Russell Gibbs Daily Tipping Service Review

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Product Name: Russell Gibbs Daily Tipping Service

Product Author: Russell Gibbs

Company Name & Contact Details:

Price: £47.50 for the first month, £95.00 per month thereafter plus local rate phone calls (approximately 3.5p per minute)

Money Back Guarantee: None Mentioned.

What Do You Get?

– A one page letter with details of the number to call and your PIN numbers. A text each day to inform you the message is online (or that there are no bets that day).

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Russell Gibbs is a professional gambler. With his Daily Tipping Service, he shares his information and thoughts with you via a phone line on a daily basis, to include win and each way bets and lay bets as well.

What’s It All About?

This is a simple horse betting service. You receive a text, call the line, make a note of the horses, and place your bets.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

If you know how to place a bet or lay then you have enough experience already.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

There can be up to five bets a day (in the trial period) so your account needs to be staked quite highly to start with.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The profits quoted include £3700 in August last year to £50 stakes so the potential profits are reasonable.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

The phone calls do not drag on and on and last approximately two minutes, add the time it takes you to place your bets.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

You will need an exchange account to place the lay bets, and a telephone to receive the texts and call the tipping line.

A full review update will follow soon.

Russell Gibbs – service update review August 2012

The author asked that we update our review of his service claiming that there were errors in the results recorded. It is not possible to re-visit the original situation after such a time and so we undertook a further monitoring of the service over an extended period.

All the service details and practicalities outlined at the original review time still hold good the alert being given to users by text message who then contact the telephone line to receive the tips. Quite why this is necessary is a bit of a mystery to me – there is little on the telephone line other than the bet details and these could easily be conveyed by text message or a protected area on the website. That said there is no waffle on the lines and so costs are not racked up with irrelevant call time and the transmission of the tips is clear and concise.

The service is apparently based on information from racing sources of the author who is also a commission agent placing bets for those that cannot make them directly. I noted that on one occasion a bet was advised by the telephone line some 45 minutes after the horse tipped had been recorded by Betfair as withdrawn.

During the trial there were 4 types of bet placed, straight win, each way and both win and place lays. The number of tips varied from none to 7 on any given day but you are advised if there are none and so do not waste time wondering. Normally the tips are received around midday but late bets do arise and another text is sent asking you to contact the phone line.

As the author concentrates his marketing on the potential for profit for those placing £10 bets we have recorded our results thus albeit on a progressive basis. Before factoring in subscription charges both the win and lay sides of the service have made profits. The spreadsheet shows separate tabs for win and lay betting and there is a summary which takes into account the overall situation including subscriptions. An original £10 bet for wins would now be £13.99 and on the lay side £10.38.

As may be seen, during the trial the win element of the bets was more successful than the laying but readers should always bear in mind that had we tested a few days either side in the review period this could make a significant difference to the results. Long term is the only way to judge such services and we note that the results are fully disclosed on the website. We have checked back the results from our trial to those disclosed and there were no discrepancies.

Taken overall a client would have been around £300 better off after the 2 month trial having paid all their subs including the discounted first month. The author does offer clients term discounts if they are prepared to commit for a longer period but I noted in his terms and conditions that he does not offer refunds under any circumstances.

The service cost is at the higher end of the market and each tip works out at around £3 if the volume of tips seen in the trial is typical. The tips are proofed to several other reputable sources and so it is not unreasonable to form your judgement based on the disclosed results for the service. Similar styles of service can be found at lesser cost but a profitable service is on the rare side of our experience and thus worthy of consideration.

You can see a full breakdown of our results here:

Russell Gibbs Daily Tipping Service Results



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