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Product Name: Mobile Blog Money

Author: Chris Waldron

Contact Details:
Marketing Logistics, LLC 

Price: $47

Money Back Guarantee: None stated on the sales page

What Do You Get:

– 6 video introductions that cover the main core themes.
– Online support 24 hours a day
– You then also have the chance to take three advancements to this product.  They include private one-on one coaching, advanced software and a way in which they do campaigns on your behalf.   

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary: 

The Mobile Blog Money author, Chris Waldron, promises to reveal a NEW internet and how the US government is trying to hide the real way to make money online.

What’s It All About?

The “new internet” this author refers to is mobile marketing, and how the internet world is turning to mobile in all forms, from getting browers, buying, surfing and making decisions on your mobile phone.   

He goes on to say that mobile users are more than 24 times more responsive than usual online users.  He gives lots of examples of how companies like Google are investing in many of the new mobile applications. He says those which take on the mobile markets will be more successful during 2012.

This course takes you through setting up advertising campaigns with sites like Admob, where you can display your sales messages on other people’s mobile phones and then you pay for each display or click to your sales site.  This is where they say there is huge growth and that not many companies are doing this.

Do I Need Any Experience To Make This Work?

I think for someone who is completely new to this, then they will probably struggle to get started and will have too many questions unanswered.  It hasn’t been designed to be completely idiot proof.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

The first sales claim is that the secret he is about to share has made more money in the last 7 seconds than the entire internet marketing channels in the last 30 days. 

So in 7 seconds you could make more from this one secret than an entire variety of marketing channels in a whole 30 days?   This made me suspicious to start with and during the video there is no proof this is actually true. 

This does something I hadn’t seen before, he says that US congress is trying to outlaw a certain type of online marketing and ensure they control it’s function. The way he says this implies that it’s so successful that the US government want to own it.   It made me interested but also suspicious so I looked at this a little more.   He is talking about bill h r 3261 and you can read more on that on wiki and here is a link: 

As you can tell from the link name, this is about stopping online piracy and those firms which use other  people’s Intellectual Property or Copyright.   The law has been created to stop people doing illegal things online. Which I think is only a good thing, it is not the US government trying to control a marketing channel like the author says and I find him misleading.

The law really just ensures that anyone doing anything illegal cannot operate on sites like Paypal to collect payments and I am sure most online users welcome this bill.

The author says there is a new internet and that he made $895,000 dollars from it. This again is misleading, there isn’t a new internet, just him saying he has found what he calls a new way to make money online.   

The amount of misleading statements within the first 5 minutes of this video makes me suspicious and I do not trust this author.

During the video there is no explanation or actual proof these figures have been made using this exact same system.


This sales promotion is awful and I found it very misleading. Then I also searched around and I found this man’s affiliate site for this product. It shows you everything that is wrong with internet marketing so called guru’s.

All these people had agreed to sell this product to you without running the product for any length of time.  So if you currently get communications from them you might want to reconsider that decision:

Chris X, Mo Latif, Adeel Chowdhry, Steven Lee Jones, Paul and Antonio, Rob Benwell, Imran Sadiq, Kieran Gill, Craig Kaye, Mike Auton, Ian Ross, Chris Freville, Andrew Fox, Chris Fox, Phil Mansour, Jani G, Alex Malave, Steven Johnson, Steve Iser, Alen Sultanic, Bill McRea, Winter Valko, Corey Lewis, Ronnie Montano, Nathan Hopkins, Aaron Darko, Shawn Casey, Michael Jones, Jordan Hall, Jerome Chapman, Sal Haque, Sean Miller

I know a few of these names like Bill Mcrea, Phil Mansour, Jani G, Ian Ross, Rob Benwell, Mo Latif and Adeel Chowdhry.  I’ve done product reviews on each of them before and sadly, most of those products have been full of hype and not very successful.

I found out that each of these people are only after an affiliate sale. If you go to this site  you’ll see each of those named were happy to sell the product to you as part of a competition, the competition would pay the first person to different level of sales, a cash incentive for doing so.  It doesn’t fill you with confidence for those named above.  Those people were happy to sell you a product not only for the affiliate commission but also for cash incentives. 

If you’ve tried this product or have any experience of Mobile Marketing then please leave a comment below.



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  1. jasherel says:

    VERY informative! Thank you for a objective review!

    Stay very blessed.


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