Magic Racing Bot Review

| July 13, 2011 | 60 Replies

Product Name: Magic Racing Bot

Author: Adam Wilson

Company Name & Contact Details:

Price: £189 for 6 months, £279 for a year, or £399 for lifetime access

Money Back Guarantee: 30 days

What Do You Get?

– 6 Lay Selections Per Day That Will Be Automatically Bet For You By The Bot
– User Guide
– Weekly Email Summary Of Results
– Customer Support, advise on bank management etc

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Magic Racing Bot by Adam Wilson is a lay betting service. The daily lay bets are placed for you by the bot itself, taking all the work out of your hands. The selection method used is kept secret but is said to adapt to each day’s racing conditions in order to find successful bets.

If you have tried this service we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.



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  1. ed says:

    I would have liked to buy this system,but it was sold out when I tried to buy it.I would be very intrested to find out if it is as good as they say it is.

    thanks ed

  2. Happyhacker says:

    Hi Ed,
    This is my 5th day of running the bot, and
    currently the bank is down by over 20%. At the moment the required 75% winning lays is not being achieved. Adam Wilson who runs the site is sending out encouraging ‘E’ mails with the daily results saying basically that he understands the frustration of members, but that all will come right shortly. It needs to otherwise there will be a snowstorm of members demanding refunds.
    The bot works perfectly, it just registered another losing bet. Beginning to think this would be a great backing system. Will give Adam the benefit of the doubt and see how the next few days go. Will report results back here for your info. All the best Happyhacker

  3. Ed says:

    Dear Happyhacker

    Thanks for the info and I hope the results improve.


  4. Happyhacker says:

    Update as promised, the service has recovered, to this point my bank is now up 32% most impressive recovery in approx 1 week. Will give another report at the end of this week.
    Cheers Happyhacker

  5. horsebetting says:

    I wanted to buy this when it first come out but its now closed. Does any 1 know when it will open again?

  6. Ed says:

    No It looks like we missed the boat with this one

  7. Happyhacker says:

    Hi horsebetting and Ed,

    Bank now up over 50%; no doubt we will get the odd hit as at the start but Adam seems to know his stuff. Membership was capped at 150 in
    order to protect the liquidity on ‘Betfair’,
    Adam says he will keep a close look over the next 3 months or so and then decide, otherwise it will depend on wether any members drop out.
    Trust this answers your query. Cheers Happyhacker

  8. ed says:

    Thanks for the info Happyhacker it is good to hear how well things are going.

    Good luck in the future.

  9. PaulS says:

    just out of curiousity how has this been doing lately?

  10. Happyhacker says:

    Hi Paul
    Well the update for this week is not good at all, the 30 point profit has evaporated and the bot is now in a 2 point loss. It has been a rollercoaster since joining on the 15th July, initially a 12 point loss, followed by a move up to a 30 point profit and a slide over the last few days into a 2 point loss. The bot works with no problems, allthough liquidity at the time the bets are placed has had an effect both on odds and bet placement (maximum 5.0) One bet was missed with the odds drifting out (most members obtained the bet) The result cost 3 points. This could affect medium term profitability as I have noticed a number of occasions when the price obtained has been higher than the Betfair SP, on losing bets this is costly. The idea is good but depends on Adam being able to supply losing selections
    with at least 75%/80% success rate.
    Verdict still in balance at this time.
    Will reply again shortly. All the best

  11. PaulS says:

    thank you happyhacker

    i seen a few places had been made available and was goin to purchase this as i had heard alot of good things. but i think ill jus wait and see how things go just for now


  12. gygt says:

    Hi All,
    I have been with Adam’s brainchild since it’s first public bet, on July 11.
    The starting bank was set at GBP 75, and now stands at GBP 86.87, as of Aug.8.
    Almost a GBP 12 gain after 4 weeks. On the right side of the ledger, but only just, as their staking is done using 1, 2, or 3 points. This particular staking is designed to take max. advantage of winning runs, and to minimise the losses; which according to their research both come in clusters. This is probably as far as I can go without giving too much away, and incurring the wrath of Adam.
    The average stake to date has been 2.5 pts, so the profit so far of GBP 12 equates closer to 4.8 pts of profit, if betting to 1 pt level stakes. Not exactly setting the world on fire, but nonetheless if this average keeps up it could be a fine addition to a betting portfolio, esp. as the site owners claim that historically speaking, results have been better than what the Bot has achieved so far. Then again, would they say anything else??
    I should say that I really like the ‘feel’ of the whole Bot, and selection process, and staking. The graph shows a slow ‘n’ steady increase in the bettting bank, with it’s average share of average priced losers. No sharp spikes up or down. Like I said, it ‘feels’ right. This one might just do what it says on the tin, only time will tell. In the meantime, here is a link on ‘Lay the Odds’, which is doing a review on this product, so you can keep an eye on things.

  13. ed says:

    I would still like to join as it still seems the only system that is making a profit, so were can you buy the system ?


  14. ed says:


    Where can you buy this system ?


  15. gygt says:

    G’day ed,
    when these guys say that they will close the doors when they have reached their sales target, they actually mean it. This to me speaks volumes about the integrity of this outfit. How many times do we read this from other vendors, only to find that their link they provided months ago is still live and active? Usually this is just scare tactics to of course sign up as many suckers as they possibly can, and thay don’t care one bit about market saturation and therefore losing value in prices available. All links to MR Bot have the ‘Closed’ sign up, with not even a link to go on to a waiting list. Again, great advertising for this company. I am sure there will be drop-outs, as people panic when they hit two or three losing days in a row. With that in mind, the best advice I can give you at this stage is to contact ‘Betting Bots Worldwide’. They are the creator of the Bot. Ask Google for help. They are a good Aussie outfit, and ask for an Adam Wilson.
    Good luck, and I hope you get on.
    FYI, bad day today, -9.5 pts. Current Bank now stands at 81, so still +6 pts. up.

  16. Happyhacker says:

    Hi to all on this thread

    Welcome Kris, nice to have another member on this thread.
    I agree with your sentiments. I have been waiting for the full month to see how things progressed at todays finish I am 10.5 points up on the full months membership. Its been a bit of a rollercoaster going from 5 points down to 30 points up then back down again. Lets hope for a steadier few weeks ahead, though it certainly looks promising.
    Adam is a genuine sort, I sent one ‘E’ mail with a query and had a reply soon afterwards, quite impressive. The bot works flawlessly.
    Anyway onwards we go, all the best.
    Kind Regards


  17. gygt says:

    Thanks Stan, it’s nice to know others on the round-a-bout.
    For others wanting to know latest results, the Betting Bank is going ahead nice’n’steady, in the right direction. It now stands at 99.5, starting at $75 on July 11. I will say again that I like the overall feel of the MR Bot, incl. selections, staking plan, Customer Service, and finally the Bot itself. It is still early days yet of course, but early signs are good, and I agree with Stan that this does look promising.
    Onwards and upwards indeed.

  18. shilts says:

    Hi Guys,no more updates??


  19. gygt says:

    Hey shilts,
    current bank now at 85, so 10 pts up since July 11. Not exactly setting the world on fire, but at least it is on the positive side of the ledger. I still feel it is capable of even better results, time will tell.
    Customer service is absolutely first class, any enquiries always answered promptly by Adam, with results up-dated daily in e-mails sent to members. It certainly appears that the developers have faith in their product, and I feel the same way. They are still in profit, with some unlucky results going against them. When things start falling into place, profits will be even greater. Whether that’s more hope than reality, only time will tell. But so far, so good.

  20. shilts says:

    Thanks Kris I like to watch for this system,laying a funny old game

  21. gygt says:

    up-dated results up to and including today is that the initial starting bank of GBP 75 now stands at a tad over 100, so a gain of just over 25 pts. since July 11.
    Onwards and Upwards!!

  22. shilts says:

    Going the right way,a tad slow it seems,but interesting…shilts

  23. gygt says:

    Yes Phil, you could well be right there.
    I will post again in a week with updated results. Time will tell.

  24. gygt says:

    just over 1 pt. gain during the week of Sept.15 to Sept.22, starting bank of 75 pts. now stands at 89 pts. Up and down again, which of course are swings we must endure — even tho’ they are annoying!! Progress is a tad slower than anticipated, however at least the graph is heading north, in the right direction. Overall, we are still on the right side of the ledger.
    Back in a week.

  25. shilts says:

    Well done gygt I am watching with interest!!


  26. gygt says:

    up and down again, with 3 pts added to the bank during the week, which brings the current bank to just over 92 pts. Tricky times ahead with your change-over up there, so we will see how it all holds up over the next few weeks….

  27. shilts says:

    Thanks gygt!


  28. gygt says:

    G’day Phil,
    small gain of 2 pts. for the week, running bank now at 94 pts. (starting bank was 75 pts.).
    Slow and steady wins the race…….with the emphasis on slow……..much like some of the horses I back……

  29. gygt says:

    G’day Phil,
    here’s a mid-week update:
    Betting System Truths has just completed an 84 day trial of The Magic Racing Bot, and have passed it with 4/5 stars, which is pretty unusual for them, as they are hard-task-masters. As we know, about 95% of stuff out there is rubbish, and it also ends up in their ‘Failed section’. So they rate this pretty highly. I do not have the time to go too deeply into their results analogy, but they claim a profit of over 50 pts during the trial period. I can’t agree with them, as my results show a profit of 32 pts, with the current bank now at 107 pts (starting bank was set at 75 pts.). I have been with this from the start. Even these figures can be mis-leading, as most bets are advised at 2 and 3 points each (with only the occasional 1 pt. bet), which of course would inflate any profits made, thought to be single points only bets. The doors to the MRB have been closed for some time now, however ‘LayTheOdds’ seem to have struck a deal with them for their subscribers to join via a link on their site. If you are interested Phil, you might want to check it out, as I can tell you that it is definately and genuinely profitable, although not quite at the rate of knots that the Reviewer would like us to believe.
    Good Luck,

  30. shilts says:

    Cheers Kris!,will pop here every now and again for a quick ,look!


  31. doughnut says:

    40pt loss in last week. Half my bank has gone. I think the guy Adam Wilson is laying someone else’s backing system. As there have been 10 winners in the last week mainly since the Jumps started in earnest. DO NOT BUY MAGIC RACING BOT.

  32. gygt says:

    Hi Phil,
    unfortunately doughnut is right, all profits since Public Launch (July 11) are ‘Gone with the Wind’………and frankly my dear, I DO GIVE A DAMN!!!!
    The overall profit stands now just shy of 4 pts., so instead of the spruiked 50 pts. profit per month, we are now looking at reality, which is just over 1 point per month. If you want the definition of ‘not-a-get-rich-quick-scheme’……this is it, look no further!! I must admit that initially I thought we could be on to something here, it just felt right. But now that reality has set in, it seems to be going down the same path as 99.99% of other systems/services out there. Nothing more than an extremely well thought out and even better executed marketing campaign, that ticked all the boxes……except showing a profit.
    I e-mailed Adam my concerns, and even asked for a refund (yep, that’s me — the eternal optimist), which of course was denied. But what has me more worried is that he said he made a few tweaks to the selection process, and is now very confident of achieving the advertised profits……..
    WOW!! He is very confident of achieving the advertised profits, with a NEW AND UNTRIED selection method……yep, no worries — that should do it alright!!!!
    Signs of desperation, me thinks. If a car ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This car is broke, as is my betting bank…..ready for the wrecking yard.
    Sorry Phil, but you did well to keep your money in your pocket with this one.
    I will post again if you like, even if it is just to let you know how the ALL NEW AND IMPROVED SELECTION METHOD is going…..

  33. Happyhacker says:

    Hi Kris,
    Well I was worried about Adams selection
    process from the start, since selections are
    supposedly made on the days conditions how come there have been so many high priced selections that would never get matched. This would have been a great progressive backing system.
    Since I am locked in for a year I think I will paper trade a backing system for a while
    using these selections; allready 2 good priced winners today; Super Duty being over 5.0 so not selected. Since I joined there have been quite a few winners at over 5.0 so not backed it would have been even worse if they had.
    Id like to know what the few tweaks were to the system, possibly pick the most progressive horses coming to peak form and lay them. As you said another system full of early promise let down by poor selection.

    Anyway all the best.. Stan

  34. gygt says:

    Hey Stan,
    you make an excellent point re. selections matching the day’s conditions.
    I know hindsight is 20/20 vision, but you did well to purchase the one year option; the excellent marketing campaign got the better of me and I paid out for the lifetime option. Paper trading could well be the way to go, esp. as he will be applying a new & untried selection method to try and claw back the originally advertised profits. I will be staying away from putting my hard-earned on his tips, as this stint seems to have more than just a slight hint of desperation to it — and that can surely only lead to the poor-house. I would love to eat humble pie and say that I am wrong, but Adam now seems up against it.
    Stan, I have only done some quick calculations, but I think that at single point level stakes, it would appear that from 280 bets so far backing them to win would have almost?? returned the same 280 points. So yes, with a progressive staking plan this could well be a good backing service. As indeed are most Laying Services….Please let me know how you get on.
    Many thanks,

  35. Happyhacker says:

    Hi Kris,
    Well as you have no doubt seen a progressive backing system so far since Oct 30th would have paid much gold. Unfortunately I decided to give Adam another week, bad mistake now well in the red as I joined after the early good spell.
    Enough is enough approx 41 points down since start of October and getting worse. Will paper trade a progressive backing system for a while and see how it goes. You made the right decision staying away for a while. Cheers Stan

  36. shilts says:

    Well Guys I did well to stay away!!,seen em all before.Wouldnt be so bad if the adam fella put his hands up!??.I have bought something that finds lays by scanning data,working well,if you are interested leave your email addr here and I will contact you!.

  37. shilts says:

    Tell you what guys,here paste this into your tool bar,it REALLY does what they claim,costs you £20 to buy it just one payment,IT WORKS!,put in this link and you want the top lay scanner!!

  38. lorraine says:

    Hey guys, I bought the mrb when it first came out, but got my money back a couple of days
    before the guarantee ran out.
    Adam tried to convince me to stay, saying he
    was confident that it would prove profitable,
    yeah right.
    Anyhow i feel sorry for you, it really angers
    me, and i hope that he does get his finger out
    and starts making you all a profit.

  39. gygt says:

    Hi Phil,
    well, another one bites the dust, so it would appear. I will say that clever marketing is what got me to click the PayPal logo, which Steve Davidson does not believe in. He says it pretty much like it is, although I have bought from him before, with different degrees of success. He also is upfront about offereing no money back guarantee, not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. He is based down here in Oz, but over in Perth, other side of the country. He is a Kiwi, but we won’t hold that against him. I did have a look at this software, but as you know it’s not usually the cost of any system/service that I worry about, it is more the money lost following their advice…..Mate, I would like to hear your experiences with his software, if it’s not too much trouble could you e-mail me when you get a spare minute or three.

  40. shilts says:

    Hi gygt,as you already familiar with Steve D,I wont bother with email address,good luckPhil

  41. shilts says:

    P.S. How about this email sent to me today!!!??,heres a copy!!
    Hi phil,

    How does 22 points average profit per month sound to you?

    More than 540 points in the bag since January 1st, 2010?

    And what if I told you this was all being achieved with very limited bank exposure,
    backing horses to win in hurdle and chase races?

    Maybe it sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t!

    These are the very real results achieved by the Magic Backing Bot over the past
    22 months, and the service is opening its doors to the public for a 3-week free trial
    starting today!

    >> Secure Your Free 21 Day Trial

    Not only that, but when you sign up for the free trial of our new bot I’ll provide you
    with a highly informative, free trainer stats package for the 4 major all weather tracks
    in the UK, a great resource for helping you find likely winners in your general betting
    or even to build your own systems around!

    >> Try Out The Magic Backing Bot FREE!

    As for the Magic Backing Bot, it does very well betting at level stakes but also
    comes complete with a very clever staking plan that supercharges the profit
    potential of the selection system while maintaining a maximum liability of 3 points
    for any single bet.

    Take a look at these numbers since January 1st, 2010:

    286 points profit betting at level stakes!

    544 points profit if you put the staking plan in action!

    Those numbers come from almost 1,200 live bets and a winning strike-rate of just
    under 40% at average backing odds of 3.42, and you can download the full historical
    results for the Magic Backing Bot when you sign up for the free trial!

    >> Start Your FREE 21 Day Trial HERE…

    Best of all, there’s a custom-built betting bot that puts that staking plan into effect
    and places all the bets for you so you can get on with your life!

    No need whatsoever to sit at the computer all day waiting for results and placing bets!

    This bot is beautiful, and really it does pretty much everything for you except cash out
    your profit!

    >> Try Out The Magic Backing Bot FREE!

    I highly recommend you give the Magic Backing Bot a try, and you can do so risk-free
    as we are offering a 3-week free trial and the bot can be run in test-mode without betting
    any real money.

    So don’t delay, reserve your trial space and grab your free stats pack today!

    Just click on the link below to check it out!

    >> Secure Your Free 21 Day Trial


    – Adam Wilson.

  42. gygt says:

    Yeah, we all got that e-mail Phil, sounds almost as good as the Laying Bot…….
    Me thinks that Stan thinks the new backing selections are taken straight from the Lay Bot????
    Phil, I asked Jack if he would be kind enough to pass my e-mail address on to you, as I have a couple of questions about Steve Davidson’s software you are using. What I probably should have done is ask you if you would pass your e-mail on to Jack, so I can shoot you off a few questions. It would be much appreciated.
    BTW, the original betting bank for the Lay Bot has been sliced in half…….with the all new ‘tweaked’ selection process and all……so yes, maybe these selections could well turn a profit if backing them to win??

  43. shilts says:

    Hi Kris,questions you say?,not much to say except dont lay below evens,and dont lay above 8/1 decimal i find.Oh,and use the maria staking system that comes with The BET Engine bot(best tool there is TBE!),this staking basically puts more on the lower ones and less on the higher ones,strike rate only around 80%,but WILL work cuz prices bloody low trust me!

  44. shilts says:

    P.S. The Bet Engine also has facility to do stuff in “test” mode,so treats the bet as real,yet is doing a dry run so to speak if required).

  45. gygt says:

    thanks very much Phil. Guess what….after 3 days of the Magic Backing Bot trial, it is up 9.77 pts using their staking plan, or +3.98 pts using level stakes. Of course we all want something to work, but the Lay Bot also started out well……will keep you posted if you are interested.

  46. Happyhacker says:

    Hi Kris and Phil

    I havent bothered with the backing bot so will be interested in how it performs; it may turn into an excellent laying system if its anything like the laying bot results. Cheers Stan

  47. shilts says:

    Think the magic backing bot is a very slow wind(too slow for the subs),and steve Davidsons working ok at 5.9/1 OR BELOW,(not above that price)


  48. gygt says:

    Hi Phil & Stan,
    all quiet on the Western Front, and with the Backing Bot as well……..the three week trial finished with a loss of -0.09 pts. level stakes, or -1.35 pts. using their u-beaut staking plan. But of course it is showing a very impressive 297 pt. profit to level stakes BEFORE it was released to the public!!!! And better yet, their staking plan shows over 550 pts. profit from 1/1/’10…….Sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it??
    Phil, I will take your advice and look at the software Steve Davidson is offering. Thanks again for that.

  49. richard p carter says:

    Hi shilts, I noticed that you mentioned on the 5th of nov about using racehorse software .com,is the software you mention called 4.Horse lay scanner.How are you finding its accuracy and overall profitability,would appreciate your reply .Ive also just received e-mail frommagic racing bot stating urgent only 55 copies available.Just in time for christmas,nice profit for someone!

  50. shilts says:

    Hi Rich no it is called horse lay sp showing profit if laying 5.90 or below and profit if backing at higher odds, Will get exact clarification on odds settings for you,my mate has been keeping close scrutiny on it more than I have

  51. Chopper1 says:

    Hello All,

    Well my six months of the bot is now up. My low starting bank is now in half. As the Dragon says, “Im out”

    I wanted to give this a good run, and I did, and it failed. In fact a month ago I emailed Adam to state that if this bad run continues my bank will be wiped out. He advised to level bet and not use the staking plan. On the level staking my bank remained static, neither up or down. In the last few weeks since I stopped using the bot the daily emails still dropped into my inbox, so I can still see the daily results and the points just continue to drop ! Just where is he getting his selections from ???

    This is a shame because the betting bot works very well.

    I do wonder if the well publicised sister of the racing bot, backing bot, is in fact using the same selections of the Lays – it would explain the better results.

    I know that all laying systems have off days but 6 months !!!!! and to still be in the red. Enough said.

  52. Chopper1 says:

    Well well well, how that for timing, I received an email today from Magic Racing Bot, Adam has finally decided that the results from July are that poor that he has abandoned the system and wants to start fresh with a new system for MRB. He is going to provide results from Jan 2010 to prove the new system. Mmmm

    I wonder if we will get to test the results for free for a few months. I am glad I didnt get the sister product Magic Backing Bot. I can see this going the same way.

  53. Juno and the Paycock says:

    Magic is brilliant. Your money disappears like a flash into the magician’s hat. Jus’ lak tha’ HAAAAAH

  54. bubbleboy2503 says:


    A very disappointing system. Adam seems a nice guy and I am sure that he is genuine. But the fact of the matter is that his system doesn’t work. Even the re-launch doesn’t seem to have made much difference. Avoid.

  55. Chopper1 says:

    Excellent start to the new refreshed Magic racing Bot system.
    Only 2 days into it and it is already 10 points down staking to the magic racing plan. Level staking is down 1.75 pts.
    Thank god I abandoned it before xmas.

    Thats Magic !!

  56. gygt says:

    Yes, Chopper1, unfortunately you are right…..What I don’t understand is that Adam has now given up on the original Lay Bot selections, which as you say has completely wiped out the initial starting bank, but he is now giving us completely new and revised Lay selections, which are supposed to re-coup ALL the previous losses……’new and revised’ I believe is System Seller’s talk for ‘untried and unproven’….
    But to be fair, buyers of his Backing Bot seem to be doing ok. They have not reached the claimed profits, but they are none-the-less up, 24 points to advised stakes, or 14 pts at level stakes, after 52 days of BST trial.
    Will still need further convincing, after being burnt by his Lay Bot.

  57. shilts says:

    Hi Gang the backing bot made +600 pts or so in 2 years??,well thats the claim in the spreadsheet he sent me.And only 75 pt bank needed apparantly ??… anyone doing the backing system??

  58. robnant says:

    Looks like I was lucky to stay away from this. I was tempted by the fact that it is automatic & I am a sucker for anything that does all the hard work.

    However, in my mind, there is only ONE guy that stands the test of time. He produces software for all sorts of betting and although they are VERY low cost (in comparison to some of the stuff out there), they do the most important thing: they WORK!

    Steve Davidson is an Aussie and is perhaps the most honest guy out there and he has replied really quickly to every email I have sent to him. A top bloke and brilliant software. Dead easy to use & even better – PROFITABLE!

    To have a quick look, go & see:


  59. rollem says:

    I have the magic racing bot – since 8/11/11 the bot is 18 points up but it has been as high as +44 meaning a drawdown of 26 points. Since I joined I am -18 points and at the moment it has not had a winner in Feb and is -9 points.


  60. Chopper1 says:

    Magic Racing bot results since 12/1/12

    Magic staking plan -81 points (Minus)
    Level stakes -28 points (Minus)

    Blimey – at one point the Magic staking plan was down to -93 points. So is this another 75 point bank blown ?

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