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| June 19, 2012 | Reply

Product Name: Traffic Black Book

Author: Chad Hamzeh


“Underground Super Affiliate Finally Makes Available ‘Traffic BLITZKRIEG’ System Responsible For $375,420.36 In Less Than 12 months!’’

Price: $47.00

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

What Do You Get?

– 14 hours of video tuition
– Email assistance

Where To Buy:

 Brief Summary: 

Traffic Black Book by Chad Hamzeh is a programme to help you use paid traffic sources to make affiliate sales.

What’s It All About?

This is a programme to help you understand the various ways in which to use paid traffic sources to build email databases or make affiliate sales.

In the course, you’ll learn how other people are using these tools and the results they have, then Chad takes you through the following areas step by step in enough detail so that you can understand as a beginner and then make sure you are focusing your time and money in the correct areas.

This is what you will learn.

* Module 1: The Initiation (68 mins)
* Module 2: CPA Network Acceptance & Super Affiliate Habits (62 mins)
* Module 3: Bidding Strategies & Mind Control 101 (157 mins)
* Module 4: The Social Network (166 mins)
* Module 5: PPV Sniper Targeting (116 mins)
* Module 6: Media Buying Blitz (94 mins)
* Module 7: Traffic Networks, The World Outside The Box (100 mins)
* Module 8: Tracking (64 mins)
* Module 9: Where to From Here? (47 mins)

Do I Need Any Experience To Make This Work?

Although in some places, the sales video and letter say you do not need any experience it will certainly help if you have tried PPC, Social marketing or PPV before. These are the areas that he covers and I think a basic understanding will mean you won’t need to keep watching the videos and you should be able to get going quicker.

How Much Time Will It Take Me?

It’s around 15 or 16 hours of video that breaks down all the different aspects of buying and converting traffic.  This isn’t a quick solution to making money. If you are selling products online then you may have already used some of these techniques so you’ll pick it up quicker. 

If you are brand new to this area, I suggest you watch the video’s two or three times and make notes each time.  It will take you dedicated time to work through but you shouldn’t put these steps into practice until you are 100% confident you understand what you are doing.  A small mistake could easily cost you money!

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

The sales promotion is a bit mixed, there are big claims like $1500 in a day, $3000 in a few hours etc etc but then Chad will say this isn’t push button!  Although he is implying it is exactly that. Some of the testimonials give a reasonable description of what you’ll receive and what to expect. 

I liked that Chad was upfront to put his face in his own video and its not a fake actor with a script. However, he then takes us through some of the usual marketing tactics about how he made his discovery and the usual rags to riches story.  I just disbelieve any of these stories now because they are over used and it seems everyone was broke but now they are rich!   

I’d rather he just showed me more of a demonstration of his product and stop showing me screen shots of account income. It’s easy to fake those screenshots and it’s impossible for me to verify any of them so I never use them as a basis for buying a product.

I’d say that yes it is possible to make money from these types of marketing channels but it is also very easier to lose money.  Chad does show you strategies and techniques that he is using but there is no guarantee of success.  You could use these strategies and quite easily lose money.


If I ignore the misleading and boring sales promotional letter and just focus on the product then for $47 you do get a reasonable product.  This is certainly better material than I have seen and paid for before at $47 and above. That is not to say I think you should rush out and buy this product.

Although you will learn a great deal of marketing talk and get a better understanding of marketing channels. What Chad does is cover social networking, banner advertising, CPM marketing, Pay per click, and Pay Per view in enough detail and examples that you could start your own campaigns.

If you have no idea what these mean and are serious about starting to run marketing online then you can certainly find worse courses.  This course will give you an overview of those areas and then an outline for a strategy that you could implement if you wanted to pursue them further. 

As I mention I really don’t know how successful they will be because there are many factors involved, including your time commitments, the content you use, the products you sell and the amount of money you wish to spend pursuing each idea.

You must be clear that starting with this product that you will be spending more money to try these ideas out.  So if this is your last $47 and you don’t have say $500 minimum to spend on marketing then please don’t take this offer.

I think someone who already has an online business and has explored marketing before will be best suited to this product, someone completely new could easily get overwhelmed and not know where to start.

Beware too, there are lots of other sites online offering a review of this product, which are all glowing and then they offer you a bonus if you buy via their link. These are just affiliates trying to get your sale and earn a commission for themselves. 

Chad does have a good reputation though and those serious and willing to invest the time and effort into marketing should see results. 

If you’ve tried this product or have any experience of Chad and Traffic Blackbook then please leave a comment below. 



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