John Goldsmiths Millionaire Maker System

| June 4, 2010 | 9 Replies

Product Name: John Goldsmiths Millionaire Maker System

Author: John Goldsmith

Company Name & Contact Details:
Great Info Direct Ltd.
215A Upminster Road South,
RM13 9BB

Correspondence to:
Suite 404 Albany House,
324-326 Regent Street,
London, W1B 3HH


At Last! – If you’ve been looking for a way to confidently back horses and make Massive Profits Every Week then here it is…

Your Very Own Recession-Proof Income For Life With The World’sGreatest Horseracing System!

“Your Chance To Be Among The First On The Planet To Get This Incredible Information”

Amazing New System Never Released By Anyone, Anywhere, Before!

Profits Absolutely Guaranteed Or You Pay NOTHING!

Will You be one of the 300 people who will become a multi-millionaire by using this incredible winning system in the next few years?

Price: £57 for one month

Money Back Guarantee:

They say that it’s no risk and you can claim a refund if it doesn’t work.  I cannot see how long the guarantee period is for.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

The Millionaire Maker System by John Goldsmith is a horse racing betting service. John claims to have a mathematical system that is almost foolproof and it’ll help you win 94% of picking horses to win. You will recieve tips via a local rate phone line and via their website every Monday to Saturday.

What’s It All About?

This is all about betting on horses to win using statistical backup. There is no use of opinion or information and no inside scoop or tips from jockeys.

Just use John’s system and make £2,000,000 – well that’s the claim anyway.

John says he has published two other successful systems:

‘Fantastic winning systems’


‘The Magnificent Seven Professional Winning Strategies’

Both, so famous that no one has ever heard of them. There is not a single reference to either on the internet other than John’s own site.

A check on John’s publishing company at Companies House shows no sign of such a company ever existing…


There are so many inaccuracies and questions left unanswered I’m not sure where to begin with the review of this one.

First the claim is that you can turn £1000 into £2m inside 5 years. That has to be the biggest claim I’ve ever seen.

Yet like most betting system John fails to provide any evidence of such and I suspect his magical mathematical system is really just that you compound any possible winnings.

For those not clear on compounding, it’s where you reinvest any winnings and over time you’ll make a lot more than just using standard staking.

The thing that annoys me in the sales letter is that there are enough descriptions of john’s product like Holy Grail, Ultimate Winning System, The amazing auto-pilot cash generator etc, which all mean nothing.   Great spin but no substance to what and how this system actually works.

Then there are the cheap pictures of his so called family on holiday in Cyprus, the pictures are so out of focus or vague it could be anyone and it’s hardly a claim of wealth now is it.

If this makes you £2 million in five years surely John can show more detailed expressions of wealth and perhaps maybe some proof of audited earnings?

When you get down to the details of his service it’s another stats based horse betting system that just fails to show any reasoning or worth.

The claim is that never more than 12% is risked (that seemed high to me) and then you get 94% success rate (no proof) with all your profit locked in (how?).

Everything about John, his company and this so called mathematical system is a mystery that I’m sure will end in disappointment.


If you’ve tried this system please comment below so other members can benefit from your experience.


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  1. mwilts says:

    I have bought 3 so called racing systems from John Goldsmith of which none have lived up to his sales letters!!! I have to question myself for being so foolish!!! When one is so desperate to make money I suppose one becomes blinded by potential of such great claims. Be warned!!!

  2. exfarmer67 says:

    I did not succeed with Millionaire System. Tried a long time ago. Has anyone tried his “£8,000 a Month System”. Starting with £100. Again it does sound too good to be true £99.95 and No MBG. Also Limited copies left always put you off. Sales Letters are over the top.

  3. leroy says:

    Has anyone tried betting to the bank,had good review I see back in 2011, but nothing else since.New to site so not sure if should be asking about old review’s.

  4. leroy says:

    Has anyone found a good bet fair trading system that actually work’s there must be one that does work.Or anything which make’s consistent points.

  5. minstrel says:

    It seems to me that If someone had a foolproof betting or trading system that they would keep it to themselves. However if someone offered an enormous amount of money for such a PROVEN system, how would they react?
    Rating, and pricing, a system on the amount of points profit it makes in a week seems to to be a very good way of establishimg a price for any system.For each point made I would be happy to pay between £1,000 and £2,000 depending on it’s simplicity or complexity and an assessment of it’s long term viability. Anyone got a viewpoint on this or even a system they might be tempted to share for a more than reasonable price.

  6. peteh says:

    I have really struggled with this as to should I post or just stay quite in the background as I know I will no doubt get slated for it etc as tends to happen on forums.
    I Trade both Betfair and Forex.

    Now comes the bit I will no doubt get flamed for lol for so here goes, as most will not want to hear this, agreed there is a lot of shit systems out there and scam artists etc.
    As for betfair I don’t know if there are any good trading system etc or not as I came across what I use by simply spending some time watching the races and seeing where the winners came from HINT. I’m sure that quite a few people also use the same approach.

    The Trouble with most people is they want to win shit loads straight away with a small bank and they lack Patience and Discipline and greed can also come into things, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN unless you win the lottery. But slow steady growth is very doable if you can get your head right and keep your emotions under control. Personally I have a set daily amount I like to take out the markets then I stop for the day, sure I could carry on and do all the races but I don’t need to and this way suits me others will probably carry on and that’s fine if that suits them.

    The same thing applies to Forex trading, there are a couple of threads on here where people are making money Trading Forex , I have not used or tried either of them because I do quite nicely with the way I was taught ( cost was £250 at the time for the cds and support ) and for me the best money I have ever payed for anything, as it will never go out of date etc will always work as long as you have a chart, I have found the Golden rule for me has been keep it simple you don’t need loads of indicators etc.

    As far as Forex goes there are 2 different ones that are reviewed on here and work as users have posted that they are using and making money with them and they will work for anyone if you are prepared to put the time in and learn.

    As for Betfair I have no idea as I use my own method.

    I do spend more time trading Forex than on betfair but I do enjoy Forex more, there is money to be made if you have realistic expectations are prepared to learn and put to use what you learn and don’t expect to make loads by Tomorrow, if your not prepared to put the time in have no Patients etc then it will Not work for you, no matter which of the 2 threads you decide to go with they both work as can be seen from people who use them.

    So basically if you live in the land of get rich quick, spend your money on lottery tickets as you have more chance with that than you will do trying to buy the latest hot system the only people who make money are the sellers of these.

  7. Joncar says:

    I have a golden rule about these things, and that is I will never ever purchase anything unless it has a full money back clause.

  8. Royal65 says:

    I have a copy of John Goldsmiths Magnificent seven systems from 2003. It is a binder of Eight systems based on the Racing Post Ratings and was selling for £68 in July 2003 (heavily discounted of course!!)He Was Also advertising an Elite winners club which of course did not last.

  9. geoffhead says:

    Today Streetwise are offering John Goldsmith’s “The Master Key System” Cost £197.
    Claims you can make £1,000 per week??
    £1,000 to £1,000,000 in 3 years with a starting bank of £1,000
    Could this be a rehash of John Goldsmith’s “Millionaire Maker”
    Because Streetwise are offering this and JG is involved and having read MMR’s views above I think this is another to keep clear of??

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