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Product Name: Martin Blakelys Handicap Gold

Author: Martin Blakely

Company Name And Contact Details:
Canonbury Publishing Ltd.
Unit 1
Hainault Works
Hainault Road
Little Heath
Telephone +44 (0) 208 597 0181
Fax: +44 (0) 597 4040


“Who else wants to make £3,902 tax-free a month placing just 2 – 3 simple bets each week on ‘LEGALLY RIGGED’ handicap horse races?”

Price: £160 for 3 months, £295 for 6 months, £530 for 12 months.

Money Back Guarantee: 30 days

What Do You Get?

* Regular emails with betting selections and instructions on how to place those bets.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Martin Blakelys Handicap Gold is a a horse racing betting system that focuses on handicap betting. Martin Blakely has over 20 years experience in Handicap races and now he wants to share that experience with you. Every week he sends you betting opportunites for you to place money on – bets that he will be placing himself.

What’s It All About?

Handicap Racing is based on a simple principle. By adding more weight to stronger horses and less weight to weaker horses, every horse has the same chance of winning. This isn’t a new area to bet on but Martin says he uses he 23 years of experience to figure out something he calls ‘false Handicaps’.

These are races containing horses who’s Handicap doesn’t match their ability. This, Martin explains, happens when trainers use special tricks to ensure that their horse is given an artificially low rating until they’re ready to take advantage of the low weight and go for the win.

Martin says he can easily spot special signals and conditions that tell him a racehorse trainer is grooming his horse for a win – with the odds stacked heavily in the horse’s favour. And that’s when he bets.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

Martin says that knowledge of horse racing isn’t needed because he does all the analysis for you.

The only thing you’ll need to do is open up your emails, read the information for the horses he has selected and then place your bets via a bookie or bet exchange.

This is easy to do.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Martin explains that if you had been betting £100 on every selection since May 2009 then you’d have returned £3902 per month.

This seems to be genuine and the results and testimonials back it up.

The one thing I thought would have been fairer was to show bets with a lower starting point.

To be placing £100 per bet you’d need a betting bank in the region of £5000. Of course if you had £500 you could be placing £10 bets and the results would be £390 profit per month.

This seems very realistic and a good way to make money.

Does It Live Up To Claims In Promotion?

The claim here is that you can make up to £3902 a month for just placing a couple of bets per week.

I’ve already explained how I feel a more realistic approach for most people is a smaller bank and potential profit.

The one thing to consider is that if you only have a small betting bank, it could take you two months of average profit (£390) to cover the costs of the annual subscription.

Nick Laight at Canonbury publications backs these claims up and he normally thoroughly tests all products and verifies the testimonials.

One thing I found odd is that Martin says he’s been doing this for 23 years but there is very little information about him in the public domain.


The service offered isn’t actually anything new. It’s still betting on horses to win and this is a notoriously dodgy industry and some shady characters.

However, as already mentioned the results and honesty behind this service seem genuine and there’ll be no problem getting a refund from the company who publish this service.

I’ve highlighted some concerns about money to be made but overall this service seems to one that you can trust.

One thing I notice when looking at the track record was the fact that in June 2009 there was a period where out of 17 races you’d have won just twice.

The total outlay would have been £1700 with £100 stakes and the total return £413.

What isn’t clear is why over this period there were so many bets, the sales promotion says 2-3 bets a week but these 17 bets covered just 4 days.   This seemed to be the only time this extensive betting happened and it’s unclear why.

However, these bad runs happen for every service but you have to be aware that you could join at the start at a good or bad run.

Remember that and it may be wise to take the shortest subscription terms first to see how this works over 90 days.

If you’ve tried this service by Martin Blakey then please leave your comments below so that other members can benefit from your experience.

Update – 1st April 2010

If you want to simply follow my Handicap Gold selections great! Remember, you’d have made £3,902 a month on average following these to £100 level stakes and that’s placing just 2 – 3 bets a week.

That’s the initial info that Martin Blakey offers up.

Martin Blakey states he is very well ‘connected’ and receives his info directly from his connections with regard to the horse’s possibilities. He also states that he has his own handicapping method which can bring about the high priced winners that he claims to have found in the past.

The service consists of an email with 3 selections (tips) in one race usually on the Flat including AW. You back the highest ranked horse according to him. All 3 have his rating figures included. These ratings can vary a great deal from the official Rating figures and there are a number of betting methods voiced.

The one that appears could be of greatest benefit is the dutching of the 3 selections.

The author has voiced (apparently prompted by clients emails) that as the 3 selections are normally a good price they offer the possibility of backing and laying (trading) on Betfair.

However there was no mention of this until voiced by a subscriber. Of course to do this would require the use of, and subscription payment to, a trading platform such as ‘Bet Angel’, or Betfair Rapid which I think is free to BF subscribers.

Over half way through this service now; Tue 16/ Mar/ 2010, and the performance is as follows;

There have been selections on only 7 days out of 16;

2 winners and 2 placed from 21 selections (3 selections per day all in the same race… when there were selections).

Odds have been between 6.0 … &   3.2 on Betfair.

Martin Blakey states he prefers to concentrate on flat racing, and has numerous contacts both for flat and national hunt. With this in mind he offered the following for the Cheltenham Festival.

The results are included.

Wed 17/ Mar / 2010. Selections given in 3 races at;

Cheltenham 2.40 Weapons Amnesty was a winner at a good EW price. Win … 13.5 … Place… 2.66 at Betfair SP.

The 2 Selections in the Cheltenham 4.00 were unplaced.

And one of the two selections for the Cheltenham 4.55… Sanctuaire… won at 4/1 (5.2 Betfair) the other came in 5th.

Thu 18/ Mar/ 2010 No Flat selections.

Cheltenham 3 selections as per usual. 1 second and 2 un placed.

Friday 19/Ma/2010.  All Weather selections;

3 selections for/in the 3.45 Lingfield…

Aphrodisia + (+ = Premium Pick) Un Placed
Roshina – Dead Heat 1st
Hip Hip Hooray – Dead Heat 3rd

Cheltenham selections;

2.05 Tito Busitillo – Pulled Up
4.40 Ashkazar – 7th

Mon 22/Mar/10 AW selections;

2.20 Wolves/… 3 selections

1. Top Flight Splash.37 –  BSP 5.10  Available on BF @ 6.4 into 3.9 in running so was tradable.
2. Dream Express.36 – ran into 2nd place
3. West Leake.32 –  UP

Betting advice given… Trade (1) Top Flight Flash on Betfair.

4.50 Wolves/… 3 selections

1. Ninth House. 47+, 7th @ 15/2 –  Not placed!
2. Tropical Blue. 44, 2nd @ 9/2 –  Placed but odds too low for a good place return.
3. Pha Mai Blue. 39, 5th  @ 6/1 –  Un placed.

Betting advice given… to back ‘Ninth House’  ‘ Win & Place’. (unplaced).

26th Mar 2010.

Well that just about sums up my 30 day review of Handicap Gold. It’s now the 30th day of trialing Martin Blakey’s tips and the fact that I am claiming my refund must say it all for me.

I don’t feel that the level of return you get justifies the monthly subscription fee.  More so when you have to pay £160.00 for 3 months or £530.00 for 12 months up front.

Plus, Mr Blakey appears to have strayed from the original concept of the service, according to the response of his subscribers, as he is now advocating trading some of his offerings, which is not to all peoples taste.

However, he does state that you only get 2 to 3 simple bets each week. But I personally cannot see you making the £3902.00 he claims even betting @ £100 stakes.

Another point that puzzles me is he keeps stating that this is a poor time for seeking out winners… (End of the NH season and just the beginning of the flat)… so why promote a tipping service at a time when you know you probably can’t produce?

Personally I’m not enamoured by the offerings of this tipping service, maybe later when the flat season is a bit older it may show a profit but as I’ve already stated I don’t understand the logic as to why he should be offering this now at the end and  start of the two seasons. I have now cancelled my £160 subscription and received a full refund via Canonbury Publishing.


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  1. ANTHONY says:

    i have looked at this system, what Martin dosn’t mention,are the profits to starting price or advised prices which can be difficult to obtain and will make a big difference to profits.

  2. Adam says:

    I am trialling this service at the moment and the results seem to be pretty good. It’s still early days with the selections as we have not properly begun the flat racing season.
    Going over the past results it became clear that a greater strike rate of 73% could be achieved by backing and placing the horse in question in contrast to the 48% rate for backing alone.

  3. Jeff says:

    I joined the service on the 5th of March and showed a profit at the end of March of £246.00 to £100 e/w a wee bit bit short on the £3900 advertised but as we all know, this is a long term investment so it will be interesting to see how the profit and loss on this service works out as the flat gets into full swing.Martin has two other services besides Handicap Gold which i am also a member of and have been for a 12month + and both of these are showing excellent profits with average odds of around 5.0.I only say this for some of you that may think that he is a scam artist. In my dealings with him over the past year I have found that nothing could be further from the truth he is a genuine guy with some excellent knowledge on handicap races and is always happy to discuss any aspect of his service.

  4. Jeff says:

    Hi Anthony
    Martin’s profit and loss is to SP so if you take an early price you would show a greater profit as most of his selections shorten up.

  5. placey says:

    The positives are definitely uninspiring and look to be written by friends of martin.
    My feedback supports the trial comments
    His advertised performance bears absolutely no relationship to his actual achievements
    His site is out of date
    He claims on his site to be betting 50 pounds win and 200 a place and his examples on the site show this is impossible the liquidity on one race in question is 40 pounds two points below the claim 0f 3.0 that he laid 200 pounds to place with and no commission reduction
    What price did his 350 subscribers get
    Place betting at high stakes on the exchanges is very difficult and 350 people trying to do the same thing is impossible
    Why is he now trying to aquire a new set of 350 subscribers if the 350 he had a year ago stayed with him
    He is now recommending trading to novices with absolutely no back up to show this is one of the most treacherous areas for a novice and with dire results for his unfortunate subscribers who have shown deep losses on his dreadful advice
    What is even worse you have the cannonbury gang recommending this at least twice in the last year including charlie wright bizopjungle
    from what i have seen this has a modicum of an idea which is marginally profitable and he is trying to rachet it up and into areas over which he has absolutely no skills, knowledge or ability and as a result is losing people money
    Get your money back before he loses it

  6. Jag P says:

    I thought this service would deliver as it was promoted by Canonbury Publishing (maybe they are getting coaching from Streetwise Publishing :-))

    I subscribed starting 1 March 2010 thinking well at least the placed part would at least reduce overall loss. In fact I asked for refund within 30 days as performance was not up to spec, but they agreed to extend trial for further 30 days. Up to 26 April saw my bank almost returning to break even so I carried on (regretably!) thinking the “ratings” have stabilised – only thing is more bets now and losing money faster!

    In a losing run at moment – last 5 plus bets all lost, none placed. The 4 other “nearly” plus bets also all lost with 2 placed odds low so didn’t return win stake.

    In a nut shell very few winners, mostly total losers that cannot even get placed, so your bank is guaranteed to go down very fast. I am going to cancel as my sub is due end of May.

    Save your money this service is like the glossy brochure crap you get through the post every week only sales letter written and endorsed by supposedly reputable publisher.

  7. Adam says:

    A set of results I have collected while testing this service. Back price, Place price indicated at the time of email broadcast around 11:30AM most days.

    05/03/10 Phai Mai blue 6.2B W 3rd

    16/03/10 Daaweitza 3.25B 1.41P W

    18/03/10 Aphrodisia 6.40B 2.08P L

    22/03/10 Ninth House 5.59B 1.56P L

    26/03/10 Silver Linnet 3.13B 1.43P W

    31/03/10 Cavitie 3.45B 1.49P W

    05/04/10 Dubai Dynamo 6.20B 2.14P L

    07/04/10 Royal Straight 3.25B 1.49P W 3rd

    09/04/10 Goliaths Boy 3.24B 1.40P W

    13/04/10 Guest Connections 3.17B 1.90P L

    14/04/10 Lenny Bee ~5B? 1.65P W

    16/04/10 Maxwell Hawke 4.1B L

    17/04/10 Fitz Flyer 3.08B L

    23/04/10 wotashirtfall 4.2B L

    26/04/10 GetCarter 4.6B 1.66P W

    30/04/10 Charlie Cool ~5-6B L

    02/05/10 Zidane ~7-8B L

    03/05/10 Andhaar 6.20B 2.54P L

    06/05/10 Opus Maximus 3.6B 1.55P L

    08/05/10 Bollin Greta 4.4B 1.72P L

    14/05/10 Milton Of campsie 8.1B 2.34P W 2nd

    These were all of Mr Blakeys + rated (gold) horses from the dates specified. There has been a particularly long losing run. It has been highlighted that a certain jockey may be the cause of a large majority of the loses and this has only just been identified.

    In the first month of testing I did notice that my betting bank was only breaking even, and have seen no clear increases on the bank. As it stands due to the heavy losing runs my bank is down 50%, and I am staking smaller bets.

  8. David says:

    Have been following since March 2010, down nearly £3k, claims of bad luck, jockey conspiracy, bookie conspiracy but are the tips just poor? Frustrating when often backing 3 of top 4 priced horses & the one not tipped wins. So few winners I’m backing the conspiracy theory!

  9. David says:

    I just don’t get this tipsters picks. Take today’s Newcastle 8.40, the morning’s picks are Fav, 2nd Fav & 4th Fav in the betting, none have won their last race, opposing three horses that have won their last race. What happens none of picks are even placed & 1st & 2nd are two horses having won last two races. Picking a race at random surely could do better!

    ‘Not bad racing today and there is a good race for us.
    Newcastle 8.40.
    1.Master Rooney.59
    2. Sunrise Safari.54
    3. Leonid Glow.51’

  10. Adam says:

    This service is a joke. An update on my previous results:

    16/05/10 Atlantic beach 3.8B 1.6P W 2nd

    18/05/10 My gacho 5.6B 1.8P W 3rd

    24/05/10 Greensward ~3.5B W 2nd

    26/05/10 Espero 6.2B 2.4P L

    OK a few of them got the place, but it usually only breaks you even considering the low odds on the place.

    To top it off Cannobury debited my card for three moths at £160 today without my personal consent. This was a shock because Some of their newsletters which I had subscribed to allow you to manually renew when your subscription expired or cancel altogether. With this Martin Fakey rubbish, its completely the opposite. I have lost all trust and respect for this publisher, they used to have a good track record.


  11. Steve B says:

    “Win only +bets are the backbone of this service” That’s what is written in the sales letter.

    So I ignored all the other horse ratings and just backed +bets win only.

    2/5/10 Lost
    3/5/10 Lost
    6/5/10 Lost
    8/5/10 Lost
    14/5/10 Lost
    16/5/10 Lost
    18/5/10 Lost
    20/5/10 Lost
    24/5/10 Lost
    26/5/10 Lost

    1/6/10 Won 4/1
    3/6/10 Lost
    5/6/10 Lost
    8/6/10 Lost

    What concerns me even more than losing all my money is that his sales letter mentions he has many “contacts” in the business so he knows what’s going on.

    Why then do we frequently see Betfair showing all the “in the know” money going on another horse near the off and leaving the +bets friendless in the market?

    It doesn’t seem to add up.

    The promotion stated 40 points a month average. “At even £10 a bet that’s £400 a month”. We all know that’s an impossible target but to see the selections, to see the way they were not backed on betfair and then to see them run so badly makes you wonder what’s going on.

    Any one got any ideas. I thought I could trust Canonbury, Clive Keeling and Nick Laight. All who endorsed the service.

  12. Steve Patt says:

    I’m afraid to say all they’re interested in is taking a commission and not if the service is going to make their clients money or not.

  13. Ian says:

    The performance of this tipster has been truly shocking! I cannot believe how Canonbury Publishing could ever endorse such a poor service. Not only are the selections not winning but in many cases they are not placing either! The only way this service is going to make money is if Martin Blakely turns this into a laying system. I am just thankful that I subscribed for 3 months and that I only staked £5 per selection.

  14. Tony McCoy says:

    Canonbury are pushing harder and harder these days. Even if you sniff at any of their courses, you will be bombarded at your own home by Clive Keeling and tipsters.

    I wrote to Clive 7 time asking him not to post me gambling materials to my house….guess how many replies I got…yes none!!!

    Eventually I had to ring Canonbury and quietly complain. A very nice lady assured me this wouldn’t happen again and thankfully it hasn’t.

    Just shows you how much the authors care, though.

  15. Jonathan says:

    I have subscribed since end of March, and only intended to back the + bets. Using the results published for 2009 it seemed the best way to go. However, since then, and as of today, the results are pitiful. Of the 36 + bets provided to 9 Jul 10, only 8 have won, best odds were around 9.0, the average being 5.3. Foolishly I let the £160 DD come out again in June. Unless a miracle occurs, then I will be out of this very poor service like a rat up a drainpipe. Like other people in this forum I foolishly thought Canonbury would provide a reputable service. However on this occasion this has not been the case.

  16. Stewart says:

    Shocking service, sorry that’s the only way I can describe this service. His name should be Martin Unplaced. Nick Laight/Clive Keeling/Charlie Wright/Steve Markman please refund my money and hang your heads in shame. I have had more success picking winners by closing my eyes and sticking in a pin. The sales garb was that if you only bet on the + bets you would make on average 40 points a month, utter garbage this bloke couldn’t pick a winner if the horse ran up to him and said “I’m a winner back me ” He’s even blamed Philip Makin ( jockey ) by saying the ” jockey was slow out of the stalls and that the bookies must have knobled him” what finally sealed it for me was a 7 runner race and none of his three selections finished in the first three, how bad is that. Did Stevie Wonder stick the pin in for him on this one. The great Nick Laight who is always reminding us that he once made 1.6million from one mailshot, well give some of it back you charlatan, I dont want the money I’ve lost, as I know we all have, but I would like my subscription fee back, How big a man are you Laight!!! Sorry I must have fell asleep and was dreaming

  17. Colin says:

    He emptied my bank a bit quick!!

    Even worse than the poor tips selection – someone “so well connected !?!?!?”- is his appalling advice on trading

    “Take the early price and trade out with a lay bet for profit” he advises. WELL – the first few I saw DRIFTED drifted so a trade was a loser as in every event were the horses.

    And how outrageous is the proposed scam. I can’t be the only one to have received his e.mail suggested a syndicate to “manipulate the market”

    And as to dutching, I did a careful 5 month analysis, selectively some large returns, but overall another didaster. Also betting the none plus selections, taking just 2nd or just 3rd selections, a nightmare.

    And of course, deliberate or not, the initial results record was presented in such a way that it looked as though winners had been selected in the plus ratings when they had not.

    Later, the way they were shown had altered, but not historically.

    I foolishly bought into this and Raymond at the same time.

    NEVER AGAIN do I rely on tipsters nor Mr Laights output

    And as to Agora themselves – well, I foolishly bought the bet exchange book. It has gone back. Whether or not the strategy is ok I do not know – but part of the sales letter tells us how there is a calender of events for us to follow. It is SO out of date as to be a joke. It seems to be 2003 or 2004 data.While not familiar with some sports, it tells us about snooker and F1 events that no longer exist, leaves out major ones that do.
    If they cant get that right – a simple internet look up. what else is wrong


  18. Brian says:

    A Further Update

    I have been with this service for 6 months now and cannot believe how poorly it has performed with around 20-30 bets per month and only 1 or 2 winners in each.

    Overall bank down and then out of pocket on subscription fees of £320 – all during the height of the flat season, so there should be no excuses.

    Canonbury should be embarrassed of this product/service – especially after making claims of £390 per month to £10 stakes.

  19. Steve B says:

    Yes Brian. The selections have been worse than for any service I have ever tried. Seriously, you would have been able to pick more winners by randomly selecting a horse each day.

    Instead of his “+bets” making an average of 40 points profit a month they haven’t even managed 4 points a month. And his other horses that he rated haven’t done any better.

    Quite astonishingly bad! Handicap Gold has ruined Canonbury Publishing’s reputation and it’s difficult to see how anyone can ever take them seriously again.

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