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| October 25, 2011 | 16 Replies

Product Name: Zero Hype Lay of the Day

Author:  Ryan Phillips

Company Name & Contact Details:
 Zero Hype,
Office No. 6780
PO Box 4336
M61 0BW
Tel 0844 664 7979


As with all our services our aim is to enable you to make tax-free profits month on month, year on year.

Price: £10 per month, £20 per quarter £40 per half year or £60 per year.

Money Back Guarantee: No

What Do You Get?

– Daily email with tips for lay betting

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Zero Hype Lay of the Day by Ryan Phillips and the Zero Hype team is a straightforward lay tipping service with bet advice sent daily by email. Maximum lay odds specified for each selection.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 

100 point bank with level 1 point stakes recommended.

How Much Money Can I Make? 

No specific claims made. Loss 7 points in trial to date using bot criteria

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

5 minutes daily.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 

PC and Internet connection plus betting exchange account.

Value For Money?

Probably – longer trial needed.

Quality Of Customer Service?  

Good – prompt response to emails.

Midpoint Review  25/10/2011

I have a feeling that readers finding the Zero Hype site are going to be more than interested as there are other services for winners and soccer which we will be reviewing shortly. What is clear from the initial test on the paid service is the commitment to customer communication and an adherence to the title mantra which is refreshing.

No doubt all the marketing gurus would criticise the site for underselling  itself but this really seems to be a case of less is more and I hope the results long term will back this up.

As regards the pay service itself this is undertaken by sending a daily email, usually mid morning, advising of any selections. The staking is graded into 3 risk levels and there are maximum lay odds suggested of 15.0.

The authors have assumed use of a bot which will allow you to place bets at less than the ordinary Betfair minimum of £2 and we have calculated our results on this basis. A large bank would otherwise be required as a 200 point starter is used and with a minimum bet of 0.1 point this would translate to £4k if following manually.

There are not tips sent every day and the whole service seems to be based on a conservative view of things which makes sense for laying. We have seen 19 selections make the starting gate and 4 of these have won their race which appears to be an unusual experience based on comments made.

Even so the loss of 7 points is manageable and it is going to take at least 2 months before we can really express an opinion on the longer term potential of the service.

A further review will follow in November at the 1 month stage and then December 2011. Worth a look and if the results turn out as seen in the past should be a worthwhile service.

Full Review 11/11/2011

Since the interim review the service has continued to stand still with a slight reduction in the loss seen, but relatively few selections. The authors put this down to the changeover period between flat and jump racing and we have only seen 5 more selections in the 2 week period.

The strike rate has come up to 80% and I know that this is considered below par for the service. They are looking at the possibility of changing the staking plan to level stakes, although in the period we have considered this would have increased the loss to 13 points.

There is no doubt in my mind that the service is run for the prime benefit of subscribers and refreshingly there is no betting just for the sake of it.

As previously indicated this is going to need a much longer trial than this as the sample is very small. We will update readers further at the end of November and I will be surprised if the service has not improved at that stage.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Lay Of The Day Results 

Update 15/12/2011:

Since the full review there have been a couple of adjustments to the service and we are now only a couple of weeks into the latest arrangements.

From offering no more than 2 selections daily we now have multiple offerings which are sent out the night before and on the basis that they should only become active bets if the BSP is 20.0 or less. This can be readily set up using a bot but would a nightmare manually – on 1 day the races selected ran from 1.35 until 9.20 and just 1 of them actually became a qualifier.

There has been an improvement in the performance since the change with just 2 winners from 27 qualifiers and a 14% increase in the bank. The service ethic remains strong – as indicated by the thread comments – and we have recently started looking at the soccer service Scoring for Fun which has just launched. There was also a trial of a place betting tipping service which was very successful and is worth a look via the main site.

If the current performance continues then the service will be good value and we will update readers again early in the New Year.

Lay Of The Day Results 

Lay of the Day Update 12/1/2012 

Since the last update we have seen a further adjustment to the criteria and the maximum BSP now recommended is 16.0. A proviso has also been added to the emails recently that users should consider the going before finally betting and ensure it remains the same as when the selections were made.

This is going to make life a bit more difficult for users as the ability to just enter a maximum BSP has now been overridden unless you are prepared to ignore this risk.

The results have continued on the upward trend and after a period where many selections did not reach the BSP criterion the recent history has been excellent. The strike rate now is almost 90% with over 150 qualifying selections and at the current performance level the service is worth considering. Full results details have been updated on the spreadsheet.

You can see a full breakdown of results here:

Lay Of The Day Results


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  1. Thanks for adding the review of our service.
    If anybody would like to direct any questions to me I will happily answer them on here for all to see.


  2. maxreturns says:

    Not tried the lay of the day service but have just finished my 14 day free trial of their ZH Ratings horse backing service which was very impressive. Very simple to use, one day out of 6 selections I had 5 winners! Darren was very helpful and quick to reply to emails, I think I’ll be signing up.

  3. maxreturns says:

    Following my recommendation, a friend of mine has recently signed up for the free trial and has been very impressed with the quickness of communications. He has asked questions in the evening and received several very useful replies back within the hour.

    These guys certainly don’t give you a load of old waffle and untruths, just solid info backed up by great customer service.

  4. Bluefingers says:

    I have been following the ZeroHype Ratings for some time now. The results are consistent and profitable. One day last week there four races rated and all the top rated horses won. I think they are still running the two week free trial (which you don’t have to register your card details for), and the guy who runs it, Darren Moore is as straight as a die. He sends out the ratings in the evening so this will suit all the people who have jobs and can’t bet through the day. It also lets you take advantage of the early prices on the exchanges.
    Well worth taking the time to have a look.

  5. lucy says:

    I’ve recently started trialling the ZeroHype Lays product, as it has received good support in the ongoing ‘Betting Oscars’survey on my site.

    Generally, a case of ‘so far so good’, though it’s early days. I can however certainly sympathise with the reviewer’s comments here of almost hoping that the test delivers – precisely because the absence of the usual marketing nonsense is so refreshing.

    If you would like to track my trial of the ZeroHype lay service, it’s at

    So far, place laying is producing particularly encouraging results.

    best wishes


  6. Thanks for your comments Bluefingers & Lucy.
    Appreciate the comments

  7. Bluefingers says:

    The racing has been poor this week, and only 5 races have been rated by Zerohype. However, all five races produced the goods.
    Darren Moore produces the ratings, and he seems to have taken someone on board to help advise on how to best use the ratings, and they show some of the different types of bets that can be placed. If anyone is not sure how to place the bets, Darren has various videos etc to help.
    These two guys between them are offering something special which should be looked at seriously. They send out the results for the days races in an email in the evening and in a seperate email you get the ratings for the following day. On a monday they send out a full list of all the diferent bets for the previous week, and the results for each. Clearly showing the profitability.
    Its an easy, friendly service and one that I am getting more and more interested in. The only reason I am leaving this comment is because they are treu to their name, they don’t hype the service up. They don’t need to because the results speak for themselves.

  8. Bluefingers says:

    Well the Zerohype Ratings have rated 20 races last week. 45% strike rate for the top rated horses and bundles of profit from some of the bets. There is a little bit of effort involved in placing some of the bets, but I made over 20 points profit using the top rated horses in the bets they show.
    Great stuff, I hope they keep it up.

  9. Bluefingers says:

    Another good week for the Zerohype Ratings, the top rated horses made a profit of nearly 16 points last week. Great stuff.

  10. lucy says:

    I have now completed my 201 bet trial of this service which conveniently runs from Jan to March 2012 (i.e. pretty much follows on from MMR trial). I found some significant differences between laying to fixed stakes and to fixed liability, which suggested you should be doing the former not the latter.

    My results and conclusions are summarized here:

    Lucy x

  11. Bluefingers says:

    Darren Moore’s selections at Cheltenham were outstanding this year. I followed his own advice and made 17 points profit in 4 days.

  12. phoebe3farloe says:

    Just finished a two week trial with this and returned 10 lays of the day from 35 that actually won at big prices.If it were a back of the day system wed be raving about it.
    Lays 14/1,7/2,13/2,11/4,13/2,13/2,5/1,13/2,9/2,17/2 betfair SP,s.

    Darren gives great service bit Im afraid results nothing short of disastrous,thank god I was laying to liability and not fixed odds.

  13. Bluefingers says:

    Just to clear up a few points about zerohype, the ratings and lay of the day.
    Darren Moore has now left Zerohype, and the service and information that is currently being produced and offered is not the same. This means that the past results on the zerohype website bear no relation to the present selection process and should not be used as historical evidence of past success.
    Darren is offering the ratings as reliable as ever over at
    I feel that zerohype customers are possibly being misled.

  14. Thanks for the above Bluefingers.
    My service is being reviewed on here;

  15. Zerohype says:


    Yes Darren has left Zerohype but I’m pleased to say the majority of our customers are completely satisfied with the continued service we provide, and have stayed subscribed members with us.

    Zerohype existed before Darren joined us, and this is just part of running any business or service online, people do come and go unfortunately during a growth period.

    All of our members who follow the services he used to run, which was just the Ratings and LOTD have been informed fully at the time he left and I took over these services.

    The ratings have continued to be equally successful, which can be checked from the results at racingvalues, the strike rate is still around 50% for the A Rated which hasn’t really changed from when Darren did them, and the LOTD has actually gone from making a loss each month to making a profit using my approach.

    I’ve also since introduced a dutching strategy which is also making a good steady profit.

    So nobody is being misled in any way, this is an unfounded statement. The historical results for the ZH Ratings are still based on the same filtering process both Darren and myself use to select the Ratings. I know because I introduced Darren to it in the first place.

    The only thing that has truly changed really is the LOTD selection process, which has improved and I’d be happy to remove the historical results for this up to when I started if there was enough opinion for me to do so.

    Darren has gone on to start his own service as he states above, and we now operate separately offering completely different things. I wish him the very best of luck with his website.

    Anyone who wishes to enquire about the Lay of The Day or any of our services can do so directly through our website and they will receive the same professional customer services as always, plus the results/performance of each service is viewable from the main page on Zerohype.

    The ratings are getting an exciting make over at the moment, so expect to see something on here over the coming months which will be unique to Zerohype members compared to the standard tipping websites out there.


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