Horse Lay Scanner Review

| May 26, 2011 | 7 Replies

Product Name: Horse Lay Scanner

Author: Steve Davidson

Company Name & Contact Details:


Just Two Mouse Clicks And All The Day’s Lay Selections Are At Your Very Fingertips.

Price: A one off payment of only £19.99 with nothing further to pay.

Money Back Guarantee: Nothing quoted but there are very few problems with software produced by this duo.

What Do You Get?

– Once again no fancy frills, just down to earth software which takes the drudgery out of the daily selection process. There is a short video to help you with all you need to know.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Horse Lay Scanner by Steve Davidson is primarily a lay system but there are varying ways in which this software can be used. There are several examples in the downloadable material and a short video to assist in developing the system.

What’s It All About?

This is presented really as a lay system but due to the large number of lay selections churned out by the system, there is an obvious need to reduce these to meet with your daily requirements.

One can play around and only use selections with odds to suit their betting bank. There are usually a large number of selections with absolutely unrealistic high odds, so these can be reduced to fit the pocket, for example using only selections with say 8.00 odds as maximum. Also one can use place lay selections as an alternative.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

Nothing quoted but a small bank of around £200 would be perhaps sufficient to get things moving.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Their literature includes examples of where the system has in fact made nice profits, but there are no back records to substantiate large profits. Probably one of the reasons could be that their software is still in the early stages of development.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Once the user has fully learned how to use the software, then betting can begin immediately.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 

Nothing special required. Just a PC with Internet connection and also an account with Betfair or similar if laying online.

Value For Money? 

At £19.99 this software cannot be purchased anywhere for less money. A real bargain.

Quality Of Customer Service? 

There are never any problems arising with Steve Davidson. It is best to remember however that this software comes with only one licence to each computer and cannot be transferred.

Midpoint Report 26/05/2011

From the far off coast of Australia we have yet another fine piece of software presented to the racing fraternity by Steve Davidson and his well known partner Kevin whom I believe is responsible for the workings and graphics of the system.

They appear to churn out these systems in a relentless fashion and they have several programs currently on the market covering both Horse and Greyhound racing.

This system currently up for review is primarily a laying system, and with just one mouse click on the scan button a whole host of lay selections adorn our selection box, it is as simple as that.

The biggest problem for those wishing to lay is that there are far too many selections to make it a viable proposition.

There definitely needs to be some form of pruning by way of extra filters but one can play around with combinations to suit their pockets and can reduce the laying odds as one means of keeping selections to an absolute minimum.

For the purpose of demonstrating this I reduced the maximum odds acceptable to 8/1 and this gave me a more manageable batch of selections.

For those less adventurous perhaps the maximum odds can be reduced even further and I did a rough calculation to find that a profit of nearly forty two points could be made using a cut off at odds of 9/2.

Using odds a little less at 4/1 the profit dropped to around twenty six points but obviously with a reduced risk.

At a cost to the buyer of only £19.99 this is one of the better interfaces devised by this partnership, it is very easy to operate and selections are very clearly highlighted.

For those a little hesitant and unsure about using the software, there is a video provided which explains in detail on the full workings of the system.

I think that there is a distinct need for the authors to go back to basics a little and trim off some of the unrealistic selections making the selection process a lot more manageable thus reducing the element of risk to those all important banks.

On a brighter note I have to admit that this is the best system I have yet reviewed for this duo and with a little experimentation this could reap huge rewards.

At the midpoint stage of this trial I had witnessed a total of one hundred and fifty five selections with a massive one hundred and thirty six selections as lay winners and only a mere nineteen coming home in first position.

This yielded a very healthy strike rate of 87.74% and it was a joy to behold. The longest losing run was only two whilst the longest winning run was a very good looking twenty two, and I guess this would keep most punters happy.

Leaving the best until last, this gave us a very nice overall profit of 64.41 points using level stakes but with obviously greater risk using cut off odds of 8/1.

The remainder of these trials are going to be very interesting and hopefully just as exciting as far as the margin of profit is concerned, and I confidently see no reason why the current trend cannot continue. This definitely looks the business.

Number Of Selections = 155
Number Of Winning Lays = 136
Number Of Losing Lays = 19
Strike Rate = 87.74%
Longest Losing Run = 2
Longest Winning Run = 22
Overall Profit/Loss = 64.41 points profit using level stakes.

To see a full breakdown of my results testing the Horse Lay Scanner so far, please click here.

Conclusion 16/06/2011

Every time I conduct a review for Steve Davidson and his partner Kevin it immediately brings to mind something similar to the Batman and Robin episodes which are also very popular in cinema circles.

Steve who hails from far off Australia has been involved in a series of systems of his own over recent years but since teaming up with Kevin whom I believe is involved with the graphics side of the business, they have amassed a number of systems involving both Horse and Greyhound racing and indeed they have a number of reasonably priced interfaces currently on the market.

The Horse Lay Scanner is very reasonably priced at £19.99 with nothing further to pay which makes it a great piece of software at such a competitive price.

There are varying ways in which this software can be used but primarily this is a lay system for Horse Racing.

On the downside I personally believe that there are far too many selections churned out on a daily basis and some form of pruning definitely needs to be carried out in order to make it a workable system.

There are however several examples in the downloaded material and also a short video to assist in developing the system further.

I found it necessary to slash the odds of some of these selections as there were several daily selections churned out with very unrealistic odds and betting banks need to be protected during the course of laying and selection.

One can obviously play around and only use selections with odds to suit their betting banks and for the purpose of this monitoring exercise I chose to lay only selections with odds up to and including 8/1 and to simplify things further I used only starting prices to conduct the exercise.

Perhaps there may have been an odd time when odds would not be met in reality, but I found in the main that most of the selections were available at the odds I required.

I found the software easy to use and after I introduced the odds filter the system became more manageable.

I actually found that this was definitely one of their more superior systems and the internal workings were in fact much more reliable than the internal workings of some of their existing systems and produced some very good winning lays.

So much so I trialled this on a racing bot for a little while and once again this proved very reliable with few losses sustained.

As the curtain came down on the duration of this trial I had witnessed a total of two hundred and twenty two selections of which one hundred and ninety three were clear lay winners and only twenty nine being led to the winner’s enclosure.

This yielded a superb strike rate of 86.94% and could be classed in anyone’s book as very satisfactory.

The longest losing run was only two whilst the longest winning run was a wonderful twenty four and a pleasure to record as such.

At the end of the day we were left with a super profit of 84.58 points and a system very worthy of further mention.

Time will tell whether or not there was an element of luck attached to our tests but one cannot deny that the performance we endured during this exercise was absolutely top notch. On the basis of this evidence it has to be one of the best systems I have had the fortune to review, and a distinct pleasure to pass on these comments.

Well worth a try at this give away purchase price.

Number Of Lay Selections = 222
Number Of Lay Winners = 193
Number Of Lay Losers = 29
Strike Rate = 86.94%
Longest Losing Run = 2
Longest Winning Run = 24
Overall Profit/Loss = 84.58 points profit using level stakes.

To see a full breakdown of my results from Horse Lay Scanner please click here.



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Comments (7)

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  1. treo says:

    Was the prices you laid at industry starting prices or Betfair staring prices? The difference between the two is pretty dramatical…

  2. maskanikali says:

    Looks like normal SP prices from his results. But even with higher BSP prices, the results are pretty good for the cost of the software as no scanning this or that website to figure out the lays of the day.

  3. barolo42 says:

    might just give this a go.Seems good value and a great time saver . Would need to play about a bit to find
    the odds you are happy with and take it from there. I use BetBot pro so could try sim to see what works.

  4. simonraynor says:

    I have used this for the last week starting bank of just £40 laying between 4/1 and 8/1 with a stake of just £2. Lay all my bets at around 5.30am due to family and job comitments. Now banks stands at £107 amazing product thanks guys.

  5. larey12 says:

    Purchased the software today and not impressed at all. I know it’s only the first day but I would have done better just sticking a pin in the racecard for my selections – they really are that bad. I’ll record the results here so anyone else thinking of wasting their money can be better informed. I hope I’m wrong but I can’t see this making money long term. Not including betfair’s commission or their prices – so I’ll add just 1/2 a point to each horse that loses.

    Thursday 20th September results;

    9/2 – won
    6/1 – lost
    11/2 – lost
    5/1 – lost Total (-2)
    5/1 – lost
    8/1 – lost
    15/2 – won
    8/1 – lost
    6/1 – lost Total (-4)
    15/2 – lost
    3/1 – won
    5/2 – won
    11/4 – lost
    7/1 – won
    9/1 – lost Total (-14) Running Total (-20 points)

    Total loss for the day is 20 points. If you had been using 5% of your bank for stakes then you would have lost your entire bank in one day.

  6. larey12 says:

    I’m at a loss to why this software has got positive reviews. You could lay every 4th favourite and you would get better results than what I’m getting with this rubbish. The losses have been huge and I certainly wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. In fact, if this is one of the better products from Steve Davidson then I wouldn’t recommend anything he sells. Just a system/software seller like the rest of them – but with him you won’t even get a refund – what a suprise.

  7. stels011 says:

    agree with this review

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