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Product Name: Mobile Money Bandit

Author: Justin Elenberg

Contact Details:
Support is only given via this site:
The company seems to be at this address:
JBE Holdings, LLC.
P. O. Box 334,
Az. 85211,

I do not like dealing with companies who only provide a PO BOX address, so please be warned.


$11,881 in a single day.  This Ain’t Last Year’s Mobile Marketing

Price: $77 if you are buying in the USA. If you are in the UK the price is £52.23 plus VAT  so £62.68

Money Back Guarantee: You can purchase via clickbank so you can obtain a refund inside 60 days.

What Do You Get:

– Video Training package
– $75 dollar advertising credit to use when you start out

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary: 

Mobile Money Bandit by Justin Elenberg is all about making money from mobile phone marketing.

What’s It All About?

This sales video is a bizarre one with a cartoon starting and sketching… I was not sure what to make of this and to me it looked like it had been created by a teenager. I can imagine a teenager would think this kind of approach is cool but to me it was very off-putting and didn’t really get the product on a good start.

The sale promotion promises the following:

The plot:  A brand new mobile emerges, impervious to the fear… the confusion… and the threats fo a team of super-villans led by an unforgiving economy…

The Twist: Tap n Talk marketing means you too can make out like a mobile money bandit while never selling a single thing…

Important: don’t expect a remix of outdated methods like scammy sms strategies complicated mobile landing pages or costly iphone app development…!

Well I was confused by the cartoon images and then this nonsense that doesn’t tell me anything about the actual product. 

They then give some examples which I’ve shown below and they say the important part is that people don’t need to buy, sometimes they just need to remain on the phone for a set period. But I couldn’t understand how this worked and why companies would pay you in the way they explained.  

They say for example, there’s…

The beauty technology company… who’ve performed over 8.5 million skin treatments… who happily hand you… $10.50 if someone stays on a call for only 30 seconds…

The higher education company… with 10,262 full-time employees… who give you… $22 if someone stays on the phone for 2 minutes! 

America’s largest tax representation team… with 325 locations in 43 states… who pay… $35 per call for only 1 minute on the line!

The “structured settlement” behemoth… with over a billion dollars in pay outs under their belt… who value good leads so dearly, they line your pockets with…$65 per call for only 2 minutes!

So I took a look and I’ll try and tell you a bit more about what I found out.

Do I Need Any Experience To Make This Work?

The sales material says that you don’t need a marketing list, don’t need to learn coding, no need to have any products, no need to do JV’s, or have any tech-savvy skills.  They make it sound very simple.  They do say that you need a computer, broadband and the desire to succeed. 

Although this is about mobile marketing, they say you don’t even need a mobile phone!  Which I found confusing because if you are doing marketing via a mobile phone, then surely you’d need to use this to check that the marketing looks right and you can test what you are doing?!

How Much Time Will It Take Me?

Well if you believe the sales letter you’ll need no talent or time at all and it seems they are promising that you’ll make money out of thin air!  Don’t believe any of this, the techniques will take you time to learn, use and then try to make money from.

Unless you can dedicate a few hours to learning this and a weekend to test them out then this isn’t for you. You will also need to spend more time with trying new things and keep running your marketing. This is not a five-minute job once a week.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

The first claims come up in a cartoon format on the author’s phone, which suggests that he has made $124,000 in a month. There is no real verification of these numbers and the entire sales presentation seems to have a jokey and unbelievable feel to it. 

Then it’s $2,000 in a day, you get the picture they are trying to say this product makes money fast but they dont’ really give enough detail or proof.  It’s disappointing that they spent so long on the graphics and no time actually showing you how this product makes money.

The screen shots are from commission junction, which is a site a lot like clickbank (if you are familiar with that site). If you’re not familiar with Commission Jucntion, then these are affiliate sites and people who have products put them and the sales copy up and other people can use them to sell those existing products to their own database or lists that they buy.  Many people do make good money from commission junction and other similar sites but as I say there is no proof within this sales video.


The name of the product gives you a good idea of what this product is about and how the sales material works.

They talk about a growing area in marketing and I have seen several things which support their argument about this industry growing and how you can ride the wave of the coming success.  They are correct that the industry will be getting bigger, some companies are only just starting to do marketing online now and I can see this increasing over time as more people use their mobiles to access the internet and their emails. 

So, in theory this does seem like a good marketing tactic to learn. There is an upsell of $297 if you take the first offer but I wouldn’t take that until you are confident the first product is working for you.

This product is about pay per call marketing, which I have not heard of before.  It means companies will pay you if you provide them with someone who is interested in their product. So they might pay you if you get someone interested in double glazing or laser eye surgery.   There are sites out there, where these companies advertise for their prospects then they pay the people that can bring qualified leads or direct people to making the calls to their sales hotlines.

The longer someone stays on the line the more they will hear the detailed sales message and the companies behind the call lines are confident of making a sale. Normally within the sales hotlines they try and take the prospects contact details or get them to speak to an advisor, if they do that then the companies will pay the person who lead the prospect to them more money. 

Jason gives some good material for a complete beginner in this field and the video’s are short and to the point.   He even gives suggestions on where to start depending on your budget size, which I thought was quite good and I hadn’t seen anyone do this before.

I can see that to get this going you would have to spend time really thinking about your campaigns and really this seems more suited to those people who are prepared to operate in America, as this is where most of the business comes from.

The sales material for this product is awful and I hated it but the product seems to cover in enough detail the idea and how it works and gives lots of examples. You also get a good guarantee period with clickbank.   If you are willing to put the time into learning about this and more time trying it out you could find success but I’m not sure it’s big enough to be making you $11,000 a day unless you are spending lots of money on marketing.

If you’ve tried this product or have any experience of Mobile Money Bandit then please leave a comment below.



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  1. JohnU says:

    So $124,000 per month
    – $11,000 in a day
    Uses a POB Box Number.
    Has a headline with the revolting word ‘Ain’t’ in it
    and the guy will sell it to you for just over 60 quid!!
    Wow – roll up,roll up.
    GIVE ME STRENGTH ! What a load of “£$%$£^& tosh!

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