Houghton’s Hot Horses Review

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Product Name: Houghton’s Hot Horses

Author: Matt Houghton

Company Name & Contact Details:
Agora Lifestyles
Codestorm House,
Walton Road,
PO6 1TR.


“HE’S DONE IT AGAIN! After the runaway success of his Lay-zy Dogs System, sports-obsessed betting expert Matt Houghton is back with a foolproof approach to horse betting…”

“Follow my six simple steps to bank a tax-free £1010, £505 or even £2525 before today and Tuesday 15th September”.

“With an average of five races every single day for the next sixteen weeks, there’s always a chance to profit… and every penny you make is entirely tax-free”.

Price: £50 inc VAT

Money Back Guarantee: 30 days

What Do You Get?

– Houghton’s Hot Horses downloadable guide and tips posted on members area of website.

Brief Summary:

Houghton’s Hot Horses, from Matt Houghton is a horse backing system that takes advantage of a couple of key stats and combines those with some key filters in order to find selections that can make high profits.

Testing is fully underway, and a full review will be posted after a months testing. In the meantime here is a quick breakdown of the results of the system so far this summer.

Houghton’s Hot Horses – Stats Record 2011.

I also have a copy of the full track record from last summer.

You can view that here.

Update – 27th June 2011

I will hit the mid-point of testing period this week – report will follow at end of week. In the meantime, here is the updated results spreadsheet from the system so far:

Houghton’s Hot Horse – Results Update 27th June

I will post an updated spreadsheet every Monday with the latest results from the service.

Houghtons Hot Horses – Interim review 01/07/2011

Lets get the basics out of the way quickly. With a purchase from Agora you have full protection as they will always honour their guarantee if you claim within the terms.

The Betting Rant website which Matt runs is a great source of information – free –  for all levels of punter and just following his one off tips on the newsletter can make you a nice tidy sum.

Matt’s other systems have always been well written and easy to follow and this one is no exception. Frankly if you cannot do the selections yourself I have to question whether you should be betting at all.

But even then he has made it easy for you by posting the selections to a members protected area of the website around 10.30am each day. Spoon fed or what!!

There has been an average of around 4 selections daily in the first 2 weeks of the system this year.

The selection process is straight forward and comprises 6 steps which are logical and easy to follow.

So if you cannot get access to the website members’ area you will still be able to use the system making your own selections from the Racing Post website after 9pm the previous evening although you would need to have the basic subscription to do this.

After 9am the total information needed is free to all users. Selections will take you no longer than 5 minutes daily and then all you need to do is place your bets.

Like all systems this is only as good as the results and so far they have been living up to the claims – the published spreadsheet updated Mondays has been completely accurate thus far and the odds quoted have all been correct at the time the tips are published.

It is possible that users may achieve slightly better if they select themselves earlier in the day.

There can be up to 2 horses selected for qualifying races and detailed instructions are also given on Dutching should this be the case.

Staking is covered fully and the system does not rely on complex staking plans – just level stakes with dutching in appropriate races.

To summarise this is a genuine and easy to use system that anyone could follow. A results update will follow in July but at this stage the signs are all positive.

Update 4th July 2011 – Latest Results can be found here:

Houghton’s Hot Horses Latest Results

Update 11th July 2011 – Latest Results can be found here:

Houghton’s Hot Horse Latest Results

Update 14/7/2011

With a full months results to look at the position is better than the same time last year without being spectacular (Loss of £136 in 2010 at £10 stakes to a profit now of £7).

Matt introduced a change to the staking plan by backing single (non odds-on) selections each way. This has protected the bank as a significant number of horses were being placed. He has pointed out that the results improved as the season progressed in 2010.

There have been several thread comments in particular about the odds available. I have checked the odds quoted by Matt on his daily selections posts and they have without exception been available at that time.

If you are prepared to make the selections yourself (can be done from 9pm the previous night if you are an RP subscriber or 9am on the day if not) then you may well get better prices than Matt quotes.

There is no reason for anybody to get worse prices unless they cannot access the selections until nearer racing but that is no reason to complain because what is happening is exactly as was set out in the marketing and the manual so the choice was yours to accept this.

The results disclosed through the site above are in agreement with my monitoring and thus the system has done what it claimed thus far.

I have to say I find some of the criticism of Matt both ill informed and surprising. As he has pointed out he does not hide any affiliations he may have and moreover his paid for and free tips/systems are primarily designed to make the client money – when you see some of the absolute tripe that we have to review I cannot see why people worry about Matt.

All his offerings have the proper consumer safeguards included and you know what you are getting should you buy. The only real question will be the results in the future and unless you know different there is nobody that can predict those 100% accurately.

You can see an updated track record of this years results here:

Houghton’s Hot Horse Latest Results

Update 2nd August 2011 – Latest Results can be found here:

Houghton’s Hot Horse Latest Results


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  1. Dr Huw says:

    Yesterday I read a review and found a major error in it. I started to make a comment pointing this out, but diverted to check a fact, and when I tried to return to my half-completed comment I could not recover anything to do with the comment nor find the original review.
    The review purported to be an assessment of Chris Castell’s Full Time Betting Income, but was in fact based on monitoring another Castell-related system ‘Sprint Lay Expert’. The mistake is obvious and undeniable because FTBI works with an odds range of 1.5 to 2, and tfghe spreadsheet made available by the reviewer showed that he had mistakenly been following Sprint Lay Expert’s daily tips, which work on odds of 1.80 to 6.10 (I am familiar with both systems.
    I hope you can trace this review (which I cannot) and rectify the error, which would only be noticed by someone familiar with both systems. There are fair comments to be made about FTBI, but not based on a different system altogether.
    (Dr) Hugh de Glanville

  2. Jack Whiteman says:

    Hi Huw

    The review for Full Time Betting income has not been finished so there is no spreadsheet done for that yet. You can see the unfinished review page here:http://www.moremoneyreview.com/full-time-betting-income-review-7578.html

    The review for Sprint Lay expert has been finished and does include a spreadsheet of results. You can see that here:http://www.moremoneyreview.com/sprint-lay-expert-review-6927.html

    Is this the spreadsheet you were looking at? If so then it is correct and is tied to the correct review.


  3. phil says:

    if its anything like his lay-zy dogs system then l would leave this well alone, Matt does seem to be able to churn out lots of these systems. l do like his writing but l am not convinced with his systems. time will tell and good luck.

  4. Peter Colledge says:

    Hi folks,
    Just bought Matt’s latest system…I too am not convinced, but Matt’s no crook. I’ll be monitoring his bets.

  5. john U says:

    Peter College

    I know this is a very long shot but not having seen your name before is there any chance you are the same Peter College who was at the same Grotesque edifice of a Grammar School in Coventry? (Shusssh – but it was ehm.. 40 + years ago)

  6. john U says:

    Sorry – Peter Colledge WITH a d.

  7. Catherine says:

    Just received details of this system by email today but I don’t think I’ll be taking it any further 🙁

  8. scobie says:

    PeterC. Hi Peter I have just received an email from matt and thought I might purchase until I read your comments but not too sure now., could you give me your reasoning why you are sceptical. Also looks as if Catherine thinks along the same lines.It looks as if its not what it says on the tin,but hopefully the results will prove differently.

  9. Good old British pessimism eh?!

    Give it a chance ladies and gents, selections haven’t even started yet!

    And Phil, I’m yet to see a review in which Lay-zy Dogs hasn’t made a profit to level stakes – even those that are non too complimentary (such as OBE).

  10. Tony says:

    You British need to keep the Faith 🙂 🙂

  11. mick says:

    “I’m yet to see a review in which Lay-zy Dogs hasn’t made a profit to level stakes…”


  12. Peter2 says:

    A 2 week test by an affiliate marketing expert who presumably was not getting enough referrals. Layzy Dogs works with patience as several comments in thread show. You cannot judge a system on 2 weeks trial.

  13. mick says:

    Lol he approves anything. Why wouldn’t he??? More commission then

  14. Tony says:

    If Matt was so good at picking winners, he wouldn’t need to advertise, would he??

  15. Wendy45 says:

    I bought this on Tuesday and backed Matt’s selections yesterday for the first time. Even though some lost, I ended the day in a good profit so it’s doing what Matt says so far.

  16. “I’m yet to see a review in which Lay-zy Dogs hasn’t made a profit to level stakes…”


    That’d be a proper review I was referring to Mick, not the poor excuse for one that has been posted there. I don’t know the guy but if he has only managed to get three dogs laid out of 50, then he is clearly doing something wrong.

    The latter review (Phil) is the one I referred to. It may not be complimentary (and I certainly don’t agree with it’s conclusion) but even that one made a decent profit to level stakes.

    But anyway, all of this is rather irrelevant as this is the Hot Horses thread. Lay-zy Dogs thread is here:


  17. mick says:

    You are the one that mentioned it originally and I didn’t agree with what you said

  18. Tony says:

    You see? What did I tell you about people who sell systems? Why aren’t they sitting quietly at home enjoying a tax free income from their own inspirations?

    Answer: they aren’t making long term profits and they need your cash to pay off a load of past debt.

    So,my British friends, just concentrate on your own methodologies and you rise and fall with only yourself to praise or blame 🙂

  19. Mick – it was first mentioned by Phil on comment three. I felt that I should respond to that and did so on comment nine.

    Tony – isn’t it nice to know that there’s someone out there that knows me better than I do!*

    I feel no need to justify myself to you but suffice to say I’m sure that the tens of thousands of people that are signed up to my free Betting Rant e-letter will disagree, given the profit that my tips have made.

    *Please note the sarcasm in that sentence.

    That’s it from me anyhow, I’ll let the system speak for itself. If anyone has any questions about anything at all, email me at the usual address or leave a comment on the website…


  20. William says:

    I signed up for this at the end of last week. Had two winning bets yesterday, so i’m feeling quite positive about this.

    When will the review be done Jack? Anytime soon?

  21. Jack Whiteman says:

    I’ve been tracking this William and like you I see potential but it’s still early days. I will put the results up later today.

  22. phil says:

    are you still going to post the results Jack

  23. phil says:

    come on Jack lets have the nitty gritty on this one 🙂

  24. Hi Phil,

    The results are already up there.


  25. phil says:

    cheers Matt

    l was rather expecting them to be at the bottom of this page 🙂

  26. scobie says:

    Jack, I have been trying to email you today could you please confirm email address.regards Scobie

  27. JRH says:

    I think the best thing for anyone who is considering buying this system to do is simply look at the link above to last year’s results to make a judgement. Then you can decide if this sort of betting is for you.

    Of 96 days betting, only 40 ended in the black. Yes, the system finished well up at the end, but if the ‘season’ had stopped a month earlier you would have been in the middle of a run of 45 days from July 9th until 24th August when all bar one day you would have finished in the red. Most people would have given up during such a depressing time, cutting their losses knowing that there is a finite end to this system after which you would have to wait another 9 months to try to recoup any losses.

    These results also assume that you can bet every day, placing up to 16 bets & risking up to £240 at the recommended stakes. Most people have a holiday for a couple of weeks during this time. You may be lucky & miss 14 bad days, but we all know that the chances are that you will miss 14 profitable days instead…

    Looking at this season’s results, they have reached a high of £58.70 on June 28th, just paying for the system, but by July 1st were back to -£41.51 to the recommended stakes. This is obviously a rollercoaster system with peaks but also troughs to negotiate, so you will need a strong stomach.

    I am one of the ‘tens of thousands’ who subscribe to Matt’s Betting Rant e-letter. Whilst he does have some useful information, the main thrust of this is simply to promote his own systems or bookmakers to which he is affiliated, so I suggest you try to find other voices to verify his claims before parting with your hard-earned. For example, he correctly points out in his copy yesterday that this system made most profit in August & September, failing to point out that in July it made a loss & that the system didn’t actually stay in profit until the final 16 days of the ‘season’!!

  28. Fair points in the main JRH and the system isn’t for everyone, in fact, I’m not sure I can think of any system out there that is.

    While there were certainly peaks and troughs last year and there have been some peaks and troughs this year, overall there is a clear profit margin to be made if you are prepared to be disciplined and stick with it. If someone is not prepared to do that, then betting is probably not for them full stop.

    You can argue that being in loss is demoralising and it’s certainly not a pleasant thing but, and I can’t stress this enough, at no point last year would a betting bank of a realistic size been in any danger.

    It’s also worth noting that I have made a couple of small tweaks this year and they are having the desired effect, both in increasing profits and reducing the severity of bad runs.

    In fact, you point out that there were only 40 days in the black last year. Well, already this year we’ve had 18 (up to and including today) and we’re not even a third of the way in.

    Before I go, I’d also like to point out that I completely disagree with this statement, particularly the latter part:

    “the main thrust of this is simply to promote his own systems or bookmakers to which he is affiliated”

    The ONLY bookmaker that I ever mention in editorial is the bookmaker that is offering the best price for my tip. The only exception to this is if I’m promoting the taking of a free bet – something that benefits the reader and not the bookmaker.

  29. Tony says:

    If the horses are so hot, then the vendor would be able to make a tax free living from his own system and not have to worry about selling it.

    He needs the profits from the sales of the system to keep him going, you see.

  30. Peter2 says:

    So what is Mikes reason for doing Bonus Bagging then Tony? Some people do have some altruistic elements in them even in these modern times and it takes all sorts. As I see it this site roots out the ones that are scams and I do not think you are saying that about Matt are you?

  31. Tony,

    This statement simply isn’t true:

    “If the horses are so hot, then the vendor would be able to make a tax free living”

    There is no holy grail – betting systems work on fine margins.

    £50 stakes last year made just over £2500, so in order to make £25,000 – a reasonable annual wage – you would have had to bet using £500 stakes. Whichever way you look at it, that is just plain unrealistic.

    This system and the others I sell are not designed to provide a full time income and they are not promoted as such. A good system is all about making a useful side income and why shouldn’t I share that?


  32. Tony says:

    I agree with myself. The vendors need the profits from the sales of their systems to keep going. However, this attracts taxes, accountants, advertising costs, promotional time and effort, book keeping, site maintenance, dealing with clients – both difficult and pleasant, typing up blog responses to claims and counterclaims, VAT, refunds, complaints and last, but not least, the effort of writing up new systems and methods for the British peoples.

    The most successful gamblers I know (and there aren’t very many!) simply don’t have time for this as they are too busy with their own tips and methods giving them a tax free income and financial freedom.

    I agree that you need large stakes and these professionals certainly think nothing of £5000 gambles several times a day.

    I have discussed the idea of them selling their tips and methods and they all scoff. This would ruin their edge and give them more hassle and taxes than what it is worth.

    My advice is don’t buy systems from these vendors, but develop your own and save your money. This is what I do for a pleasant and profitable sideline.


  33. Some people make me laugh.

  34. MIB says:

    Tony can be funny but it gets a bit tedious at times. I do understand why you have a business allied to your own betting, Matt. The only reason I’m not subscribing to yours is because I have been using a chap for some 12 years now who also bets on his own selections and I’m more than grateful he runs it as a club so others can benefit.

    He closed it to new members about 3 years ago to protect the odds. All the best to you, Matt.

  35. I just find the number of assumptions that he makes incredibly amusing.

    To pick out just one, that this attracts accountants, taxes etc etc etc. Why do you think I have a publisher?! Believe me, it doesn’t take long to post some selections on a website and respond to a few email queries.

    And as for his claim that people are better off developing their own systems. Does he not realise that people have jobs? And maybe, just maybe like the convienience of being able to buy a proven system.

    MIB, no hard feelings, I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you.

  36. Tony says:

    Matt, no hard feelings,I’m glad you’ve found a sales lines that works for you. Hope you draw an average industrial wage out it. Good Luck.

  37. Thanks Tone. Means a lot.

  38. JRH says:

    “the main thrust of this is simply to promote his own systems or bookmakers to which he is affiliated”

    I’m sorry if you disagree Matt, but the simple fact is that every one of your e-letters I have seen has a link to a bookmaker in it.

    I agree that these offers can benefit the reader, but they are also of benefit to the bookmakers as they get new accounts, which we know will end up being losing accounts 9 times out of 10.

    But most of all, you benefit from these links as every time someone opens an account through them, you get a commission as an affiliate. This is your easiest source of income as you don’t have to do anything once the link is set up, just sit back & wait for the cash to be credited to your account. I don’t remember reading that admission anywhere in you e-letter…

  39. I’m not denying that JRH but I don’t see why I need to print an admission either. Newspapers don’t have admissions next to adverts for aftershave and cat food, explaining that they have taken money to place an ad in their paper – it’s taken as read.

    The point I’m trying to make is this – when I provide a tip, the bookmaker is an afterthought, I just go with the one that is offering the best price. After all, we have to place a bet with somebody!

    When there is no tip, there will generally be a feed bet ad. Well, so what? You only have to take a look at one of the bonus services out there to see how much money you can make from free bets.

    As for what happens to the account after that free bet – that has nothing to do with me, unless the customer only bets on my tips and if they do only bet on my tips, it certainly won’t be a losing account (well, not to date anyway!) and that can be backed up by a track record and archived e-letters.

  40. JRH says:

    “I completely disagree with this statement, particularly the latter part:

    “the main thrust of this is simply to promote his own systems or bookmakers to which he is affiliated””

    So when you stated that you completely disagree with my statement, what you actually meant was that although it is in fact true, you don’t see anything wrong with this, but objected to me pointing it out to everyone.

    Just so long as that’s clear.

  41. I do wish some people on this website would learn how to read. It gets on my wick.

    Getting commissions from bookmakers does not equate to:

    “the main thrust of this is simply to promote his own systems or bookmakers to which he is affiliated”

    Or are you saying that…

    “the main thrust of THE SUN is simply to promote products and services which are advertised”

    Or that:

    “the main thrust of ITV is simply to promote products and services which are advertised”

    And all of this isn’t even to mention the point that I made (but was not read evidently) that we have to place bets with somebody.

    You see, a big part of being successful in betting is in finding value and a big part of finding value is getting the best prices and taking advantage of special offers. THAT is the main thrust of Betting Rant and bookmakers. I am very sorry if you don’t like the fact that I also get some commission out it but that makes absolutely no difference to the main thrust of the Betting Rant.

    Also, this page is about Houghton’s Hot Horses and so any further posts from me will be about Houghton’s Hot Horses. The Betting Rant page can be found here:


  42. JRH says:

    Thank you Matt for choosing two such great examples to illustrate exactly what your e-letter is about. Both ITV & The Sun are ENTIRELY devoted to maximising revenue through selling advertising. Everyone knows that their actual content is poor at best, which is why they can only charge so little (for The Sun) & ITV is of course free to watch. Like your e-letter they contain the odd useful piece of information, but the only reason they exist is to sell advertising…

  43. Jack Whiteman says:

    JRH – isnt that the point of any business? to make money?

    The Sun does it via advertising, Betting Rant includes some links to bookies.

    They both provide content suitable for their marketplace, as does The Times, Sky or anyone else.

    But not one of them makes you take a buying decision. If you want to ignore the adverts you can. You read for the material and opinion not the adverts.

    However, let’s get this back to what it’s for – Hot Horses.

    The review at the top of the page has the results which have been updated to end of week.

    Perhaps we can actually start talking about this product and the results. I get a lot of questions on this system so I hope this helps.

  44. David hughes says:

    I purchased this system and started it on the 23rd June.i used the staking plan at £5 per point stakes to get used to it then upped it to £10 stakes.Was trying to find out why on the site selections were being posted at over the stated 6/1 max so i e-mailed Matt who after 2 days gave me a response,i was actually expecting a quicker response than that but heh!at least he responded.There were some changes and i had an older version of the pdf selection process.to be honest i did not think much of that but mat explained in his e-mail and when the sole selections criteria changed to e/w at evens or higher this was clearly explained on his selections site.Since then no problems and i feel more confident now.Although after 2 3point odds on selections were turned over i lost faith in the staking plan so reverted to level staking and turned my losses into a profit.alas though to date this has now gone back into the red,only just though.I’ll give it a bit longer but if this is what is going to happen over the next two and a half months i think i may be claiming a refund.Not impressed at the moment but as i said lets give it a fair go.Been betting for around 30 years and know it’s always a rollercoaster ride,still searching for that ultimate system.I’ve read all the comments above and some do make me laugh.There are some right rogues out there but i am absolutely sure matt is not one of them.Some guys are out there trying to help us poor punters it’s a shame there are a lot of people out there who just can’t see it.Mat did state this may not be for everyone and one of those people may unfortunately be me mainly because of my job which hopefully with guys like Mat around i can give up for good and bet for a living?one day!!!

  45. Ian says:

    Matt, my advice is to go away from here and not get involved in any more debate.It seems some people do not other peoples success. Concentrate on what you do best and keep the tips coming. Im away for 3 weeks in August and would buy your Hot Horses system if i wasnt. Im still tempted to but not sure if i could profit if i miss those 3 weeks.

  46. richard says:

    I have tried HHH for a month now and it has been very dissapointing. Most are loosers. The system may produce a small profit over the very long term (about 10%) but this is based on the odds of the tips which is usually 10% more than you will actually get. I have lost too much to risk any more. best avoided.

  47. Hi Richard,

    I’d just like to pick you up on your point regarding the odds.

    They are absolutely what is available at the time that the selections are posted and the MMR reviewer has confirmed this in his review above.

    Obviously there are shorteners and drifters but if you get on early enough, the prices are there.

    Also, last year’s results which made the 10% ROI were to SP which is available to one and all, regardless of how early you get your bets on.

  48. Tony says:

    The latest CashMaster review is:-

    July 17, 2011

    Houghton’s Hot Horses

    Due to the fact that Houghton’s Hot Horses has been removed from sale I will be give you final review based on results over the past few weeks

    Final Conclusion

    Finding selections each day is very easy. You can do it one of two ways either logging on to the members area after 10.30am or by quickly looking for selections yourself which should take no longer than 5 minutes. So as regards to quickly finding selections they are easy to find.

    As regards to the main thing the results have been very up and down I had 2 losing weeks and one winning week. The £200 starting bank finished at £160 so a loss of £40 for the 3 week period. Based on only 3 weeks of results I have I can only conclude that the systems maybe easy to find selections but the results are so up and down with one week producing a profit of £85 to £10 stakes but the other two weeks losing a total of £125.

    Will this system profit long term it is hard to say but if it does you will need to be very patient and have a large betting bank for when you have the bad weeks.

    Based on 3 weeks results I would move this to the failed system as it showed a loss overall and had two losing weeks out of the 3.”

  49. David Hughes says:

    After nearly a month i got out of this as it was just not for me.I e-mailed Matt with the reason why and he promptly replied no problem with a refund and explained about the system will make a profit in time.fair play i got an answer but i wanted a refund and sent an e-mail back requesting this with no reply.Tried again after a few more days explaining i would go back through Agora if he failed to reply again.Nothing,must have been because of the really poor results and to be honest i think it’s because of the alteration going e/w when a single selection at evens or above that has not helped.So i phoned Agora direct who have refunded my money.was very dissappointed Mat did not have the decency to reply and offer me the refund himself.

  50. Hi David,

    Sorry, I’ve only just spotted this comment. I don’t reply to emails that are only asking for refunds because I have no idea how to issue them – as my publishers, that is the job of Agora’s customer service team.

    I always reply promptly to any non customer service issue hence why I replied to your first email and I will happily reply to any further queries that you have about this or anything else.

    Finally, I apologise if you had to ring in as customer services should have got back to your initial emails but they do look after quite a lot of services and end up with a bit of a backlog sometimes.

    I hope that clears up any misunderstanding.


  51. Scooby says:

    Hi Matt,
    this is what Agora Lifestyles Ltd say about refunds for Non-Agora products that they promote:
    From time to time we promote other companies’ products. Whilst we encourage our partner companies to offer as generous a refund policy as we do, their refund policy may differ, so please ensure you check their refund policy before ordering.

    Perhaps it would be better if you where to clearly explain how to claim refunds for your products when you actually promote them instead of just ignoring the email requests,which seems extremely unprofessional & extremely uncurtious.

  52. Scooby, you’ve got the wrong end of the stick here.

    My products aren’t non-Agora – they officially come under the umbrella of Agora, therefore customer service issues are dealt with by Agora customer services.

    The email inbox is accessed by both myself and customer services. If a customer is ONLY asking for a refund and isn’t after any further comment on the product it’s pointless me replying just to say:

    “Someone will issue you a refund shortly”

    As that would just be a waste of everybody’s time.

    I believe customer services respond to emails within 48 hours more often than not so this really isn’t the issue that it’s being made out to be.

  53. DavidOakleyBrown says:

    I purchased HHH this year, for about £50, it hasn’t worked as far as seeing profits is concerned (the main reason to purchase).

    It has however taught me some lesson about horse racing, that I may/may not have got from simply reading a horse betting guide.

    It has certainly opened my eyes to other areas to exploit within horse racing and betting in general (laying, dutching, cold trading and extracting free bets), so not all has been wasted.

    Unfortunately nothing comes easy in this world, so the lure of easy profits definitely sucked me in. What I did however is do more research, create my own database of information and results, analysed the trends myself and now make my own selections using a few more filters than the system, this has been somewhat more succesful. But nothing is a certainty in betting!!!!

  54. DavidOakleyBrown says:

    One thing I have been pleased with the HHH is Matt’s replies to emails and comments, he’s very on the ball and unlike some other publishers in Agora, really does this betting thing for a living. So I raise my hands to him for that.

    Glenn Fisher on the other hand, doesn’t reply to emails, or messages left by his admin dept but insists on bombarding my mailbox with more systems to purchase.

  55. Dave H says:

    Matt,just seen your reply here today,appology accepted.At least you have the guts to post it for all to see and i thank you for that.Agora refunded no problem but then they always do which is why i purchased through them and have done for many other products and never ever having a problem.I do hope the hot horses manages a profit.Good luck

  56. stevepoo says:

    David’s comment about it hasn’t worked is putting it mildly indeed! Worst performing system I have come across to date and simply can’t justify throwing away further money for the final three week period of this epic disaster. This system aside (and extremely dubious Lay-zy Dogs), Matt Houghton’s betting rant newsletter/website and general sports tipping is actually recommended!

  57. ParkerUSM says:

    Out of interest what’s the latest scores on the door for Hot Horses? I stopped using the system in early July and got my money back as I didn’t believe the system would work long term.

    I notice above as at early August it was reporting a loss but that was 3 weeks ago.

  58. xena says:

    Would be interested to know how Houghtons Hot Horses ended, now that we have passed September.

  59. champagneman says:

    hi..is there anyone who can hand-hold me and show me how to buy and sell on amazon/ebay for a profit?.i cannot do with systems that just gives you a book and countless DVD’s etc..best way to learn is by “shadowing” someone i feel..i would be prepared to pay a premium for his/her services if they can help?

  60. gedd says:


    Take a look here. It might be the start you want.


  61. Bert says:

    Did this system make a profit or not?

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