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| July 19, 2011 | 3 Replies

Product Name: The Trading Eye

Author: The Trading Eye Team

Company Name & Contact Details:


It’s Time To Approach Betfair From A Completely Different Angle. You Are About To Profit So Easily That It’s Going To Feel Illegal.

Price: £34.00 plus £6.80 Tax

Money Back Guarantee: 100% Money Back Guarantee Within 60 days.

What Do You Get?

– A fully downloadable 33 page manual in pdf format with full instructions as to the workings of the system. This is well written and makes excellent use of screenshots including betting screens relating to Betfair horse racing.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

The Trading Eye System, as the name implies involves trading on the betting Exchanges. Those not familiar with this type of betting need not worry as a Betfair beginners guide is included by the author explaining everything from top to bottom.

What’s It All About?

It is a trading system which presents a unique opportunity to profit in a consistent and systematic way.

Trading is a process which can literally guarantee profits if we carry out the correct procedures at the correct times. This system and manual aims to grant all users the ability to learn such procedures and make profits.

One of the main differences in this system is that this system is more mechanical than other trading systems, and this will be clearly demonstrated once the user begins to be familiar with the instructions within this well presented package.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

The author advises a small bank of only £50.00 which will be ample to get started.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Nothing quoted but if the author’s claims are correct then this does look capable of producing profits.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

There are thirty three pages of manual to work through with instructions and illustrations to absorb. Once this has been done to satisfaction, then all trading can begin immediately.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

This involves trading on the Betting Exchanges so a PC with Internet and Wireless connection will be required along with an open account with either Betfair or any similar exchange.

Value For Money? 

At £40.80 this looks to be in line with similar systems currently on the market and for what it is capable of performing, it looks to be reasonably priced.

Quality Of Customer Service? 

All emails and queries have been dealt with on a very swift basis. Very satisfied initially and also the system is covered with a sixty day guarantee.

Midpoint Report 16/08/2011

Imagine for one moment that you have found a system where you no longer live in fear of placing bets and you are so confident about the workings of this system, this keeps you returning over and over again to Betfair in order to secure further profit.

Well this is indeed the bold claim made by the Trading Eye team on behalf of their latest product to hit the market.

As the very name suggests this system involves trading on the Betting Exchanges and if you are not familiar with this type of trading, then this is probably not for you.

The author claims that he discovered something that ninety nine percent of people overlook whilst using these exchanges and to his knowledge he does not know of anyone using similar techniques.

The actual system is claimed to take only a matter of minutes to find the named selections and there are absolutely no form guides required whatsoever.

The manual comes in a thirty three page fully downloadable pdft format and it is very well written and presented.

The author makes excellent use of various screenshots including betting screens relating to the Betfair interface and his full and well covered instructions describe his unique approach to trading on the exchanges.

The cost of this system for those intending to purchase is fairly reasonable and for around forty pounds the manual and secrets of the system can be yours and should render a lifetime of service.

It is a trading system which presents a unique opportunity to profit in a consistent and systematic way.

One of the main differences in this system is that it is more mechanical than most other trading systems, and this will be clearly demonstrated once the user begins to be familiar with the instructions within this well presented package.

As far as working the actual system is concerned I found it took a little time to get used to the detailed instructions and just what to look for, but once the initial tangled web had left me, it became easier to navigate oneself through the maze of Betfair screens.

I also feel that the author’s claim of taking only two minutes per selection is a bit off the mark, as I found it did require a lot longer than that to arrive at any backing or laying decision.

The actual system ensures that with the correct back and lay scenario if the horse wins then we as system users win also whilst if the selection should lose we all end up all square as we started.

There is a suggestion that a hedge calculator could be used and a help link points us in that direction where although it costs us more to lay the selection, we end up as winners even if the horse loses.

So as the half way mark of this trial approached I had monitored a total of forty seven selections of which twelve of these were outright winners and the remaining thirty five were losers and gave us an all square position.

The strike rate was 25.53% and this gave us an overall profit of 53.58 points using £5.00 stakes, which in turn equated to 10.72 points as our profit margin.

The longest run without a winner was eight whilst the longest winning run was three and could be deemed satisfactory at this point in time.

Not an easy system to run, and there could be complications with great care and attention being required at all times.

I definitely think this has potential and I shall be eager to return to the second half of the trial hoping that the quest for further profit continues in a similar trend.

Number Of Selections = 47
Number Of Winners = 12
Number Of All Square = 35
Strike Rate = 25.53%
Longest All Square Run = 8
Longest Winning Run = 3
Overall Profit/Loss = £53.58 using £5.00 Stakes
Equates to a profit of = 10.72 points.

You can see a full breakdown of my results so far here:

The Trading Eye Midpoint Report

Conclusion 31/08/2011

The very title of this system appears to suggest a hint of an Oriental background or something direct from the movie screens of the Indiana Jones movies where we have a host of action within every film frame.

Well perhaps some of this is true as there is certainly a fair proportion of action involved in the use of this system which comes direct from the Trading Eye team who have diligently put all this together.

At a cost of forty pounds eighty pence including tax this package is not exactly overpriced and comes in a fully downloadable thirty three page manual.

This is very well written and presented with some really good screenshots of Betfair transactions and with clear and well defined instructions.

At this point there is no use in disguising the fact that this is one of those trading systems which hit the markets from time to time, and unless you are fully acquainted with trading on the exchanges then this one may present a problem for many.

There is no doubt about this as it is a trading system which presents a unique opportunity to profit in a really consistent manner.

One of the main differences is that this system is far more mechanical than other similar trading systems, and this will be clearly demonstrated once the user begins to be more familiar with the methodology contained within the pages of the manual.

The author goes on to say that it took many frustrating days of analyzing the exchanges trying to discover something different that could turn consistently into profits.

He eventually discovered something that was completely different yet so easy and simple in approach, he wondered why it had never been thought of on previous occasions.

It is very true to say that once the user is familiar with the whole working process, they will find that it is a fairly straight forward system to use and I am sure there will be little room for complaint.

I would also hasten to say that I disagreed with the author’s comments when he stated that it took only two minutes per selection, I often found that I was wandering around on a number of occasions and it definitely took a lot longer than that to follow exactly what was going on and when.

What was a little irritating was the fact that in this back and lay scenario the final selection was not always the winner and with an overall strike rate of around 25.00% there were many instances where it was an all square situation with no loss and no win.

I realize that a hedging calculator could have been employed and for those interested in this type of wager I have input the stake required and the outcome, in the attached spreadsheet.

So at the end of this period of observation I had witnessed a total of ninety nine selections of which twenty three duly obliged and the other seventy six ended as an all square scenario.

This presented us with a lowly strike rate of 23.23% which once again was also in line with that at the half way stage.

The longest all square run was eight whilst the longest winning run was five and this yielded an overall profit of £80.08 using five pound stakes which equates to 16.02 points using the advised stakes.

This is quite a decent system for those who love trading and fully understand the intricacies when trading on the exchanges.

For those a little less adventurous it is still worth consideration and probably some time familiarizing oneself with the workings of the system.

There is money to be made here with a little care and diligence and of course a little patience. It is not a get rich overnight scenario here, but one that could be rewarding at the end of the day.

Number Of Selections = 99
Number Of Winners = 23
Number Of All Square = 76
Strike Rate = 23.23%
Longest All Square Run = 8
Longest Winning Run = 5
Overall Profit/Loss = £80.08 using £5 stakes.
Equates to 16.02 points profit using these stakes.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here.

The Trading Eye Results


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  1. calde says:

    Ok guess I will be the first one making a comment for this will start by admitting I’ve only used this system once (which resulted in a loss) and i have asked for a refund today, and i brought it this morning – let me explain why, because its not because of the loss… You ready for it? because it as I suspected has nothing to do with any kind of loophole and if this guy has spent years of figuring this out – I really feel sorry for him, I wish I could info. you guys what the systematics of this system is, so you could see how bad it is.. Its like this – if the price on betfair is different from this site bet that betfair will get in line with this site!! Ok stop right there – so its actually just a guess that the price will go to that price.. Here I thought betfair more or less represented the real value of a punt, but apperently not, just looking at where some tipster think the price should go, tells me more than the 1000 of people, some insiders even setting the betfair market price..

  2. banksouth says:

    Sorry, Calde, but what you are saying does not come across clearly. In fact – not intending to be impolite, as I am sure you are trying to be helpful – but your comments are as clear as mud!
    Could you explain your experience a little better, please? I understand most about betting, about backing and laying on the exchanges, and backing on other online bookies’ sites, yet cannot follow your point about guessing price movements.

  3. banksouth says:

    Ok – just checked a bit late in the day!!! is no longer online.

    How do I get this system, admin, please?

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