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Company Name: Markets Mastered

Company Owner: Nick Kruger

Customer Service Contact Details:


Company Info:

Markets Mastered is run by Nick Kruger who has been has been trading fully since 1998. Nick’s aim is not to just make profitable trading systems but to also teach the fundamental qualities needed by people in order to become successful traders.  

If I Buy A Product From This Company will I Receive The Product I Paid For?

You should not have any problems ordering from this company. If there are any problems with your order then they have a customer services team that are available to help on the contact details above. And once you buy a manual from them, you get unlimted support.

Do They Honour Their Money Back Guarantees?

This is an extract from their terms and conditions page highlighting their refund policy:

• A refund will only be made if the trading method that is laid out in the eBook is unprofitable for 20 trading days.

• Before a refund will be granted, you (the customer) must prove that you have followed the methods, and that by doing this, you have been unprofitable.

• This proof must be in the form of your previous 20 days trading records showing that you have entered and exited the trades exactly as laid out in the manual. I will have shown these trades in the daily email that I send out to you.

• Once the proof has been provided a refund will be made to you by us into the account that the original purchase was made from.

• By accepting the refund, you agree to destroy any copies of the eBook you own this includes paper and electronic copies.

• A refund will not be made in the event that you are unable to obtain an account with a trading platform.


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  1. PERCIVAL says:

    Hi John U,
    I have used Markets Mastered and found it one of the most cost effective: it was fairly low cost and about the only system that I have ever got to work consistently.
    It is based on candle stick reversal patterns and diversion. Not easy at first but you get the hang of it in time.
    I prefer it on Forex in the daytime. There is also an evening version using SP500.
    Support is not bad either and you get fairly regular e-mails showing the previous day’s trades and how the chart is marked for entry and exit points.
    I hope this helps

  2. john U says:

    Hi Percival,

    Many thanks for the encouraging comments ref Markets Mastered. Very pleased to see you have had some success! I have exchanged emails with Nick for some time and i took the plunge and bought the ‘All hours Trading System’ – as i have most hours/most days available to Trade.
    I have only just read through3 or 4 times and its taking a bit to get my head round the Candlestick patterns and Divernence, so not Paper Trade yet. Would you mind saying roughly what % winning trades you get and roughly how amny points average profits – just using this one. Nick does seem very honest/straight – forward and there are loads of good testimonials! Finally, can iask how long it took you to get to grips with.?
    Many thanks, appreciate your input!
    John U

  3. PERCIVAL says:

    Hi John U
    Re Markets Mastered:
    I tested the Evening Trader on the SP500 for a month in 2009 (paper trading) and found that it produced about 2 ‘big’ pips on average per day which at £10/pip minimum was not bad.
    I have since used the daytime system on forex off and on,(real money this time) but have not kept records. All I can say is that I keep coming back to it after trying other systems which have not worked for me : TUFXP, DMC, FNT, Forex Hijacker etc.
    It needs patience to learn the candles and I am no expert – still learning. I intend to concentrate more on it and forget the rest.
    Good luck

  4. john U says:

    Hi Percival,

    Thanks for your reply. Although you say you have not kept records trading real money on the daytime system can you say whether it profits overall? If you are saying the other Methods are not so good, and if you are not running your Bank down and / or topping it up, then you presumably are profiting from it. I assume also, from your comments, that Trading is not your prime income source?

    John U

  5. PERCIVAL says:

    Hi John U
    Trading is not my income source or I’d be busking on the high street! I started in 2008 with TUFXP thinking it just had to work but after a year or so, it and the feed had consumed nearly £1.5K so I had to call it a day. In the meantime I learned something so it wasn’t a complete waste. I have made the usual mistake of switching from one system to another and thereby lost a bit more – but I felt that I have learned a bit on the way. As I said, I keep coming back to Markets Mastered because it seems to deliver results and unlike the others I think that I could get this one to perform reliably. In saying that, it suits me and it might not be the same for others. You can usually find trades which require fairly small stops which is good. I take small profits on most trades as I find things can so easily reverse into a loss (like most systems. I am not in a hurry and hope to trade profitably by the time I retire in a year or two.
    One thing I have learned is not to believe the marketing hype that accompanies the systems on offer.

  6. john U says:

    Hi Percival,

    Many thanks for getting back, and the candid reply. I know from your earlier post that you favour Markets Mastered and the Daytime one. I have – only just – purchased that and as you suggest the Candle patterns and Divergence appear a bit challenging to commence with. Have read 3 times and will start to ‘paper trade’ soon. Pleased it has fairly low risk trades. Have found Nick very approachable and always promptly answers emails. Sorry thus is rather one sided – with me not contributing much back, but if there is any input i can give please ask.

    Regards John U

  7. jon harper says:

    I tried it,didnt get on with it,when i tried to get a refund they refused on the grounds i hadnt taken the same trades as nick therefore i wasnt following the system as they say.As the candles are open to interpretation and results posted are let us say (maybe in hindsight)this is very unfair.Therefore be warned you will not get a refund,they do not honour it.

  8. john U says:

    Hi Jon,

    oh dear – sounds disappointing. Having said that the cost – compared to most others is quite low. Did you find that it was the Candles or the Divergence that caused most problems, or a combination of both. Also wondered how long it was since you used it – as Nick is now posting out regular – ish details of his Trades showing in quite a lot of detail, how he arrived at the decision to enter a particular Trade. I will only paper Trade for now. Do you have any experience of ‘My Trade’ from a Guy called Mike please (totally seperate to MM) ?

  9. PERCIVAL says:

    Is anyone trying Markets Mastered’s new Trend FX system? I have bought it and it looks pretty good so far (only paper trading).

  10. Pipsickle says:

    Hi Percival.

    I have all of the products available and to be honest I will be sticking with the Trade With A Day Job…Albeit the TrendFX system 3 and 4 is the easiest its easy to say backtesting it does not show up much contrary to belief. If you have found the trades I would be happy to hear…ie if you just put the time and what instrument you are using i will understand (obviously cant give it away on here)

  11. Pipsickle says:

    Anyone seen Percival around? lol

  12. cherkhan says:

    Old forum I see. However, let me add my views.

    Have TWADJ and as per many found it very strange and daunting in the beginning. After a few reads through the manual and learning the candle patterns etc (and still learning), I find it a pretty good system. Been paper trading and demo trading now for some 2 to 3 weeks and not had a single loser.

    Nick can be a little slow to reply but with persistence he does get to respond to you. He expects you to make some effort to learn as well and I cannot see a problem with that.

    I also purchased the extra strategies and before anyone says ‘oh yes more money then’, they work as well and the cost is very minimal.

  13. Angela57 says:

    I bought markets mastered and couldn’t get on with it, I asked fo a refund by 5 different emails and they didn’t even have the courtsey to reply once, I am new to trading and realised it was the wrong system to start with as I found divergence quite difficult to grasp, so be warned they do not honour their refund policy

  14. scarbough says:

    do you not think that asking for a refund based on the fact that you simply did not understand the method is a little unfair on the vendor. You now could copy the system and keep it, and use it at a later date when you have more experience, and this is the whole question that surrounds genuine refunds of poor systems. Just because you have purchased something does not give you an automatic right to request a refund based on nothing more than a lack of work to get used to it.As the above post stated the formula is sound, but the vendor does expect you to work at this and not just give up,welcome to the world of hard work and graft.
    Whatever you chose next you will not get a system that is so easy that it makes you money for doing nothing.

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