in Rome.The same questions arise in all societies at different times.The hucksters,cheaters and con-men will never disappear from our midst.

    I lost £400+ last year when I subscribed to Handicap Gold run by Martin Blakey and promoted by Nick Laight.It was terrible.The only satisfaction I gained was that I knew the names of the guys who had relieved me of my cash.They will not be doing it again!

    Tipping services,betting systems,business opportunities are areas where you should proceed with the utmost caution.

    When all is said and done,the only thing we can do is to learn from our experience.

  473. Juno and the Paycock says:

    The lesson we learn from these reviews etc. is simple. Set up your own tipping service and collect the fees until the well runs dry. Then create a new name for yourself and do it again.
    Lovely Jubbley.

  474. MIB says:

    Highlander, you’re a star! 3 winners in a row! Many thanks.

  475. MIB says:

    We were very unlucky not to get the reverse forecast with Tyler.

  476. highlander says:

    Hi MIB
    Managed to pull most of my bank back had a hefty wedge on this one

  477. maxreturns says:

    Am very impressed too now Highlander, as MIB said, 3 in a row, what a start you are! Looking forward to tomorrow 😉

  478. maxreturns says:

    What a star even!

  479. Patrick2e says:

    KER-CHING to you….you got something going here.
    Well done 100% so far 🙂

  480. MIB says:

    What a fantastic winner from Tyler!!!

  481. Patrick2e says:

    Hi MIB
    Is that what they call a sure thing?

  482. MIB says:

    Hi Patrick2e, I think it is. It won so easily. Nice!

  483. MIB says:

    Not too bad today. I made 7.5points in the afternoon and 4.5 in the evening. A total of 12 points profit for the day. Well done, Tyler.

    Happy days.

  484. Patrick2e says:

    Hi MIB, I think it was highlanders KER-CHING that did

  485. Patrick2e says:

    Hi MIB, I think it was highlanders KER-CHING that did it

  486. MIB says:

    Hi Patrick2e, Highlander’s winner was on top of the Tyler results. So all in all a very good day. And summer weather as well. Wonderful!

  487. richie says:

    Right on MIB! Another 7 days like that and everyone will have their money back. Just the subscription to claw back then and everyone will be back where they started. Seems like you were right all along.

  488. PaulD says:

    As MIB said – well done Tyler.

    Funny how all the haters have gone quiet. LOL

  489. I BET says:

    Jesus – please just read the whole thread. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day!!! I have posted on here before as CB and I really wish you would take on board what people are saying about tipsters such as Tyler.


    Believe all the bulls**t you want to but please if there are any genuine subscribers on here then cancel your sub and try and recoup losses from somewhere else, theres no point in throwing good money after bad. Otherwise you are going to lose both ways, in subs to “Tyler” and betting the selections.

    This website seems happy to display what only can be described as “misleading results” for this service and when the tough gets going all the “supporters” of the service seem to go quiet!!!

    Subscribers do you realise that professional gamblers work on a profit margin of between 2% & 5%? This includes the syndicates playing the scoop 6 when it is a big pot etc etc… As much as you have been sold a good story this ‘road to riches’ simply isn’t there, if it was then why would he be bothered to sell it to you?

    We have all heard the excuses about not being able to get on etc etc and thats why they sell the tips but really in this lifetime that really isn’t a problem. Remember Pricewise from the Racingpost is profitable year on year at “Advised Prices” but no one ever gets on at these prices time and again. So Pricewise ‘sells’ his tips to x many more people than “Tyler” who only sells his tips to “50” people!!! Thats why “Tyler”‘s members should not suffer the same problems that the “Pricewise” followers have. But to be frank “Tyler” isn’t tipping the winners so really the price that you get on at is kind of irrelevent at the moment.

    I mentioned earlier in the thread when I was posting as “CB” that a 100 point betting bank was not enough for a 25% (or thereabouts) strike rate, and its not, and that is mathematically proven by a simple random number generator and excel!!!

    I am very dubious about a number of posters in this thread and their motives behind both the support and the slagging off of “Tyler” but all I say is just think about it for a minute….. If you were Tyler and was making so much money from betting your own selections would you be bothered to run a tipping service?

    Please just think about what you are doing, this site as far as I know is meant to be about preventing people from being ripped off and any ‘genuine’ information about these services is priceless. However I get the feeling that this trust as it were can be easily abused.


  490. I BET says:

    P.S. I would love Matt Houghton to explain to me how this service has made “100pts+” to SP on the above spreadsheet like he claimed on the 18th July.

    Matt I emailed you and warned you about this service but I am yet to receive a reply!!! I mean FFS sort it out for the sake of the future of this site if nothing else!!!

  491. Maynard says:

    I BET, a successful tipster sells his selections to make money for no effort. All the effort has gone into picking the horses for HIM to back. Afterwards he can email them to his clients. The only question for me is why a successful gambler WOULDN’T sell selections. No matter how much he makes from gambling, another thirty grand or whatever in subs won’t go amiss.

    Furthermore, gambling winnings go up and down, whereas subs are more steady. Finally, in order to make £30 grand a year from gambling, assuming 6% profit on turnover and all profits taken, you’d need a £500,000 bank. Who’s got half a million at their disposal?

  492. I BET says:

    If you have a £100 bank you can have turnover of £500,000 a year!!!! You are using the same £100 over and over again!!!!!!!!!

  493. gwynsue says:

    mib @patrick e, i missed the winner position o tuesday,but i cannot see where your 12 pts profit comes from i think yours and tylers maths are way out . i made 2.1 ponts on the day as follows:tues aft.NOW WHAT -1PT, VIVIANI -2PTS, DROP THE HAMMER -1PT, WIGRAMS TURN -1PT AND -2PTS ON REVERSE FORECAST TOTAL -7PTS. one winner NIGT TRADE@5-1 =5PTS LOST 2PTS .tues even. ABOVE LIMITS -1PT, TWIBAMA -1PT @2PTS ON REVERSE F.,SCRUFFY SKIP -2PTS BREGA QUEEN -2PTS CREAVELEA LASS -1PT =TOTAL -9PTS. 2 WINNERS AS FOLLOWS LAURAS BAIRN 7.6 PTS @DAEWITZA 5.5 PTS= 13.1 PTS ,PROFIT =4.1 PTS NET PROFIT for tues 2nd = 2.1 pts. please tell me where i am wrong thanks GWYN J


  494. Maynard says:

    I BET, if you have a £100 bank and use 2% per bet, you are betting two quid a time. You’d be dead several times over before you hit a turnover of £500,000 per year.

  495. Patrick2e says:

    @gwynsue, quick look viviani stake returned…haven’t done the totals yet.

  496. Jack Whiteman says:

    I BET – Our results spreadsheet is not misleading in the slightest.

    We have a column that lists the prices that were advised by Jordan, then next to that we have a column stating the price we managed to get on the bet at.

    As stated in the review above:

    “the odds I have quoted are those available at the time the bets are received which is the only relevant measure. It is obvious from the service website and subsequent advices on the thread that the tips are sent with the intention of being placed immediately because the prices offered are good value. Again if the reader cannot operate on that basis do not subscribe and don’t criticise what clearly works for others”.

    I can see you have a problem with the service and that it fine – you are entitled to your opinion. But just to reiterate we are not trying to mislead people are not pushing people to join the service – that is up to them and their risk to take.


  497. highlander says:

    Hi gywnsue
    There was an early email the selection ran at south 5.50 4pt win bet@2/1 which won looks like you may have missed this somehow….
    Mover today
    Bri 2.30 ALHAQUE

  498. I BET…

    I’ve distanced myself from this thread because, as you say, the motives of some of the posters on this site (mainly the ones slagging Tyler off as it happens) appear suspect and I don’t want to become embroiled in a row over a service that has nothing to do with me.

    However, I am more than happy to respond to any emails that you (or anybody else) sends me. To date, I have NOT recieved an email from you.

    For clarity, you can reach me at: bettingrant@agorapub.co.uk.

    And before I go, I’m more than happy to provide an explanation to your question –

    I never said it made 100+ points to SP!!

    I never mentioned SP because SP is a nonsense way to judge any tipping service, hence why it’s not the way that this one has been judged.

    It had however made 100+ points to advised prices (which is what I said) and despite a dip in form, is still around 100 points up to advised prices as far as I’m aware.


  499. I BET says:

    Matt this is what you said on the 18th July:

    “Firstly, even if all of the tips he has provided in this review period were recorded to SP, I’m pretty sure I’m right in saying that they will still have made over 100 points profit. Anybody that thinks that is a poor return from betting shouldn’t be betting and anyone that can’t take a losing run shouldn’t be betting, it’s as simple as that.”

    What were you suggesting by writing the above? To me it suggests that even at SP this service has still provided over 100 points profit!!!!! If you are not trying to mislead people then I suggest that this review is gone through very carefully and checked and double checked as I guess there are going to be some very unhapppy people around.

    Nevertheless what exactly did you mean with regards the profit to SP statement above because I feel that is very important that you explain yourself so everyone is clear about it.

  500. I BET says:

    Maynard – turnover figures in betting are meaningless – its the %age profit returned and the actual amount which matter. For example you could have a bot owner on an exchange with a bank of £1000 turning over £100,000 a day for a profit of £100 or you could have someone with the same £1000 bank placing 1 bet of £20 (2% of bank) a day and returning the same £100 – the bot owner has turned over £100k the person placing a single bet has turned over £20!!!!! but they still have the same actual profit in £ terms at the end of the day. By the number of bets this joker is having a day he has a very large turnover compared to other non automated professional gamblers that I know.

  501. I said “I’m pretty sure I’m right in saying” – I didn’t go over the results with a fine toothcomb because quite frankly, I don’t really care. The service isn’t my own and I’m not planning on promoting it.

    Maybe I wasn’t right about the profit to SP, if so I apologise but it’s irrelevant anyway.

    I trust the MMR reviewer and, as I’ve said, judging any tipster to SP is complete nonsense. All tipsters should be judged to the prices that are available when the tips are sent.

    Now if you want to send me an email I’ll talk further, if not I won’t. I’m pretty busy at the moment and don’t have time to have a debate on here with people that have already made their minds up.

  502. I BET says:

    Well I think your answer asks more questions than it answers. Who are these MMR Reviewers? Do you know who they are? If you “trust them” then you must know who they are…. But at the moment people on this site don’t know if the ‘MMR Reviewer’ is Tyler Jordan himself or you or any other alias. But if you “don’t care” about the accuracy of the results then whats the point in this site?

    Theres no point in resending the email as what has been discussed on here since I sent it has covered the issues raised already.

    From a personal point of view I do think this site is a breath of fresh air and think many of the contributers are honest and post interesting thought provoking information which is great. However it only takes a rogue review and someone to loose money and all the trust is broken. I am not having a go at you Jack but only asking questions which I think would make the site more open and transparent to newcomers. (which I guess is what you want) Because if ‘Tyler Jordan’ turns sour then a lot of other people are going to be doing their own investigations as to why a site that is meant to stop people losing money has been singing the praises of someone who has lost them money!!

  503. Amiliano says:

    I BET

    Are you now proposing that every reviewer who works for MMR must introduce himself to you ? ….so you “know” who you’re dealing
    with ? … otherwise you DONT trust their judgement , or their integrity ?
    I really wonder what you are doing on this website.
    Tell us ,I BET, who are YOU ?

    Alex M

  504. Bluefingers says:

    Stand by for a lengthy response!

  505. Amiliano says:

    @ Bluefingers
    Whatever he has to say , my response will NOT be lengthty , I promise !

  506. I BET says:

    Hold on I’m not the promoting a website that reviews money making services and advises whether they are worthwhile paying for or not!!! Now we have a case where a service has been amazingly profitable for a short time, received favourable reviews by an ‘independent’ person on this website and then failed once the subscription is nearly full!!! Come on someone has to accountable for this….. this is exactly what this website is meant to be for!!

    I mean is there 1 MMR Reviewer are there 100’s??? How do you become a Reviewer? Does Jack know them all personally? Its obviously very important as otherwise the site is open to abuse!!!!!

  507. I BET says:

    Amiliano theres no point in losing your rag just because this service isn’t delivering you just have to treat it as a lesson and move on. The frustrating thing is that people had their doubts about this and posted on here and they all got shot down in flames!!!

  508. gwynsue says:

    patrick e @highlander, yes i did miss the 4 pt winner at southwell and ifthe 2 pts returned for viviani are added still makes 8.1 overall thanks guys GWYN J

  509. Amiliano says:

    Jack Whiteman.

    Over to you again , this gentleman has questions
    that I cannot answer.

  510. Jack Whiteman says:

    The only person that can be held accountable if the service goes bad is Tyler Jordan. We haven’t actively promoted this service – all we have done is say it worked well in the trial period.

    There are a number of reviewers who work with me, and yes I know who they all are. They were subscirbers to the site who answered an email I sent out to everyone asking for help.

    If you want to become a reviewer then just drop me an email and we’ll get you started. You’ll have to be able to handle the endless criticism though if you give a product a good review and then it deteriorates! If you can handle that, then welcome aboard.

  511. Amiliano says:

    @I BET.

    Weather its me who is “loosing my rag” or someone else , I let the readers of the above posts let be the judge of that for themselves.

  512. Bluefingers says:

    I think, to be fair to Jack and the MMR reviewer, its been a case of ‘speak as you find’. The service performed well during the trial period, and that is what has been reported on the site.
    Ultimately we are all adults and we know that there is no long term guarantee with any tipster service or selection system. You pay your money and you take your chance. If anyone has lost money with any service then it is the responsibility of the individual.
    This site is of enormous value. Lets keep it professional please.
    I would like to offer my services if the opportunity arises to help out.

  513. greety says:

    I have to say I am about to instruct Paypal not to make the next payment. I’ll try anything once and yet again this service just has’nt performed.
    I wondered at the beginning how a 26 year old guy could build up a network of contacts in three years. And someone found his card in a bookies!! What sort of tipster has to promote himself through business cards?
    OK so Tylers has had his share of bad luck with a lot of close seconds. But unfortunately when you take peoples money you are then putting yourself under pressure to deliver results.
    I follow his emails and the results each day seem inconsistent. As to doubling his client’s bank every two months, I will be following this thread with interest.
    As Duncan Ballantyne would say. “I’m out!”

  514. MIB says:

    Another good afternoon. Now on to the evening. Well done Tyler! Actually I don’t think he reads this thread any more. Can’t blame him really.

    Your winning run ended today Highlander. So you can start another run of winners tomorrow. Hopefully.

  515. MIB says:

    greety, it’s Duncan Bannatyne by the way. Not Ballantyne.

  516. highlander says:

    Hi MIB
    Had to happen

  517. Juno and the Paycock says:

    When the service collapses within the next few weeks, then you will all have to pay off your credit cards over the next 18 months or so.

    It’s sad when you think what you could have bought for yourself for all the money you handed over to a stranger.

  518. MIB says:

    You should never use credit to bet on the horses. The 100point bank you were advised to start with should not be of any consequence if lost. The first rule of gambling.

  519. richie says:

    “Actually I don’t think he reads this thread any more” – MIB

    Now that is really, really amusing.

    Just so we’re all clear, are you one of the MMR reviewers Jack was talking about – the ones who answered his ad’? It would help put your comments in context.

  520. gwynsue says:

    mib are you getting the same tips as me, how can you say it was a good afternoon today this was tylers worst day ever ,2 winners from 13 bets, showing 19.5 pts loss. 8.5 in the aft. and 11 in the evening .how can you say ,well done tyler .are you having a laugh or what. give me a clue please GWYN J .

  521. MIB says:

    Before 6pm I had a profit of 4.9 points. That’s a good afternoon. This evening was dire. But that’s the way it goes. You need to keep accurate records of your bets Gwyn. Money management is crucial as in any form of business. My final tally was a loss of 10 points on the day.

  522. Patrick2e says:

    Hi MIB,only managed bets in the afternoon…to tired to check results…how was the day overall?

    Hello Highlander,unlucky but same as Tyler,you got it first. Tried to pick, but mine came third. Just wondering if a few of us did the same as you, would we get the same selections? what is the tolerence? I would prefer less selections but maybe a little more accuracy if possible. You got 3 out of 4 so far. Sorry if not horse racing lingo.

  523. Patrick2e says:

    Hi MIB,only managed bets in the afternoon…to tired to check results…how was the day overall?

  524. Patrick2e says:

    Hello Highlander,unlucky but same as Tyler,you got it first. Tried to pick, but mine came third. Just wondering if a few of us did the same as you, would we get the same selections? what is the tolerence? I would prefer less selections but maybe a little more accuracy if possible. You got 3 out of 4 so far. Sorry if not horse racing lingo.

  525. MIB says:

    Hi Patrick, you’re lucky to have missed the evening. Afternoon showed a profit of 4.9 points. Evening was not good. I ended with a loss of about 10 points on the day. Not the worst day Tyler’s had, but not good.

  526. Patrick2e says:

    Thanks MIB, maybe that’s the secret, miss 1/2 the day and make a profit…but which 1/2 ? lol

  527. Juno and the Paycock says:

    Well, not to worry, folks. At least the subscriptions are profitable every day for the service.

  528. Patrick2e says:

    Will have to do some more Bonus Bagging to top up the bank 🙂

  529. highlander says:

    Patrick had a look but there are quite a few non rnrs which does effect the market have found a couple today but will wait

  530. Craig says:

    Interesting that despite the increasingly obvious disaster that this service has become, MIB continues to remain positive – and also to ignore Richie’s question about whether he’s an MMR reviewer. It woukd certainly explain a lot if he was. Maybe Jack can tell us.

    Love Patrick2e’s assesment, “i would prefer less elections, but maybe a little more accuracy” Just the winners then, Patrick.

  531. Jack Whiteman says:

    Craig – MIB is not a reviewer for us. Our reviewer has posted on here several times on the thread above as MMR reviewer and has nothing to do with MIB.

  532. MIB says:

    Thank you, Jack. I don’t want to get involved in discussing anything with anybody who is just looking to libel or abuse others. You need to warn users about their comments as they can cause problems for this site. That would be a shame as it provides a good service when used properly.

    Many thanks, Jack.

  533. Patrick2e says:

    Hi Craig
    Am I asking the impossible from a tipster??

  534. Craig says:

    Jack – Many thanks for clearing that up.

    Patrick2e – I think so, yes.

    MIB – I think anyone taking a look over this site would see that the only person libelling or abusing others, is you. You have had a large number of comments removed, edited or moderated for that very reason.

  535. MIB says:

    Hi Patrick, you’re not asking too much at all lol. I don’t think he understands your sense of humour lol.

    All this rain is going to make things a bit tricky.

  536. gwynsue says:

    4 selections 4 losers ,another 10 pts down the drain, is anyone out there going to say this afternoon was anything but a disaster. i notice c.haines has been very quiet recently .just wondering why ,mr.haines.

  537. Craig says:

    MIB will have something positive to say…on to the evening, eh MIB?

    Bet they were all narrowly beaten or thwarted by the wet ground, or maybe wrong kind of leaves on the line.

  538. MIB says:

    With all due respect, Gwyn I am worried that you keep getting the figures wrong. 4 selections with 2 points invested on each is actually 8 points and not 10. Last night you reported a loss of considerably more than was the case. Are you sure that you know what you are doing? I only ask out of concern.

    A poor afternoon and so on to this evening. Hopefully they won’t be running on the railway line tonight. It is never good for the horses hooves.

  539. highlander says:

    Patrick once again i have the same selection as Tyler at sandown 7.20

  540. I BET says:

    Great news folks its only an 8 point loss not a 10 point loss today – fantastic!!!

  541. MIB says:

    It’s even better news. After this evening it’s a total of 11 points loss for the day. Isn’t life grand! lol

    Well done Tyler!

  542. sparky says:

    bad day today/this week/etc for sure

    cant see him justifying £200 for this at the moment without any guarantees in place.

  543. MIB says:

    Hi Sparky. Yes, it’s a bit of a worry. Certainly not worth the money on the showing of the last few weeks.

  544. I BET says:

    MIB, I think you mentioned earlier on in the thread that you were betting these selections to £400 a point, please tell me your not!!!

  545. MIB says:

    Most certainly not. I’m not completely mad! lol

    That’s an average stake on other horses that I back. It’s taken 12 years to build up to that level. Only £10 on Tyler’s. That’s frightening enough thanks.

  546. morse says:

    Great day not!! The tips keep getting better from Tyler yesterday he blamed a phone call from (someone) that told him to put 4 points on the Fav.. I have started to lay his selections and place lay his each way :-)..

  547. Paul says:

    Its a real fine line with some of his selections, a short head has put us into negative territory on some days where we could have been 5-10 points up on a day.

    Today was not a good day, i will dilute my stake per point, and if by the end of August we have not turned the corner i will put it down to experience and that will be the end of tipsters.

    But lets not go shouting the odds till we have a few months under our belt.

    Wish i had got my hand on the magic horse bot, everyone that trialed it said it was amazing, and now they have put the closed sign up after selling the amount that would not dilate the bots capability.

  548. MIB says:

    Well said, Paul.

  549. morse says:

    Why doesn’t Tyler proof his results with the racing post then everyone will know and have a judgement ……….

  550. richie says:

    Yeah well said Paul, let’s all give ‘Tyler’ the benefit of the doubt. And let’s ignore the fact that even as we write about him, he’s pissing himself laughing and going through his list of American sports stars for his next incarnation…mid 30’s this time I think, and lets upgrade to an M3. I could be wrong though. I mean if ‘£400 a point’ MIB is on board, it must be Kosher. To quote the great one…LOL

  551. I BET says:

    I think the sooner the ‘August’ review is done on this the better, don’t want any more newbies sucked in to this.

    The sad thing is subscribers have lost their sub money and betting bank and what comeback do they have? It now seems that ‘Tyler’ has slipped in to the gamblers fallacy way of thinking which will make the losses even bigger. I would also love to know where this ‘Chris Haines’ character fits in to the whole equation, the first poster on this thread who hasn’t been seen for a very long time.

  552. gedd says:

    I didn’t subscribe to this service so I don’t have anything to gripe about but I do follow this thread closely as I like the concept of this type of betting.

    Just a suggestion here. It seems that Tylers subscription base comes from the MMR site, as his own site only mentions this one. Also there are only 44 subscribers so far? (According to his site there are six places left.) Why not all 44 email him and tell him you want at least a reduced rate until this all turns around?

    It seems a bit gauling for those that joined later are in a losing situation and paying £50 to £200 a month for it! You can get losing tips for free from the bloke down the pub.

    If Tyler is truely giving you ‘value’ tips then it should turn itself around in the long run, but in the meantime until it does, those large fees on top of the losers wont be helping. I think it would a much fairer way for you guys.

  553. MIB says:

    Hi Gedd, you make a good point. It’s strange how those posting angry and abusive messages aren’t actually subscribers.

    Your message is calm, mature and constructive. I’m not going to bother visiting this site any more. It’s a shame that a couple of mentally challenged individuals have decided to deal with their anger management problems by unleashing incoherent rantings on here. They appear to need counselling and I feel sorry fro them.

  554. maxreturns says:

    Do stick around MIB, your experience and knowledge is valued, be a shame to lose you mate.

  555. Craig says:

    If we all had a pound for every time MIB spits his dummy out and says he’s leaving the site we wouldn’t need to come here. Don’t worry maxreturns, I suspect we haven’t seen the last of MIB.

  556. MIB says:

    Another even worse day. I know from emailing Tyler that he is genuine. Some of you will say “that’s because you’re part of the scam”. Well, I’m not and I don’t think it’s a scam.

    I’m 67 points down but I am sticking with it. I’m sure there are others who are in this that realise life can throw some tough scenarios at you as you go through it. I put aside 100 points to follow Tyler and hopefully things will turn sooner rather than later. But calling him names and accusing him of operating a scam won’t help anyone.

    If he wasn’t sincere he would have disappeared by now. Anyway, that’s my thoughts. Let’s hope Sunday sees the start of better results and a bit more luck.

  557. Paul says:

    Hmmm, im now starting to doubt Tyler after todays results, but more so the emails he sends out.

    To think you are running a tipping service and you dont even check your spelling, when you have just raked in the best part of £3000.

    Also i joined around the 12th but no talk about waving the subscription for the following month, he is advising 2 months minimum hmmm im not that happy about some niggling things.

    I was in support of him, but i think he is treating his members with a bit of content.

    What do others think that are subscribing.

  558. MIB says:

    I see your point, Paul. As you see from my post above I’m giving things a bit longer. I joined the same time as you and because I can’t get the odds quoted I’m 67 points down where you may be only around 50 points down.

    I honestly don’t think he’s treating the members with contempt. I hope not anyway. I think that if his only aim was to take our money and run he wouldn’t still be around. And why would he give selections that produced such a good profit in the first few weeks and then intentionally give out rubbish?

    I genuinely think that it’s a bad spell that must change if he’s doing the same as he always has. But you wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t have doubts.

    I’ve committed my 100 point bank and another £50 for the second month and I’m hoping things come good. Sooner rather than later lol

  559. Paul says:

    Yes you are correct around 55 points down plus subscription.

  560. PaulD says:

    I am a subscriber and have defended Tyler greatly here (in response to some of the comments) and also in some emails to him.

    However I am beginning to feel a little frustrated because the results over the past 3 weeks really have being awful. I actually sent him an email a short time ago stating my disappointment.

    I halved my stake per point today (was £25) in light of the results and may paper trade over the coming week (but then may not!).

    My betting strengths has always been on the footie and I may re-focus on this again as I have tended to park that for the past 3 weeks whilst trying out Tyler`s service.

    I do hope he turns it around over the coming weeks as their is nothing I would like better to send him another email stating that I was wrong and that I should have given him the benefit etc.

    Anyway, just my 2 pence. : )

    Good luck everybody.

  561. gedd says:

    Hi MIB

    67 points down is gut wrenching I know, but if you could compare a similar service, The Longshot King, still based round this type of betting, (I think it was Lucas who pointed it out on that thread) that at one time it was 80 points down, just after a hugely profitable month and look how that has come on leaps and bounds since, so this could be a normal thing overall.

    I dont have a stake in this service as I said earlier and I hope it turns round for all who have, but history does tend to repeat itself and going by the LK theres no reason it wont here if the service and Tyler are genuine.

  562. MIB says:

    Thanks gedd. Only time will tell and having come this far I’ll stick with it. Hopefully it’s just one of those phases.

    Paul D, I agree and like you I hope we can send positive emails to Tyler soon.

  563. PaulD says:

    MIB, absolutely.

    He just sent me an email in fact and I honestly think he`s hurting too what with the shitty results.

    I genuinely feel the performance will turnaround.

  564. Paul says:

    Fingers crossed !!!

  565. richie says:

    MIB says he believes Tyler is genuine because he could have took the money and run, but he hasn’t. Don’t want to kick a man when he’s down, but he’s not thought this through.

    Don’t forget this service is monthly subscription. Never did get my head around how much, somewhere between £50 and £200. Why would he run when he’s got 50 people on the hook, and they’re due to pay again? What’s more they don’t know who he is or where, so no rush. Time to cut and run is when they all stop paying. Even 5 on the go at £200 is a grand a month. We’d all like a bit of that guaranteed in the back pocket wouldn’t we?

  566. nutmeg says:

    hi guys l am not a member of this service and dont intend to be, but this guy should come back on here and defend his own corner and not leave it upto his members to bicker amongst themselves.
    what l came to say though is that there is another similar service that l have asked this site to do a review on its called


    found this beeing talked about on uk-betting-tips site and it all seems positive with mostly decent priced winners with a 60 day money back promise. so if you go and look at this site and do a search for proven tipster you can see what l mean.
    l am not a member of this one either just trying to help.
    and a final poit if this guy tyler has x amount of subscribers then the only fair thing is to charge each and every one the same price and no increased prices for the johnny come latelys, this is just wrong and there can be no proper justification for it, and £200 a month is way too high in the first place.

  567. highlander says:

    Complete wipe out again only good thing this has helped me devise my own approach and i am well up with that will not be taking a further month he may turn it around i hope he does for the guys that stay on
    All the best

  568. sparky says:

    my month ended today and i got an email from Tyler telling me my subscription is ending and i am being taken off the list and to contact him if i wanted to renew.

    no offer of a free month in lieu of results -no apolology- and i am one of his cheaper members on £50 a month

    hes obviously on top of whos paying and when- shame his results aint as accurate

  569. Juno and the Paycock says:

    The service will be wound up by the end of this month. Don’t think for one minute that he is using his own money. He is banking all the subscriptions for a rainy day.
    Come September, another service, another name, another promise.
    More people will sign up believing that they have found the way to Paradise…

  570. Paul Reynolds says:

    Don’t want to crow here guys, and I’m not kicking a man when he’s down. I sincerely hope he does turn it around, but if you check the thread for Bonus Bagging out, you will see that I freely gave out 6 tips today at Windsor. 3 winners!!! (actually 4 but I didn’t cover that one) 🙁

  571. gygt says:

    G’day nutmeg,
    You can go to their (uk-betting-tips) web-site and follow the thread re. ProvenTipster, where you will find that results have mysteriously stopped from July 17, when of course they were as good as ‘proofed’ beforehand. A member on the thread there claims to have lost 70 points from July 17 to Aug. 2, when the e-mail came out pushing this service to be the best thing since sliced bread……his latest post today says another 3 losses for a further loss of 13 points……Owners are now saying: ‘worst run in two years’…..yadda yadda yadda……funny how these ‘worst runs’ always without fail happen within 5 minutes of clicking on the PayPal logo…..

  572. nutmeg says:

    cheers gygt

    all these tipsters are the same at the end of the day it seems.

    will just stick to my greyhounds l think 🙂

  573. Juno and the Paycock says:

    A serious question….have you ever known any of the tipsters to refund subscriptions if they show a bad run of losses???????
    I might be wrong, but I have only ever heard of one service which did this, and this was a single operator on Ebay who charged £5 per month!
    Pension fund managers are no different. In fact when they lose your capital investments, they put up their fees!

  574. nutmeg says:

    ok guys

    been having a look round and stumbled across this guys site, check it out its mostly free, and any money donations paid at the weekend are all given to charities 100 percent.
    this guy looks the real deal and l have signed up, he has been around since about 2004 if l remember correctly.
    certainly looks interesting though, check it out and let me know your thoughts 🙂


  575. Paul Reynolds says:

    Yo nutmeg,
    cheers for the heads up, just off to work now, so I’ll look at that later. Looks good first glance.

  576. highlander says:

    Further 9pts loss on monday not far away from destroying a 100pt bank sorry but this is more than a bad run…

  577. Juno and the Paycock says:

    Tyler Jordan is making 200 points a month from each of his latest subscribers. Isn’t that marvellous? You folk don’t recognise a profitable business when you see one 😉

  578. whatreallyworks says:

    I am toying with the idea of cancelling as I’m due in a couple of weeks to renew.

    But knowing my luck I wont renew and he’ll have a good run…. decisions decisions…

  579. johnner says:

    you should all demand a free subsription from this tyler jordan until you are back in profit,if you ever will be. you will tell from his reaction if he is the real deal or just out to take your sub money.

  580. wally says:

    I know this is not the thread for this but there is not one for new questions.As anyone had any dealings with Peter Jenkins of Ucantlos about arbitrage,any feed back welcome.

  581. PaulD says:

    Better day today from Tyler so far with one winner (I also put a few quid on Surf Board which came in as this was one he liked but too short a price to put it into the actual selections).

    Now the gamble is whether to be content with the £90 or so that I`m up today or carry on betting! lol

  582. PaulD says:

    Edit…looks like just the one selection this evening from Tyler so worth a punt. 🙂

  583. MIB says:

    You’re right Johnner, I emailed him and suggested that he give all subscribers a free month as a good will gesture. He hasn’t done so. If he was genuine in believing he can produce the winners and this is just a blip then he should be more than happy to do that.

    For me that speaks volumes about the man and I have cancelled my subscription. If he hasn’t that much confidence in himself then how can anyone else have any confidence in him.

  584. highlander says:

    Also requested the same no reply this guy has no respect for his members cancelled my subs

  585. PaulD says:

    I previously stated that I thought this terrible sequence would turnaround sooner or later and hopefully it will for those members that decide to stick with Tyler however with the 8 points down today and considerable losses over the past 3 weeks, probably time for me to hit the Paypal cancel button.

  586. PaulD says:

    Hopefully spoke too soon! Nice opening 7/1 winner from this evening. COME-ON!

  587. highlander says:

    Then normal service resumes the last selection would have clawed some of the losses back but ask yourself would you pay £200 per month for this

  588. cheezer says:

    When did you get your email on that 5.05? I got mine 3 minutes before the off. I did not check my email until 5:30 because the evening races did not start until 6. I emailed him as to why bother posting a selection that you can’t bet in time because you are not expecting any more selections until the evening. No response. Now he has a lay system that he is going to give out for free to those who signed up on the 12th or 13th. Claims it profited 61 units in the past three weeks. Not biting, but I am canceling. See ya Tyler, you pos.

  589. PaulD says:

    highlander, no not for the current results but a question – based on the previous results, Tyler clearly isn`t a scammer and does have some decent knowledge of this business agreed?

  590. PaulD says:

    cheezer, yes got the email same time as you. I was just lucky that I was sitting in front of the laptop and got a few quid on it before the off.

  591. Paul says:

    Unsubscribed, 70 points down and not prepared to look at another service even if its free, it just proves the system is not as great as we all first thought and as Tyler says on his website to be now offering a lay service. If the backing of horses has been so great why introduce an a laying service which is more risky.

    Im a winning punter in the football season, so i have put it down to experience, wont ever do it again, and recover my 70 points loss on the football.

    Good luck to those that hang in there, but there becomes a cut off point and i have just exceeded it.

  592. tom42 says:

    If he sent out a winning tip 3 minutes before the off – is he claiming it as a winner? Wonder how many of his clients managed to get on! What was the days profit without it as I don’t think he can legitimately claim it as a winner, from what was posted just now?

  593. cheezer says:

    He certainly is. He loses the first 8 points, sends out a late email, it wins, then claims it as a winner for a total -1 for the afternoon. He then lost the first 9 points of the evening before winning the last at 7-1. He is counting the whole day as a -3 when I’m pretty sure 75%+ of his clients did not get on that 5.05 winner and lost 11 units on the day. I believe Tyler is a decent guy from the back and forth emails, but right now, the dude couldn’t tip out of bed. I do, however, retract my pos statement. I was just pissed when I read his recap of the day and his pending offer of a free lay system until the losses were recouped. Instead, why not be a stand up guy and give those who lost a bunch a free month until the losses are regained? I lost complete confidence and canceled. Next!

  594. nutmeg says:

    just re reading this and to be honest you must be total mugs to stay with this service, for a guy who does not even reply to his own subscribers emails, etc and charges one guy £50 and another £200 total nonsense.
    man the lifeboats.

    thr free service that l previously mentioned and signed upto, even though l dont very often back horses these days is a very well run affair with ratings and suggestions for winners and forecasts etc with a daily email about 8.30 every morning and today there will be two he has just said because of the volume of racing today.
    well worth getting involved with
    good luck.

  595. maxreturns says:

    @nutmeg, does the postracing service you mention provide tips or just ratings as I for one wouldn’t know how to interpret the ratings successfully!

  596. MIB says:

    Hi maxreturns. Ron, of Post Racing, sends you an email every day with the ratings and says what he is doing with his bets on each race.

    Also if you go to his web site there is a page that he calls “the idiot’s guide” that explains all the different types of bets that he applies to his ratings.

    If you read through his web site it will probably answer a lot of your questions. It’s free to sign up for the emails and it’s up to you whether you donate to the charities he supports as a thank you.

  597. maxreturns says:

    @MIB, thanks mate, appreciate your reply, sounds like the idiots guide is where I need to go! All looks promising on the website, what is your opinion on the service as you clearly have a lot of experience in this field?

  598. Bluefingers says:

    Post racing, on a busy day, can send out selections for twenty races, all handicaps. How you use the ratings are entirely up to you, however, to get the best results you should follow Ron’s advice. On a typical race, he advises a three horse dutch bet, an 80/20 bet on top selection and a trifecta. That could be 6 bets per race, and with 20 a day, thats 120 bets. To follow his selections properly requires quite a bit of time, and a large bank.
    Its not for people who like straight forward betting, and its definitely not for people who can’t keep accurate records or have a good understanding of maths.
    It is possible just to back his top rated horses, but there are no past results on the site to show what has happened in the past.
    Worth a look for anyone who has time and a large bank.

  599. whatreallyworks says:

    The free offer for the lay system has now been retracted. Instead as we are special customers and he owes us a favour we can now join and get the rest of August for free before paying £100 a month from 1st September for the lay tips….sign me up!

  600. Bluefingers says:

    The service is free monday to friday, and saturday selections are available if you donate to his charity. This is going to change in November and all selections will only be available after donations made on a weekly basis.

  601. whatreallyworks says:

    I’ve unsubscribed too. He seems like a decent chap but the retraction of the free offer of lay bets to cover the losses seems mercenary.

    Wonder if anyone signed up to the lay service?

  602. Paul says:

    Why introduce a lay service, its the signs of desperation to hold on to what he has, i bet it isnt much. He has no track record of laying except the few months he has had a result, just like his tipping service started ou fantastic, but we have all picked 3 or 4 winners on the bounce in our lifetime, he got lucky when he started subscription, people posted and he got lucky.
    I ran a football service, and hit a dodgy patch where 1 month people lost 25 points and it was complete carnange so i stopped it and just do it on my own with a few subscribers i kept in contact with, but i did have a track record of success, not like this guy. its like a ski slope with him and we are all eddie the eagle heading for the big bang at the end.

  603. PaulD says:

    I too have just canceled my subscription. It would be useful to see how it performs over the coming weeks. Can anybody here (who is going to remain active) advise how it is doing perhaps on a weekly basis?


  604. tom42 says:

    Isn’t mmr reviewer publishing a report at the end of August and the end of September?

  605. PaulD says:

    tom42, I guess so but it would be nice to have had a more regular update.

  606. cheezer says:

    Let’s see, for Saturday, a risk of 27 points and a return of around 14. You do the math. This after an email proclaiming a 1.5 pt average profit for Saturday racing the past few weeks. The desperation is now humorous. The service is finding its level; a few months of prosperity followed by a long losing period. It will probably settle at around even to +10-15 points per month. I hate to say it, but there ain’t gonna be no doubling of the bank every two months. It may produce steady profits in the long run (which is desirable), but you are going to have to risk over 100/point to cover the fee and make a profit. Just my two cents…….

  607. sparky says:

    the boTtom line is the guy got greedy and egotistical two of the worst combinations where betting is concerned

  608. Amiliano says:

    Just to be objective , I thought I post this for people who unsubscribed earlyer.Received a surprise email Saturday evening from Tyler Jordan :

    If you have unsubscribed and are still getting these messages i plan to keep sending you emails if you joined around the 12th 13th or 14th until we claw back profit, even though that probably seems a long way away now.

    I really want to urge you to register for the free lay system at laytylerj@hotmail.co.uk which will start monday as this is doing really well. Both systems will run concurrently and hopefully together will produce great profits for us. Again, no-one will pay anything until most or all deficits are recovered.


  609. morse says:

    I joined his service because he claimed he had his own ratings viewed previous races for each horse and was a professional gambler who makes money to afford his lifestyle How wrong can you be another Shark who needs money from subscribers even at £50 a pop with 50 subscribers thats £2500 a month not bad.Please dont waste your money and spread the word….

  610. I BET says:

    Is this all finished now then folks? As I said earlier in the thread ‘Last one out turn off the lights!!!’

  611. chris h says:

    Really gutted at the downfall of this as it statred so strong and i was already planning my life in the sun. Does any one know of a tipping serice that actually works???

  612. djferrick says:

    Try ‘ The Longshot King ‘ Plenty of big prices winners , Richard is alwaays available to chat and no wild promises. MMR has a vey positive review on here – just use the search function.

  613. chris h says:


  614. Juno and the Paycock says:

    The service will close down shortly and reopen under a new name.More innocents will be suckered…

  615. chris h says:

    small profit of 5 points today, i’m still well up from day 1, but 5 of the last 6 have been negative so it’s really frustrating. I don’t feel like I have been suckered though, i had a free trial and signed up on the basis of that, and as i said, i am still around 80pts up in 12 weeks. It’s just after 6 weeks i was 150pts up and was planning which car i would buy in a year or so and when to hand in my notice at work!! I guess there are no real get rich quick schemes out there. Tyler has asked us to stick with him for free for 4 weeks and see how he gets on and i intend on doing that, i think he is genuine and there is no denying he knows his stuff about horses, the majority run well at big prices. Just seems that the winners have been hard to come by recently.

  616. johnner says:

    it would not surprise me if most of these failed systems and tipping services are put out by bookies themselves under different names. good luck chris H and all with this one.

  617. Juno and the Paycock says:

    Johnner – this certainly rings true!
    Bookies are always on the look out for increasing revenues and new profit streams.What better way than selling systems which promise you ways of beating them?

    It wouldn’t take them long to hire a copywriter,use their own email list and


    they have added to their bottom line from the 97% of losers, using the back door!

    Well spotted Johnner!!

  618. cwaigy says:

    I studied for over a year on UK and Irish racing going back 5 years looking at many stats in order to develop my own systems. I developed 2 systems and been using them for nearly 3 years and is giving me a daily profit with only a 0.3% chance of losing my daily stake plan which so far has not happened.
    Now is there any reason why I should consider selling these systems? Of course not, why? because they work.
    I must confess however, I have and still do try other peoples systems but only if they have a free trial period and/or their profits dont sound ridiculous.
    Basically, the systems you can trust and believe in more are your own.

  619. Juno and the Paycock says:

    Hear Hear cwaigy!!
    Never a truer word spoken since Singapore was recaptured.

  620. MIB says:

    Absolutely spot on, cwaigy. How are things on the Isle of Man, Juno and Paycock alias Tony.

  621. Monkbar says:

    I never joined this but registered an interest. Now had an email saying I will get a fortnights tips for free as the recent losing run has opened some spaces and the scheme has been refined.

    Will papertrade and report back.

  622. karld24 says:

    got e-mail today for free 2week trial about 7 horses all lost mostly came 5th or 6th one was 3rd papertrade for few days hes on his last legs if this goes belly up wait an see

  623. MIB says:

    Monkbar and karld24, I would advise you to paper trade. The selections have made huge losses in the last 5 to 6 weeks and so don’t use any of your money until things start to improve. If they ever will.

    To be honest it’s been a complete disaster so keep your money in your pockets.

  624. Juno and the Paycock says:

    It hasn’t been a huge disaster for Tyler Jordan as he has still got some subscribers left.

    Hope springs eternal in the human heart…

  625. MIB says:

    Many thanks for your contribution Tony. Weather’s a bit rough on the Isle of Man at the moment. Don’t get blown away will you.

  626. I BET says:

    MIB – you have soon changed your tune!!!!

  627. MIB says:

    Read through the thread, CB (I BET), and realise what tosh you write. I put my money where my mouth is and comment as I find. You sit on the sidelines like a sad person shouting at passers by. Try and be constructive for a change.

  628. I BET says:

    Ha ha!!! You got sucked in like everyone else and shouted down anyone who questioned Tyler Jordan!! I see he has an office address now and another email address!! Wonder what he will do next!!

  629. I BET says:

    And by the way has anything I have written not turned out to be true!!!

  630. I BET says:

    CB says:
    July 19, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    I would love to have a bet with any of you guys that in 28 days time this thread is either:

    a) deleted
    b) has no posters
    c) full of people saying they haven’t made any profit.

    Further points to note although you will deem them irrelevent are that a 100 point betting bank is not big enough to cope with a strike rate of 24%, thats a mathematical fact. The above spreadsheet prices are hopelessly inaccurate, fractions to decimals being converted incorrectly, each way terms not implicated properly, non runners being classed as losers etc etc….

    As for not using betting exchanges at all then that is simply madness. All of the selections at an average price of 8.5 would be bigger on an exchange by at least 1/2 a point after commission sometimes a full point or more!!!

    I wish everyone success or at least not to lose any money but this service just about ticks every box when it comes to identifying a dodgy racing service, that is judged by your very own guidelines on this site!!!

    I am not saying don’t subscribe, I am not saying its a scam what I am saying is that all the signs are here and if it turns out to be then don’t say that no one told you so…..

  631. chris h says:

    Tyler just tipped a 16/1 2 and a half length winner. I got 25 on betfair, £300 up for day. I’m beginning to beleive again….

  632. highlander says:

    Hi Chris good price winner but we got lucky the fav got left in the stalls still a winner is a winner it is all about who passes the winning line first in this case we did just watch your bets as we are only 3pts up for the week long way to go before i am fully confident regarding his selections

  633. Tyler Jordan says:

    yeah i know, only 3pts but i got an extra 12 with the 25.0 on betfair so i’m £150 up, quite lucky i guess. I joined about three months ago so i’m well up over all but it would be great to start winning again. Good to talk to someone else who has gone through the same ups and downs!

  634. highlander says:

    Bit confused is chris h TYLER the above post would confirm this

  635. chris h says:

    no! i dont know what the hell happened there! i didnt post that?? Tyler???

  636. gygt says:

    things that make you go ‘hhhmmmmmm’…..

  637. hms says:

    chris h was the main ramper of this tipping service. ???

  638. Maynard says:

    chris h is Tyler Jordan.

    Well, well, well.

  639. morse says:

    Don’t bother with this guy DELETED BY MODERATOR !!! utter rubbish there are quite a few free tipping sites which do it for nothing………..

  640. Amiliano says:

    @ morse

    We know that …..there are quite a few free tipping sites which do it for nothing………
    question is : Are THEY successful ??

  641. morse says:

    I don’t know if I am allowed to but the geegeez blog is very good!!!!!!!

  642. PeteB says:

    This is really bad. Looks like Haines who started feedback on this and has supported it all the way is Tyler Jordan. He got so excited at having a winner for a change that he forgot to check what name he was posting in. I know Jack and Darren Hughes post on here from time to time – just read their take on the ASA judgement on Agora – and think one of them should come on here and explain what happened. A lot of people have lost both subscription money and betting funds through this individual and a lot of them heard about him through this site. Jack was warned in July that this guy was operating anonymously and nobody knew who he was. Not many people seemed to care at the time because he was supposedly winning. Now look what’s happened – he’s lost everybody a pile of money and has been using multiple identities to plug the service. Lesson seems to be, don’t send money to anyone you don’t know who they are, even if they get good reviews. For all we know, he could have already started up again and be behind one of the other services just launched on here. What can you do to stop this happening again Jack?

  643. gygt says:

    that’s right PeteB, it’s very likely he might well post again on this thread with a different name yet again?? I guess the only way to tell is to be on the look-out for anyone who gives this service the thumbs-up…..

  644. I BET says:

    Tyler Jordan/Chris Haines/chris h has been running rings round the MMR site by the looks of things. Its a bit like a hotel owner doing their own review on their hotel on tripadvisor!! What a joke and how funny that in the excitement of actually finding a winner he wasn’t careful enough to look at what name he has posted under!! If I were the MMR I would lock this thread and put it in a ‘Hall Of Fame’ section and remove ‘Tyler Jordans’ new laying service from the site as I have no doubts that will go the same way. Its all an absolute disgrace and reminds us about how vulnerable these review sites are to being used and abused by a small number of individuals. Funnily enough I had my suspicions on the 5th August about Chris Haines!!! See below…

    I BET says:
    August 5, 2011 at 5:54 am

    I think the sooner the ‘August’ review is done on this the better, don’t want any more newbies sucked in to this.

    The sad thing is subscribers have lost their sub money and betting bank and what comeback do they have? It now seems that ‘Tyler’ has slipped in to the gamblers fallacy way of thinking which will make the losses even bigger. I would also love to know where this ‘Chris Haines’ character fits in to the whole equation, the first poster on this thread who hasn’t been seen for a very long time.

  645. PeteB says:

    IBET It’s always the danger with review sites, not just this one. I’m sure hotel owners do add their own reviews to Trip Advisor, and probably put bad ones on for competitors for good measure.
    This guy has made mugs of a lot of people though, including the people running this site. They changed the system last month to stop people posting under more than one name. Well it hasn’t worked, and I don’t see how it ever can. And if that’s the case, what’s the value of anything you read on here?

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