Single Index Sniper Review

| August 19, 2013 | 10 Replies

Product Name: Single Index Sniper

Product Author: John Harrison, Ian Williams

Company Name & Contact Details:
Streetwise Publications Ltd,
Eden House,
Genesis Park,
Sheffield Road,
S60 1DX
Tel: 01709 820033
Fax:  01709 360611


Oh Please… Not Another Trading System!!!

“Here’s A Breath Of Fresh Air For Anyone Who’s Sick And Tired Of Complicated, Boring And Expensive Trading Systems… A Quick & Crafty Trick You Can Use To Suck An Effort-Free  £250-£575 Per Week From Just One Financial Market…For People Who Don’t Want To Learn How To Trade!”  

Price: £47.00

Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

What Do You Get?

– Trading system

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Single Index Sniper is a trading system from Ian Williams. It only works on one index on one market. It is said to be easy to use as you only need to look for one pattern signal and place the trade if the pattern is there.

If you have tried Single Index Sniper we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.


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  1. Raymond Sharp says:

    I received the mailshot today and am on here to see if this has been tried by anyone else before I give it a go. Anyone any experience of Ian Williams and his trading systems.

  2. penfish35 says:

    I got the mailshot about this a few days ago. Just looked at it today. Nobody got anything on it?

  3. zagger says:

    I have had experience of 2 of of this guy’s systems.
    Total rubbish, would suggest do not touch with a bargepole.
    If you want to make money with Forex….here’s the bad news……YOU WILL NEED TO LEARN HOW TO TRADE!!
    Check out PATe….I’m virtually making a full time living from it.

  4. williamevans5 says:

    Dear Zagger,
    forgive my ignorance but what is PATe ?

  5. BG33 says:

    Hi zagger … am I alone in wondering what PATe is?

    Please give details.

  6. SurfsideTrader says:

    Agree with Zagger re the combo of Streetwise and Ian Williams. There would be no bargepole long enough for me to be tempted by either of them…having had exerience of both the past.

    PATe stands for Price Action Trading equation. It’s a system on here by Julie Hatch with over 1850 comments so you get all viewpoints.

    I’m a subscriber and while I wouldn’t pretend it’s easy to grasp it’s a lesson that, if learned properly, will enable you to far better understand the markets and hence improve your chances of making successful trades.

    Hope that helps.

  7. BG33 says:

    Thanks ST for both the Streetwise/Ian Williams and PATe advice. I guess anything worthwhile takes work and so it’s not surprising the promise of quick fixes used by peddlers of systems so rarely stack up.

    Buyer beware!

  8. dogleg7 says:

    I have tried several Streetwise systems including Ian Williams.

    Save your money. Just look at the posts on this site!!!!

  9. Racing99 says:

    Anyone heard of forex Elite club run by a guy called Jeremy Britton?

  10. robdavid1111 says:

    The strength of Ian’s systems is the fact you get a 1:1 mentor. Sign up to the forex course and he literally answers within about 10 minutes. If I could put up images I would. He teaches clear cut methods, and then shows you twice a week with video updates how it is all working out on the main 4-5 markets. His principle is to never give you an explicit trade, but to teach you enough to make our own. I’ve found him much better than “systems” so to speak.

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