John Harrison's 12 Month Millionaire Private Mentoring Review

| May 29, 2012 | 9 Replies

Product Name: The John Harrison 12 Month Millionaire Private Mentoring Programme

Author: John Harrison, Ian Linford

Contact Details: 
Streetwise Publications
Eden House
Genesis Park, Sheffield Road
Rotherham, S60 1DX
Tel: 01709 820033 Fax: 01709 360611


“I was blown away when I received a cheque for over nineteen thousand pounds. But this was just the start! Two weeks later I received another cheque – this time for £47,000.00. A few weeks after that I got a further £82,500.80. £148,984.80* in total…and… I hardly did ANY work to get that money.”

* All figures in this letter are fully audited by chartered accountants. Proof held on file

Price: £1977 but my invite gives a better than 50% discount and priced at £975

Money Back Guarantee: There is a 30-day free trial.  You can cancel at any point and get a full refund.

What Do You Get?

John promises the following:

– A complete blueprint of how to run this business for yourself. Nothing left out. No waffle or filler.

– His full personal contact list, names, addresses, email, phone numbers, nicknames, absolutely everything.

– His joint venture contacts. These insiders can help you profit without ever having to do any of the work.

– His inside statistics on the best mailing lists and advertising media. No expensive trial and error for you. You can be guaranteed results from the very start.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary: 

With his 12 Month Millionaire Private Mentoring programme John is taking on 27 more apprentices to work directly with him in what he calls his inner circle.

What’s It All About?

He says he is going to teach these new students the exact strategies he used to turn a £500 start up business into something, which makes more than £1,000,000 every single year. 

To do this he says you need no staff or premises, no big funds, with £500 more than enough to get going and he says that you can run this business from any location in the world.

He goes on to explain that the risks are non-existent if you follow his strategy and that you’ll spend a lot less time doing this than you would in a normal job. 

I guess you are wondering what this excellent opportunity is?  I’m pleased to say that it is one that I think has a lot of potential and it’s called “information publishing”.

The idea behind this is that you publish guides, courses and reports on niche areas that people wish to buy.  The area could be on anything, health guides, betting systems or even how to do cross word puzzles. 

What you want to do is publish guides that are in-demand and you can find a good target audience for. 

John has ran his own successful business, he says for more than 16 years and he is willing to show you exactly what he does and you can work directly with him to start your own business.

Do I Need Any Knowledge Or Experience?

John is very clear on these points when he says “You don’t need any qualifications orexperience to take part, you don’t need any capital or connections, and you don’t need to take any risks. And… it won’t cost you a penny to find out whether my programme is going to work for you.”

You will need to dedicate time and be willing to work closely with John, so that you can learn the material and ask questions as you progress.  You should see this as an investment in your time and future and only commit if you really know that you will really work at this to make this successful.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

John says “I’ve been milking this business system for over 16 years now and have banked over a million pounds each year for the last 10 years or so. This is 100% verifiable and full records are available at my office for inspection. This is not a one-off fluke, here today gone tomorrow operation.”  

And I do believe him on this point, Streetwise are one of the leading information publishing companies in the UK and have sold products all over the world.  John shows some cheques that he has received and says that it’s all backed up by an accountant. 

I have not heard of Ian Linford before and it’s not a name that I’ve seen associated with Streetwise before but it is interesting to see that he said he would never have made this money if it wasn’t for John’s direct help and mentoring.   John says that every penny that Ian made, he made the same amount because they split everything 50/50 and he is keen to find more people like Ian to work with. .   

John goes on to say that “Last year I wrote out 14 cheques like that, totalling £1,575,166. That’s an average of £112,511 per person, but with some getting FAR more than that.”   So he is saying that what Ian made seems to be quite typical! I was shocked by that because the sums involved are very large and I would have liked a bit more detail.


John has a very successful business and it’s nice that he is willing to help his customers start their own business.

John has has produced products over the years and he knows how information publishing works and is willing to share these secrets with 27 willing students.

John has 16 years experience and has obviously learnt a great deal and knows the key areas on pricing, product development and marketing  so he can help any newcomer get going.  

He does make a lot of promises, like how you are almost guaranteed success! And that you are sure to earn money but there is no real guarantee because he cannot make money fall into your lap.   To get this working you will need to be very dedicated and put in the time and effort.

In my experience with Streetwise I have purchased products and found them to be good quality, on a couple of occasions I have sent for refunds because the products didn’t seem to be exactly what I was expecting to get but each time I have received a prompt refund.

The price is obviously expensive and it’ll be nice to see how many people do actually take this up, if you have please can you share your experience of this offer below.


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  1. slad2blues says:

    This is the 3rd or 4th year of this offer.So there must be a few well off former purchasers out there.

  2. Kettleborough says:

    apart from the Newsletters I have never tried a Streetwise product. I have sent for details but then returned them for a refund.
    I am thinking of applying for the 12 month Mentoring Programme but have not been able to locate positive comments from previously satisfied clients.

  3. JohnU says:

    @ kettleborough

    You certainly can’t knock John Harrison’s personal success record. He became a Millionaire from meagre beginnings in Marketing.

    Despite some heavy ‘stick’ Streetwise have received – especially much more in recent years, i have had a few of their Products which i feel were good, plus a few i sent back.

    His book – forget the title – is also an interesting and often humorous read, with some cameo insights into how he operates!

    If i had that much spare cash and was going to be Mentored by someone i would want a Meeting with them in person!

    I am neither for it or against it – but why not write to him – Positively of course, and ask if he can give you Names of people to Speak too.
    Certainly in Opportunities like Franchises and other more general Business Opportunities its not at all unusual to ask for that – i would say its vital. at the end of the day ‘People buy People’ as they say.

    Do keep us posted.

  4. bluenose10 says:

    Bought it and sent it back after a week, for me all the information i read was freely available on the internet all about different marketing ideas.
    Also sent John an email explaining why i sent it back that was 3 weeks ago and he still hasn’t got back to me which left me wondering how long i would need to wait if i was still on this mentoring program.

  5. scorpioeyes says:

    harrison never answers emails-far too busy to talk to the plebs. streetwise is a joke-albeit a successful one,for him,not for the punters

  6. tweezyb says:

    Agree – all the Streetwise products I have trialled or bought were awful and full of total bull about how much money you can make. DELETED BY MOD – DO NOT POST LIBELLOUS COMMENTS

  7. Kettleborough says:

    None of the above comments are much help to someone
    considering investing in the Mentoring Programme!
    Maybe all participants have some success so are unlikely
    to post comments here. A direct and positive approach to Sreetwise is worth trying as they are looking for serious clients.

  8. pete508 says:

    Bluenose10, why did you send it back then? what were the marketing ideas? I thought this was a business model he was selling rather than a load of freely available ideas.. whats it about?

  9. maxi says:

    Have we any positive comments about the 12 month mentoring programme? Has anybody had success with it?

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