The Inside Rail Review

| June 26, 2012 | 12 Replies

Product Name: The Inside Rail

Author: Rob (Surname Unknown)

Company Name & Contact Details: 
The Inside Rail,
102 Albion Street,


Use All Four Services Which Have Been Extremely Profitable In The Long Term.

Price: £35 for each service or £75 for all four services. This is a monthly subscription fee.

Money Back Guarantee: This is for services provided so no refund policy in operation.

What Do You Get?

– Separate services including Form Guru, Gold Service, Pro Punt and Lay Service, all these are £35 each per month unless subscribing to the full service where you get all four for the reduced price of £75 for each full month.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

The Inside Rail is a tipping service which sends out various selections on a daily basis whenever information is at hand. Some are backing services and the others are laying services depending on which of the services have been purchased.

What’s It All About?

The Form Guru bases his selections on value and all selections are backed as straight win or each way. The Gold Service is based on contacts and close connections and contains six to eight bets per week. The pro Punt service provides selections aimed at the serious punter and amounts to around eight to ten bets per week. The Lay Service provides selections through the many negative reports received through trainer reports and this often results in a very high strike rate. There is a big saving when all four services are purchased.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

Nothing quoted but perhaps a small bank of around £300 would be enough to get started.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The form Guru and The Gold Service alone have each made over 400 points profit over the past twelve months.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

All betting activities can be commenced directly upon receipt of the first advice into the inbox.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

A PC with internet connection and an account open with Betfair or similar will be required for the lay bets. All other bets can be either placed online or at any local bookmaker.

Value For Money:

In these early stages this looks value for money.

Quality Of Customer Service? 

Appears to be well organized and there have been few problems.

Midpoint Report 06/07/2012

I believe that this is a fairly new tipping service as I have not seen this on the Internet until recently so it does look as if it is in a settling in period. The service is very aptly named as The Inside Rail which I assume is due to the fact that they are based in Cheltenham, so one would think that this outfit should have their finger on the button in relation to top notch selections.

We only have the name of Rob as being the author but one would think that there is a racing team involved here. The Inside Rail offers four services to all subscribers which include Form Guru, Gold Service, Pro Punt and the Lay service and these all come at a cost of thirty five pounds per month to those interested. If all four services are taken on the monthly basis there is a substantial reduction at only £75.00 saving you a massive £65.00 for the whole bunch.

The Form Guru bases his selections on value and all selections can be backed as straight win or each way bets.

The Gold Service is based on close market contacts and connections within the racing world and is supposed to contain six to eight bets per week but as yet I have only experienced six actual bets coming through within this two week period.

Once again the Pro Punt Service is supposed to deliver eight to ten selections per week aimed at the serious punter, yet this has in fact only produced one solitary up to this midpoint period.

Finally there is the Lay Service which provides selections which are often the results of poor trainer reports and these are supposed to yield a very high strike rate.

Unfortunately there must have been some better reports filtering through as at the time of writing this review there has only been two advices received which in turn gives little chance of any higher than usual strike rate.

All together this has been very largely a disappointing exercise with the number of advices received certainly not in line with that which was advertised a few short weeks ago.

The chain of communication does not appear to be one of their strong points either, as I have attempted to contact the author on a number of occasions with little response and apparently all e-mails appear to have been completely ignored.

As for the results well I will leave you to judge these as per the statistics which follow and these provide very few crumbs of comfort for the readers. So as the curtain lowered on this Midpoint period of observation I had actually witnessed the following position on all four services:-

Number Of Selections               52                              6                      1                            2
Number Of Winners                   13                              1                      0                            1
Number Of Losers                      39                              5                     1                             1
Strike Rate                                    25%                          20%                0%                         50%
Longest Losing Run                   5                                4                      1                            1
Longest Winning Run                 2                                1                      0                            1
Overall Loss – Points                 0.80                          11.50              2.00                     0.88

As you can see by the foregoing this does not exactly make happy reading when all four services show losses over the monitoring period and the position will have to improve vastly if we are to witness a service that one can recommend.

There is only the Form Guru where some form of judgement can be assumed as the Gold Service is really short of around a dozen selections or so, with the Pro Punt down by sixteen selections from that stated in their sales literature.

This is really poor so please do not go and subscribe to this until we begin to see positive results – if any!

You can see individual results for each service here:

Form Guru Results

Gold Service Results

Lay Service Results

Pro Punt Results

Conclusion 24/07/2012

I have really been pondering for a fair while now on just what constructive comments I could make on this collective bunch of tipping services currently being forwarded to subscribers by this Cheltenham based outfit.

I have scratched my head and racked my brains and to be quite honest there is not a lot of positives which can be clearly taken from that which I have patiently monitored over the past month or so.

Even at the Midpoint stage I had indicated that this group of four services offered by Inside Rail were indeed struggling and heading for the rocks and unless some form of miracle worker came along and cast a spell, then it looked to be a picture of doom and gloom.

The author, known only as Rob, appears to be at the helm but I suspect there are a number of contacts around in the Cheltenham area particularly which are capable of passing on some useful information.

All four services: Form Guru; Gold Service; Lay Service and Pro Punt come at a cost of thirty five pounds for monthly subscription and if all four services are purchased as a group, then there is a massive discount and this will then cost seventy five pounds per month for the whole package.

So this does not exactly come as a cheap means to anyone wishing to avail themselves of these services. I really think that the most annoying part of the exercise is the fact that there were so many days when there were no selections coming through at all and it must have been absolutely frustrating if anyone had actually taken out a subscription for these services.

I suppose it is fair to say at this stage that the Form Guru did give some value for money by the number of selections actually provided but sadly although the selections increased, the number of winners decreased and the overall position at the end of the day was a horrendous loss of 55.27 points using advised stakes.

The Gold Service only provided twelve selections over the whole period with twenty four days yielding no selections whatsoever and with only a twenty five percent strike rate this ended with a small loss of 2.50 points using advised stakes.

The Lay Service was again a complete waste of time and energy as only four selections were provided during the whole period, although there were three lay winners out of the four and a small gain of 1.12 points using level stakes was attained here.

Lastly there was the Pro Punt which was supposed to be the cream of the selections and supposedly should have been some top notch information from their Market sources. Once again for some unknown reason we had three selections received during the monitoring process and these proved once again to be runners which appear to be still running yet. Three selections with three losers and a loss overall of six points using advised stakes.

On reflection a pretty miserable performance and probably one of the worse I have ever encountered. I also had communications problems and found that this was not one of their innermost strengths. So as this final conclusion period drew to a close I had actually witnessed the following position against all four services:-

No.Of Selections =                  126                  12                              4                             3
No.Of Winners =                      24                     3                               3                              0
No.Of Losers =                        102                   9                               1                              3
Strike Rate =                             19.05%           25.00%                   75.00%                  0.00%
Longest Losing Run =            12                    4                               1                               3
Longest Winning Run =          2                      1                               2                               0
Overall Profit/Loss Pts            -55.27            -2.50                        +1.12                       -6.00
Non Runners =                          2                     0                                0                              0
Withdrawn =                               2                     0                                0                              0
Days without Selections =     10                   24                              32                           34

All in all this is hardly an awe inspiring set of results and they have been given every opportunity to improve, without success sadly. I therefore cannot recommend this service in any way and it is indeed so sad to experience results of such poor standing. One to miss I’m afraid.

You can see individual results for each service here:

Form Guru Results

Gold Service Results

Lay Service Results

Pro Punt Results 


New Review February 2014:

The author contacted us with a request that we update the review as he felt the original one coincided with a particularly poor period for the service and was thus not truly representative of the potential.

Tips are advised by email with separate ones for each element of the service. Normally these are received in the hour or so before racing starts and incorporate a summary of the thinking behind most of the selections. No lay bets have been received so far in the trial.

The majority of tips are seen for the Form Guru service and after an excellent early spell things have fallen off a little – not uncommon across the board on the tipster front at the present time – but is still showing a small profit. The ROI for this element is 3.11% which will be a little disappointing I expect.

The Pro Punt bets are few and far between (4 so far) and have all lost.

The Gold service is the main contributor at the present time with an ROI of 33.62% which if maintained is very good indeed. There have been 15 bets here with 8 returning cash to the bank.

When amalgamated we have seen 136 runners in the trial and 28 have produced some cash. The bank is in profit by just 6 points having peaked at plus 54 twice. With a good winner on day 1 the bank has not been in deficit at any point.

This is a friendly service with every effort being made to achieve good results for clients.

It would seem that the Gold service is the one to go for at present but we will continue to monitor and update members in March.

You can see a breakdown of our new results here:

The Inside Rail Results

Update 30/4/2014:

We have come to the end of our review and overall the picture has been mixed. At times a good profit has been seen and then a downwards swing has seen the bank in deficit. The Gold Service has moved from profit to loss while the main event, Form Guru has produced a profit, albeit at a small ROI of 3.36%. There was even 1 lay advised, which naturally won and is the difference between the loss shown of 11 points and the bank being just in profit before subscriptions are factored in. The combined performance is 473 runners with 90 cash returners – a strike rate of 19%. Full details can be seen in the spreadsheet.

There is no doubt that a great deal of effort goes into producing the services and the poor customer service comments on the thread do surprise me. That said the judgement call is whether the service is producing a worthwhile return and in some 3 ½ months this has not been sustained.

You can see a breakdown of our new results here:

The Inside Rail Results


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Comments (12)

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  1. beamer says:

    Do not try this service, I joined on a free trial they send selections no probs but when the free trial ended I tried to cancel but nobody responded and proceeded to withdraw £35 per month without my permision, total taken £105. The only way I could stop it I stopped my card. Leave alone.

  2. henrik7 says:

    Re Inside Rail

    I think you’re review was unbalanced.I’ve been with I/Rail on and off for several years with many big priced winners (6 this week)and placed horses.Given that he goes for biggish prices there will be some losing runs but not for long.In 2 years there has only been 2 losing months and there’s a free 1 month trial.

    p.s 6 bets today 2 wins 16/1& 8/1

  3. alanhere says:

    henrik can you give more info on profits so far??please,interested

  4. jaymee says:

    I too as the chap above have tried to cancel but they ignore all emails to cancel. My advice is to stay well clear of these people and their system. Money review also needs looking at putting their name to this system does them no credit.
    J Davies

  5. Peter2 says:

    @jaymee I read the MMR review as saying the service should be avoided?

  6. JohnU says:

    @jaymee – like Peter2 i am at a loss to understand your comment. Isn’t the Review itself enough to put anyone off?

  7. barolo42 says:

    @jaymee – I’m with the two above comments. MMR’s review
    is perfectly clear – avoid ! Suggest you re-read the review.
    This service has been around for quite a while now.I have had a lot of emails from them saying I could have a
    month’s trial -just cancel when payment is due. However,
    with some research I found requests to cancel were ignored and funds were taken from their card.
    Also their customer service is terrible , as the review

  8. jaymee says:

    I have apologised to more money review I totally had the wrong end of the stick.
    After posting my comments and cancelling my card the inside rail managed to take £65 on 16th Feb and Then another £75 on the 18th feb. I have a new card now so all should go back to normal. Once again my apologies More Money Review.

  9. scobie says:

    I have also had the same taken from my bank account by recurring direct debits.
    I had to contact the bank to sort this out my advice is to stay well alone from this outfit.

  10. jasonnic says:

    Same here they just continue to take money once you cancel request a Chargeback from you card issuer

  11. james583 says:

    I had exactly the same problem – paid, cancelled, money still taken from account. I am not going to reveal any details here but if you enter the Inside Rail domain name into the WHOIS lookup site you will be able to find the surname of ‘Rob’ and his address albeit at a PO box number. My research showed that this is very much a one man outfit and when I let it be known that I knew his surname and address a refund eventually came through.

    Prior to this I was getting nonsensical responses to my emails saying things like ‘What email address did you use to cancel?’ or ‘I’ve got no record of your cancelling’ etc. This character follows the same path with everybody it seems.

  12. ccfc1965 says:

    Firstly, apologies to anyone that has had any problems with The Inside Rail.

    I’d just like to say that cancellation requests are NEVER ignored. Yes some emails get missed, it is the nature of email, some never arrive and others end up in the SPAM folder, but they are never ignored. Whenever a mistake has been made a refund has ALWAYS been given.

    Things obviously need to be streamlined and this is something I am working on currently. We generally have anywhere from 20-40 people on a free trial each month and only a handful of people have ever had a problem, so it is a very small percentage of subscribers.

    We also offer a free 30 day trial via Paypal –

    This way the account is 100% within your own control and you can cancel it yourself at any time. We have been running for 15 years now and we wouldn’t have lasted that long should we take to underhand tactics to gain subscriptions. We don’t need to, the service makes a long-term profit.

    Anyone that has had any problems can contact me at and I will sort it out for you.

    Once again apologies to anyone that has been affected, we are a genuine, honest service and one of the few out there that does actually make a profit.


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