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Product Name: Project Income Club

Author: Paul Jenkins


Read Below How I Can Make You $4,800-$9,800 per day Online!

Price: Initial offering is free, you do need to take a trial of software later.

Money Back Guarantee:  N/A on initial offer, 30 day trial on payment

What Do You Get?

– Input your email and name and address for the first stage to be completed.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary: 

It’s taken Paul Jenkins 7 years to perfect his work from home blueprint and he is now willing to share it with you, in his Project Income Club.

What’s It All About?

Paul says that he has finally found a way to make good money online but recently has found that he has hit a ceiling and cannot earn any more – he doesn’t explain why this is and it instantly makes me sceptical. Why cannot he just expand a little more?  It seems an odd thing to say.

Paul goes on to say that you must commit to learning and take the first step (which is free). In this first stage, he’ll show you the one main website that he has been using to make instant internet income.

When you sign up to the free information you are told that only 7 positions are still available to work with Paul. I don’t know if this number is genuine but I doubt it, why would he limit the number of people he can take on?

What Paul is actually offering is an affiliate scheme. He says that he found that he could make good money from referring people to join a computer security company. That sounds quite boring but the way Paul explains it does make sense.

More than 80% of people online don’t back up or store their photo’s, documents and personal details. This means a simple bug or virus could easily mean they lose all their documents.

Right now, more people are becoming security conscious because big companies like Twitter have been hacked and lost personal detail, so you should really be storing and protecting your pc and documents.

Paul says that he has negotiated a special rate with one particular firm called that can protect user’s documents. It costs just $5.95 but the company will pay you $120 for every single person that you refer to them. So each time you get someone new to join and pay just $5.95 you earn $120.

That seems like an odd thing to happen, that the company gets just $5.95 but pays you more. They can do this because the money they take from customers is recurring billing. So although the price is $5.95 or between £4.95 and £7.95 in the UK.  So they are taking around £100 a year from people who take the trial and stay with them past the 30 day trial period.

They then pay out about 75% of this first year income and they keep the remainder and any subsequent yearly payments.

This is clearly a good business model for them because they get lots of people marketing and offering their services and still make money from every customer inside the first year.

Looking at what mypcbackup offer and it does seem a good genuine service.  So any members who take the offer should find that people are happy with the security they offer in protecting their clients PC’s and documents.

To see what they offer please go here

Do I Need Any Experience To Make This Work?

He says you just need a willingness to learn and take advantage of the offer he is making, and just to take the first step in committing to learning more. He is obviously hoping to appeal to those people who lack experience and knowledge and are hoping to make $1000 a month quickly and without much effort. I have to warn you that, there are very few offers that can earn you that sort of money without a lot of time, effort and dedication.

How Much Time Will It Take Me?

You will need to write the product synopsis and then post variations of this in lots of locations online to try and drive traffic, interest and ultimately sales to mypcbackup.  You might find your first link gets a sale, or it might take you 100 efforts. I would be surprised if you get more than one sale for each 100 links you put online.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

The main claim by Paul is that he can make you $4,800 per day but then he quickly backtracks on this claim saying that you won’t make it immediately. It seems a bizarre thing to say and then un-promise. To be fair though Paul does explain his story and how it took him time to start making money. He says that if you follow his blueprint then you should be making around $100 a day fairly quickly.

What he does is prove that he is making good money, between $960 and $3960 a day over a two-week period. This is good because it seems like this proof is genuine and although we’ve seen people fake their accounts before,  I don’t get the feeling that Paul is faking these numbers.  The amounts are believable and his video seems genuine.

The one thing he doesn’t do in the video is explain exactly how he made this money and from how many campaigns and is it all from the system that he will reveal to you, or is it a variety of systems.


In Paul’s guide, he shows you how to recruit the new members to this firm. Basically you’ll need to post several hundred links a week to various websites to try and drive traffic.

It is a slow burning process but the idea can work, you will need patience and dedication and the willingness to keep plugging away though.

From what I can see there is a way to make money with this. But at the end of the day you are just a lead generator for another company, you are not setting up a business with any foundations and the terms of the offer could change at any time.  So you could be up and running and the offer changes, meaning your income could be affected.

The good thing about this offer is that you need very low/next to no start up costs. Really, the expense is going to be your time and effort in posting the links and monitoring any interest.  This is a slow process and depending how dedicated you are will depend on what success you have.

It seems Paul is having success with this but there is no guarantee you will be able to copy or replicate his success.

He is honest enough that between him and the partners who work with him, he needs to generate at least 500 new members a month to mypcbackup. That does make a mockery of his claim initially that he only needs 7 new members.

I don’t really see this as a long term business, you’ll either try this and not make anything, so give up quickly. Or you will have a little success and then find that you are not making enough so give up.  I think very few people will find that for the amount of time and effort it takes to write the brief product synopsis and find relevant places to post the link will be worth their while.

I could be wrong, and it is working for Paul. And if you’ve tried things like Avon, or any other type of affiliate selling then this no cost, no management type of business may appeal.

If you’ve any experience of  Project Income Club then please leave a comment below.



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