Surewin Racing Club Review

| January 7, 2010 | 31 Replies

Product Name: Surewin Racing Club

Product Author: Bernard Hibbert and Peter Stavers

Company Name & Contact Details:

Surewin Racing Club
South Yorkshire
S71 1YR


Tired of Over Priced Subscription Services?

Need a tip for today?

Our messages are accurate, clear and absolutely waffle-free!

Price: £40 per month membership.

What You’ll Get:

You get access to 25-30 tipster services online plus 5-10 systems each month, access to back catalogue of about 1000 systems and 30% discount off most offers.

Money Back Guarantee:

No mention of a money back guarantee on the site

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Surewin are a relay service. Which means they take a subscription to high priced horse tipster services and pass on the tips to you at a fraction of the cost. Sounds great, but read on to discover the dangers behind this service.

What’s It All About?

There are so many horse tipster services available and many of them pricey and you never know beforehand if they are successful.

Surewin give you access to up to 30 of the country’s tipsters for a fraction of the cost.

When you join you get phone listings for each of the services. These are not premium rate lines but lower cost and you get straight through to the action and can hear the selections from the top tipsters.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

No experience necessary. Just call the lines and get the information cheaper than you could obtain direct from the tipster themselves.

How Much Can You Win?

Relay services don’t claim that you can win money from them directly. But they know that many tipsters are profitable and they take their information and sell it on.

They make no claims themselves and all the possible winnings are implied.

You join a relay service so that you save money as you pay them £500 a year but get access to up to 30 tipsters who themselves charge this much to join.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

If you take the phone line route then you can get the selections and place your bets inside 30 minutes. That’s if you listen to each of the phone lines. This is highly unlikely and I would think you’d just concentrate on one or two tipsters.

Surewin don’t record how each tipster is doing or give you any guidance on what you should do about staking. They purely take tipster information and pass it on to you.


Most people want to make money from horse racing but are often put off by dodgy tipsters or the high costs involved in joining the services.

Surewin subscribe to all the tipster services so that you don’t have to and then pass all that information across so you only have to hold the one subscription, the one to Surewin.

Sounds great doesn’t it.  You get all the top tipsters but at a fraction of the cost

By now you must be wondering what the catch is.

Surewin control some of the tipsters and it’s been suggested that they provide different members with different tips.

You get no comeback. If the tipsters you follow don’t work then you can’t complain to the tipster or anyone else, Surewin will claim it’s not their responsibility that you hit 20 losers in a row.  They are the middle man.

They charge a hefty fee for you to join and actually don’t do much work for that payment.

I’d avoid using Surewin purely because you can’t be certain that they are impartial or providing the correct information. And mainly because you are paying £500 a year with no comeback or guarantee.


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  1. Clive Elliott says:

    I subscribed a few years back. There is no analysis of tipsters to see who is good and who is bad. Like a lot of these relay services they take the trials that tipsters offer and pass them onto you.

    If a couple of people subscribe to a particular service they are in profit. Whilst they have a range of tipsters that they have been using for years there is no check on how they get on.

    I would’nt go near this lot if I were you.If anyone has used or if a review could be done here of Newbury Racing Club (another relay service) I would be very interested in your experiences and results.

  2. George says:

    Yeah got another Surewin mailshot this week.

    Pushing this rely service. Sounds genuine until you read the real inside scoop.

    thanks guys.

    Does anyone know anything about their system – Gamekeeper turned poacher? I suspect rubbish but the idea seemed sound.

  3. mark says:

    this is a good and inform service, you get a monthly letter with new systems, tipsters reviews etc. you can try loads of different services to see if they work, e.g why pay £120 a month for henry rix when you can get it for a fraction of the cost here????

  4. dave says:

    i purchased a system from surewin called the pathfinder.i have followed it since 08/05/10,it boasted of 8-10 points profit per month,as of 21/6/10 i am -7 points down.

  5. Tony McCoy says:

    Pathfinder is a path for finding cash in your pocket wallet and placing it in theirs!

  6. Johnny B says:

    I learnt many years ago to avoid anyone offering horse tips and now find my own!…i just had 8 winners from 14 bets at Goodwood..57% strike rate including an 8-1 and 16-1 winner! an enormous profit on turnover.I picked the horses myself using my daily newspaper and using a simple system i use year round.DO NOT USE ANY TIPSTERS PICK YOUR OWN SYSTEM,WRITE ALL BETS IN A DEBIT/CREDIT LOG,AND WORK OUT YOUR PROFIT/LOSS LIKE ANY OTHER BUSINESS WOULD

  7. Martin says:

    George you are right, Gamekeeper Turns Poacher is rubbish. Mark Layton the author claims no losing months for 5 years. First 2 months I did it, guess what? Yes, both months lost.

  8. thorners says:

    Tried gamekeeper turned poacher, not many selections and after a month gave up as it was in loss. The theory sounded ok but it didn’t work in practice. So far as Pathfinder is concerned I think it’s favourites – based, in which case why not use it as a lay system as shorter prices mean lower liabilities?

  9. barrie k says:

    i joined surewin some years ago stayed with them for 6 months @ £20. per month the systems were old ones and u/s. the tips must have been there own why i & mates joined edward knights xmas tips cost us £90.00 the fist two days tips one 4/1 & 6/1 GREAT DAY THEN THE 15TH OF THE DECEMBER SUREWIN race club news came and behold e.knights xmas tip line was on there i was gutted so that day i phoned both what came next was a shock the tips were not the same at all the next 27 days same again so i stoped the d/debit so how many were real tipsters? ps the rest of e.knights tips i just broke even.

  10. Paul Reynolds says:

    I’m not a big horse race backer, when I do have a bet on the horses (2/3 times a week), it’s to do a placepot perm. I log in to These guys are pretty good, giving their top 3 horses in each race at all the days meetings. Pick your own horses from any of the choices they make and you should be in profit more than you lose. Another good site to visit is Both of these sites are FREE. I’ve been doing placepot perms using these services for over a year now, and I’m well up. The good thing about placepots is, you’re not lining the bookies pockets either, if you lose, the money goes to other punters.

  11. Graham says:

    If any of the tipsters were any good, you would only need one. If you spread your bets over multiple tipsters, you would only dilute your winnings when you do win. I think the same thing applies to systems you work out yourself. Test them all using paper trading, and when you find one that works, stick with it.

  12. Cliff Bee says:

    I was a member for a couple of years but could not mmake any cash – bought their “good as gold” system and it was useless. I have a feeling they are connected with Sportsworld Publishing of Doncaster who are constantly flogging super systems at £95 a throw which do not work…….stick to Sporting Life where all the info is available free.

  13. chris says:

    I see that Surewin charge £40 a month now; their service, which I was a member of years ago, is reliable but many of the systems and tipsters are poor and to be avoided. You need knowledge of the sport to benefit, following blindly is the route to an empty bank account.

  14. wants says:

    Surewin and SportsWorldPubishing are the lights sucking-in the addicted fireflies within the prolific world of online gambling scams through the model of stealth thievery through multiplicity of choice. A gamble in its perfect form realises no loss nor gain whereas within the imperfect world, a long term ROI of 5% is the reality for the stats model and should you be privy to cheating and scamming, that’s where the real money is. Anyone who is able justify, oka being guilty, that gambling works is working on the going nowhere real saviourship-worshipper platform. Honest gambling only works when you are able to leave the table when the bank is up, timing being the reality and not time, the heart of all matter being the timing/frequency and not its time. Gambling is an addiction and addicition is the wanton desire to repeat because of a fundamental lack of reality, oka ownership issues.

  15. john says:

    thanks for showing up these people for what they
    are,I’ve bought systems from them over the years
    all rubbish or to complicated to work,but like many others I was looking for the impossible you
    are better off picking your own horses and the
    only thing I would say given the amount of racing
    there is to specialise.

  16. spireman says:

    I joined Surewin in january for a £20 trial month and a £40 monthly direct debit thereafter.
    After inital concern due to the slow administration I was sent a hefty starter pack, well worth the £20. Lots of systems and advice plus two newsletters and access to the website and all the tipsters that they subscribe to.

    If anything there is too much information and too many tipsters and without careful study and prudent betting it is a sure shortcut to the poor house. However, I can confirm that the tips given are the genuine article as I subscribe to some of them and checked that the same advice is given. they do not provide access to all the top tipsters but you do get edward Knight, Pricewise and pricewise extra, timeform , Gemstone and willie McFarlane along with a number of their own successful system bets such as Solitaire,Foorball line and system line. All members are automatically entered into the surewin lottery syndicate and the 50 lines are shown in the monthly newsletter.
    I did feel that the service was not for me as I do not have the time to manage all the info provided and I cancelled my DD. However due to the wonderfully slow admin I have received the February and March newsletters and system packs.
    If you want to subscribe to an expensive tipster or receive lots of professional tips then this is the service for you. Out of the 21 tipsters provided for March only 7 are in profit. Not as bad as it is being painted and probably ideal for a novice.

  17. frank says:

    Not involved in surewin but was involved in Newbury Racing formally Goldline and i find they are all the same.The number of times they offer new services from people we have never heard of proves it is themselves just conning us.I find AT THE RACES website just as good.

  18. Surewin DELETED BY MODERATOR charge you far to much over the odd’s for systems that quite frankly may or not work – you can get most of there systems at for less than a fiver instead of the prices they charge £75 +

  19. babycat says:

    surewin charge £75 for every system they sell.Then they put the selections from the system on the telephone service for their members.I can guarantee that in all the years i have been a member the system is dropped after about 3 months due to heavy losses. every system that they sell is formulated from back results.

  20. tom42 says:

    “Surewin DELETED BY MODERATOR” – SHOCK! HORROR! read all about it!!

  21. MMR Reviewer says:

    The three comments above do not bear any resemblance to my experience of the Surewin Racing Club. The summary by Spireman in March 2011 is much closer to reality and as he says information overload is likely to be the biggest problem. One of the tipping services available (approx 20 in all) would have paid your sub for the last 2 months and you still have all the other systems available free as a member if you want to try them. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea but used with care could well be a little goldmine.

  22. babycat says:

    all i was saying was name me any system sold by SUREWIN or given away free to members which shows a PROFIT.

  23. rocketken123 says:

    All I can say is Surewin, Racing inv club, sports world all have a very large selection of systems or services to pick from and they all promote the ones that are doing best at the time.

  24. MMR Reviewer says:

    In the last 3 months there have been 4 tipping lines that have showed a profit each month, and of the current tipping lines 11 have shown a profit since they have been available. Calculated at SP and 1 point stakes.
    MMR has started looking at some of their systems to see if they have potential and we will report on these as completed. If you would like any particular one checked out then just use the request form at the foot of the page.

  25. babycat says:

    from my notes the only tipping lines worth following are outsiders and longshots along with willie mcfarland( nh only ).The tipping line described as SPECIAL BETS copies the bets given out by HUGH TAYLOR on the ATTHERACES website.

  26. Barry73 says:

    At the moment Predator is a system from Surewin
    and makes a profit.


  27. mcnicholas says:

    are surewin assosiated with SPORTS WORLD publishing.
    another mob full of empty promises.

  28. bignick33 says:


    I have bought one or two of surewin`s systems and i have lost with both. Don`t pay for tips work them out for yourself it is alot cheaper and lots of fun.
    Surewin do do a free tipping service that i do most days and i have found that i do show a small profit. But don`t pay for them as you will not get your cost money back.

  29. gazza2008 says:

    Is Surewin Still going

  30. irishrover says:

    Still going as a relay service, with occasional tips of their own, but PayPal have recently stopped dealing with them.

  31. zayats says:

    I’ve been a member of Surewin for the last couple of years.
    I’ve been very happy with the service I have received and I’m not sure why anyone would give them a negative review as I know Roger who runs Surewin is happy to give 100% no obligation free trials to anyone interested in subscribing.

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