Index Wizard Trading System Review

| August 27, 2010 | 47 Replies

Product Name: Index Wizard Trading System

Author: Ian Williams

Company Name & Contact Details:
Streetwise Publications,
Eden House,
Genesis Park,
Sheffield Road,
S60 1DX
Telephone: 01709 820033�
Fax: 01709 360611

Price: 995.00 + vat

Money Back Guarantee: 30 days

What Do You Get?

– Index Wizard Trading Software
– Indez Wizard trading system manual
– Audio Visual file updates
– Weekly insider newsletter –  WICS
– 12 months ongoing support from Ian

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

The Index Wizard Trading System from Ian Williams is a piece of auto-pilot trading software that finds profit opportunites within the world’s five biggest markets: The FTSE100 , the Dow Jones, the S&P 500, the Nasdaq Composite and the German Dax. The system is designed for anyone to use, even those with no previous experience.

What’s It All About?

Ian Williams has been working on a trading tool for over the past year which puts all the  theory, charts, jargon and calculations to one side and  quietly gets on with the job of winning trades for you.

Ian says that it’s totally flexible, and can be used on any of  the 5 big world indices…the FTSE100 ,  the Dow Jones, the S&P 500, the Nasdaq Composite and the German Dax.

Ian says that its as easy as:

1. Load it on to your PC�
2. Set your parameters�
3. Let it loose on your chosen market�
4. React to the signals�
5. Collect your profit

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

Ian says that you don’t need any special skills, education or knowledge to do this.

However, I would recommend that you have traded within these markets before.

Although Ian takes you through at a slow place, trading can be risky so please understand the risks involved and any money you set aside should be money that you can trade with and afford to lose.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion And How Much Can I Make?

Ian says he ran this for a fully year and it generated £47,700 at £5 per point. So at the standard £1 per point you should still see a return close to £10,000.

Ian has a lot of testimonials and a good reputation but he doesn’t provide any evidence of how that £47,700 was made.

That’s a shame because it would have been nice to have seen more proof.

He doesn’t really make any guarantees you’ll make the same money because the product is open to interpretation.

However, he does offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee through publishers Streetwise.

Please understand that you must return the item inside the 30 days of receiving it.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

In the promotion it mentions and I quote “the average person can be up and running and using the software within an hour of ripping open the packaging.”

But if you haven’t ever traded in theses markets before I wouldn’t recommend that you do so, so quickly.   You should take a careful look through all the product until you are 100% sure that this is for.


You have Ian’s email address so if you have any questions or queries then you can email him for support and from other products he had sold he does have quite a good reputation.

Also you can get access to his members only website.

As I say Ian is reasonably well known for products via streetwise publishing. Many people over the years have taken his courses and products with some success.

Ian’s material is normally informed and knowledgeable and you get good clear information in an easy to understand format.

Trading the indexs is straight forward for those that have trading experience. He runs through simple trading information so that you can pick up and start quite quickly.

His automated system means you can spend less time looking at charts and spend more time making the trades the software highlights. Ian’s system enables you to find more trades easily and not spend as much time doing so.

You can read more on Ian at his website and get free email information from his e-mail alert service.

Ian’s official Index Wizard site is

If you have tried this product or have any experience of Ian then please leave a comment below.


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Comments (47)

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  1. free stuff says:

    Where To Buy: Coming Soon

    According to the blurb I received, it’s by invitation only. You can’t just walk in off the street and buy it!

  2. Ger says:

    ok, waiting for a review of this one too. I’ll be back. 🙂

  3. david says:

    Paper Trading this so far,

    SP500: Sell order @1025 7th May.. Order Canx @1129 21st May, Index then sold off very nicely.

    Dow: Sell order @9719 7th May.. Order Canx @10250 14 June, Index then sold off again.

    FTSE: Bought 22nd July @5326.. Trade still open.

    Dax: Bought @6295 (sorry forgot to make note of opening date) but stopped out @6008 on the 29th of June -287.

    Nasdaq: Sold @2145 25th May, stopped @2266 14th June -121.

    So far, two wrong sell orders that were cancelled, then did what they were supposed to do, one open trade, still running and two looser’s @ a total of -408. Will keep you all posted.

  4. David Knottd says:

    Update: Nasdaq Sold@2297 27/07 stopped out @2188 -109 running total -517.

  5. David Knott says:


    Bought Nasdaq again @2297 27/07. Trade still open.

    Bought S&P500 @1116 27/07. Trade still open.

    Bought DAX30 @6202 27/07. Trade still open.

  6. David Knott says:

    Bought DowJ @10,593 02/08. Trade still open.

  7. David Knott says:

    The FTSE buy trade @5326 22nd July now stopped out @5198. -128 pts. Running loss total -645.

  8. David Knott says:

    The DAX30 BuyTrade stopped out 04/0/10 @6044.-158pts. Running loss total -803.

  9. David Knott says:

    P.S. Already got my money back, this is the one thing that you cannot fault Streetwise Pub. on.

  10. David Knott says:

    Bloody hell, after looking at all my entry’s so far, I think I’d better let you all know what trades I’ve still got running…lol

    Nasdaq buy @2297
    SP500 buy @1116
    DOW buy @10,593

    After these, I will not bother anymore, but will be giving a full and frank write up.

  11. David Knott says:

    Nasdaq: 27th July Buy Trade stopped out @2226 -71pts. Running Loss -874, just ste SP & Dow to go.

  12. David Knott says:

    DOW: 2nd Aug. Buy Trade stopped out @10,361 -232pts.Running Loss-1106pts….

  13. Russell Eaton says:

    I have been using Index Wizard for about a month, but have returned it for a refund. Based on the 5 minute charts, I estimate very roughly the following:

    About 20% of the trade signals were profitable provided you were able to get in and get out of the trades when indicated by the software (this is not always easy unless you were onhand throughout the day so as to pounce as soon as you get a signal.

    About 40% of the trade signals were losers (you would have lost money if you had followed the signals).

    The remaining 40% of the trade signals were non-starters, i.e. the market did not reach the trade entry points so there were no trades (but succeeded in wasting a lot your time by having you watch them.

  14. mikeyalltrade says:

    Just received the blurb about this product, I thought It was a new release? obviously it has been about for a while. I must say that I am concerned about the possible income claims. It would been nice if there was some data to back up the claims. I mean suppose you buy this product and it performs well for a few weeks and you decide to keep it. It then starts to under perform not only has this turn around costs you money on the markets but you have also lost the cost of the software. In my opinion stay well away from products that make these claims of high income potential without the statistics to back it up. The markets are like living creatures they are constantly changing. You can purchase “EA’s” (expert advisors ) from various live rooms from a few dollars a month, You can use these for a month or so then move to another when they start to under perform.

  15. mickeyem says:

    Just back off holiday and received the blurb offering me £500 discount off standard price of £1500 + vat as “a valued streetwise customer”.
    Sounds good on paper but clearly there are problems.
    Has anybody made any money off this? (apart from Mr Williams). Do you need computer access all day cos if so its no good for me.

  16. david B says:

    Have just received a fancy mailshot today from Streetwise offering it for £97 down and £97 monthly.

  17. JOHN says:

    I received the same mailshot today as well.
    However in light of David Knott’s messages I think the bin is the safest place to put it.

  18. John says:

    Were does it say you get a money back guarantee?
    (No mention of a money back guarantee)
    It states on the Standing Order,if you decide to withdraw for any reason,you will have to cancel the bankers order,and you are not committed to anything more than the period you have paid for.

  19. OFC says:

    this recent mailshot is a different offer. the original was to pay over a grand for it and that came with a money back guarantee. this one is pay as you go for 97GBP a month, no money back and cancel if you no likee. so it’ll cost you £97 to find out. why are they doing it this way? you work it out!

  20. Roy says:

    Streetwise sends me a mail shot every month. In my opinion the ones I’ve tried have been rubbish.

  21. SB says:

    Received my mail shot today. £47k at £5 per point is 9548 points per annum at an average of 795 per month. As the review says it’s a shame there is no supporting figurework. System also uses a live data feed of £25 per month.

    I’ll be steering clear.

  22. Zagger says:

    Based on past experience, all Streetwise material goes straight in the BIN!!

  23. terryb says:

    Has anyone have any positive to say about this one?

  24. keith says:

    Havent tried this one and after reading all of your reviews some more more waste paper for recycling,
    Cheers guys

  25. OFC says:

    £97 to find out and no refund!

  26. bh says:

    i see ian williams has brought out another system , back room riches going for £247 ,through streetwise , does anybody no anything about it , and does it work , please

  27. zagger says:

    Hhmmm, the very title should be a warning in itself!!

  28. Lucas says:

    Getting money back from the vendor is one thing; getting it back from the market another….

  29. kate gee says:

    I too have received the invitation for The Index Wizard and to be honest I was sorely tempted to give it a try for £97, but thank goodness I decided to read your reviews ! Thanks guys you saved me throwing away my hard earned cash x

  30. DIPAK says:

    With index and forex trading,I have found that even after you have waited for all the times scales to line up such as minutes,15minutes,hourly,daily,weekly etc.about a minute after you have entered,the trade starts to go in the opposite direction.

    If you close the trade immediately then the price will immediatly continue back in the direction you had intended to trade.

    If you don`t close your trade after the first minute or so, the price will continue fast and heavy in the wrong direction for even several days.

    You then find all indicators in all time scales have changed direction and you are sitting on a huge loss.

    If you paper trade,the trade rarely goes against you.Now imagine you are watching a boxing match, you can shout hit him this way and that way-so easy. But when you are in the boxing ring with you own style of fighting, you find the punches are directed against YOU.

    Same with spredbetting,you find that once you are in the trade,it is against YOU specifically.

    To prove my point,i once traded the Dax for several hours.I ignored the time scales,indicators and candles.I did an up trade ,it immediately started going down.I closed did a down bet ,it immediately started going up.I did an up bet again,it immediately started going down.I traded like this for several hours with a huge loss.

    After this exercise, you could see on the chart up bar ,down bar, up bar ,down bar for those hours.

    After i ran out of money and stopped this going long and short exercise then immediately the prices went in a trend up.

    I have also traded this way on daily candles.It always moves the opposite to your trade.

    In conclusion,no matter what system you buy and use,it will work at best paper trading but not real trading.I have bought many systems and programmes over the years and nothing works when you take the actual trade for REAL. If you are lucky,you may win once or twice but this is only because the system is busy beating somebody else`s trade.

    Now compound this manipulation with political and economic news, then it because impossible to win.The stock market system is internationally,institutionally manipulated.

    Also remember the indicators that we are provided with are all lagging and in my view substandard.Most probably ,the best indicators are in the hands of big institutions.The professionals have real time,perfect indicators.

    The irony is they make their money from our trading losses.

    This is my opinion and years of experience.I am sorry if i offended anybody with my perception of the market.

    I do not wish to enter a debate with anybody on this.Thank you.

  31. tom42 says:

    So the institutions are worrying about your spreadbetting punt with the bookies are they? I’ve had to put my coffee down fear it would trash my keyboard!!

  32. jimfur says:

    Dipak gave us a good laugh because I could so easily have written that myself.

    However, after combining parts of several courses with current market information freely available from several web and printed sources, then adding her own logical deductions, my partner is successful in making a few honest bob from Forex. Not every time, not a fortune, but every little helps.

    We surely must ask why some people wonderfully present and sell systems which appear not to deliver the promises? Why do the printed testimonials conflict with the real life experiences of the readers of this column? Are we all uniquely stupid?

    Maybe we should also ask why, if someone has a system which delivers £47k per year using small stakes and a small amount of time, they should want to share it with anyone? Surely the relatively small, taxable, income which would be derived from course sales could be vastly exceeded by upping their own betting stakes? It is a funny old world!

  33. smiffy138 says:

    Thanks guys for your advice. I have just received the £97 a month offer from streetwise this morning. I was very tempted to buy something that someone has allegedly been perfected to give you less hands on at trading. After reading through some of your comments, I can only agree with you. Streetwise are in the business of selling systems. I have bought numerous items from them and agora etc over the years without ever achieving the success they claim. I once subscribed to the advice of a so called trading guru who I see is still advertising. All I has to do was follow his instructions what to buy and sell. Guess what? £1000 bank reduced to £ 600 in about 3 weeks. I could have done the exact opposite of what he suggested each time and made a pile. I have come to the conclusion that the only people making money from systems are the ones selling them and their publishers. The rest of us are just looking for the holy grail of a system that detects and highlights something the bookies/ spread betting companies can’t combat. I recently enrolled on a very well known spread betting company and have not deposited any funds. I have had numerous phone calls since from so called managers offering me assistance. What they really want is my money. I get the feeling that the names they are given to hone are on a very lengthy list entitled Mugs. I cannot wait for a review that everyone says that at last here is something that actually delivers on its claims. Of course that won’t happen because whoever has that one will be keeping it to themselves, as I would.Good Luck.

  34. braden says:

    If you seriously want to make any money trading forex, commodities etc. you really have to put some effort in to educate yourself about how markets actually work. Any “system” sold by Streetwise, Agora etc. is purely a marketing excercise by copywriters to convince gullible punters that they can make money by following simple “signals” to profitably trade an asset that they know nothing about. Bin them all – they are utterly worthless and will lose you money.

    Instead, educate yourself for free by, for instance, going on to the babypips website and following their excellent modules on FX (but the same principles apply to any market). Having studied those modules thoroughly, try going on to Niall Fullers website: learntotradethemarket where there is a wealth of excellent free informtion and the option to go on his trading course. Alternatively, google FTS Forex where, again, there is an abundance of free educational material with the option to subscribe to the price action, demand / supply strategy.

    Markets move on price and price alone according to the bias in sentiment on any particular day – whether that be risk on/ risk off, bullish or bearish. And that sentiment can change intraday from the European/London session to the New York session.
    Both the sites I have mentioned (and I am not an affiliate or any of that nonsense) stress the importance of and base their strategies around price action and NOT on lagging indicators. The owners of both sites stress how important it is to study the charts and chart patterns and observe how price reacts around key levels and how it has reacted around those levels in the past.

    I could go on about psychology and money management but you’ll find all this out if you put in the effort to properly educate yourself before putting real money on the line. Because if you don’t and instead rely on someone elses “system” the market WILL eat you for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  35. Joncar says:

    Thanks to all you guys for saving my money (I was about to order this rubbish) The Index Wizard System appears to be absolutely useless. and is seemingly just a fund to pay for Mr Williams holidays! The latest offer of £97pm without any refund appears to be for mugs only!! Why oh why cant FS Publications see that providing such an appalling offer is a sure fire way to lose customers?
    Keep up the good work guys, the honest reviews here will always flush out the time and money wasters.

  36. KeithHill says:

    Firstly, apologies to Joncar as I have cut and pasted his post. But it adequately sums up my sentiments and why try to reinvent the wheel.

    Thanks to all you guys for saving my money (I was about to order this rubbish) The Index Wizard System appears to be absolutely useless. and is seemingly just a fund to pay for Mr Williams holidays! The latest offer of £97pm without any refund appears to be for mugs only!! Why oh why cant FS Publications see that providing such an appalling offer is a sure fire way to lose customers?
    Keep up the good work guys, the honest reviews here will always flush out the time and money wasters.

  37. martin194860 says:

    Streetwise still sending out the ‘Index Wizard Trading System’ by Ian Williams “just £97…we have just 200 places available on this deal…” Must rush my application before the 200 places are gone.

  38. Rbbrdck says:

    This mug received my copy of the ‘New Wizard’ Wednesday. Gave it a go 12:00-18:00 wed, 12:00-18:00 Thurs and 08:00-15:00 Friday. 19 hours trading in total, which resulted in 33 trades being triggered, that’s not counting cancelled orders which didn’t trigger. Of the trades triggered, 10 were winners and 23 were losers. Resulting in a loss of 97pts. I followed the signals religiously though, as it’s supposed to be for novices right. I don’t think so. A novice would get wiped out with this, but to be fair, if I had of tweeked the stops a bit more and had taken 50% of what was on offer instead of waiting to be stopped out that would’ve turned into a 150pts gain. That’s 19 winners and 14 losers. Not bad really if you take 150/3*240=12,000 pts per annum. Not far off what the man said, at 5pds a point. You would have to screen watch, keeping your wits about you, all and every weekday for that though.

  39. JohnMac says:

    I concur with what Braden says, their are plenty of sites with good and free information on them, but you need to spend time learning it and putting into practice. If you rely on a peace of software or a robot for your trading, you will lose your money. is an excellent site and is free. It’s put together by guys who trade for a living. It’s a shame that Streetwise are doing such an appalling customer service job regarding this Ian Williams Index Wizard offering, because I actually rate the guy. I bought a couple of his courses which are basically using the same method, but it works. It’s just a real shame that streetwise are so miss leading with their marketing. No one knowingly pays out £97.00 in the hope that something might work. If streetwise lose customers over it they deserve to.

  40. David Robertson says:

    Just received the sales guff in the post…

    A quick scan down this review page has ultimately lead me to the conclusion that i already envisaged – place immediately in the rubbish bin.

    I’m yet to come across anything from Streetwise that hasn’t turned out to be a way of successfully losing money, but they must exist??

  41. robdavid1111 says:

    The strength of Ian’s systems is the fact you get a 1:1 mentor. Sign up to the forex course and he literally answers within about 10 minutes. If I could put up images I would. He teaches clear cut methods, and then shows you twice a week with video updates how it is all working out on the main 4-5 markets. His principle is to never give you an explicit trade, but to teach you enough to make our own. I’ve found him much better than “systems” so to speak.

  42. hollis379 says:

    I received the sales letter 2 days ago. When I saw it was from Streetwise I put it in my recycling pile without reading it. Later I pulled it out and read it through. I then read all the comments here and it’s now back in the recycling pile. Thanks MMR, you’ve saved me wasting my money.

  43. floppyg says:

    I’ve been trading for just over a year using Ian Williams’ Trading The Easy Way course. I started with a trading bank of £2500 and currently have a bank of £2700. Doesn’t sound too good, but I have also withdrawn almost £4000 in profit along the way, trading very much part-time. Ian’s system works but you do have to put in some time for study and learning, and then apply the method and stick to it.

    I asked Ian about this software and he told me I probably didn’t need it if I’ve figured out his system already. But he also said it does work, just not as well as Streetwise make out! You would need a trading bank of around £25,000 for overnight trades or £2,500 if doing intraday trades, to make £4,000 a month – NOT £200 as the sales letter suggests.

    My advice if you want to give spread trading a go… Visit Ian’s website and sign up for his monthly course at

    Jury is still out on the software!

  44. Roger42 says:

    Has anyone tried using Bollinger bands.

  45. tiffwj says:

    Its about time John Harrison used some of his info products himself and showed us the money (if any) that he made. Mind you its like…if you cant make money by using a particular info product make money by SELLING it instead. (via hype and over the top creative copy writing). Some of the wording in these mail shots is more like confidence tricksting than “selling”.

  46. Nick31mn says:

    Mailsot arrived today…very convincing! Amazed at the time gap between the reviews of this product. Sounds totally convincing and but for MMR I’d have probably wasted even more money. Should call yourselves ‘More Money Rescued’! Thank you for being there

  47. mrreliable says:

    Been toying with buying this one every time I receive a mailshot from Streetwise Publications about it, but after reading what’s on here, I conclude that it doesn’t live up to it’s claims, so in the bin it goes! If anyone out there can convince me I’m wrong, please do!

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