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| September 29, 2010 | Reply

Product Name: Send Button Profits

Author: Jeff Dedrick


It’s as easy as pressing a Button guaranteed

Discover the top secret system for generating an immediate flash flood of traffic and sales to any site you wish at the push of a button.

Price: Regular price is $97.00 but for a limited time period they are offering this for $47.00.

Money Back Guarantee: They offer you a 60 days money back guarantee with this product.

What Do You Get?

– 9 Core Training Videos that teach you across the complete business application
– Web page creator
– Video name capture page
– Offers page
– Several bonus items including Twitter templates, Squeeze page templates and list building ideas.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Send Button Profits by Jeff Dedrick is all about Internet marketing and producing products to sell online. Jeff claims he can provide you with a push button system so that you can quickly and easily build your own online business.

What’s It All About?

Jeff says that he has had a lot of success selling online and now wants to show others how to do it. This is a business area which is very popular at this time.  Many people want to get involved and replace their current job with their own income stream.

He provides a lot of proof of his claims and has a lot of credibility but for me this isn’t an easy business for anyone to set up and start.

There are millions of niche products that cover each individual area discussed in this course so in many ways it’s great it’s ‘one product covers all’ but really in this course you’re just getting a little taster of each section, rather than an easy to follow blueprint to success.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

The claim is that you can make money from this even if you’ve never made a penny online before.

This is wrong as it makes the offer sound like it is automated and easy to follow no matter what product or service you are selling.

Although the material takes you step by step you still need to have your own ideas and follow each step yourself and generate your own products.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion And How Much Can I Make?

The author is well respected, has a lot of testimonials and the material supplied is easy to read and understand.

For a beginner to internet marketing it will show the way forward and help get started.

It is not a guaranteed way to success or income and I doubt if many people will pick this up and make a lot of money.  There are still too many steps you need to take yourself and the hardest part is pulling each of the steps together so that your product, sales copy, traffic generation etc are straight forward and interlinked.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

This is a full time job and interest. Do not for one minute believe this is really a push button and you get cash system, it doesn’t work like that.

What it will do is help you cut out some of the steps involved, and enable you to get things down quicker but you still need to implement at every stage.

Nothing is guaranteed and really I feel this sales pitch is more about how successful the author has been rather than whether you can replicate it. 

Many of the programmes and material you’ll get are useful if you have no experience in those areas but they are not automated or the best system available.  They are cheap money savers and often you pay for what you get.

For about £30 you can hardly expect to pick up a real ready made business, so I’m a little disappointed that it is sold in this way.

But I guess if the author listed all that you get and was completely honest about the work and time dedication then he probably wouldn’t sell as many copies of this course.


This product carries a lot of testimonials from some well respected experts in their field, people who are associated with the author and know their own subject well.

For me these do add a lot of credibility but I worry that many of those who give such glowing testimonials are only doing so because they’ll get something in return, that’s very sceptical but many marketers will do a favour for their colleague if they get something in return. 

Now on to the product,  I have to say you do get a lot of material, it is all good advice that makes sense and easy enough to follow.

But don’t be misled. This isn’t push button, sure once you build you subscriber list, product, copy material, services and email service, including website then you could be ready.

But I’m sure 99% of people will give up before this happened and would never ask for a refund, purely because they see it as their own failure rather than the product. 

But you don’t actually have to buy this course.  You could if you wanted to, quite easily search and find all this material online for free.

Of course buying this product saves you that hassle and by doing that you are mix and matching advice, but I reckon you’d have the same chance of success.

If you’ve tried this product or have any experience of the author then please leave a comment below.



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