Martin Bishop Racing Review

| April 1, 2011 | 33 Replies

Product Name: Martin Bishop Racing

Author: Martin Bishop

Company Name & Contact Details:
Martin Bishop Racing Ltd
Suite 31
Don House,
30-38 Main Street
0844 4994539


Our info gives you the edge – information from where it matters.

Price: 3 day free trial offered then Various options from phone line as required at £1.53 per minute to monthly email subscription at £149 with no guarantee of renewal unless you are a quarterly member. readers can draw their own conclusion from this marketing ploy.

Money Back Guarantee: Specifically excluded from terms and conditions.

What Do You Get?

– 4 daily tips including NAP with possibility of additional info. Platinum bets up to 8 per month and recommended stake level.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Martin Bishop Racing is an expensive looking information based tipping service. You can either sign up to a full years subscription which gets you up to four bets a day and additional information or join the pay as you go service just to get the bet details.

What’s It All About?  

Supposedly based on inside information Martin Bishop Racing is a tipping service that is very expensive at any level of subscription offered.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 

100 – 250 point betting bank recommended depending on personal risk profile.

How Much Money Can I Make? 

Website quotes 2009 results as an example – only winners quoted on site. Loss made during short trial and incorrect claim made re-starting price of a winner.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

I would not bother – better and more cost effective services available elsewhere. Telephone call takes about 7 minutes daily not as stated on website.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 

Telephone or PC and internet depending on method of subscription chosen.

Value For Money?  

Definitely NOT.

Quality Of Customer Service? 

Poor – emails ignored.

Review – 19th June 2011 

Everything about the site makes you want to avoid it. It sounds smug, everything weighted in favour of the supplier and when you register for free blog updates you get a patronising email that tells you to make sure you read it all as it could be valuable.

The few disclosed results only show winners which is always a sign of a poor service and if you listen to the sample telephone call on the website for a flavour of the service – it obfuscates and in this case spent over 3 minutes tipping 4 horses.

That would translate to around £150 per month if called daily – and the reality seems to be worse than that. Even the website is not sure as it says 3 minutes in 1 place then 4 minutes in another and the reality was 6 or 7 minutes when I called leaving a phone bill in excess of £40 for just 4 days tips.

After a failed attempt to get the trial email service we decided to go for a few days on the tipping line daily service to get a feel for things and I have to say that the first day would have been enough to put me off for life.

I deliberately waited for Royal Ascot so that there would be some class racing but was completely unprepared for nearly 7 minutes of rambling irrelevant rubbish – “we expect a great run” or “connections expect a win” and there was 2 minutes covering yesterday’s bets and how unlucky they were.

The ultimate insult is to spend significant time telling you which bookmaker to try for the best price.

The whole call could easily and effectively have been reduced to less than 2 minutes which with no limit on subscribers should still make a significant sum for the provider. The remaining 3 days calls made were of similar ilk.

It was even worse when there was a winner the previous day. On one day the type of bet  and staking level was omitted from 1 recommendation and I have raised this topic before on other threads but it seems to me that having a Nap bet that is each way is rather contradictory. Anyway this one was a 3 point each way nap and as it won it  has cost the client money.

I think the final nail in the coffin was the 2.5 minute rant about yesterday’s results on day 3 when he had the gall to claim a win at odds of 7/1 when the tip was given at 11/2 and the SP was 4/1.

Most of the tips supplied were readily available through other sources at a much reduced cost (including a Legendary Daily Banker selection which was one of his only 2 winners) and with reasoned analysis.

I saw no good reason to use this service as it offers nothing special in tipping terms and is highly expensive. The results for the short period covered cannot be taken as a true indication of overall potential but are summarised as follows:

Ordinary Tips: 10 – 1 win and 9 lost (not even a place from the 5 each ways offered)
Naps: 4 – 2 wins
Platinum: 2 – both lost

I have put these on a spreadsheet but it is hardly worth the effort of looking. In summary it has cost over £40 in phone calls to achieve a betting bank that has reduced by some 10%. Not a good deal in my book.

Now readers may wonder why we have not undertaken a longer trial and we certainly  tried to. We requested a 1 month complimentary access to the email service but were eventually told that the author receives too many requests for free access and had made a policy decision not to.

All of this coupled with the lack of verifiable results disclosure by the service lead me to the conclusion that the bargepole category should be applied to this service and suspect that readers will not be surprised at this and will probably feel the same way.

Update 28/6/11

Much to my surprise my email trial started some 2 weeks after asking for it. As we might have expected the email contained more links and advice than worthwhile comment about the tips.

The tips themselves are likely to be the same as the telephone line and the same irrelevant comments are peddled on the emails.

I liked the comment about the service being miles ahead this year – if so why are the full results not disclosed on their site? We are behind on the tips received so far and the service instils no confidence whatsoever in me as a potential user.

On all 3 days the tips were favourites in the race and I received most of them – and certainly all the winners – from other sources before the emails were sent out.

The spreadsheet has been updated for those interested but I have not changed my view on the efficacy of subscribing to this service and would not recommend it.

You can, if you so wish, view the full results here:

Martin Bishop Racing Results



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Comments (33)

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  1. t says:

    I tried this service last year for 3 months. I did have some winners, biggest was 12/1 but the customer service is very poor. They do reply from time to time but many times they don’t. I have 27 years betting experience and I do know when to bet when to lay when to bet ew and when not to. I tried to explain this to them but they either dont listen or don’t reply. Every day is the same with the bets. They tell you today we expect multiple winners etc etc and then on some days give 4 losers sometimes all favs. Then the next day is the the same we expect multiple winners today and then the same thing happens again. April is not a good month for betting on the flat, especially short priced 2 y olds which should be layed not backed. Thats why this month they have given a lot of losers, did have a 6/1 winner sat but followed that with about 8 straight losers at least four were favs. I wouldn’t recommend this service and believe me I’ve tried a few over the years. The best 1 was probably ISIRIS. Did this about 8 years or so, the problem with that one was getting bets on. If Martin Bishop listened to me they could improve their service no end but they continue giving out 4 or 5 bets a day. Also they then try to get you to contact other betting advisors like Roger King investments. He then wants you to place £50 for him on a selection. I then received texts from another tipster. I’m not saying they were directly involved but it seemed strange that that was the only service i subscribed to and then i started getting texts

  2. alllan says:

    this bloke used to publish his points profit on his results page when he had a winning month but stopped doing it when results went pear shaped.
    i sent several emails asking why and was ignored.
    my advice,
    stay away.

  3. scarbough says:

    Hi guys,
    I had the same experience,why do we allow these services to get away with it all,we are not mugs as some would say, we just want to get away from the 9/5 grind.It is possible and people do live on sports betting,end of, but my lord its so hard to find a service or system or mentor that isnt trying to rip you off.Regards mr bishop,AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE, . . BIGTIME.WE NEED TO CLOSE THIS SERVICE DOWN.

  4. Hi, I subscribed to this service for 15 months, real roller-coaster but ultimately ended up over five and a half grand down for £20/point bets.

  5. Peter2 says:

    Have started receiving texts promoting his 0906 number tipping line. £1.53 per minute so beware. Today has “the platinum bet of the year available” but I think I’ll resist the temptation to call.

  6. wja1966 says:

    Ive started receiving emails again from him about his pay as you go service which was £40 a tip.

    Now he says he listened to public demand (ha ha) and for 3 months you can receive his pay as you win service for £100 or for the year £300.

    Apparently these are his best bets and there’s around 10 a month and are the bets he puts most money on.

    I think ill avoid this as well

  7. bubbleboy2503 says:

    Hi all,

    I am currently paper trading and I have to say that the results, although not earth-shattering, are showing fairly good profit, and have done so all year. I know Martin Bishop seems to get a really bad press but my experience is that the results are actually not that bad.

  8. honest jon says:

    tried the 3 day e-mail trial, and lost money, so i contacted them to say, really i would like to give them longer to prove their claims , could I have another 3 day trial, they agreed, so I have to say I found the customer service quite good on that level, but guess what the 2nd 3 day trial lost money too, it was a while ago and i cant remember the actual points/£ loss.

  9. oldjack says:

    I paid £300 for his pay as you win tips. These are supposedly his strongest information. So far I have received ten tips and have had two winners. God help his other information!! Don’t be a fool like me….STAY WELL CLEAR

  10. nutmeg says:

    this guy is also notorious for his constant inside info er jokes more like, leave well alone and just walk away, it will be the wisest thing you will do today.

  11. barryjohncrangle says:

    Anyone thinking of joining this service think again,STEERS YOU RIGHT INTO THE POOR HOUSE!!!!BIG dissapointment.

  12. adambaldon says:

    Currently just signed up for 3 months for £349
    Will let you know how it goes.

  13. JohnU says:

    @ adambaldon

    If you don’t mind me asking what on earth possessed you to make a buying decision to join this – especially given all of the above??

  14. scarbough says:

    you must have a lot of trust and or money to throw away,try and claim back a refund ASAP,you are dealing with a reputedly hard nosed guy who inflates odds obtained, and achieved, as you will never get the same odds.
    He switches the platinum bets results to suit the winners, and if there are no winners that month then he will not list any.
    H e will rarely reply to emails and the contact link may as well be taken down.
    And as of last week, and previous weeks i am having to constantly send phone texes asking him to not pass my mobile no on to god knows who else, who then sends me texes advertising another trumped up 3 legged pony.
    He always advertizes the winning days and we are aware that losses do happen, but believe me if you phone ip for a short message he will keep waffling on for up to 7minutes.And at a cost of £160 per calender month,.
    He quotes profits for a year at 500points one year,O.M.G,ive never HEARD A BIGGER LIE IN MY LIFE, the month i was betting with him i was well down by 20points and he had the service up 120points to odds at the time of 11am……lies…….lies…….lies.
    Take the warning guys and leave a con man, anyone who knows me on here knows i do not slate many services off, so make of this post what you will.

  15. adambaldon says:

    I never see this untill I signed up
    Maybe lessoned learnt

    I will try and get a refund I very much doubt I will
    I let you know

  16. adambaldon says:

    Just asked for a refund email just sent over
    Let you know when I get a reply

  17. scarbough says:

    You should stand by your wish and be nice about it, you will get a better response, if no joy request it with a stern email, but plead some upset in your life has happened………
    Try the link for the purchase ie, paypal and or clickbank, and request a full refund with them as you are unsatisfied with the service as the odds quoted are misrepresented, and its invalidating the potential profit claims of the service.

  18. adambaldon says:

    Anyway sent a email for a refund saying I’ve had a change of heart even left a voice mail on the answer phone.

    4 selections up today 3times 2pt win
    And 1 3pt (nap) win so 11 points up

    No winners so -11 PTS first day. He says stick to point system
    So where carry on seeing inless I get a refund that is

  19. zagger says:

    So, it’s true then!!
    There is one born every minute.

  20. scarbough says:

    good luck adam,
    really hope it pans out for you with this,dont stake large is my advice.

  21. adambaldon says:

    Not staking at all inless it picks up but it’s gonna be a very instresting 3 months and if no refund. So everyone can see if it’s worth it or not as anybody stuck with him a month to see if he’s in profit or not.

  22. JohnU says:

    To be honest these kinds of things absolutely appal me!
    Not sure if a ‘legal eagle’/ trading standards or maybe the CAB could help with getting a Refund?



  23. scarbough says:

    Hey guys,
    MARTIN BISHOP has a great well presented website,and it tells you what you want to hear, and shows you what you as a punter would would want to see.
    However on close inspection and i had first hand over two months back in 2009 via a phone every morning to monitor the service.And since you really cannot tell whats what in 3 days free via mobile phone trial it seemed like tha thing to do.
    Within a week i was up 220 and quite pleased and was betting to £40 per point.He has 1,2 and 3 point bets,primarily the naps being 3point bets.On any given day he gave out 4 selections and one would be the nap.
    Then at the end of a very LONG……SUPPOSEDLY BRIEF DAILY PHONE MESSAGE,he would also recommend a tip or two that he says are of interest and worth watching,to very small and unofficial stakes, and they ARE UNOFFICIAL RECOMMENDATIONS.
    Now that is up to 6 per day some each way, and in any given day he could have also a SHORT NOTICE ADVICE THAT YOU MAY TAKE OR NOT DEPENDING IF YOU HAVE THAT SUBSCRIPTION ALSO.
    There was only one day when i got anywhere near the odds he stated where freely available with lots of bookies, and even betfair was generally a point down straight after 11am,which was the official time to call for selections.I could not of got to bet fair any faster, the prices were simply not available.
    The results page the next day would be updated fast if he had a winner, bare in mind generally there would be minimum of 4 selections with a couple unofficial and a mobile last minute info type.You can bet what im going to say next i hope………….The unofficial selections if they were the only winner, would be listed as YET ANOTHER WINNING DAY WITH MARTIN BISHOP RACING….
    On the whole the selections were good odds but if you are paying for a service at £160 for a daily call, which i did pay out, and or the hundreds for a set no of months do you really want to be using a points system?…..most pro services would advocate level stakes only and not have to use a points system of staking.
    I followed bishop for two months, at a cost via the phone calls of £160 per month and i was down 26points in one month, at which point i stopped betting and grew a brain,and monitored for the remainder of the month, more so to see if he was logging the results as i had got them live.
    The results were simply not true,he had us all up 120 points for the two months when we were down 119points to my bets and we were on a run of 9naps losing on the bounce.The naps were the usual 6/4,2/1 and 5/2/3/1…and hit 30-40% at best, but usually over the 60bets he hit12 with me, and a 10point loss.
    I emailed him and ……no reply
    Some days i was only getting 5/1 betfair on a selection he said was 7/1 and freely available with william hill or coral or some other affilliated bookie he recommended.
    Sorry for the long post and i really do not want to dash hopes here, just wanted to tell you of my experience back in 2009………And i have not read one review that says different since.

  24. scarbough says:

    Sos correction to the results from my bishops post,he stated we were up 120 points when i was down 19points not 119………apollogies.

  25. JohnU says:

    Excellent insight Scarbough!

    Reminds me of that wonderfully named book i read when i studied Statistics about 35 years ago;

    “How to lie with Statistics” by Darrell Huff.

    Im sure it must have been well read by every Crappy/Scammy ‘make money’ scoundrel out there (and boy there are thosands of them) and presumably by almost all Politicians!

  26. scarbough says:

    Hi john,
    its a minefield as it is, but with a bit of cash and developement we too could have a fab looking website and scan the usual sources for the obvious selections and stick the word NAP on it.
    Ps i forgot ot include that before i started following bishop i was looking at the website daily and following the platinum bets, with a claimed hit rate of 60%, and to be honest the service looked great considering he would supply maybe 2 platinum bets a week.Full results and all that looked good, till something had gone wrong and a month of platinum bets never appeared, actually 6weeks worth, vanished.
    HE only lists the winning bets, and or a whole he hit 23% with me, but the odds were not enough to carry the service.

  27. scarbough says:

    Hi john,
    its a minefield as it is, but with a bit of cash and developement we too could have a fab looking website and scan the usual sources for the obvious selections and stick the word NAP on it.
    Ps i forgot ot include that before i started following bishop i was looking at the website daily and following the platinum bets, with a claimed hit rate of 60%, and to be honest the service looked great considering he would supply maybe 2 platinum bets a week.Full results and all that looked good, till something had gone wrong and a month of platinum bets never appeared, actually 6weeks worth, vanished.
    HE only lists the winning bets, and or a whole he hit 23% with me, but the odds were not enough to carry the service.
    Like the reference to the stats book,at least they know there trade john….unfortunately.

  28. JohnU says:

    Well i am steadily working on my ‘tortoise’ project.

    I have a simple Method that narrows down to 1 Bet per day almost every day and uses about 3 simple rules and my daily Paper.

    So far in just under 5 months started 12/12/2011 i have had 122 Selections of which 61 have won (50%) and it has profited by 44.00 points at 2 points per Bet which is easy for Betfair useage. (or 22 points at 1 point per Bet) thats 18% ROI. Modest but a Damn site better than the building society!

    I have another 2 seperate Methods on the go which have only been used for 1 month. both of them are in front so far. Eventually i aim to have a Method good enough to release as a ‘Daily Selections’ Service, but i will not even consider doing so until they have been tested for 12 months and then Proofed for a period.

    Can’t understand whay more folks don’t try this.
    It takes me about 20 minutes in the Morning to select from the Newspaper and then List them accurtely on a simple Spread -sheet. I don’t share this to show off – merely to encourage others to try it.

    I have actually started to Back my own selections over the last month or so which gives you a real buzz!

  29. scarbough says:

    Everyone should develop something in my view, but many do not have the confidence to attempt there own venture, and then spend hundreds on something from someone they also do not know from adam, but trust more than there own judgement.It is a strange concept, but many of the good traders and vendors will have been down the very same route that eventually urged them to create there own systems,because or the crap thats floating around.
    Well done though john, its nice to hear.I have a couple on the go with my own theories, and am with a vendor or two, but i would not subscribe the info after coming across some of the people on forums…..dont get me wrong 90% are great and want to move forward but my lord some you simply can not help, and that would be too much for me.Plus i would not want to flood the market and potentialy ruin the odds, as my matches are not always huge for liquidity.

  30. adambaldon says:

    Day 2 on Martin bishop racing
    2times 2pt bets
    2times 3pt bets

    No winners so two days overall

  31. Peter2 says:

    Looks as though he is short of clients. Just had email saying his hard drive has failed so apologies if sent to subscribers in error but as a means of compensation we can have 1 weeks free membership of his service. My one year old grandson could have come up with a better line than that!!

  32. rooki5 says:

    he’s working for the bookmakers, a complete clown,

  33. Peter Philipson says:

    This shower have reared their heads again – sure I unsubscribed to their emails but have today received email saying I expressed interest via their website. This does not allow spamming unless you specifically opt in but no doubt such minor things are considered irrelevant by this service.The tenor of the email is depressingly familiar:

    “It was another massive day yesterday, again proving we have the strongest inside information in the UK. Multpile winners yet again, MAX bets landed yet again, 54/1 forecast landed with a massive 12/1 winner…again. Simply stunning inside information and another massive profit across all bets.

    We have the strongest information all week today and we expect another raft of winners. The information has been totally and utterly on fire.
    Today is not a day to miss.
    Shorter message today! ”

    My short message is – AVOID

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