Tyler Jordan Lay Service Review

| August 23, 2011

Product Name: Tyler Jordan Lay Service

Author:  Tyler Jordan

Company Name & Contact Details:
JT Services,
1st Floor,
Barclays House,
Gatehouse Way,
HP19 8DB
email: laytylerj@hotmail.co.uk

Price: 1st month £100, then £200 per month thereafter (once profit on system above 100 points).

Money Back Guarantee: No

What Do You Get? 

–  Email based pay tipping service

Where To Buy:  Apply by email to above address

Brief Summary? 

Tyler Jordan’s Lay Service is a recently started email based lay tipping service – lay odds likely to be in range 2.0 to 3.5.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 

200 point bank recommended – stake 10 points per selection.

How Much Money Can I Make? 

Test claims 74 point profit from 25 days selections (32 lays). Target profit is 50 points per month. Loss 4 points in trial.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

5 minutes daily.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 

PC and Internet connection plus account with betting exchange

Value For Money?  


Quality Of Customer Service? 

Prompt response to emails.

Interim Review 

We have been following this service since day 1 so the results are exactly as anybody subscribing would have achieved subject to the minor price variations that will always be seen with lay betting.

The underlying ethos is that horses which are normally favourites and are backed in to a lower price than considered value will be recommended for laying.

There can be up to 2 lays per day and the odds range to date has been 2.06 to 3.05 at the time the bets are received. There has not been any significant variation from the advised odds in the emails.

After a slightly shaky start the service is improving its results and the strike rate to date is 71.4% – 16 wins from 21 lays recommended.

Using a progressive 10 point stake would have resulted in a 45 point gain for the bank after taking onto account 5% Betfair commission.

There have not been any occasions when 2 consecutive losing lays have been seen and the longest winning run of bets is 6.

Final Review 15.09.11

After the first month the service has achieved absolutely nothing for subscribers and the increase in subscription looks a long way off if the current trends continue.

We have seen a total of 43 selections running during the month and 16 of these have managed to win including an odds on runner (which were specifically excluded from the service when it was set up).

The longest run of winners – ie losing lays – is now 5 with the best “winning” run remaining at 6.

Even at the low odds the selections are laid at a strike rate of 63% is not going to achieve anything in worthwhile profits.

Full details can be seen in the spreadsheet where a 4 point loss on the original bank is evidenced.

The results have been calculated at the lay odds available when the email tip has been received and these have varied a little from those suggested in the mails. The average lay odds have been around the 2.4 mark during the trial.

In the initial review I explained the underlying principle for making selections and as this does not seem to be working I discussed it with a lay betting systems guru. His reply was along the lines of the answer to Ernie’s perennial question of Eric during the play what he wrote.

Confidence is everything with lay betting and I am afraid that nothing in this service to date has instilled any in me. We will look at the selections for a further month but I find it difficult to see how this will allow any great change of opinion.

You can see a full breakdown of the results here:

Tyler Jordan Lay Service Results

Update 12/12/2011:

The service has now been running for nearly 4 months and is now showing a profit if the original staking plan is applied – 200 point bank and 10 point staking. However, Tyler changed the system selection basis in mid September and advised a change of bank to just 100 points with the stakes remaining at 10.

A total of 238 selections that ran have been seen during the trial and the average lay price (taken when the selection received which is the intended action as the system is based on the favourite’s price being too low) is 2.56. This requires a strike rate of just above 60% to break even before allowing for Betfair commission and with 152 winning lays the actual rate is a shade under 64%. This has been pretty much the same since the revamp.

Detailed spreadsheet is attached showing both staking options with the original now disclosing the bank ahead by 37%. However, Tyler suggested that the stake should be level through the month and then adjusted and the second tab on the spreadsheet shows this effect which has been very positive.

My results show less of a profit than claimed but this is likely due to odds moving after Tyler has placed his bet. As he is now talking of £1,000 stakes it is hardly surprising the odds will move out a little. It also highlights the narrow margins that are being seen as if you calculate on a 100 point bank with progressive staking throughout (tab 3) a loss is seen for the restart period.

I have watched a fair number of the races actually unfold on Betfair and it does seem that there could be another way to profit from the tips with less potential stress. Most of the horse run well and see their odds reduce during the race so a back to lay option is available in many cases. If the bank swings are too great for your personal risk profile then using the maximum liability feature for staking would also help.

There can now be some confidence in what to expect from the tips. Whether this would be sufficient to encourage you to subscribe is another question.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Tyler Jordan Lay Service Results



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Comments (16)

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  1. johnner says:

    with this fellows previous record I would want at least a six month free trial first, never mind £100 and then £200 thereafter. dear me!

  2. I BET says:

    What an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE – MMR you should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. Jack Whiteman says:

    er why exactly?

  4. I BET says:

    Giving this joker yet more ‘air time’, was the last Tyler Jordan service not enough to question his abilities? He should turn his backing service in to the laying service but it looks like he is taking a different tact all together and selecting short price lays. Also I think its about time we had the August update on the other system!! This will also end in tears!! I thought that the reviews took place in private before the service was made public on here so that members of the public do part with their hard earned on a system that doesn’t work!!

  5. Jack Whiteman says:

    do you not believe that each service should be judged on it’s own terms and results?

    Sure other factors like previous service history should be considered and that will be included in the review when ready, along with results.

    But for now we publish the overview as members had been asking about it. It’s a forum for people to talk about their ongoing results!

    You could be right this will end in tears, i have no idea. But we’ll report the results as we find them.

    As for the other tyler service the monthly update is due in a few days i believe.

  6. Juno and the Paycock says:

    It is looking like I was correct with my prediction that his other service would wind up in September

    I was wrong when I said he would change the name.

  7. Jack Whiteman says:

    Is his other service actually closed Juno?

    and what next Nostradamus?

  8. MIB says:

    The other service has not closed and so any comment to that effect is false. He is continuing to send his selections free to those who joined back at the beginning of July. We will see what transpires but paper trading would be advisable.

  9. chris h says:

    Tyler has provided me with £200 profit in the last 9 days off my £2000 bank, now I may be foolish because i know the backing service started well too but i believe he is genuine when he says he wants to get back the money that was lost and i think it is good of him to offer both for free. paper trading probably would be right MIB, but i never believe it gives accurate results. I have to say i have been very impressed with the lay service (again, i know i said the same about backing) and i am very tentative about waxing lyrical about tyler again but bottom line is he has put £200 back in my pocket and i’m a bit happier. He replies to all my emails quickly and he has cancelled everyones payments until he is profitable again. Fair play.

  10. MIB says:

    Hi chris h, I agree. I’ve always maintained that I believe Tyler to be genuine. My problem with laying is the amount you need to risk per bet. What would you say the average amount you are exposed to losing on each of the lays?

  11. lucy says:


    I am running a trial of Tyler’s service on my site, including publishing tips.

    Or rather, Tyler himself is publishing them… I am not pro or con his system, and generally am not a huge fan of laying, but am intrigued to see how it goes!

    Please don’t be rude to me for doing this though!!!

    Lucy x

  12. chris h says:

    Well for me 10pt lay means £100 so my highest liability has benn £190. But you could use smaller stakes. I find laying very confusing to be honest so I tend to do what Tyler says and think of it like backing a short priced favourite and not watch the race. The biggest price we’ve layed has been 2.9 so it’s like backing an 8/15 shot I guess

  13. PeteB says:

    This is just ridiculous. Just come from the other Tyler Jordan service thread where it’s become abundantly clear that Chris H (Haines) and Tyler Jordan are one and the same. Here he is again being allowed to talk up another Tyler Jordan service. Come on, if people are giving feedback on their own services, what’s the point of the site?

  14. gygt says:

    yep, I’m with you PeteB, as if he would forget his own name that he has had ALL HIS LIFE!!!!

  15. djn62 says:

    the point of this site is people like you! who are prepared too watch for the fraudsters and alert us! good job! also to IBET as well for smelling a rat!

  16. chilli says:

    Yes me too, let’s see if Tyler Jordan’s new service is any good.

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