Lee Keys Racing Service Review

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Product Name: Lee Keys Racing Service

Author: Lee Keys

Company Name & Contact Details:
Carl Harris
Contact: carl@telewin.co.uk


If You Don’t Make Money With Lee Keys I Will Give You Your £50.00 Back.

Price: £50.00 for 12 months.

Money Back Guarantee: The headline says it all.

What Do You Get?

– Twelve months of the Ley Keys tipping service sent direct to your inbox.

Where To Buy: www.carlharris.co.uk or telephone 0845 644 7000

Brief Summary:

The Lee Keys Racing Service is a tipping service with selections from Lee Keys who is a full time professional gambler and racehorse owner who has bet professionally for over 15 years as a successful pro punter. The service is handled by Carl Harris as part of the Telewin group.

What’s It All About?

This is a tipping service which will forward four to five bets per week that are considered to have an outstanding chance of making profit for all members.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

Small stakes can be used initially and increased as the bank grows.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Nothing mentioned but Carl Harris is confident that Lee Keys will be forwarding many winners.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Betting can be commenced immediately once you have joined the service and the daily tips arrive in your inbox.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

Nothing special required. Betting can be conducted either online or at any High Street Bookmaker.

Value For Money? 

Excellent value for money at £50.00 for a whole year of receiving these horse racing tips.

Quality Of Customer Service? 

Carl Harris and the Telewin team appear to be very efficient and everything is done for you in good time prior to each day’s racing.

Midpoint Report 24/06/2011

To be quite honest I don’t know quite what I was expecting when Carl Harris decided to do the administration for this well known racing service.

Perhaps I was really expecting too much as I was quite excited at the prospect of swollen bank balances and broken bookies, with bags and bags of winners coming our way with this super service.

There had been a very generous presentation of this service by Carl Harris who had actually reduced the service to a very manageable fifty pounds for a twelve month period and I guess a whole lot of punters would be more than ready to snap up this offer.

Apparently Carl had been extremely happy with Lee’s results as he had himself proofed these during May and there was a clear sixty points profit which is handsome indeed by any stretch of the imagination.

Actually Carl had known Lee for a couple of years and spent a long while in persuading him to come on board and join his ranks.

It is not as if Lee is unknown in racing circles either, as he is a Northern based full-time professional gambler and racehorse owner who has been betting in the professional ranks for around fifteen years now and is quite a successful pro-punter.

He actually combines reliable information with hours of form study and he states that he has a very successful betting strategy which he is willing to share for the first time with would be clients.

This is one of the prime reasons that Carl in presenting the Lee Keys Service believes passionately that this service will indeed make money for each and every punter.

With this firmly in mind the offer now being placed before the general public has never been seen prior to this and Carl wants everyone to win and have the very best information.

He is so confident that punters will win money using these selections that he has further offered to refund all fees if Lee Keys fails to make money for each and every punter, so nothing can be fairer than that.

As for the selections these should be backed for a straight win at all times so there is nothing too complicated in that method.

What I find really disappointing in quite a large number of these racing services is that there are always a large number of days without selections and this one is no exception.

I found that there were eleven days where we received no advices at all and this appears to cause irritation in some quarters.

The few winners given to date have not been huge prices as we have only had the four at 11/4, 3/1, 5/4 and 4/6 so nothing to write home about there.

So as monitoring came to an end up to the midpoint period, I had witnessed a total of only ten selections of which we had four winners and six losers at a strike rate of only 40.00%.

The longest losing run was four whilst the longest winning run was three and we ended the half way mark with only a very small profit of 0.67 points using level stakes.

I do not see us all rolling in clover up to this period of the trial, early days yet I suppose, but statistics will have to improve on a larger scale if we are going to reap any really decent profits.

Hopefully we may get more action during our second half performance and I look forward with interest in seeing something meaningful happen. It is action we really want not a bagful of words.

Number Of Selections = 10
Number Of Winners = 4
Number Of Losers = 6
Strike Rate = 40.00%
Longest Losing Run = 4
Longest Winning Run = 3
Overall Profit/Loss = 0.67 points using level stakes.

You can see a full breakdown of the results so far here:

Lee Keys Service – Midpoint Results

Conclusion 10/07/2011

There was an awful lot of hype when this service was eventually heralded in with the sounding of trumpets and the banging of drums and it certainly looked as if this was the service that everyone had been waiting for over the years.

This service was actually being handled and administered by Carl Harris of the Telewin group and after months of endeavour he had actually got Lee keys signed up to forward his exciting tips to all fully paid up clients.

There had also been a very large reduction in the cost of this package with the service introduced to the racing fraternity for a mere fifty pounds for a whole year of subscription charges.

Apparently Carl had known Lee Keys for a couple of years and spent a long while convincing him to join the outfit as he knew of his untold capabilities as a professional punter and racehorse owner.

There were also big claims that Lee’s selections had been proofed in May and had made a profit for members of sixty clear points, a fact that I cannot substantiate at this point in time due to performances which have not lived up to this earlier hype.

I cannot find fault in the way these tips are forwarded, they arrive in very good time for each day’s racing activities direct into one’s inbox and they are clearly marked with date and race times along with the name of the clear selection and the way in which it is to be backed.

What I do find irritating with most of these tipping services is with the vast amount of time when there are no selections sent whatsoever therefore giving us all a huge number of blank racing days.

One can appreciate that there will never be racing selections sent every day as one has to be patient for good information to come along but in the course of thirty six days or so possible racing, there were twenty four of these where clients sat and twiddled their fingers waiting for information which never arrived.

One has to champion the cause of the paying customer and this is just not good enough I feel for most punters paying good money for subscriptions of this nature. Another thing – the sales literature indicated that clients would be treated to some big winners. Sadly this has not materialized to date as we have only seen nine winners over a thirty six day period with the largest one being 3/1 down to a couple of 4/6 odds on shots which certainly is not going to make anyone rich at that rate.

So during the period of observation I had witnessed a total of twenty one selections of which nine were outright winners and the other twelve failing miserably. The strike rate was decent enough of 42.86% but the odds were not high enough to really make matters count.

The longest losing run was six whilst the longest winning run was four and this yielded a very small profit of 1.10 points using advised stakes. Whilst not being an absolute disaster we were not exactly blessed with the promised riches either and one can only hope there is an improvement in results over the remaining period of the subscription.

The service currently does not appear to be going places and for those looking for greater action, I feel their quest lies elsewhere. This needs further thought for those intending to join but still sitting on the fence.

Number Of Selections = 21
Number Of Winners = 9
Number Of Losers = 12
Strike Rate = 42.86%
Longest Losing Run = 6
Longest Winning Run = 4
Overall Profit/Loss = 1.10 points profit using advised stakes.
Number Of Days Without Selections = 24

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Lee Keys Racing Service Results


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  1. bestmate says:

    ron harris done me out of 100 euros don’t touch
    this mans services crook cheat should not be allowed
    to sell anything keep your money in your pocket

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