Patrick Ross Betting Service Review

| November 10, 2014 | 1 Reply

Product Name: Patrick Ross Betting

Author: Patrick Ross and GK

Company Name & Contact Details:
The Curragh,
Co Kildare


Improve your betting … no matter what the sport we know good value

Price: £1 for month 1 then £17 per month

Money Back Guarantee: 30 day unconditional guarantee offered

What Do You Get?

– Email based sports betting selections

Where to buy:

Brief Summary:

Patrick Ross Betting, from Patrick Ross and GK, offers email based sports betting tips across wide range of sports including major American ones. They claim a strike rate of around 75% and promise to send a minimum of 40 selections per month.  

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

Staking advised as percentage of betting bank on progressive basis

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made. We’ve lost 48% of our starting bank in trial to date.

How much time will I need to make this work?

Minutes daily.

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet connection.

Value for money? 

Not so far.

Quality of customer service?

Good – prompt response to emails.

Initial review  – 18/12/2014

The author has previously offered a successful service for Tennis Trading and betting and this service is designed to widen the scope of the markets used. Patrick has joined forces with a former employee of a major bookmaker and aims to cover the widest range of sports possible.

Single bets and multiples will be advised. Selections are offered by email or via the members area of the website and are normally available early on weekdays and in the middle of the day at weekends.

It is suggested that newcomers to sports betting stake no more than 2.5% on any one bet although more experienced bettors are advised that stakes up to 5% should be in order. We have used the initial staking advice for our results.

Before we get to the service I should be interested to learn what members expect when they land on a website offering a service such as this? Hopefully a concise summary of what is on offer, past results for the service and easy navigation to other relevant areas on the site. In this case I’m afraid none of those are met and were I not reviewing the service performance I should have left without trying it.

In particular it is hard to check performance statistics and some of the markets chosen need significant research to check out what has happened to a tip.

The daily emails arrive pretty well as scheduled and offer details of the bets advised with odds available, normally from Betfair and more latterly Bet365. Members are advised to check other bookmakers to see if better can be achieved and this is good advice – a service such as Oddschecker or Odds Portal is easy to use and will allow you to find the best composite odds for multiples readily.

We were advised that there would be at least 40 bets a month and in the first 5 weeks of the service we have seen nearly 170 so no problems there. A wide range of sports has been covered with the emphasis on American games plus Cricket.

About 13% of the stakes have been on multiples. Unfortunately the performance has not matched the claims with a strike rate of under 50% (82 winners from 168) although there are some Ante Post advices on the India Australia test series to mature.

A change to the staking advice was made to try and limit the damage but overall a loss of 48% of the bank has been seen in the trial to date.

The only sport to show a profit on bets placed is Darts while the worst is Boxing with a 100% loss of stakes. (The analysis on the spreadsheet has not categorised the components of multiples into their sports.)

An initial 2.5% stake was £12.50 for the nominal £500 bank and this is now down to just £6.48. The big question now is can a recovery be achieved which at least will be marginally easier thanks to the progressive staking advice which has reduced the losses seen.

Even so it will be an uphill task and with confidence significantly eroded it would take an act of real faith to continue to follow the service at this stage.

The main author has a positive track record with his tennis service and will be hoping that this initial period has been an aberration – there is the comfort of the guarantee available which does allow a risk free paper trading test if you are so inclined but we could not recommend following the service as it is currently performing.

We will continue to monitor and update towards the end of January 2015.

You can see a full breakdown of our results here:

Patrick Ross Betting Service Results Spreadsheet

Final Review – 28/1/2015:

I’m afraid that there has been no real improvement in the situation in the second period of the trial. We have nearly 3 months results now and although the rate has slowed we are still seeing losses with the starting bank now at 39% of its original level.

The strike rate is under 50% (132 wins from 265) and the chances of recovery now seem slim with a normal 2% stake at £3.88. The original advise was 2.5% which started at £12.50.

We cannot recommend this service on the evidence of the performance we have seen.

But we do recommend you have a look at the Tennis Trading League service from Patrick – that service is going very well so far this year.

You can see a full breakdown of our results here:

Patrick Ross Betting Service Results Spreadsheet


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  1. mabooga says:

    As I wrote on the tennis trading league review comment…..leave this one well alone. It is impossible for 2 guys to have expert knowledge in such a wide variety of sports….as the strike rate went down they seemed to offer more and more risky and curious bets. I tried it for 1 month and then cancelled. While a big fan of his tennis tips, the quality of them has also diminished since he started the general betting service.
    stick to what you know and are best at Patrick.

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