Smart Racing Trader Review

| December 12, 2011 | 12 Replies

Product Name: Smart Racing Trader

Author: Michael (previous system ProBetfairTrading)

Company Name & Contact Details:
Steve Davidson
PO Box 356
WA 6210


As the name says this is a smart winning strategy to bet and make money on UK races. Bank of £500 doubled in just one month using Smart Trader strategies with almost zero risk.

Price: £69.95

Money Back Guarantee: No

What Do You Get?

– 20 page manual plus video tutorials direct support and bonus manual. Must have Windows based PC to utilise.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Smart Racing Trader is a set of 2 strategies for trading UK horse races with aim to green up before the off. Video training for each system supplied plus the bonus book which shows how to follow the money through the book making system and place each way bets.

What’s It All About?  

The main strategy operates on weekdays only (excluding bank holidays) and is used early in the racing day. There are a maximum of 4 bets per day, often less. The second strategy is for bumpers only but operates on all days of the week. This is more time intensive as there is a need to monitor races before the off but race numbers are limited.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 

No specific guidance given.

How Much Money Can I Make?  

80%+ win rate claimed.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

30 minutes per day estimated.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 

PC (Windows based), Internet and a Betfair account.

Value For Money?  


Quality Of Customer Service?  

Timely response to emails (bearing in mind time differential)

Review 26/04/12

What we have found with Steve Davidson’s products is unusual in that he tells you what you are getting before you buy and this one is no exception. Described as a “boring low risk high return strategy” the marketing explains pretty much everything they can without giving the game away. And because everything is so simple we have to be careful of what we say in this review.

Readers should be aware that the security surrounding the product is high and that you can only use it on the PC (which must have a windows operating system) on which you originally download it. It will not be possible to print the manual which is only available when you are online. Clear and precise instructions for set up are included.

As well as the manual explaining how the systems work there are 2 further videos offering a walk through of the systems in practical operation. These are well thought out and should leave the user in no doubt as to what is needed. It is perfectly possible to practice the techniques without risking any cash but you will not need to do this for long as everything is quite simple.

The underlying principle here is based on profiting from the likely betting actions of the general public. For reasons which become clear it is necessary to limit the use of the first system to the early part of the racing day and it will generally only work during weekdays because the interval between races should be regular.

What is required is the normal 3 meeting day and it seems as though there will be more of these in the summer than winter as my trial has seen fewer than half of the days actually make the system become operative.

The bumper system is again simple and easy to follow. You will need to be at your PC for the 10 minutes before each such race, not all of which will qualify. This system can be used at the weekend as well.

During the trial I have monitored as many races as possible to check out the system and the profit claims made in the marketing seem sound to me. It is possible to operate the systems manually but there is no doubt the use of a bot – geeks Toy is free and works with this – would make the users life more simple. The aim is to “green up” before each race starts and the bot will certainly help with this.

My experience was that only 2 races on the first system would have resulted in a loss to the user from viewing in excess of 30. The loss would have been no more than 5% of your stake set against a much greater number of profitable situations.

The individual race profits may well be small but this matters not. On the races I monitored I would have recovered the bot cost within 9 races using a £100 initial stake. This ignores any profits I may have made from bumpers which can vary more but again are easily controlled from a risk point of view.

I see that we already have some pre-judgers on the thread before the review is published. If you know what you are getting before you buy it then you do not need it in the first place. For those that want an opportunity to make long term profits from an educational process that is clearly explained this product offers very good value.

Before you buy you are asked questions to check it is potentially suitable so if you do not answer those truthfully you are only kidding yourself – if you do buy the support is there if needed and any product that covers its cost inside a week has to be taken seriously.

There will no doubt be those who manage to get it round their necks but I would suggest this is likely to be self inflicted rather than a system fault.




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  1. djferrick says:

    looking for a good angle on the horses alright. And Mr Davidson usually puts up quality products. looking forward to the review.

  2. honest jon says:

    seems v expensive, for what i assume is on offer.

  3. DarkStorm says:

    Has anyone here purchased this system? Any feedback? Cheers

  4. postie says:

    Purchased this product – unable to download it and emailed several times without reply.

    I shall now be contacting my credit card company to take matters further

  5. djferrick says:

    Any update ? Got another mailshot for this today.

  6. wja1966 says:

    Yes me too and the 1st strategy sounds like something I could do but waiting for more details

  7. petermans23 says:

    Impossible to download. I hope they keep my money. Going to email them for the 5th time.

  8. stevedav1 says:

    Steve Davidson here, on download problems, we have a manual on how to download the product, and even a video now, if problems of download occur we do everything possible to fix the problem.
    Why the security? Simple to stop the system from being shared and sold by pirates. It protects you also.

    Petermans23 if you emailed me 5 times, your emails are not getting to me.
    Steve Davidson

  9. hooloovoo says:

    Sounds like a decent system but the above link is giving a page error – anyone know if it’s still available, please?

  10. gygt says:

    Thank you MMR reviewer for bringing this review to us next month, however how will you be doing it, as hooloovoo has correctly stated that the cut-and-paste link provided above does not work.

  11. MMR Reviewer says:

    It appears that the above link is now working again – the problem may have been related to the sad fact that Steve’s son died recently and for obvious reasons he has not been fully operational.
    I thought I would revisit the system today as Cashmaster have just issued a positive review and was pleased to see it still works. I was able to make a 25% profit today on the selections and at the recommended staking this would be over a third of the way towards paying for the product. With minimal risk involved this seems to be good value to me.

  12. esling says:

    This is being marketed again now. Anyone got any recent experience of the system? Good, bad or indifferent?

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