Project X Forex Trading System Review

| March 19, 2014 | 20 Replies

Product Name: Project X Forex Trading System

Author: Ian Williams

Company Name & Contact Details:
Streetwise Publications Ltd
Eden House,
Genesis Park,
Sheffield Rd,
S60 1DX.
Telephone: 01709 820033.
Fax: 01709 360611.
Email address:


An Urgent Personal Message From The Desk Of Ian Williams…

Price: £995 +VAT + £20 per month for live data streams (this is free during trial period).

Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

What Do You Get?

– Project X Forex System software
– System instructions
– 12 months advice, help and guidance in any aspect of your trading from Ian Williams.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

The Project X Forex Trading System comes from Ian Williams.It is a piece of software that analyses the markets on your behalf and sends you signals when a trade is found. It is up to you to then place that trade if you wish.

If you have tried this system we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.


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  1. simonobrien says:

    dose anything work in forex or are they all fake

  2. ramzan says:

    If you’re a currency manipulator then sure it works.

  3. madhatter says:

    you don’t need to be a currency manipulator to make money trading FX or other financial markets.lots of people do it everyday all over the world.

    there are trading methods that work just great just need to know where to look. and loads of free info is on the net.


  4. Tommy says:

    You can’t manipulate a market to make it move unless you billions to trade with.

    Madhatter is right. You need to learn to trade properly from the ground up though. Then it’s a skill for life.

    All these paid for methods/systems are only making the publishers money.

    Try the PATe method on here.

    Anyone who learns PATe would beat all these systems hands down for profit every week even after losses!

    Put in the work for a lifetime of rewards!

  5. scorpioeyes says:

    the problem is trusting anything streetwise sell.

  6. brimar says:

    Having had previous experience of Streetwise, I would never ever purchase anything from them. They come highly unrecommended.

  7. fxdeal1 says:

    Hello guys please where do I find the PATe trading system to buy?

  8. kaylan says:

    Hi fxdeal1

    There is nothing to buy for PATe it is all given free, but you can join the membership.
    I would suggest you first visit the website and read all about it.
    Then read the posts on the PATe thread on here
    There is a lot to absorb but the method is simply ( but not easy)
    Good luck

  9. fxdeal1 says:

    Thanks Kaylan for the info

  10. EDWARDS359 says:

    The market of forex selling is huge, it’s huge in the US mainly and as we’re only 3/4 years behind them these days there is ‘fallout’ here. I have bought many over the years, most of which have been worthless (Bill Poulos). After approx. 12k GBP. and higher highs/Lower Lows, I became seriously peeved about this loss. As we all know when we make a purchase the ‘cookies’ lead others into our system. Via this thread I received a ‘Shot’ from a US forex preacher, they were known as ProAct. I dubiously tried them out and weathered really well with their tutor. The program was a live feed from Texas, so there was a 6 hour differential. I had a year in/out, tested the methodology with many ‘Lightbulb’ moments and began making a regular profit as all the other learning seemed to come together. Suddenly I realised I had come far enough and had the tools to trade any pair. These days I comfortably stack 200 pips up per week, which gives me a decent standard of living TAX-FREE. I still have losses-but they are small and I don’t get clever anymore as this is how I blow a £20k a/c. Just steady away with GBP/NZD,AUD/USD,G/E,A/J, some of the spreads are large but I can overcome that without losing my head. I usually make a trade Tuesday and get flat Friday lunch having watched the IG screen 3/4 mornings. Rule 1..Why/What are the Bankers doing today? Rule 2..what’s my RISK? Using 2% of account per trade. It can be done with less, but 10k works. If you are turning into water with loss of control of your sphincter….Reduce Position Size!!

  11. EDWARDS359 says:

    If I gamble, it’s Sports betting on Golf or Football etc., Forex is NOT for gambling.
    Someone told me, though it is obvious, if you want to be accomplished in trading you will need more than 3 years. Just look at any other worthwhile trade! Doctor’s don’t just buy a cd or a book and become a ‘Trader’
    I would shortcut all the drivel and enquire with ProAct and for stock trading Vincent Stanzione. I live in the north of UK and in no-way have any endorsement obligation with any of the sites I refer to herein. Any person can trade Forex successfully, But they will need patience,commitment,and some money! Do The Work and Don’t look Down. Ciao.

  12. megangreen says:

    Hello, I thought I’d post my comments about Project X as this thread is really about whether to buy the system or not.
    I purchased the software in August 2014 with the hope of making a second income. Very easy to set up and follow, however the results were not so great. Over a months trading I had a 25% success rate which left me in a loss position. However I must add that the software is set up to minimize losses so these losses were quite low. The main problem with the system seemed to be the lack of trading opportunities (nothing like that stated in the sales page)and also the low percentage of winning trades when the software was actually triggered.
    The other downside was contacting Ian Williams as I had concerns about the 25% success I was having but I was still waiting seven days later, he only replied after I complained to his Streetwise. They apologised and said Ian was having problems with the internet, which could have been true but surely after spending £1200 they should have had a back up in place.
    Another downside was the members page where there is only a download page and a FAQ section. For a top end product like this I think Ian should have been putting up daily updates of trading results maybe even video of the possible trades of the day. But perhaps due to the lacklustre of the software this was not going to be an option.
    However to the credit of Streetwise a no quibble refund was sent to me when I returned this product. It was a shame it didn’t live up to expectations as I was wishing for.

  13. peterpan says:

    This guy Ian Williams has a few systems out there. I’d do your due diligence before purchasing anything from this’Trader with 30 years experience'(!), and read the reviews here for another of his so called ‘trading’ products.

  14. tom42 says:

    Got a mailshot today for project x 2015.

    Tested by a guy called Graham Carter.

    No mention of Ian Williams or £20 a month for data streams but it reads very similar.

    Only £297, rising to £997 in 3 months or so!

  15. robdavid1111 says:

    The strength of Ian’s systems is the fact you get a 1:1 mentor. Sign up to the forex course and he literally answers within about 10 minutes. If I could put up images I would. He teaches clear cut methods, and then shows you twice a week with video updates how it is all working out on the main 4-5 markets. His principle is to never give you an explicit trade, but to teach you enough to make our own. I’ve found him much better than “systems” so to speak.

  16. Duncan Fenton says:

    Thank you everyone, you have just saved me £297. I already have a forex “coach” – and that seems to be what is really offered (plus a “scanner” of dubious effectiveness).

    I am very happy with my coach (Nial Fuller) – just as robdavid1111 is with his coach. I 100% agree that coaching/mentoring is the only way to really move forward with forex trading.

  17. andrewantiga says:

    i recieved same info 297 pounds software but the mailshot was for graham carter has he changed his name.

  18. jerrycash says:

    I also received a Projet X mailshot by Graham Carter today from Streetwise. Cost is £297 with a 90 day test drive money back guarantee.It sounds like the same system using software.
    Anybody have any thoughts on this?

  19. Eddie Norman says:

    streetwise will not give you a refund i used it for 4 weeks and it was a load of crap dont buy it

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