Tim Lowe Online Review

| February 10, 2012 | 13 Replies

Product Name: Tim Lowe Online

Author: Tim Lowe


In Just 12 Minutes Time I’ll show you exactly how to build your own highly responsive list (mine has made me a staggering £16m so far)

Price: Free, you are able to get the initial information completely free of charge.  You can take additional secret strategies for just 1p up front and then recurring £29.95 per month ongoing until you cancel.

Money Back Guarantee: Not applicable on the free information.  On the paid product, you have to cancel before the next instalment or you will be charged.  There is no mention of getting your money back if you make a payment.

What Do You Get?

– Blueprint to success
– Strategies for list building
– Access to key personnel who can answer any question you have

Where To Buy: http://www.tim-lowe-list-builder.com/

Brief Summary: 

With his List Building blueprint, long time marketer Tim Lowe is promising to show you how to create a database or list of customers that you can provide information to and then go on to sell products to. Tim says that he has made over £16m so far doing exactly this.

What’s It All About?

Tim is willing to give you everything you need to start your own home business by starting a highly responsive list of customers. In this course, he shows you how to build a list from a variety of sources.

He has customers who joined him nine years ago and says that many of them are still buying his products today, he says the secret is how you look after that list and how to maintain it so that your customers keep paying you year after year.

Tim gives you the blueprint that he followed, he also includes a special report that is called Secret Strategies to build a highly responsive list.  Lastly, you get access to someone called MONTI – who is the main on the inside, this is Tim’s best resource for every question to making a success in this business.

Do I Need Any Experience To Make This Work?

Tim doesn’t specify who this product is for or how much time it will take you to run this business, but he has been working on his own business full time for the past nine years, so you must expect to put in long hours and dedicate yourself to this for months to come.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

Tim is a well-respected marketing professional in the UK and many people have taken his courses over a ten-year period.  Tim was one of Andrew Reynolds colleagues and has worked alongside many of the UK’s and worlds best marketers.

In his sales videos and messages he gives you lots of information on the money he has made and how he did it.  He is open and quite often he shows more detail than many other people when it comes to proving how much money he had made.

You can see him do this in a seminar where he shows his actual statements and it’s all on this site.  http://www.tim-lowe-list-builder.com/templates/proof_of_income.php this gives me trust that not only can he make money but he can actually prove it too.

So often I am very critical of internet marketers who don’t prove their income and Tim does so I have to give him credit for that!

Although I should warn you that it is very unlikely that you will be earning anywhere near what Tim talks about in his sales videos, he is of course trying to sell to you and he does so with examples of what he does.  The difference is that Tim is very experienced and has lots of staff on hand to help him achieve the sums he talks about. Also, it took him several years of trying before he got to a stage where he is making the type of money he mentions. 

In the early days expect to start very slowly and build your business up.  I’m sure what Tim teaches will help you achieve the success as long as you work hard at it, just do not expect instant success or to ever earn as much
as he does.


If you read online about Tim you can sometimes find people who are quite negative about him and his products, and I can understand why that is when you see how he sells.

I don’t always like the way Tim sells in his sales promotions, I always see him with his car and house and trips overseas and this doesn’t make me desire his lifestyle, instead I just feel that what he is selling is not achievable for me.   Each time I’ve seen Tim criticised online it is normally for similar reasons, his sales copy is so good that people when trying the opportunities don’t have the success he has right away and therefore they say his products fail.   

But for each person that is not successful Tim does have others that are and on his site he lists his testimonials, http://www.tim-lowe-list-builder.com/templates/testimonials.php   this is a good list of comments from satisfied members that Tim has taught and educated over the nine years. 

Tim’s products can work but there are two things which make me believe that he is genuine and wants to help his members.  I have tried his support line at this email address gotaquestion@markiteer.com and I got a reply within one and half days and I have seen Tim answering questions on several forums.  Sometimes people have got critical of Tim and rather than turn away he has stayed online and tried to explain or give further information to help people. 

Seeing this I genuinely believe he wants to help his customers.

For this product, I only took the free course and I found it as he described it. I can see why he made so much money because from the minute you input your details you are offered the advanced course for a paid fee, although the trial is very low the recurring billing works out very expensive.

The free course is emailed to your straight away and I liked that you could just download the material and get on with finding out if this is suitable for you.  At just over 1.2mb this only takes a few seconds to download onto your computer and you can save it for future use. 

At just 39 pages long this report will take you just half an hour to work through but I suggest you read it several times.  Tim takes you through the five key stages to getting a list and starting your own business. 

Stage one is all about Tim and what learning this did for him and how successful it made him, I found this like one of his sales letters and skipped through it so I could start leaning the detail.  Stage two is more involved and he teaches you about how to really develop your business and the key principles that you should follow, this made sense and it seems that it works because he is the proof that this can work if you dedicate the time and effort to this business.

Stage three is the main part of where he talks about the key ways to build a list for yourself, these ideas include Google Adwords, articles, list swaps, search engine optimisation, you tube and blogging.  There are a few other ideas in this section and Tim gives an overview of how they work but I didn’t see any examples of how each worked for him or ways in which they could work for me.  

Stage four is how and what to sell and Stage five is the final part and this recaps how you should run the business and your next stage forward.

In conclusion this is a good free guide if you have never looked at information publishing business before, if you have then I think you will be disappointed and perhaps learn nothing.  As I review lots of these types of  products, Tim’s free report didn’t teach me anything I haven’t learnt free previously from many other sources.

If you take this free guide, please be prepared to go to the extra expense of buying the course and following that through, only then you will learn Tim’s actual secrets.

If you’ve tried this product or have any experience of Tim Lowe then please leave a comment below.




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Comments (13)

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  1. agshepp says:

    be very careful if you go for this guy’s Ternary Trading package. the guarantee sounds very impressive, with ‘all of your money returned’ if you fail to make £1000 as start-up capital to put the Ternary scheme to in use.
    what it doesn’t say is that if you already have accounts at several on-line bookies, as I did (opened for a non-starter Arbitrary Betting scheme, never used any of them) then you won’t be eligible for their introductory free bets, essential for this method to work. I completed the spreadsheet supplied, indicated why this would not work for me, and asked for a refund.
    No luck. several emails were exchanged then my last one, two weeks ago, was not replied to.
    so, looks like that’s over £500 down the drain; no surprise that he’s a millionaire.
    don’t rely too much on a Tim Lowe-backed guarantee – might well not be worth the paper that it’s printed on.

  2. voodoo1 says:

    anyone here tried the new ‘sportsure trading’ make an easy 17k p/mo for a few minutes work…?

  3. Tim Lowe says:

    Oh dear, I cannot help feeling ‘here we go again’…at no point do I ever say make an easy £17k for a few minutes work. Please don’t join together loads of things and make up your own sales messages from what I have said as you will be disappointed.

    I launched the system last Wednesday, 5 days ago, so it is hardly likely that many people have got anything much to report.

    Tim Lowe

  4. bowler says:

    Absolutely right. I have also received the SportSure information and nowhere is the ’17k … for a few minutes work’ claim made.

    I come to this site for information given by those who have experiences to offer. Not to read totally uninformed nonsense presented by those also seeking information but presenting their prejudices in such a slanted manner.

  5. bobo1977 says:

    very bad if they dont honour refunds

  6. Tim Lowe says:


    Of course we honour refunds. We have given literally tens of thousands of refunds over the last 12 years, if we hadn’t these sites would be awash with complaints, which they are not.

    Like any company, you will find a handful and I do mean handful, by all means count them here, of people who want a refund to which they are not entitled.

    In the case above the person simply did not read the sales literature properly which warned of the possibility he/she mentions. In addition, before sending the parcel we sent another email AND letter again explaining the situation to every purchaser and reminding them of their right to cancel if this would affect them.

    If people don’t read stuff headed ‘Important Please Read’ it cannot possibly be anybody’s fault but their own.

    Tim Lowe

  7. gerry747 says:

    Tens of thousands in refunds! makes you think?
    Certainly not a Steve Davidson company then:-)

  8. Tim Lowe says:

    Not sure quite what it makes you think. Nearly a hundred thousand customers, many of whom are repeat buyers (and in some cases repeat refunders as well).

    Turn over a few million a year, what else should you expect but tens of thousands of refunds?

    Our refund requests are a little less than the industry norm, which we assume is because our products are a little better but this industry still gets way more than some others because of the easy terms normally on offer. For example try taking a dog eared and torn book back to WH Smiths for a refund, not a chance but we get that sort of thing all the time.

    Tim Lowe

  9. gerry747 says:

    Tim, lighten up man, just having a go at Steve Davidson.
    Life to short to be so serious, it I felt that heavy, I’d never get off the ground 🙂

  10. zagger says:

    I remember attending a seminar some years ago given by Andrew Reynolds with Tom Lowe assisting.
    Reynolds was speaking on the “ Funnel Method” at the time, and I recall he asked Lowe what the value of his current Back-End product was.
    The reply was, as far as I can remember, somewhere in the region of £600-£800
    Not bad for those days!
    A little later in the session the question was raised regarding refunds etc.
    Both speakers seemed less than keen to talk in detail about this subject, but the inference was that refunds were a necessary evil in order to generate confidence in the buyer, but don’t make in too easy for the punter to claw money back.
    Their attitude being that most punters wanted something for nothing, so beware!!
    Reynolds then told a story as a warning to us all.
    He said there was a vendor currently selling a product and he was offering a 12 month refund period.
    “Can you believe that….12 months!!” he said, “Of course you know what’s going to happen don’t you…his clients will use the Product for 11 months 3 weeks and then ask for a refund!!”
    “Absolutely!!” smirked Lowe.
    And they both chortled merrily and offered their opinion as to what a sap he was.
    However, some of us attendees, talking about this later, took a somewhat different view.
    We felt that anyone who had the belief and confidence in their product to offer such a refund deal, would gain the trust of their clients.
    So, who was right?

  11. gerry747 says:

    zagger- very interesting!

  12. Tim Lowe says:


    The only word for that is b***ocks.

    You’ve seen me offer 12 month guarantees plenty of times, I think you either mis-remembered or made it up.

    BTW of course refunds are a necessary evil, do you think ANY company LIKES giving money back, would you?

    As I recall you are some kind of building surveyor or engineer, how would you enjoy this kind of gratuitous and snide commentary on everything you did, by largely uninformed sceptics? I suspect it would upset you, as it does me.

    gerry747 – fair enough re S Davidson!!!! as for heavy, has nobody here noticed I lost weight!! 🙂

  13. hubo says:

    Just wonder if there are many good reviews for any of his products?

    I think he sold more stuff, before internet forums. I remember looking at him and Andrew Reynolds and nearly
    paid dearly. But decided to spend a fortune on expensive
    financial trading systems ………and paid dearly !!!!

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