Last Minute Racing Tips Review

| November 2, 2011 | 5 Replies

Product Name: Last Minute Racing Tips

Company Name & Contact Details:


Last Minute Tips Changes The Way Professional Gamblers Bet.

Price: There are two subscription rates :- £59.99 for 3 months and £24.99 for one month.

Money Back Guarantee: Nothing quoted as this is a tipping service.

What Do You Get?

– Daily tips by site access only and these are usually posted up to one hour and a half before the first race of the day.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

The aim of the Last Minute Racing Tips service is to offer all subscribers a series of racing tips which are very likely to be placed and with the possibility that the selections will also win their respective races.

What’s It All About?

The aim of the service is to provide a high number of winners with the high strike rate aimed at compounding the winnings from one selection to the other. Form reading and identification of insider trading is employed within the selection process and all selections are rated by a series of stars against each selection.

Three stars have a strong chance of being placed, two stars have a good chance of being placed, whilst one star selections have an average chance of being placed. Though if you expect big priced selections coming your way, then this is definitely not for you.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

Two percent of the bank is advised as your starting stakes so punters can adjust their starting banks to suit.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Since the service was launched in July 2011 the author claims that over £100,000 profit has been made using £20 stakes.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

This can be commenced immediately upon payment of the monthly subscription rates.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

Nothing special required as this is a backing service, but an account with Betfair or similar will help obtain better prices.

Value For Money? 

Looks to be in line with similar services, the results obtained will no doubt prove if the end product is indeed value for money.

Quality Of Customer Service?

No complaints as yet, everything has been dealt with on an efficient basis.

Midpoint Report 02/11/2011

A wry smile came upon my face as I read their opening paragraph advertising the sale of their product, Last Minute Racing Tips. It actually stated that their site had to be one of the most awesome tipping sites to appear on the web, changing the way professional gamblers go about their daily betting routine.

The Last Minute Racing Tips team is headed by a David and once again the surname is very carefully hidden from view, so one can only guess the reason for this. The aim of the service is to offer to all subscribers a series of racing tips which are deemed as very likely to be placed and with the added possibility that the selections will also go on to win their respective races.

They go on to state that form reading and identification of insider trading is employed within the selection process and that all selections are rated with a series of stars against their name in order to define their actual chances of winning.

All selections are posted to their site on a daily basis and usually these are shown up to one and a half hours prior to the first race so it is down to each subscriber to seek out these daily selections as there is no email advice forwarded.

They actually refer to a high place strike rate but they appear to neglect to state that most of the prices are so poor they will have little effect on the final outcome as far as profit is concerned.

Take for example a couple of the winners I noticed in my monitoring records, one at 4/9 and the other at 1/9, do we really need to be talking in place terms for the likes of these.

They also mention using a 2% of the betting bank as stakes and using each way betting. As quite a lot of the prices were very low I decided to monitor this service using level stakes at win only as a means of keeping this as simple as possible and to see how the service performed at that level.

If you are one of those punters who prefer larger size odds then this package is definitely not for you, keep your money and wait for something better to come along.

Since the service was first launched in July 2011 the author claims that over £100,000 profit has been made using £20 stakes but certainly during the duration of this trial, I have seen little evidence to convince me to that extent.

So as the curtain came down on this trial at the midpoint stage I had actually monitored a total of one hundred and fourteen selections of which thirty one were outright winners with thirty eight placed at low prices and the remainder were disappointing losers.

This gave us a poor strike rate of only 27.19% and with prices always on the low side, the service never ever looked to be going anywhere. The longest losing run was eight whilst the longest winning run was two and we ended the period with an overall loss of 34.50 points using level stakes.

I could find nothing wrong with the selection process as all selections were posted well in advance of the first race on the days cards. However there will have to be a large upsurge of winners and prices during the remainder of this trial to really convince me that this service is about to take off.

At this point in time there is certainly no guarantee that the position will improve during the next half of the operation therefore I would advise adopting a wait and see policy prior to further options of purchasing.

Number Of Selections = 114
Number Of Winners = 31
Number Of Losers = 83
Strike Rate = 27.19%
Longest Losing Run = 8
Longest Winning Run = 2
Overall Profit/Loss = 34.50 points loss using level stakes.
As a matter of interest there were 38 placed horses, but in the main prices were really low.

You can see a full breakdown of my results so far here:

Last Minute Racing Tips

Conclusion 22/11/2011

When I first encountered this tipping service I had ever so high hopes of their racing advices producing winner after winner and leading us all to the land of milk and honey.

Their sales literature actually tried to lead punters to believe that their last minute tips were going to change the way in which professional gamblers went about their daily betting activities.

The aim of the service was to provide winning selections and also for these horses to have a great chance of being placed. The selections were actually rated by a series of stars, three stars having the best chance of success leading down to two and one star where the chances were supposed to be that much poorer.

For this service there were actually two subscription rates of £59.99 for three months of advices and £24.99 for those wishing only to avail themselves of one month’s worth of subscription so I suppose the latter charge was on par with similar systems around.

Form reading and identification of insider trading was supposed to be the method employed within the selection process but it was strange indeed to find that the majority of selections appeared nothing more than cast iron favourites with possibly little connection to last minute market manoeuvres.

As I surveyed the list I could not help thinking that most average punters could provide selections such as these. In all fairness they did mention that some of their profits were encompassing the use of compound interest and involved their place selections, but I found the prices to be so low I decided to use level staking inside the monitoring process to keep things as simple as possible.

High strike rates were also mentioned but in my findings I found they were very mediocre indeed and coupled with generally low prices I never had the feeling that this system was about to take off and go places.

The second half performance outpaced that up to the midpoint period when the strike rate only reached 27.19% whilst it improved a little during the second half and settled in at 31.50% to at least show some stability within the monitoring process.

I also found that it was inconvenient to have to log into their site to arrive at each day’s selections with no e-mailed advices direct to one’s inbox. There were no race times either against each selection, just the Meeting with race numbers headed race 1, race 2… etc and the selection alongside, which was perhaps a little inconvenient to those who subscribe.

So as we concluded our period of observation I had actually witnessed a total of two hundred and forty four selections of which seventy seven were successful whilst the remaining one hundred and sixty seven failed to live up to the mark.

As I mentioned above this gave us a low strike rate of 31.50% which when coupled with the generally low odds, we were never ever going to rich the crazy heights. The longest losing run was eight whilst the longest winning run was five and we were left with an overall loss of 33.07 points using level stakes.

As a matter of interest there were eighty three placed horses but in the main these were going to make little overall difference. I felt that there was never anything offered by this service that was going to inspire me, and I never had the feeling that I wanted more of the same.

For those subscribers who like odds higher this was never going to be the package to suffice their needs, and for those using a favourites list then why pay good money for them, you could probably do just as well using your own list. My verdict here is keep your money firmly in your pocket until something more attractive catches your eye.

Number Of Selections = 244
Number Of Winners = 77
Number Of Losers = 167
Strike Rate = 31.50%
Longest Losing Run = 8
Longest Winning Run = 5
Overall profit/Loss = 33.07 points loss using level stakes.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Last Minute Racing Tips Results


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  1. ajp53 says:

    wide berth me thinks.

  2. A well worded article, but neglect to say that the service is to compound place fractions on exchange markets.
    Pound cost average does not work with this model and is not a true measure.
    £20 staked would have returned you over £7,000 in the past week.
    Works a treat.

  3. Bluefingers says:

    A friend of mine has bought this and asked for some help in operating it. I think it is up there with Pippa Middleton’s cookery books. The idea of compounding is all right if you get regular runs of winners, or placers in this instance. Obviously when you get a loser it is the end of a run. It is left to the subscriber to decide whether or not to bet on a selection and there is no offer of advice from the site. We could all look back with hindsight and say ‘yes we could have had a bet on that selection’, or ‘we should have stopped at five selections and not six’. For the owner of the site to say it made £7,000 in the last week is a bit silly.
    I have found a way to make a little profit from the selections, but there is no way can it make the money it claims to. An advisory service called AIDA fell foul of the advertising authorities due to mis-advertising. Some of these sites need to be brought into line and start telling the truth about what they can, or cannot achieve. Quite disapointing for anyone who has paid for the selections.

  4. JoMatt1 says:

    Thanks for the advice Moremoneyreviews and ‘Bluefingers’ … I received an e-mail from this lot and almost fell for the sales pitch, luckily I decided to check here first and found some sound advice! will stay well away!!

  5. starblossom117 says:

    Currently doing a month’s free trial.Been tracking this,far too many at short odds.Recommendations are single win bets level stakes or bank after every win treble or four horse accumulator.Profit,I think not.
    Lets put it this way if these so called experts were successful,they would not need to peddle their rubbish on the internet.
    Apparently AIDA mentioned by “Bluefingers” is now trying to coerce subscribers with a lay service.

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