Other Peoples Money Review

| February 22, 2010 | 55 Replies

Product Name: Other Peoples Money (OPM)

Author: Andrew David

Company Name & Contact Details:
ADK Publishing


“Fancy £900+ From A Starting Bank of Only £1,000? Or How About £1,800+ From A £2,000 Starting Bank?”

Price: £137 for 3 months, or £477 for 12 months.

Money Back Guarantee:

If you are not well in profit after your 3 month subscription they will extend the service until you are in profit.

What Do You Get?

Downloadable PDF User guide and selections sent via email daily .
Free book soft-back book ‘Winning On Betfair for Dummies’ when ordering today (up to 30 days for delivery).

Where To Buy: http://info4u2succeed.com/opmext/fsp/fsp2

Brief Summary:

OPM is a subscription service that will provide you with approximately 10-15 selections per week via a daily email. You don’t need any previous experience of horse racing to make a success of this. Everything is fully explained in the PDF that you can download when signing up.

What’s It All About?

OPM is a service that’s requires you to back horses in the ‘Place Only’ market of betting exchanges such as Betfair.

This can be a very lucrative market if you know what you are doing, and OPM aims to deliver returns that are not unachievable targets. The canny investors out there will see the massive potential this has by simply applying some steady re-investment of winnings on an ongoing basis.

The service is very simple and easy to follow. You simply check your emails and place your bets. The only real requirement you need would be to have access to your emails and the internet at least once or twice during the day.

The service advises you to start small and re-invest gains. Then, with steady re-investment and/or compounding you will soon see how small and consistent amounts can build in a few short months.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

You don’t need any previous experience of the in & outs of horse racing, just the ability to be able to place a bet and follow some very simple instructions. It comes with a fully comprehensive PDF user guide including tips on staking and example screenshots to make sure you can fully monetise the service with great ease.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started And How Much Can I Make?

You can start with as little as £200 and bet £10 level stakes on each selection advised.OPM aims to make you between 7 & 11 times your chosen unit stake every month (See below).

If betting in…

£10.00 Units – A betting bank of £200 is required�
£20.00 Units – A betting bank of £400 is required �
£50.00 Units – A betting bank of £1,000 is required �
£100.00 Units – A betting bank of £2,000 is required�
£200.00 Units – A betting bank of £4,000 is required 

(Once your betting bank doubles you may consider doubling your unit stake, or taking your profit out and carrying on with the same stake).

Profit Forecast – Level Stakes

These are the stakes and profits they say you could get by following the system;

Stake A Level £10 Win between – £70 – £110 Per month
Stake A Level £20 Win between – £140 – £220 Per Month
Stake A Level £50 Win between – £350 – £550 Per Month
Stake A Level £100 Win between – £700 – £1,100 Per Month
Stake A Level £200 Win between – £1400 – £2,200 Per Month
and so on……

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Just check your inbox daily to see if there are any selections and place your bets.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

All you need to get started is a home computer with internet connection and access to a betting exchange account such as Betfair, Betdaq etc.

Value For Money?

At only £137 for a 3 month period (only £10.54 per week), it is incredibly good value, and further reduced if you take up the annual membership option.

Considering you could start with as little as £20 and make back that fee within the first month. The risks of this formula are low and the gains are steady and realistic.

The service is ideal for the nervous punter who dreads losing runs and reduces the risks that are normally associated with most forms of betting.

Quality Of Customer Service?

ADK Publishing and Agora Lifestyles offer an extension to the service until you are well in profit. ADK Publishing are very quick to respond if you have any queries about the OPM Selection service.

You will also receive a great FREE book ‘Winning On Betfair For Dummies’ which will really get you thinking with tips that you could implement to gain a profit using your own initiative.


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  1. JOHN says:

    Just like to give an early positive comment on this one. So far so good with most qualifying selections to date placed, and therefore winning a bit of money.

    One feature you will have to get used to is the fact that quite a number of selections given become ‘non-selections’ due to being below the 1.51 min Betfair price selections.

    I am cautiously optimistic that the the results published will be replicated in practice. Will update again at end of March

  2. JOHN says:

    Quick update;
    3 selections today – all Winning Bets. I’m up £54 today!

  3. John B says:

    Hi John, can i ask what unit stake you are using?

  4. JOHN says:

    I couldn’t decide whether to use a ‘conservative’ 5 % of Bank, or amore aggressive 10% of Bank. SO, i settled for in between @ 7& 1/2%. With a Bank of just over £400 i am staking at £30 and will increase/decrease in line with Bank rising or falling. Hope that helps


  5. Jenny says:

    Only been subscribed to this service for a couple of weeks, but I’m encouraged by what I’ve seen so far. VERY easy and quick to implement, with no ambiguity whatsoever (and that’s the first time I’ve been able to say that about any service I’ve tried!), and so far I’m in profit without feeling that I’m taking any huge risks. Also, Andrew has been very helpful and answered email queries quickly and clearly (not that I had many queries, to be honest, as the whole thing is very simple to follow. Only time will tell if this will be profitable in the long term, but it’s looking good so far. I will update later on in the year….

  6. Slim says:

    Does anyone please have their overall results for this so far, including stake sizes? Many thanks.

  7. Slim says:

    More questions on Other Peoples Money if I may, before I sign up. Andrew David says selections are notified “around midday” and bets should be placed “quickly”. What is everyones experience of the time that selections are actually notified and how quickly is quickly? Many thanks all.

  8. John U says:

    My experience, 1 month in, is that:
    Selections generally notified between 11 and 12, sometimes earlier. As i am at home i can look out for email and then get straight on to Brtfair. Andrew recommends getting on asap after email. If the price is outside the parameters (between 1.51 and 3.5 ONLY) He recommends you revisit about 15 minutes before the off to see if current price now qualifies it. What i have done (this is PERSONAL APPROACH) a few times is used Betfair’s ‘keep’ facility so that if at any point the sub 1.51 price goes UP to that level it automatically gets submitted by Betfair!

    To be successful with OPM you must be PATIENT – Andrew has had very few selections of late as we move over to the Flat seson, and i like the fact he won’t just ‘recommend for the sake of it’
    For the record in my first month i have turned a very modest £400 into £530 which i am delighted with given the selection difficulties etc. The big test for me is to see good profits over April/May before my next subscription is due. I am very much hoping that his stated average of 7 to 11 points per month is reached, which with discipline and compounding will have me delighted.

    As i said earlier in the month – i am cautiously Optimistic! hope this helps.

  9. Steve Patt says:

    What is the liquidity like in the place market? I have found in the past, with services, once the slections are given and everyone tries to get on at the same time the price you require soon disappears.

  10. Jenny says:

    Slim and Steve – It’s true, the prices do tend to drop straight after the selections are given, but they also usually recover a bit later on and, as John says, the ‘keep bets’ facility is very handy! Andrew does also give useful nuggets of info regarding things like the odds you should be looking for in the place market for various ‘win only’ prices (to help you avoid taking odds which are too short).

    As John, says, selections are relatively slow at the moment, but I’m still in profit so far and still optimistic about this one!

  11. John U says:

    Just on a positive note – 2 winners (winning places) in succession.One yesterday and the other just an hour ago. 1.81 and 1.95.
    Evemn with my modest Bank thats almost £60 profit in a few minutes on each of the 2 days on Betfair.

    2 swallows don’t make a summer, but it all adds to confidence – also as Jenny says Andrew does give uou some useful extra information.
    I am sticking with this one and will re-review baqsed on performance by late May.

  12. sean says:

    Anymore updates from the people using these selections?

  13. BizOppBeef says:

    Started Other Peoples Money a few week ago and so far so good. I’ve not had the best run of results but i’ve missed a few days which doesn’t help. The selections coming to my inbox are handy – all i need to do is start acting on them ALL… I’m hoping now the flat season has started we’ll get more selections… I’ll try and keep this string updated but i’m a lazy git so it’s unlikely.

  14. Jay D says:

    @ £137 for 3 months, or £477 for 12 months i thought you would act on them all BizOppBeef ??? lol

  15. Steve M says:


    I am unable to comment on the selections yet. I have paid for a three month service but have bot yet heard anything back despite numerous outgoing emails. Is there any other way to contact this guy ? How long does this process take ?

  16. sean says:

    WHAT!!! You,ve paid for 3 months subs STEVE M and not one selection yet….let,s hope you get a good ROI on the remaining selections when this guy finally decides to start tipping.

  17. Jenny says:

    Steve M – Just a thought: have you added the OPM email address to your contacts? It’s possible your incoming emails are getting blocked by spam filters (I’ve received an email every day without fail, even on days where there are no selections, and when I did send an email myself with a question I received a reply the same day).

    As a quick update, selections have performed relatively poorly this month but I’m still in profit overall and remain cautiously optimistic. My first 3 months’ subscription is up in about 4 weeks, so I’ll make an initial assessment then (although I’ve already decided to continue this service for at least another 3 months after that and see how it gets on).

  18. Hilary says:

    I joined on 10/04 and like Jenny have received all emails on a daily basis and had replies back answering personal questions. So far so good although the results for April aren’t as Andrew David would want but is a tricky month anyway in the switchover from jumps to flat.

  19. Needers says:

    I joined yesterday afternoon, and everything was set up, etc within a few hours. I received my first e-mails today. May be an e-mail issue for you Steve M.

  20. Dick D says:

    After 7 weeks using £10 per bet and taking into consideration £10 per week for the subscription my bank is currently down £137. Aiming to get odds of 1.51 (less 5% Betfair commission) means that you need 2 winners just to break even with every losing selection. Many of the horses tipped don’t reach 1.5 place odds even when using the ‘keep’ facility, so those ones are not factored into my accounts. I haven’t yet received my copy of Betfair for Dummies – has anyone else been sent this book?

  21. Jay says:

    I been following OPM since November and believe i was one of the first to join. I am well in profit and had a winning run of 12 in feb, yes you do need 2 wins @ 1.51 to make up for one loss, but dont forget this is betting in the place market so your selection only has to be placed which is mor elikly than backing to win. Also, i have had many winners at 2.5+ and winning runs of 12, 10, & 8 so this is where you build your profits. April is difficult but i am sticking with this one as i can see what it can do when it gets going! Jay

  22. Steve M says:

    Optin emails had all disappeared into the ether. Started receiving selections now. Early days yet but no winners last week. I do believe the selections themselves though all come from a well known website…..

  23. Ian says:

    I have been a member now for just over a week an to date had a couple of no bets and 4 losers at £20 level stakes am taking a beating at the moment. Apparently there was a winner at 1.55 yesterday but when I looked the best I found was 1.5 so no bet, so therefore I am still awaiting my first winner. Not good and if you ask Andrew any questions about lack of form he is very blunt in his replies and not overly helpful in my opinion. Time will tell but how long do you give it when everyday to date you are throwing £20 down the Drain. After subscrining and looking back over the results in April they are far from convincing. As indicated my previous thread.

  24. Steve says:

    3 tips today, 1 non-runner and another 2 losers. That is 6 losers on the bounce and no winners since starting. I personally am out, I have asked for a refund, have no faith in this guys ability to pick consistent winners, not to be able to pick a horse to finish in the top 3 in 6 attempts is ridiculous for this type of service. I joined Festival Trends at the same time and in only a handful of tips he has already picked a 7/1 winner a 9/1 winner and a 20/1 e/w now that is a service worth paying for and it is a fraction of what this guy charges, and I find him very abrupt in his replies and not great customer service. Not had the free gift book either.

  25. steve M says:

    Easy to see where he picks them from. Not even his own website. He uses Adrian Masseys website to pick those top rated by Adrians computer ratings, in races where all there are 8 or 9 runners all with exposed form, and in NON Handicap races. With this website it is easy to develop systems with the beauty of hindsight. In the real world however you need just a little more experteze than that

  26. Needers says:

    I think we’ve joined at a nightmare time. I’ve no doubt there will be winning runs again, but I joined at a similar time to Steve and am well down. It’s going to take a massive winning run just to get back to even. I know that’s just timing and we could easily have joined at the start of a winning run, but I agree Steve, to be unable to pick a placed horse in 6 races is poor. I know a little bit about the nags and would hope to be able to pick one during that time!

    Some people have obviously had good experience of this and over the length of time it’s run, it’s obviously in profit. We’ve clearly joined at the worst time.

  27. Martyn Hunter says:

    I joined on 11th April and I am about 10 points down. I have emailed asking for a refund of £137 and I’m waiting for response.

  28. steve M says:

    me too. Have been promised the refund and have been told the refund has been made. But it hasn’t yet. Feel I am being strung along

  29. Steve says:

    Hi guys, just a bit of reassurance I asked for a refund and have got my £137 back today. Shame about the £140 lost on the dodgy tips..

  30. XyZ says:

    I started mid March this year and I’m over £250 down, not including the subscription price. Admittedly, I have not been by my PC to place a few, and quite a lot of bets I have not been able to place due to price being under 1.51, but I think that has worked to my advantage as many of them lost anyway. So all in all, I’m nearly £400 down since mid March.

  31. sa103 says:

    This is at best, a break even service. It does not use a common denominator like Betfair Placed SP and therefore borderline cases which will determine if a bet is viable or not is subject to interpretation. They definitely use this variability to clawback some gains and is the reason why the losses are not greater for their first losing month, April 2010.

    Without a common denominator for the odds, any tipping service is into toilet paper territory regardless of the niceties or “sincerity”. The reason tipsters shy away from SP odds is because their prowess in reality is only so-so. Within the jigsaw of the overall Profitability Map of, say, 5 years, you can always point to a localised area of the map and declare anything.

  32. Charles says:

    I’ve been a member since Start of Nov and really like it, December i made close to 11 points and skimmed a profit every month since Apart from April when i lost 5.50 points and if thats the worst it gets this service will do for me! I also bet each way with selections and i am 43 points up to £100 each-way, cant understand how anyone can be unhappy with this one?..What do people want a service that prints money everyday?? Charles

  33. Jack Whiteman says:

    I have now created a page on the site for the Festival Trends betting guide as I can see that a few of you have been trying this too.

    I don’t have a full review as of yet as I am still investigating but please feel free to visit the Festival Trends page and let others know what you think of it if you’ve tried it.


  34. Jay says:

    I like OPM as well, the most honest service i have joined bar none! I disagree with sa103’s comments completely about how they record prices as i have asked them about this and was told they record the price where the most money was matched which i feel is fair way as most of OPM selections get backed heavily. So if you were to use betfair SP then those selections that get returned at 1.48 at BF SP for example would not go down yet most backers would have got the 1.51 minimum required early on. Also, its great credit to the service that a lot of selections have never been recorded in the official results even though they won, again i asked them why this is the case and they said it was because not enough money was matched at the minimum so it wouldnt be fair. Now how many tipsters can you say that about! PS.like charles i use it as an each-way service and have made 19 points so far. Cheers – JAY

  35. Mike says:

    Yes i too each-way bet with this OPM service and its doing the business for me. 2 winners today at 5/1 & 4/1!! I have made money each-way betting with their selections for the past 5 months and cant understand how anyone can slag it off. Its the best service by far!! I can only think the only people that are slagging this one off are from other tipster services who are jealous – dont fall for it! This is a genuine service. Mike Golden

  36. steve M says:

    it is an awful sevice. %SR 50% has not been sufficiently high to match the average price of the winners 1.62 over the last 35 bets or so. You do the maths.

  37. XyZ says:

    This service has now changed the its recommendations to E/W betting instead of Place-Only, and now it’s doing the business and I’m well in profit – at last. I had 3 winners on 3rd June @ 13/2, 9/4 & 10/3; and then another winner again today @ 8/1, with one other race to go at 6.50. Big change in profits.

  38. Tony McCoy says:

    However, this begs the question….if Andrew David is so successful, why is he taking all the trouble to market a tipping system, find clients, (& keep them!!), send out emails to every one of them, answer all their grumps and queries, tie himself down to the computer, keep records, books, pay VAT, pay taxes, overheads and accountants when he could quietly do this all himself, get a nice tax free income and gradually increase his stakes?
    He would have a stress free life compared to trying to make us money!!

    Just a thought……


  39. XyZ says:

    I have always wondered that with every tipping service.

  40. Lion53m says:

    I have been looking into subscribing to this service. On his website, Andrew David seeks 4 payments of £137 a year. Thats £548 if you don’t have a calculator to hand. He is restricing the membership to 500. That will generate an annual income of £274,000. If he was to generate the same income from his betting he would need to increase his stakes to £13,700. Imagine how long this would take if he was to do this gradually? Can you now see why he is offering this tipping service?

    Can I ask those guys who are still using this service, are you still making money? Do you recommend this service?

    Thank you, in anticipation.

  41. Taz says:

    Interesting reviews, I think in all this will be a good service. The transition in April is tough for most systems.

    Has anyone seen any results from June onwards?

    Cheers, Taz

  42. xyz says:

    Tips throughout Sept have been absolutely dreadful. I have been with this service for more than 7 months and I am showing a loss (which includes £137 quarterly subscription). Unless things really pick up in the next few weeks, I will not be renewing my subscription.

  43. Jack Whiteman says:

    Yesterday OPM had 20/1 winner ‘Radetsky March’, over on Betfair the SP was 28.0

    I covered OPM in my systems to follow guide and for me it really is a long term system.

    When I get some time I’ll do a complete annual review with all results.


  44. Mandit says:

    Was thinking of joining, but have been put off by the following: When this was first offered it was limited to the first 500 as they apparently could not give a good personalised service if it was greater! I have since seen it offered many times again in the intervening months,and its still limited to another 500?

  45. larky says:

    after reading the OPM ad i thought it would be a good thing, after all £900 profit pm from a £1000 bank sounds good to me and the cheltenham
    festival anti post bets made around 30 points.When after a few weeks i asked why we now need a bank of 40 points to bet two points on each advice and a £4000 bank is needed to achieve
    £900 pm on a very good month.When i asked why this was the reply was >Ihavent got round to changing the add< That add is around 10 mths out of date.Makes you wonder and still nobetfair book

  46. Lawrence says:

    Why would anyone with a similar view to that of Tony McCoy above, (THE Tony McCoy?) even bother coming to a site like this because by their logic, EVERY tipster/service must be a con. LG.

  47. Keith says:

    Hey Jack, What’s happened to this tipster system? no one seems to be writing in about it anymore, has the system failed or is it still going?? Are there any results to look at and what’s the bottom line?

  48. russelleaton says:

    not getting good results. Seems like a lot of effort for little profit.

  49. Juno and the Paycock says:

    The money from the subscriptions has been added to the pile, so there is no need to send out tips anymore.

    Why give yourself extra work when you have it made?

  50. balhamboyII says:

    I’ve been using the OPM service since the end of September 2011…

    I haven’t managed to get in on all the bets, not sure if I would have gained or lost more if I had…

    However I’m currently I’m 1 point down…

    Hmmm time to re-evalute?


  51. PeterFenton says:

    Clive Keeling from What Really Wins Money is now promoting this.

    It would appear he has had fantastic results in 2011.

    112 points profit in 2011

    What does everyone else think

  52. PMR says:

    Would give a wide berth until a proofed, 3rd party set of results are produced.

  53. TonyF says:

    I would suggest leaving this well alone, considering the guy is giving each way bets you would expect a much higher strike rate and that more horses would be placed.

    This service has produced less than 4 points profit per month since January 2011 and that is only due to 2 really good months that produced 42 and 18 points, otherwise his results would have been dire.

    You can check out all his results here


    Two other things I really don’t like are the guarantee, tell me please what value is 3 months free tips if the previous 3 months failed to make a substantial profit, who in their right mind is going to carry on risking their own money under those circumstances?

    Secondly he gives a lot of advice about betting mentality, dealing with losses and the like. I see it as a brick wall he is building to protect himself from dissatisfied mugs, oops sorry meant customers because anyone who thinks about complaining is made to feel they are at fault and that they are mentally weak and unable to cope with losses.

    I would avoid this service even if you were betting with your worst enemies money.

  54. balhamboyII says:

    OK I finally gave up on OPM…

    Since I started in September 2011 the service is down -11.9 points

    (or if you optimistically don’t include the partial result so far from March 2012, up 1.5 points)

    At best 1.5 points in 6 months at a cost of 137 quid per 3 months for the service doesn’t do it for me….

    As someone else commented in general OPM’s average of 4 points a months is hardly high flying…

  55. Buzby says:

    Does anybody know how this service is doing this year please

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