NW Sports Golf Service Review

| February 2, 2012 | 1 Reply

Product Name: NW Sports Golf Service

Author: Neil Stevens-Wood

Company Name & Contact Details 
NW Sports Advisory and Betting Service
30 Bradleymore Road,
Brierley Hill
West Midlands
Office tel: 01384 351334
mobile 07944429684
email: n.stevenswood@gmail.com

Price: £3 per week £10 per month or £90 annually

Money Back Guarantee: Full refund if service showing loss after 3 months subscriptions paid.

What Do You Get?

– Weekly email advice service covering US and European Golf tours

Where To Buy: http://nw-sportspromo.yolasite.com/

Brief Summary?  

The NW Sports Golf Service from Neil Stevens-Wood offers ratings analysis and advice for each golf tournament. The top 20 rated players for each tournament are advised plus you also get  Elite selections.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 

No specific advice given.

How Much Money Can I Make?  

No specific claims made.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Few minutes when selections received.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 

PC and Internet connection.

Value For Money?  

Probably – too early to tell really.

Quality Of Customer Service?  


Review 15/03/2012

Anyone who has ever played golf will know that it is not only difficult to master but however well you are playing there may just be someone who is playing at the top of their game and it is better than yours. Well it seems to me that tipping golf tournaments is equally fraught as there is the potential for just about any of the competitors to win and last weeks form can be undone by almost any factor from an errant butterfly to gale force winds.

The NW approach is to prepare ratings for the competitors and advise their members of the top 20 going into a tournament with specific emphasis on usually just 1 of them which is classed as the Elite tip (occasionally can be more than one).

The information provided allows you to form your own betting style with a back up knowledge base or you can back from the top down as you see fit. As with other NW services you are given the ammunition and can choose how you wish to use it. The ratings take into account as many factors as possible that may influence the specific event and the individual. Both the European and American Tours are covered.

The NW website summarises the returns from their golf advice over the last 3 months and access to the detailed information for the 2 elite selections is also available at the end of each month.

We have followed the whole of February and the disclosure is in line with our experience and although that month was unsuccessful as far as elite selections are concerned, March has had a good start with Charles Schwarzel placing at odds of 6.6 for an approximate 11 point profit.

If you had followed the ratings to the letter you would also have been successful on a place for Lee Westwood. Indeed for that tournament 7 of the 20 rated players finished in the top 20 which is a pretty creditable forecast. (I have forgiven Neil for not tipping Rory on this occasion!)

I have attached the spreadsheet that sets out the advice from the service to give a flavour of how it is presented which is probably of more use than a set of results which would be based on my judgement usage of the data.

Now 5 weeks is insufficient to form any realistic judgement of a golf service but everything does feel right about it at this early stage. I plan to follow the tips for at least another couple of months and will update readers then but if golf is your thing then you are hardly risking a great deal at £9 per month with the money back guarantee in operation.

Our experience of the other NW services for racing and soccer is also positive and we anticipate further progress here.

NW Sports Golf Results

Update 17/5/2012:

Since our review the service presentation has been changed – certainly for the better – and now comes in the form of a weekly spreadsheet with tabs detailing tips, additional advice if any and the results for the year. An example of the format is shown with the review now as it demonstrates everything very well.

The critical elements are a profit for the year so far of 8.12 points with a return on investment of 17.52%. Readers will understand that golf betting is rather like the Longshot King format as the fields are so large and even a player on top form can be beaten by another having a purple patch.

The service price is modest and offers excellent value if you are into this type of betting.

NW Sports Golf Tip Example

Update: 26/9/2012

The Golf Service has been discontinued as the proprietor considers the results are not adequate to justify it carrying on.What a refreshing attitude to take before a lot of punters cash has gone down the drain.

Subscribers to the racing service will now receive an extra on Wednesdays with suggestions regarding the weeks golf at no extra charge.



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  1. nwsports says:


    I would like to introduce myself quickly if i may.

    Im Neil & i run N.W.Sports Advisory & Betting Service. In brief i started this service many moons ago, due to being ripped off by rogues in this line of business over & over again. We have built our service up over the years & we believe we offer very good value for money.

    Our aim is to continually look for value in the market place & make consistent profits in the long term.

    I wont blabber on for to long as my associates will vouch for me being able ‘to talk for England’! Everything you need can be found at our website at http://www.nw-sports.co.uk If you cant find what your looking for or have any questions please contact me personally.

    There is much bad press about tipster services, but please believe me were not all a bad bunch.

    Hopefully we will prove this to you during the review taking place on our service.

    Many thanks.

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