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| June 24, 2010 | 2 Replies

Product Name: Herbie Fogg’s Private Client Service

Author: Herbie Fogg

Company Name & Contact Details:


The Private Client Services by Herbie Fogg


Email only one month = £18
Email + SMS one month = £22

Email only three months = £38
Email + SMS three months = £46

Money Back Guarantee: There is no mention of a money back guarantee.

What Do You Get?

You get daily email or SMS bet alerts of horses that you should be betting on to win.

Where To Buy: http://www.herbiefogg.com/

Brief Summary:

Herbie Fogg’s Private Client Service is a paid horse racing tipster service. You receive the latest important racing information and selections for you to place bets on via either email or via email and sms message.

What’s It All About?

The service is for members of Key Racing News which is a free subscription email service which shows:

Big race trends, miscellaneous angles & horses of note, Inside info (from the gallops, yard or connections), Trainer and jockey course form, Eye-catchers declared to run (Hugh Taylor, Andrew Barr & others), The latest going, stalls, positions and weather conditions.

The bets are all year round where members get highly research inside betting news and tips.  Herbie and his close colleagues say that they take a patient and disciplined approach to betting and only provide selections when they are confident of success.

The approach is based on key trends and analysis of all racing to ensure a higher level of success.


The service started in May 2010 and is run efficiently and professionally with email alerts (also posted on the members area of the website) stating the selections and reasoning behind them.

The website is better than average and shows a results summary on a points basis which is updated supposedly at least weekly.

Comments on some of the selections post-running is also given via the members blog. The results are also proofed to RacingProofing.com which is part of the Secret Betting Club operation.

The stated aim is to produce a return on investment in excess of 10%. The selections are based on either knowledge or rules and they expect to offer between 5 and 10 selections weekly.

The strike rate on past results is 17% for knowledge based and 20% for rule based which is very acceptable for average winning odds of 10/1.

Halfway through the review period (6 weeks) the results have been poor with only 3 winners and 1 place from 30 selections with a 13 point loss.

A look at the website shows a wide variation in results and 3 of the 7 months have shown a loss so whilst the summary result total is impressive those joining recently will be less than happy so far.

I am writing this in early December and the last results update was on 21 November since when there have been further losses. The service stress that they are looking at quarterly and longer trends and would want to be judged by these.

That said the service is clearly run to try and provide good tips and indeed has some fairly forthright views on the selections made. The great British public is not known for its patience and so an upturn in results is hoped for so that the service can continue to be viewed positively.

The current poor weather has led to a suspension of the service for 10 days (which will be credited to members) and so the full review will be towards the end of January 2011.

Conclusion 19/01/2011

We have been following this service since the end of October 2010 including a period when the weather conditions were very severe and lead to many cancellations.

A total of 57 tips received up to 10 January 2011 including 1 ante post for the King George which the tipster himself has now written off as the date and course conditions have changed since the bet was recommended.

Readers may question the efficacy of such a recommendation at the time it was made but a 0.5% each way bet is not going to break the bank which including this as a loss is showing a 6 point profit for the period.

This is a lesser return than the service anticipates although the website still proudly shows a profit in excess of 100 points since 1st June 2010.

The weather difficulties may have prompted the offer of reduced subscription rates recently.

The results detailed on the service web site do agree with our review and there is interesting post race analysis in the member’s area.

The cosy club atmosphere is well presented and unlike many of the marketing wonder systems there is obviously a great deal of work put into the selections from this service.

Every attempt is made to show where the best odds lie and Herbie has even taken up with bookmakers situations whether he feels they have flouted the best interests of punters.

Our full results for the period are shown in the spreadsheet and to summarise there have been 13 winning bets (8 place wins) from the 56 that have run.

As indicated in the interim review this is below the anticipated level but at least would not have done any real damage to a betting bank in that period.

This seems to me like a traditional service with the client at the heart of things and where there will be good times and bad at varying points in the season.

The price is not excessive over the long term, subscribers are in no doubt as to what they need to do and why they are backing a particular horse and perhaps readers may consider this a good time to try the service following the relatively poor run of results.


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  1. Nick Bevan says:

    I have been a member of this service since February. They ran a trial from January to the Cheltenham Festival which did well and then started the service proper in May.

    As of this morning (30th June) I am 38 points up – the service shows + 42 points so I have nearly matched the advised odds.

    In the members area they provide a breakdown of results and information about the maths of their approach which is impressive. They make a clear distinction between ‘knowledge’ and ‘rule’ based system bets and they do give an insight into their systems, so I’ve been learning.

    The ROI is currently 35% and the SR about 18%. The average odds of selections though has been 10/1 which is quite brilliant! The service is very cheap and yet the quality of information is high.

    They have recommended more selections than the 5-10 per week estimated – but then we’ve been through the Derby and Royal Ascot.

    I’m very happy with the service and Herbie seems like a conscientious and helpful guy. The members’ blog is very informative and useful too. Well worth a look.



  2. seadog57 says:

    I am a member and all I can say is this is a quality service run by genuine people. All selections are well thought through with a detailed reason behind each selection. I have found the football bets to be very good.

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