Steve Smith Eccles Inner Circle Review

| February 15, 2011 | 13 Replies

Product Name: Steve Smith Eccles Inner Circle

Author: Steve Smith-Eccles

Company Name & Contact Details:
Agora Lifestyles
Codestorm House,
Walton Road,
PO6 1TR.


Retired Champion Hurdle Jockey shares his racing experience and professional insight to help you pocket tax-free profits of £221, £88 or even £442 every single month…

“It’s taken untold pub-lunches, pleading phone calls and long drives out to Newmarket – but he’s finally agreed.”

Price:  £397

Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

What Do You Get?

– Downloadable user guide
– Tips sent daily by SMS & Email
– Weekly email updates

Where To Buy: No longer operating.

Brief Summary:

Steve Smith Eccles Inner Circle by Steve Smith-Eccles is a simple and straight-forward horse betting tips service. The smallest odds you’ll ever be advised on are 6/4, so no odds-on selections. Bets will either be to win or each way.

Review – 21-04-11

A quick update on this one.  

I’ve been following from the start because as a racing fan I though someone as well known as Steve might be able to deliver some good results.

His sales letter was fair and unlike a lot of tipsters his staking seemed at sensible levels of just £10 or £25 a go.  Many other tipsters sell their services at £100 or £200 staking levels which in my mind is misleading.

But from my reckoning this service just isn’t working at the moment. Which is a shame because as for horse tipping services go, this one seemed very honest.

Obviously anyone who knows much about horses will know that Steve Smith Eccles is a well known name and face around the industry.

As a successful jockey he made quite a name for himself a few years ago and was held in high regard.   With over 800 winning runs under his belt, he certainly knew how to ride a winner but could he tip one? 

I thought I’d see how this panned out. 

Checking the sales letter claims, that to £50 stakes you’d make about £442 each month.  So I asked for some verification of these numbers and got proof of selections given and was able to check the prices matched.  Everything was above board as far as the published track record went..

So for the period shown in the sales letter from July 2010 to January 2011 it does seem that this happened, for £10 stakes you’d have been making about £88 a month profit.

I started monitoring the service towards the back end of February 2011 but to be fair I started my record at the start of a new month.

March down 7 points

And April to the 17th is down 17 points

I queried the recent track record and have been given a 30 day extension to membership as they are confident the recent run will be turned around.

The good thing about this service is that you get a complete 90 day trial so if you cancelled it doesn’t cost you anything to try it. 

Of course during any trial period I always suggest you paper trade until you are confident in results.

Sadly this one has got off to a bad start and only time will tell if the performance can be turned around.  I will keep looking at the results and seeing if things improve now that we are more into the flat season.


Quick update 9th May:     April finished down 12 pts, May until 8th is down 11 pts.


Next update scheduled for 20th May 2011

Full review to follow soon. In the meantime, if you have tried this service we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.


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Comments (13)

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  1. chris potterton says:

    Not the best of starts! 7 bets, 1 placed(ew), 1 win and 5 lost, leaving us 3pts down after 5 days, though good effort from royal tune, carruthers and listenlook in defeat. Heres hoping things pick up.

  2. chris potterton says:

    This service is having a bad run at present, the last 8 bets all losers, and now 10 pts down, at present difficult to see how this will be turned around.

  3. peter2 says:

    Now being offered with quarterly payment option. Apparently SSE has been involved with tipping in the past and was not altogether successful.

  4. Gordon says:

    You would have thought after backing horses for 45
    years and encountering scores of tipsters (some very good I might add)I would be immune to them. Not so. Stupidly I bought into the Steve Smith Eccles service convinced by betting rant. The horses tipped are un-inspired
    short priced selections probably picked in 5 minutes from the racing post and after only 10 days mostly losers. My advice back pricewise and lay lay of day in the post.

  5. Rugby Trader says:

    I signed up and started getting tips on the 3rd.

    My results for last week are that i’m 4.25 points down.

    i’m only playing with very small money while i test it out.

  6. bluiboy says:

    Any updates on this service, I am being bombarded with emails to join this service from all angles, only the reviews so far do not look woth spending the money. As it is endorsed by Agora I would have though it would be performing a little better!

  7. chris potterton says:

    Another dissapointing run today. Clowance house was hampered but that made no difference as he faded tamely. 13.25 points down since 17th feb, most bets short priced favs that fail to deliver. My advice – steer well clear!

  8. wayne says:

    Does anyone have a spreadsheet that you keep your bets on that works out your winnings/losses?

    Im useless with computers but if anyone could forward me a excel spreadsheet with the formulas in I would be very grateful


  9. Magocks says:

    I have joined this service also but because of the bad run I want to cancel my trial. I have sent an email to shortcut bulletin to cancel but I have not heard any reply. Has anyone tried to cancel their subscription yet?

  10. wayne says:

    Just got to say thanks to Jack and Peter for sorting me out a spreadsheet and within a day too of my request

    Fantastic service and thanks again guys it was greatly appreciated

  11. laurie says:

    I tried it from 17th feb to 15th march,ended up 31 points down and £1187 out of pocket betting £50 per point usually,occasionally only 30-40point as i got dispirited by the losses-after a final run of 12 losses i cancelled and never had to pay the delayed action direct debit.Sad as i am sure he is a good bloke,unusual to be offered such a duff product from agora/shortcut/matt houghton.Overall had 4 winners and 27 losers,pretty painful

  12. rugby trader says:

    how did this end up going?
    is it still going at all?

  13. wja1966 says:

    Hi Rugby

    It got stopped by Agora in July just has results started picking up as well so a bit gutted about that

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