Racing Secrets Exposed Review

| June 16, 2010 | 1 Reply

Product Name: Racing Secrets Exposed

Author: Kris Jackman

Company Name & Contact Details:


Best Horse Racing System Ever!

“Discover How To Pick Losing Horses 80% Of The Time… With Betting Tricks So Effective You’ll Have The Competition Running Scared!”

Follow This Step-By-Step Plan For Laying Horses… And Shovel In The Pounds Practically Overnight. Guaranteed!

Price: £7.00 for the system – upgrades, including email tipping service, are also available.

Money Back Guarantee: 8 weeks

What Do You Get?

– The Racing Secrets EXPOSED Guide
– The opportunity to have 1 months free trial to The Racing Secrets tipster service (this is usually £37 per month)

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Racing Secrets Exposed is a horse race laying system by Kris Jackman. Kris will give you all the insider secrets that he knows and will show you his system for laying the favourites in a race, and covers everything from the basic to the more advanced strategies.

What’s It All About?

The author has other systems available (which is always a warning sign when coming from a marketing house rather than a well known betting source) and this one is aimed at laying race horses to lose mainly favourites.

The manual is well written albeit 111 pages long but is very thorough and could be used as a training manual at the minimal price offered.

What is clear is that the aim is to really get you to subscribe to the monthly tipping service which is a daily email with 1 or 2 selections for the day.

The selections are lower odds and so potential liability is at the bottom end of the scale – maximum odds 6.0 recommended.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 

The staking plan in the manual is based on a maximum liability of 5% of your bank on each selection.

How Much Money Can I Make? 

Small profit seen during review period

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

If using tipping service about 5 minutes daily – if making own selections significant selection time needed.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

PC and Internet Connection

Value For Money?  

Manual certainly worth £7 – tipping service seems unlikely.

Quality Of Customer Service?  

Not tested

Interim Review 08.11.2010

With 2 distinct areas being reviewed here we will start with the manual. It is weighty and many people will regard it as being too complex to make their own selections. The guidance given holds water but at the end of the day your individual judgement will be a factor here and whether you trust your own can vary widely!

I always have a negative feeling about systems that try to sell you something else when you have just agreed to buy. Here it is a football system offered and I wonder why these marketers think that this is a good time to offer something else – you have just fallen for their blurb so why risk cancellation.

If the system works you will be inclined to go back for more and they will certainly send you plenty of opportunities once you are on their list.

As regards the email tipping service there have been 13 to date of which 4 went above the maximum recommended lay level. 2 of the remaining 9 were losing lays and so a loss is showing to date. Full results will be published – which the website does not! – later in November 2010.

For the time being suggest you do not invest here.

Final Review 01.12.2010

With specific regard to the tipping service there have been 22 in the month under review of which 9 went above the maximum recommended lay level.

In two instances the email advising selection showed a starting price above the maximum they recommend for laying which hardly makes you confident in the system.

As shown in the results spreadsheet the overall situation is a small profit after the full months trial when keeping to the maximum recommended but if you went with all the selections you would be seeing a loss of 12% on the bank.

When I used the manual selection method on a couple of days during the trial I did not come up with any other
selections than those advised and the time taken was considerable.

Even discounting the over maximum recommended selections the ratio of 3 losing lays from 15 is not going to make you any significant return.

All in all I would not recommend this system to readers unless you want a detailed and well written training course in the principles involved in laying a horse to lose.

To see a full breakdown of my results please click here.

Update 10/01/2011

This system is being promoted again and the results published to “prove ” its value include horses where the price exceeds the maximum recommended by the system rules.

To see their published results click here:

I would advise that you treat Racing Secrets Exposed with caution.


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  1. console says:

    I purchased this manual last year, the manual alone is well worth the £7 although I did not try the tipping service.

    The manual will teach you how to read form to make your own selections, this is something I have read over and over and subsequently developed my own method to select horses to loose in the place market at very low odds.

    If you are ready to admit to the realisation that there is no golden egg then this ebook is an investment on your learning curve.

    A quick hunt on ebay and you will find plenty of people trying to sell you an ebook for a few quid claiming your going to make a million, think about it If you had a system that could make so much money would you be wasting your time listing on ebay to make a £1 or would you be enjoying life with family ?

    If its to good to be true it most definitely is. I wasted years trying systems and tipsters, by far the best investment was to learn how to read form properly and then read the race cards each day. I started with this manual, at first i speed read it looking for the golden egg i was expecting for £7 then after a few months i went back, sat down and took the information in.

    On the back of all the form study I invested in database development and now have my own self sufficient laying race site which runs itself whilst I continue to run my day to day business.

    I am not interested in plugging anything of my own here as I dont rely on or need subscribers, my only plug is for this ebook.

    If you have seen ebooks advertised elsewhere then I suggest you do a simple search of the name with a .pdf on the end, you will find most of the rubbish out there available for free.



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