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| September 5, 2011 | 39 Replies

Product Name:   Online Wealth Generation

Product Author: Dr Peter James Hardy

Company Name & Contact Details:


The following method is guaranteed to be 100% risk free and extremely profitable. You will earn £400 to £600 per day.

Price: Deposit of a minimum of £65 has to be made to have a chance to win on the casino gambling system.

Money Back Guarantee:  There is never a money back guarantee on a bet.

What Do You Get?

– An online casino betting system that is solely based on the  exploration of the random number generator gambling venue.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

The Online Wealth Generation by Dr Peter James Hardy is an online casino betting system, using the 5-Step-Gap-Method, and is purported to be the only one in the world to guarantee winnings.

What’s It All About?

The Online Wealth Generation system was 5 years in the development by Dr Hardy who, before his retirement was chief software engineer at the London Stock Exchange.

The essence of the system is that one spins the wheel at a casino on european roulette, no bet is placed until after 5 consecutive black or red colours, then say if there had been 5 reds, you bet on black, if you lose you keep doubling up on black until you win.

The system makes use of a small loophole in the algorithm of the generator which provides the gambler a guarantee of winning provided a maximum play of 25 minutes is played at any one time.

Five online casinos, which have all been tested to “guarantee” can be downloaded and played, each giving a success rate of over 99%.

This online casino gambling system requires the gambler to follow stringent rules, otherwise the system will not work.

1. The player must spend no more than 25 minutes per session at a casino.

2. The player must not return to play the casino within 2 hours.

3. The player has to spin the wheel, but not place a bet until after a run of 5 reds or blacks has occurred.

4. If there had been 5 consecutive blacks, he would then start placing a bet on red of say £1 and doubling up until a red colour came up.

5. If the budget holds, one should not take out the winnings until say a profit of £1500 has been made, due to the fact that the system will not work after money has been drawn out.

However, I believe that if after taking out the winnings the player spins the wheel without placing a bet for 23 minutes and then logs out, he/she should be able to commence again as if it were the first time it had been played. This does not always work, but is worth a try.

I tried it, but without success.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

No experience, whatsoever, is required.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

A minimum of £65…anything less than £45 will not succeed.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The sky’s the limit apparently. Dr. Hardy says he has made £345,000 in the last 2 years with an initial deposit of £300 at each casino.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work? 

Three hours per day is the recommended time to play the system.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

A computer with an internet connection.

Value For Money? 

Well worth risking £65 for just to try it out.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

The promotion states that the system is 100% risk free; I did not find that to be true.

Quality Of Customer Service:

Emails are answered in anything between a few hours to 3 days.


The system can be played for fun or for real money. I played one of the casinos with a stake of £65.

I played 4 sessions with real money of 20 minutes each session with a 2 hour break between sessions.

The first session made me £30 in 20 minutes. After waiting for 5 similar colours coming up I placed my bet of £1 and on only 3 occasions did I have to double up twice to a £4 bet.

The second session I made £33 but I had to double up the £1 stake to £2 then to £4 a total of 5 times before I won and once to £8. By now I had accumulated my income to £128..a profit of £63 for only 40 minutes work.

In the third session I made £1 on the first spin and £1 on the second spin bringing my total income to £130; however after waiting as usual for 5 similar colours to come up I started betting again but having doubled right up to a bet of £64 I still lost which meant that I had lost £127 of my £130.

I had 2 more spins and lost both times, thus exhausting the stake money.

In conclusion I would recommend for anyone trying this to risk a £65 stake at a particular casino and hopefully make a minimum of £65 profit.

I would then bank the original amount and play my winnings at another casino.

Hopefully there will not be more than 11 consecutive similar colours coming up…the 5 before you spin and your 6 spins doubling up to £32.

Providing you win before the 12th spin you will always win so you could make this work for you. But you’d need a lot of luck.



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Comments (39)

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  1. rubio says:

    Interesting but flawed, with a single zero all evens bets, red or black,pair or impair,and manque or passe is less than the correct odds of 1.014 to 1. This gives the casino a house advantage of 1.39% and this is where half the stake is returned when zero occurs. This is a slighly refined martingale system and a long run of the unwanted colour etc. usually breaks the gamblers bank. Most casinos have a limit on the size of even money bets to prevent a gambler with a huge bank from doubling up ad infinitum. I shall give this a miss. Rubio.

  2. Injebreck says:

    There’s a theory that the RTG casinos track betting patterns and results then change taking that into account, so you’ll almost certainly lose long term. This might be better tried at the live wheels on places like Betfair, which are, allegedly, fairer.

  3. says:

    It doesnt work, I have tried two of the casino’s one let me win upto £200 then took all my money the second let me get up to £70 then stated taking my money. Do not do it any online roulette system that recommends a casino most probaly has a referal fee !!! ps I saw 17 black numbers in a row. Thank you Robert Ford.

  4. jade1974 says:

    I have tried the ‘play for fun’ on several of the recomended sites & have won approx £2000 in little over 1 week.

    Granted it was not for real money, but the system worked for me. Obviously i have my doubts over ANY money making systems, so would welcome comment from other winners.

  5. mel2507 says:

    Have tried this with an initial stake of £50. Made money up to £135, then had a run of the wrong colour and lost the lot! oh well kept me amused for a day or two!

  6. cygnet51161 says:

    Thanks you just saved me a lot of money with your comments

  7. tom42 says:

    Pity this site don’t do ’emoticons’ – ” rolling about helplessly laughing ” springs to mind!


  8. greety says:

    Why not bet alternate colours, red/black/red etc?

  9. sidcisco says:

    Still winning on William Hill, lost everything at Swiss Casino at about 23 – 24 minutes of play ???? not tried others as yet

  10. sidcisco says:

    Just tested casino king for one game, note; your 25 minutes starts from when you log in – not table time. £166 up at 2 casino’s today (In practice mode!)

  11. timd1987 says:

    I Tried this for a while, not this system but the same method. And you guessed it lost it all after a while. You can’t beat roulette, few good points tho you have to have a time limit and stick to it other wise greed takes over and you overplay.
    I have found williamhill live croupier to be best. I wait for 3 evens or odds then bet the opposite. Live jus seems to be fairer. And always place your bet in the last few seconds. Gives you an edge cos they can’t see your bet before spinning the wheel.

  12. Smike says:

    I’m very glad I registered here today after being intrigued by the UKWealth advert. On first appearance, I thought Dr Hardy was a very credible advocate if I could establish that he was who he presents himself as being.
    I am not a gambler, but I might try this system with modest expectations. If I find any good or bad news, I’ll let this site know.

  13. bristolblue says:

    Tried this several times allowing only 20 minutes and retring only after 2 hours. There must be referral process for Dr hardy as there is clearly a link to him if you download each casino from his blurb. His email address will not work and there is a German also claiming almost the same data as the inventor of this system. I played for fun and almost every time a long run of same colour numbers took all my money at around £60.

  14. martin606 says:

    Hi All

    s a croupier with 24 year experience I am always trying new systems. the issue with Roulette is that each number is indepentant of any other.

    I have just tried this system with a 3 of one colour before changing, with zero cancelling out and starting another run.

    Using play money on PKR at $5 stakes, starting with a bank of $300 and looking to earn $100 before logging out. I won my $100 in around 15 minutes, sometimes I went to $40 stakes (5,10,20,40)intersting system that cuts down any run of colours although online as well as off you can still get a run of 20 red or black, thereby wiping you out.

    Will keep you all posted of my progress and if I start with real money will go in a £1 stakes looking to earn £20 in any one visit.

  15. bristolblue says:

    Tried this three times now and each time the on line roulette allowed me to win £15t0 approx and then a long line of same colours took it all back. Am convinced casinos monitor these habits and then change your run of luck. It stands to reason really as otherwise they would be losing a fortune now to this system!! Also all emails to Dr hardy bounce back as “not a valid email address”

  16. martin606 says:

    Ok, on PKR using play money using the 3 colour run, i am now well down, get quite a few hits though but then end up with a long run of colours which wipes things out

    Paradoxically have just done 2 shifts this week and the 3 colour system works quite well, looking around all five tables running on both fri/sat night. I would of made £100.00 off of my spins alone but looking around I would of made that a lot sooner had I been a player and ‘working’ all the tables.

  17. martin606 says:


    Using my system with Betfred with live money at £2.00 stakes and I had won £78.00 in 3 days, £48.00 in one day but then I broke my own golden rule and paid the price with a £96.00 loss in one visit! Another main factor with betfred is that is has a maximum of £50.00 so once you hit that barrier and the sequence doesn’t hit it knocks you right down.

    Still using the system at £2.00 stakes i have gone from almost zero (£200.00 original buy in)I now have my original buy in back in one day (today 14th of december)Will now visit land based to see how it fares in real time.


  18. philc says:

    tried dr Peter James Hardy’s system with swiss casino. deposited £45, got 150% awarded, so off I went with £112.5, I got up to £215.50, then had lots of runs of same colour that wiped my account out, so it doesnt work, and Dr Hardy’s email is returned invalid address.
    Hes the only winner if people deposit 5% of their winnings on their first day.


    I am now doubling my money with started with $500, my account is now worth over $60,000 and I draw out $3000 a month with a solid legitimate online advertising opportunity..

  19. esling says:

    This does work, but not in the way the ad suggests obviously! I had a punt with £75 on one casino (Hills) and got back my stake plus another £75. I did the same on another (Swiss) and got back my stake plus £50. No doubt if I’d kept going I’d have lost the lot. It’s a nice but of fun to make a few quid, but don’t kid yourself that the path to ritches lies here! One other point is that you have to refuse the free bets they offer when you sign up. It sounds good to stake £75 and get another £75 free, but of course that incurs a minimum betting requirement, usually in the 000’s. So anything you “win” is irrelevant unless you’re prepared to bet big bucks.

  20. jtmoney says:

    One other point,they say to play for 23 mins and wait 2 hrs. Not true. it is best to play maybe for 15 mins, and then wait at least 24hrs before going back on the same casino. I think it is possible to get small winnings everyday, but you have to be well disciplined to only play for a short period and always wait 24 hrs before playing again.

  21. nick1284 says:

    whats the longest streak of colour anyone has ever seen? why not wait until 10-15 of the same colour then start betting if there is anymore than 25+ of the same colour in a row they should be reported as that is bullshit and is no way random!

  22. bobbillco says:

    I have to say that me and a friend played this system a few years ago. We did well for a few weeks and were up £1,600 using only 10p stakes at totesport casino.

    We thought that we were on the way to a fortune!! We waited for 11 spins of the same colour just to be safe. But suddenly our luck changed. From then on we just couldn’t win!

    It’s worth looking up Martingale on the net. We are sure that something changed. We assume we had been “flagged” somehow. It was good whilst it lasted and in hindsight we would have been wise to cash out when we were ahead.

  23. mammalman says:

    Why wait for a run of reds or blacks in a row? I suspect each outcome is as random as you could possibly get and that getting three reds makes no difference on whether the next will be red or black. If you are going to use martingale just use it straight away so you more rapidly get to the point when you will lose it all due to a rare but inevitable run of the same colour.

  24. scarbough says:

    Very interesting debate,
    yes einsteins theory was that you cannot beat the roulette wheel.But the online roulette RNG etc are not real live play, so the chance of beating a machine pre programmed not to lose, and with loosing reds and or blacks,47.5% chances with a 20plus losing sequence has to tell you all something.
    If you fancy a dabble play real live roulette on line, the most reds ive seen in live play was 14 in a row, at least its better that 20plus.
    you will never beat a wheel that is got the overall edge long term, but maybe play it short term, take a profit and bail out.Yes there is no reason to back any colour even if 6reds have just been scored, but if you had 100 you have to make a choice as to what you think the odds are. have we ever seen 100 reds or blacks in a row?.so if it was 14 reds what do we do.? you have to play the odds based on whats gone before thats as good as it gets.

  25. scarbough says:

    A point worth noting,when you get system offers if you are advised that it only works with certain casinos on line,ask yourself why?.The vendors are generally affilliates who have a percentage paid to them of the amounts that you lose useing the systems that ultimately will lose.
    If you dontbelieve this, if 1000people buy a system at 30quid and lose say 100quid overall on the system at the designated casino on line,thats 100k in lossesin the casinos pocket and even at 20%commission to the system vendor is a tidy sum,so pls think on if your tempted,ive done it and been there,and worn the T-shirt.
    Also if you accept the bonuses you will 99.9%guarenteed tonever be able to cash out,as the rollover can be 20-60 times deposit and bonus.So beware and if you do get drawn in papertrade these roulette systems,better to fail on paper than for real cash.

  26. moles40 says:

    biggest load of rubbish I have ever read.

    Wait until the same colour hit 5 times and then bet the colour.Cobblers

    The guy is nothing but an affiliate to the casino’s listed on his website.Every time someone clicks on the casino link and signs up to the casino he gets commission.

    This has been going on for years.

  27. scarbough says:

    Thats a less subtle way of saying what i have just said…ha.
    dont fall for this online roulette stuff, its marketing majic.

  28. scarbough says:

    I carnt believe that the famous martingale system is still being advertised……legally,The famous double up bets is amazingly rediculous.
    But people must still be buying it otherwise it wouldnt be being sold.There were a few systems being sold for roulette on line that used palace casino only,so beware folks,if something says that you can make £100 a day using the martingale or whatever system pls pls stop and think before you jump in.
    The reason people play online is because of the speed of spins,but its not real live play,you are trying to outwhitt a piece of computer software,pre programmed so as you will never win….long term.It will detect patterns that you are using,and adjust accordingly.

    Also remember that the same systems are available to the casinos also,so im sure that if they got wind of a system that was wiping the floor with there software the would legally be able to alter the RNG, or ,PLAYTECH software setup to basically combat the systems.

    I have come accross a few who play live roulette only,they win more than they lose, they dont play past certain losses,and they take a certain percent in winnings and leave the table.They have a stop loss policy,they do assess whats gone before spin wise,and they never play on emotion.They generally have a staking plan, and on guy simply plays level stakes only.

  29. omcon says:

    Scarborough, you’ve summed this up nicely. I had over $900 with a well known casino and lost the lot after a same colour run of 27 spins……unbelievable but true, I’ve never trusted any gaming site since no matter how well known or seemingly credible and fair !

  30. T says:

    Surely the longer you play this system the greater the chance of incurring a loss. Long runs of say red or black do occur even on real roulette tables. So, the more you play this system (especially whilst profiting) the closer you come to a seemingly impossibly long sequence of the same colour, thus wiping out any profit.

    Although i’m not saying that i’m not going to give this ago!

  31. moles40 says:

    The best advice regarding roulette is that unless its live dealer roulette then don’t touch it with a bargepole!

    RNG roulette produces some very odd number combinations and it never feels like it’s random at all.

    Avoid all rng roulette,including the machines in the bookmakers!

  32. JohnU says:

    @ Scarbough

    Wise words as ever – and many others!

    Can i chuck in a word please – REALISM.

    1. Dr Peter James Hardy – if he had been ‘Chief Software engineer at the London Stock Exchange’why the hell is he selling something costing £65 – probably the cost of a club sandwich and a G and T in that quarter of London!

    2. If he made £345,000 in 2 years with the system – same Question as above!

    3. People who REALLY make money (the odd 1 or 2 %) on Casinos do so, as Scarbough says, quietly and carefully playing in REAL casinos!

    4. The On-line lot and the Bookies FOBT’s are absolute gold -mines, looking for mugs who the vast majority of, seem to like losing their Money! Here’s a REALITY SHOCK for most people!
    What do High Street bookies make the bulk of their Profits on these days? Horses? Football? Dogs? NO none of them. They make 2/3 rds to 3/4 of ALL PROFITS ON THOSE FOTB (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals) – mostly, though not all on Roulette! Now you know why they are open from early morning to late evening and why they open on good Friday and Christmas Eve – even when there is no Horse Racing!

    Legally they are only allowed 4 machines per shop – maximum, otherwise you would see them stick 10 or 12 in if they could get away with it!
    Sadly there are more Gambling addicts from them than any other form of Gambling – according to a Press article i read!

    5. Let me introduce you Dorris (no idea if thats her real name!) but shes well into her 70’s. I was in my local Bookies the other Day and she was sat hapily at one of the Machines and said she hadn’t done very well today, as normally she puts £20 in – just 2 or 3 times a week, and if she wins £10 or £15 she takes the profits and adds it to her pension and then leaves – and she says its a lot of fun too ! Overall she makes a modest profit almost every week – and her secret? – when to STOP !
    She chuckles at the young lads who come in and feed £20 notes like no tomorrow -often hundreds she says and then storm out in frustration, some times probably having done their whole weeks wages!

    Tortoise or Hare? Reality or Delusional ?
    The choice folks is always yours!!

  33. moles40 says:

    I can’t understand why people still play RNG roulette.It’s been known for years that they act nothing like a real roulette wheel,and yet everyday in the local bookmakers in our high street every machine has someone playing it.

    Why can’t they offer live roulette in the bookmakers,using the internet to play,at least you have a proper chance to win at the game.

    Odd that the bookmakers don’t offer it in their shops.

  34. JohnU says:


    no 1 – because many people are delusional and don’tknow when to get out (ie when you are in front)

    no 2 – they don’t offer live roulette because they can make astronomical profits by letting people throw all their wages into a machine – then they just collect the money!

  35. scarbough says:

    Hi guys,
    its great to see that hopefully these posts may stop the impulse to use such systems,and i do not say that lightly.I will give anything a fair crack but i have a problem with trying to outwit a machine.People who buy this must be very new to betting, trading and basic odds and percentages.
    The systems vendor will profit from sending clients to the selected casino, and the vendors will get a percentage of the clients losses.And that can be a lot of commission for any vendor, and a nice net loss for the site casinos.Its a great wealth generator but not for the punter, and until im proven wrong here, never will be.
    We must keep posting to try and stop the selling of such rubbish to the first time buyers, who are lets say vulnerable to this type of hype.If people then know what it is that will happen,….. as in they but a roulette system for online casinos,…they get told to use it at A,B, or C casino sites only, otherwise it may not work,…they get directed to the site to use through a special link in with the product,…they then go into play mode and the system seems ok,…they then play with real money and either they win short term, then get wiped out, or just lose from the off, and end up closing the account.
    Oh and dont forget the casino will offer a sign up bonus to the new client, and basically they will generally ring you if you do not want to take it from them…….Just remember all newbies to this world,once you have joined the casino sites on line and accepted the bonus you will never be able to get that cash out………ever.The rollover on bonus and deposit is such that its impossible to achieve,so please read the above posts from moles and or john, and or T or omcon, as its a poor choice if you go down this path.

  36. scarbough says:

    my next door friend came round a while ago, he is Latvian, and struggling to pay the bills, and guess what,he plays the roulette bandits in the bookies.And the other week he was £160 up, and then lost the lot and was down by 80quid in the end. Yes its a poor example of gambeling but how on earth can you hope to beat a machine chip.People may laugh at this example , but there is very little difference in this and just accepting the same type of machine online…..Good luck if you do though, as you will need it.

  37. Hagar says:

    I Have twice ben up a lot on Betfair LIVE ROULETTE,ONLY TO GET 15 MIDDLE NOS (13-24) IN A ROW then 25,yes 25! low nos (1-12) in a row!

  38. xagman says:

    Crikey – a mixture of gambler’s fallacy and Martingale – what could possibly go wrong???!!!!!!!! WTF!

  39. andrewantiga says:



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