Punters Pal Review

| June 13, 2012 | 5 Replies

Product Name: Punters Pal – Bet 2 Win system

Author:  John Cutts

Company Name & Contact Details:
Horse Racing
57 Birchell Green,
tel 07932772685
email admin@thepunterspal.com or blowmonkey41@hotmail.com


How to make a second income from backing horses working 15 minutes a day from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

Price: £47 per month or £75 per quarter (Plus Vat in UK)

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Day Unconditional (Clickbank)

Where To Buy: http://www.thepunterspal.com/Bet2Win/b2wsale.php

Brief Summary: 

Punters Pal, by John Cutts, is a UK and Irish racing win betting tipster service. You get access to tips is via a password protected members area of website. The tips are normally available from 8pm the day before the race.

What’s It All About?  

Averaging 5 selections daily suggested that bets placed around noon at BOG bookmakers. Average odds around 2.60

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 

25 point bank recommended with progressive 1 point stakes. Suggests £200 adequate for 3 month package.

How Much Money Can I Make? 

They anticipate 110% return on investment. 42% strike rate claimed. Loss of 10 points in trial to date with strike rate of 36%.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Minutes daily.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 

PC and Internet connection to access tips.

Value For Money?  

Too early to tell.

Quality Of Customer Service?  

Prompt response to emails.

Review 10/07/2012

Although interminably long the marketing letter is not over hyped and does explain where the service was apparently derived from. When you have subscribed all the information is repeated on the main website and there are the now inevitable blog entries which allow member comments. There is a detailed results page and the days selections are shown quite clearly – another 2 systems are also mentioned and you do have access to these.

Once you have paid you are set up with access to the member’s area of the website and will also receive a daily email detailing the selections. This includes the other systems for the site but we have monitored only the main system as this is what the marketing is all about and is displayed as the standard bearer for the owners.

There is the opportunity to make comments on the blog and it seems that all questions are answered on there. It is suggested that “as there are rarely days without a winner users can apply the stop at a winner staking policy should they wish and also use the selections for multiples.

We have adopted the basic plan which is advised as worthwhile in the marketing – a £200 bank and progressive 1 point stakes from the 40 point bank.

Selections are normally received the evening before racing – there was a bit of a short term glitch while the authors moved to France recently – but where there are evening prices available this can be useful as the odds are often greater than the next day.

You might also find it frustrating that only half of the tips seem to have prices the night before so you need to revisit the next day to place the remaining bets. It is stressed that you should use BOG prices wherever possible which in my experience is good advice.

Moving on, in the trial thus far we have experienced a very bad few weeks weather wise and many services are struggling at the moment. A total of 154 selections have run in that time and the strike rate is 36% which is below the anticipated 42% and has resulted in the bank showing a loss of 10 points.

It has been a bit of a rollercoaster as we saw a profit of 14 points at one stage. The longest winning run to date is 4 with the worst losing run 7 (twice) and the advice that the bank should be more than adequate has held good to date.

This certainly seems to be a genuine service and the readiness to answer awkward questions on their own blog is a positive point of which many other service providers could well take notice. We did recently receive an email advising that because the results were poor it was only a matter of time before they improve and now is the time to stay with them rather than unsubscribe.

If the email referred to the recent period then fair enough but if a longer term is the case then perhaps a worrying sign.

As things stand the jury is very much out here and we will monitor for a further period before reporting again. With the guarantee in place you do have a good time to decide if the service is for you on a risk free basis.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Punters Pal – Bet 2 Win system Results

Update 31/7/2012:

Sad to report that there has been no improvement in the second half of the trial and we have seen a further decline in the bank to just over half its staring point or a loss of 19 points out of 40. The total sample is now 245 runners and if a system based service is ever going to work it ought to show at least potential in that size of sample. Other services have had a reasonable time in July so the poor weather in June excuse cannot be extended here.

The anticipated strike rate of 42% has never been achieved and our trial shows this at 33.47%. The best winning streak remains at 4 but the worst losing sequence has increased to 13. Whilst accepting that the bank has been adequate to absorb the performance the real question is whether you would have the confidence to continue to act on the tips after such an experience.

In the light of our trial results we cannot recommend this service genuine as it is in its intentions.

Punters Pal – Bet 2 Win system Results



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  1. dan14th says:

    has any one purchased their latest offering of 3 systems for £17. the reason i ask is?
    are any of you getting all of their removal requests forwarded to their spam box.about 80 and still counting

  2. scarbough says:

    I think half the world has had the same problems with the emails,punters pal will sort it, i take it its a rogue spammer.

  3. dan14th says:

    well @18.56 still continuing. can only assume that they are crap systems as all want to be cancelled / removed
    and pp can not b bothered to answer any one

  4. harry2222 says:

    These guys are all about ego ..They had a system called the savings system ..based on backing odds on selections in fact very long odds on in some cases ..outcome less than 3 months in one thousand pound bank had been reduced to about 350 pounds ..probally the worse thing ive witnessed in years and believe me seen a few ..They blocked me from having any comment ..these guys are what angers me most ..

  5. findawinner says:

    VERY hard to take this lot seriously. They’ve tipped horses for Kempton today (Fri 7/2/14) saying that “just the all weather surviving” when in fact Kempton is a JUMPS meeting. Guessers I reckon.

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